9/11: Four More Comments . . . and all seem important. . . ~J

S says: 

I live in NYC. Was there on 9/11. I’ll go with Duff and VT Staff assessments.
Maybe some of the details are off, but the overall premise that Bush WH, Silverstein and Mossad – and NO Iraqis – DID IT still stands. Every Architect I know says the buildings had to have been bombed, nothing to do with the alleged airlines. If it was thermite nukes, star wars weaponry, missles, or all those together is not the real issue. The real issue is that the criminals are still running free.
Guiliani and Bloomberg, by lack of action to investigate furhther, are also complicit. Guilliani was doing “special drills” in an adjacent building that morning. When all the gold bullion was recovered, he immediately called off the search for survivors – firemen refused and rioted, Guilliani called in the cops to remove them. Bloomberg’s stint as mayor has removed all traces and tributes of the 9/11 attack.
Everything about the Bush alleged investigation (pages omitted) and theri explanations stinks.
Now Silverstein charges $24/person to visit his “Memorial.”
Victims families and most NYers are pissed.
I’d bet this attack article is some Israeli/Jewish shill, an epedemic on-line these days.

Btw: In a seminar, Ramtha once stated that due to 9/11 “…everyone (in NYC area) was contaminated…” He never explained with what. Duff and Company seems to fill in this info.

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J-a-M inquires: 

This question must be asked:
Why Mr. Gage, who boasts of having thousands of architects and engineers behind him and has a large advertising budget behind his operation, is so concerned about one person (i.e. Dr. Wood) who he purports has no value?

Also, why does Gage continue to misrepresent the information presented in Dr. Wood’s book?

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E says:

Of all the hatchet jobs I have ever read this one has to be the most professional and egregious!

I purchased Dr. Judy Wood’s book back when it first came out and I read and reread it over and over. I am a mechanical engineer so I am somewhat familiar with what Dr. Wood was confronted with in her examination of the physical evidence both during the dustification of the New York Trade Center buildings and the debris pile remaining after the initial destruction had been accomplished.

In my reading of Dr. Wood’s book, I took particular note of her mention of engines being missing from vehicles while the hoods remained closed. And the missing door handles, and the damage to the front of the building across the street, which, when repaired, had to later be demolished because the original structure to which the repair materials had been attached continued to deteriorate – dustify.

The fact that Dr. Wood had no explanation for the missing engines, parts or door handles does not diminish her evaluation or expunge the evidence. She has made it quite clear in her book and during her interviews, that she refused to speculate as to the cause or the means by which these pieces of evidence came to be. All Dr. Wood did was state the facts, that these items were missing, gone, vanished. Dr. Wood acknowledged that she was not familiar with any technology capable of causing steel, other metals, and concrete to turn into dust. All she did was present the facts that all these various materials were missing (More on missing items below).

This hatchet job dismisses Dr. Wood mention of damaged vehicle roofs by asserting that the damage was caused by tiny particles of molten iron, from the cutting of the steel beams by explosives. Dr. Wood did not claim that there were no explosives used to cut the steel beams. She acknowledged that she had no way to know what means might have been employed to cause the destruction and dustification. However, the possibility that the tops of vehicles were damaged by particles of molten iron flying out of the Towers could not be more ridiculous. The particles described in this hatchet job were so tiny that if they were by some means spewed from wherever they were cut from by steel melting explosives, such particles would have solidified and cooled while they were flying through the air all the way to where ever the vehicles were parked. Cooled to the extent that they would only fall onto those cars as dust. That would not explain the actual damage.

Then there is the mention in this hatchet job of the stream of molten steel flowing from the building. Dr. Wood addressed this, explaining that as there was no source of heat sufficient to cause what appeared to be a flow of molten metal, it must not have been such a flow. Dr. Wood explained that we humans quite naturally describe what we see based on what we are familiar with, So if we see what looks like a flow of molten metal, that is how we will describe it, however, our presumption and description does not cause what we saw to be what we presumed it was.

