Bix Weir: Credit Suisse: ” We are one of the largest global providers of derivatives…” OOPS!

 We are literally moments before the announcement of the first criminal charges to be accepted by a bank in a settlement in a long, long time. Usually, they just pay a fine and get a slap on the hand. Keep an eye on the news as Credit Suisse has supposedly come to a settlement where it actually admits criminal behavior.

Credit Suisse Guilty Plea as US Said to Ressure Banks

So what? Banks can’t withstand a mass exit of depositors and/or investors.

Well, at least Goldman Sachs has already come out and said that it would take a lot more that criminal behavior to make them pull their support for a fellow bankster…

“It becomes a very weighty decision for us to cut someone off, and we wouldn’t do it lightly,” Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein, 59, said in a May 16 interview after his New York-based firm’s annual meeting in Irving, Texas.

Umm. Which means that they have likely already done it!

But is it a big deal if Credit Suisse starts to lose capital as investors get nervous?

Have you read the Credit Suisse website lately? You be the judge:

“We are one of the largest global providers of derivatives, with a significant trading presence in New York, Hong Kong, London and Zurich.”

EVERYTHING is coming in line for the final take down of the banking cabal…

Hold on tight!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


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