Common Law Courts – Public Announcement

On April 22, 2013 National Liberty Alliance started its project to reinstate the Law of the Land. National Liberty Alliance’s ( message is so powerful that within one year NLA is active in all fifty states and has 1,000’s of registered jurists.

We have fully constituted the common law jury process in New York, Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine. NLA is now preparing to facilitating a half a dozen common law countries and anticipates the constituting of the remaining States within the next four months.

On April 24, 2014 at 9:30AM we, the New York Unified (62 counties) Common Law Grand Jury, will be assembled as a tribunal in the Supreme Court, Greene County Courthouse to issue indictments and arrest warrants from within the court house under the auspices of Justice. This is the first step by the People to reinstate the Republic first here in New York and then across America.

What does this mean? It means reinstating justice back into our courts; obedient elected and appointed servants and bureaucrats; end of the safe act, agenda 21, and other unconstitutional acts; end of dictatorships from our Governor’s office to the White House; the end of Judges legislating from the bench; the end of legislative tyrants and a return to the law of the land.

Join us on Thursday, April 24, 2014, 9:30 AM at the Supreme Court, Greene County Courthouse, 320 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414. And then at 1:30PM in Albany (30 min trip) to support Robert Schulz from We the People as he argues before the appellate court to prevent lawyers and politicians from participating as delegates at the New York Constitutional Convention..

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18 Responses to Common Law Courts – Public Announcement

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  2. francis says:

    I like this people 🙂 peace love health and happiness to all my brothers and sister across the pond from South Wales UK XXX

  3. The FBI has taken note of the common law grand juries movement. I know. I was interviewed by an FBI Special Agent in January after I listed my name as an organizer in Platte County, Missouri for common law (citizens) grand jury. Her only question was if I knew anyone who planned to use violence to overthrow ‘the government’. Take this as a clue. We cannot tolerate infiltrators (provocateurs) who muddy our message an effort with violence.

    I am assurred that there are ‘white hats’ in law enforcement who are at our service as we organize and implement common law grand juries. Here’s my offering:

    I think this goes to the heart of the cabal of evil doers. Another worthy effort is:–although I don’t see anyone at this website doing much. Imagine this as the biggest class action lawsuit ever.

    Meanwhile I stamp all my paper currency with: “” and “” before I spend it into circulation.

    • megan reid says:

      Rediscover911, I really like your idea about stamping all your paper currency before spending it!! This is a great way to draw peoples attention and get the word out!


  4. Avatar says:

    Jean, after a few seconds your messages are converting to “No Sender This message has no content.” I happened to immediately click onto this message to which I am replying, so I’m able to reply. This began this morning, and has happened to about 34 or so now.

    I wonder if your* other messages are as extraordinary as this one.
    *Presumably they are all your messages, as I could see which sender for a few seconds before they ‘converted’ to “No Sender.” My messages from other senders are coming through.

    Thanks so very much, Jean, for all your efforts to inform us of what’s going on.

    Hugs back 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Can you go directly to my blog? The news is moving rapidly, and I’m publishing a lot that I think is extremely important. Don’t wait for the emails to come in. . . I’m not surprised if I’m being blocked . . . it could be your server, but I don’t have a clue . . .

    • Friend Avatar,

      If on a Windows-equipped box AND using, say, Outlook Express, the problem could well prove to be a hack applied to your own desktop node on the Net. Distasteful possibility but Yours Truly has corrected a few glaring cases of similar tampering over the past several years.

      Reinstalling your Windows Operating System afaik is the only way to know if the above hypothesis is indeed true, sad to relate. That reinstallation will, per standard Microsoft procedure, erase exactly every scrap of personally valuable data you have previously aggregated for later use and sharing. Which stinks, to be sure, but that’s how she’s built – easy to penetrate and simple to spill by actual design. WEhich stinks, but that’s fascist collaboration with lawless terrorspy agencies for you.

      Welcome to Corporatized America. Ole Benito Mussolini would be thrilled.

