The Bundy Ranch Situation Has Reached An Extremely Critical Juncture, by Bamboo-Water, 05May14

With the leaving of the active militias, the “Bundy Ranch Situation” has reached an extremely critical juncture. The active militias leaving is a very wise move; in the winds one can smell the cabal controlled Corporation of the United States picking up a very broad brush — totally covered with the paint of terrorism and terrorists.

Only the active militias know what “leaving” really means, but I am reminded of the French phrase — “reculer pour mieux sauter.” Roughly translated – it means “to retreat in order to advance farther.”


The “Bundy Ranch Situation” is now really at least three things:

1- The Bundy people themselves
2- The physical Bundy Ranch
3- The philosophy, implication, and mindset behind the first two.

The next move on the Bundy Ranch Chessboard will be by theimages-4
Cabal controlled Corporation of the United States. They can’t allow this set of actions to stand; their goal is now to paint the entire “Bundy Ranch Situation” with the same broad brush that created Ruby Ridge, that created Waco, that created the JFK Assassination.

1- The person named Budda, who remains at the Bundy Ranch, is most likely an infiltrator with no good intent. The person named Buddha is most likely — another patsy — just like Lee Harvey Oswald.

images-62- The goal this time, Harry Reid has already told us, is to paint everyone
associated, in any way, with the “Bundy Ranch Situation” as terrorists.
In so doing:

a. Those who only vaguely knew about the Situation will chalk the wholeimgres
thing up to another Waco, another Ruby Ridge.

b. Those who were on the fence about the Situation will run toward fear
and drop the whole matter — no matter what their deepest persuasions.

c. Those who were committed to the Situation will be labeled “domestic
terrorists” and dealt with by the multiplicity of unjust laws — starting with
the NDAA.

And so, another successful Cabal “whitewash” against any real resistance
of their extreme power, arrogance, and hubris. Or, at least that is what
the Cabal thinks . . .

What the Cabal has failed to grasp in all of its extreme power, arrogance, and hubris — is something — called The Wild Cards. They are so wild, that it does not even matter if the Cabal is aware of them, if the Cabal is trying to actively counter them. The Wild Cards are so Wild — they are — beyond power — beyond arrogance — beyond hubris.

Wild Card #1 — The Active Militias

images-22Does anyone really know how big they may be? Does anyone really know where they all are? Does anyone know how many people may really — deep down —completely agree with the Active Militias?

Wild Card #2 — The Enforcers Defecting

Without The Enforcers, the Cabal starts toimages-8
quickly lose power and control. Throughout history, after they have served the Cabal’s purposes, The Enforcers are the next to go.
Look toward the Ukraine, members of the Ukrainian military are are actively thinking about or actively defecting; members of the
police are actively thinking about or actively defecting. In the swirling chaos called the Ukraine, it is presently an extremely
difficult task to separate — The Enforcers — from The Imported
Goons and Thugs.

Wild Card #3 — Arrogance and Hubris Corrupts Itself

Throughout history extreme power, greed, arrogance, and hubrisimages-11
have always corrupted themselves from within, and ultimately witnessed
their own downfall. It just takes a seemingly simple move, which ultimately
lights a “fire” which consumes the entire Chessboard of Arrogance
and Hubris.

I am reminded of the Serbian Proverb —
“Time and patience turn the mulberry leaf to silk.”

Wild Card #4 — The American Psyche

Beyond all the greed, all the reality TV, the Games, the Consumerism,
the Endless Wars, the Massive Mockeries made of their ideals –images-17
something lies deep within the American Psyche, something untapped for hundreds of years, and totally unknown — the deep ties of the American people to the desire for freedom, the desire for justice, the desire to treat all peoples with kindness — and the strong
deep-seated beliefs in the ideals of the their Founding Fathers — in a Living Republic. If this Awakens . . .

Wild Card #5 — Unjust Laws

Since 9/11 a tsunami of unjust laws have been put in place images-3
against the American people. Many are just sitting there, in the books, waiting to be used against the American people. But the interesting thing about the Blade of Unjust Laws: The Blade cuts both ways – The Blade can be used against the American People – but The Blade will also be used against the Extreme Corruption and Treason which picked up the Blade in the first place.

Wild Card #6 – Human Creativity

In spite of all of the Chemtrails, GMOs, HAARP . . . Human
Creativity is one of the wildest cards — yet to really be played.
It can come from anywhere, at any time, and the best the Cabal
can do is to try to create a Gulag World — a Pressure Cooker
with Ever-Increasing Heat — and a Lid Firmly Looked Down.
The Perfect Crucible for Extreme Creativity.

