New Drums of War, by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

This is an email that I get ‘for free’ from an organization that is in the stock market business called Money and Markets, and I thought you all might find it of general interest. (I’ve removed the normal sales pitches, etc. that come with such an email.) These people seem sincere in their efforts to serve the average person, and I have followed their work for a long time.

When I received this email today, however, I was forced to realize that even they do not seem to see the larger picture. I decided, therefore, to share it with you just so you can perhaps experience what I experienced as I read it. As you will see, Martin relies on the good ol’ NYTs for some of the information he shares with all those who receive his Newsletter. I feel so badly for all those who will be taken in by his words, a man who has travelled widely and is supposedly very literate.

The problem with such people, as I see it, is that they are so busy being out-in-the-world — usually making money, that they never take the time to do the inner contemplation and work necessary to get the ‘real’ picture. Perhaps, though, I am the one who has got it all wrong . . . ~J

Dear Jean,

If you don’t get their message — or you underestimate their importance — it’s about time that you pay closer attention: New drums of war are everywhere and beating louder by the day.

Global conflict is a powerful force that could drive key investments up —or down — and continue doing so for years to come. Very few analysts understand it. But you can. And if you do, it could make the difference between major investment disappointments and major successes.

The story begins 25 years ago, in 1989.

That was the pivotal year for the most dramatic peaceful transformation of modern history …

The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th of that year …The democratic revolutions in Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania in the Autumn of 1989 …

The collapse of the Soviet Union in December …

The rapid, lightning-like integration of Europe …

The enormous capital flows from West to East in the 1990s, and  ultimately …

The inclusion of Russia in the grand old club of advanced, democratic nations, the G9.

Meanwhile, in Asia, we saw a parallel transformation (albeit mostly in the economic sphere): China literally leaped into the global market economy. Vietnam followed. Trade with the West and their capitalist neighbors doubled, tripled and then doubled again.

The transition to market-based economies created massive opportunities for investors. We saw a huge increase in cross-border trade and foreign direct investment. Almost simultaneously, the emergence of the digital revolution brought a decrease in international transaction costs. The Asian tigers and the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India, and China — grew exponentially. We saw a surge in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

In this environment, the mere thought of regional conflict seemed absurd. And anyone talking about global conflict would inevitably be invited to check in to the nearest insane asylum.

And yet, it was just about ten years ago, recisely at the peak of this grand peace cycle, that Larry Edelson, our precious-metals analyst sent me a manuscript warning of precisely the opposite.

His conclusion: Each of these will be major global hotspots someday. And some could emerge as the focal points of a future cold war — or worse. His main point: There are a myriad of territorial disputes around the world that are potentially very dangerous — between China and Japan … between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors … between Russia and former Soviet republics … between Russia and East European countries … and many more.

The report was fascinating. I studied it carefully. I looked up each of the disputed territories on the map. And then … I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Why? Because the conclusions simply did not jive with the prevailing reality. Larry was the only person I knew who thought any of this stuff was even vaguely important. I didn’t.

But now look! Just in the last few months, it seems as though the entire basis for the peaceful transformation of the last quarter century is beginning to disintegrate.

Russia has been kicked out of the G8 (now G7). And throughout the country, anti-American propaganda in the media is so efficient, so extreme and so widespread, it makes the Soviet-era propaganda machine seem primitive by comparison.

The New York Times, reporting from Moscow, explains it this way:

“From the moment that Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea cast a new, bitter chill over relations with the West, a sinister jingoistic vibe has pervaded this unsettled capital — stirred up by state-controlled television and Mr. Putin himself.

