David Wilcock made 3 Posts at Benjamin Fulford.net today. July 7, 2014 . . . thanks to L.

See Ben’s Post here: Ben Fulford, July 7, 2014

1st Post of David Wilcock:

We have a new insider source telling us that the plan for a massive geo-political change is definitely real. An ever-increasing number of people in the USG and other Cabal-run institutions are being clued in on it now that it’s so close.

This sounds weird, but I will tell you what I heard:

The “White Hats” in our military who are doing this are at least to a large degree right-wing Republicans who embrace the Constitution, the Second Amendment and Christianity, seeing that they are literally battling the devil in its form as the Cabal.

It is important to remember here that nothing is perfect, and even if you disagree with this political view, this is the group that has been willing to step up and take decisive action to save the planet from people who quite literally will kill us and kill everyone and everything, and migrate somewhere else, if they had the chance.

Bearing that in mind, what I heard from very credible new sources was quite interesting.

Do you remember the very strange Supreme Court decisions this past week?

There was much more to it than most people realized.

According to this source, each Supreme Court justice was individually approached and clued in on what is about to be happening. Apparently it is a very big change, involving mass arrests. It will probably lead to a huge housecleaning of all three branches of government, and particularly Congress and perhaps the high levels of the executive branch.

They were told that if they sided with the group that is soon going to be arrested, and agreed with this group politically, they themselves would be arrested along with them. The change will be big enough that being a Supreme Court Justice won’t mean anything, apparently.

This was wild, wild information. Who knows if it’s true. It is very interesting that there was a unilateral 9-0 vote on things this past week, and that two of the female justices discussed resigning.

Whatever they were shown must have been decisive and convincing enough that it left no doubt in their minds. I haven’t even read what Ben wrote yet, not a bit, but there were only 11 comments when I hit this so I figured I’d get it in early.

This could be ‘messy’ but I am having dreams suggesting that we are indeed very close. I don’t want to see people get hurt or killed. I also understand that some of that is unavoidable in order to accomplish this goal.

I will read the update now and see if anything else comes to mind. I don’t know if Ben got this piece of intel or not but I doubt it. If it didn’t come from such a good source I would have laughed it off, but there you have it.

– David Wilcock

2nd Post of David Wilcock:

OK… just read it. Ben is doing a good job of summarizing the large, multi-faceted campaign that is going on now to create change. It is becoming increasingly obvious.

Many people thought we were crazy, and completely blowing smoke, when describing the idea of a mass-arrest scenario against the Cabal. And yet, IT IS HAPPENING NOW, just not as quickly or suddenly as we may have expected.

Nonetheless there is going to be a decisive tipping-point.

I hope to release a radio show I did on Sirius XM soon where I discuss some of what’s going on right now. I have been highly distracted with major rewrites on our Convergence film, which is almost finished (finally,) preparations to start my new Gaiam TV show Whistleblower (which will be awesome,) and intensive work learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014 to be able to do high-level motion graphics on my own and more effectively work with others who also can do it.

I am continuing to get one dream after another telling me that an epic change is upon us. Given the intensity of these dreams I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t already happened. I thought it was going to happen last September / October / November, based on very good intel we had, but the timing just wasn’t right. Now it feels like it may be.

I can also say that there appears to be an energetic component to all of this, the science of which I discuss in both Source Field and Synchronicity Key. On the personal level it seems as if everyone is broke and hurting, regardless of what level of our social strata they are at.

These are the wildest, most intense times we’ve ever seen — and yet the strangest thing about it is you can look around you and everything seems EXACTLY THE SAME. You look out the window — all the same. Take a drive — all the same. Smell the breeze — all the same.

There have been no big, epic changes — yet — but on a personal level it seems that everyone I know personally, as well as everyone they know, is going through maximum trial, difficulty, pain, initiation, fear, depression, et cetera.

