PressTV: China slams US hacking claims against military personnel

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin GangChinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang

Mon May 19, 2014 5:45PM GMT

China has slammed the US for indicting five Chinese military personnel for hacking, warning that the allegation will jeopardize relations between the two countries.

On Monday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Beijing is a staunch defender of network security and rejected any involvement of Chinese government, military and associated personnel in online theft of trade secrets.

“The US accusation against Chinese personnel is purely ungrounded and absurd,” the ministry’s spokesman, Qin Gang, said in a statement.

Gang also reiterated that Beijing itself was a victim of “severe US cyber theft.”

The remakes were made after the US government charged five Chinese military officials with hacking into private sector American companies for competitive advantage.

US Attorney General Eric Holder said the hacking charges were the first against known state cyber actors for infiltrating US commercial targets.

The developments come as Washington and Beijing has locked horns over a range of issues.

Senior Chinese officials have recently warned the United States and its allies against stirring up troubles across the volatile Asia-Pacific region.

The US accusations come as its global spying scandal has drawn worldwide condemnation following last years’ revelations by American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Beijing has also demanded a clear explanation from Washington over reports of espionage by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on Chinese companies and institutions.

Senior officials in Beijing say they are gravely concerned about the claims and demand that any such spying be stopped.

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