UPDATED: Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack – 2 videos, April 12th and April 16th

Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack speech after Bundy Ranch VICTORY

Apr 12, 2014
Thanks to J.

Mack Calls out Glenn Beck over his handling of Bundy Ranch.

April 16, 2014
Thanks to E

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3 Responses to UPDATED: Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack – 2 videos, April 12th and April 16th

  1. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I am more interested in bicycle racing off road then I am in Bundy….

    Don’t plan on going down to the farm anytime soon….as it were…

    “We have another classic, the poor millionaire Mormon extremist Nevada rancher being aided by the dregs of the phony Zionist paid “independent media.”

    Gordon Duff


    Bundy is a classic Koch brothers psyop operation IMO….

    I am paying attention on whom puts this stuff out.

    If Koch brothers politicians get hold of the American government we are all through and that is troubling and my opinion is that the corruption is so rampant in American society that the Military must step in. Duff says don’t count on that any time soon…..

    And now they want to buy the Postal Service….


    These people have stolen so much of our money that now they can buy up Military commands and even the USPS.

    I don’t know what else to say to you…..


  2. Randeaux says:

    Well said Angela, except for two points. One; the USA became a corporation in 1871, registered as the CORP US. US, USA, and UNITED STATES are copyrighted trademarks of CORP US; never to be confused with America. Two; the phrase is “May God Bless America”; it’s never a good idea to assume anyone knows whom God might bless or for whom the bell tolls. Hugs to all!

  3. Angela says:

    THE BLUE NEVADA SKYS ARE FULL OF CHEMTRAILS designed to kill those breathing the air as well as to kill the soil (the wild fires are outrageously hot due to the aluminum, barium, etc in the CHEMTRAILS which burns hotter than timber). WHO of those Nevada elected officials voted for CHEMTRAILS is a traitor to the Constitution, in my book. The whistleblowers of CHEMTRAILS have not all survived, many have been murdered.
    Sheriff Mack, please know that the “Federal Government” that you referred to is NOT our government, 200yrs ago a Corporation was created called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE THE PEOPLE are not under their authority. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country and operate within the Constitution. Since it is a private entity it is NOT our government just like the FEDERAL RESERVE is a private bank that prints $ out of thin air and loans it to the Corporation which tells the American Public “you are in ___ amount of debt”. Since it is ALL ILLEGAL as they did not disclose the true nature of any of it WE ARE NOT BOUND BY AN ILLEGAL ACTION – “National Debt”.
    WHO of those Nevada elected officials, from the Sheriff, the Deputies, the local City Counsel members et al, as well as those who go to DC are STANDING BESIDE CLIVEN BUNDY AND FAMILY TO PROTECT THEM AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF the Corporation called THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT??? ALL of those elected individuals NOT present should resign their elected office today as they sorely failed that family as well as those 53 families who were forced to sell over the past years based on the same actions by the same group. I SMELL SOME LAW SUITS HERE and rightfully so.
    WE THE PEOPLE need to have our elected officials accountable for the obvious corruption going on there. Check the BLM whistleblower, Rusty Hill, who reports he has been attempting to bring this to the attention of the State officials since 1999.
    WE THE PEOPLE must create GRAND JURIES for the investigation of ALL elected officials for possible corruption. Those officials who are clean have nothing to fear. Others, however, must be held accountable for the injuries they have caused to people, their way of life, and putting their foot on the Constitution.

    GLENN BECK IS A POOR, FEARFUL SHELL OF A MAN WHO READS THE SCRIPT HE IS GIVEN IN ORDER TO MAKE THE BIG BUCKS HE GETS. BY ALL ACCOUNTS, GLENN BECK IS A WHORE FOR $. The “news” is a script as seen over and over on youtube as “news anchors” across the country say the VERY SAME THING. Unfortunately, the script is from the Corporation aka THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and is to further the agenda of those on the board who do NOT have our best interests at heart. Just like in the days of Viet Nam, their sons and daughters did not see action – except for John McCain and if you ever talked with a POW who was there McCain was known as the “canary” and he is still appears to be engaging in less than honorable activities as an elected official of AZ.

    WE THE PEOPLE can be proud of the Cliven Bundys, the Edward Snowdens, and the Kevin Annetts. Many have paid the ultimate price by telling the TRUTH. BLESS THE TRUTH TELLERS. WE THE PEOPLE have lots of work to do as we have been “the silent majority” for too long and our country is on the brink. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country, our educational system, our medical system, our peacekeeping system, our scientific community, and our personal lives. THOSE IN CONTROL OF ALL THOSE SYSTEMS ARE NOT WORKING FOR WE THE PEOPLE BUT FOR THE CORPORATION.

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