MUST READ!!! Lada Ray: New Predictions! Putin Goes to Latin America: US Creates Wars – Russia Extends a Hand of Cooperation . . . full of much needed positive news!!! ~J

Who would you pick as your friend?

Obama World's largest drug dealer

The country that bombs into oblivion whoever gets in its way – like #Afghanistan, #Iraq, #Serbia, #Libya, #Vietnam, #Korea, #Japan (with nukes); the country that spies on its friends, such as the newest in a barrage of NSA/CIA scandals of the US spying on Germany; the country that manipulates the whole world into submission with sanctions and threats?

France Russia

Russian President Putin meets French President Hollande in France

OR: The country that comes in peace and helps develop infrastructure, trade and mutually beneficial relations; the country that doesn’t start wars and works tirelessly to preserve peace for all, despite desperate attempts of some to start WWIII?

The answer should be clear even for the brainwashed, zombified and intimidated population of the West… I think it was always clear for Cubans.

I had been to Cuba, and met Fidel Castro, when I was barely 20. It’s a wonderful country with warm and hospitable population, romantic feel and the old world/new world charm. Due to the long-term extraction of the Cuban wealth by the US and later crippling embargo, Cuba is very poor. But Cubans never fret, making do with what little they have. One of their achievements is the exemplary FREE medical care. Another one, the best education system in Latin America. See my interviews, where I talk about Cuba: Feng Shui, Fidel Castro and Fascinating Predictions: Interview with Lada Ray AND The Earth Shifter, New Earth & Alternative Economy: Thought-provoking Interview with Lada Ray.

Clockwise from top left: El Capitolio, Museum of the Revolution, view of Malecón, lighthouse at El Morro, Havana Cathedral, Plaza Vieja and the Great Theatre of Havana

La Habana, Cuba: Clockwise from top left: El CapitolioMuseum of the Revolution, view of Malecón, lighthouse at El MorroHavana CathedralPlaza Vieja and the Great Theatre of Havana

I am looking at the footage of #Havana today (on video below) and see that, sadly, Cuba has become so much shabbier and poorer since I was there 20+ years ago. Cuba has great potential and it needs a leg up. This leg up comes in the form of a visit by the Russian President Vladimir #Putin. Cuba, where he has met with Raul #Castro (Fidel’s brother and the current head of the country) is the first stop on Putin’s extensive, week-long tour of Latin America.

Raúl Castro, July 2012.jpeg

Raúl Modesto Castro Rus

During the Cuban stop by Putin, Russia will write off 90% of Cuban debt, or $32bln of the total of $35bln. This is huge for a small, poor country like #Cuba. The rest of the debt will be invested in Cuban economy, which will give it a much-needed boost.

After this, Vladimir Putin will visit #Argentina where he’ll sign energy-related and trade expansion deals. Next is #Brazil, where he’ll watch the World Cup final, participate in the #BRICSbank creation, and discuss the information and security deals between Russia and Brazil with President Dilma #Rousseff. Rousseff joins the long list of heads of state-victims of the NSA wiretapping. In Brazil, Putin will also meet with a number of other Latin American heads of state to discuss various energy and investment deals.

Official portrait of Dilma Rousseff

Brazil President, Dilma Rousseff


Video report from RT:


Russia on the move!

The worldwide revolt against USA – the empire gone berserk – is mounting. USA, with its idiotic, arrogant, and belligerent policies, has angered pretty much everyone on the face of the Earth, and beyond. USA not only bombs anyone they don’t like into oblivion, it not only tries to strangle economies of countries it wants weakened or intimidated, but it spies even on staunch allies like Germany.

In Europe: #NSA spying on #Merkel and every German, plus the latest two German #CIA spy scandals, are just a tip of the iceberg. US has many more ‘assets’ in #Germany, and Germans are naive if they think they are in the clear. Outraged Germans announced that they will lift a ban on spying on Americans. Can you believe it – they actually had such a ban! Talk about one-way street!

