The Spiritual UN, recommened by a Reader, E., whom I thank :) for sticking with me until I got it right :) . . . ~J

Here’s material for another post. I felt such energy in the outpouring of comments about snails and earthworms–and find the following a solution that resonates with the sentiments of those who follow your blog. The video is just posted. Dick Eastman (social credit) made the first comment.

Published on May 21, 2014
The Spiritual UN Building Fund for Non Harm and Sharing

Two links: The SpiritualUNBlog and the information site: SpiritualUN

Love Unites with Rights — Human, Animal and Environmental

All Right! First off, credit to fantastic spiritually connected artist Daniel B. Holeman at for the beautiful Heart-Light image in The Spiritual UN video (at 3:16).

Do you think we’re here for a greater purpose on the Earth? Why do you think we FEEL a connection to Nature? Why do you THINK our first impulse or instinct is to help not harm a drowning person (regardless of color, race or creed)? Does that not tell you we are fundamentally essentially compassionate-based beings?

Why are we going backwards, not forward in making the world a more fulfilling and enlightened place for all? Why is there continual and perpetual never-ending war and violence always against some portion of Humanity decade after decade? Indeed, it was the Nazi Hermann Goering who essentially said that “the people don’t war, it is always the LEADERS that create the wars for their own profit and gain.”

Now you know where war (and all its associated costs and effects—our world) comes from—and it’s not from the Human heart now is it?

Further, why do Humans ALWAYS rebel against tyranny as we see in the English Magna Carta and the U.S. Declaration of Independence? Because the other side to Love is JUSTICE. Indeed, Martin Luther King, Jr said: “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

See, we Humans are NATURALLY built for LOVE and JUSTICE in its perfect balance—and that’s what we’re here on the Planet for—TOGETHER—to uplift one and all—the way we have been given—through the Light of all the great teachings, thought and holy books through time eternal.

Imagine if everyone had the money to do their heart’s desire and passion of uplifting one, and at the same time all in our interconnected energetic world in the many ways that we Humans are capable off—through all our creative talents and intellects through the great diversity of all our great religions and cultures—oh what joy! And to be one with the beauty, harmony and magnificence of Nature, respecting all Life and ecosystems and letting all and everything operate to its full integrity and potential—just the way the Planet was NATURALLY designed to be—interconnected, interdependent, whole and NATURAL—naturally. Everything great and small in Nature and Life itself has a great purpose on this Earth and has its own place—and for that we RESPECT all.

There are no great divides in the world; there are only bridges—that lead to more expanded worlds of thinking, doing and being. We are ALL ONE HUMANITY through ONE LIFE on the Planet, but we are also highly individual—which means our existence on this Planet OUGHT to be simply WONDROUS.

We can’t have a WONDROUS world without the perfect balance of LOVE and JUSTICE.

Set LOVE in the perfect balance with JUSTICE at: to a new horizon for Spaceship Earth!

The Blueprint for Love Book – also at Amazon

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25 Responses to The Spiritual UN, recommened by a Reader, E., whom I thank :) for sticking with me until I got it right :) . . . ~J

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  2. If the slow-to-non-existent adoption of Spiritual UN article/post is an indicator of the collective of humanity not being spiritually ready to proactively choose transformation, that is another dynamic entirely which deserves exploring.

    In another way of saying the above: How much do we want to embrace our commonality in peace, love, joy and gratitude? How much do we wish to dwell on what is wrong?

    Would we recognize a worthy cause if it was right in front of us? Or are we so enturbulated as to not-see.

    Don’t be a not-see is one bit of advice.

    Most comments here leave me shaking my head. I imagine many who met Jesus reflexively “thought” him to be a insidious, corrupting influence–and thus shunned him–approving of killing the truth so things could get back to enslavement as usual.

    • Jean says:

      Ed, you are addressing a problem I think I saw via someone’s comment -sorry, I can’t go back to find who said it. While our ascension will be collective, I believe it will be a result of each person’s individual work, choices, and evolution. In some ways I see this as antagonistic to a collective approach. From my personal experience which is all I can speak about, this journey of ours is a totally individual one, and we come together afterwards . . . Just some thoughts of mine that are not yet firm . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • This blog provides opportunities for us to openly share about our personal work.

        Would that we come together before we are parted by death.

        I can hold hope for the afterlife … the ascension. I can touch, see, hear and feel now–and I’m joined and shunned by those who are in this world now.

        Structures we have in place include systems based upon war and seemingly less influential systems based upon unity. We are mostly the effect, collectively, of the war structures and seem to lack skills at organizing around our common spirituality–except to hypothesize that it will all work out after we are gone.