Wild Card #7 – The Great Mystery

This is wildest card of all, and for all those living in ourimgres-1
“highly technological,” “highly scientific,” “highly rational,” world — this is merely fluff.

But out of this fluff comes the placebo effect and people, who can cure themselves of all forms of ailments — when formal medicine fails them.

Out of this fluff comes the best poetry, the best art, the best inventions, the best ideas. Any real poet, any real artist, any real inventor, any real entrepreneur
knows that deep down — they are just the vehicle –
the poetry, the art, the invention, the idea – comes
from the Great Mystery.

The Cabal are like children in kindergarten – images-16
because they have been “given” a few “crayons” to The Great Mystery,
they not only think they can “paint,” they
believe they can control “All Painting!”

“If they give you ruled paper;
write the other way.”

– Juan Ramón Jiménez

Jai Gurudev,

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33 Responses to The Bundy Ranch Situation Has Reached An Extremely Critical Juncture, by Bamboo-Water, 05May14

    • Jean says:

      Deborah, I hope people will take the time to link to this – it gives a pretty good picture of what this fellow has been up to – and not on our behalf. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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  2. hannacora says:

    Hi Jean: Here is an article I just received from the American Policy Centre (main goal fighting Agenda 21) —
    Is the U.S. Being Colonized By Red China? April 25th, 2014 by Tom DeWeese
    The program is known in Washington-Speak as EB-5 Centers, so called because they represent a fifth category of employment-based immigration. In reality, it’s a foreign investment program pretending to be a jobs program. To qualify through the plan, applicants must invest $1,000,000 in a US business or at least $500,000 if the business is in an area of high unemployment or rural area.
    According to a report by Michael Snyder (“Chinese Buying Land in US Communities all over America”), in 2012 – 2013, 6,900 visas were issued to Chinese nationals out of a total of 8,567 EB-5 visas issued. In 2014, the number of applicants is 50% higher – again driven by Chinese applicants.
    When considering this large influx of Chinese – funded projects, it must be understood that there are no private companies in China that are free to act on their own. China is a Communist regime. Nothing happens there without the express permission and backing of the government. Individuals posing as Chinese corporate leaders are part of that government. They simply wouldn’t have that position if not approved by the government. For the most part they are a front. 43% of all corporate profits in China are produced by companies that the Chinese government controls outright.
    – See more at:

    Endless Blessings!
    Fostering Literacy for our World!

    • Jean says:

      Johanna, I think we must consider when reading something like this that China is carrying the United States debt – in money that is pretty much worthless. How would you make this money ‘good’? I suggest you would use it to buy ‘real’ goods, like property. Where else but the United States can China spend this worthless money? Nowhere, I think. They must spend it here. . . . or they lose a fortune.

      Does this make them bad, as I think is implied here?

      I do believe in the end we will see that all the Chinese are not bad. For instance, the Dragon Family, probably holding most of China’s wealth, is IMO not bad. They want to trade; that is what they ‘do.’ The Dragon Family is giving the West the money in the Global Accounts, mostly, mostly theirs, with which to recover from this trauma we have all been experiencing. Why? Because if we become a viable people, they will be able to trade – and live – with us.

      People become angry and have asked why the DF just doesn’t recover the funds for us, but they are ancient, wise people, and they know that we in the West have been deliberately kept as children. If we pull together and find the strength to recover and open these Accounts, in some way we will have grown from a place of childhood, expecting adults to take care of us, to a place of responsible adults.

      I don’t think there are many in the MSM, or even at the American Policy Centre who have this view, because they do not have these facts in their heads. They have been inculcated with the ideas that (both) China and Russia are bad . . . and I think that now, this is no longer the case. I do not think China is really controlled by Communists anymore and that the Dragon Family probably controls a lot more than we may have any idea, although this may not be visible as yet to the West. I also know for a fact that Russia is no longer controlled by the oligarchs, and that Putin was the man who got rid of them — without going to war, mind you.

      To my way of thinking, these ideas and facts must be put into the total picture before drawing drastic conclusions, like China is going to take over the United States.

      Let me ask you, with the mess we have here, with the huge population in China, do you think they really want to take us on right now? Yes, they may own a large part of the country, but maybe that is the price we must pay for all the sheeple who have refused to awaken. . .

