IMPORTANT: Cliven Bundy: Notice: Constitutional Militias are Withdrawing from Bundy Ranch

A Letter to the Public, 4 May 2014
Notice: Constitutional Militias are Withdrawing from Bundy Ranch

When the call came out from militias in Nevada that they needed help because a rancher’s Constitutional rights were being violated, Constitutional militia men, defensive patriot groups, and humanitarian aid groups responded from all over the United States. Individual citizens showed up to protest, and the Sleeping Giant was awakened. The Federal government, especially the BLM, found out that if they are going to trample on the Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizens, they will meet overwhelming resistance. The mission went as all Constitutional Militias prayed it would; the BLM was forced to leave without either side firing a shot.

It is the Goal of all Constitutional Militias and Patriot groups to take our country back without bloodshed. This will, in time, be accomplished as long as the government does not fire on them. If they do then there will, unfortunately, be bloodshed.

Several Militia and Patriot group leaders have conferred, and yesterday, a message was given to one of the people that guards Mr. Cliven Bundy. Mr. Bundy was given an option. He can continue to keep Ryan Payne, a man called Buddha, who refuses to let anyone know who he really is, their other associates with Operation Mutual Aid, and the Mountain Men Militia, and the Constitutional Militias will go home. Or, Mr. Bundy can tell these militants that he wants Constitutional Militias guarding him and we will return when these others leave. This is Mr. Bundy’s choice; the constitutional Militias will NOT be part of any group trying to start a war.

There are now people at the ranch who are best described as militant. These people want to force an armed confrontation. Some are with Operation Mutual Aid and the Mountain Men Militia which are not as their actions have proven Constitutional Militias. Ryan Payne of Operation Mutual Aid has released a stream of videos making accusations of Militias and Oath Keepers being cowards because they fell back and scattered out when the possibility of a drone strike was obtained through intelligence channels. It appears that Mr. Payne’s intent is to discredit other groups so he can remain in control, and that he wants a war. The Militias want a solution. Many militia members have been to war, and will fight if that time comes, but are in absolutely no hurry to speed up the process and kill other Americans if it can be stopped without violence.

It is now past the time for Mr. Bundy to respond. Therefore, we have to assume his choice is to keep who he has at the ranch. Any illegal action by any person at the ranch now has nothing to do with any Constitutional Militias, as an agreed stand down order has been stated to pull out. From this point on, any conflict started by the people at the ranch rest solely upon those there, and the Bundy’s, and not any of the Constitutional Militias who traveled thousands of miles to protect the Bundy’s.

We, the Constitutional Militias, thank the people of Bunkerville for their support and the way they welcomed us into their community. We thank the Bundy’s for their hospitality while we were there. We wish both the Bundy’s and the Citizens of Nevada good luck with this situation and hope it ends well.

To the Federal Government, I want them to understand this: No Patriot Group or Constitutional Militia involved are deserting the Bundy’s. While we will not support illegal militant groups if they start something, we will return if the Bundy’s are further assaulted or their Constitutional Rights are violated again. Keep in mind that this last response was proportional. If this was a test to measure our strength, it failed miserably; you still do not know the size of the American Patriot movement or its capabilities.

There have been accusations made against people and groups; I personally am seeing that they are looked into. If those accusations are found to be true, they will be dealt with. One of the biggest problems we have had since the beginning is Ryan Payne, with Operation Mutual Aid, trying to sew division. The persons who have created this problem will not be allowed to participate in any of the Constitutional Militia’s areas if conflict occurs. We will not tolerate militants, liars, thieves, infiltrators, provocateurs, or any of the like. Just like the military, there is conflict at times that must be handled, but the correct way is to deal with these problems is in house, and not to air dirty laundry in public. I personally apologize to all who have been exposed to the aforementioned videos; they were very unprofessional, and purposely done to discredit the Constitutional Militias. It makes me wonder about the true intentions of those involved.

God Bless America and every one of us who lives here.

Ever Vigilant,
CPT Eric C. Rahn – Commanding
Alpha Co, 423rd Battalion, 28th Field Force
Texas Light Foot Militia

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31 Responses to IMPORTANT: Cliven Bundy: Notice: Constitutional Militias are Withdrawing from Bundy Ranch

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  2. LisaMarie says:

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s the opposite of what is really happening.

  3. Pops says:

    Not much of the above article is true. This is from somebody who was there for 4 days last week. There are differences in opinions between parties, of course, but no real discord. We are staying to protect the Bundys from another government to waco them.

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  5. AZRanger says:

    Eric fuckdog-dipshit! I have already called you. Out on you bullshit! There is no such unit that he names anywhere in TX! There are a few militia folks in TX who would like to have a little chat with you qbout spreading lies, deceptions, and mis-information! I think they will be very hwppy to make YOUR acquiantence face to face. So, have a happy meeting, and be sure to get back to the rest of us real soon now, ya hear!