Most people are not familiar with molecular dissociation. I am. I have personally caused molecular dissociation to create engine fuel, hydrogen gas, from H2O – water. Anybody can do this, it is actually quite simple. I assembled the necessary apparatus, connected it to a 12 volt DC car battery, inserted the apparatus in a plastic five gallon bucket containing common tap water, and watched “what appeared to be air bubbles rise to the surface, however, the bubbles were not air, they were hydrogen, When I held a flame to the surface of the water the bubbles popped, like pop-corn, as they reached the surface and exploded in the flame I held there. This is a form of molecular dissociation. The hydrogen molecules were disassociated from the oxygen molecules. Is it not amazing? Hydrogen is a burnable fuel; oxygen is required for fuel to burn. We know the pyramid, heat, fuel, oxygen. So when he heat water it should cause fire – right? Why does it not? We humans have no answer to that question, but when we separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, then we can use the oxygen to cause the hydrogen to burn hotter.

The point here is we need to understand that we do not know as much as we presume we do, about anything!

During one of her TV interviews Dr. Wood demonstrated an example of molecular disassociation enabled by a man who had been studying MD as a hobby. Dr. Wood placed a piece of iron 2″ square and 7″tall on a wood table top and had the MD beam directed at the iron block. The iron block just wilted down and bent over on the table and there was no heat generated.

As for Dr. Wood’s purported failure to explain how the MD caused the dustification or how much power it might take to effect such, she freely acknowledges she does not know, but her lack of knowledge does not alter the facts of the evidence.

It was not all that long ago that humans insisted the earth was flat and the sun moved around the earth, rising in the east and setting in the west. Today we laugh at the silliness of such beliefs. We need to understand that there are many things that we do not understand, that what we do not understand far exceeds what we do.

At the time the Trade Center buildings were being destroyed, several firemen then present spontaneously remarked that the building was turning into dust. There observation and conclusion seemed so totally preposterous that they were ridiculed by their team members.

And neither did the writer of this hatchet job mention the fact that during the purported removal of 220 stories of debris of two Towers, there were no dead bodies recovered – what happened to the 3,000 odd people were killed in those Towers? Were their bodies not dustified?

The hatchet job mentioned that there were many more steel beams than Dr. Wood mentioned in her book. What about the hundreds – thousands – of filing cabinets that were in those 220 stories of office space? Where did they go if they not dustified?

It was observed at the time, that there were literally millions of pieces of paper on the streets around the Twin Towers. Is it not reasonable that this paper had been contained in those thousands of missing filing cabinets? Where did the filing cabinets go – while leaving all the paper behind?

There had to be at least two rest rooms on every floor. With an estimate of two commodes each, that would be 4 x 220 = 880 commodes. Urinals, at 2 per floor would equal 440 urinals. Wash basins, at 4 per floor would be 880. What about the sheet metal of the commode stalls? Where were all the office desks? And chairs? Why was none, or very little of such debris included in the debris pile? Could it have been because it was all dustified? Why did this hatchet job not explain any of this?

Why did this hatchet job fail to explain why none of these items were in the debris pile? What about clothing, coats, umbrellas and such, that regular employees would have in their individual private lockers? What about the lockers? Would it not be expected that there would have been enough lockers in those towers so that every employee could have their own individual locker? How many thousands of lockers were not included in the debris pile? Could it be because they were all dustified?

As to how the dustification “beam” caused the damage to vehicles parked several blocks from the towers? How can any observer possibly know? Failure to explain this does not change the fact that it happened. However, using information that we are familiar with, such as spraying a high pressure stream of water at a pile of small pebbles, we know that those pebbles will fly every which way. If those pebbles were tiny magnets, such magnets flying through the air would be attracted to steel but not to plastic or aluminum. If the MD “beam” was not affected by aluminum but would molecularly dissociate steel, it might flow through an aluminum vehicle hood and dustify the steel engine. I am not asserting that this is what happened, only offering it as a possibility, applying knowledge that most of us are familiar with.

