A reader, Eric, expresses his opinion about the use of gold as a part of our future monetary system. My question to you all is, what do you think about his statement? ~J

I have several thoughts about this, but rather than share them, I’d like to hear what others are thinking. . . ~J

Hi Jean,

Every society that has had its monetary system under the control of one authority, usually the political government, has been corrupted! There is not one single historical exception to this corruption, including the United States. How can there ever be any expectation that this will ever change?

It is time to get real and design a central bank that is not under the control of one single entity, most especially the entity that had the power to determine what it needs money for and where it shall get that money!

All of this concern about gold – WHY? Where is there any actual value in gold? What is it that actually constitutes value? This is a very important question, it must be properly answered if we are to ever design a monetary system that cannot be corrupted by politicians or bankers.

What is it that actually constitutes value to humans? Everything we need and want is made available to us through the expenditure of human effort, either our own or someone else’s. What is it that we actually need or want?

Food, clothing, shelter and the various items that comprise these three basics. Please notice that neither money or gold is on this list. We do not actually want money; what we actually want is what we can get for our money.

If we all lived in a local society where everything we needed or wanted was locally available we could simply trade what we make for what we want that someone else makes – simple bartering. The problem is we do not live in such a simple society, what we make may not be needed or wanted by any close neighbor and what we need or want may not be available other than from someone on the other side of the planet. This is why we need some manner of money. The one single purpose of money, no matter the medium used, is to facilitate long distance bartering.

It requires substantial human effort to accumulate all the materials and equipment necessary for a shoemaker to make a pair of shoes; and likewise, to accumulate the materials and equipment to make a shirt, blouse or pair of trousers. The human effort expended to create these and similar items is recognized by everyone as being valuable and worthy of being paid for through the exchange of our own individual human effort, likewise expended to create similar items needed and wanted by other humans.

Where is there any such recognized need for the human effort required to be expended to accumulate gold or silver ore, to be refined and made into coins to be used as money?

Why are China and other countries now accumulating massive quantities of gold? Is it not only because the entities throughout the world, who have control over the creation and issuance of paper money have violated their trust and corrupted all of these paper money issuing central banks? Is there even one central bank of any country that has not been corrupted? Some more than others, yes, but still, corrupted!

Why is China accumulating gold rather than a commodity that would more readily provide for its massive population? Such as millions of tons of rice? Is it not because of the universal belief that gold is the only real money?

If all the FRNs in the United States were to be considered totally worthless tomorrow, what would the people of the United States be in dire need of, and scrounging everywhere to find? Would it be gold – or food? If looters were to come across gold would they then steal that gold and stop searching for food? Or would they steal that gold and then keep on looking for food, and if they located someone offering food for sale would the looters not then trade the gold they stole for food? The point here is, what would people need and want when their money is deemed to be worthless? Gold or food? And,, it they had gold, what do they want it for? Is it not to purchase food?

Where is there any true value in or need for expensive gold?

Again, when everything settles down after a major economic disaster, and everyone is then using gold as money, how long will it be before the powers that be, manipulate the monetary system to replace the gold with gold backed paper and then gradually remove the gold backing so that in a short time the only money medium is paper, unbacked by gold? And how long would it be before that paper money system was corrupted by that single political entity that had placed itself in control?

It has always been this way in the past, how can we expect any difference in the future? Unless we re-design the system to prevent this?

It is claimed by some that our Constitution established a gold coin money system where the use of paper as money was/is unconstitutional. However, the prohibition of the use of paper money is Constitutionally applicable only to the states, there is no such Federal limitation included in that document – it is only inferred in the minds of common people who read what they want into it, while politicians, the same breed who concocted that document, interpret it to serve their own criminal needs.

What we need to do is acknowledge all of this as being inevitable and design a paper money system where the management is under the control of the Legislatures, assembled, of the Fifty States of this Federation, with no authority allowed for any level of government to borrow money from such bank.

The People’s Central Bank (PCB) would be required to restrict its lending only to private sector borrowers, and all interest collected on such loans would be credited to the treasuries of all four levels of government, enabling us to eliminate all manner of taxation at every level of government.

I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

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81 Responses to A reader, Eric, expresses his opinion about the use of gold as a part of our future monetary system. My question to you all is, what do you think about his statement? ~J

  1. vla says:

    If you I where to implement a world wide new currency reset,
    I would use metals as money ,because you can not make them at of thin air ,also not allow any backing by paper or any thing else , it would be ( platnume ,gold , paladuim , silver ,copper , nickle ,
    Etc .) Different weights of each metal
    Which would have different values the proplem comes , small amount of criminals have metals ,
    How do we do a complete world wide reset without giving the criminals an advantage and at the same time giving all of the planets seven billion people equal amount of metals ( money )
    All coins that would be used as money would have imprinting on each coin ( country
    Canton, and each human ,code number on it ,) no other coins or bars would be valid currency. Also no goverment ,or centeral bank , would be involved


    • Jean says:

      Okay, I get it. I wasn’t on my computer before 🙂 You know, don’t you, that I’m not going to release this one? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. xnibiru says:

    I’ve read everything here and would like to say… I’m still broke and will be broke until the day I die… at which time my debts will be passed on to my poor wife. All this philosophising has not helped me in any way. This experiment needs to be turned back against the experimentors. I refuse to participate anymore.

    • Jean says:

      I’m sorry you feel that, way, but your feelings are your choice! For me, when I had feelings I didn’t like, I learned that there were other ways I could feel, but that I had to investigate them 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Hi Jean,
        I have had several requests for the list I have of Court aRulings in regard to the requirement that once jurisdiction is challenged it must be proved on the record by the court or charging party. Please post it where you think appropriate.

        Here is a list of 23 case citations:

        Case Citations re: JURISDICTION

        1. A court may not render a judgment which transcends the limits of its authority, and a judgment is void if it is beyond the powers granted to the court by the law of its organization, even where the court has jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter. Thus, if a court is authorized by statute to entertain jurisdiction in a particular case only, and undertakes to exercise the jurisdiction conferred in a case to which the statute has no application, the judgment rendered is void.

        2. The lack of statutory authority to make particular order or a judgment is akin to lack of subject matter jurisdiction and is subject to collateral attack. 46 Am. Jur. 2d, Judgments § 25, pp. 388-89.

        3. A void judgment is to be distinguished from an erroneous one, in that the latter is subject only to direct attack. A void judgment is one which, from its inception, was a complete nullity and without legal effect. Lubben v. Selective Service System, 453 F.2d 645, 649 (1st Cir. 1972)

        4. A judgment rendered by a court without personal jurisdiction over the defendant is void. It is a nullity. [A judgment shown to be void for lack of personal service on the defendant is a nullity.] Sramek v. Sramek, 17 Kan. App. 2d 573, 576-77, 840 P.2d 553 (1992), rev. denied 252 Kan. 1093 (1993).

        5. “Where there are no depositions, admissions, or affidavits the court has no facts to rely on for a summary determination.” Trinsey v. Pagliaro, D.C. Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647.

        6. “A court cannot confer jurisdiction where none existed and cannot make a void proceeding valid. It is clear and well established law that a void order can be challenged in any court”, OLD WAYNE MUT. L. ASSOC. v. McDONOUGH, 204 U. S. 8, 27 S. Ct. 236 (1907).

        7. “The law is well-settled that a void order or judgement is void even before reversal”, VALLEY v. NORTHERN FIRE & MARINE INS. CO., 254 u.s. 348, 41 S. Ct. 116 ( 1920 )

        8. “Courts are constituted by authority and they cannot go beyond that power delegated to them. If they act beyond that authority, and certainly in contravention of it, their judgements and orders are regarded as nullities ; they are not voidable, but simply void, and this even prior to reversal.” WILLIAMSON v. BERRY, 8 HOW. 945, 540 12 L. Ed. 1170, 1189 ( 1850 ).

        9. “Once jurisdiction is challenged, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authority to reach merits, but rather should dismiss the action.” Melo v. U.S. 505 F 2d 1026.

        10. “There is no discretion to ignore lack of jurisdiction.” Joyce v. U.S. 474 2D 215.

        11. “The burden shifts to the court to prove jurisdiction.” Rosemond v. Lambert, 469 F 2d 416.

        12. “Court must prove on the record, all jurisdiction facts related to the jurisdiction asserted.” Latana v. Hopper, 102 F. 2d 188; Chicago v. New York 37 F Supp. 150.

        13. “The law provides that once State and Federal Jurisdiction has been challenged, it must be proven.” 100 S. Ct. 2502 (1980).

        14. “Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time.” Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co. 495 F 2d 906, 910.

        15. “Defense of lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter may be raised at any time, even on appeal.” Hill Top Developers v. Holiday Pines Service Corp. 478 So. 2d. 368 (Fla 2nd DCA 1985).

        16. “Court must prove on the record, all jurisdiction facts related to the jurisdiction asserted. “Lantana v. Hopper, 102 F. 2d 188; Chicago v. New York, 37 F. Supp. 150.

        17. “Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be assumed, it must be proved to exist.” Stuck v. Medical Examiners 94 Ca 2d 751. 211 P2d 389.

        18. “Jurisdiction, once challenged, cannot be assumed and must be decided.” Maine v Thiboutot 100 S. Ct. 250.

