Nancy C/Seattle comments on The Turning Point

The Article Nancy references: The Turning Point.

I always find Nancy’s insight of value. I think what she speaks of here is related to the way I feel about Paul Craig Roberts’ work. It’s all coming from a 3D perspective, and there is so much more going on than that. Thanks, Nancy and hugs, ~Jean

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I never before realized before in reading this kind of analysis by a well meaning, probably honest and well educated professional how severely limited their views and predictions are when one is not “woo woo aware” to use Cliff High’s term or Conspiracy aware. For example, the author talks about governments collapsing here and there, scarcity, martial law imposed here and there, attempted military actions, etc but what happens when instability possibly results in 6,000 US patents being introduced or even just a few – such as replicators, cancer cure, frequency healing machines that Keshe is introducing in various jurisdictions? What happens when people learn the truth, or perhaps more accurately, are able to openly talk about the truth. I think at this time even Americans are far more awake and aware than most people think. What happens when you throw in ideas of “co-creation”, consciousness shifts, astrology, sun spot activity impacting on humans, ET activity and consciousness shift. I In short, traditional analysts are severely limited in their views.

What happens when the concept of “emergence” gets thrown into the mix during periods of “peak instability” such as the author is describing.

David Wilcock talks about the concept of “emergence” in his 2008 essay, The Self Organizing Economy Dr Bruce Lipton has also talked about “spontaneous” systems reorganization.

Highlights from David’s essay:
It has long been a fantasy of the “Illuminati,” as some like to call our planetary elite that they could fashion a global economic collapse and then take over in the aftermath. Of course, many people could conclude this is what is happening now.

I beg to differ. If you study Chaos and Complexity Theory, you’ll run across the notion of “complex adaptive systems.” A complex adaptive system is any system in which individual agents, with freedom of movement and behavior, interact in groups. The larger the group, the more complex the system becomes. The quantum, fractal weirdness of “chaos theory” then ensues.

(…)So what is criticality? It represents the moment at which a system, such as an economy, reaches peak instability. What’s so weird about this new science is that when such a moment arrives, the entire system takes on emergent properties.

This means things start to emerge that were never seen before — like a beautiful, unique snowflake emerging from a drop of water as it freezes.

These emergent properties are self-organizing. There is no outside mind looking down on the system and moving the pieces around — the system self-organizes to a higher level of order and complexity, thus evolving.**

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3 Responses to Nancy C/Seattle comments on The Turning Point

  1. anne upton says:

    great article to counteract the doom and gloom. Humans are resourceful and there is always the law of unintended consequences and man’s free will to be thrown into the mix.
    “Turn your face to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you”, so wrote a headmaster of mine many years ago in my autograph book – something to think of about now.

  2. megan says:

    Nancy raises some very good and valid points here. I agree with her thoughts that a 3D outlook is what has been expressed by Mr Roberts. No one can predict accurately what will or will not happen in the near future there are only possibilities and probabilities. I don’t see humanity putting up with suffering and hardship indefinitely, the whole thing is at boiling point and will eventually blow up in the cabal’s faces. Whether they like it or not we do have a say in how it all turns out, it is up to us to realise that and take appropriate steps to come together and end this madness once and for all. We can do it and we will!!!

    Love and hugs

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