Eric Williams responds to the posting of David Robinson’s article, July 5, 2014

I am responding to all the possibly correct negative comments in regard to the David Robinson comment posted here on Jean’s Blog.  When we received it we reviewed and considered only one thing, whether the content was true or not, should we post it here on Jean’s Blog?  Are we the parents of all those who read postings on Jean’s Blog?  Certainly not.

It is one thing for Jean to withhold silly inane comments that merely waste everyone’s time and take up space, it is quite another to withhold something that could have a major effect on our freedom — if true.  Would you rather have not been informed of this and then learned it was true because it was being implemented, or would you rather have it presented to you so that you would be forewarned and then nothing occurred?

It is very difficult for me/us to present the whole truth to anyone because I/we understand things that no one else does.  And, I fully expect that there will be many who read that previous sentence who will accuse me of being arrogant and egotistical because they fail to understand the difference between being 40 or 60 and being 80.

There are so many totally stupid beliefs “out there” that it is impossible to properly address them all.  For those of you who have read my articles posted here on Jean’s Blog, you know that it is impossible for me to write anything in less than a thousand words.

This is because in order for me to overcome the gigantic misinformation imbedded in everyone’s mind by the continual bombardment of misinformation presented by those truly involved in the Freedom movement who are simply mistaken, that I have to present my information in great detail.

For example, presented here on the comments to the Robinson item is a lengthy comment insisting that all of the countries on the planet are corporations under the control of the Pope.  If this is true how was I able to defeat the IRS in Federal Court in less than five minutes, when my partner in that 1970 income tax rebellion spent 2-1/2 years in Federal Prison because he went to the same court with an attorney, who refused to make the simple challenge I did, and who said I was crazy for doing what I did.  And “everyone” I tell about it claims I was just lucky.

Why is it so impossible for most people to understand that when ZERO PLUS ZERO EQUALS ZERO, that it is then totally impossible for voting to have any authority over those who object?

Where is there any authority in the CONstitution or anywhere else, to enable this country to be converted into a corporation?  If the Pope came out and said 2+2=5, I think most humans would then accept that declaration as being true.  Why is it so difficult, virtually impossible, for humans to think for themselves and at least recognize the truth when presented?  Such as the clear self evident fact that it is impossible to implement voting without implementing a police state?

Would someone reading this please come on here and present a reasonable detailed argument to prove that I am wrong in this assertion? 

How totally mind controlled everyone is when they cannot even comprehend the self-evident truth that they cannot possibly know when or where they were born or who their own mother is!

When readers cannot immediately comprehend such obvious truth, how can I expect they would understand if I presented the college level truth about the Grand Jury established in the Fifth Amendment.

No, I can’t start at that level, I have to cut back from the total truth and start at pre-kindergarten level, dealing with what will cause the members of the New York Grand Jury to be sent to prison.  Where, if the college level truth about the Fifth Amendment Grand Jury were known and understood at the outset, which is clearly presented by SCOTUS in the Williams case, none of those now dedicating their lives to the GJs would have anything to do with the GJ movement because there could not possibly be an entity with less actual authority and power than the Fifth Amendment Grand Jury!  To come to that conclusion, you should NOT listen to me, just go read the Williams case for yourself!!!

But please pay attention to what is presented there in regard to the true and actual source of the GJ’s “power”!  Which clearly indicates that the only “criminals” that would be prosecuted upon a GJ indictment would be those “criminals” that the prosecutor and courts agree should be prosecuted.  Go read it for yourself!

And Yes,

I, Eric Williams, am The Radical In The Twilight Zone!


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24 Responses to Eric Williams responds to the posting of David Robinson’s article, July 5, 2014

  1. Jean says:

    Judy, I addressed your comment elsewhere in response to someone else, but apparently I did not do it satisfactorily. Let me suggest to you that I sense a kind of anger that Eric has not presented his ideas in a way that satisfies you — and perhaps others, as well. My feeling is that you are being very hard on Eric and the fact that his ideas are not expressed with the perfection you would like, and I’m guessing that it is likely you are equally as hard on yourself. I learned the difficult lesson of accepting others imperfections – and my own as well – is a gift I give to myself. Can we all step back from judgment, please, and learn to be more gentle in our acceptance of not only ours and others’ imperfections?