Merkel 2

Angela Merkel

With one stroke USA just destroyed BNP #Paribas, the leading bank of another European ally, #France. All because France refused to destroy its economy and business credibility by forfeiting its scheduled 2 Mistral carriers delivery to Russia (as USA demanded), and the Russia-France banking deal that was in the works for years. US fined BNP Paribas $10bln for violating US sanctions regime against Russia, which essentially bankrupted the bank. In addition, US blocked France’s ability to use the international dollar exchange mechanism. In response to all that, the outraged France Finance Minister announced that his country will be seeking to trade outside of the US dollar, and will do everything to convince its partners in the EU to do the same.

In Russia, Siberia, Asia: Putin just announced that Russia would be investing $150bln in the ambitious construction of the new leg of the Baikal-Amur Railroad (BAM), taking this money off the table for US Treasury investment. See Russia’s NEW Ambitious Anti-Dollar Move: $150 bln Investment in Baikal-Amur Railroad. After US attempted to impose sanctions on Russia, Russia sold off most of its US Treasuries, which prompted the Belgian bond scandal. Pretty much everyone misinterpreted what happened when suddenly small #Belgium “purchased” US Treasuries for the amount that was bigger than its GDP. I solved the mystery and will have an article about that very soon, so stay tuned.

Putin also made a very successful pitch at the Bali Investment Conference, where he invited #Japan and #China to invest in the infrastructure development in #Siberia and the Far East. The interest is HUGE and Russia expects lots of money flowing in from China and Japan via Russia Direct Investment Fund.

And back to Europe. South Stream – (RussianЮжный Поток): Russia just signed a deal with #Austria regarding the #SouthStream gas pipeline construction. #Hungary and #Italy reconfirmed their commitment to South Stream. This comes on the heals of “uncle” #McCain twisting poor #Bulgaria’s arm to say ‘no’ to South Stream going through Bulgarian territory, thus shooting itself in the foot. More about that here: ‘Gave Americans a Blow Job For Nothing?’ Polish FM Sikorski Leaked Tape Scandal.

But wait, seeing that everyone’s signing up for South Stream, Bulgaria has already managed to do a 180 degree flip! Now Bulgaria swears that they didn’t mean they didn’t want South Stream – turns out they meant they needed to consult with the EU to make sure everything was legal. And this is precisely why they needed to talk to US senator and the world’s biggest Russia-hater McCain, undoubtedly because he is the best expert on EU policy. Grotesque? Pitiful? All the above!

Russian FM #Lavrov just met with his counterpart in #Slovenia to sign the South Stream deal. Slovenian FM admitted that US put pressure on Slovenia not to sign the South Stream deal. US ambassador to Ljubljana even pressured Slovenian leadership not to receive Lavrov at all! This is the first admission of US pressure by a EU official. Despite that, #Slovenia signed up for South Stream. The neighboring #Serbia has already signed the 2.1 bln euro deal for building South Stream on its territory.

South Stream gas pipeline, designed to bypass #Ukraine, will take the capacity to blackmail Russia and EU away from the Kiev US stooges. It will increase the diversification and security of gas transit to Europe.

Proposed South Stream route

Gas transit/Russia/Ukraine Prediction: I said this before and I will reiterate: Russia will eventually phase out Ukraine as a transit artery for Russian gas to Europe. Ukraine proved to be an extremely unreliable transit country, prone to the outside manipulation, violence and outright theft. It will be a matter of time. After Ukraine no longer is a meaningful transit country, US/Kiev/EU will not have as much capacity to blackmail Russia on the gas front. At that point Ukraine will become uninteresting to the US and it will be simply abandoned like a used-up lemon. What the West is trying to achieve before they abandon Ukraine is destroy its economy. They are partially succeeding. How far they will get in the Ukraine economy destruction depends on how quickly Ukrainians wake up to the fact that they are being raped. More about Russia, Ukraine, USA, and other countries in PREDICTIONS.