If you can work through it — and that’s the ‘if’ — you have the potential to be very spring-loaded and make progress. You vanquish one villain, get a boost, and then immediately seem to face the next one. It can happen multiple times per day.

This does seem to be energetic in nature and it is fascinating to watch. Reality is far more interconnected than the typical “Highly Intelligent Skeptic” realizes, and it does appear that we are going through a mass, collective consciousness event right now where everyone is getting all their buttons pushed simultaneously.

There may be a major “pressure release” coming up, much like the idea of sexual tension building to climax. The tension right now in the world seems to be enormous. It would be nice if we don’t have to keep going through this, ratcheting up more and more, for another six months, a year, or more. We could all use some good news!

My radio show only covered certain aspects of the story but it’s still worth a listen, so be on the lookout for it this week. If you’re still not subscribed to my show on Gaiam TV, the episode coming out tonight is all about Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the Rainbow Body and how we can apply them to our own lives — and is well worth a viewing. You can see more and get a free trial at wisdomteachings.com. This directly helps us be able to pay the bills, and fight this fight, so your support is appreciated!

– David Wilcock

3rd Post of David Wilcock:

The personal angle is so obvious to me, and to others I know who are familiar with the scientific case I’ve made, that it’s almost overwhelming.

The pervasive nature of SAMENESS in the midst of all of this is, by far, the weirdest thing of all.

It’s never been scarier, harder or more difficult, and yet everything keeps on working out.

If you get caught up in the fear currents you can believe it’s all a nightmare and it’s all over — and many people are falling for that — but not most.

Overall, we’re all working through this “collective initiation” in our own ways.

I would just say “remember to have fun!”

– David

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49 Responses to David Wilcock made 3 Posts at Benjamin Fulford.net today. July 7, 2014 . . . thanks to L.

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you put in Jean. Your time and courage is much appreciated. I want to say that I wonder if we are so used to considering everything in terms of the linear time we are used to in 21st century earth-time that perhaps this is all really just a very very short interval of time in terms of the human calendar? That is why it feels so long to so many of us but when viewed against eons of time, it is perhaps just a few moments. So I guess we cannot be surprised that we do need to be patient a little longer.

    • Jean says:

      Well said, Julie, although even with this understanding, it doesn’t make life any easier right now 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • guardianmc says:

      Has anyone here read “the Michael Handbook” by Jose Stevens ? This is a great book from the late 80’s early 90’s. The book speaks to humanities situation now in terms of Soul age. The planet is filled with Souls ranging from infant,baby,young,mature and old. Without going into great detail…an infant soul has had only a few incarnations on earth and is simply happy to get a life experience on earth even if it is as a starving child in the third world. A baby soul looks up to others and likes to be told what to do and think.. (reminds me of Tea Party followers) The young souls are the problem because they want to win at all costs, they think the game is “who ever has the most when the game is over wins” Young souls are not concerned about others or the destruction they may cause, they have no concern for the future etc. The next soul level is Mature and from there it goes to Old. The book goes on to say that the world in general and the USA in particular is presently a young soul nation that is in the process of becoming a mature soul county. Mature souls begin to see that we are all here together and need to work together as a family…. As all of us can see these young souls are not interested in giving up there money or creating peace and equality for all….. However, the tide is changing and we are in the process of becoming a Mature world, a mature country…. this they say will not be completed until sometime around the year 2050… In other words we are in the process. As Julie say’s above “So I guess we cannot be surprised that we do need to be patient a little longer.”

  2. Carole Ramke says:

    I don’t know if you have seen Karen Hudes’ response to Benjamin Fulfords comment about her. She is also responding to questions in the comment section. It is difficult to know what to believe, but I try to follow all sides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt4VV9602FM

  3. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    Now what I am about to say here is nothing but an opinion.

    What if the powers that be never trusted in the goyim or that average citizen….as it were….

    There always had to be a system of rule. Some more benevolent than others but still a system of rule.

