The Daily Bell – Attacking Bundy Won’t Solve Larger Problem of Fedgov Perception . . . but it may help to confuse the issue, which as the cabal knows is often enough . . . people give up and go away . . . ~J

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Staff Report – April 24, 2014

cowboygearThere’s been a lot of pushback regarding Cliven Bundy and most recently in the article above, Bundy comes in for direct criticism as a serial liar. Yet it is not difficult to understand the disapproval people feel when confronted with what seems to be another heavy-handed action by US authorities. We keep in mind the following when it comes to US government actions in the 20th and 21st century: Both the federal income tax and Federal Reserve were implemented under false pretenses. Voters were … Read More +

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12 Responses to The Daily Bell – Attacking Bundy Won’t Solve Larger Problem of Fedgov Perception . . . but it may help to confuse the issue, which as the cabal knows is often enough . . . people give up and go away . . . ~J

  1. Eric Williams says:


    The wording of the Second Amendment is very specifically limited to the People of the United States. It does NOT apply to citizens!

    People of the United States and citizens of the United States are not the same!

    The CONstitution’s Preamble very specifically establishes that the purpose of the CONstitution was/is to secure the Blessings of Liberty to the People of the United States and THEIR Posterity.

    There is no mention therein or in the CONstitution or in the “Bill of Rights,” establishing that there are any citizen protections included or intended.

    The 13th Amendment Protects the People of the United States while the 14th Amendment defines United States citizenship and establishes that the Executive Branch (Obama) has unlimited authority to regulate such citizens; “… ,subject to the jurisdiction thereof, …”, with no restrictions.

    The Fourteenth Amendment’s 4th Article puts tax payer burden on citizens, not on People!

    The 13th Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude; U.S. citizenship is clearly servitude. We are all lied to in government schools to believe the 14th Amd. declares citizenship by birth. No it does NOT!


    All persons born in the U.S. are of the Posterity of the People of the United States as established in the Constitution’s Preamble.

    We are all born of the Posterity of the People of the Preamble but we give that up when we claim citizenship after being lied to by the government schools. All we have to do is claim such status and we then have our gun rights back.

    The 2nd Amendment prevents CONgress from enacting any laws about guns, even for authorizing ownership. “Shall not be infringed” means NO LEGISLATION! If CONgress could make a law favoring, then they could make a law against!

    But that restriction only pertains to the People’s gun rights, NOT to mere citizens!

    Obama said he was not going to interfere with anyone’s 2nd Amd. Gun rights. He told the truth, he is only after citizens guns, not after the People’s guns!

    Back in 1973 we became informed through a then active IRS deputy prosecutor who prosecuted tax protestors in Federal Court, that the IRS and the Federal Government, only have jurisdiction over citizens of the United States.

    Read SCOTUS case, Holy Trinity Church v. U.S., 143 U.S. 457, 12 S.Ct. 511, 36 L.Ed. 226, Feb. 29, 1892. The SCOTUS made a big issue that, “exact, limiting wording of statutes and laws does not always apply, certainly NOT when the result would be absurd”, such as, I maintain, would apply to our Second Amendment gun rights.

    A driver license application does constitute a contract with the STATE; however there is no information on such application that causes or indicates U. S. or state citizenship.

    All of this establishes that the political status, “People of the United States,” is the most highly valued political status that could be imagined or devised, and certainly could not be inadvertently surrendered or unknowingly unintentionally relinquished as an incidental unintended consequence of checking the U.S. citizen box on a driver license application, applying for a Social Security Number or engaging in common employment activities to earn a living or accumulate retirement or medical benefits commonly accorded to those of an inferior political status, U.S. citizens.

    The clear intent and purpose of the 14th Amendment was/is to declare and set forth the duties and responsibilities of citizens of the United States, NOT intended to set forth the duties and responsibilities of the People of the United States!

    There is no wording in the 14th Amendment to in any way suggest that the information set forth therein applies to the People of the Preamble, who therein declared the purpose of their creation was to secure the blessings of Liberty to Themselves and Their Posterity.

    For it to be assumed that such 14th Amendment obligations also apply to those who are of the Posterity of the People of the United States, is the manner of absurdity declared by the SCOTUS in Holy Trinity Church, that courts must avoid and must not read into any statute or law, as such could not possibly be the intention of Congress as such would fly in the face of the purpose of the Constitution, as set forth and accorded to those of the superior political status, People of the United States.

    Pay attention o the words!

    Under the 4th Article of the 14th Amendment, it is established that those who have in some manner designated themselves as citizens of the United States, have no standing to challenge the validity of the public debt.

    “Citizens of the United States, SHUT UP and PAY UP!

    How does a person born in the United States become a citizen thereof?

    It is NOT in the Fourteenth Amendment. Yes, I am aware that there are federal Statutes that purport to declare U.S. citizenship, however acts of CONgress are not capable of over riding the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no clearly defined statutory way a person born in the United States officially becomes a citizen of the United States. It seems such citizenship is acquired simply by claiming it, thereby giving up the Superior Naturally acquired birth status of being of the Posterity of the People of the United States.