Vladimir Putin’s trip to Latin America is very meaningful. He will meet with different leaders to discuss bilateral trade outside of the dollar system; creation and financing of the BRICS Bank to be juxtaposed to the rotten #IMF and World Bank system; energy and security projects; oil and gas field development.

To say that Putin’s visit to Latin America has to do with the blatant US meddling in Ukraine, is to say nothing. Cubans, Venezuelans, Argentinians, Bolivians and other Latin Americans are so fed up with the US always IMPOSING something on them that they had been begging Russia for years to have tighter ties with them. Russia finally decided to take decisive steps to properly diversify its huge currency reserves away from the dying dollar. Russian currency reserves are around $450-500 bln. This is the third largest currency reserve in the world.

Instead of buying worthless US dollars or euros, investing these in the infrastructure projects inside the country, as well as in various infrastructure, development and natural resource projects in Latin America, Europe and Asia is THE WISE thing to do.

Russia is also considering reviving its military bases in Cuba, and that’s 100 miles from the US shore. Russia abandoned her bases pretty much everywhere in the world after Gorbachev came to power, but the US shameless interference in Ukraine and persistent attempts to drag #Georgia, #Moldova, and now Ukraine, into #NATO prompt Russia to rebuild her defenses against the super-bully of the world.

I am looking forward to seeing how Americans will enjoy having Russian military bases within 100 miles of their shores. Rest assured that Cuba isn’t the only country that would love to host Russian bases: #Venezuela, Argentina, #Bolivia and #Nicaragua all have issued a standing invitation.



Russia is giving an example of how to conduct her global affairs peacefully and cooperatively. But I seriously wouldn’t recommend the US and EU to continue stepping on Russia’s toes. The result is always the same: every aggression against Russia turns into a humiliating defeat and long-term disaster for the aggressor (think German aggression in 1941; think Napoleon aggression in 1812). I have to say the US is legendary for its survival instinct. This is precisely why they will never dare attack Russia directly. This is precisely why they always use proxies to do the dirty job for them. But someone who betrayed once, will betray again. US proxies eventually turn against them: think US-trained/financed Al-Qaeda & Taliban. And this is what will eventually happen with Ukraine and various US allies in the EU.


Expect Russia to create a new investment and business climate both inside the country and abroad, which will eventually result in a global shift of how things are done internationally. China is also working on same. COOPERATION, as opposed to confrontaion, is the word that comes to mind.

#BRICS will slowly but surely fully develop the BRICS Bank, which will create a much more humane and forward-looking alternative to the existing rotten IMF/World Bank system.

The crumbling US dollar system will continue being undermined both inside and out by the idiotic actions of the US, and by the fed-up population of our planet that is gradually rebelling against the dollar slavery.


All of the above mega deals and projects will be financed outside of the dollar. This effectively means that less and less money will be fed to the US Treasuries, thus undermining the fake financial backbone of the US empire. These moves will gradually take away the US dollar status as reserve currency.


video-call-snapshot-37About Lada Ray: Born in Russia, Lada Ray is a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master and mystical futurist. She is the author of three novels and several novelettes, most notably, Amazon bestselling thriller Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) about the conspiracy connected to the disappearance of the Russian Empire’s gold reserve; and the top-rated prophetic mystical thriller The Earth Shifter, set in Moscow, Lake Baikal in Siberia, NYC, and hidden realms of Heaven and Earth. Lada’s popular blogs: Lada Ray Blog (books, Russia, China, feng shui, world cultures) and her new project FuturisTrendcast (geopolitics, Earth Shift, Lada Ray’s mystical futurism and predictions). Subscribe to Lada Ray channel on Youtube and follow her on Twitter.


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28 Responses to MUST READ!!! Lada Ray: New Predictions! Putin Goes to Latin America: US Creates Wars – Russia Extends a Hand of Cooperation . . . full of much needed positive news!!! ~J

  1. gardencat1 says: Edgar Casey on Russia, and other prophets. Interesting.