      Adding Avast! Antivirus Free Edition to such a box and setting the app to the deepest, most comprehensive virus scan available has enabled repair of similar (though somewhat different) online misbehavior on a couple of friends’ boxen, fwiw. As always, ymmv – but Avast is said to even be able to finger Stuxnet, which is the virus that most likely took Fukushima to the ground. It costs no money to give it a whirl.

      Adding a firewall app to the box before going out on the Web again would also likely be a very good idea. Sadly, most Windows firewalls – including Miscrosft XP’s own native one – are known to be generally ineffective in certain glaring key aspects. ( for tools and more when it comes to that, btw. Steve Gibson is one honest man and has blown many whistles on Bill Gates, who is indeed the perp of it all.)

      If otoh it’s a Webmail display such as gmail or Yahoo Mail that’s doing this to you, it would likely be the case that some “man in the middle” with nothing better to do is (to put it politely) on your tail. If, in that instance, you manage to fast-grab before-then-after screen-shots for presentation to your ISP, you just might help the IT chief or other sysop there to make some headway for you with your calm, well-ordered and clearly documented report of the interference. But the ancient IT maxim, “Screenshot or it NEVER HAPPENED!” applies to all such cases as this, so please get some help with those images, if necessary, before honking off to berate the provider’s “Hell Desk” operator with a long tale and No Graphics. (This approach assumes, of course, that your present ISP is not actually a part of the problem. Sadly, Agency penetration has been found at that level in certain obscure though industry-infamous instances, too.)

      Other higher-profile Web node operators such as our mutual friend Jean, Jim Stone of and Yours Truly tend to either run a Mac or operate on Linux as preventative countermeasure. Both are very good, thoughomne is quite costly indeed. Mac OS/X is much more tamper-proof than any Microsoft product – while Linux, believed to be an insurmountable installation and operating challenge by many, is now a fully mature out-of-the-box product, blood-simple and easy as pie to try out, then install and operate normally at last when test-driven from a Live-Media distribution such as Debian, Mepis or (iirc) certain editions of Mint. All of the above distributions and many, many more are 100% free to own, try out and use forever; NO fee attaches to any such public software license. (YOUR Tax Dollars at work for YOU at LAST, it actually is.)

      But in order to actually know what’s what, one must troubleshoot the problem in a logical, well-ordered sequence of well-defined tests issuing from the box in question. That reality cannot be avoided – only accepted, adapted-to, and the necessary basic skills acquired. None of which is really as daunting as it may seem from the movies and TV shows that touch on the topic. The alternative, of course, is to give up Web activities entirely – which is not acceptable to any but the most hidebound of modern-day Luddite reactionaries imvho.

      Last Resort: Consulting Yours Truly in “virtual person”. Seek out “Walking_Turtle” on the Skype network (which is indeed NSA-monitored, yes, and what of that anyway in these times). Just please and kindly mention this article and your system’s problem in your intro; I shall remember and respond appropriately. I shall then gladly text-chat and otherwise walk/link/talk/etc you through the necessary troubleshooting process, feeling our way through as we proceed. It’s one of Yours Truly’s little ways of pro-actively thanking All Creation for the life that is granted to me, while simultaneously improving its entirety just a tiny but significant little bit. (Haven’t lost one yet.).

      That manner of action is something that can in turn be passed on by others to yet others as the need arises over time. Kind of a “Rainy Day People” thing, if you remember the old Gordon Lightfoot ballad by that title.

      So: Best of success to you in the correction of that bizarre aberration! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Rec. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Let’s just hope Friend Avatar gets the note. That selective blank-off email behavior as described would clearly HAVE to be the effect of an an unlawful and malicious intrusion somewhere in the communications chain between them and WordPress if indeed real – even a WordPress database hack is not entirely out of the question (though seeming rather unlikely for that class of net effect) at this point. No problem with WordPress notifications issuing from your account on my end, is why the unlikelihood in my estimation. But nonetheless, all the remedial resources are all at hand and/or within reach of us all; no need to suffer such actual interference for any longer than it takes to gain+apply them and maybe reboot the afflicted node (Avatar’s desktop box in this case) a couple of times.