      These are just a few of my thoughts . . .


      • pupma says:

        W H E W !!!!!!!!!!
        Nice Jean. Real interesting!
        Way to go.
        Thanks, Terri

      • djstormx1981 says:

        Very interesting ideas about China. You’ve given me something to do more research on. I’ll have to look into this Dragon Family you speak of.

      • hannacora says:

        I fully understand your view point here and I totally agree with you about Russia and Mr. Putin and do not necessarily see China as a bad monster either.
        As always my view is that laws should be applied equally for all (NOBODY IS MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS), that includes minority groups! I do not like to be treated like a foreigner/second class citizen in my own country.
        Unfortunately, our governments do not always promote what is in the best interest of our respective countries and often they enter into agreements with other countries where the investors have more benefits/tax breaks than the citizens/enterprises of their own country.
        I do not advocate special treatment for the enterprises/citizens of a country but I would expect my government to respect the established laws and not twist them in such a way as to promote hidden agendas for the benefit of the elite/the few. For example, I do not think it is right to steal Mr. Bundy’s ranch and destroy his cattle and the added-value infrastructure he paid for.
        That’s where I stand Jean. What I get from the American Policy article are the facts about the particular program EB-5 Centers. Plus further down the article, it goes on to say that Canada has just implemented stricter immigration laws to counteract illegalities. I am aware of these new laws but have not yet seen how they can relate to Chinese investors.

        When earthlings reach a certain level of consciousness there will be no need for these laws…but some regulations are needed for now as there are too many service-to-self entities.
        Endless Blessings!
        Fostering Literacy for our World!

  3. Christina says:

    Very good analysis of the situation. I would like to add an eighth wild card. The American people must know by now the history of the indigenous Indians, the original inhabitants. These people were killed, deprived of their land and those who remained were taken to reservations. The newly arrived inhabitants sat their, doing nothing to protect them and must feel deep inside regretful for this immense injustice. Wanting to make up for this may also be a reason not to let this happen again, this time to their “own” people.

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  5. Melody says:

    Where is the recall election against Harry Reed for being corrupt and using tax payers $$$, using gov. agencies, for his own personal gain?

  6. hannacora says:

    Thank you so much Jay (BambooWater) for a great article, I truly appreciate for your words of wisdom and totally agree with you.
    Solutions to impossible situations can often result from Creativity/Brain Storming – especially when firmly believing that there is always a way and nothing is impossible when we remain open to the infinite wisdom of the universe!!

    Aussi merci Pierre for the French (I just could not figure out what was meant) –
    Parfait: reculer pour mieux sauter.

    Endless Blessings to All!!
    Fostering Literacy for our World!

    • Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

      My apologies to all for the garbling of the French phrase “reculer pour mieux sauter” — to retreat in order to advance farther. Somehow after going from my quotations to the actual
      article — the God of Garbling took over.

      Jai Gurudev,

    • Pierre says:


      I am Pierre.

      In fact, “reculer pour mieux sauter” it’s a saying about the benefit of taking time to prepare yourself before taking action. Litteraly “reculer” to go backward (in this case in order to have enought space to run forward) “pour mieux sauter” to better jump or leap (to go higher or farther).
      And sorry for my bad english…

      Have a good day!

      • Jean says:

        Pierre, I think you’ve explained this quite well for all of us . . . 🙂 Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • hannacora says:

        Pierre, there is nothing wrong with your English!! pas du tout!
        English is my second language and my studies were always in French. I became immersed in the English world in my late teens. It was a very rough beginning as all around me spoke English with a foreign accent at a time when I could hardly put together a full sentence in English. I had no choice and had to forget about my inadequacies and push ahead as no one would have been able to understand a single French word.
        This rough challenge is one of the reasons why I have very little difficulty understanding people with super heavy accents.
        J’ai été aussi très chanceuse car j’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler dans des millieux très professionnels. Aujourd’hui quand je reçois des compliments sur ma connaissance de l’anglais je suis très vite à répondre que je ne suis pas née parlant anglais comme la plupart des gens semblent croire.
        Jean is doing such a marvelous job, I truly appreciate all her efforts. She really is the light at the end of the disinformation tunnel. Her unique philosophy of life permeates throughout her blog and truly sets the stage for like minded readers to participate and share.
        Ne t’en fais pas avec ton anglais Pierre.
        À bientôt!!