        19. “The law requires proof of jurisdiction to appear on the record of the administrative agency and all administrative proceedings.” Hagans v Lavine 415 U. S. 533.

        20. A judgment obtained without jurisdiction over the defendant is void. Overby v. Overby , 457 S.W.2d 851 (Tenn. 1970). Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785.

        21. Challenge to court’s jurisdiction is raised by motion to dismiss, Criterion Co. v. State, 458 So. 2d. 22 (Fla 1st DCA 1984.

        22. Since jurisdiction is fundamental, and it is jurisdiction alone that gives a court power to hear, determine, and pronounce judgment on the issues before it, jurisdiction must be continuing in the court throughout the proceedings, Re. Cavitt, 254 P.599

        23. Since jurisdiction is fundamental to any valid judicial proceeding, the first question that must be determined by a trial court in any case is that of jurisdiction, Dillon v. Dillon, 187 P,27.

        I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

    • Hi Xnibiru, What is the experiment you are in reference to and who are the experimenters?
      And who exactly, was it that caused you to be in debt?
      I was abandoned in a basket by my birth mother, taken in and raised by a dirt poor couple, went to trade school instead of high school, worked as a single point tool machinist for about 16 years, then started my own furniture manufacturing company, starting in my garage and back yard with one retail store customer. I built that up on my own money because the banks would not loan me a dime, and I had to pay cash, retail prices for my materials because I had no credit or volume high enough to be accorded wholesale prices. In all my twenty two years of that endeavor I never opened an account with any supplier, always paid cash on delivery (Yes I paid by check). I told my suppliers that their delivery driver better come in and pick up the check because I was not going to waste my money on postage to mail checks. I never borrowed any money from any bank or used any manner of credit card.

      After a few years I had 70-80 production employees who I paid by the piece rather than minimum wage, My lowest paid production worker was earning $6.00 per hour when the minimum wage was $3.75; my highest was earning $18.00 per hour. So I know it is possible to start with nothing and build a very good income. For the last ten years of operation My wife and I each had a new Cadillac, Fleetwood Brougham De Elegance, the most expensive Caddie available, fully loaded, paid for by cash!

      So stop crying and go do something! Your lovely wife deserves it!

      I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

  3. Rance says:

    There are so many good comments here. You could spend days just thinking about them. Actually, I have spent years on this very topic. Everyone here is right to some point. Unfortunately, in this topic, I believe almost evryone misses the single most important point. that is that we are really talking about an issue of false claims when we address the monetary issue. that is what must be fixed. I agree that gold and silver will likely be used to repeat a previously successful ploy that has been used several times throughout history. I alos agree that you can’t eat gold.
    I see money (currency) as a form of generic IOU. Ownership of this “public credit” has been usurped by the banking system and governments, neither of which have the right to claim the value of our trade.
    Money is its natural use as an IOU really IS a form of “paying it forward” because it is a means of deferring one side of a trade until such time as the facsimile of value can be converted into something we need or want.
    There is so much to say here. I am presently working on a blog that covers the topic extensively from the point of view of retrieving the false claims, first through understanding the problem as one of fraud of the hightest order, then applying the knowledge to an approach for solution.
    In the meantime, some thoughts are captured and understood when we engage our right brain. Maybe this short poem will twig with some of you.

    Of thieves, and kings of men

    What is the thing that can be fixed
    though fixing will not do the thing
    That can be fixed because
    the fixing’s done by you
    Not doing what you’ve done so far?

    The thing you’ve done so far
    the thing you musn’t do no more
    Is fix your name with pen (a seal),
    An instrument that does appeal
    To those whose sly intent would steal

    Everything you are.

    Unless, of course
    you’re happy with your present course
    In life as someone’s serf
    the proof of which we must discuss
    the value of your worth

    As signatory to the story
    of your life as written by
    The short line, takes no time
    to give it all away (sigh)
    To ones who only play

    While work and toil,
    your only spoils,
    Mean nothing to these men
    who see your soul in a bowl,
    A soup for them to eat

    And if perchance, in this romance
    a loss should come to them,
    A shoulder shrug, a smiling mug
    and guess what they say then:
    “Fear not, it’s only meat.”

    So it’s your name, you see
    that’s all to blame (“poor me”)
    For the puddle that you’re in.
    You’ve turned it over, it’s a sin
    For that’s the thing they’re
    tradin’ in.

    The work you do, it has a price
    that you get once
    But they get thrice
    When all is said and done.
    The note you signed
    they’ll sell three times
    And more, yes, not just one.

    But here’s the thing, the sting
    you may not know
    The price they get, do not forget
    it must be paid by you,
    Not them, the men
    Who merely eat the stew.

    So here’s the thing that must
    be fixed, for fixin’
    Must be done.
    Make sure the payment
    Goes to those you know
    who are the one

    You’ve got the thing, without the sting,
    from. It’s only fair,
    That pay should go to those whose nose
    is bare from all the wear,
    Grinding stones. And make no bones,
    Make no atones
    To those who own the pen.

    They’ve earned their lot, a plot
    upon the ground.
    It’s just a mound (of dirt),
    a justice truly found,
    The monuments to men

    Who’s only dream, if dream it was,
    was dream of yours, not them
    Stolen by the tricks of trade,
    the bricks you laid
    For them.

    One more thing I have to say,
    the matter of who we pay
    May come as a surprise.
    You see, the things we’ve made,
    Since claimed, wrongly, so I’ve said,
    Will come to Us as prize,

    The ones who signed the note
    and bought the boat
    The One that kept the thieves afloat.
    This will now be ours
    For all the lifetimes worked, to serve the yen
    of thieves and men
    who would be kings.


  4. Angela says:

    DEAR JEAN, I hope that you agree the following info is important enough to go VIRAL for the edification of people who do not want “conspiracy theories” but facts. Here are 2 important sites with simple yet DOCUMENTED FACTS. Please ask people to consider getting this viral. Kevin Annett was able to create a Grand Jury to hear evidence then an International Tribunal heard the evidence that convicted 29 people of child trafficking and murder to include Queen E and the former pope. If the people in the USA had this info MAYBE they would feel confident in creating Grand Juries with that evidence. I think it worthy of the effort and you have wonderful readers.
    Blessings to you and yours for the work you do and info you provide. Angela
    1) http://www.stage2omega.com/u-k-landmark-case-could-stymie-legal-system-queen-not-valid-monarch/ (THIS tells us that the legal system of the USA is under the British Crown and we can remove ourselves from it.)
    2) http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_2/182-7323634-0252107?rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Arodney+stich&page=2&d=1&keywords=rodney+stich&ie=UTF8&qid=1401627754 (THIS is a series of books that documents the names, places, dates, mafia, banksters, murders, government treasonist, etc)

    • Jean says:

      Angela, I will publish this . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Hi Angela,

      The problem here in the United States is in educating those involved in the “Common Law” Grand Jury movement to understand that the Fifth Amendment, the authority establishing the Grand Jury, does not imply or establish that the Grand Jury established thereunder, is to be a Common Law entity.

      After the Constitution was written and presented to the Thirteen States, it was agreed to be ratified on the condition that certain protective amendments would be considered and adopted, and made a part of the Constitution.

      In order to facilitate this, the Several States independently of each other, created a total of approximately fifty amendments. Due to the difficulty in communication at that time, there were many duplications from the various states. When the fifty proposed amendments were presented to the Framers of the Constitution they condensed the fifty down to ten, with two additional amendments proposed by the Framers, both of which were rejected by the legislatures of the Thirteen States.

      To review the fifty amendments proposed by the Thirteen States, go to this very well organized website: http://www.constitution.org/dhbr.htm

      In my research I was only able to determine that there was only one state that requested an amendment creating a grand jury, and that state did not mention that the grand jury it requested should operate under Common Law.

      When a society operates under common law no statutory laws are permitted. All determinations of wrong doing are determined on a case by case basis by the Common Law Grand Jury, and if the Common Law Grand Jury determines a wrong has been committed, a petit jury is assembled and a trial held.

      What is important to understand here, is that the present Grand Jury movement here in the United States, in characterizing itself as being a “Common Law” Grand Jury, that if it were to be accepted by the civil judicial system presently in control of our judicial system, the activities of the Common Law Grand Jury would eradicate and eliminate the current civil justice system and the Legislature.

      Now, whether that would be good or bad must be set aside because there is no possibility that the current Civil Court system is going to approve the constituting of a Citizens Grand Jury that is to operate under Common Law.

      There is no Constitutional provision for a Common Law Grand Jury. The Fifth Amendment does not assign the Grand Jury established thereunder, authority to invoke the Common Law in its operation.

      The Supreme Court has acknowledged and recognized that the Grand Jury created under the Fifth Amendment is autonomous, not under the direct control of the Three Branches of government created under the body of the Constitution, acknowledging that the Grand Jury is a Fourth Branch, for the purpose of overseeing the other three, by the People, but, a fair interpretation of the Constitution as a whole, together with the Fifth Amendment, there was no indication of intention by any of the states, in ratifying the Fifth Amendment, that they intended that the Grand Jury created thereunder would have power to eliminate any of the other branches of the Federal Government created under the Constitution.