    Thanks and hugs,

  2. Will Munny says:

    I’m a bit confused, Jean. You seem to indicate you believe Eric Williams but not David Robinson. But above, Williams seems to criticize YOU for withholding Robinson’s submission. I see Williams state that “we reviewed and considered only one thing, whether the content was true or not” but I don’t see where he says one way or the other if they determined it WAS true or not. What I do see is Williams using a condescending attitude toward your blog’s readers in a very convoluted post indignant that no one is capable of understanding him. Perhaps if he were more clear and less arrogant, “the Radical in the Twilight Zone” might have more people on board.

    • Jean says:

      Eric and I are totally together on our thinking on this. His words may be confusing, but I don’t see them that way. He perhaps is being defensive about publishing this article, but I never felt in the least bit defensive. I think the article isn’t going anywhere, and I never did think it was valid. I also thought that it should be put out there for people to see . . . and it looks like nobody is stopping to think about it at all – whether or not there is any validity to it, and are going crazy spreading it around. When are people going to stop and do their own homework?

      What if I were incorrect – and I didn’t publish this? Right away, though, my readers picked up via their comments that this statement wasn’t going anywhere. . .

      Why then did I publish it?

      I thought I made that pretty clear – these are the very same people who are following John Darash like lemmings over a cliff. . . and the important article is really Eric Williams statement, Eric Williams addresses one of the Missouri Grand Jury members who was sent to prison in 1999 for activities similar to those of the New York Grand Jury (link)

      Apparently, people can’t stay grounded, and they haven’t done due diligence. The article from Robinson has had a huge number of hits, but very few people are taking the time to look at Eric’s very powerful, important statement. I’ve been watching the numbers on my blog. Now, we have someone reading it on youtube . . . and they didn’t do their homework either . . .

      It looks like people are going to have to stub their toes, and maybe good people are going to wind up in jail. . . if they don’t soon wake up. I can’t do that work for them. It is their job. . . I can only supply information. . . .

      I hope this explains my feelings. It’s not up to me to speak for Eric . . . and you know what? The operative idea is not how/what Eric and I think/feel. The operative information is in both of these posts, and people aren’t reading them BOTH!!! . . .

      Does it really matter ‘how’ Eric sounds? IMO< he's got the facts! John Darash may sound just great, but I can tell you IMO he doesn't have the facts at all. People will make their choice, and they will then learn their lessons.

      Haven't we had enough of sweet talking politicians, who are lying to us every minute of the day? Look at what Eric says, Will, and tell me there isn't any logical validity to it. I don't think you – or anyone else – can, and I don't think John Darash can, either.

      I've worked hard to get people to 'listen', but if they don't want to, well, then, they are going to have to suffer the consequences. That is the way we learn, Will. I know the path well . . .


      • John Darash says:

        I am sorry to say that Eric Williams errors when he speaks of the necessity to file a declaration, all that does is acknowledge their fictional jurisdiction as a reality, when in fact it is fraud on the court. If we treat a fiction as reality it then has power.

        All one needs to do to secure their proper jurisdiction under common law is to state in their court papers that they are one of the People of their state and in this court of record sues whoever. The word “People” should have a foot note [from the preamble] defining it as “We the People” who did ordained and establish this Constitution for the united States of America. The phrase “court of record” should also have a footnote from Blacks Law defining a court of record as a court that proceeds according to the common law. And with those three words, defined, you have established your standing and jurisdiction and all their fiction doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, as long as you can maintain your jurisdiction.

        The United States Constitution under Article IV Section 4 and Article VI Clause 2 obligates the Federal government to guarantee a constitutional republican form of government. Therefore all Article III courts and all judges in every state are obligated to obey and enforce the constitution, without question despite anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary.