“There is a new website with a name that translates as ‘‘ that includes photos and quotations of public figures who have spoken out in some way against Russia’s policy toward Ukraine. The bottom of the site has a button inviting viewers to ‘suggest a traitor.'”In the weeks since the military incursion into Crimea, Russian flags have been hung from the windows of apartment buildings all over the city, just as American flags appeared in profusion after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

“At Mr. Putin’s direction, a committee led by his chief of staff is developing a new ‘state policy in culture.’ Widely expected to be enacted into law, the proposed cultural policy emphasizes that ‘Russia is not Europe’ and urges ‘a rejection of the principles of multiculturalism and tolerance’ in favor of emphasizing Russia’s ‘unique state-government civilization.'”

A Russian news site,, has also reported that a popular series of math textbooks will be dropped from an official list of recommended educational texts because it uses too many non-Russian fairy tale and other characters in its illustrations.

In a recent travel advisory, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned its citizens not to travel to countries that have extradition treaties with the United States, saying that the Obama administration “is trying to make a routine practice out of hunting for Russian citizens in third countries with the goal of their subsequent extradition and conviction in the U.S. on the basis of, as a rule, questionable charges.”

And all this is supported by a massive, government-directed network of social media specialists, who not only are said to distort the facts, but are also considered very adept at creating facts based on false reporting from so-called “eyewitness bloggers.”

In this sense, the machine is said to be far more advanced and efficient than anything used in Soviet Russia.

This is not to say that all Russians believe everything they read or hear. But minority opinions in Russia are now far more difficult to communicate, even more difficult to prove, and often downright dangerous.

In China, anti-American commentary is not the bigger issue — yet. It’s the massive anti-Japanese propaganda machine.

Last November, China surprised the world by declaring an Air Defense Identification Zone covering most of the East China Sea, including the airspace above the hotly disputed Senkaku Islands administered by Japan (called the Diaoyu Islands in China).

For Americans, this is a distant annoyance at most. But for Japanese citizens, it was a shock of immeasurable dimensions.

Meanwhile, Japan’s government hasn’t hesitated to give Japan-bashing bloggers material to write about:

Just last month, for example, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, implicitly honoring World War II generals who were executed for war crimes in China and Korea — a not-so-subtle offense that sent waves of anger up the spines of Chinese citizens.

And just this week, nearly seven decades after the end of World War II, Abe is getting ready to officially call for an end to long-standing restrictions on Japan’s military, another major shot across the bow of China.

Think this is just chest-pounding and saber-rattling? Well, that’s what many people thought about recent events in Ukraine as well. But now look!

Meanwhile, anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan is equally unanimous, with over 90% expressing negative opinions in a recent pole. Hordes of Japanese tourists have cancelled travel plans to China. Even worldly Japanese citizens with Chinese friends in Mainland China are loath to travel there.I’ve personally been to China three times recently. I talked to people of all ages and walks of life. And as a way of gauging their sentiment, I told almost everyone that I used to live in Japan, or that my son lives there today.

Invariably, the reactions were negative. “How can he do such a thing? Doesn’t he know the truth about them?” Even a 6-year old told me she “knows” Japanese people are “evil.”

All this is very serious. It has the earmarks of at least two massive regional conflicts — one in Europe, one in Asia.

The big question: What impact will it have on stocks, ETFs, gold, silver, energy and commodities?

Larry is getting ready to provide the answers, many of which are likely to surprise you. So don’t miss them.

As I said at the outset, a better understanding of these trends could make the difference between your investment failure or success.

Good luck and God bless!


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24 Responses to New Drums of War, by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

  1. Henry says:

    Dear Jean,
    The question you pose applies to all those, from budding economists to financial experts, whose sole or primary focus seems to be the size and security of their wallets and from this perspective they offer their wisdom to the people who are persuaded to follow in their wake. Whilst their various analyses of the financial predicaments and prognoses of the current global economy may indeed reflect significant understanding, their lack of insight into the cosmic/spiritual relevance of same, inevitably results in solutions, which dabble at the periphery of the economic system under which we are enslaved and which itself is precipitating the global economic threats with which we now live. So these proffered solutions are, at best, short term strategies for creating some temporal peace of mind for the fiscal anxieties, which can afflict asset-driven individuals; usually in proportion to the scale of their wealth.