    How could we turn over Americas technology to the NFL/NBA or to the NASCAR rabel to rule the American “republic” …..as it were….?

    I know all of this has been artfully created by our rulers and now folks wake up and the question remains upon how do we rule?

    And so it is a measure of conscientiousness upon how we are ruled.

    Government structures are powered by energy.

    And so what is the energy of humanity?

    And answer that and you can see who rules and is this free energy?

    And so all of these questions are about esoteric things and of course science and energy and spirituality are all one and the same and its all about how it is defined so that normal folks can understand it.

    Thanks Jean….


  4. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    Thank you for your great work upon this blog and also letting me speak and for not censoring many views as all of us learn about life and about ourselves through this wonderful dialogue.

    David talked about his conversations with some powerful military folks and if I might I can provide an opinion and that only.

    The Presbyterian church is the church of the ruling class in America. Notice on how this very church wants to dis-invest in the companies that do business in Palestine. A mild statement and look at how wild the ADL and others are going with such a mild statement.

    This large American denomination is now under asualt by our occupiers in America and they at least have the back bone to stand up and say hey look the birth place of our lord and savior is behind a 27 foot wall and under occupation.

    That statement that I made above is a fact. PERIOD!!!

    David is saying that their are powerful people that have had enough of this sort of thing and that a better way might be at hand…..

    Of course I am forever the optimist in such regards not for the look of a savior but just for the average human just to wake up a bit….

    The governmental structure of this church here:


    It is a wicki article so take it as it is and one could do more study upon this issue and this church.

    This is the ruling class in America and this seems to be their church.

    Notice how they are at the forefront on the issue of Zionism.

    Another link to another video…


    A video trailer about a movie about what is going on in the land of the Bible….

    Thanks Jean for your wonderful site and simply for the opportunity to post about any kind of change….


  5. I find it interesting that many people are using the English word to describe what is about to happen. Even New Agers are calling the event that is about to happen as a Jubilee. Where does that word come from but the Hebrew word Yovel. Though Michael Hudson at Univ of Missouri at KC, says that there are many words from the ancient world that describe debt cancellation, it is the Hebrew word that people are using, or its English equivalent, Jubilee. This word is NOT in concert with New Age ideas. It makes knowledge available of the Hebrew ha Meschiah, not Gaia.

    • justme says:

      lol, gotcha

    • HoLee888@gmail.com says:

      And the Hebrews (or Zio bankers, to be more precise), have everything to do with the need for this. I wonder if Islamic societies where Usury is not allowed have any need for Jubillees? Perhaps wealth does not concentrate to the same degree in the hands of rentiers.

  6. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    I understand we’re all “under pressure”; yes we’re entitled to feel,think,believe what we choose >> can you just take a deep breath and read the following, it might give you peace. Blessings, …….T, “the dreamer”
    John Lennon lyrics ~ “Imagine”
    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

  7. Gene Lo says:

    “The “White Hats” in our military who are doing this are at least to a large degree right-wing Republicans who embrace the Constitution, the Second Amendment and Christianity, seeing that they are literally battling the devil in its form as the Cabal.”
    I reckon they know their History. And are aware that Liberty must be fought for and protected!

  8. guardianmc says:

    “We have a new insider source telling us that the plan for a massive geo-political change is definitely real” This reminds me of all the talk around Y2K and 2012….

  9. Ines Radman says:

    Don’t get me wrong Jean, I sounded like a pessimist, no, I am an optimist and I know things are moving forward but David is not the one moving it forward. His books have made him some kind of “authority” so when David talks, people listen. Well, I don’t buy it because my job is to research and expose these paid shills, he’s on the top of my list along with Cobra. Until someone can prove me wrong about them, I need to see the money.