        When a sovereign people, by fraud, are brought before nisi prius courts acting under corporate charter, when no such authority without their consent has been willed, and pretense of law, such a court acts under color of law and all the officers of that court are subject to collateral attack in a court of record.

        The united States were founded upon Common Law whereas all men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights, endowed and treasured by their Creator, ordained by the people, therefore these rights cannot be sold or transferred , any act by the legislature to subvert that relationship would be sedition and all participants in the execution of such a fraud would be guilty of conspiracy against the People an act of “high treason”, and for a judge “treason against both the constitution” and the People.

        The people are not subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate United States and its subsidiaries (under the repugnant 14th Amendment), they are subject only to Natural Law, a/k/a Common Law, thereby under the jurisdiction of the “Common Law 5th Amendment Grand Jury”. The people are not citizens of the corporate “United States”, and their corporate municipalities’, residing in a state. But in fact citizens of one of the 50 “united states” domiciled in the same, with “unalienable rights” and “not privileges or immunities”, for we “owe nothing” to the United States or the state for our existence, We the People created the three branches of government, the three branches owe their existence to the People, are subservient to the People, and have been given no authority to legislate the behavior of the People.

        Here in New York courts of justice by constitution are courts of record that are to proceed according to common law and when they covertly proceed under statutes they act contrary to the law. These undisclosed “Nisi Prius” Courts, operating akin to municipal courts have the deliberate outward appearance of authority but inwardly are full of dishonesty, treachery and injustice. And because all the officers, under the orchestration of the BAR, of such a court are compliant actors working the scam upon its prey under the “color of law” they form a conspiracy to defraud their victims. All acts performed under the auspices of such a nisi prius court are quasi judicial acts under quasi-contractus whereas the contract is deceitfully achieved and deliberately concealed as it snares its victim, therefor all its acts are null and void, all its players subject to criminal and civil prosecution under common law, where there exists no statute of limitations, and where it’s victim at any time awakened, even after the illegal ruling and/or enforced payment thereof, can recover full remedy from all the players, therefore broker beware.

        In the Judicial Code of Professional Responsibility (Blacks Law 4th) §23 “…The attorney client relationship is personal and unique and should not be established as the result of pressures and deceptions”. Yet magistrates and lawyers in nisi prius courts work the prey to be represented by a BAR lawyer who’s allegiance to the bar is to acquire statutory rule over its victim. Often when met with resistance by an awakened victim the officers of such a court will go as far as conspiring, for the court to have a competency hearing, in order to secure the victim under BAR rule.

        Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials obey the law. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Crime is contagious, and when government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself. Therefore let We the People counsel BAR lawyers/judges everywhere, that they would be well advised to take note, that the 5th Amendment “is” Common Law, the Law of the Land, the state cannot diminish rights of the people, and that there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them. To reject this is to war against the constitution and do violence against the People. Therefore the said Court is to proceed according to the course of common law, under the penalties of law, or release its victim.

        As for the Robinson Article it’s a fraud, Robison said someone else wrote that article in his name. And the Unified Common Law Grand Jury has written a disclaimer, see and states here and now the following:

        DISCLAIMER FROM THE UNIFIED COMMON LAW GRAND JURY: The purpose of this disclaimer is to deny any connection with David Robinson’s PRESS RELEASE For JULY 4, 2014. NLA does not support or share his views. If you want to know what the Common Law Grand Jury is all about go to – You can also listen to our Monday Night Call, recorded July 7, 2014 posted at where we discussed this issue in depth.

        Eric Williams stands in dishonor.

    • Eric’s reply to Will Munny,

      You seem to me to be an agent provocateur Will Munny, for only such a person would write something clearly intended as an attempt to cause a rift between Jane and I, LOL!

      The clear reason you did not find a statement of our determination of validity was because we were not able to come to a definite conclusion one way or the other, as you would have discerned if you had studied English 101.

