Lada Ray: Russia’s Moves: Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China

This very positive post is chock full of information and links/videos to explore. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I have! ~J

Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China”

Bravo! About time! And a great example for the rest of the world!

Russian President Vladimir #Putin announced that Russia will criminalize #Monsanto and any other bio-tech companies who attempt to plant, or lie/conceal that they have planted #GMO seeds on Russian territory. The public support for such measures is tremendous. In fact, people have been waiting for this to happen for years.

Lying, or concealing GMO-related activity, as well as mislabelling GMO products, will bear jail sentence and will be equated to terrorism. The people’s health is the most important thing, not profit, according to Russian authorities.

Many countries world-wide have suffered from GMO. While Europe has banned GMO on its territory, Monsanto practically cornered the market for genetically modified organisms in the USA, Latin America and many poor Asian countries. The situation with GMO is catastrophic in countries like Argentina and Mexico, to name a few. Due to corrupt politicians, poor farmers, and population simply desperate to survive, it is impossible to know for certain how many countries and what kinds of crops have succumbed to GMO infestation in Asia.

While GMO was never planted in Russia, attempts have been made to introduce it. The opposition to GMO has been strong in Russia for years. Many citizens and politicians speak up against it. A couple of years ago, Russian Duma tentatively approved GMO seeds for planting, however, this law remained in a limbo, waiting to be overturned and generating a storm of grass-roots protests. Counter-proposals to ban GMO because of their harm to health and environment were discussed. This time, Russian Duma is acting quite decisively and is set to ban GMO, as well as impose criminal charges on those who don’t adhere to the pending law.

Russia has a huge territory and many fertile soils that have been under-used for years due to the decline in agriculture after the collapse of the USSR. Now these soils are primed and ready for use. Compare this to the tired, terribly over-used and over-pesticided soils in the US. European soils are in much better shape, however, they have been used very heavily as well. Constant heavy usage exhausts soils, thus creating inferior quality and smaller crops. As to Asia and South America, both huge agricultural producers, they have been inundated with GMO and Monsanto.

Up until the beginning of the 20th century, The Russian Empire was called the Bread Basket of Europe. Presently, Russian agriculture is on the rise. Russia is again poised to become the World’s Bread Basket. Russia has a huge marketing advantage: its soils are pristine and free of GMO. While US agriculture is on the decline, Russia can literally corner the market for certain all-natural foods.

This is interesting: when Westerners in Russia ask where to buy organic produce, locals usually just look at them uncomprehendingly: here it is, all around you – and they do a sweeping gesture of the entire farmer’s market. The thing is, all food grown in Russia is natural. They don’t need to label it organic… because it simply is.

Watch report:

The geopolitical timing of this announcement: Certainly, this anti-GMO law was in the making. But whatever was happening behind the scenes in the Russian government and Duma (parliament) was expedited and made more decisive by the US/Western sanctions. In my previous articles I discussed how and why any sanctions against Russia would backfire on the US and EU – and here it is!

Smart Putin: Remember my early prediction? “Russia will use all peaceful and QUIET means at her disposal to gradually re-mold the situation in her favor.” Russia has announced that it won’t respond with any sanctions against the West. No yelling, no saber-rattling, no “my daddy is bigger than your daddy” stuff… Meanwhile, QUIETLY and expeditiously, Russia will disengage from the West before they can say “oops!” This is, of course, connected with another one of my predictions: “the only result of any sanctions against Russia will be that Russian economy’s transition and re-orientation both inwardly, and to the East, will be expedited.”

Here is a deeper meaning of this genius geopolitical chess move. In addition to doing the right thing for his population by banning GMO, with this announcement Putin is scoring MAJOR points both domestically and internationally. He is very cleverly and quietly positioning himself as someone who cares about public health and environment, while exposing USA as a bully and destroyer of public health. What can I say, BRAVO!

And this is just a start! Coming soon: Russia/China mega-gas deal and much more. I did warn that the EU would be stupid to support the US with its sanctions. The EU businesses and politicians are very alarmed that even the half-hearted sanctions they put in place are already hurting them. But while the EU will undoubtedly suffer, the US will really have to pay the price.