    Meanwhile, we (and specifically those of us whose research leads us to websites of this character) apply our imaginations and efforts to creating a ubiquitous ‘Golden Age’, which will only manifest as such if it cures this world of all the myriad ailments, for which it is currently so famous amongst those galactic brethren in whose worlds such follies have no place.

    The prophetic myopia of many of these financial gurus lies in their failure to see that all of their safeguards and solutions will simply facilitate wealth redistribution to a ‘new’ kind of oligarchy, based e.g. on the holders of assets like silver and gold – solutions promoted by the likes of Bix Weir and Max Keiser amongst many others. In a scenario where global economies implode, leaving only the holders of valuable commodities standing, we would simply be witnessing the creation of a new “1%”, or equivalent minority and exactly how new or different would it be to the resident “1%” when you consider that these elitists are bound to be at the front of the queue when it comes to protecting their own wealth, using identical strategies to rescue their wealth and with the huge advantage of insider knowledge of how the game is being played out.

    Better then to entertain more magnanimous solutions exemplified by people like Michael Tellinger, whose Ubuntu philosophy and vision requires only that each able bodied man and woman volunteers to invest three hour’s work per week to create global abundance for the whole planet’s residents, leading quickly to the demise and total obsolescence of all currency. How so? Just factor-in how much human energy is harvested, in the form of money, by the existing “1%” through the abuse of taxation, which amounts to covert theft and leaves them vastly richer than the remaining “99%”.


    Consider where the funding for black-ops military projects, secret space programs, underground bases etc., comes from. Consider also that modern American society grew largely from European settlers who were escaping the Oligarchic trap into which they were born in Europe, and that this new American society developed for around three centuries without the need for Income Tax, which was first introduced as a Civil War tax in 1862 and then permanently reinstated in 1913. Was America a ‘third world’ or impoverished nation before Income Tax supposedly facilitated the building of social infrastructure? Today, it has been alleged that most of this wealth ends up with the Vatican and the City of London.

    One inspiring quotation, in this same vein, comes from the renowned scientist Buckminster Fuller, whose work was referenced in the Thrive movie:
    “We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognising this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living”. (Richard Buckminster Fuller 1895 – 1983).

    The first consideration implicit in Buckminster Fuller’s vision is the advent of “over-unity” energy devices, which will completely dismantle the existing energy monopolies. When energy is free and Gaia’s raw materials are no longer embezzled for profit by the few, then the need for currency is overcome. “The land belongs to no one and the fruits of the land will belong to everyone”.

    I will say in conclusion that I was, for some time, tempted to invest a small security I have into precious metals, following the advice of these internet economists. Each time, a voice in my head tells me that ultimately this strategy will prove pointless and that succumbing to fiscal fears, however rational, would be a betrayal of my commitment to the far greater vision I have for the prosperity of all our spirituality-based futures.

    • Jean says:

      Henry, this is a wonderful read! I hope others will take the time and the opportunity to delve into it. . . I respect you standing, in the end, for your personal convictions 🙂 . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. Rose Day says:

    Jean, I really feel that these ‘messages’ are actually fear-mongering masquerading as investment
    advice. They provide just enough info to get the reader in dissonance (a vulnerable place from
    which to make any decision) and then they deliver the ‘snake-oil’ cure…for a price.

    • Jean says:

      They may well be, Rose, but the author, IMO, has totally bought into whatever the MSM says . . . and this would account for the fear-mongering. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. macaddictjay says:

    This article reminds me of an imaginary headline from the NYT on the day of Pearl Harbor (in the Onion, paraphrased): “US declares war on Japan; Mitsubishi Aircraft down 20%.” War does not control finance, finance controls war. Russia did not invade the Crimea, the US (that is, the kleptocratic psychopaths behind the scenes) paid to put their puppets in charge there to make Ukraine a NATO tool against Russia. The ethnic Russians in the majority in Crimea are having none of it. Martin’s concept of “anti-American” seems to be the same as “anti-Wall Street.” He should read the late Mike Ruppert’s book, Crossing the Rubicon, especially the chapter “Wall Street Is the CIA, The CIA Is Wall Street.”