      And condescending to Jean’s Blog readers??? Quite to the contrary, we were most respectful to Jean’s readers, recognizing their ability and maturity to determine for themselves, rather than us determining they were not capable of receiving this information as adults in their own right.

      As for someone’s writing that is incomprehensible, you need to read your own writing to explain what you meant in the sentence where you used the word “indignant”.

      And yes, I most certainly am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone.

      • Jean says:

        Will, I think you might want to consider Eric’s response very seriously. . . what is the real issue here? Eric has the facts . . . and I believe he happens to have them right. . . so why try to divide and conquer? Why try to make him sound condescending? Maybe you aren’t aware of the frustration he must feel as a human being, because all he is trying to do is get someone’s attention so PEOPLE DON’T GO TO JAIL!!! Sorry, but I think Eric knows his sh*t!!!


        • Will Munny says:

          Okay, I think I see where I got confused:

          “When we received it we reviewed and considered only one thing, whether the content was true or not, should we post it here on Jean’s Blog?”

          “We” refers to Eric Williams and Jean receiving it? Initially, I read that as Eric Williams’ team received the comment and reviewed it independently of Jean. I think of Jean deciding what goes on her own blog, not her and another entity. I was thinking of Eric Williams as another entity, separately reviewing the Robinson post among his own legal team. If it had stated, “When Jean and I received it…” it would have been much clearer to me. If you read it the way I initially interpreted it, you will see why I came to those conclusions. I gotcha now.

          Agent provocateur? LOL, not hardly. I am on your side. Keep up the good fight.

          • Jean says:

            Will, I’m so glad to read your response here!!! I do decide, but in a case like this I do confer. Eric is the person here I regard as the specialist . . . and I’d be a fool not to take his ideas into consideration 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. After reading the following statements, I’m not disputing anything, as I’m not an expert; however, I’d like to know what argument was utilized against the IRS:

    “For example, presented here on the comments to the Robinson item is a lengthy comment insisting that all of the countries on the planet are corporations under the control of the Pope. If this is true how was I able to defeat the IRS in Federal Court in less than five minutes, when my partner in that 1970 income tax rebellion spent 2-1/2 years in Federal Prison because he went to the same court with an attorney, who refused to make the simple challenge I did, and who said I was crazy for doing what I did. And “everyone” I tell about it claims I was just lucky.”

    Perhaps, it is not under the control of the pope; however, how does the argument prove or disprove most countries have been incorporated? Perhaps under the UCC, which may or may not be under the Vatican control?

    I’m Just seeking answers here, not debating or challenging, but I would like more info.

    • Eric Responds to Health Warrior,

      For my IRS solution, log onto my Yahoo Group (below) and go to the newest conversation, which contains copies of three generic letters to the IRS which you can copy, edit appropriately, and sent to the IRS. To the best of my knowledge everyone who has done so has had no more contact from the IRS. The issue in those letters is simply a challenge to the IRS to prove you volunteered into subservience, as would be required under the Thirteenth Amendment.

      As to your concerns about countries being corporations, I insist on going to the Fundamental Basic Natural Principle that everyone is born politically equal, with no one being born with authority to command any other. This establishes that no association of humans has any proper authority to command the obedience of any others or to declare themselves rulers over others or to declare that those they claim to be under their domain may be given away or declared to have any manner of obligation to pay for anything they did not personally agree to.

      What you have just read is NOT my mere opinion. It is the only reasonable conclusion that can come as a result of the recognition of what I wrote above, being that no one is born with any authority to command the subservience of any others.

      This Natural principle is acknowledged in the Federal Thirteenth Amendment.”involuntary servitude shall not exist in the United States”. The slavery of the Negroes in this country was always wrong, no matter that it was “legal”!

      I have seen no evidence or public acknowledgment that the United States is a corporation. Yes, there are several court cases that seem to establish corporate status, however I contend that the purpose of those assertions is to establish the rules that the governments of this Federation must comply with when involved in litigation. That the government must conduct itself under the same rules as if it were a corporation.

