Lada Ray: UN Petition to Stop Bloodshed in Ukraine by Engaging Russian Peacekeepers

Source: Futurist Trendcast

Совет Безопасности ООН: Ввести миротворческие войска России на Юго-Восток Украины. 

Почему это важно

Это важно потому что иначе будет бойня! Надо дать народу право на самоопределение!


I just signed the above petition to the UN Security Council. Translation from Russian: “Engage Russian Peacekeeprs in the South-East of Ukraine. Why is this important? This is important because otherwise there will be war. We must give the people the right to self-determination.”


From Lada: As some of you may know from my articles and from other sources, a nationalist junta has violently seized power in Kiev, Ukraine, ousting and driving out of the country Ukraine’s legitimate president (whatever criticisms we have of Yanukovich, he was democratically elected). With direct support of the US and EU, the unelected government has been installed, which relies on armed nazi and ultra-nationalist thugs to keep it in power. The junta immediately announced Russian language a foreign langauge, cancelled all Russian channels and even threatened with physical extermination the Russian population of the south and east of the country. The east and south of what is still Ukraine are of course historic Russian lands, which were attached to Ukraine by various Soviet leaders for various political and personal reasons – a move that proved to be a long-term disaster, which stranded millions of Russians on their own land as undesirable and unappreciated guests under oppressive Kiev regime. I wrote about all that in my articles about Ukraine and Russia. Please check them for more info.

The south and east of Ukraine (also called “south-east”), unwilling to live under the oppressive regime of the Kiev junta and unwilling to become a part of the EU and NATO, decided to schedule referendum for May 11 to secede, and started announcing regional people’s republics. To suppress the voice of the people, the Kiev junta sent army and special forces, including US mercenaries from the private contractor Greystone.

Most of the Ukraine army and police refused to fight their own people. So far, all regular army units that came in contact with the south-east protesters have surrendered or defected to their side. Police has either kept neutrality, or joined the protesters. When the army failed, Kiev armed the nazi thugs and sicked them on peaceful protesters and unarmed citizens in Donbass region and Odessa.

As a result, dozens of unarmed, peaceful residents of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk in the Donetsk region were killed. This wasn’t even a fight as these were unarmed civilians, who formed a live chain so not to let the tanks through. Some of the Kiev thugs opened fire and killed 10 people. When people tried to help the wounded, they wouldn’t let them, continuing to shoot. This was execution of the peaceful civilians, the way German nazis did it during World War II.

In Odessa, the beautiful city on the Black Sea where I grew up, the situation was even more tragic. The nazi thugs sent by Kiev surrounded the pro-Russian activists in their protest tent city on the Kulikovo Polie and started shooting. Kulikovo Polie is the main square of the city, not far from the historic Odessa Train Station and beautiful Pushkinskaya Street, where I used to walk when I was little. I have wonderful memories of that place. Read my posts about Odessa.

Unfortunately, these memories are now tainted by the recent events. The Ukraine nazi thugs made activists retreat inside the building of the Unions and blocked them inside. Then, they set this historic building on fire, screaming “burn, Russians.”

They would not let the distressed people out of the building, again, reminding us of how the German nazis acted in WWII.

Some people tried to jump out of the burning building. As a result of the Odessa massacre, 43 people burned alive, and 150 were injured. The tragedy was happening to the laughter and delight of the Ukraine nazis and nationalists. On another occasion, a mob of nazis from western Ukraine infiltrating Odessa, chased down an anti-maidan activist and cut off his leg. All that was caught on camera!

Needless to say, Odessa is in shock of such hideous acts. Odessans know this was done by those who came to their city uninvited. In the incredibly distressing videos that I unfortunately had to watch for information purposes, nazis and Ukraine nationalists spoke Ukrainian. I grew up in Odessa and I know – in Odessa NO ONE speaks Ukrainian. It’s just not done. Everyone speaks Russian. I don’t need anyone to tell me those were not Odessans. If anyone speaks Ukrainian, it means they are not local. These people spoke exclusively Ukrainian, which means they were from western or northern Ukraine. They are also from rural regions, as in large cities everywhere people speak Russian, including Kiev! I wonder how much are they being paid for the dirty job they had been sent to perform?