        Past is a story and for most, the future is a predictive placement of our past (as a story) into what we expect as ‘the future’.

        The only thing I have access to transform the NOW.

        Can we get inspired to NOW be in unity–and be energized at the possibility?

        Or, is it easier to keep our stories, values and winning formulas intact and WAIT FOR ASCENSION?

        Participating here is a choice of optimism and of seeking new possibilities. At least, that’s why I’m reading your blog, Jean.

        • Jean says:

          I hear what you are saying, Ed. I think I was reflecting on how many join a group to feel like they belong somewhere, and then they transfer their own fears and wounds into/onto the efforts of the group. I watched this when I lived on Capitol Hill and at the beginning of the year those people against abortion would arrive by the busload to demonstrate. Healing is not a group operation. . . it is private, lonely, and individual. . . and I don’t want to see that fact lost in joining with others in unity. This is what I am tryng to say, and I don’t know if I’m doing a very good job . . . nobody is going anywhere who hasn’t made that inner journey. It’s that complex, and that simple . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • lecox says:

          Here’s a voice in favor of a balanced approach for groups.
          Any well-intentioned group has to deal with the impulse of criminal elements to take advantage of it or destroy it. That’s just a fact of life on earth right now. And it makes being a part of any group that is making progress on this planet a challenging experience. I spent 26 years in the Sea Org, so I do have some personal familiarity with the situation.
          Many individuals can find ways to escape that pressure, so feel more comfortable lightly or uninvolved in groups. But recognize that this does not save all individuals “minding their own business” from criminal incursions! There have always been civilian deaths in war, as one really obvious example.
          But groups are where the action is amongst beings. If your desire for change is satisfied by just hope or prayer, go for it. It’s better than being unaware. But there are lots of people who want to DO something. And that means joining a group. Advancing the cause of spiritual awareness can be done by a group, and is being done by many groups. That doesn’t mean each group member doesn’t have their personal work to do; they do. And it doesn’t mean that these groups are all peace and love for the group members; they aren’t.
          But for me, being a member of such a group gives me a better balance of thought and action. When I worked in such a group full time, it felt like the ideal way to live a life in today’s world. But I let my personal work fall behind, and that lead to a falling out.
          It takes balance to keep things going well individually or in a group. A group that doesn’t realize that won’t get far.

  3. lozzafun says:

    Food for thought tho off topic….Veterans die ‘waiting for a first appt., AFTER serving in the War on Terror, as our gov squanders $$ on crimes against humanity… such as this…The good news is that they say they ‘will not do it again’ since they got busted…so now we can trust them…

    …. White House anti-terrorism advisor Lisa Monaco has now relayed this new claim to the deans of 13 public health schools in the United States. She reportedly added, “the agency will not seek to obtain or exploit DNA or other genetic material acquired through such programs,” once again confirming the CIA had been using fake vaccination programs to acquire DNA samples in order to track down human targets for termination.

    The White House has officially admitted that fake vaccination programs have been used by the United States as a cover for covertly stealing DNA samples from the public as part of the so-called “war on terror.” The aim of the scheme, carried out in the Middle East, was to use DNA analysis to identify suspected terrorists who would then be targeted to be killed by the United States.

    Learn more:

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for sharing and for the link 🙂 . . . and no, we can’t trust them . . . they have never done right by our veterans . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Stephen says:

    I would ask Kevin Annett what he thought of this initiative before embracing it with to many hugs. In a perfect world I would say lets all come together and give peace a chance but I also feel one should cast caution to the wind. The way I see it we don’t have much time to get this right and this one feels like a wooden duck. ;~)) I smell a quack!

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Sherrii says:

      Hello Stephen,

      Unfortunately we don’t see Kevin Annett’s comment published to see what exactly has been said. But The Spiritual UN initiative is for those capable of engaging their intelligence and hearts at a higher level. It appears it may simply be for Humanity’s creme de la creme.

      • Jean says:

        I don’t know that Kevin has the time to look at this and comment, Sherril. . . and allow me to say that in the Golden Age we will not regard one part of humanity as ‘higher’ than another. We are all equal in the eyes of God . . . If you haven’t thought about it, this takes some understanding,because it means far more than we have been taught traditionally. . . If we are on this planet learning lessons in our various lifetimes, then we might have been a king last time ’round, but have chosen to come back this time as a pauper to have that experience. Is one soul better than another? Who is to judge that? Is one job of less value than another, or in the total picture are the all important? If you find this train of thought interesting, you might want to pursue it. There’s lots written about it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • lozzafun says:

          So wisely spoken, Jean….every element of Creation is valuable to Universal balance….When one searches to find the meaning of all that is, it is humbling…Deb

        • Sherrii says:

          Hi Jean,

          You’ve taken the “Creme de la Creme” idea in the wrong context. The Spiritual UN system is based on Equality for all, and the saying you have given above originates in Islam, which is also in The Spiritual UN Gentle path book.