    • ksense says:

      There are major difference between David and Cobra.
      David uses his real name.
      David doesn’t receive ‘intel’ and hold onto it because we might not be able to handle it or because we’re not yet worthy of it.
      David (and Fulford) states clearly that he doesn’t know for sure if the intel he receives is always believable.
      David’s books are reports of his research. Cobra’s posts are reports from his ‘private club’.
      Yeah, reading David’s work can be laborious and he can come across as a little self-important but he keeps his readers abreast of what he finds out, unlike Cobra who keeps his “followers” starving for morsels of tidbits here and there with a promise of salvation.

      • ksense says:

        People get so emotionally attached to C that they respond to this kind of comment the way a typical religious fanatic does. I’ve been banned from two blogs because of this observation of Cobra.

        • Jean says:

          Kense, I have long questioned Cobra’s validity . . . and what I’m also observing now is that people are going a bit off the rails . . . it’s time to center down. My blog is not a place for people to dump un-researched opinions as fact. Many people demonstrate that they have merely a superficial understanding, but that isn’t good enough anymore. What we are dealing with is a very complex situation and they need to be sure they know what they are talking about before they make statements here. I can’t take the time to rebut that kind of thing, so I’m going to have to simply exclude it. And if that doesn’t work, I will have to shut down comments. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ines Radman says:

        You are entitled to your opinion, and because it’s Jean’s blog I am not going to start a war of truth, I respect her too much for that.

      • Ronnie says:

        Both David and Cobra recently stated Ovomit is a light worker. Need I say more.

  10. Ines Radman says:

    David Wilcock is a paid shill, paid to get you hoping and excited, only to tell you like he just did in this article that things didn’t happen like his dreams showed. He’s full of crap and the sooner you stop listening to this crap, the sooner you can take control of YOUR life. There is NOTHING in this article that has one IOTA of proof, evidence or HOPE, it is nothing but talk “I hope so”.
    How long has he been predicting “mass arrests”? I mean, he’s in bed with St. Germain, both of them have been talking about mass arrests for years. Where is this intel coming from that is so wrong all the time? Jean, read my latest post “I can hear the Silence”.
    Blessings to all

    • Jean says:

      Ines, please forgive me for being blunt here, but I think you’ve gone off the rails a bit 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ines Radman says:

        Maybe, but I hope I’m wrong Jean.

      • Ines Radman says:

        Jean, you are judging me and assuming you are right and I am wrong. Of course, one of us is right and one of us is wrong, but for you to be the judge of that would be like a firefighter doing cosmetic surgery. You know me by now that I do not argue with anyone in trying to prove a point, I have no ego therefore it’s not important for me to prove myself, so I will repeat what I already said, maybe I have gone off the rails, but I will send to you in private something that will change your mind. It’s not for public consumption.

        • Jean says:

          No, I”m offering an opinion. I can’t believe what you are saying! And you are entitled, but it seems to me you have taken it upon yourself to judge these people, as well. are you able to give absolute proof that David Wilcock is a paid shill? If so, I’d like very much to see it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  11. procomptor says:

    Hi guys, I want so much to believe the article on Fulford’s blog but I don’t as The vision I received months back about the months of July and August suggest “we got to go through hell before we get to heaven”. Here is the article I think carries more weight and can be believed whether you want to or not;


    Everyone is still waiting for that knight in shining armor to rescue them which is just the left over yawns from so many years of sleeping. Granted, a lot of stuff that comes out is simply fear tactics but those innocent civilians in the Ukraine really did die in this last full on attack and we don’t even know how many yet.

    We Americans have skated through the intense violence for many years while people in other countries have suffered much. If this life is a lesson I can’t believe we will learn much if someone kisses the booboo and it simply vanishes. I am not trying to scare anyone and I am not suggesting we start buying guns. What I am suggesting is that we quit waiting for an easy way out and keep working our state politicians, police officers, veterans and the still sleeping to try and unite as many as possible in an attempt to assure we have enough food and water, a safe place to go and meet, and to gain the strength always available in groups over individuals.