I came to an unavoidable conclusion that Kiev is determined to suppress the drive for freedom and self-determination of the east and south, even if it means killing everyone there. Genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine seems to be sanctioned by the government of the United States, and condoned or ignored by other western governments.

In this dire situation, the only guarantee that genocide will not take place is the presence of the Russian peacekeepers in the east and south. Only this can ensure that people are protected and democratic referendum takes place. The terrified population has been begging Russia to interfere. However, Russia in observance of the international law will only be able to act if the UN Security Council will give it the mandate.

I believe this petition needs to be signedt to tell the US and EU, we disagree and condemn with their policies regarding Ukraine. If the permanent members of the Security Council, US. UK or France veto the resolution to send Russian peacekeepers to the south-east of Ukraine, they will show their true colors!

The authors are looking for 500,000 signatures. They already have almost 60,000 and it’s moving fast! The petition is in Russian, but it’s fairly easy to sign.

Petition link:

How to sign: on the right of the screen enter your email address in the white box. Click on large pink button “sign”  under the email box.

On the next page type in your name, and then enter country. There is a drop down country menu in Russian. So you could find your country, here are a few most popular countries in Russian: USA – Соединённые Штаты
Америки; Canada – Канада; UK – Соединённое Королевство
Великобритании и Северной Ирландии OR simply: Великобритания; Australia –Австралия; Germany – Германия; Belgium – Бельгия; Japan – Япония; India – Индия; France – Франция.

Here’s a full list of countries in Russian and English:*

Hope this helps. Thank you for signing!


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16 Responses to Lada Ray: UN Petition to Stop Bloodshed in Ukraine by Engaging Russian Peacekeepers

  1. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    I truly think signing petitions like this helps on so many levels. I had to try several times because after I put my e-mail address in and clicked the pink box and it didn’t seem to go anywhere. I finally decided to be patient. When the second page popped up my name was there with a little American flag. I felt connected to something good.

  2. wonders4life says:

    I just singed it and boy is the number who are signing it building fast!!

  3. xnibiru says:

    Lada, you are such a beautiful soul. This is how it works on this planet… we do not ask the people killing us to please stop. We do not beg the UN, the EU, NATO, the US or even Russia to intervene under the aegis of the UN… which is another name for the enemy. This matter lies squarely on the shoulders of Vladimir Putin. International law is only an oxymoron and benefits only those who can pay or who can play the game. If the Russian President won’t stop the killing of his brother and sister Russians, then shame on him. In the vacuum of power that Putin is allowing, the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian Police and the Ukrainian People need to arm themselves and fight these bastards to the death. I see the Ukrainian Army as something worse than pitiful. I love your work, Lada, and this is not a criticism of you, only barbarian reality as I know it to be.

  4. Clara says:

    I’ve tried to go to the link provided and cannot get it. Is there a link someone can post that I can just click on and it will take me there?

  5. Olga says:

    Thank you, Lada! You are right! In this terrible situation, the only guarantee that genocide will not take place is the presence of the Russian peacekeepers in the east and south.We have to stop Fashizm in Ukraine!!!

  6. procomptor says:

    This is easy to do! Just find the name of the United States in the included list. Copy the URL provided under “petition” and paste it in a new IE or Google browser window. Once at the site you will see 3 blank spots with Russian writing in them. The first at the top is for your email. The second is for your name. Finally the 3rd is for your country which you simply copy from the list provided or choose from the drop down list and to the right “in Russian” click the enter button.

    Note on the final page there are tons of signatures pouring in! There is also a tab at the right bottom that once translated simply says “Collect Signatures”. Share this with others please!

    Blessings to all…..Mike

    • procomptor says:

      I just received a confirmation reply back but as I do not speak Russian it would have to be translated. If I get the chance I will try and do that. I will post later but have to get back to work now…..Mike

      • Jean says:

        🙂 and I don’t think Google translate ‘does’ Russian 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • procomptor says:

          I have to run into town but I wanted to let you and everyone know Jean that I have been able to translate Russian to English with Google. I just haven’t had time to do the reply back from Lada’s link where you send your support straight to Russia. The support numbers are really climbing!


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