An Introduction to the Concepts of Consciousness and Mind, by Bruce A. Smith

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by Bruce A. Smith

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book: “The New Physics – An Introduction to the Science of Consiousness.”


Chapter 2

The New Physics and an introduction to the concepts of consciousness and mind

The New Physics isn’t that new. The central underpinnings of it, drawn from quantum physics, have been around since the 1920s. What’s new is the growing acceptance that consciousness cannot be left out of the scientific study of physical reality.

For most people, the idea of “consciousness” is a vague notion, usually meaning being “aware.” Probing a bit deeper, most folks would generally agree that there are different types of consiousness, such as wakeful awareness and the not-so-conscious state of being asleep.

Then we have the matter of dream states. Beyond regular dreaming, add in lucid dreams, nightmares, and prophetic dreams and we have a mixed picture of sleep – not to mention those who are “light sleepers” and the gents who snore like buffalos. Those latter states of sleep certainly seem to be quite varied.

Psychology readily confirms that there are different kinds of awareness, such as being “fully aware” in a heightened state of consciousness through meditation or hypnosis, or an altered state of consiousness with drugs.

Then we have semi-consiousness states where we are dimly aware of past events which may be troubling, such as those violent attacks associated with PTSD.

Expanding upon that, full-blown trauma may be locked in a state of “unconsciousness” along with other deep experiences, such as fetal memories, past-life episodes, or generalized cultural conditioning.

Ramtha often reminded me and my fellow students of this latter dynamic by calling us red in the rainbow and blind to its color; an equivalent being: does a fish knows it swims in water?

Lastly, how do we classify coma, or near-death experiences?

As a result, I believe it is fair to say that consciousness is a truly complex issue. Even though it may be tough to grapple with, many are trying because consiousness is so central to our existence.

In fact, the noted British mathematician and physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, says that science must study consciousness, and he declares:

“A scientific world-view which does not profoundly come to terms with the problem of conscious minds can have no serious pretensions of completeness. Consciousness is part of the universe, so any physical theory which makes no proper place for it falls fundamentally short of providing a genuine description of the world.” (1)


“….questions of mind, though they lie very uncomfortably with present-day scientific understanding, should not be regarded as being forever outside the realms of science.” (2)

 As powerful as Sir Roger’s philosophical perspective is, even more persuasive is the data scientists have been collecting for the past several decades, which are so out-of-the-box they suggest that consciousness is a determining factor in the formation of reality. One of the most intriguing elements of this research is the double-slit experiment, which reveals a phenomenon called the Observer Effect. This finding suggests that measurement of a sub-atomic particle, or the “observation” of it, changes the behavior of the particle.

We’ll discuss the Observer Effect in greater detail shortly, along with enjoining a discussion of the quantum mechanics involved in the New Physics.

Further, the movement within the scientific community to include consciousness is robustly supported by Stanford’s Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller, who along with his co-authors Dr. Walter Dibble, Jr. and Dr. Michael Kohane, state in their book, Conscious Acts of Creation: An Emergence of a New Physics, that the study of the physical world requires the inclusion of “the human qualities of emotion, mind, and intention.” (3)

In other words, as I understand Dr. Tiller, the New Physics is the expansion of classical physics that includes us. [That’s right! We are not separate! ~J]

Dr. Tiller and his team back up their perspective with research that is utterly compelling. In Conscious Acts of Creation they show that intentionally focused thought from four practitioners of Qi Gong meditation can “charge” electronic devices in such a manner that the instruments themselves are able to affect biological processes. In Tiller’s studies, these “Intentionally Imprinted Electronic Devices” were able to raise the pH of tap water one full unit, which means the meditators increased the concentration of hydrogen ions by a factor of 10. In response I can only ask: What’s next – Chardonnay or Cabernet?! (4)

So, emotions, intentions and observation are elements that scientists are bringing into their labs to learn how they impact our lives and the world around us. This begs an answer to our over-riding question: Exactly what is consciousness?

Sir Roger says he’s not sure. In his book,“The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind,” Dr. Penrose says he doesn’t know how to define consciousness, and suggests descriptions rather than definitions are more useful. Hence, he offers terms like “passive manifestations of consciousness, (which) involve awareness,” or “active manifestations (that) invoke the actions of free will.” (5, 6)

Along this vein, he offers terms like insight, understanding, awareness and intelligenceas intrinsic elements of consciousness; yet, true to his open-mindedness says, “I am not going to define these terms either – I don’t know what they mean.”

I imagine Sir Roger chuckled loudly as he wrote those words. I know I did when I read them.

Nevertheless, he concludes by saying:

“Understanding requires some sort of awareness…so, that means that intelligence requires awareness. Although I am not defining any of these terms, it seems to me to be reasonable to insist upon these relations between them.” (7)

 Others, such as Dr. Amit Goswami, noted physicist and one of the stars of “Bleep,” see consciousness as something more expansive than awareness or mind, something that exists outside of those elements and is actually the phenomenon that gives rise to awareness and mind.

