PressTV: Window closing for Russia to change its course in Ukraine, Kerry says . . . oops! Do I see Kerry’s nose growing and growing. . . with his lies?

I think at this point in time it doesn’t matter in the least what Russia says, Empire is going forward with this, no matter what. . . perhaps all that remains to be seen, is what Russia intends to do 🙂 ~J

Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:47PM GMT

US Secretary of State John Kerry says Russia has not taken a “single concrete step” to uphold the terms of the Geneva deal reached a week ago on de-escalating the crisis in Ukraine, adding that time is running out for Moscow to change its course.

In unusually blunt language, Kerry said on Thursday that unless Moscow does not fall in line with Washington over Ukraine, the US will have no choice but to impose additional sanctions.

“The window to change course is closing,” he told reporters in Washington. “(Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin and Russia face a choice. If Russia chooses the path of de-escalation … all of us will welcome it. But if Russia does not, the world will make sure that the costs for Russia will only grow.”

He warned Russia that not changing course will be a “grave and expensive mistake.”

Kerry also accused Moscow of direct involvement in the recent escalation of the situation in eastern and southern Ukraine.

In addition, he said that Moscow has launched a “full-throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic process” in Ukraine.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the top US diplomat claimed that Ukraine’s interim authorities had from “day one” kept their word after agreeing to the deal in Geneva.

Kerry’s statement came hours after Russia began military exercises close to the border with Ukraine.

Moscow said the drills are in response to Kiev’s intensified crackdown on pro-Russia protesters.

It also said other parties have not done anything to de-escalate the crisis.

Moscow called on the US to force Kiev to halt its operation in Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions. But, interim authorities in Kiev said they are ready to fight Russia.

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8 Responses to PressTV: Window closing for Russia to change its course in Ukraine, Kerry says . . . oops! Do I see Kerry’s nose growing and growing. . . with his lies?

  1. Robin says:

    My comments will not add anything new to what is already known by those intelligent people who do the research, who are not blinded by the lying Western propaganda medias, and who see the lying rhetoric by the neo cons who seem so bent on taking control of the Ukraine for the IMF and the military industrial complex.

    Again we have to hear the lies from Kerry accusing Russia of not conforming to the Geneva terms. Well, the terms agreed as iterated by Russia was for all sides to put down their weapons in the Ukraine. And Russia sees that this agreement has not been held, for the neo nazis are still carrying their weapons and incurring violence towards the pro Russian protesters who wish to hold a referendum.

    The Russian foreign minister, Segei Lavrov stated that if mass violence were to be done to the pro Russian protesters in Ukraine, then Russia will not have any choice but to intervene and protect her ethnic Russians in the Ukraine. Maybe this is exactly what the elites want, a war with Russia, a WW3 scenario? A civil war may break out in the Ukraine between those who want a united Ukraine against those who do not recognise the illegitimate neo nazi government in Kiev preferring instead to be united with Russia.

    My opinion regarding those Ukranians who wish for a united Ukraine are such that I view them as mad! A united Ukraine would mean being governed by the neo nazis who are acting as puppets for the IMF and NATO. The country would be destroyed financially and even more so.

    Before the coup which illegally overthrew the government, Russia was content for the Ukraine to have a neutral stance between the West and Russia; but America, the EU and NATO wanted complete influence and control over the Ukraine, in order to weaken European economic ties with Russia.

    I sit here typing away with mix feelings of frustration, indignation and nausea at what I see as the same old disgusting politics, guided by nefarious agendas of the few in power who continually create conflicts at the expense of ordinary citizens who just want peace and prosperity! And these politicans, who shake hands with other puppet politicians, who shake hands with the IMF, who shake hands with terrorists, and with the oligarchs, do all of this in the name of democracy and liberty. And those now in control of the various regions of the Ukraine, the governors, are all oligarchs and do not represent the Ukranian people but those who love shaking hands with each other and receiving gifts from Kerry and how they can best serve the interests of the American bosses who wish to plunder countries. And speaking of plunder, I heard something about Ukranian gold having been shipped off to America. Well there you go!

    When I was at school, around forty years ago, I remember my history teacher remarking that America and the West will slowly evolve to become more socialist like the East, and that Russia in the East will slowly become more democratic like the West. And looking at the current political state of affairs it seems to have some validity. But what is remarkable is the fact that he saw this forty years ago!

    I wish more Americans and Europeans would stop going on about the word “democracy” as if to justify the actions of their politicians who use it as an excuse to plunder and destroy nations. Oh yes, we are waging wars against terrorists, against “communists”, “socialists”, against Russia, China, North Korea, etc and etc. We the “good” fighting against the evil forces that would destroy our democracy and liberty! Really? Do the people in their so-called democracies not realise that your very own country is not democratic at all? The American constitution has been destroyed by legislations that have given dictatorial powers to the president and to the banking elites. We have become fascists. We are even supporting the fascists in the present Ukraine government. Which can be seen all too readily when governments act in concert with the IMF and corporations.

    No, I do not want to live in China! But I cannot stomach the lies and hypocrisy of our Western governments and how they manipulate the people, how they poison our foods, the air we breathe, the waters, the land. How the federal government has been stealing lands from its citizens as in the Bundy scenario. The America of today is not the America of the founding fathers, just like the Russia of today is not the USSR of the past.

    Every day in the news there is always a new conflict, a new war. When you look behind the scenes, it is always about money, oil, and control and it has nothing to do with democracy and liberty that they want to portray to the masses. And if the masses want to naively believe that our governments are doing everything to support democracy and liberty abroad against the so-called imperialistic adventures of Russia as touted by the major medias –what a joke — then they should first look at the loss of their own freedoms and democracies at home!

  2. Ethyl says:

    Why do these people even waste their time TRYING to talk with and reason with these insane idiots? This is all just so out of control! When exactly was it that our government disappeared and became our owners? Oh, and William! TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!

  3. Ilex says:

    OK, so Russia drops the Petrodollar, done. The rest of the BRICS follow, we collapse, Putin will have to be the stand in leader until we appoint our own, we rebuild, new financial system, cabal done. If only…………….

    • Jean says:

      Ilex, I can’t imagine that there aren’t some lans afoot in the Us for this eventuality. . . for our country. I believe there is a good military . . . although they have remained hidden, probably because of the huge numbe rof people who are sitll asleep as they hope to avoid chaos. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Kerry is a punk. I’d like to see Vlad give him a couple pimp slaps.

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