UK COMMON LAW, A LAWFUL REBELLION . . . this is a WOWOW video!!!

Published on Apr 28, 2013

The video you are about to watch (and please watch all of it, it is very informative) details how our governments are not really what we think they are anymore. In fact, they are nothing more than corporations; not figuratively, but actually corporations.This makes sense when you think about it in relation to the Global Fascist Government that is being set up. For they would need to abolish the nation states in any legal manner they could, but they would also need to set up a governing body that extends beyond the limits of language and nationality, in order to accomplish that. So, like math is a universal language, the corporate model is a global one. If they are capable of setting up nations as corporations, then they will fit more neatly into their pyramid structure of control that is well on it’s way to being created.

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14 Responses to UK COMMON LAW, A LAWFUL REBELLION . . . this is a WOWOW video!!!

  1. swo8 says:

    You should be able to access them through the web site by clicking on the album covers. That will take you to iTunes where you can sample them. If that doesn’t work try to google the name of the album with swo8 Blues Jazz after it. It is available from several sites. Let me know if you still have a problem.

  2. laurel says:

    For those who want to check whether their state, city, representative, etc… is a corporation, go to, which is a corporate listing website, and enter in the names. Prepare to be shocked….

  3. donaldbreaux says:

    thank you Jean!

  4. swo8 says:

    This isn’t news to me. Have a listen to “For the People Blues” from the album Monkey of Sousse, “Sold Out” from the album Osaka Time, and there will be more to come. You can access them from my web site.

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