In his book, The Self-Aware Universe, How Consciousness Creates the Material World,Goswami states: “…consciousness…work(s) from outside the material world; in other words, consciousness must be transcendent – nonlocal.” (8)

As I understand non-locality, it refers to events occurring outside of the traditional framework of time and space, and I trust this explanation will suffice until a more detailed description in later chapters.

Continuing, Dr. Goswami sees four different aspects of consciousness. He posits:

“First, there is the field of consciousness, sometimes referred to as the mind field or global workspace. This is what I call awareness.

“Second, there are objects of consciousness, such as thoughts and feelings, that arise and pass away in this field.

“Third, there is the subject of consciousness, the experiencer and/or witness….

“Fourth, consciousness (is) the ground of all being.” (9)

  He continues:

“A commonsense definition of consciousness equates it with conscious experience. Speaking of a subject of consciousness without speaking of the experience is like speaking of a ballet stage without the ballet. Notice that the concept of conscious experience is not restricted to waking consciousness. Dreaming is a conscious experience, though different from that of the waking state. The states that we experience in meditation, under drugs, in hypnotic trances – all such altered states of consciousness – involve experiences.” (10)

 As for Ramtha, he describes seven levels of consciousness. However, before we look at that list we need to know more of what Ramtha means by consciousness:

“Consciousness is the child who was born from the Void’s contemplation of itself. It is the essence and fabric of all being. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifested outwardly through its handmaiden energy.” (11)

 And the Void? “The Void is defined as one vast nothing materially, yet all things potentially.” (12)

Ramtha continues by stating: “Consciousness and energy create the nature of reality.” (13)

We’ll explore this dynamic in more detail in a later chapter devoted exclusively to Ramtha’s model of the science of consciousness, but, for now, let’s focus simply on the seven levels, or aspects, of consciousness as described by Ramtha:

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8 Responses to An Introduction to the Concepts of Consciousness and Mind, by Bruce A. Smith

  1. Tim says:

    Ok everyone get up to speed now. All of this has been gone over a million times. So, get the book ‘The Perception Deception’ by, always controversial, David Icke. A masterpiece and epic in proportions to anything you may have ever read, the book is 900 pages and is so eye opening as to shed light upon humanity as never before and has intrinsic value to back up the info. Get it. Read it. Awaken. A true mindblower if you think you can handle it.

  2. lecox says:

    I only want to point out that LRH was talking about things like this in the 1950s. And no one I’ve seen writing about these topics on the internet gives him any credit for the influence he has had in this field, except maybe a few remote viewers. I’m just surprised how poorly his work is known (or is it known about but just not talked about?). I think it’s time to start looking at how his work fits into the bigger picture.

    The central question for the individual, in almost all contexts is: How can I improve conditions? Or said another way, how can I make my future better than my past? It must have occurred to at least a few people that the key to answering this question must be the improvement of some personal skill or ability that we all have to some degree. And that skill or ability might be very broadly described as: The ability to know and to act on that knowledge.

    We might expect, then, that the solution would appear out of some collision between the “soft” sciences that center around psychology, and the “hard” sciences that center around physics.

    And it did. Except that a lot of people didn’t seem to like the answer that resulted, so went off to work it out for themselves. And now here they are coming back with their answer, which basically consists of the same data that was reported in the first place. I’m not interested in making anyone wrong for not trusting Hubbard’s work. But now that more and more “new” data are basically aligning with it, it seems to me it might be worthwhile to revisit that work and begin to actually study it and discuss it.

  3. LHay says:

    I like Bruce’s words that “consciousness cannot be left out of the scientific study of physical reality.” Our potential is unlimited. Non-locality. What I think and do affects my family across the county, just for starters. We’re connected. We are all connected. We are never insignificant. What we think, our attitudes, every moment is all important. Every single person has this importance. This is revolutionary to what we’ve been taught.

  4. JR says:

    Dear Jean,

    Please do not publish this, as I don’t want to open up a defensive/offensive forum. I’m having so much trouble with all this, especially as it “leans” on the works of Ramtha. Strangely enough, I feel offended, even violated somehow, by the impersonal and casual deconstructing and categorizing of “consciousness” as if it is something to be dissected and examined under a microscope to see how it acts/reacts when certain energies, such as thought, are applied to its basic premise, or “concepts of consciousness and mind.”