      The People’s Grand Jury would most definitely have authority to investigate and indict any government official who was acting in a criminal manner, but the People’s Grand Jury would not have authority to eliminate or assume the duties of the Judicial Branch established under the Constitution or to erradicate the Legislature.

      That is, if those concerned about how our government has gotten out of control, realistically want the People’s Grand Jury to be re-activated, they would be well advised to drop their assertions of Common Law authority.

      What they are advocating is blatantly unconstitutional!

      I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

  5. Peter Sprunk says:

    What our money system will be like in five hundred years, is one thing. It is quite another thing that we have a problem with money right now.
    The comments by rediscover911com sum up best the underlying problem(s).

    Do we specifically need gold as a kind of money? No..!
    It too has only an arbitrary value.

    Money is not the problem because in and of itself it has no value other than the paper it’s printed on. However, if we say that ten units of money equals an average persons work in one hour, then we have given money the ability to express value and we readily accept it as such.
    It is the scheming manipulation of money that is unacceptable.

    In that sense it would be good if money was tied to something that is equal everywhere on Earth and will remain so for the long-term future. The only one I can think of there is energy.
    A kilo Watt of energy is a kilo Watt, is a kilo Watt; it doesn’t matter where on Earth it is.

    The only other thing is that all public money must be ONLY for public purposes and benefit.
    Far too much public money flows into the pockets of the super-rich and those who know how to manipulate the system for their personal wealth creation.

    Making money with money, share holding and all the methods of profiteering need to be outlawed or taxed to high heaven. In other words, a person’s possessions, in terms of private wealth, should be obtained only through ‘honest and real work’.
    One cannot become super-rich by simply working or conducting an honest business; super wealth is only possible at the cost of other people, i.e. the broad masses.

    Trying to turn the cart around, now that the horse has well and truly bolted, is probably like trying to wee into the wind on the ice plateau in Antarctica, in a blizzard.

    Regards, Peter.

    • This is in response to Police State Advocate, Peter Sprunk,

      What is it that constitutes an average person’s work in one hour? What constitutes average work? What is an average person? Who is the “we” that says it?

      What is public money and who gets to decide what is a public purpose and benefit?

      Where is there any proper authority to determine how much wealth constitutes being super rich? Where does the authority come from to tax to high heaven those making money with money or share holding?

      What you advocate is a total tyrannical police state, even worse than what we now suffer under.

      I was raised by a dirt poor couple who took me in as an abandoned infant. I only went to the eight grade, then to trade school for three years. I worked as a single point tool machinist for about 16 years and then started my own furniture manufacturing company which I operated for twenty-two years, on my own money. I shipped furniture all over the United States and to several foreign countries. Everyone I knew in business, Middle Class America, worked hard in their businesses. I did very well.

      I started with nothing and built a company with almost a hundred total employees. If it had not been for my efforts they would have been out of work. Is that what would really please you?

      You sound like a lazy bum who thinks the world owes you a living. The reason rich people are rich is because they work hard being productive. Should those of us who were becoming successful backed off so we would not become among the super rich that you deplore?

      One of the primary reasons this country is failing is because the government has driven the super rich out of the United States with all the government rules and required employee benefits. Causing great employment in China. Does that make you happy?

      I met Bill Gates when he was just starting out with Micro-soft. I don’t like the socialistic programs he supports but that does not change the fact that he started with nothing and has built up a world wide profit making business. Taxing people like him out of business would cause thousands of his employees to be out of work. I expect that would thrill you to death!

      What in your mind constitutes honest and real work? It is apparent you have no appreciation for the intellectual creativity that is required to enable the manufacturing of something like computer mother boards. I presume that for an electronics engineer to be engaging in honest work, according to you, he would have to do his intellectual designing while sitting under a heat lamp so that sweat would be running off of him in a river.

      What is it that constitutes profiteering? I suppose the only level of pay that would meet with your approval would be for the sweat shop worker to be given nothing more that a bowl of rice.

      Upon what facts do you base your assertion that “one cannot become super-rich by simply working or conducting an honest business; that super wealth is only possible at the cost of other people, i.e. the broad masses.”

      Yes there are criminals in our society, but the majority of the wealthy are honorable people who have earned their position honestly, while creating millions of jobs for the common people, and, unfortunately, even for the ungrateful, such as you.

      I expect that if things continue here the way they have been going for the past several decades, that you will feel right at home in the FEMA slave labor camps.

      What is it that constitutes the unacceptable scheming manipulation of money? And who gets to decide?

      If you put one foot in a bucket of ice water and the other in a bucket of boiling tar, would you, on the average be comfortable?

      Who gets to decide these things? Where does the authority come from to decide?

      There is and can be no proper authority to decide that what we use as money will be based on specific thing. This is true because no person is Naturally imbued with authority to decide these things for any other person. And neither can such determination be decided by a group of such impotent individuals.

      Each individual persons Natural authority to command another person is equal to ZERO. This applies to every single individual with no exception. No matter how many ZEROs are added together the total will never be greater than ZERO!

      The only fair way that the value of any individual’s productivity can be determined is by the individual willingness of others to pay for what ever is being offered.

      As I wrote above, the one and only reason we use money is because it facilitates bartering. This is true because the one and only way person “A” can purchase what he wants from person “B” is by person “A” presenting person “B” with the product person “A” offers in a form person “B” can use to trade it to some other person who actually wants what person “A” has to offer. If person “A” is offering ripe tomatoes fresh on the vine, that person “B” has no need for. person “B” can still accept person “A’s” money because person “B” knows there will be many people who will want tomatoes, so person “B”knows he will not be stuck with freshly picked tomatoes he does not need that would rot before he was able to trade them to someone else, but because person “B” accepted money instead, the tomatoes remain on the vine so they will not spoil before whomever receives the money provided by person “A” who wants the tomatoes, that will still be fresh because they are still on the vine.

      This is the way money works to facilitate bartering. The value of the money will remain stable, fluctuating only as the free market causes.

      The reason money fluctuates badly in our economy is because it is controlled by one single government entity, CONgress, enabled by the Founding Fathers in THEIR CONstitution.

      The one and only reason FRNs have not worked as well as money as they could have is because the CONstitution was created to destroy our economy so that the Aristocrat Class could re-assert themselves, which has been ongoing since 1787, when the CONstitution was foisted off on the unsuspecting commoners of that time.

      The solution to our monetary problems is to simply take all control away from CONgress and assign ownership of the Fed to the People of the country, NOT CONgress or the Federal Government.

      All levels of government must be prohibited from borrowing money from any source for any purpose and all interest collected on loans to private sector borrowers appropriately distributed to the four levels of government with no level of government allowed to determine how much money it needs to operate or where such money shall come from. All four levels of government would be funded by such interest enabling us to totally eliminate all manner of taxation at every level of government!

      When taxation is utilized, a police state has been created!

      I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

  6. Peter Harvey says:

    Such a huge and hugely corrupted subject, as the many lengthy comments attest.

    I agree with the thrust of most comments, that we will be better off when the whole concept of money evaporates in a sea of plenty, once the evil control systems are fully exposed and understood by all for what they are and crucially free energy is on stream.

    Whether this will happen fast enough to avoid an interim “stepping stone” of a transparent money system being necessary it’s difficult to imagine, but if this is necessary, then the transparency must be built around recognising that money is an IOU actually representing real value that one party actually owes another, and therefore must be backed by real “insurance backed” collateral property owned by the “debtor” that can eventually directly or indirectly benefit the “creditor”.

    In our current global economy personal real estate property and/or gold could provide this collateral function, but of course the whole malignancy of the usury/interest abomination must go in it’s entirety.

  7. schauminator says:

    I think you would first have to believe the Cabal is going to succeed and soon. Even if the cabal don’t win, gold and silver historically have been good investments along with staple food investments.

  8. Liam anderson says:

    First of all; Gold and silver is money. nothing else.

    All currency is fiat, and can be manipulated.

    Fiat currency is actually only backed by the ability of we the people to pay taxes, so that government can fulfill their debt “obligation” to private bankers.

    Gold can not be produced from thin air. it must be mined from the ground. of which there is limited supply.

    There is more debt owed (to banks) than there is currency to pay for the debt principal,
    therefore more and more currency must be created to pay the principal plus interest,
    thus creating a perpetual state of debt SLAVERY.

    Mass gold accumulation in the east is no coincidence, there will be a new currency backed by gold and Silver.

    While the idea of a world without money and complete financial equality (zero poverty), that will not happen without unless we us REAL MONEY.

    until we come to the point where we are all using free energy and the like, we still have use for money.

    Introducing the 5000 year old solution: GOLD AND SILVER.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Not sure which particular statement was made about gold. However, gold has metallurgical properties, including non-corrosiveness, & conductivity (as used in computer circuitry), among many others, which because of its level of scarcity (& at the same time, availability), gives it its value. Gold has also anti-bacterial properties such as silver does (i.e., colloidal silver). Only gold backed currency has its value established by its collateral. If you then remove this backing, then that currency is no longer backed, & it should lose its value. Gold just happens to be a sought after metal.