  4. mary says:

    His last name should suffice for his opinion

  5. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Investment, investmen, investment and success – I know why I didn´t become a business man…

    The uniformed army of almost good looking young and succesful “life hunters” in suits, having shaved chests and genitals, smelling like Hugo Boss and driving exquisite cars, that uniformed army of smart pants and unhumble bearers of swanky watches and attitudes do now come forward wanting to explain the world? Why not….

    However, they have learned to stand always on the bright side of life. I know a handful of them which are very polite toward me. One of them had a wife dying of cancer, and I buried her. One year later I buried his brother who was found dead before his bed. I was the one encouraging his son to study mathematics which he did – he is now business mathematician having the same mind as his father has in earning maximal profit.

    Well, the man belonging to the uniformed finance-and-success-class managed to help me find basic insurances – I really have lived for many years without any. I thought I can trust him.

    Years later a colleague of mine watched over my insurance policies showing me how the man has used me for a good profit: in my assholish inability to see properly he had convinced me to sign absolutely useless insurance contracts he did directly profit from. Don´t get me wrong: I sat with his wife dying and was involved in his family, and he had nothing better to do than making me part of his profit plans…

    Just to add a liitle story on people like Martin. I hope he is a good man. I really hope…

    Greetings from Germany!

  6. Tim D says:

    “This is not to say that all Russians believe everything they read or hear. But minority opinions in Russia are now far more difficult to communicate, even more difficult to prove, and often downright dangerous.”

    That’s my favorite part! Because most Americans (and Europeans) believe everything the mainstream tells them.

  7. Hi Jean – thanks for this!

    Having some experience writing in the information marketing world, I’d say that this is a sales letter written for a specific market, to encourage a desired “call to action” (i.e. click and buy).

    Sales letters often contain good information which if the writer has done their homework, is true. However, because sales letters have such a narrow purpose, the writer would be unlikely to go too broad in their ideas, even if they do have a more complex view of things.

    For example, I’m a plain language consultant – in other words, I’m hired by companies to help re-write their legalese. I also write from the heart on inspirational topics, and have written fiction. All are “me” but neither captures it all if that makes sense. While my colleagues know the range of my interests, most of my corporate clients don’t.

    By the way, I have my MBA and I did work in corporate for 20 years full time (now freelance, so I can explore my other interests) but I’m also deeply spiritual, believe in the shift and have broad and eclectic interests. I have many business friends who are similar and who are also exploring in their own ways. So I do think that the inner change is happening. 🙂

    If folks are interested in good financial commentaries, I’d also recommend: – he has a very interesting global political perspective. I do choose to pay for their newsletter, but they also offer free information (and yes, sales letters are a part of that too). If you sign up, you will get some good info, but you will also be encouraged to buy via email. However, you can unsubscribe anytime.

    They don’t get into the shift either, but that’s okay – I have other folks like yourself (and my own heart and intuition especially!) that I follow.

    I hope this is helpful. Sending much love.

  8. Paulo says:

    It seems he got caught by the Western MSM propaganda… He simply dismissed the very fact the the MSM does exactly the same things he claims the russian and chinese media do. He also dismisses the fact that all of this “hot spots” are falsely created and set on fire by shadowy western governments supported thugs. I don’t think his oppinion is bad intentioned, but he indeed is not watching the larger picture.

  9. Fern says:

    ‘And throughout the country, anti-American propaganda in the media is so efficient, so extreme and so widespread, it makes the Soviet-era propaganda machine seem primitive by comparison.’
    Jean, this is why I don’t read your posts from RT or Press TV.