The burning question that comes to my mind, is why did this writer take such pains to discredit Dr. Wood? The reasonable explanation is that our wonderful government does not want us to know that it has such capability. How can it be reasonably possible that all the damage occurring at the Trade Center was not a False Flag operation of our government? Where was any airplane wreckage on the ground? It is totally impossible that the majority of the parts of such airplanes would not have fallen to the ground, together with most if not all of the passengers bodies. There is ZERO possibility that those purported airplanes penetrated those concrete and steel buildings to the extent that very little, if any wreckage fell to the ground – except of course, the passport or driver license of one of the rag-heads purporting to have flown the plane into the tower.

What we need to do here, instead of castigating Dr. Wood, is come to an awareness that our government is totally out of control, that voting is totally rigged, that if we do not come to understand that 911 events are intended to justify further control of the government over our lives, how much longer will men like me be able to write responses such as this?

*  *  *  *  * 

E also says: 

Hi Jean,

Thank you for posting my previous comment and for your supporting remark.

In my anxious desire not only to defend Dr. Judy Wood, but to expose the hatchet job attack on the reality of the molecular dissociation dustification of the buildings at the new York World Trade Center, I omitted “just a few things” that were missing from the piles of debris from that False Flag Attack on our Freedom, that were not addressed or accounted for or explained away by this hatchet job crew, which further serve to establish their hatchet job as a shill hoax.

I contend that the failure of these hatchet wielders to account for what I presented in my previous comment and additionally here in this addendum, exposes their fraudulent intent to eliminate any consideration of dustification (molecular disassociation), as having any possible application to the destruction of the World Trade Center. When an honest evaluation of the observable facts clearly indicates some manner of molecular disassociation was employed, how can their repeated denials be for any other purpose than to effect a coverup? Their repeated conclusive dismissals of DE-MD as having any possible application to the destruction of the WTC, serves to reveal themselves as shills, employed for the purpose of covering up the Truth. “Thou protesteth too much!”

I notice that this hatchet job was concocted by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, yes, as they wish it to be construed, being anything that points the guilt away from the government that issues them their licenses!

In my prior comment I neglected to mention the missing doors, there had to be hundreds and hundreds of doors installed in those 220 stories of office suites. “Where did all those doors go?” And carpeting, why was there no carpeting in the debris piles? What about microwave oven? And small office refrigerators? There had to be small kitchenettes in many of those offices, for the preparation of coffee and snacks. Where were the hundreds of coffee makers and thousands of coffee cups? Where were the small sinks that would have been in those office kitchenettes? Where were the thousands of feet of fresh water plumbing and sewer drain piping? And hot water heaters? And thousands of feet of electrical wiring? And thousands of electric light wall switches and electric wall outlets and their mounting boxes, and electrical fuse or circuit breaker boxes? Where were the thousands of telephones, computers, printers, fax machines and miscellaneous office supplies? Where were the elevators and related equipment?

There had to be at least one cafeteria in each Tower; where was any cafeteria equipment, stoves, ovens, more micro-wave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, cafeteria style eating tables or booths? Food supplies? Plates, cups, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans? Where was all the ceiling tiles and sheet metal framing thereof? How about lighting, where were the thousands of overhead lighting fixtures? What better explains all of these missing items from the debris pile than molecular disassociation?

What about fire hose racks? Did not New York City Codes require fire hose racks throughout such buildings? What about the materials that would have comprised the emergency escape stair wells? These materials would have been severely damaged but would still be identifiable as to their purpose in the Towers. What better explanation for their absence can there be other than DE-MD?

If all of the filing cabinets I mention in my previous article had been removed from the building before the phony concocted airplane crashes, would it be reasonable that whomever removed them would dump out all of the millions of pieces of paper that everyone saw on the ground around the zapped buildings, before they removed the filing cabinets from the buildings? How could destruction limited to thermite explosives, possibly cause all those millions of pieces of paper to be discharged from those thousands of filing cabinets? However, if the filing cabinets were dustified, through some manner of molecular disassociation, that did not molecularly affect paper, would DE-MD not explain why all that paper was on the ground in that area and not still in the filing cabinets that would have been in the debris piles if those filing cabinets had not been molecularly dissociated? Does not the presence of all that paper on the ground stand as evidence that the filing cabinets were in the Towers before the False Flag Attack was initiated? Why did these hatchet job perpetrators not explain any of this?