    By making friends and allies out of police officers, veterans and even militia we bond with them and increase our chances of survival if a large negative event happens. Dont play the fools game of standing around and banking on good whether to plant your crops as at least planting some will gain you some food in the fall! WE ARE THE AWAKENED! THERE WAS A REASON WE WERE CHOSEN. Maybe we blew our last chance. Maybe each of us brings with them a special gift needed to help all survive the upcoming events. Or maybe we have all been down the rejected failed road where we have had to start over again and that was the preparation we needed to land us here!

    Look guys I know a lot if not most of you don’t share my beliefs but if you dig deep, I mean real deep into your souls and be honest you will agree that this time is well documented in the bible and in past generations of highly intelligent humans who see the patterns (writing on the walls). Even my ex sees it after whining and saying “but I am not ready to leave, I am starting to have fun”. THERE IS A REASON THEY ARE CENTERING THEIR SITES ON CHRISTIANS! You have all seen the list of most dangerous posted by homeland security so don’t you get it? It isn’t because wez a bunch ov hairy ferrosious guys an gals ya know! Thank God no..he he he! Nope it’s because they can’t bend us, they can’t break us and they can’t scare us into allowing their mark of the beast so they can’t control us! We are a threat to them as others will see us stand and maybe die if required but we serve the Lord and will of God….period.

    Again I have seen the coming of this time and it isn’t about the apple pie…trust me. There was a reason my Mom and Dad came to me on Christmas Eve 2012 in the company of the Lord. It isn’t because I am a religious nut…trust me. I graduated sunday school and have always kept that cute little homemade certificate of graduation close to me without ever knowing until I actually died from a ruptured lower intestine 8 years ago. I have broken so many bones including shattering my left clavicle entirely while wiping out 90% of the nerves that pass from their to my arm. Seven surgeons told me straight up that I would be lucky to gain back 10% of movement in my left arm. I was awakened and understood immediately my devotion to the Lord was eternal and with it back I started living again. Through several master alchemists I have discovered I have been reincarnating for several thousand years and at one time became a Knight of the Templar after watching soldiers kill my wife and boy after not doing work for a rotten king. I lived a chunk of that life over again in the less than 10 seconds I died waiting on a gurney in the hospital because I had no insurance which meant no body scan!

    Well since that day my life has been in and out of the supernatural where I have seen amazing miracles including full use of my left arm and ZERO PAIN PILLS! I tried to throw the Lord\God out when my 32 year marriage fell apart and why not? God let me down by not standing up for me and making my ex love me! He he he…. God didn’t care that I stopped believing in him he never did or would stop believing in me! I still love my ex even after lying and cheating on me at least 3 times. And my Daughter even after she forged my signature on county documents merging my land with hers thereby preventing me from selling and finally losing my 160K equity and 700+ credit score. I still Love my Daughter very much and miss her as she blames me for not giving her my land to save theirs from a double mortgage.

    You see guys this is that unconditional love you all say God offers you and believe me it is real. Once you experience it you can’t and wont ever remove yourself from it!

    Am I right about my vision and feelings here? I bat about 65% on my interpretations of the visions I receive so you be the judge. What I can tell you however is that if there was such a plan you and I would not know about it until it was over! Taking out a president, even an evil one, with force is serious treason. I will be 100% honest here and tell you that I am not sure there is enough people awake to save these guys from hanging if one thing goes wrong making it unsuccessful! If we know about it trust me Obama knows about it so someone is simply trying to get publicity or waste everyones time with lies. Would Fulford be party to something like that? Again you be the judge.

    I hope I am wrong here but my heart tells me I’m not but I will continue to pray for everyone here as I consider you all family and Love each and every one of you!