  7. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    This is an absolutely brilliant, loving analysis by Bamboo-Water – particularly the discussion of “Wild Cards”.

    I would add Atlantis to Wild Card # 4: The American Psych.
    Here’s a link to a documentary, titled, “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings: The New Atlantis”.

    **In the 17th century, as settlers were colonizing the new world, Sir Francis Bacon, the leader of secret societies in England, set down his classic work, the “New Atlantis”, while archaeologists and treasure hunters had searched the globe, looking for the lost continent. Four hundred years ago, Bacon, like many of his contemporaries, believed that Atlantis was America itself.**

    Nassim Harramein in is video – Origins of the Ark of the Covenant, Knights Templars, Ethiopia, Freemasonry also linked Atlantis with American history, so I’m thinking there’s some real depth and surprises in Wild Card #4..

    • Jean says:

      The video doesn’t exist ? ? ? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nancy C/Seattle says:

        I had no trouble clicking on the center and starting the video just now @ 8:00 p.m., Pacific time May 6th. Don’t quite understand why your post is 8:17 p.m.? I thought you were also in Pacific time? Anyway it does exist..
        I’ll repost the link.

  8. Deb says:

    Good Background infor for those doing ley line meditation…

    The Bank of God
    2013 Home » Religion 2 Comments

    The Bank of God

    In July, 2013, during the Pope’s visit to Brazil a letter was delivered to his secretary. However this was not a standard letter. It has been sent from the prison Regina Coeli in Rome and addressed to the Holy Father himself. On July 25th, the Pope’s delegation in San Paolo was awakened at dawn. A problem came up at the Holy See.

    The letter was not just a plain letter, it was not sent by any of the many prisoners who write every day to the Pope to ask for comfort. The sender was Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a high priest who leads the special section of the accounting at APSA – the authority which manages the whole patrimony of the Holy See. He is a very influential figure, not just an average priest.

    Scarano is also very well known at the IOR – the Institute for the Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank. At the time when he wrote the letter to the Pope, Monsignor Scarano had been in jail for a month with the charges of bribery, slander and money laundering. According to the Italian Finance Police inspectors, Scarano tried to bring a bag containing 26 million dollars into Italy from Switzerland and according to the prosecutors that money would have been used to do a favor to a Neapolitan family of ship-owners.

    Monsignor Scarano had two accomplices during this operation: A broker operating mainly abroad and a non-commissioned officer of the Italian Carabinieri working for the intelligence and security services. The operation also involved a private jet and an armed guard. Monsignor Scarano is the first high priest in history to be imprisoned for financial crimes that never occurred before.

    The Vatican state is surrounded by walls and covers 44 hectares of land in the heart of Rome. It has a population of 839 people whose per capita income is about 470,000 euros. About half a million dollars this is the highest per capita income in the world. The Vatican state owns a daily newspaper, a radio and a bank. Its structure is very complex. The sovereignty lies within the Holy See which is under the Pope’s authority.

    Watch the full documentary now – 53 min

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Deb, you’re right on top of it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • bewareofserco says:

      Interesting video. The fact that nobody at the Vatican wants to be interviewed about the matters discussed, sends a clear message that this is not an organisation with any intention of meaningful reform. They are only interested in continuing to avoid any form of transparency and then managing the public’s perception of them.

  9. Raven says:

    I don’t understand why Budda is allowed to stay – I myself would rather have the militia standing with me. Something is not right here.

    • Shelly says:

      Thank you….thought I was the only one thinking that!

      • awakened says:

        perhaps allowing him to stay means he can be watched and maybe even exposed,,,,there is clearly a plan to allow hm to remain,,,so i hope its to expose him and the cabal’s other agents on site or who have attached themselves to the bundys ,,,,the guy could be harry reids secret brother,,,who knows,(or somebody somewhere knows who he is),,,but like i said,,it might be an angle,,keep him there in order to expose him.

        • Jean says:

          I’ve felt that Roy Potter has probably had some hand on what is going on there. These militia are not fools. We can only wait and watch . . . Sometimes, like with Gordon Duff, things are said that are not really meant for us . . .but are a signal, a message . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • awakened says:

            roy potter,,a true warrior of the light i feel when ever i see the guy,,he just oozes light and love,,but with that confident vet vibe about him,,,heres to the victory of the light….light and love to us all 🙂

  10. Pierre says:

    In fact in french, it’s “reculer pour mieux sauter”…

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