      Additionally, when it is understood that no man can properly assert command authority over any other, what difference would it make one way or another?

      In my many years of dealing with issues in court, once I figured out the birth certificate true legal name driver license scam, I had no more problems defeating any charge brought against me. I have had Arkansas judges hide arrest warrants they had publicly ordered issued, just to save face in a packed courtroom.

      When their political jurisdiction is properly challenged, without adding in a bunch of Paytriot nonsense, they will always back off, because they cannot prove you volunteered unless you make stupid statements in their domain.

      I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The twilight Zone

    • judynz says:

      I would like to know why is our country (New Zealand) floated on the New York stock exchange under the name of `THE NZ COMPANY INCORPORATED’ in the QUEENS name, if it is not a CORPORATION.

  4. debra says:
    You might find this interesting considering what you’ve been posting lately. It seems like this has been going on since the 80’s/90’s

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Debra! Hugs, ~Jean

    • JDR says:

      Debra, Jean and all,

      In regards to Bill of Rights 5th (X) & 7th (XII) Amendments, please go to the source – .

      Here you will find the the numerals for the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 through 10 are displayed in brackets [as such]. Note also the the 13th Amendment on Prohibition, for example, which has been REPEALED is also displayed in brackets. Note in contrast those not displayed in brackets. Also not (and never) displayed is the original XIII th Amendment fully ratified by 1819. Virginia, the last to be counted of the 17 states in existence when Congress proposed the 13th Amendment, ratified it and officially published it as an integral part of the The Constitution of the United State on March 12, 1819.

      ARTICLE [V.]
      No person shall be held to answer for a capital,
      or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment
      or indictment of a Grand Jury, except
      in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in
      the Militia, when in actual service in time of
      War or public danger; nor shall any person be
      subject for the same offence to be twice put in
      jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled
      in any criminal case to be a witness against
      himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property,
      without due process of law; nor shall private
      property be taken for public use, without
      just compensation.

      ARTICLE [VII.]
      In Suits at common law, where the value in
      controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the
      right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no
      fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined
      in any Court of the United States, than according
      to the rules of the common law.

      For contrast I include an excerpt from the 14th displayed without brackets:

      SECTION 4. The validity of the public debt of
      the United States, authorized by law, including
      debts incurred for payment of pensions and
      bounties for services in suppressing insurrection
      or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

      However on another page, , which is the very first link on this page no brackets are shown on any of the Amendments.

      This is how the Amendments are displayed in the U.S. Code. A code is a secret language where only insiders are instructed as to the true meaning. Use your own discernment.

      • JDR says:

        “Note also the the 13th Amendment on Prohibition, for example, which has been REPEALED is also displayed in brackets.”

        I meant to say the 18th Amendment.

    • Eric Responds to Debra,

      In reading the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury item you provided the link to, I see at the bottom of the “Disclaimer” at the top of the first page, this paragraph:

      “Any orchestrated or deliberate interception of said communiqué is a dereliction of duty,
      conspiracy and obstruction of justice. The People have a right to know the truth and what their
      servants are doing. If your superiors try to intercept truth, you need to ask yourself why? ”

      It is apparent from my personal experience with John Darash, that he does not consider himself to be bound by/to such principles, as I will explain below.

      Then, when I read the entire item I found all manner of misrepresentations in regard to the purpose and intention of the UNYCLGJ, such as the following, all written by the “unacknowledged” leader, John Darash:

      Top of page two: “We have no guru’s or acknowledged leaders,”. If John Darash is not an “acknowledged leader” of the New York Grand Jury and the National Liberty Alliance then President Barack Obama is an emulation of George Washington.

      John Darash then goes on and on in his response to what I contend is a very accurate critique of the NLA by the ADL, where Darash quotes excerpts of DICTA from several court decisions, which Darash misrepresents as court decisions, where such excerpts exhort justice, openness and fair play, which I personally have found to be absent from the NLA, at least where John Darash is “not functioning” as an “acknowledged leader”.