    I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

  2. lecox says:

    I have been thinking about these issues – and will write more about them on my own blog.
    But after I was stonewalled recently when trying to obtain some very simple basic information about how my company is organized, I realized that one way to look at this is as a clash of “cultures.” The idea of “corporate cultures” came out of academia in the 1960’s. I didn’t become aware of it until the 1990s. And I always saw it as a sort of banal pseudo-sociological buzzword that sort of meant that the executive using it was “hip.”
    I still see it that way, but now that I work in a mid-sized corporation I hear it all the time, so I use it as my word for a certain approach to life involving group actions. I identified the “culture” I had been brought up in as the “rule of thought” culture; the more enlightened approach. And the problem culture that we were hoping to somehow civilize was the “rule of force” culture.
    “Rule of force” has been the favored approach of ruling elites for thousands – if not millions – of years. Some think they choose it by some rational process, but I don’t think that’s true. Attempting to be a member of a ruling elite basically drives a person crazy, and “rule of force” is the approach of choice of the not-quite-sane. This approach, by the documentation of history, is not successful in the long term. Never has been. Never will be. One of its central tenets is that the individual can’t be trusted.
    Advisers to the ruling elites have always told them this. They knew that the ruled would never be content without an adequate amount of freedom – and trust – and that “civilizations” based on the rule of force would never prosper. Yet they were never able to talk the ruling elites out of their attachment to this approach. So the ruling elites – many of them – hired a new set of advisers. And those new advisers told the ruling elites, “We can make the ruled believe they have freedom and are trusted while actually being your slaves.” This was a lie, but some of the ruling elites bought into it.
    And that seems to me – oversimplified – to be our current situation. At the core of the problem is that the ruled cannot find a way to rid themselves of the rulers. This has become the goal of anyone seeking true freedom, and for good reason. But without a workable technology to achieve this, it could never happen.
    I hope this may serve as a more understandable way to explain our predicament as I see it.

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  4. jacqlynsmith says:

    For those of us who are awake…..we all know this is the next logical step in their attack plan. Can’t win the sympathy of the public? Demonize and throw around the R word a bit. Next will be FBI informant AL and his “Outrage”….why do you think Al gets away with not paying the millions he owes????

  5. Move the attention and focus of people into a different area- anything to draw people away from the issue.

    This tactic is described in the Protocols of The Elders of Zion as diverting the population ad nauseum so they get bored and stop paying attention. If it means making the “target” (that’s how the MSM- remember who THEY are “rooting” for) Cliven Bundy look bad anyway they can- then that’s what they will do. Truth doesn’t matter- only success does.

    Cliven Bundy and all those who support him are standing up to people who will say and do ANYTHING to win.

    • Jean says:

      Yup! Distract and confuse them so they never figure out the ‘real’ issue, so they give up and once again decide to let someone else handle it, someone who has a clearer picture . . . All of this is done on purpose! Hugs, ~Jena

  6. hamfibhamfib says:

    Throwing BUndy under the buss on a statement he made, being partialy true, by the REPUBLICANS, is sheer STUPIDITY! Take that statement and compare to the Blacks living conditions in the 1800’s to today and pointing out that the PLANTATION OWNERS took better care of their people compared to how the DEMOCRATS are treating them today with all the freebes for doing nothing, there living style then, though SLAVERY was not good, they were fed, clothed, medical and housing was provided and they had work to do instead of today SITTING around and selling drugs, commiting crimes to make money to survive! LAY IT ON the DUMBOCRATIC MACHINE OF TODAY FOR THERE FREEBE’S OF DESTRICTION in keeping them ON THE NOW DAY PLANTATION! MAKE USE OF THIS STATEMENT IN SHOWING THEM THAT THE DUMBOCRATS ARE SCREWING THEM! REMIND THEM THAT THE KKK WAS A DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION AGAINST THEM THEN AND STILL ARE TODAY!

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  8. p says:

    Good morning Jean,
    Cliven Bundy isn’t a loner in his battle. There has been a progressive lynching of small and medium businesses that have been targeted to be put out of business by the “gubernut”. In specific those in rural areas. Think about where these: Kit Laney, Judy Childs, Dale Burgett, Morningland Dairy, Raymond Yowell, Hann family and so many more. Dale Burgett wasn’t put out of business, but the harm done was significant.

    And of course, as part of their spin tactic, the feds will send out their schills. Yes, there are some who feel Bundy owes, but the truth of the matter is, they need to be looking over their own shoulder and making sure they are not doing business as a dba. They will be targeted sooner or later. It doesn’t matter if you ranch or have a auto repair business, they will come hunting your business and put all involved through hell.

    Its not just the BLM, but add in The Federal Forest Service, FDA, IRS, EPA and so on. They will attack and do so in many ways, particularly the weakest areas of a business – financially. Have land that you own – they want, they will do all they can, including getting the local sheriff involved and ultimately jail time to further discourage fighting them. They will get it if they want it. They will be very hard on you if you say “no” to their often low ball offer. None of this is to scare, but rather to inform. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones with an honest sheriff.

    Our Constitution and Bill Of Rights are “golden” documents. It will be a glad day when we return to it and common law. People need to take the time to study it and what it really means. Then, you may begin to understand what Cliven Bundy is saying, as he is right. If you need a little more reading, go back to the pure white light of the Declaration of Independence to find the intent of what the 2nd Continental Congress wanted for future generations.

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