  10. Iris says:

    An enlightened civilasation doesn’t need money or gold. All this is programming us to live in an artificial shortage. Our planet has enough resources so that every human being could live without artificial money or gold to buy goods that we don’t need. Free energy, high technology, clean water and healty food for everyone is absolutely possible ! So the question if we need gold to back up a monetary system is misguiding – we really don’t need either artificial “toilet paper” money with some funny pictures on it, or goldcoins to evolve as a human species. What we really need is transparency, openness and confidence in ourselves and some balanced scepticism against those crooks that make us beilieve that without money or gold nothing would be possible…

  11. will iam says:

    You can not have a monetary system that will not be corruptible later on as long as there is such a wide discrepancy on the value we have for each other.

    We are the value, each and every one of us! We are the value!!

    When a change is desired some times the best way to begin is by recognizing which way to NOT begin. All systems of placing value outside of the individual has failed throughout history.

    Any system that is put in place will be futile as long as there are people hungry and without shelter on any single stretch of land on this beautiful planet.

    Stop all war, all military methods of defense, and let go of the fear we have for others. Feed the poor, the disadvantaged, the homeless. Make certain that all beings in this world have access to health care and the dignity of life quality, then lets talk about placing value on objects separate from us…………if we still want to! (imo)!!

    • Jean says:

      As I’m working on comments, I’m listening – at last – to a Tellinger video in which he describes a moneless system, and it agrees with so much of what you are saying . . . I will publish it when I’m done all comments . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • will iam says:

        Hi Jean,

        “In each of these examples, humanity comes from conforming to or being part of the tribe.”

        This is from Ubuntu philosophy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(philosophy)

        Humanity comes from each being allowed to be an individual, not from conforming to a tribe (IMO). Go into the Ubuntu thing with eyes wide open and never ever stop questioning. There was a lively debate recently about this on http://www.zengardner.com that people may find interesting. Cheers, Will

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, Will. Most of humanity lives at the tribal level; that is, we are to sacrifice ourselves so the tribe can survive. Most of the fight I’ve had to survive has been about living above the lower chakras, because the tribe pulls people back – in their fear. At a higher level, our individuality will be cherished and celebrated, and I’m all for it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  12. nadia says:

    I think money and gold are mental habits.But many people has not so much fantasy and many others are in greed and survival mode due to scarcity traumas, so we have to find an intermediate step between now and the point when everybody will be contribuiting with heart to the whole and taking with conscience….If we have free energy and replicators things that anyway need to be build and repaired,as some people says, is obvious that creative thinking and fantasy will become very important and gold practically nothing.If not we would need to fix the prices of everything and compare one hour of work with that.nd equalize working wages in the world as well as currencies…to finish also a basic income for all.Using money or gold simbolically does not change much this is just that the gold must represent something which has a real value for our lives… bargaining and free exchange are important and necessary now to disempower the present money grid but if a fair way of exchange comes out then we can use it in a transitionary period.In my opininion we should fix prices of food and give for one hour labour an exact retribuition in food or anything.I think all works should be worth the same and the time for studying being worth of a high percentual of this hour so people is payed to study but after studying they are payed the same.In the world prices and wages should be the same and i think not only a basic income should be given to everybody but also an house in the preferred area.In change of the shelter the people takes care of it…..But the most important point to realize all of this is entering a space of self responsability inner justice and respect for each other.SO education and self educaton are the basis point.In any system and situation we can create again greedy, power fear systems and unfair treatments as result….the main point is elevate our levels of energy and our consciousness beyond extreme self selfishness and war.Many people are ready but many are not and they are influenced by subtle unvisible forces…Love is always a great force,reasoning and educaton the second..May god bless us all and open the minds who need this…
    For me another important thing to do would be to calculate and redistribute the richnesses we have now on Earth,to do this we also need a basical unit to calculate everything and redistribute….a golden unit is not that great value i would prefer 8 kilos of wheat as basic unity for example…golden was maybe more practical to bring around….

    • Jean says:

      Nadia, as I’m reading this I’m listening to Michael Tellinger speak specifically on a money-less society. . . I’m publishing it. It’s all so very simple . . . He talks how it will be easier for small villages and communities. . . but cities have neighborhoods, so why not treat them as small towns? He’s speaking now of education, and all that I ‘really’ know today has nothing to do with what I learned in school. It comes from having the time to follow my passion . . . and reading and studying on the internet at the feet of the greats in our world. Nobody directed me. Nobody told me what to think. I figured it out for myself. By the time I’d figured things out for myself, I’d also learned to trust myself, so I could speak my truth and walk away at peace – when I was laughed at. I could allow others to be where they are, but not give up who I am . . . That’s a tough one to learn, because it means I had to learn to love myself when others put the pressure on me by excluding me. Well, as you can see, I feel strongly about these things, and I could go on and on and on . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  13. gear13 i says:

    Some money quotes to ponder

    “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue.” – Ayn Rand

    A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world. Bendixline

    Money amassed either serves us or rules us. Horace

    If we fasten our attention on what we have, rather than what we lack, a very little wealth is sufficient. Francis Johnson

    Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give. William A. Ward

    He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one. Benjamin Franklin

    If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. Henry Ford

    Money will buy a bed but not sleep; books but not brains; food but not appetite; finery but not beauty; a house but not a home; medicine but not health; luxuries but not culture; amusements but not happiness; religion but not salvation; a passport to everywhere but heaven. Unknown Source

    Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count, really count. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German-Swiss-U.S. scientist.

    Anyone can be great with money. With money, greatness is not a talent but an obligation. The trick is to be great without money. Unknown Source

    It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) American politician.

  14. OldMan says:

    Eric provides a good situation analysis on fiat currency, gold trends, and historic corruption. I thought we were all taught, at a very early age, that greed was a sin. Today, we accept the definition of wanton wealth pursuit as “success” or “business as usual” (don’t you take issue with people who blatantly screw you and then say “it’s not personal, it’s business”). The kids of wealthy generational families possess a sense of entitlement that can never be satisfied. They meet up with kids in the same “caste” and all hell breaks loose as they try to out-maneuver one another in an attempt to assuage their vapid egos. In the US, start with the railroad barons during Lincoln’s term, fast forward to 2008, and it’s pretty clear which families haphazardly rule the world today.

    As a remedy, Eric proposes the formation of a PCB which will work under ideal conditions. Other folks have responded with alternate solutions should we choose to create utopia. If you are interested in joining others in the conceptualization of a pure currency system, I hope you will take the time to visit the modern money network at http://www.modernmoneynetwork.org. The folks there are really smart and welcome everyone to join in.

    Having been birthed into the matrix of servitude, I spent my first 40 years of life jumping thru other people’s hoops. In the process, I “earned” enough money to realize how truly bored I was doing just that. In my golden years, I have learned how to live the simple life. Everything I own fits in a van and I am free to live my life as I see fit.

    The defining moment for the petrol dollar is here. Other world powers do not trust the US to lead them into a “new world”. That is because foreign oligarchs (also billionaires) are not simply going to give up their spot in the sandbox just because the US has really good sports teams and films.

    So before anyone can implement a new money system, we should all be thinking about how this upcoming change is going to play itself out.

    The wealthy in the US (top, say, 25%) will assume that our leaders would never allow the dollar to collapse. We have the world’s mightiest military and have already witnessed the deployment of weapons, high tech, and secret policies so staggering that no other global superpower can challenge us, regardless of our multi-trillion-dollar-and-growing-every-second national debt. But hey, there could be some hiccups along the way so why not hedge by investing in some metal, etfs, and rental properties. It’s all good and, maybe this season, we’ll go first class to the superbowl! Oh yeah, the other 75% will still be fighting for their monthly mortgage and food stamps, but at least they can watch the superbowl on HDTV.

    To those who are reading my comment, I know you are wide awake and ready for change. It remains to be seen how that change will come about. If other superpowers play a smart game of global-rule chess, will they create a better outcome? If higher dimension entities assist, what is their justified course of action going to be?

    Clearly, all the stars are aligning for THE major transformation of our species. It is OK to call this evolution a global awakening. Semantics don’t matter. My advice is make sure you hug those closest to you on a daily basis and spend time, as often as you can, celebrating the beautiful planet we all share. If you want to think about money and gold, go ahead. If you opt to think about other things, that works too. Just hold on tight. The roller coaster is about to drop.

  15. I think the movie, “Epsilon” or “Alien Visitor” is relevant to the conversation. 🙂

    Perhaps one could even say they’re happily chiming in. ❤

    • Rich Buckley says:

      dreamwalker444 is being most modest. Click on dreamalker’s name and it takes you to his/her dream diary site where a creative alternative banking vehicle has been apparently “dreamed up” by dreamwalker444:

      The following interesting and creative ideas are from dreamwalker444’s site:

      Introducing the Bank of One
      It is our pleasure to introduce you to a new concept in banking, the Bank of One. The features of this bank include the following:
      We do not deal directly with corporations or governments, other than to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.
      Only one account is allowed per customer.
      Your initial starting balance is an infinite value, which you may convert directly into other global currencies for your personal use (note that this is how all banks operate today).
      Your account functions as a hybrid checking/debit card.
      Initially, we can not handle “cash” or “paper check” transactions. Only electronic transactions are available.
      Your transactions will not initially impact the value of local currencies. This is because the availability (stock) of this paper money is not impacted.
      Each customer will be given the opportunity through our website to donate money to organizations and companies, as they see fit. Organizations may also register for funding through our website.  
      The Bank of One does not lend money. We facilitate our customers’ actions through our online presence.
      There is no charge for our service, but you may choose to donate to The Bank of One to support our service.
      The customer is personally and legally responsible for all actions carried out by his or her account.
      The customer’s privacy and protection is our highest priority.
      The Bank of One operates as a non-profit organization. 
      The Bank of One does not condone slavery in any form, including economic slavery.