In Sanctions Backfire. Goodbye Visa: Russia Will Create Its Own Payment System we discussed that Russia is about to create its own payment system to rival Visa and MC. After Russia made this announcement, Visa quickly back-pedaled on its sanctions, restoring service for most Russian customers. However, it was too late. Russia’s new system will be up soon enough. Meanwhile after what happened, Russia announced that to continue operating on its territory, MC and Visa will have to put up security deposits of $3bln each. This, by Visa/MC admission, may make doing business in Russia unprofitable. MC and Visa currently account for 90% of credit card transactions in Russia. What this move will do is squeeze Visa and MC our of the Russian market quietly and naturally, pricing them out of the market and clearing the way for the Russian credit system. In other words, “Goodbye, Visa!” Yet another brilliant move!

Other US companies, such as John Deere, which has plants in Russia, are already suffering consequences of the US sanctions. But here is one more thing that could be potentially very damaging for the US: Russia announced that it will not supply rocket engines to the US any more. Apparently, US buys its rocket engines from Russia – imagine that! Well, goodbye to that as well.

Russia’s China/Asia pivot: As predicted! In a few days Russia and China are signing what is dubbed the “Holy Grail Gas Deal,” at the root of which is the massive 30-year #Gazprom gas supply contract. This deal was of course 10 years in the making, however, the timing is very precise and designed to send a message to Russia’s “Western partners,” as Putin so diplomatically calls them. As I said before, once Russia and China are fully engaged, this will mean the death of the dollar and gas shortages for Europe. As usual, you reap what you sow. For more see Predictions Page and Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake.

Gazprom stock will also start trading in Singapore. Presently, it is trading in Europe, UK and US only.

China-Russia-US high-speed railroad: China is itching to dump its trillion+ of US dollars – another sign that US dollar days are numbered. In order to disrupt the markets as little as possible, China wants to invest these dollars, even if it can’t hope to fully recoup its investment. We know that China is buying up whatever she can get her hands on in the US, including real estate, factories – whatever US is willing to sell.

During the summit, China and Russia will also be talking about building a high-speed railroad, connecting China through the entire Russian Far East, via Kamchatka Peninsula and Bering Strait (the shortest distance between Russia and North American continent), through a massive under-the-ocean tunnel. This railroad will continue through Alaska, Canada and on to the US. The average train speed will be 220 km/hr and the entire trip will take 2 days. Pretty cool, huh? Watch RT video report about some of the above.

I like this high-speed railroad mega-project because I have a soft spot for trains. As some of my readers know, both of my parents worked for Russian Railways and I grew up traveling via trains. You can read more about my intrepid childhood train adventures in my Gold Train May Day Interview. My book Gold Train, about the disappearance of the entire gold reserve of the Russian Empire and the related modern-day Russian conspiracy, was also born because of my love for trains and adventure.

But there is something more: I like this project because it will unite East and West, Eurasia and America. It will connect countries that represent sometimes opposing world views in a wonderful kind of way. This is how things need to be done in our world – not via bombings, proxy wars and pitting brotherly nations, such as Russia and Ukraine, against each other as is customary for the Western way of doing things. What needs to be done is what China and Russia are doing: building railroads, bridges and tunnels between countries, connecting and cooperating.

I still hope that people in the US and Europe one day wake up and tell their governments that enough is enough. There are signs that at least in Germany some people are awake. Watch:Backtrack Chorus: Angela Merkel booed in Berlin and German FM joins growing calls for restraint on Russia sanctions.

Angela Merkel: Incidentally, since we are on this topic, I just wanted to mention that Angela #Merkel is simply wrong for Germany at this moment in human history. In April 2013, I predicted that Merkel would get re-elected in my video update: Cyprus Debacle Getting Worse! The outcome of German elections was pretty much pre-determined and its energy imprint was clear to me. In the video I said that I was disappointed in Angela Merkel and that she was not a statesperson, but a typical politician, turning whichever way the wind blows. Compare this with #Putin, who makes precise and masterful chess moves and creates events (as opposed to simply reacting to them as Merkel does), thus molding history. A WORLD of difference!

