Reuters: Cold-shouldered by West, Putin will hope for some China sympathy

As you read this, please remember that Reuters is cabal owned. ~J

Fri May 16, 2014 4:13am EDT 

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) meets Tyumen Region Governor Vladimir Yakushev at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, May 13, 2014. REUTERS/Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti/Kremlin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (L) meets Tyumen Region Governor Vladimir Yakushev at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, May 13, 2014.


(Reuters) – Increasingly isolated by the West over Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hope for a sympathetic ear on a visit next week to China, which is also being more assertive in its territorial disputes with smaller neighbors.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a big public show of underscoring the importance of ties with Russia, and Moscow was the first capital he visited after assuming the presidency last year. Xi also attended the Winter Olympics in Sochi at Putin’s invitation.

But, while the two see eye to eye on many international diplomatic issues, including the conflict in Syria, and generally vote as one on the United Nations Security Council, China has not proved so willing to support Russia on Ukraine.

Beijing has adopted a cautious response to that crisis, not wanting to alienate a key ally, and not commenting directly on a referendum in which Crimea voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, lest it set a precedent for its own restive regions, like Tibet.

China has also said, though, it would like to continue to develop “friendly cooperation” with Ukraine, and respects the ex-Soviet state’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Zhang Deguang, honorary chairman of the Foreign Ministry-backed China Foundation for International Studies and a former Chinese ambassador to Russia, said China would not want Ukraine overshadowing Putin’s two-day visit, which begins in Shanghai on Tuesday.

“The aim of this visit is not to discuss the Ukraine issue,” Zhang told Reuters. “You can’t describe China’s position (on Ukraine) as one of support for Russia or lack of support for Russia. It’s a very complex issue and China has not taken sides.”


Underscoring China’s dilemma over Ukraine, it has yet to explicitly state in public whether it recognizes either Ukraine’s new government, or the referendum in Crimea.

Vasily Kashin, an expert on Russia-China relations at CAST, a Moscow-based defense think-tank, said Russia is likely to try to use Putin’s trip to boost ties with China at a time when relations with the West are strained by sanctions over Ukraine.

“The prospects of our relations with the West are unclear because of everything happening around Ukraine. We are facing economic pressure and pressure in security areas and sanctions,” Kashin said. “The only major economic power that is independent from the U.S. and has stated support for Russia vis a vis sanctions is China.”

Even if he doesn’t get an outright public show of support from Xi on Ukraine, Putin could find a sympathetic ear in China.

“I think Putin does hope to win China’s support on the Ukraine issue. Because on this topic the United States, the West, have joined up to create trouble in Ukraine which is aimed at Russia. And they are not only aiming at Russia,” Liu Guchang, another former ambassador to Russia and a member of an advisory committee for the foreign ministry, told Reuters.

“This is a global strategy of the United States and the West, to push for a Cold War. Once they are done with Russia, they will look to Central Asia and then China, using Japan.”

Kashin said Xi and Putin are expected to talk about arms deals, as well as Moscow possibly giving Beijing a ‘favored status’ on arms sales, lifting export restrictions for China that apply to most arms exports for other countries. Many western governments have at least partly cut their military cooperation with Moscow.

Mutual trade between China and Russia has more than doubled in five years, topping $89 billion in 2013, though the trade volume is still about five times smaller than Russia’s with the European Union, and far smaller than China’s trade with the United States.


The visit could finally see a deal for Russia’s top producer Gazprom to pump gas to China, wrapping up a decade of talks in which price has been the main obstacle.

Europe’s plans to reduce its dependence on Russian energy as the Ukraine crisis threatens supplies have spurred efforts by Gazprom to finalize a deal this month.

A deal, seen as vital if Russia is to be a big player in Asian gas markets, could see Gazprom make price concessions, people in the industry have said, hoping China will agree to pay $10-$11 per mmBtu (million British thermal units). China is believed to pay $9 per mmBtu to Turkmenistan, the Central Asian state that beat Gazprom to the Chinese market.

“If there is time during Putin’s visit to China, we’ll strive to have the relevant companies sign relevant natural gas cooperative agreements with the two countries’ heads of state as witnesses,” Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping said at a briefing on Thursday. “Currently, the main differences between the two sides are still over the issue of natural gas prices.”

Chinese oil industry officials remain cool, however, as the growing prospect of North American gas exports to Asia from the shale revolution, and increased Turkmen gas production, means China is in a position to bide its time and also seek more access to Russia’s upstream assets.

“Unless Russia makes substantial changes in policies like allowing China more participation in Russia’s upstream oil and gas exploration, or involving Chinese in building the Russian part of the gas pipelines, there won’t be too much incentive for CNPC (state-run China National Petroleum Corp) to clinch a deal,” said Chen Weidong, head of energy research at China National Offshore Co, the parent of CNOOC Ltd.

(Additional reporting by Chen Aizhu and Michael Martina in BEIJING; Editing by Ian Geoghegan)

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12 Responses to Reuters: Cold-shouldered by West, Putin will hope for some China sympathy

  1. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Another one fom those “screaming kids some think coming from hell” actually bringing an old ramshackle man like me tears in his eyes while watching all that madness…

    These kids must really feel what is going on and do not stop screaming while others not even know their voices…

    Instead we drown in a sea of prattle…

    In the beginning was the word and not prattle…

    Greetings from Germany!

    I did my time and I want out
    So effusive – fade – it doesn’t cut
    The soul is not so vibrant
    The reckoning, the sickening
    Packaging subversion
    Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
    Go drill your deserts, go dig your graves
    Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
    Sinking in, getting smaller again
    I’m done! It has begun! I’m not the only one!