How could very little of what I mention here fail to be in the debris piles? It is not at all reasonable that any significant quantity of any of these items would have been pulverized to the extent that they could not be recognized for what they had been, if such damaged items had been in the debris piles. What could be a reasonable explanation for the absence of all these items in the debris piles other than all of these items had been dustified through some means of molecular disassociation?

As an engineer, as a plausible explanation to why there were steel beams in the debris pile but none or very few of the items I list. The reason might well be because the thermite cutting explosives cut those particular beams out of the range of the DE-MD “stream” before the DE-MD “stream” had reached those beams. The steel beams were so heavy that they were able to crash themselves through to the ground, out of range of the DE-MD before the DE-MD was focused in the area where those beams had been installed. And, possibly, the reason why all of the items I mentioned were dustified was because they were of much lesser material volume, mostly comprised of thin material, possibly much more readily molecularly disassociated than the heavy steel beams.

Additionally, as this may very well have been the first time the DE-MD apparatus employed had been used in this manner, those deploying it were not sure as to how well it could be directed or focused, which applies to the missing vehicle engines and other damage outside the target area.

Additionally, I do not recall that Dr. Wood referred to whatever means had been used to dustify the Trade Center as being any manner of weapon. As I recall, in watching her interviews on TV or the internet, when ever a show host mentioned that the means of dustification was some manner of “weapon”, Dr, Wood, objected, stating that she was not making any such assertion, because she did not have information sufficient to determine what means had been used to dustify everything that had been dustified. All she was doing, Dr. Wood insisted, was presenting the evidence, which indicated that some means had been utilized to cause everything that was missing to have been dustified.

It is obvious that the dustification was effected by molecular disassociation that was by some means, directed at the WTC. “Directed Energy”, Yes! “Directed Energy Weapon”? Why?

For this hatchet job crew to repeatedly refer to the DE-MD means as a “Directed Energy Weapon” (DEW), indicates their purpose is to deny that which was not accused; thereby admitting it was. Why would a device utilized to efficiently remove unwanted buildings be characterized as a weapon? Why not simply as a device to more efficiently remove buildings that were known to include known carcinogens such as asbestos? Of course the answer to that is that DE-MD used as it was to bring down the twin Towers, would be expected to cause the human suffering that it did, therefore would never be approved. The means by which it was employed and the manner in which “our” government has used it to implement legislation such as the “Patriot Act”, does more to convince many of us that such was its intent, as an experiment enabling the government to determine how far it could go in its overt implementation of its police state control of the population of this country. With Obama now claiming he has authority to determine, on his own authority, to have any citizen of this country killed, for writing such as I am here in this comment.

As a final point, the “Powers That Be” want us to believe that the Towers were destroyed by fire. What does fire burn first? PAPER!

Because I am somewhat familiar with molecular disassociation, I have taken the liberty of referring to the dustification at the Trade as being molecular dissociation. That is my characterization, not Dr. Wood’s,

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35 Responses to 9/11: Four More Comments . . . and all seem important. . . ~J

    • Jean says:

      Spud, I think we’ve already looked at this . . . and I’m very careful about BeforeIt’sNews . . . It seems they want to make a lot of noise – and be first 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  1. jcc says:

    Has any one seen a comparison of the debris fields from the different buildings ; ie the debris field of WTC 7 versus the debris field of WTC 1 & 2 . get my drift ?