      We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.


      The Bank of One

      The thought did occur to me after reading dreamwalker’s Bank Of One, what if dreamwalker’s bank only served those sleeping? To access your infinite account all you need to do as be asleep. Deposits are made in service to others, such as healing others with meditations, prayers, and mental rituals, Withdrawals are made by waking up anr creating new projects for others to project their deposits into at night. Think about it, has more than one level of meaning….imagine a bank dedicated to service to other projects on a global scale that you access with others in your sleep….. with no bank statements to be balanced.

      • Thanks, Rich – great ideas. I appreciate your taking the time to research further. This was a thought experiment, playing with the idea of energy vs. money. As others, I’ve been struggling with the idea of how we “bridge the gap”. I guess fiat money is really just imaginary money. So we visualize money changing hands but no longer see it, because it’s all digital. And for some folks, they just swipe a card (for example with a clothing purchase) and don’t think about the “cost”. Well, maybe these are highly enlightened beings after all… and it’s not really the “money” that’s the problem, it’s the “value”… which is our own value of “fairness”. It’s not the money we need to let go of, it’s our (collective) notion of fairness. 😀

  16. Our present problems stem from a war-based governmental structure, privately held central banks, and no audit or restriction on the amount of currency created. In addition, those who control the currency creation also control the policies which are funded by the newly created currency.

    Currency should be a public utility with no private ownership of the process. The amount of currency created should be just sufficient to conduct commerce and provide for creation of infrastructures.

    Fiat currency works. That is what we are exchanging now … fiat currency. Re-read the above if you think currency must be backed by anything other than the good will agreement of each of us about value of the currency.

    Dick Eastman’s system of “social credit” is worth studying.

    Watch SECRET OF OZ

  17. lecox says:

    If you take the body and its needs out of the equation, the role of money in society becomes a little more obvious. It’s just another control mechanism.

    A lot of things besides commodities and the goods made from them have perceived value. Entertainment has enormous perceived value. So does health care. So do all sorts of “status symbols.” Information and information services have value. Books. The internet. Just think of all the things that would still be valuable to you if you had absolutely no concern about the well being of your body. All these things have control value, too.

    Per what they have told their contacts on earth, many ET societies do without money. They have either substituted some other control system or decided they can do without so much control.
    So the bigger question is: Why did this perceived need for lots of control come about?

    I couldn’t give a complete answer here, but some important aspects:
    1) Historically, people have not been very aware of the fact that all humanoid creatures are bodies run by spiritual beings. They will do something bad to something they think is “just an animal” and be surprised at the amount of resentment or “kick back” they get, which is from the being.
    2) After many such experiences, the “bad guy” can have a change of heart, and flip over to protecting bodies. He may end up in some government somewhere, charged with the protection of the bodies of the beings that live and work in his area. So ways are devised to do this.
    3) At first the attention may concentrate on external threats, by finding ways to disable incoming beings who have “too much power.” But by hook or by crook, an internal situation will be created that convinces the government that it needs to control its own people, not just protect its borders. This becomes a dwindling spiral that is usually “solved” when the more hard hit find some new place to go where they can be “freer.” Of course, they will eventually sink back into the same pattern, unless they are a lot more aware than most beings on earth or anywhere else currently are.

    Life must go on in an imperfect world.

    There are many good arguments for a public central bank to control the currency supply and handle related functions. Historically, this has worked better than private banks, which seem to be chronically infected by criminal types, if not one of their few unique creations.

    I have seen no good arguments for holding precious metals as a way to “back up” a nation’s currency.

    As a wild guess: Gold possession may be seen as a measure of a being’s or group’s ability to control. And that ability has value. Something like this must be the origin of the value placed in gold. It is a status value, mostly. Gold does have real use, not only in jewelry (it may be the only metal some people can wear) but in electronics where it is used to improve the corrosion resistance of conductors.

  18. Ilex says:

    And in the interim?

  19. wolf tone says:

    this is a very good article by eric williams,and creates many questions on the origins of the monetary system and maybe just maybe some of the answers lie in our past history or histories,and one of the reasons many thousands of years ago when the draco repitillians came to earth and not only used us as slave labour to mine for this gold but manipulated our DNA to their requirements many times and not very successfully,ancient sumerian history teaches us that the reptillian annunaki need for gold has many reasons and not all them are known to this day,but one of the stories is that their homeworld needs a protective barrier of gold for the survival of their homeworld whatever that may be nibiru or orien take your choice becuse nobody is absolutely sure about that one,but there is lots of historical evidence of giant smelters found in iraq and a few other places in the middle east that melted the gold down to a white powder to consume as monatomic gold that in theory gave these reptillians greater power than they already needed, now the rest of this history is little uncertain regarding of how long this went on for or how and when they created the draco human blue blood lines of the todays royal families and elites as the watchers over humanity who were also a source of food,much of this evidece is now coming to light of these creatures who live in our society thanks to people like KEVIN ANNETT who is doing one hell of a job on the child trafficking by these elte bloodline families, who have always been above and beyond the law, that is the families of the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROCKERFELLERS along with the QUEEN of england own more than treequarters of this world.there is some good theoretcal history that has been brought to light by seharia zitchen and the hopi american apache indian that tells us that many of these bloodlines can be traced back to sumeria and beyond,like for instance the ROKA PHAROAHS became the ROCKERFELLERS, its possible that when all the evidence of our hidden history is brought to light and the people take back their power we might have a future that has been a long time in the making. WOLF TONE

  20. I agree with the pay it forward approach. We all have infinite value… Why should we cheapen ourselves to accepting a wage for our time? Money has played an important role as a catalyst for creativity – some truly great art could not have been created without the starving artist behind it! But the experiment is becoming meaningless because society is not meeting the needs of its citizens. By eliminating money and our need to value, so many things get so much simpler. This requires everyone to let go of the idea that they should get a fair wage for their time. Is one person’s time worth more than another’s? No, it’s all priceless, infinite value. This I feel is the next step in human rights. A baseline of needs should at least be met. Rather than stifling innovation, it would free people up to do what they love to do. That would be a great place to be.

    • Jean says:

      I like what you’re saying here, Dreamwalker. I never quite thought of it that way 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • JimmyB says:

      I’m in complete agreement with you, dreamwalker. And I think this is where we will end up in the future. As for what should be in place in the meanwhile when the dollar collapses, I’m not sure but hopefully it will be geared towards two objectives: caring for the homeless/sick/children & elderly, and allowing the healthy to flourish and create/build again.

      During the massive blackout on the east coast many years ago, in NYC, because the food and beer would have spoiled anyway, vendors were having huge BBQs and not asking for any money. Because the subways and traffic lights were not working, people had to stay where they were and I witnessed bankers, blue collar workers, families, everyone just having a grand jubilee. It is possible!

    • bornoutsidethebox says:

      Love your perspective, dreamwalker444. The assigning of monetary value to anyone’s offering feels to same to me as IQ testing and all sorts of hierarchical judgments that start from the moment we are born here. I’m drawn to all visionary ideas that have nothing to do with the old ways of gold, etc. (isn’t the gold mining/Annunaki thing where all of this slavery started anyway?). My vote goes to Michael Tellinger’s UBUNTU movement and all other ideas that call us to take back our power and our birthright from the gold-obsessed overlords. We were born to be free.

  21. Rich Buckley says:

    It’s always a moving target.

    Until one thinks through our 3rd dimensional question as Eric demonstrates,  “how can we redesign money to better serve the many?”  

    There are so many levels to Eric’s self challenge, every answer raises new levels of concern.

    Everything is a moving target. In this 3rd dimensional reality, while it’s true most of us need food to live, what we believe, i.e., our incredibly vast field of spiritual insights, mix into what we seek and what we seek may negate the very hypothesis derived in Eric’s final paragraps :

    …..”What we need to do is acknowledge all of this as being inevitable and design a paper money system where the management is under the control of the Legislatures, assembled, of the Fifty States of this Federation, with no authority allowed for any level of government to borrow money from such bank.

    “The People’s Central Bank (PCB) would be required to restrict its lending only to private sector borrowers, and all interest collected on such loans would be credited to the treasuries of all four levels of government, enabling us to eliminate all manner of taxation at every level of government.”…..

    But oh drats! We then all lose something in the process: Who decides which loans are not approved? The “committee” of course. 