There was a time when Angela Merkel was perhaps right as a German Chancellor. Perhaps she appealed to the electorate as a former professor, with sharp and organized mind, deliberate and systematic way of approaching problems, and… the look of a Frau next door. Perhaps she was all that; or perhaps, being a typical politician, she was just very good at putting on a mask. She completely blew it during the 2008 Georgia/South Ossetia crisis when #Sarkozy of France managed to become the intermediary between Russia and Georgia for Europe and US, while all she did was express indignation that poor little Georgia was so mistreated by the big bullying Russia (read:Striking geopolitical similarities between Sochi2014-Ukraine and #Beijing2008-Georgian war). Note, Angela Merkel is certainly okay with the US bullying everyone, including her own country. She further blew it with Cyprus. She was horribly inadequate when it came to retrieving German gold from the US. And with Ukraine… to me, her behavior is an embarrassing fiasco.

It’s not a secret that NSA was (still is?) spying on Merkel’s and many Germans’ phone calls. Merkel’s response to this open disrespect of her office and her people? Hugs, smiles and business as usual with Obama and the US!

Conclusion: I am pretty certain that NSA has some dirt on her, which explains why she acts so strangely. She cannot move a muscle in either direction for fear of something scandalous coming out. She appears to be getting a lot of pressure not to make waves about the stolen German gold, about 50,000 US troops still in Germany, and about things like nazis in Ukraine. Germans protest, yet no changes to her policies are visible. It also appears that many members of Merkel’s party are in the US pocket, and/or NSA/CIA have plenty of dirt on them. Merkel is definitely afraid of something. There is a lot of fear in her aura. She is afraid some sort of very serious scandal(s) would come out, thus unseating her and destroying not only her personal reputation, but also the reputation of her party. As a compliment to the above thoughts, also read: Ukraine Geopolitics: Why Does Merkel Disregard Opinion of Her People?

For more on my world view, future predictions and role of the US, Europe, Russia, China and more, see Predictions.

Related article: Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn

Lada Ray byline: Born in Russia, Lada Ray is a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master and mystical futurist. She is the author of three novels and several novelettes, most notably, Amazon bestselling thriller Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) about the conspiracy connected to the disappearance of the Russian Empire’s gold reserve; and the top-rated prophetic mystical thriller The Earth Shifter, set in Moscow, Lake Baikal in Siberia, NYC, and hidden realms of Heaven and Earth. Lada’s popular blogs: Lada Ray Blog (books, Russia, China, feng shui, world cultures) and her new project FuturisTrendcast (geopolitics, Earth Shift, Lada Ray’s mystical futurism and predictions). Subscribe to Lada Ray channel on Youtube and follow her on Twitter.

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10 Responses to Lada Ray: Russia’s Moves: Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China

  1. Trex says:

    Good one Lada, and thank you Jean!
    Lada has expressed the vibes I’ve been getting about Merkel at least over the last two years now. Merkel is not comfortable in her position, to put it lightly. Its visible; she appears very stressed out. She’s aware of the artificial disconnect between what her handlers dictate and what the German people want. She’s not comfortable with her (very ignorant and stupid) handlers. But, thats what you get for selling yourself out. To date, she’s still firmly in bed with her handlers, but I sense that before its all over “the fat lady will sing” a different tune. However, this will be a day late and a (petro)dollar short. Her public reputation is finished and this is her last hurrah. Germans are sick and tired of 70 non-stop years of US occupation!!! Ami-go-home! (Germans call Americans “Amis”) Of course Merkel won’t touch that one with a 10 ft pole. In addition, Germans have known all along that the Ukraine mess was 100% Made in USA – and they’re sick of US meddling. Germany to this day is still not being allowed to operate as a free and independent country. They are still tied to 70 year old post-WWII gun-point-agreements that severely cramp their style of course militarily, but also and first and foremost economically. Regarding the Ukraine affair, most Germans sympathize with Ukrainian (and the Russian) people – NOT the Nazis! So Merkel’s predictable support of the US stooge Nazi’s isn’t sitting right with Germans at all. By publicly supporting and appearing with the Nazi crooks, she is forced to suicide her own reputation. It shows!