    I do understand what you are sharing with us in these posts, your red highlighted sections of text are “take note of this” punctuations, and they do make sense — standing alone. So, I have absolutely no criticism of your work, or of your informative posts. The problem lies within myself, perhaps on a much deeper level. In the early 90’s I was in between having walked away from fundamentalist religion and entering the then-recently discovered New Age/metaphysical world. So, obviously at that time it was exchanging one mind trip for another, yet traveling down that unknown road with a very hungry heart and a very curious open mind. And, boom — enter Ramtha’s White Book — so lovely, so soothing to a mind churning with the abundance of newage (that’s the equivalent and lump sum of new age info to immerse oneself in), so hypnotic in its appeal. Ohhhhh, Raamthhhaa. I wanted to read more, and more, then everything that was available to feed the increasing addiction for the pied piper’s enticing and powerful words ringing in my HEAD. Then, I saw a video of JZ Knight and Ramtha, and the spell was broken forever. To this day I can’t explain what happened exactly, but it’s as if a switch was turned off, and I tuned out. I couldn’t reconcile what I had read with what I was seeing on the video (what I was really “seeing” was with my heart, while my head was still receiving the full impact of the powerful and persuasive words). I cannot tell you today anything that I “learned” from Ramtha those many years ago, but a lasting impression has remained. And, that is to say, in the 90’s JZ Knight was a beautiful woman — potentially a model or “movie star” with her looks (“blond bombshell”). She admitted at that time that over 2/3 of her life was given over to channeling Ramtha, and that she just checked out somewhere else while HE came in and used her physical human body to deliver HIS “message”. HE used a different voice and “accent”, had more masculine body motions and movements, and was a very definite masculine presence. They supposedly were “related” to one another in that one lifetime that Ramtha accomplished the totality of his karmic debt and earth lessons. Today, JZ Knight looks, talks, dresses, and acts like a male presence, yet oddly out of sync with the physical body that he occupies. When I saw a current picture and video, I was horrified at what a toll this entity had taken on JZ, or what was left of her. It is if she has been consumed by this being, and is slowly being “transformed”. There are plenty of other weird stories out there — which I choose not to look into.

    The difficulty I’m having lies (maybe that’s a true Freudian slip) with the tone of this whole study, based on scientific research, study, examination, extrapolation — mind trips to achieve a grasp on “consciousness”, to fully understand (compartmentalize) what it is and how it works, take apart its components and lay them out to get a handle (control) of its workings (mechanisms). This is where my difficulty really starts to engage, sending up red flags — “the VOID” — “defined as one vast nothing materially, yet all things potentially” — say what ?????? I’ll cut to the chase here, where’s Creator, where’s the foundation of Existence, the Prime Directive Thought, the Word that Created All that Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, where’s Love in Unity and Oneness of All Creation, Who holds All together in Oneness ?? And, you can keep on going with this train of questions. And, most importantly, where’s any mention of our consciousness being the Reflected Glory of the One Creator, given free will choice to co-create so-called reality in the Light and Likeness (Image) of that One — Divinity manifested in Human Beings ??

    This has gotten too long, so here’s my bottom line. This whole Ramtha school of thought (mind trips and traps) is artificial intelligence in a very subtle and mentally alluring format. Keeps the mind spinning and weaving using gods — and upcoming gods — of science as its validation. It all sounds good, but to me, not good enough to sustain the Divine Human Spirit, or nurture and nourish the Divine Human Heart. Point blank: autopilot to transhumanism via AI. There are as many programs out there as there are people whose hearts have become hardened, whose minds have become programmed and entrained, whose very souls have been surrendered to the message of you are your own god in this existence. I’ve seen what this choice has done for JZ Knight, courtesy of “Ramtha”, who has created someone in HIS own likeness and image, and it isn’t very pretty any more.

    Jean, I had to share my own experience and thoughts here to you, personally. I feel everything I’ve said here very strongly, and I could also be very wrong, or incorrect in my thinking. The thing is, I’m not just thinking with my head/mind, I’m speaking from a voice in my Heart that says I don’t have to know what consciousness is — I don’t need it all broken down into minutiae to Live the Divine Mystery. To me, Life in all its Fullness is consciousness, and conscious awareness of BEing is the gift given upon which to make creative choices how to Live here and now.

    I do understand that people just awakening need to receive a gentle education about their new awareness of consciousness, and this kind of information that you’ve highlighted is teaching verse by verse, and chapter by chapter. I am thankful that you do this for all your readers, because time is so very short to choose the pathway towards the Light of Life, and to emerge from the deep and dark slumber of ignorance, and potential death of Spirit by default.

    Sometimes (seems more often lately) I have to “speak out”, even if I’m just speaking to myself. In other words, maybe I’m wrapping 3D words around the large wad of emotions within, to “see” what it is that’s really at the heart of the matter.

  5. Oliver says:

    I was thinking of the double-slit experiment earlier today cause it’s such a good way to show how our consciousness actually interacts with matter. Then some hours later I stumble on this interesting article with the quote: ” One of the most intriguing elements of this research is the double-slit experiment, which reveals a phenomenon called the Observer Effect.”

    There is actually a youtube video that shows how this works.
    Best wishes

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