CHL holder who died trying to save others simply did not fit networks’ agenda

Anti-Gun Networks Downplay Armed Citizen Who Confronted Vegas Shooters

Image Credits: Webmaster102 / Flickr


The mainstream media, which has spent the past day falsely blaming libertarians, the Second Amendment and even Alex Jones for the Las Vegas Shooting, was slow to report on the third victim and hero of the tragedy: Joseph Robert Wilcox, the concealed handgun license holder who lost his life while confronting the shooters.

Wilcox, 31, was armed with a concealed weapon and confronted Jerad Miller after the Millers entered the Wal-Mart he was shopping at and threatened everyone to leave.

Unfortunately, as Wilcox approached Miller, Amanda Miller came from behind and shot him several times, killing Wilcox almost instantly.

Nevertheless, his bravery in the face of danger was under-reported in the mainstream media and only came to prominence through alternative media sites.

In a 12 minute segment of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, for example, host Rachel Maddow only referred to Wilcox as a “victim” without any indication of his heroic act.

Instead, she elected to spend the majority of the segment targeting the Second Amendment, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and constitutionalists whom she falsely labeled as part of the “sovereign citizen” movement.

The piece was little more than a lame attempt to smear libertarian organizations as no different than the Millers, who violated the libertarian non-aggression principle by murdering three people.

Similarly, MSNBC correspondent Alex Wagner referred to Wilcox as simply “another civilian” who died alongside the two police officers murdered by the Millers.

Wagner, who was joined by fellow MSNBC host Joy Reid, spent the segment trashing both gun rights and Alex Jones.

CNN correspondent Brian Levin simply referred to Wilcox as a “good Samaritan” in an op/ed which suggested that Americans who engage in political discussion should self-censor in the name of “preventing” mass murderers.

Overall, CNN only briefly reported on Wilcox in a few other articles.

NBC News and USA Today, however, did a better job by actually publishing articles on Wilcox and his heroic action, albeit a day after alternative outlets such as Breitbart pushed the story to prominence.

But MSNBC and CNN apparently decided to minimize the story of an armed citizen who died while trying to save others because it did not fit their predetermined anti-libertarian agenda.

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  1. Carol K says:

    i agree with Di…guns don’t kill anyone…people do. We will have to ban knives,baseball bats,
    bows and arrows, sling shots, ropes that hang people, and especially fires of all types. More
    people throughout history have been burned at the stake than anyone can count. We can add
    a ban on boats, skiis, swimming pools, kites, balloons and airplanes. …even plastic bags can
    smother so they too must go or be licensed to carry one…..

  2. procomptor says:

    Well as per my original comment on this tragedy I had a gut feeling it was at least real in the deaths of the two police officers and 1 civilian. Wow the total and complete ignorance and arrogance of the 2 news gals blows me away. Its ok for cops to do illegal things including pointing guns into a crowd of innocent people, pushing pregnant women to the ground and repeatedly tazing a boy that never attacked anyone.

    It isn’t even ignorance it is simply corruption and failing to even come close to doing their jobs! No one could have watched all the video on the Bundy event and not seen the aggressor was the BLM. For crying out loud even the BLM itself stated afterwards they mishandled the situation from the start. Did they just miss that part or are they simply lousy news people reporting the parts of news they like while omitting the parts they don’t!

    Sleeping fools that by the time they wakey they will already be dead along with all the rest of the media puppets. That will be their reward for siding with the corrupt parts of government!

    Lords bright light so we can always stay on the right path and never take the wrong path again…..mike

  3. Gregory says:

    Why don’t we just arm everyone in the country, starting with 1st graders? Then we’d all be on an even playing field. We can throw people into prison if they are not carrying. That should make the NRA and the Libertarians very happy

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      Let’s outlaw psychopaths instead. Criminals who kill will use any handy weapon. Knives are not banned from kitchens when used in killing. We need calm heads in these chaotic times, Gregory. Reactions like yours are not helpful.
      Countries that banned guns have seen elevated crime levels. I live in a rural area and we have guns for protection, we will not give them up because some nut commited a crime in town.

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