  10. Trex says:

    You’re right Jean, he doesn’t get it. At least not while parroting MSM “news.” Its sad, but this is extremely common. Just today in a bookstore I overheard a conversation claiming Putin to be an extremely dangerous man, having “invaded” the Ukraine, striving to re-build the Soviet empire, ad infinitun ad nauseam. I was too worn out to join in the conversation, but I really wanted to tell these people to throw their TV out the window and think for themselves for a change. Its hopeless with most folks. If one says anything contrary to what they saw on MSM, obviously their mind is made up and you can talk until you’re blue in the face – they won’t change their minds. I’ve run into this with PhDs who I expected to think for themselves, but they can’t. These people are 60 years old and can’t remember a con trail that quickly vanished behind the plane. Horizon to horizon chemtrails look perfectly normal to them, and suggesting otherwise brings out sarcastic comments re: “conspiracies”. They have lost the ability for critical thinking, or never had it to start with. Common sense isn’t common anymore; its rare! “Group think” truly isn’t thinking at all as people mimic or parrot others right or wrong, just so they don’t have to think for themselves, and also so they don’t stand out as “different.” The other day I saw a father and maybe 10 year old son come into the bookstore. The father starting looking at things interesting to him, but his boy, after doing two quick rounds of the whole store without stopping to look at anything said to his father “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get out of here”, and the father left!!! Did he come to entertain a 10 year old for 3 minutes? He never took the time to show his boy anything, to set a remote example or to stir some interest. Books were to challenging for the boy who was likely used to video games. Heaven forbid we force people to concentrate, even for 10 minutes! Is it any wonder people can’t think? We’ve all seen TV ads that might show a scene for half a second before jerking your brain to another scene, never providing the slightest continuity or meaning. We’re training kids/people to become dysfunctional ADHDs! And its working extremely well!!! Put those people into congress and we get a dysfunctional government you can lead over a cliff without a second thought.
    Contrarily, Putin is making an effort to reach back to healthy traditions that worked well then, as they will now. He has stopped American Hollywood kiddy-trash from brainwashing young Russians. Shows like Sponge Bob and the Simpsons are blocked; can we blame him for preventing this time wasting and moral eroding garbage in the country? Putin has common sense, and for that, among all else, he gets attacked.
    I get financial advice from the same group. No, they usually don’t understand underlying politics.

  11. I think the Drums of war are going on but this time for once they will stop. The Ukraine is the last Drum to beat and the Wests sticks are breaking away. If our leaders push any more on both fronts Japan and Ukraine we are done in America. This is good as it will force a change at Home and maybe the World. If the Asian no fly zone happens it will happen much faster. I think their looking for a way out now. I mean the Cabal gang and are finding out Hitlers trick will not work for them. It is taking longer for us but the loss of life will be saved this way. I think there is four unseen ace’s in play. it will be seen soon to all and will be welcome to all. That is if you value life over money and power over others. What I can never understand is how people can even be that way. I forgot thats a Human emotion almost forgot who we are dealing with. This is a 500,000 year crash not a 60 year crash.

  12. OldMan says:

    Your comments prior to the article are right on. As we embark into this higher order transformation, anything that involves energy expenditure over money, especially the usually touted recommendation by brokers of all ilks to purchase precious metals (especially gold), are understandable, but flawed, thinking.

    Money is a man-made, two dimensional paradigm that keeps the majority locked in servitude. The measurements of profit/loss, more/less, positive/negative cash flow, asset/debt, rich/poor all channel into lifestyles that are programmed to feel only the bi-polar extremes of happy/sad, love/hate, envy/ego, win/lose, have/have not, winner/loser, own/owe, etc.

    Metals are an ore. Rocks. That’s why our more spiritual ancestors couldn’t care less about them, except in the utilization of descriptive artwork. Mother Earth is so much more. And we should be too. The first step is to allow our collective spirit to move beyond the 2D restrictions imposed by the constant emotional fueling of fiat currency.

    I have witnessed abundance in all of its forms. I know I am lucky, and choose to utilize my experience to assist others free themselves from restrictions they did not impose upon themselves. In this fashion, we achieve balance and can evolve together.