          Fact is, I shall want to see those two proposed screen-shots myself before proceeding as Online Volunteer Public Help Operator of the Moment. The No Such Agency doesn’t treat even Jim Stone’s email correspondents to that sort of thing afaik; a spoofed reply that does not really sound like Jim and issuing from the Wrong IP Address is more their speed. If the problem as described is indeed real those shots are the only reliable objective evidence… If not, they will not be produced at all unless great technical skill, time etc are applied to the fraud – at exorbitant single-case public expense.

          But what makes poor Avatar so critically important an online operator as to qualify them for such attention? Seems unlikely at first blush. Which is why the Prime Maxim applies re the B&A screenshots; no IT specialist has any time for hokey-pokey-jokey foolery.

          ‘Tis the Time and the Season. Let the Consciousness of Genuine Christ therefore rise to predominance in the Awakening Public Consciousness – and with it, Common Law PLUS Linux. I for one sure do think we all need exactly all that Good Stuff right now ASAP all up and down the Line, oh yes I jolly well do.

          Hugs to you forever, Ma’am, for all the bull-foolishness you doubtless put up with every day at your own sentry-post! A load shared is a load lightened; to save time is to lengthen life. So ever onward and forward at that! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  5. Kathleen says:

    God Bless – Kevin Annett – for his relentless – Divine work of exposing the crimes of the Vatican and catholic church. Kevin Annett is teaching the world about the exacting justice of the People’s Courts and the transparent truth of Common Law (at least 1000 years old =Magna Carta – and upon which our US Constitution is based) — as he is calling out the Vatican criminals against Humanity (of all ages) to be fully brought to Justice this year…2014.

  6. YES!!!

    This is only the Lawful Beginning. Normal folks are simply fed up with the wholesale destruction of their properties, livelihoods, families and lives at the tainted hands of the Statute Courts operating under mere color of Law. We are indeed PIS’T-OFF as can be, fed-up right past our eyeballs and are NOT gonna’ TAKE it ANY MORE!

    Hard Fact: At this writing, with 347 out of 3142 counties in the US, We the People are just a tad over ten percent of the way to restoring our Common Law-based Constitutional Republic to full vigor.

    Encouragement: Those 347 counties comprise ALL the counties of TEN States (OK, yes, NINE States AND one Commonwealth, thank you). Friends, THAT makes for a solid TWENTY PERCENT of the States now up and running (or at various stages of facility formation) under Common Law!

    One out of five qain’t bad. But a certain further, ah, improvement is still called-for. So yep indeedy, here’s how:

    Please visit for the list of thesenewly restored State jurisdictions and the dates of their full constitution. This and much more RESOURCE are embedded in the sidebar on the right of every page AND in the top bar with the dropdown menus. If your own State is not yet fully constituted, please do NOT merely sigh and turn away! Please instead have a looksee at the number of COUNTIES that ARE constituted – and the HUGE, EASY-READING body of LEGAL RESOURCE assembled therein for those of us who wish to lend us all a BIG helping hand to the approaching VICTORY. Tune into the Monday Night Open Call-In Stream – again, the link is RIGHT THERE on the site. (Live 24/7 text-chat, too.)

    Rarin’ to go? So Visit your State’s page on the site and MAKE CONTACT with YOUR State Coordinator already! All the contact information you need is right there. You shall be meeting a GOOD friend whom you never knew you had. You shall be on COMMON GROUND with HEALTHY and INTELLIGENT conversation!

    Point: High-handed USDC bigwigs bray and bellow all over the Telly-Vision about the need for the RULE of LAW in this world, all the while false-flagging, invading and utterly destroying nation after forced-helpless nation. It’s the criminal NWO Empire Game calling things what they are NOT.

    First Principle: The Public Servant is NOT our master. Taking a Governmental Administration job does NOT confer ANY kore rights on the employee in the Public Trust. In reality, a fundamental first-principles-based relationship between Government and the Governed has been softly, stealthily, craftily, cunningly INVERTED. Our lives, fortunes and families’ futures are being spilled out onto the ground by the MILLIONS as the direct result. Only one thing left that can NOT be taken away – our Sacred Honor.