  2. Todd says:

    Off the topic a bit, but very relevant to tying together rogue government(s) officials and the puppet masters. Jeff Steinberg delivers a Memorial Day Address, on the significance of Lyndon LaRouche in the extended role of the U.S. Presidency.
    In the spirit of restoring our Republic and recognizing our Veterans who fight ( and fought ) to keep our Republic alive, I wanted to share this commentary. It gives direction for what must be accomplished while mentioning some history and the continued fight by Patriotic members of our society, government and military. It hits home for me, I hope it does for those who take the time to listen. Best wishes..

    Executive Intelligence Review and some background.

  3. Hegelian says:

    Great blog. Beats watching the news channels.

  4. n3angus says:

    You want to know why this Hypocrisy exists today in the Policies of GOVERNMENT then I want to take you on a Little Roller Coaster ride called the Ideological path that sees YOU as the THREAT , A Human Consumption rate threatening the existence of EARTH is what these Ideologues who are running the Governments of the world THINK OF YOU !!!!!!!! They are all seeing the world societies as TO MANY PEOPLE OVERPOPULATING THEIR EARTH , so they are doing things to ZERO OUT PEOPLE GROWTH !!!!!
    First they De-developed our self reliance to make us SERFS dependent on them , http://cnsnews.com/node/75388

    Then under the Agenda 21 policy they are HERDING us with Oppressive tactics into the Holding Communities they are going to force to be built , http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/03/21/megyn-kelly-interview-author-stanley-kurtz-on-obama-admins-smart-growth-plan-to-move-people-out-of-suburbs/
    And these New Communities will come Complete with an expiration date of THEIR Choice is what will evolve after they complete the transformation of the Liberty clause of the Constitution , Listen at 8:00 about the Liberal Reporter saying Yes Death Panels exist and that they are needed to Bend the cost curve on end of life care , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keG6qInHp54#t=496

    Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/04/02/report-epa-tested-deadly-pollutants-on-humans-to-push-obama-admins-agenda/#ixzz2yaVYyOME

    These stories are by the elite circles of society around the world and they see people as a threat and we need to get a handle on this with debate confronting them before they gain so much power in the political forums of policy making that cabals like whats going on at the Bundy ranch don’t progress , because these Bolsheviks are going after Food production and we will have shortages if they are successful in reducing production and interrupting seasonal growth !!!!!!!!!
    See this story shows how quietly the Environmentalist Marxists who have Infiltrated the Government agencies and are taking grazing lands away quietly , these kinds of reductions in food production are going to cause price spikes that will destabilize markets , the perfect storm that these ECO Marxists want to nationalize the Markets so they can control the rate of consumption to save their Earth . http://www.capitalpress.com/Livestock/20140522/no-place-to-graze
    Notice the COST if you do not comply with this Environmental regulation all a result of less production due to a loss of reinvestment revenue that can increase supply efforts , http://www.capitalpress.com/Idaho/20140516/state-farm-leaders-discuss-idaho-dust-rule
    These next stories show you how the Technocrats see we the people , a threat is how they see us so no wonder we see all the things going on that destabilize the economics of the free market system of a self reliant society . BOLSHEVISM TACTICS ARE ALIVE AND WELL TODAY !!!!!


    PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON , http://www.waronhumans.com/

  5. Ronnie says:

    We need to understand “how” it was done and that would lead to a new secret technology of “free energy” which can be used for good or as a weapon. If we can prove it was a directed energy weapon then we will know that it was in-deed an inside job. So, if it is an “inside” job then we need to look at motive and that leads to opportunity. Because of 9/11 many countries have been destroyed/invaded. This was according to a plan so we know the motive. In addition, all of our liberties have been slowly removed bit by bit. In 1997, Project for the New American Century put out the plan and America would not willingly go to war absent a “new Pearl Harbor.” 9/11 was the new Pearl Harbor.

