Cliven Bundy – News: The Standoff, April 12th. What happened?


Many of you have inquired about exactly what happened on April 12th when the BLM was confronted by hundreds of proud Americans unwilling to be bullied by the BLM army.

Here is a video of what happened under the bridge, at the fence where the BLM had blocked access to the area where our cattle were being kept.

A lot of things have been said in the media about what happened that day, including crazy things like women and children were put out front.  Watch this video and you will see nothing like that happened.

What did happen was American citizens stood up for what they thought was right and that hasn’t happened in a long time.   You stood and won.

We can change things, we simply need to stand our ground and not allow those who would oppress us win.  We the people will win, we have power in numbers even in the face of a trained well equipped army, we will win!

The REAL Bundy Ranch Story: Feds Forced to Surrender to American Ctizens

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5 Responses to Cliven Bundy – News: The Standoff, April 12th. What happened?

  1. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    Thanks for the re-post, Jean. I think it’s really important to savor our victories. When I viewed this video a second time after reading “Johnny’s” comments on the Bundy situation opening up a global “harmonic”, subsequently seeing similar images of ordinary people facing down tanks in the Ukraine and your post today regarding the “New Physics”, I Googled, “definition of harmonics in physics” (without the quotes). The synchronicity is intriguing. “Harmonics” is a physics term referring to frequency, energy waves and other stuff I didn’t totally understand.

    I also came across Anonymous’s warning that they were going to look into BLM’s “treason”, published 3 days earlier on 04/10/14.

  2. pupma says:

    Need a new update on the Bundy situation Jean!
    Thanks, Terri

  3. Maggie says:

    One of my favorite videos.

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