    So now we need to somehow control the local committees or they become corrupt, do they not? Certainly my freedom and free will and creativity are limited.  At this juncture it seems our liberties are once again at risk of being lost. We’re right back where we are right now creating the “in class” and those on the “outs.” This was never intended but it seems to be the inevitable unintended consequence at this stage of human evolution. After all I just wanted to build my golf courses with their loans and those of on the loan committee wanted water conservation and rejected all golf course loans. 
    I once read a channeled report from a technologically advanced off-world being reporting on (I paraphrase) ” “their decision to use a particular propulsion system to drive their star ship because of collectively agreed upon “cost effective” efficiencies.” ”  What?  Surely the term “cost effective” was not being used to imply they still bought and sold with credits or things called dollars! 

    Yet there was reference being made to an aspect of money: A tool to help find efficiencies. I suddenly had a slightly larger respect for the many levels money might serve us, a quantum coherence critical-path derivative for utilization of 3rd-dimensional resources.  

    Then I hit the next dimensional wall. Whatever we next plan in the way of money now, may only work for about 250 years, if that, and not thousands of years like gold. Just about the time we figure out how to transport our physical bodies through space to other worlds, energy bursts through our galactic core spiritually jumps us to the next octave of being in the great Omniverse of consciousness….and money is a thing of the past perhaps.

    So let’s move back to Jean’s question, the merits of gold backed dollars….a question concerning the right now, right here. 

    I believe Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS nations, would be very open to remain with fiat dollars (my not called US Dollars but still fiat dollars nonetheless) if the Federal Reserve were recast as a true public institution, not privately owned. 

    The question for me is why would a bank want to use any country’s dollar as the international currency for trade settlements except their own? A matter of pride, dignity and respect among counties would seem to suggest the formula for recasting the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) dictates that whatever we use we name it euphemistically. We should all want it that way for the sake of peace and respect and working utility for the many over the few. 

    By the way gold has many valuable uses. The myth that you can not eat gold appears incorrect. In deed we all need to keep an open mind on that subject as the work with David Hudson with gold in its monoatomic state seems to suggest. 


    Gold also has value in electronic circuits manufacturing. It’s a good conductor.


    The more countries trade with other countries the more useful precious metal and/or commodity backed currency becomes. I think it’s intuitive that if we did no foreign trade whatsoever, fiat currency would work just fine within our own boarders. Gold currently works. My dollar is worth a basket of goods your can buy with 1/1350th ounce of gold. The basket of goods needs to be composed of commodities we both desire to posses.

    Here’s a short list of videos and articles on the subject of currency:

    (Long Video) tinyurl.com/44d89sd  (History of world $-currency facts, including US)
    (Long ) http://youtu.be/eIjZRTD4dUY  (money history in cartoon format Part I) Good
    (Long) http://youtu.be/kx7HDTDDopA  (money history in cartoon format Part II) Good


  22. Carol K says:

    I forgot to mention that there are a few new efforts to try a new on-line system of value
    in place of money. The one i’ve seen most is called BITCOIN and is based on computer calculations of GDP or something like it. My curiosity was aroused. I wondered if it could
    replace gold and money. i wondered if there would be room for speculation….and it turned
    out that there is. I began receiving financial ads to hurry up and buy into it quickly to
    ride the new wave of wealth creation. Bitcoin’s value was going up at al alarming rate and
    those who bought first were seeing their investment skyrocket. iThere was a fixed amount
    of units and as the demand increased, so did the value. So the speculators have had a
    field day and the early gamblers can cash out with their profits as the value starts to fall
    back to normal levels.i believe gold will also fall if the economy rallies and hoarders begin
    to cash out their profits. It’s pretty much like a game of poker,with winners and losers for
    the greedy and gullible. Hopefully someone will think up a new system of distribution
    without money and gold?
    And most of you have heard that people who win the lottery often spend it quickly
    and end up as broke as they were before.

  23. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………

    Eric is hitting the nail on the head in many areas. I have felt this way for a long time and posted comments of my own on this subject at your site. There are many other comments from other readers who are spot on. Everyone is thinking quite progressively and this by itself is a wonderful thing.

    Let me add to Eric’s ideas by saying that there are two areas we also need to look at. Paper money is OK if administered as he says but I feel the legislatures can NEVER be trusted and any currency should be controlled by the citizenry (like a neighborhood watch) and the interest rates eliminated and instead a flat users fee or borrowers fee installed. There was a chap in England who started the Lawful Bank (he is in prison now) in which he wanted to create a system whereby we pay fees for loans instead of interest. I.E. You buy a car for $20,000 you pay a 10% fee. You buy a home for $300,000 you pay a flat fee of $30,000. So instead of paying over $600,000 for that $300,000 home over 30 years you only pay a fraction of what you would under the old fashioned interest system which is just designed to make bankers rich and you poor.

    Another system is one run by the citizens where the if using interest, the rates are held to just enough to pay for the services of the employees and the facilities or overhead. I.E. Interest rates of 1.5% to 2.0%. The important thing here is to NOT let the legislature or any part of the government have any say or control over the peoples monetary system. As with one commentor I am in favor of dumping the monetary system all together but that will take a long time to get to that point.

    The last comment to Eric is that as a country we may have to deal with countries who still demand payment in precious metals so having gold and silver as a backup would solve that problem till all countries get on the same page. Everyone bare in mind that borrowing money and financial lending “should be a service to the people” not a money making scam for the rich.

    Great work people keep those thinking caps on and spread your ideas as far and wide as you can……….

    Frank R.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Frank, for adding to the discussion . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • RENZ says:

      Estoy algo de acuerdo con usted Frank, sin embargo, para tener una visión mas completa de este tema, quiero regresar al origen del dinero, ya sea en forma de metales, papel u otros. La idea es que como la palabra “SALARIO”, surgió porque la primera forma de dinero fue la “SAL”, debido a que era escasa y sin ella no se podía conservar los alimentos, ésta funcionaba como medio de intercambio de mercancías, es decir, como forma de trueque. Creo que a los primeros trabajadores se les pagaba por sus servicios con X cantidad de sal, ya que era muy efectiva y podía fácilmente ser intercambiada por otras cosas, como carne, pieles, frutas o granos, etc.
      Cabe mencionar, que la sal se convirtió como la moneda de cambio. posteriormente se dejó a un lado la sal y se empezó a utilizar los metales, después se dejó los metales y se pasó a utilizar dinero de papel. Sin embargo, hoy en dia en mi opinión, hay un error que estamos cometiendo ya que el dinero, solo debe ser tratado como MONEDA DE INTERCAMBIO, y no como MERCANCIA. De esta manera se acabaria la especulacion en las plataformas de comercio de monedas, Ya que en este caso no hay una mercancia real, me parece muy ilogico que hoy dia la gente pueda vender y comprar monedas para ganar mas dinero, ya que el dinero como dije, es el medio, no es una mercancia y no deberia ser tratada como tal. Si el dinero se utilizara solo como el medio y no como el fin, las cosas podrían ser muy diferentes ya que lo importante no es acumular dinero, sino lograr el intercambio de una mercancía por otra logrando el objetivo primordial que es la satisfacción de las necesidades humanas, de esta manera se acabaría la corrupción, creo que la salida puede ser crear un fideicomiso de la gente para crear moneda electrónica libre de interés y disponible para todos, que permita los intercambios de productos y servicios, donde no intervenga ningún gobierno. Ya que el gobierno está cobrando mucho dinero por todos los intercambios de mercancías limitando el crecimiento económico de la gente, ello a través de impuestos, derechos, tarifas, licencias, y mucho mas. Espero con esto enriquecer este post. Gracias y les mando un abrazo y mucho amor fraternal.

      • Jean says:

        RENZ: If you could put your response into GOOGLE translate, as I have done, and then post your both your original and the translation here, it would save me a lot of time 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

        I somewhat agree with you Frank , however , to have a more complete view of this topic , I want to return to the origin of money , either in the form of metal , paper or other . The idea is that as the word ” PAY ” arose because the first form of money was the ” SAL ” , because he was poor and without it you could not store food , it functioned as a medium of exchange of goods , ie as a form of barter. I think the first workers were paid for their services with X amount of salt , as it was very effective and could easily be exchanged for other things, like meat, hides , fruits or grains, etc. .
        Worth mentioning that salt became like currency. subsequently put down salt and began to use metals, metals then left them and went on to use paper money . However, today in my opinion, there is an error that we are already making money, should only be treated as CURRENCY EXCHANGE , not as MERCHANDISE . Thus it would end speculation in currency trading platforms , Since in this case there is no real goods , it seems very illogical that today people can buy and sell currencies to earn more money, because the money said, it is the means , not a commodity and should not be treated as such . If the money is used only as a means and not the end , things could be very different because the important thing is not to accumulate money but to the exchange of one commodity for another achieving the primary objective is the satisfaction of needs human , so corruption would end , I think the output can be to create a trust of the people to create electronic money interest free and available to all , allowing the exchange of products and services, where government does not intervene . Since the government is charging top dollar for all trade in goods limiting economic growth of the people , that through taxes , duties, fees , licenses, and more. I hope with this enriching this post . Thank you and send you a hug and much brotherly love.

        • lecox says:

          This is a good point that has been made for a long time.
          I think the whole practice of speculating on the price of anything is a bit shady.
          Life on earth would be saner without such obviously devious ways to “make money.”