    However, I have also learned from brutal experience that I can only show people the path, they have to walk it. And many times, those whom I have tried to help become victim to their self-imposed paradigms. Although painful to witness, I have learned that this is how each being must evolve, on their terms, in their comfort zone.

    I believe these descriptions represent what you have tried to reinforce with your wonderful blog, 20K posts plus and counting, and I thank you for your efforts and presence. Perhaps, you have also reached your defining moment to let concerns over money blow into the wind.

    Hugs back at ya.

    • Jean says:

      OldMan, I saved your comment to the last . . . because, yes, I cannot allow myself be concerned about money. I have painfully learned the lessons you describe, having tried to help others, as well, who wasted what I offered. In this, however, was a lesson to me: never give a gift with strings attached to it. Who knows down the road a bit when someone will awaken and realize their foolishness . . . or not. Healing, changing our outlook – mostly about ourselves – is a tougher path than most people realize, and I have not found many who are willing to truly walk the path. The lesson to me has been as you describe. . . everyone must evolve in their own way and in their own comfort zone. It was a relief, finally, to me when I could present options – or choose not to – without feeling responsible for others. This sense of responsibility goes way back in my family, and I was totally unconscious that I had adopted it. As far as money is concerned, I always seem to have enough, and maybe this is because I am careful to love myself first: the idea being that if I’m a mess because I’m financially broke, I won’t ever be able to help anyone else. In other words, I make sure I have enough, or that I’ve put on the airplane’s oxygen mask before I try to help others. But I don’t need a lot . . . I’m happy with a little . . . and to me, money is all about using it to help others, in some way or another. It’s all about the good I can do with it . . . Because I’m older and alone in the world, I had to get over my fears about this and many other things . . . or I couldn’t have gotten through a single day. I live by the adage that if I’m following as well as I can my spiritual path – and something happens to me, maybe I even die, it will be okay. . . I’ve done the best I can . . . and I haven’t run away from life’s challenges. When I die, I want to know I have truly had a life I can value. There is nothing else that is important to me. I’m not for sale . . . Don’t know if this makes any sense. . . but these ideas are a large part of what enables me to walk in peace. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • OldMan says:

        Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, recognize the freedom that you now exude. You have made peace with your families’ paradigms (different time, different history), found a way to love yourself, and have gotten quite OK with being utterly alone. Getting to this point was not easy. Right!? Shed the rest of any lingering fears you may have and utilize all of your energy and spot-on intuition to hone the work you are doing here. I can sense that your readership is growing, that your choices and comments are flowing naturally, and that you are doing the right thing by finding time in every one of your days to invest much-deserved time back into yourself. When you are in balance, fully-engaged in your current life’s work, and fearless, you are creating at your full potential. And I am a big fan of your presence. Take care, Jean.

        • Jean says:

          I don’t think you’ve ever posted here before, so your words, which I think are spot-on, are a surprise to me. Still, I thank you for them . . . It was a very long, arduous non-stop struggle that lasted eighteen years, but it is just about finished. I’m now in a much needed resting mode. I sensed strongly that there was something I was here to do, and I had to get on top of things before I could really ‘do’ it. Now, we’re going to see 🙂 I feel like I’m ready . . . as ready as I can be, although I realize there is always something more to learn . . .

          I’ve just posted two very exciting posts about Putin’s moves concerning China . . . and the connection that is developing there 🙂 WOWOWOWOWOW. . .I’m so glad I can still get excited like this. . . Things are now on the move . . . how much longer can the MSM hide what is happening? Probably, with the help of sheeple, quite a long time . . . but the end is now in sight 🙂


  13. Bill says:

    The foo “Dr.” Weiss has been doing his thing for many years. Back in the mid-90’s using his advice I went through a pretty substantial sum of my investment capital – most of his “prophecies” never happen and the impressive advertisement keep showing up in the mail box.

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