    How, Who & Why? I think any reasonable person can now understand “why” and we can make some educated guesses on “who” or at least some of them. If we can prove “how” then the whole thing will come falling down; however TPTB have done everything in their power to prevent that knowledge from ever coming out. If the world found out that we have developed and employ free energy then that would be earth scattering and change everything about how we live. What about all the profits from oil, the military industrial industry, automobiles, cars, and you name it? We can’t have that. In their minds, even if it does come out (short of confessions from the actual suspects) they believe it won’t matter anyway because it would be too late to do anything about it. Heck, they pulled off WT7 and people actually believe that three isolated normal office fires can bring down a 47-story steel reinforced building in near free-fall speed into it’s own footprint and most people in NY and the world never even heard of WT7’s destruction just like WTC1 & 2.

    “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..” Video Interview with General Wesley Clark.”

  6. Brilliant post Jean et all – thank you. Dr Julie Wood book is enthralling. I wish people would just wake up, it is so obvious that 9/11 was staged, apart from what is said here about the WTC what about the Pentagon with no signs of the aircraft apart from “missile ” damage, what about the missing aircraft.
    I read with interest that George Bush did not attend the opening of the 9/11 museum last week was it?, I saw him at one of the anniversary events at ground zero. His body language and demeana was one of horror and guilt. I went off Joe biden when he gave a 9/11 anniversary address at the Pentagon. Lie after lie poured out. How can those responsible live with such guilt?
    Thank you for these excellent posts, and I am sad that a lady who just talked common sense, who admitted when she did not have an answer has been treated so badly. I am sure that with time people will learn to respect her for what she has highlighted regarding 9/11 and realise the TRUTH.

    • Jean says:

      Yup, they’ve worked hard to destroy her professional career, etc., and she’s managed to stand her ground 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ronnie says:

        They did kill her assistant and yet she kept going. She is a true American hero.

        • “They” also killed witnesses who saw what happened on the grassy knoll.

          What did the assistant know/see … perhaps threaten to reveal or indicate unwillingness to be complicit in accomplishing?

          Why choose to kill the assistant, if containment of what Judy Wood alleges occurred is the motive for the killing?

  7. megan reid says:

    Some really excellent material here. A very seriously thought provoking collection of questions that need to be answered. Thank you to WJ, E, and S for sharing their thoughts and research with us, I really appreciate their efforts.

    We cannot rest until all truth is known and all those who are guilty are totally exposed and brought to justice for the evil they have perpetrated on this earth. We will succeed with outing the truth no matter how many lies they tell and articles of deceit they write or how many people they silence or how much power and wealth they have. The KARMA for ALL they have done will be served. It’s only a question of sooner or later. I choose sooner.

    Love and hugs

  8. Ilex says:

    Well, this is hmmmmm, interesting. Please listen to what Andrew says in the last five seconds of the video.

    • Jean says:

      Wow! How interesting! I know they are saying we are all going – everyone who is on this planet at this time. . . and that there are thrree ways to go . . . Ascension, Reincarnation, and death (and I think, then, rebirth in the higher dimension.) Hugs, ~Jean

      • translimits says:

        OMG!! The angel I channel said this exactly just a few days after the plane went missing. This makes so much sense to me now, especially in the light of Dr. Wood’s work.

        Being a channel is always a struggle juggling between info transmitted and “perceived reality” in time and space. So I didn’t trust as I should have.

        (Similarly, years ago I held a channeling night & he came through telling that Saddam Hussein would be found “as if rearing his ugly head from the ground”. When months later I saw the front page pix I was jolted. ~~~And since numerous predictions have come through and are lining up right now.

        I can say this on USA Memorial Day, that while we have a rocky (& perhaps somewhat bloody) road ahead, because we’ve taken freedom for granted as a birthright, but without the responsibility that goes with it, after a period of 12-18 mos., Freedom Will Ring once & for all in the US and around the World. We are getting tremendous off-planet help and guidance, even in what may seem our darkest hours.

        The torch has been lit, the bell sounded. And we are Transcending Limits in every area personally and collectively.

        • Jean says:

          Thanks for sharing your experience with channeling 🙂

          Wonderful: “I can say this on USA Memorial Day, that while we have a rocky (& perhaps somewhat bloody) road ahead, because we’ve taken freedom for granted as a birthright, but without the responsibility that goes with it, after a period of 12-18 mos., Freedom Will Ring once & for all in the US and around the World.