  24. gear13 i says:

    As long as people have to work to pay for their expenses whether in the form of food, rent, utilities, medical, clothing or any other materialistic needs it is obvious and you don’t have to be a genius to figure this out. This has been the programing of our societal structure for centuries. A true global reset and a different approach to eradicateccorruption could start with the elimination of all draconian peop

    • justme says:

      Don’t know a more appropriate spot for this at this stage, but still in vibration of the overall direction of Jean’s blog, don’t you think (BTW, written in 1973 – apologies for the editing)

      I feel we are at the threshold of a new age, and that we need now, more than anything else,
      a new approach to human relationships and to social organization.

      We need a planetary approach,
      we need a synthetic approach.

      We need something in which
      the individual learns
      his own function in the world

      because if you are to have
      a global world

      the individual has to be
      so well established
      in his or her own identity
      that he or she can afford to
      co-operate with other people
      all over the world,

      independent of
      their culture,
      their race,
      their traditions
      and so on.

      It is very important, therefore
      that one should learn
      how to establish oneself in
      one’s own identity.

      We need a new type
      of human being.

      We need something which is
      based no longer, so much,
      on conflict,

      but on a
      full acceptance of the
      total human being
      body, mind, soul, feeling

      An esthetic approach
      an ethical approach,

      so that you can see
      the relationship
      in which everything
      stands inside of the whole,
      so you can look at the whole
      and become identified with the
      of that whole,
      rather than with any particular part.

      Now this is, of course,
      a very difficult situation.

      We are certainly
      in a difficult time
      and what is ahead of us today,
      I do not know.

      I am rather pessimistic
      as far as the immediate future is concerned,
      considering the way
      the world and our nation
      is moving at the present time.

      But you must realize that
      crises are sometimes
      necessary to accomplish
      what is to be accomplished.

      The only problem, however,
      is this:
      something must be ready before
      the great crisis comes

      — when the new cycle begins —

      for it will have to begin
      on the foundation of those
      seeds which have been sown
      before the crisis.

      If you have a winter
      followed by a spring, but
      there was no harvest
      in the fall
      no seed will germinate
      during the spring,
      and you will have to start
      at the very beginning
      into the most primitive time of manifestation.

      That’s why I have stressed,
      so much all my life the idea I call
      the “seed man” and “seed woman”

      the “seed person,” the individual

      who is willing and able
      to gather within himself or herself,
      as it were,
      the past of humanity
      and particularly of our western world,
      but also of other cultures

      because what we want
      to emerge from the future,
      after whatever crisis will come
      is a global world.

      We therefore need
      men and women of great vision,
      individuals who are not specialists,
      men and women who
      have the vision and courage
      to wait,

      and to, in some way
      through their lives,
      through their example, and
      through whatever they leave
      after their deaths,
      to become
      the seeds
      of the future world.

      That’s of course,
      the great choice
      we have all to make,
      and we all can make it.

      We can follow
      the mass vibration
      and decay, like
      all the leaves
      of the world
      in the fall
      (however beautiful
      the golden leaves may be),
      they will have to decay
      and become manure
      for the future
      of civilization,

      but it is only
      the “seed men and women” that really count,
      and it is those
      you should look for,

      if you yourself do not
      feel yet to the point of being ready to become
      a “seed person,”
      because it is that only which is
      the insurance for the future rebirth of humanity.

      I think today
      it is of no use
      to try to look
      to the immediate future,
      because it looks very dark;
      but it is to look
      to prepare —
      for the possibility that
      a new world may arise,
      if not tomorrow,
      the day after tomorrow.

      I think it is the only thing
      which gives value to
      all our sacrifice,
      all our courage, decisions and choices

      it is to become seeds
      for the development of the future world.

      So I hope
      every one of you,
      each one in your own life,
      in your way can —
      some day soon, very soon,
      (if you have not done it already),
      make the choice, and become
      “seed men” and “seed women.”

      I thank you.
      Dane Rudhyar

  25. vla says:

    In responce to Eric, most of your polnts are well taken.
    I’ ll use Americka in my exanple, in my opinion you can not solve the money problem with out addressing other important issues 1. Agreement of rights for all soverent humans, instead of
    Consitution 2 abbolish all governments at national,state and county levels 3. Abbolish all
    Millitary ( world wide ) 4. Abbolish all organized religon groups 5. Abbolish all world wide
    Organitions ie Un ,world bank imf Bis etc,etc , 6. no more passports Humans should be able to
    Move freely on this planet .
    MONEY should be what ever the people want and what is agreed to between two or more people
    There for there is competion and no law as to what money is ! For instance the usa has been taken
    Over by a eight ganster families in 1913 on dec 23 helped by a criminal pres. Willson a trader to our
    Country,so now there is a law instill by force and death ,in 1944 this law and other agreements
    Became the us dollar reserve note and the whole world was taken in, just a peice of paper.
    1B the consitition is better than most ( but it is a document which asks for failer ) what I mean by that is any agreement should contain what is agree to , the consquences if not agree
    ,and what ,how ,who will do this for instance if there was a authorty in the gov.and they disabayed
    The agreement for a person he would go befor a common law grand jury, and if found guilty
    Would surfer the conquences.
    Also Eric silver , gold does have great value ,it takes a lot of labor and machinery ( labor to make
    Machinery ) also most percions metals are used in commerical applications ,so there is value.
    The propblem with gold is the crooks have a lot of it ,so how do you do a world wide reset , using
    Gold and letting the crooks start way ahead. I think I have a soulation to that problem but that’s
    For anothef time. Any way I’ll have to finish this reponse another time.



  26. huggie1950 says:

    We have to do away with that hole system. Why would you after all the work go back and start the same system. Ask yourself this why do you have to pay to live on a planet you where born on ?

  27. Susanne R says:

    Personally I hope for a time when money is defunct and the barter system, if anything, is used as a form of trade. After all, isn’t that what the word trade means? “If anything at all” refers to a hope, a wish, a dream that money, all money, goes the way of the dodo, and humankind works at whatever trade or expertise as part of contributing to the whole and not because they think a particular profession is better than another.
    WORTH is entirely skewed in a money-based society.
    Total pipe dream, but there it is.

  28. Muse says:

    This Eric Williams person seems to think that in the future, we’ll actually be using money. Obviously, he doesn’t quite understand what’s really happening. He may not understand that in the future, after the Cabal is totally and utterly defeated, ALL of the hidden technologies that they CURRENTLY have and are CURRENTLY using will be made available to us. Now, true, it is (most likely) going to take us some time to learn how to use this tech, and we will need SOMETHING in the interim, and something like what Mr. Williams is proposing would be good for this short term fix. However, if he is thinking of implementing this system for the long term, I’m sorry, but there, most likely, won’t be a need for it.

  29. julie says:

    Why do we even need central banks? They were designed to be a tool of enslavement. I would actually prefer no banks at all. Michael Tellingers Ubuntu makes a lot of sense. Goods and services freely given and accepted….not bartered. We will need to evolve a bit more first but it could work eventually.

  30. Carol K says:

    Eric has started a great debate.
    People everywhere are wondering if it is possible to design a
    system that is fair and does not rely on any form of exploitation to achieve a balanced happy
    life for its people?
    Food is the basic need for humanity….then shelter from the elements and also some
    clothing to maintain body temperature. Beyond that, it’s all fluff. Correct? From subsistence level
    to more than we need is the story of 3-D existence on this planet. So many trials and errors have
    been the stuff of archeology and as Eric stated, most every civilization has fallen into a variety
    of corrupted states. As long as man believes he is seperate from his maker and his brothers,
    and owes no one any thanks for what he has, there will be conflict over resources.

    When necessities are met, the excess production becomes a means to accumulate more of
    everything out there. We don’t NEED it but we just want to HAVE it in case we can make use of
    it somehwere else. It buys power for some who love to control all of it plus the others who make it.

    Eric did not mention them but the Inca civilization did enjoy life without money or commerce as we know it……(google that story)…..We have little real knowledge of whether this system truly made
    a civilization of happy people since basic needs were met. Theirs was based on very extensive Central planning …perhaps similar to the theory of Communism? Artifacts show that they did have jobs to fulfill but also time and talent to design and make beautiful items as well. They may have used “slave labor” to some extent but little is said of any military used to conquer other people in their neighborhood. Slaves are exploitation and that requires some form of law enforcement.
    SO Eric is correct in that corruption is nearly always present in the regimes we know about.

    i’ve often thought about the crash of our own monetary system and decided gold was a waste of
    resources because the cheapest commodity, salt, would be among the most valued as long as
    there are foraging animals to hunt and preserve……the Native Americans can attest to that!
    Gold will only purchase items that are available. We surely can’t eat it.But gold and silver and precious metals are needed for a lot of other manufacturing in today’s world…..so they have
    intrinsic value beyond money.

    Paper money has been virtually worhtless for many years now. But faith in it as a meduim of
    exchange beyond sheer bartering, allows us to make use of it. The government has taken on
    so much of the responsibility of the economy ,it no longer knows how much it has, whom it owes,
    nor what it really costs to keep it running ! Money itself is not the problem. It is the use of it by
    whom and for what (with or without permission) that is driving the debate.Money does not corrupt
    people. People use money for corrupt purposes to accompish nefarious ends. it comes down
    to who deems themselves MORE worthy than others to make decisions impacting everyone
    (but themselves at times)……..There will always be a need for some medium of exchange but
    we need to work out our relationship to it and consider the welfare of all citizens as having a
    basic right to life…..
    AS THE LAW OF ONE says…there are 2 choices: Service to self or service to others
    and our souls are here to choose and learn the difference.

