More Livestreaming Sites for Op. American Spring

Thanks so much for these links. . . Hugs, ~Jean

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Here are several links to help you keep up with *Operation American Spring*!

Live Streaming video links: (This one is a live video feed from Brian D. Lange of Live T.R.U.T.H. Radio)

**Be aware that the weather is VERY rainy!!!!**

There is an app that people are using to stay in touch via “walkie/talkie” style communication. Here is a link to the app:

Unfortunately, the relay for our Washington correspondent hasn’t passed the tests we did yet, so I have solicited the help of another party to send me texts and data from LandofMind. I’m awaiting confirmation that they have made contact.

Fortunately we have some live feed, but I’d like some honest feedback via text I can share with people worldwide. Livefeed doesn’t always work so well on my DSL, but it’s better than nothing.

The weather calls for…

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9 Responses to More Livestreaming Sites for Op. American Spring

  1. procomptor says:

    Hi folks, the links have been up and down all day. I have yet to see DMV camera anywhere near the Colonels group that wasn’t totally scrambled so pretty safe assumption they are sabotaging this as much as possible. Here are a few links I had luck with earlier. You need to be patient as some are full of commercials and all seem to take a long time to come up. Also realize they are not continuous so if one is on break try another.

    Here is an interview with the colonel and Michael Savage and available live links;

    and this one;

    There are other sites just do a google search and again be patient. I was very active in the beginning especially with the prayer group but then several members threw a tissy when I explained my Dad’s service record and how my family (well 4 of us) were devout Christians. I mean come on that stuff is all over the site because the founding fathers were obviously worshiping God. Anyway There were many others that came back thanking me but the whole thing became a distraction so I told the Colonel I was going to step out of it. Besides I family and close ties in Idaho, Colorado, California, Arizona as well as Oregon of course. I have a long time friend in Reno and had arranged to go there for breaks. Oh well the best laid plans of mice and men and all that!

    The turnout is sad in Washington and it embarasses me that Americans are so stupid not to see this as one of their last chances to save themselves. In my minds eye if this totally fails then there will be nothing to stop Obama from declaring marshal law and start disarming everyone. I feel bad not being there having decided to drive down to the Bundys only to find everyone decided to clear out all militias as with the FBI being there it was unlikely the BLM would return. Both sides are now working with their attorneys and getting ready for the final battle to happen in court!

    I worked nearly every nite for the last 2 weeks getting my Firebird repaired, cleaned with new interior, new tires etc. so a little disappointing to now be here watching American Spring instead of being there. Unfortunately with the money I spent I can’t afford to fly or ride to Washington and it makes me sick! Hopefully there will be a big push come Monday and a ton more folks from Virginia (have family there but they are unwakeable) New York and the surrounding area.

    I would like to express a very special thanks to Jean for posting all this! I know a lot of people had their doubts about this in the beginning especially with all the false information put out about the Colonel but the guy is truly like a grandfather to all. Myself and a few others advocated to no one advertise NO GUNS NO VIOLENCE and the Colonel just ran with it so very comfortable group all and all. I decided to go with Martial Arts a long time ago as firearms scare me. I don’t mean in the way you think as I am scared to death of shooting the wrong person or for the wrong reasons. Besides when I was awoken The Lord asked me to check things out in a neutral place within me.
    Hope the links help and thanks to everyone for supporting the OSA a really great group of patriots !

    Lords blessings and guidance to all …Mike

  2. All the links are not available, so it says on Facebook when you go to web page.

  3. Vinayak Vinayak says:

    All links on here are being blocked…………….please post and send new links to live feed……..Thanks

  4. Peetie Pablo says:

    For all your wonderful readers!

    Learn. Share. Get involved.

    OAS is NOT a protest – it is an ACTION.
    OAS is NOT about political parties – it is about ALL American citizens.
    OAS is a “We the People” non-centralized grassroots coalition.
    OAS may be the last opportunity for all Americans to STAND UP – TOGETHER.

    OAS is initiating the legal Constitutional remedy specifically designed for We the People to remove “servants” who have committed crimes and corrupted OUR highest offices of government.

    (Refresh pages often to reactivate inactive streams)

    OAS Website (scroll to bottom of home page)

    The Mark Connors Show

    The Pete Santilli Show (

    Overpasses for America (

    The Wiley Drake Show (

    MORE: Search “Operation American Spring” & “OAS” on USTREAM


    Official Facebook Page

    Official Twitter Feed


    OAS Official Guide pdf

    OAS Resources for Wash D.C.

    Save American Foundation Updates

    Patriots For America

    Operation American Forum


    The Declaration of Independence:
    Part 2: The Principles of Government
    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Watch the clip (42 secs):

    Read the document:

    Right of Revolution:

  5. Not even one of these links would work for me. Anyone else having issues? Thank you anyway Jean. Appreciate it!

  6. wolf727 says:

    Can someone here tell me if “Operation American Spring” is real with good intentions or are we being “used” and “manipulated” again by the elites? Is there some kind of trick going on here and we are being played by the global elites again?

    • Jean says:

      There is more than one view on this. I’m being very careful about it . . . I have published two comments, one positive with links to live streaming and info, and the other one very negative. Hugs, ~Jean

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