    Russia is being looked at as the world’s reserve of non-GMO seeds. Its clear Putin is aware of this treasure trove, and his anti-GMO legislation proves it. The market for his agricultural products will be able to demand premium prices due to its purity and lack of chemicals. Here again, the US has shot itself in the foot with short term corporate gains but long term loses in terms of public acceptance of GMO foods. Much of Europe is already rejecting GMO seeds, but much of their non-GMO stock has already been tainted. GMO traits can be bread out of crop genetics, but its quite a job.

    Tho the idea of connecting continents via RR tunnels under the ocean sounds wonderful, my instincts steer me well away from this concept. Imagine a 120 mile long tunnel with thousands of feet of water pressure above it. Along comes a train barreling down the track at 200 mph. Thats one HELL of a lot of inertia. In case of a derailment, this amount of inertia will punch thru the tunnel walls in a heart beat and 120 miles of tunnel floods instantly, …and floating seat cushions won’t help you. All it takes for a derailment is one track giving out less than 2 inches, and the train is history. If thats not enough…, you’re going through some of the most seismically active areas of plate tectonics, within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Read: earthquakes, sea quakes, and seismic zones with lots of vertical offset. No thanks, I’ll take a kayak…!

    One last comment re: Putin – he LOVES his country!!! Don’t we wish our leaders and our whole government would love us?

  2. JimmyB says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article, thank you Jean. Lada seems to have a direct connect to the light, a beautiful spirit. She time and again shows us that hoping for the best is not silly and unrealistic, as she backs everything with facts. And man, some of this stuff was just exciting to read! The April Grand Cross did a number on me and my loved ones, and I took some time to go inside and heal, observing like the wise owl I wish to be and not commenting for a while. But on the other side of it all, miracles have been blessing me and this article has prompted me to share again. Thank you, Jean. Your work is good for my heart and I look forward to the day we all can celebrate as a global family!

  3. James Hyslop says:


    I always understood Merkel was an East German communist. Is she still one?

    The Russian Khazarian Reptilian Sumerian Zionist Jews basterdised Russia and the Ukraine plus stole huge amounts of Russian gold and in the process created the Balfour treaty to ensure migration from and including World War-1 to Is-Ra-El state recognition in 1948 to ensure that the Bible Armageddon prophecies will take place. Apartheid lives in Is-Ra-El. Real original Jews in Israel are at the bottom of the Apartheid pecking order in Israel and Palestine. This can all be proven in DNA genetics.

    Of course it’s up to all of us to force the insane Armageddon time line off the rails. So far Putin and others like him have been successful. But we should not wait for leadership as expressed by VP (Putin) and others but become leaders ourselves to ensure that the Khazarian Reptilian Sumerian Zionist Jews who created the holocaust in Russia are railroaded right off track and preferably off planet earth since they are reptilian in origin.

    Monsanto and others of their ilk come from the same stable so they too need to be kicked off the planet. As I have said before the problem most people have is recognising a reptilian and then doing something positive to eliminate this terrible disease from our midst.

    This does not meaning killing Khazarian Reptilian Sumerian Zionist Jews but understand Agenda21 is about you (us) being destroyed down from 8 Billion to less than 500 million by Khazarian Reptilian Sumerian Zionist Jews (politely termed the cabal).

    Hence this simple fact does not exactly engender any feelings of admiration, joy and love for this race of Khazarian Reptilian Sumerian Zionist Jews who want you dead.

    I understand that the 1st July is considered to be US Dollar D for Destruction Day!!

    Best wishes from Ubuntu South Africa where real original Jews are some of my best friends who also recognise that IS-RA-EL is a fallen state run by criminals.

    James Hyslop

  4. xnibiru says:

    More brilliant research and reporting that presents the bottom line so clearly. Vladimir and Lada, two leaders gifted to us just in the nick of time to help save the planet. And I was lucky enough to get reincarnated now to witness all of this. Thank you, Lada.

  5. Nicole says:

    As you said Jean this was pleasant to read. It was said by channellers that Obama would be the peacemaker but it looks to me that Putin is the peacemaker in this end game and the one building bridges between countries. Never thought of him as being a peaceful warrior. He seems tough on the outside but he truly is a, strong light on the inside. I just hope the China Russia moves are not for a futur world domination replacing the cabal. I hope their agenda is truly for the good of humanity, done in love and respect for the human race. 🙂

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