    I pray the Lords bright and beautiful light will guide all of our paths and keep us safe…..mike

    • procomptor says:

      Sorry 4th line in the forth paragraph should be weather not whether. I appreciate being smart with computers but I would gladly trade part of that for better spelling skills:):):)

  12. lozzafun says:

    Hi Jean…This does sound like the ‘long awaited event’ is here….I am EAGER for this to be BEHIND us….At any rate, I am waiting to exhale!!…

    I have confusion tho, I thought that there was NOT going to be a RV???….Deb

  13. just read fulford’s and then cobra’s updates. why do david’s continue to be kind of anecdotal stories about others And himself interspersed with bland advertisements….in comparison to theirs?

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  15. wolf727 says:

    Here we go again. More talk of “mass arrests”. And we have talk of his dreams again, telling of an “epic change” is about to come.
    Sorry. I’m not buying this. Several years ago I did buy it. This time, no. I’m not buying it. I’m tired of false hopes and promises. The ones who will “buy it” will be those buying his books.

    • cobalt says:

      Yes I must say that I find the rambling recounting of his dreams rather odd and boring.
      I really couldn’t imagine filling up entire newsletters with ‘oh and then I had this dream where aliens blew up a giant rubber dinosaur, and I had that dream six whole months ago, and now look’.
      Sorry for sounding critical, but really…

      • Dee says:

        L O L…
        Sometimes David’s recounting of his dreams may seem rather childish but since he fervently believes that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce…I think he believes that his dreams are a powerful message for humanity. Who knows? Time will tell. We all need to take it one day at a time and just keep our energy UP…they feed on our fear and if we adamantly Refuse to live in fear…they will just get weaker every day. We grow stronger, they grow weaker and WE WIN ! Love you all. xoxo Dee

    • Trex says:

      I tend to agree Wolf – seeing is believing for this realist. Altho granted, in order to achieve our lofty goals, we do first have to imagine them so we can plan a route there.

      I don’t think we can convince the poor eastern Ukrainians that things are changing… Those artillery and mortar rounds, bombs, rockets and bullets are just as deadly now as they were in previous days, weeks and months. As matter of fact, things are getting much worse for them as many areas now have no power, water, food, or communications. Seeing women and children, and your neighbors torn to shreds isn’t a convincing sign of better times. Perhaps David and Ben can both go spend a couple weeks in the hot zone collecting shrapnel. If they survive, we’ll surely read stories that are based on cold hard reality rather than dream-world. Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Maybe there is a fitting time for analyzing dreams and astrology to no end, but when criminal war on civilians is going on and innocent people are dying – I’m sorry – endless discussion of “dreams” is a bit out of place, if not outright cowardly. When your very last chip is down, the only thing that saves lives is ACTION.

      Apologize Jean, for “losing it.” Things are beyond desperate and it needed saying. We can’t live on pixie dust.

      • Jean says:

        Trex, I realize things are going off the rails, and I’m doing my best to maintain some sanity here . . . I think we’re all doing the best we can 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • wolf727 says:

        I agree with “cobalt” and “Trex”. Several years ago I gave David Wilcock and others their chance and believed in their hopeful analysis of things changing for the good.

        That was several years ago and no big changes has happened. I’m not saying changes are not going to happen in our favour but so far there are no mass arrests. Western mainstream media is still lying and controlled by the elites. The global elites are still in power.

        I am not going to pay attention to anymore “hopeful” prophecies any longer from anyone. For me, it is now show me concrete evidence that major arrests are taking place. Show me evidence that Western mainstream media has stopped lying and giving out false information. Show me evidence that we have reached the critical point where the global elites are on the run and have given up. So far this has not happened.

        How many times have I read from David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford that we are “winning” and the elites are “losing”. So far in reality, this is not the case.

        My heart goes out to the people in East and South Ukraine. The bombing and murder of Russian Ukrainians is proof enough that we have not reached the point where we can celebrate the defeat of the global elites.

        Everything is just talk. No matter what Neil Keenan, David Wilcock or Benjamin Fulford write or talk about, the reality on the ground is still the same or worse.