  6. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends – Sidenote:
    I found the following story tonight:
    “BUSTED: Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch”
    and also:
    Thought this was interesting, when you see the maps and read that this LLC is
    located next to the BLM land.
    Be well,

  7. ajeocci says:

    When I was part of he Restore America Plan, there was some dissention in the ranks. A friend of mine said, “The government doesn’t need to worry about us, we’ll destroy ourselves from within, just like we always do.” It seems his statement is still true today. If Americans were united, we would not have the tyrants in Washington, DC that we do. Stupid people do stupid things, like vote for Obama. Unless we learn to work together, we are lost.

    • Jean says:

      Do you really think Mitt Romney was a better choice? C’mon, we’d have been at war long ago. It seems to me we all need to realize that ‘we the people’ are the victims of both political parties. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Stu says:

    Infiltration is what US Inc. and the globalists do and do well—that and manage propaganda. They must have this skill, of course, because everything they promote is based upon a fraud. Truth is not on their side so the lying and deceit must be exceptional. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover a few weeks from now that Mr. Bundy was on their payroll, too, and all this was a designed operation to gather intell on the liberty movement and create stress within it. Hopefully, this is not the case but we must understand the deceit is usually far deeper than “We the People” are willing to explore or acknowledge.

  9. Trixie says:

    This is just one individual….. The rest are staying and more supplies and food are rolling in…. They want these people to go home so they the government can move in and kill the Bundies….This is just another piece of propaganda…..

    • Jean says:

      This is an interesting article! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Muse says:

      gear13 i:

      “MILLENNIALS DISTRUST GOVERNMENT”… this is good START. Now, if only they can get their faces unburied from their cell phones (meaning stop being zombies), and take a look around and see for themselves what’s REALLY going on, that would also be helpful. One thing at a time, right?

  10. xnibiru says:

    Federal infiltration into the ranks of non-militia in order to sew discord and create a negative image of the real patriots out there is a distinct possibility. Also, Feds were probably planted to encourage a first shot from the Militia. The first casualty in war is the truth and is a planned action under the heading of psyops. The Constitutional Militia has every reason to pull-out in the absence of any leadership from Mr. Bundy. As long as Mr. Buddha, et al, remain there, the Feds have a good excuse to come back. If the Feds planted these groups, or infiltrated them and are using them, they are one-up on how to defeat the Constitutional Militia. Mr. Bundy needs to pull his head together and understand the problem. Until he gets it right, he is setting himself up for defeat. Well of course the Feds have planted agents provocateur at the Ranch. It’s how they roll and they are well practiced. Thanks and Godspeed to the Texas LFM.

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  12. Angela says:

    Dearest Capt Rahn, I have supported, long distance, the Bundy Family against the Corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and their goon the BLM since the beginning. I have encouraged people to understand the WE THE PEOPLE have an obligation to create GRAND JURIES and INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNALS to hear evidence of unconstitutional behavior by any elected official be he/she local, state, or “federal” I am sickened and saddened by the possibility of
    those evil or misguided individuals militants, liars, thieves, infiltrators, provocateurs who would bring harm to people, land, livestock, etc for the purpose of personal agenda.

    • ajeocci says:

      Angela, You are right as rain. The Citizens Grand Juries are lawful under the Constitution. The process has begun and must continue. We, in Las Vegas, seated our Grand Jury in 2010, but I moved shortly thereafter so I do not know where they are or what they are doing. I would suggest that we get to the root of the problem with BLM and Harry Reid. Everyone must write to their senators and congressmen and demand a complete investigation. Write also to Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy. They are two who will at least try. We all know there is criminal activity between Harry Reid and Neil Kornze of BLM. It must be brought to light. And Daniel P. Love of BLM is nothing but a cheap thug.

  13. Ethyl says:

    Sounds like Ryan Payne is an instigator provocateur, DOESN’T it!!!!!

  14. burnette2013 says:

    How nice to find out that there’s a group advocating (AND backing that up with action) re-establishment of the rule of Constitutional Law that doesn’t want wholesale slaughter. Self defense, yes…Initiation of violence, Nay!
    I’m with ya, guys!

  15. DrinkDeep says:

    Jean, I don’t facebook but I think this was on Eric Rahn’s page, not the Bundy’s? Might be on both – wouldn’t know

  16. edogz818 says:

    Says the guy who just aired the dirty laundry in public.

    “Just like the military, there is conflict at times that must be handled, but the correct way is to deal with these problems is in house, and not to air dirty laundry in public.”
    CPT Eric C. Rahn – Commanding
    Alpha Co, 423rd Battalion, 28th Field Force
    Texas Light Foot Militia

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