Forgiveness As The Ultimate Act Of Self-Love!

Thanks to Todd. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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candle_love1Forgiveness can be a really sticky issue. Everyone knows it is “blessed” to forgive, yet most of us secretly—or not-so-secretly— harbor grudges, carry resentments, relive betrayals, and plot revenge, if only in our fantasies. After all, we “earned” those stripes through our own pain and anguish. If we let all that go, we lose part of ourselves, don’t we?? If we let it go, it means it doesn’t matter that we were hurt, doesn’t it?? Often people resist forgiving because they believe that in doing so they are condoning the bad behavior, invalidating their own experience and pain, pretending it never happened, and letting the person off “scot free.” That is simply not the case.

Forgiveness means acknowledging and accepting that something very painful happened or, yes, was done to you… and then letting it go and leaving it in the past where it belongs, so you…

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8 Responses to Forgiveness As The Ultimate Act Of Self-Love!

  1. Muse says:

    Forgiveness is certainly ONE way to deal with people who hurt you, but as I have been told, sometimes, it’s just not appropriate to forgive people who hurt you. Sometimes, you ABSOLUTELY should not forgive them because if you do that, and the offending person (or persons) learn about this (you never know where the grapevine leads), they may think of it as carte blanche to be mean to you or come after you again. IF the individual (or individuals) show TRUE remorse, by apologizing or actively WORKING to earn your trust again, THAT, AND ONLY THAT, in my opinion, should be the ONLY time to forgive them. Other than that, again in my opinion, your forgiveness would be wasted on someone who may not understand or care about the magnitude of the thing that you are trying to do.

    • Jean says:

      Muse, in my experience forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you tell them you have done so. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves, so that we don’t carry the burden of our anger with us, permitting it to affect or even destroy, for instance, our health. If we do forgive someone – to their face – this does not mean that we have to have them in our lives. We have the right, as we always have had – too often without realizing it, to exclude these people and their bad energy from infecting and affecting us ever again. It is time we got over the ‘turn the other cheek’ idea that so many of us were so wrongly sold as children. Once I realized that turning the other cheek too often meant continuing on as someone else’s doormat, I was free! Think about my words; I have lived them . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • flaviosfm says:

        This is a great point for discussion, mainly during the current days, when we are clearly speeding downhill towards an Earth driven by a completely renewed paradigm.
        I am personally convinced that only through Love we will complete our experience in the current level. And Love, undoubtfully, includes forgiveness.
        The quest is to find and produce the paths to make our collective transition to this new paradigm. Are we, for instance, prepared to forgive the leading members of the cabal? (Which does not mean not to do everything to cut their paths.) This is, in fact, THE main quest and question.
        What would be the solutions, through Love and forgiveness, for the crisis in Ukraine, in Turkey, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Israel/Palestine, in Egypt, in Libya, in Nigeria, in Mali, and each and every other?
        Some good ideas for solution always come to mind if and when we think: “If both parts were our sons/daughters, what could I do, with fatherly/motherly Love, to solve the quarrel?” The purest form of Love we know has to find and point to the correct paths.

  2. themadhatter says:

    Denise Rednour knows about it but no one is covering it

  3. themadhatter says:

    I didn’t know where to post this but did you know about Operation American Spring … PATRIOTS AND MILITIA MARCHING ON WASHINGTON TO IMPEACH OBAMA right now … they were having some trouble with the live cameras but you can watch it here

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