    (I am a reitred teacher and seeker of truth)

  31. “What we need to do is acknowledge all of this as being inevitable and design a paper money system where the management is under the control of the Legislatures, assembled, of the Fifty States of this Federation, with no authority allowed for any level of government to borrow money from such bank.” Regretfully, I must disagree that we could ever entrust central banking or control of national currency, with “legislatures” . . . until we have term limits, campaign finance reform, eliminate gerrymandering, voter suppression, and have true ethics reforms in place for all “legislatures”.

  32. ksense says:

    Many of us see good reasoning in his thoughts but since we’re going to the extreme……. why have any bank, at all? There’s no need for a People’s Central Bank any more than we need the current central banking system. What would Eric’s ban lend, if not money and what would back said money if not some commodity with a ‘perceived’ value?

    In my idealized world, people would work, build and create simply because someone else has a particular need. In other words, Fred puts parts on a truck at the factory a few hours per week because all of his needs are met and it’s his way of paying forward. Monetary system is gone so there are no “bills” to pay. We do for each other because others do for us. None are in want or need. If we can dream that we’ll ever not have a corrupt central banking system we need to go all the way and add dropping money all together.

    • Jean says:

      Ksense, this is a beautiful vision, and I thank you 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • kibitzer3 says:

      Good thinking, ksense. And the way that it will work is because there is now enough hard evidence in that there is, in very fact, ‘something more than man’ – a guiding Mind behind the universe (universi??) – and so there is Plan in and Purpose to life; that it is not simply in and for itself only (as the evolutionists/atheists think). That evidence is primarily in the form of overwhelming proof now – through studies of case histories and books and videos of the fact of reincarnation; therefore, of a Plan. So we can start behaving as if there were a God; not as if there were not, as we have been doing up till now, pigeonholing such an idea in the realm of religions, and thus, of mere beliefs. And there you have your motive for us to share goods and services with one another (and give of one’s best in the process). Not just because it would be nice to (which is the Marxist concept; thinking that people will be ‘good’ without any good reason to be – or because of their masters’ whip). But out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

      Which is our next step, in the unfolding evolutionary process that we have been engaged in for a long, long time. Evolutionary, not in the physical sense. But in the consciousness-raising sense. In, that is to say, the spiritual sense. In the process of inheriting our true identity, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ in the words of one thinker on the subject. Wherein we are not our minds or our bodies. But are fractals of the All That Is. “Pieces of the continent, part of the main” as another such thinker described it.

      And it is that truth that will give us the impulse to move up to the next rung of the ladder to the heavens; where there is no such thing as ‘money’ as we have known it.

      • Jean says:

        Kibitzer, I like what you say!!! We are going to move so far beyond our basic matrix ideas of money . . . there is an entire new way to exist waiting for us . . . but we must get from here to there, and we must do it as peacefully as possible 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

        • ksense says:

          Free energy is the key to it all. When it arrives, debt slavery is dead. Mull that one over 🙂 Look at all of the things we won’t need to pay money for when free energy is truly free.

          • Jean says:

            Well, Ksense, we’ve got to get there first, and it sure has been a long, hard pull 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • lecox says:

            If “free” energy relies on physical devices, then it’s not really “free” yet. Those who control the manufacture and distribution of the devices could still control the energy supply.
            What I think everyone needs to become aware of before this all begins to sort out is that work started in the 1950s (with sporadic demonstrations prior to that time) demonstrate quite conclusively that YOU are a “free” energy creation device. This power was dropped and forgotten because it was abused. Thus, the only way a being is going to be allowed to freely generate its own energy is if it uses that energy ethically. We have not learned to use physical universe energy phenomena ethically, so we have a long way to go. Every time a society blows up (or extremely injures) its planet using any energy technology, it has to wait about 40,000 years (if it’s lucky) to develop that capability again. I don’t see “free” energy becoming a sustainable reality until we, as individuals and as a planet, master the subject of Ethics.

  33. Health Warrior says:

    I have similar feelings about money in general. Money is only a construct to control and shift wealth and power from the trusting or most gullible ones. As history dictates, the most ruthless individuals end up with the most wealth and power through lies, deceit, and manipulation. There are options, but it takes the collectible to devise viable win/win solutions.

    If we are to evolve as a planet, money really has no place in any society. Everything is already abundant, and new technologies should be available to create anything we could want at any moment. For example, 3D printers, even at this stage of the game are already creating homes, buildings, other massive structures, cars, wedding cakes, and the possibilities are endless.

    Current technologies, and most certainly ones that will become available in the near future, would in essence eliminate the bartering for most manufactured goods, and perhaps bartering will take on a new meaning: think providing services, teaching, doing what one loves, growing foods, etc.

    Even with food production, new technologies will allow every household to create an abundance of healthy, clean, organic and nutritious foods. Every household will have 3D printers and greenhouses with aquaponic/hydroponic systems, or perhaps even much better technologies/systems in the future.

    Current technologies, and most certainly ones that will become available in the near future, could eliminate the need to barter for most manufactured goods/foods. Perhaps, bartering will take on a new meaning: imagine each one of us utilizing our unique gifts and abilities to teach, learn, create and cooperate, I feel the sky would be the limit!

  34. Mike DaBose says:

    I feel likewise, however, precious metals, namely gold has been the item which retains value. Unlike rice which will rot, the clothes wear out, gold is forever. No I am not happy with this, but this is the system we have. Can we change it; I certainly hope so.
    A few comments on the posting;
    Who is the creditor and who is the debtor?
    The person who we identify as the debtor is actually the creditor. Why; a note or other instrument is signed for a set value. In the case of a mortgage say $200,000. A credit card – a credit limit of say $20,000.
    This note, signed for a “loan” is then DEPOSITED by the so called lender, who is actuality a facilitator / debtor. The terms have been reversed on us.
    Does the note have value? Of course it does. The value is whatever was signed for; lets use the mortgage example of $200,000. That is why the mortgage company DEPOSITS the note. Read the endorsement. So where did the money come from? You as the debtor (actually creditor) have credited the mortgage company with $200,000 of your money – future earnings. The mortgage company (bankster) the creates the money (your money) to hand back to you as your mortgage consisting of a note and contract with payments and interest. Interest on the money you just loaned the mortgage company. In any such venture, the mortgage company / bankster does not put up one cent of their or anybody elses money. Now back to your note the mortgage company deposited. Through fractional reserve lending, which must be made illegal, the mortgage company used to lend out 8 to 10 times the value of that note in new loans, which also collect interest. I stated used to, the actual leveraged loan rate is more than 100:1. In other words your note of your money is worth $20,000,000 to the bank plus collected interest. Where did this money come from – they just credated it via a computer entry. The notes collected on other loans are likewise DEPOSITED and go through the same fractional lending practice. So, in theory, you grant to the mortgage company of $200,000 can expand almost indefinitely. Now you see part of the story and why our money is fiat and lending practices are nothing more than a ponzy scheme.
    This is only the surface as I am not addressing selling your mortgage or other debt contract (seperating the note and contract nulifies the contract by the way; the courts ignore this inconvient fact which in the case of my state is specifically spelled out in the state corporate law statutes).
    As I stated previously, I agree with most of what the original article stated, but termonology must be understood, and the correct relationships brought to light. We have been lied to 100% of the time for many generations that the facts defining the reality are beyond comprehension for most – myself included as I struggle to reeducate myself.

  35. DavidG says:

    It is true that the cycle from gold backed to fiat has repeated many times since the roman empire and all the while the same entities have maintained control. It is the standard modus of financial enslavement. Those who advocate a return to gold back are falling for the same old. As long as this model exists there will always be corruption, even if you change the controllers.

    What should be blatant by now for anyone on the path of wisdom is that gold was never actually of any value, it was always a decoy. The real value has always been the people – ‘they call us chattel’.

    This shouldn’t be a stretch of imagination to see that gold is a useless decoy and when people realise this then that is empowering because we can begin to value eachother much more highly.

    I have had this conversation with Jean in the past and where Jean will ask ‘How would we exchange?’ I think Michael Tellinger’s expression of ‘contributism’ explains this best.

    In a world of increasing automation we can clearly create in abundance. The only barrier to a world we all would like to see is money, in any form.

    • Julie says:

      I would actually like to see a world without money, without religion, without government. That adds up to a world free of corruption. Might sound like a pipe dream to some but a highly evolved population will easily reach such a goal.

      • Peter Sprunk says:

        Coming to think of it, there are a few places where society functions harmoniously, at least for a year, completely without money. And that is on an Antarctic station. A six-pack of beer or a bar of chocolate become hard-currency instead.

      • lecox says:

        A highly-evolved population could achieve a world free of corruption without giving up money, religion or government. Those systems do not cause corruption; people do.

  36. Clara says:

    I entirely agree with Eric.

  37. Marion says:

    I agree..after Katrina this was fact. Very insightful..thank you for posting .

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