          This is so positive and makes me feel good 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Ilex says:

    Wow, this is great infighting; meant to confuse even the best. If you look at Duff’s words very carefully, he’s covered his ass and not admitted to anything Bollyn has accused him of that he can’t refute. This is very nicely done – congrats boys.

    Anyhoo………here are the supposed floor plans aka Blue Prints of Tower 1. I’m not a structural engineer but there are plans for a “core plan.” Not sure if that means anything but I do think this would give us an educated answer to the I-beams vs square beams and we go from there.

  10. translimits says:

    Exactly Jean, as regards to Suzanne’s comment. IF this MD-DE is true, and it sure seems so, this ‘experiment’ in both physics and sociology could be applied again at any time and in an even more far-reaching way. Yes, the villains are still at large & aging by the day. But I have news,,, It’s not just these folks, for as they die off, more will follow. It is a societal sickness of ‘Wetiko’ (“Dispelling Wetiko” by Paul Levy~~~which you featured about a yr ago here) and until we dissect that and change our tune, nothing will change. We owe it to future generations to do so.

    This is new war. And until we ‘get that’ these beast will continue and ramp up their efforts.
    May Memorial Day, USA one day be when “We The People” awaken to our soveriginity, responsibility and humanity, and no one will ever even conceive of such dastardly crimes against our fellow man and all God’s creature ever again! I declare it to be so. AMEN. Aho.

    • Jean says:

      I’m totally with you on this . . . and, yes, Paul Levy’s Wetiko is a book everyone should read . . . I first remember him from reading The Sickness of George W. Bush . . . and I’ve followed his work ever since. I think Catherine Austin-Fitts wrote the intro to Wetiko, which speaks well for her . . . and she is tied in with Jon Rappoport – all good people. . Also, Kent Nerburn’s book explain Wetiko in an incredibly readable form, although he does not name it as such. Hugs, ~Jean

      • translimits says:

        Thanks for your reply, Jean. I’m doing my Dissertation using Wetiko as the lynchpin. Thanks to you & your blog for making it known to me. Since then there’s been a lot more exposure & I don’t think we can have enough of it, for the journey humanity is now on.
        In gratitude and Love, Hugs & I bow to your amazing Spirit of grace & courage.

        • Jean says:

          Martha, I’m so delighted to hear about this. Good for you!! You really need to share with Paul. I used to correspond with him, and I’m betting he’d like to hear from you. . . It might make your thesis richer ? ? ? don’t know, of course. Good luck with it, and let us know here, please, how it goes 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • translimits says:

            Thanks, Jean. Getting in touch w/Paul is a great idea & I will keep you ‘Posted”..Pun intended!
            Blessings & Hugs a’plenty.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Is it a doctoral thesis? What I mean is, do you have to defend it? If so, good luck! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Dennis says:

            Several weeks ago you posted an article by Paul Levy. I had never heard of him before. I was so taken with the depth of what he had to say that as a result I down loaded more of his articles and got his two books, “Dispelling Wetiko” and the one about George W Bush. My wife and I are in the process of reading and studying “Dispelling Wetiko” every day and feel like we are having another spiritual awakening as a result.

            What we are gaining from this book and his other writings goes far beyond my ability to express in words at this time. Suffice it to say, I believe this book could be a world changer and enlighten-er if enough people read and understood it. It is the clearest entry into the world of quantum physics I have yet encountered, which I believe holds a key to a right and balanced understanding of our world wide spiritual dilemma. It offers a prospect of framing meaningful solutions with an emphasis on taking personal responsibility.

            I feel real gratitude and thank you, Jean, for putting Paul’s writings on your site. It appears, from Martha’s reply above, that others feel the same way.