    And the rain will kill us all…
    Throw ourselves against the wall
    But no one else can see
    The preservation of the martyr in me


    There are cracks in the road we laid
    But where the temple fell
    The secrets have gone mad
    This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
    The hate was all we had
    Who needs another mess?
    We could start over
    Just look me in the eyes and say I’m wrong
    Now there’s only emptiness
    Venomous, insipid
    I think we’re done. I’m not the only one!



    Fake anti-fascist lie – (psychosocial!)
    I tried to tell you but – (psychosocial!)
    Your purple hearts are giving out – (psychosocial!)
    Can’t stop a killing idea – (psychosocial!)
    If it’s hunting season – (psychosocial!)
    Is this what you want? – (psychosocial!)
    I’m not the only one!

  2. pweeky says:

    The sinking of the US is happening in front of our eyes. But the people who own the corporation are still defiantly in denial.

  3. patricia says:

    Head of China doesn’t want to be assassinated by the ‘West’. It is important to note that what is missing here is a definition of “West”. When asked they will always leave out the fact that the West’s military is owned not by the ‘West’s’ country but by the oligarch’s (few men who run large companies – New York Federal Reserve Bank- behind the scenes; David Rockefeller – and the European owner Rothschild family clan) These few men print what is called money out of thin air. It is called the dollar. The PETRO DOLLAR was coined when Nixon went to Saudi Arabia and got them to promise only to collect payment for their oil in US Dollars.
    These oligarchs (few rich men aforementioned) charge interest on the use of this money which they accumulate to get rich; very very very very rich. If a country isn’t using or decides not to use their PETRODOLLAR any more, they lose interest payments and they are not so rich anymore. The perfect solution is that these few men have the ability to use West’s military to invade the country to scare the pants off them until they are back under control (using the PETRODOLLAR again). The first thing these few rich men did after their US military invaded Iraq was to re install the use of the PETRO DOLLAR as its currency that Sadam Hussein had stopped using to purchase its oil.
    Jean that illuminati 2014 video has all the above explained. It has well over 1 million views. It helped me to understand what has been going on.

    Watch it and tell me what I got wrong.

    • Jean says:

      Patricia, I simply said that I think the US Military knows exactly what is going on. When Father Bush went into the White House, many top brass retired and so we are told went to work planning for this day. Is there a dark military? Of course. . . that’s all I was saying. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ethyl says:

      Patricia, thanks for posting this! I had been looking for it all over (I had ”lost” it)! This is really good!

  4. Dennis says:

    I don’t know anything about the author’s of this piece, but since it is from Reuters it is not surprising to see it’s MSM bias inserted through very infantile innuendo. I got the feeling it was written to engage the intellect of an 8 to 12 year old.

    The implication is that poor Putin, “increasingly isolated by the west”, implying weakness – as if he hadn’t just outplayed and outsmarted them at every turn – is now seeking “sympathy” from China, and may not even get it from them. That is the implication.

    The very fact that both Russia and China, among a few other non-aligned nations hold the only viable game plan and the power to totally revamp and salvage the world economy is totally ignored and from the title of this article alone one would get the impression poor, weak, looser Putin has nothing better to do than to go to China in hopes of getting his wounds licked and has very little else of importance to discuss with them.

    The fact that Russia and China are now two of the most significant players on the world stage involved in very high level negotiations on matters that will eventually totally alter the course of the world economy and very likely put a serious hurting on the west and especially the US and that much of this has been hastened by the very blundering of the west and its failed policies is totally ignored by these supposedly grown up reporters filling us in on important events.

    The article further distorts the main issues by emphasizing only lesser aspects, belittling the significance of the growing alignment between Russia and China economically and giving the impression that Russia is somehow being hemmed in by the West, when in actuality it is playing the West.

    This is a typical example of mind control aimed by the MSM at the regularly misinformed American public.

  5. lozzafun says:

    Hi Jean…I know this is off topic for this post but was wondering what you think about the info at this site???…It would be helpful, if Veronica and her team players were to post links to info …I mean, so that we can learn and gain real understanding of …Hope that makes sense to you…

    I am still learning all I can about ley lines and this site offer ‘specific, yet in depth’ info….I found this portion especially interesting….at this link….

    There is a specific site on Earth where the Michael/solar and Oroboros/Lunar Lines actually touch down, beginning and ending their planetary circuit and consequently activating the other 12 Zodiacal Ororobos Lines. This is also the site of the Master Dome, the original Round Table of Camelot, the Zodiacal Court of the Sun. This place is Avebury Circle, in central Wiltshire, England. Avebury,- according to this model, is the planetary umbilicus. Avebury is Earth’s primary cosmic/electrical socket. It’s where the Earth plugs into the cosmos. Avebury is Grid Central, the planetary geomantic switchboard (See Diagram 6).

    • Jean says:

      Can you get this info directly to Veronica. It isn’t really my ‘thing’. What about on her site? Hugs, ~Jean

      • lozzafun says:

        I have sent her questions before but no response…I will try again….The videos with Andrew were very helpful….I have come to the realization…that ‘the more I learn, the more there is to learn’….

        • Jean says:

          I have just received Veronica’s channeling from yesterday – and I doubt she will answer you . . . sorry, I’m about to publish it. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Ethyl says:

    This is just so blatant and ridiculous, isn’t it? Poor, poor Putin! He’s so unpopular now that he’s going to BEG China to play with him, because nobody else will! Sheeeeeeeesh! And they’re wondering why no one ever reads or listens to them, WHY???

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