        If and when there are visibile concrete signs that events are moving in our favour, then and only then will I begin to listen to what they are saying.

        Yes, I must be getting older. I have become cynical only because “they” have not proved their worth in what they write about. At least Kevin Annett is doing something concrete and is not engaged in vain, empty promises – he just goes ahead and does it. I am also grateful for the German Monday protests that are taking place in Germany. These are evidences one can see taking place. Yet, we still have a long way to go before we see any concrete changes moving in our favour.

        • Hank says:

          I’m in a loose group trying to make sense of the deluge of information coming in the MSM, alternative media, and New Age sites. We’ve divvied up and catalogued the work load since it’s so much. I would like to offer a few observations for consideration. Review of Dave Wilcock’s and Fulford’s past writings in our archived material is notable for what didn’t happen, as said by many. In the several years run up to 2012, Dave was quite prolific in beating the Ascension theme drum, as what was then in vogue and obviously not anymore. His extensive work on Financial Tyranny didn’t produce what was claimed going to occur either. The mass arrests both Dave and Ben claimed were imminent, as well as specifically Bush’s and Gates’ arrests, Geithner being detained and released, the whole White Dragon narrative, the $Trillion lawsuit, the extensively detailed reports of what all is happening behind the scenes, Dave’s recounting of destroyed DUMBs several years ago – all either didn’t occur or can’t be independently verified. Extremely troubling is Dave’s prior endorsement of our current president as being a light worker, when clearly all his actions have been telling the opposite story. He seems to have walked back from that a bit and hedged in later presentations, but not wholly reconsidered, as has the author of this blog site. Steve Beckow appears to have reinvented himself into another site that no longer has a specific Pro-Obama tab. He appears to still endorse him by proxy, however, through Matt Ward http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=103&z=2. Stankov burst onto the scene, but when his timelines for events to occur repeatedly came and went over years, he quietly just disappeared. But not before deprecating many others in the ‘New Age’ movement, to include this site’s author for no good reason, as well as Dave and Ben. The point to all this is there is much untruth, much countering of previously held and defended strong beliefs, much strife on all media sties, MSM and alternative alike, all suggesting an enormous amount of resources is being devoted to produce this for some reason. What we’ve seen is a serial on again, off again alignment between various configurations of Fulford/Keenan/Drake/Lady Dragon/this site’s author over the years – not to suggest all these were involved with everyone. Meanwhile, Stew Webb is sniping from the sidelines. But, his information is no more verifiable than others’. Certainly, all this has generated a lot of discord this site’s author is trying her best to manage! I really do think we all need to stay focused on the very real possibility we are being manipulated along bias fault lines to fight each other. A big tool for this is disinfo – part is true, part isn’t, that provides fertile strife ground for all of us to gravitate to our preferred/favorite side on any given issue. Those ‘pulling the strings’ have to be laughing, because in this paradigm, they win no matter what. It’s like financing both sides in a war for them. We’re being played in large part, and don’t want to see that elephant in the room. It’s not particularly pleasant to admit to a given manipulation after the fact. Who we perceive as ‘experts’ on an issue, sink or swim based on the proven validity of their content over time. We need to rule them in or out based on that. Everyone has something of value to say. How much of that ultimately translates into a reality we all accept as being ‘real’ depends both on their content and how critical our thinking is to mitigate against being hoodwinked. I purposely used ‘mitigate’ because I don’t think we can completely eliminate it, using what is described in the New Age press as our severely limited 3D faculties leaving most of us with only an intuitive ‘feel’. I don’t think any of us can read minds yet. smile

  16. Raven says:

    WOW! Is the breath of fresh air on its way? I so hope so. I’ve been waiting for this (and I believe it is the reason I am here now) since 1964!!!!!!

    • Jean says:

      Raven, I certainly hope so. Tempers are getting short, my face is hurting so badly from the intense energy that blogging is difficult. I think I’m not the only one ready for this to move forward 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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