          • Jean says:

            I’m glad you’ve also found a lot of meaning in Paul’s work. He has so much on-the-ground practical experience about that which he writes. As a follow-up and in a very different genre, you might find Kent Nerburn’s work is important. Another book that blew me away – a very simple read – is called Mutant Down Under. . . I think I have the title correct, but if you have need I will look it up . . . It is about an American in Australia (true story) who finds herself on a 3-month walkabout with an aborigine group, and she ‘connects’ to her inner self and learns to have confidence in her guidance system. The lives o f this tribe and their trust in the Earth to take for them is a beautiful thing to read about . . . anyway, for whatever it is worth . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • translimits says:

            It’s a doctoral thesis & yes, defendable. Read your comment re “Mutant Down Under’, which I read yrs ago. Will reread from my library. Thanks.
            Per Dennis’ comment—Maybe we need a Wetiko thread. ~~~ LOL

          • Jean says:

            I’d love it! – and do keep me posted about what your advisors think . . . when do you defend it? Soon? Hugs, ~Jean

  11. WJ says:

    In the absence of any other explanation one would have to accept the evidence and theory presented by Dr. Judy Wood. Not only is Dr. Wood highly qualified in the area of her assessment, but at the time there was no possible other explanation for facts. The entire buildings and their contents were gutted into dust. The ‘pancake’ theory could not possibly be taken seriously for firemen walked over the rubble from ground level and required no ladders to do so right from the start. Whilst not personally knowing Dr. Wood I have a great respect for this lady. I admire not only her courage, and it certainly took a lot of courage the take legal action against those who furnished their advice and reasons contained in the official govt report, but also for the thorough investigation she conducted. Her findings are supported by the clear evidence that she presented. There could simply not have been any other cause, known at the time, that could have created the effects of what was left behind. However recently new evidence has come to light that would promote another scenario which equally could have caused the same. This evidence meticulously explained and presented by Dimitri Khalezov would in my opinion explain the theory presented by Dr. Wood. The final results would have been identical in my understanding. Instead of the cause coming from without, it came from within. But who in their right mind could have believed that mini nukes were allowed to have been placed under the buildings? The Khalezov explanation takes nothing away from Dr. Wood, who is an American hero in my eyes, and does not alter the fact that it was an inside job. The evidence for that is too overwhelming. Our efforts now should solely be directed on how to bring the perpetrators to justice and insure this can never happen again. We must put in place safeguards so that we never again be misled, or killed, by the people we put in a position of trust.

  12. No need to debate about Judy Wood. She impeaches her own credibility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qYm1AnUKi8 Discovery of WHO did a crime can have also to do with motive and opportunity. Arrests can occur with only circumstantial evidence, according to the Supreme Court precedents. We have far more than the necessary evidence to arrest at least 100 suspects. 911JusticeCampaign.org

    • Ronnie says:

      I watched that video and Dr. Judy Wood certainly didn’t impeach herself. The interviewer kept denying that this so-called “dust” went up into the atmosphere by calling it “smoke” alone. The interviewer called the “big ball” of dust “debris” when in my understanding debris in a building consists of all the contents in a normal office building such as elevators, desks, office chairs, computers, toilets, etc., and we don’t see any of that normal stuff falling out of the building in any of the videos peaking out here and there in the “dust” debris. Dr. Wood pointed out that most of the building on the upper floors was already gone in the picture they used. The video title implied that she said there was a directed energy weapon LOL used and she never said that. He was clearly trying to make her look like a fool and he kept changing the subject when he didn’t like her answer or wouldn’t answer her question.

  13. Susanne R says:

    Although these concerns and observations of what is disinfo and what is not are important, we must not allow these slightly off-subject topics to distract us from the real issue, which is bringing the guilty to justice.
    The perps of this monstrous deed are still out there.
    We really need to NOT BE ARGUING about the HOW, and instead be focusing our energies on arresting, prosecuting and sentencing the guilty.

    • Jean says:

      I agree, Susanne, but I also say that we need to know ‘how’ as well. Until we do, we will not know all that the secret government has been doing to kill us . . . all the technologies that have been developed that are killing us that are being kept from us. . . we need to know these things, we really do!

      WHY can’t we know both? WHY? Aren’t we entitled to know this?


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