          Creme de la creme are those who take the time simply to think and reflect (rather than be sheeple), and yes, we are all born with the faculties of thinking and reflection if you will. Some people like to think, and some people are simply too lazy too or do not want to take the time to, which is why the Planet is in such a mess. Stephen has prejudged something that he did not take the time to think and reflect about (heart and mind were not synchronized). He instead, used his preconceived judgments in an already highly brainwashed, programmed and matrix-fied world.

          And yes, I do know karma and dharma very well. Think about this one. Do you want to be in the (constant) drama of karma or the (blissful) purpose of dharma? My bet is that 99.99% would like the latter, because it is the 1% that keep us all in wars and tatters. The Spiritual UN system would simply and beautifully harness our individual creative energies so that we may experience the bliss of our Truth while the Planet, Mother Earth, Gaia is in total Bliss–with us. How Beautiful is that! Imagine it. Now all we have to do is simply build the Foundation for it, which is in The Spiritual UN Gentle Path book.

          • Sherrii says:

            p.s. Complimentary copy of The Spiritual UN Gentle Path book to anyone on this blog who can tell me what the Dharma of the HUMAN being is.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 I haven’t studied that of which you speak . . . I will have to let others more knowledgeable than I comment 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Maggie says:

    Is this the United Nations, one religion, NWO scheme? I’m sorry but this creeps me out. It seems very deceptive. Something isn’t right.

    • Sherrii says:

      Hello Maggie,

      It is best to read the description below the video before asking the question, otherwise your mental faculties stay confused and unstimulated in total cognitive dissonance. The crux of The Spiritual UN initiative is to celebrate our diversity of Religions and cultures, while at the same time enjoying our Unity (as one Human Race one Humanity)–which is at the heart of the American Founding and the basis of the Great Double Sided Seal of America–“e pluribus unum”–surely we would all like to get back to the real America–unencumbered by the real deception of politics and politicians.

  6. eurobrat says:

    Would probably be far more effective than the actual UN.

  7. lecox says:

    I haven’t studied all this yet. But I think these people are operating on some false assumptions.
    I see no compelling evidence for one Creator.
    I see no compelling evidence for a greater Purpose.
    And I see no compelling evidence that humans can correctly operate any system of Justice.
    I do see compelling evidence that the overwhelming majority on earth agree on the basics of what is “good” and what is “evil.” That they want more personal control and less external control over their lives. That they are very willing to cooperate, but don’t always know how. And that they are very confused about how to go about improving conditions on this planet.
    Until a considerable number of people here can think much more clearly about these points, the criminal elements here will continue to be able to take advantage of the rest of us.

    • Sherrii says:

      Well hello lecox,

      “I see no compelling evidence for one Creator.” — The Spiritual UN initiative is about going in, not with eyes wide shut, but with eyes wide open. Materialists tend to be of the former, while the spiritually connected are of the latter. However, the real question you may like to ask yourself is why did the American Founders do what they did when they wrote the Declaration of Independence — referring first and foremost to the Creator for our inalienable rights. From those Rights came our Greater Purpose on Earth.

      Further, through a materialist mindset, the System of Justice is arbitrary and corrupt, while for the spiritually connected the System of Justice would be inspired through Source (the very concept of Justice itself), or in less abstract terms what Plato called the Ideal Forms — where universals exist apart from the time space continuum. The Kantian “moral ought” is basically what put’s us right with God, Nature and people.

      The System of Justice of, by and for the spiritually connected is perfectly laid out in The Spiritual UN Gentle Path book as it has been perfectly inspired. It can’t and won’t get any better than that.

      • lecox says:

        The idea of one creator is an ancient teaching, and I am sure the American Founders evoked it because, among other reasons, it aligns with Christian teachings which most Americans (then and still) associate themselves with.
        But I see much more compelling evidence for multiple creators than I do for just one. Possibly millions of them. So what do we have to unify us? Only the most most basic commonalities that exist between people: Our situation stuck in meat bodies here on this planet; a profound sense of honor, dignity, and allegiance to a chosen group; the basic facts of our spiritual truth which include an endless desire for freedom and self-determination.
        These are not small things, but they are very broad points.
        The “we are all one” doctrine has always edged into the area of enforced love, which is almost as bad as anything else that can be enforced. I think the trick to living together is to found our societies on the simple ethical principle of the greatest good for the greatest number and steer away from all doctrine and “teachings” as much as possible.

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