      Near the bottom of page four of his five page diatribe, John Darash writes:

      “WHO IS NATIONAL LIBERTY ALLIANCE? NLA is just a facilitator for education, jury registry,
      communications, organization, and directory. There is no top down structure, all state coordinators and county administrators are pure grassroots and self ruling that operate under the principles of Honor, Justice and Mercy, and take an Oath to the Governor of the Universe.”

      Please take note of John Darash’s claim that “the NLA operates under the principles of Honor, Justice and Mercy”

      Now I am not at all acquainted with any of the other members of the New York Grand Jury or the NLA, but, I, Eric Williams, find this to be totally ludicrous, at least in regard to John Darash, who not only refuses to address the issue of a Declaration of each individual Jury Member establishing their political eligibility to sit on a People’s Grand Jury, establishing their “standing”, to protect them from criminal prosecution such as was suffered by the Grand Jury of Missouri in 1996-1999, where several of them were sent to prison for four years because they harassed only ONE Missouri judge. So where is your Honor and Justice, Mr. Darash?

      John Darash has twice prevented me from explaining the importance of each GJ member properly establishing their standing on the weekly NLA conference calls, where he is obviously “not an acknowledged leader”, not acknowledged any more than was Adolph Hitler in Germany.

      If it was not John Darash who twice removed my name from the Arkansas State membership page on the NLA website, then who was it?

      So any supporters of John Darash who want to post links to his lying rants, please give me more opportunities to expose him for what he is, an enemy of establishing properly organized Grand Juries to work with and within the existing system, not the Gestapo-style John Darash has in mind.

      Where is there any truth in John Darash?

      I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

      • Eddie says:

        I am new to reading this blog but as I read this post it seems like Eric & this Darash guy is just a bunch of “Wannabee” infighting to me. Considering the entire current American judicial system is nothing more than a collection of treasonous Commerce & Admiralty law driven privateers looting the people for the Private Central Banks, (that includes the Federal reserve, the Vatican and the city of London) why would anyone want to operate a GJ in this present system? The entire push to bring back GJ’s and Common Law is to replace and restore a Constitutional system, not work within the present one. If I were on a GJ I would be the first to not only give many of the corrupt Judges a hard time but hold them accountable. In fact many of them would be some of the first people that I would vote to indict. If we cant be the solution I refuse to be a part of the problem, and we cannot fix the problem using the same things that broke it in the first place. For the sake of the nation everyone just sit down, hammer out your differences and get on the same page, It sounds like we are all patriots and need to work together if there is going to be any progress, otherwise the old divide & conquer is going to be your undoing and the Zionist-Fascist take down of this nation is inevitable. We are running out of time so Eric needs to buy Darash a beer, sort their crap out & get it together…”Oh, and I don’t need to be an “Attorney” to know common law and have common sense.. I am well educated to say the least (I had to say that for Eric) after reading some of these rants I can only Imagine his reply..

        • Jean says:

          Eddie, I’ve been on my blog all day, so please forgive me: I’m tired tonight. Please take the time to find and read where Eric says these judges are NOT CORRUPT – and please be sure to read his explanation as to why they are not corrupt. If you can’t understand this simple fact, you would be opening yourself to a prison sentence, which is what Eric is trying to avoid for some very good people. Of course, they will have to be responsible for their choices, but it is not as if they haven’t had this explained to them over and over again. . .

          Andy by the way, Eddie, Eric is not an attorney, either 😉

          Please, slow down and do your homework . . .
          Hugs, ~Jean

        • Eric responds to Eddie,

          As Jean admonished you Edie, you need to inform yourself more before you jump to an erroneous conclusion. John Darrish is, in my studied opinion, an MK ULTRA puppet, programmed to cause as many Grand Jury members as he can to be criminally charged and imprisoned, as happened to Missouri Grand Jury members in a three years long prosecution ending in 1999, where 7 of them were sentenced to four years in prison for indicting a Missouri judge when the Missouri GJ members had not properly established their political standing to sit on a People’s Grand Jury.