    Note: DUTY and HONOR are inextricably related. They cannot be separated! Do the one, gain the other. Fail the one, LOSE the other. VERY simple, that… Most simple indeed.

    So pray tell: Do you, Gentle Reader, willingly surrender that duty and all the honor attached to its performance? (Best not to, y’know…) Actual fact is, WE the PEOPLE are morally obligated to stand against this present-day dirty little greed+lust-driven top-down evil and IMPLEMENT the GENUINE rule of GENUINE Law. OURSELVES. NOW is the time. Time to CLEAN the DEAL!

    Reality: This is NO DRILL. It’s USE IT or LOSE IT time RIGHT NOW, Beloveds! So let’s get it DONE – or die in the attempt, if Heaven so decrees. (Tip: Heaven does NOT set up any patsies, use any stooges, employ any “Useful Idiots”, lie to anyone at all nor slap any mortgage on YOUR ETERNAL SOUL in order to accomplish Her goal.) You want Heaven on Earth? YOU can HAVE IT! Now look around you; what do you see? Kinda’ hellish, ain’t it mostly?

    Then for Heaven’s sake: Consider personally implementing the 100% LAWFUL ALTERNATIVE. Why NOT? Heaven awaits! Fear is failure – AND the forerunner of failure. So FEAR NOT – trust Heaven and Heaven’s Law instead – signs, miracles and wonders await your experience on THAT Road, I tell you true.

    Let the Filthy Harrys and all the similar-minded false-named State Actors shriek of “Domestic Terrorists” while we work Heaven’s Will as our own. Their contempt for Genuine Law and for the Rest of Us is truly long-standing and duly noted. That gang knows full well the pains and penalties attached to TREASON. They FEAR (oh ick!) the NOOSE. (Wouldn’t YOU?)

    Time to GET REAL with this! It’s SHOWTIME. Heaven awaits OUR Lawful response. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  7. Anat says:

    Our established judicial practices are rooted in Admiralty Law (Maritime Law), not Common Law, and UCC (Uniform Commerce Codes) are used to rule our lives with thousands of miscellaneous laws, rules. and regulations. The Constitution is “Common Law”, but was altered at least 150 years ago to satisfy the Bankster community, thus stealing our wealth and freedoms.
    Common law will utilize “nullification” to remove any Act, Law, regulation, or legislation found to be unconstitutional. The individual can be a victim, but not the State. Any victimization requires a remedy and a cure. Since the State cannot be a victim, the CLGJ will repeal, rescind, or force a “fix” on “victimless crimes”; e.g., excessive fines and/or penalties.
    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said in a 1992 decision in the US 
v Williams case,
” …the Grand Jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose
 functioning the courts do not preside.” Additionally, he referred to “It is
 a Constitutional fixture in its own right”. “The United States Supreme Court declares that the “Sovereignty” remains with the “people” and resides with the “people”.
    In essence, the CLGJ becomes the Fourth Branch of government. It is reserved For the People. It is the fifth amendment. The generic Constitution will be reinstated, thus affording people to have not only a vote, but a “voice” that will be heard loudly by our elected representatives. They will be held to their promises to enact laws, when necessary, to protect the trust of the Constitution itself, and will be accomplished in a honorable and peaceful manner. All officials that do not adhere to the CLGJ findings and recommendations can and will indicted. It is justified and the human element returns to Freedom to make their own decisions, but not to abuse the rights of others. It’s just that simple.

  8. gear13 says:

    Now it’s time to take corrupt judges, lawyers, senators, congressmen and the president of the United states to court and charge them with treason and dismantleing the constitution of the united states of america

  9. Angela says:

    COWBOY UP or don’t count on me to visit you at your new FEMA Camp home. THIS is how we take back our country from the Corporation aka THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THIS is how we stop illegal Corporations aka INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE housed in Porto Rico. THIS is how we return to Natural Law/the Law of the Land and not the Queen’s Law or Admirality Law or Corporate Law.

  10. wolf727 says:

    Good news! This is what we need – and I am not even American!
    We need to have some kind of legal clout to confront and challenge the authority of the thugs in Washington – the NWO globalist elites.

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