          As for all the courts in the United States being corrupt, this is simply NOT true. What most often is characterized as corruption of the courts is actually simple ignorance of convicted traffic citation defendants who tried to invoke Constitutional arguments in a trial for contract violation. Which I contend, is the basis for your characterization of our courts being “Admiralty Law driven privateers”.

          If those charged with traffic violations would do their home work, they would not present a birth certificate where the state has become the owner of the name thereon, to be issued a driver license. If they had properly informed themselves, they would know that the state had no standing to require them to have a driver license in order for them to drive their own automobile, or to require them to have a license to do anything what-so-ever.

          What Edie, is your basis for your claim that our courts loot the people for the Private Central Banks, the Fed, the Vatican and the City of London? Again, if you were to do your homework you would know that the Fed is 100% under the control of CONgress, that it has been audited every year since it was created, and that it has paid its profits every year to the Federal Treasury. If there is reason to complain about the operation of the Fed, and there is, but most probably beyond your comprehension, the proper target of your anger or frustrations should be CONgress, not the Fed, and even more correctly, the Founding Fathers who enabled the creation of the Fed in their assigning CONgress the power to borrow as much money as it possible could, from whatever source it could; what better way to facilitate that unbridled borrowing power, enabled by the Founding Fathers, than for CONgress to create its own bank, The Federal Reserve!

          Please do your own homework before you criticize what you read here,

          As for your claim that the reinstitution of the Grand Juries would restore the Constitutional court system, would you please be so kind as to explain exactly how that could be done, outside of an armed rebellion?

          This is true because, Edie, there is no authority established in the Fifth Amendment or anywhere else, that in any way empowers the Fifth Amendment Grand Juries to do anything other than conduct investigations (at their own expense – out of their own pocket), and indict those it determines there is sufficient evidence to bring to trial. There is no authority for a Fifth Amendment Grand Jury to appoint a petit jury or conduct a trial! Please Edie, provide facts to prove me wrong, I beg you! Because I really would like to be proven wrong on this!

          That is Edie, there is no established authority to enable any Grand Jury “to replace and restore a Constitutional system”. Where, Edie, is there any established authority to accomplish what you advocate? And what is to be “replaced”?

          And, if you really examined the problems of our society, you would find that much of what the four levels of our government are doing, to raise money, is due to the entitlements that so many are claiming, at taxpayer expense. The government must get the money somewhere, so before you put all the blame on the governments you and your friends need to cut back on your entitlement demands!

          The one and only way any Grand Jury can effect any positive change, must be done honorably within the existing system. The GJ created under the Fifth amendment does not even have authority to “demand” office space in any government building. If the GJ wants the existing government to allow it to have office space then the GJ better back off and act a bit more respectful of the existing system!

          As I wrote above, the courts are not nearly as corrupt as believed by those who have failed to understand how they volunteered themselves into a subservient contractual relationship to the state, where they have themselves, voluntarily abandoned their Naturally acquired political independence, and Constitutionally protected rights.

          I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

      • debra says:

        Thank you so much for your lengthy explanation(s) and your warnings about Darash – I had no idea and am very appreciative for your effort and energy to provide clarity. Great job! Tks again. hugzzzz from Canada

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  6. “All legal fiction entities however structured and named after the American States and American State Citizens are returned to them and their control, free and clear of any debt, promise, encumbrance or obligation alleged against them as a result of false claims made “in their behalf” by officers of the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC.”

  7. hamfib says:

    Excellent statement well written. All reasoning has been ELIMINATED FROM THE EDUCATION SYSTEM is one big item that is causing the problems of today. DUMB THEM DOWN SO WE CAN LEAD THEM WHERE WE WANT THEM TO GO! They call this the NEW WORLD ORDER, which has been in the making since 1918 via the LEAGUE OF NATIONS BALONY! The program on O’REILLY’S time slot, “WATERS WORLD” proves how dumb the people have become over the years of destroying the EDUCATION SYSTEM! Need I say more!

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