  2. diqiuren says:

    Putin is exporting nuclear power too, yer Chernobyl is still leaking and Fukushima has wiped out the Pacific

  3. This is an excellent article. I am British living in Singapore, and more and more of our neighbours are totally fed up by the bullying US of A, even the Chinese premier is talking with South Korea to replace the US troops in the demilitarised zone, between the North and South. Only Singapore and the Philippines sadly remains loyal to the US and much of what they do as far as foreign policy is dictated by the CIA and the British MI6.

    There is evidence suggesting that the demise of MH370 was masterminded in this little “red dot” by CIA/MI6 local operatives.

    I admire Vladimir Putin, my only concern is that the likes of Kissinger has been buddies with him for a long time as indeed he is with the Chinese Premier, is this only a plan B, with a cabal rebranding of the same product with a different label?

    I hope not!

    PS thanks Jean for these excellent articles – appreciated.

  4. anon says:

    Happy Asalha Puja Full Moon Day! The Day of the First Teaching of the Buddha, the Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma, the Birth of the Triple Gem!

  5. Bill says:

    In this as with most of Lada’s blogs, one can see the difference in the political attitude’s of Russia versus the US of A. The present erosion of the international influence of America is the direct result of our being directed totally by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros banksters. For some time now through the IMF and a couple other lettered agencies, America and her masters had a strangle hold on nearly all the “underling” nations and used both military and political/intelligence forces to achieve their desires. Now the other nations are aware of our motives and there are other leaders and nations with the wisdom and the gonads (I’m not ignoring the beautiful Ms. Rousseff!) to challenge our mastery. It will be an evolutionarily process initially, but no one can predict what will transpire when the general population becomes aware of what the banksters have been doing to them over the decades!
    Vlad Putin knows what he’s doing and I would certainly not want to play high stakes poker with him!

    • Jean says:

      I think he’s also a superb chess player . . . 🙂 and that’s a very tough game 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Rich Buckley says:

      The re-announced dealings Russia is reported to be initiating with Cuba will play right into the hands of the Cabal in raising international tensions. The best response the US could make would be to use Cuba as the tip of the spear for a new peace intiative in relations by throughing open all travel and investment. I still believe Guantanomo Bay will make a nice Disneyworld resort location someday.

  6. JimmyB says:

    Lada does such a great job wrapping up the latest events into an easily understandable package for us.

    We’re watching the rise of many nations with Russia as their foundation. If we think WE’RE sick and tired, one can only imagine how eager these people are to have such an alternative, that aims to help & care for populations. It’s a beautiful thing unfolding and I can’t wait to see the Latin American countries prosper.

  7. LHay says:

    We are certainly ready for change. However, does anyone else get the feeling that this has been scripted? The US has been out-of-control for too long and set up for a fall, a huge humbling, also part of the script. We are seeing the orchestration of power, its movement and rearrangement to bring the final fourth act of this epic drama.

    Make wars, create debt everywhere, remove manufacturing from the US, gut the US economy, bring down the people of the US and the world, with debt and poverty, collapse the dollar, shift the power of money and resources to new alliances (BRICS), and then, if nothing really changes with the fiat, debt-based currency system of exchange with banking corporations ruling and running the show, the whole global economy can be brought down at once with everybody hooked into this game.

    Every problem has to be packed into this opera, so that when the great global collapse is triggered (PROBLEM), the REACTION is catastrophic for the entire globe. No safe havens. Enter: the SOLUTION! – No more Nation States. Only “Regions” with a World Bank system under One Global Economy, One World Government. No Currency! No independent sovereignty. Bring in the Global ID Debit Card and all transactions of human beings are tracked, known, and soon to be a mandatory Biological ID Chip. They used to call this the equalization of everyone, the redistribution of wealth, the way to have peace, and “communism”. Or so it was scripted long ago.

    Looking at the map with the South Stream gas pipeline, we are seeing the old, antiquated energy structure of oil from the 19th Century! This is not viable in the 21st Century! Robbing the earth of its lubricant and polluting what remains with toxicity is not the future. All of these countries are rearranging alliances based on gas pipelines? How long can that last? This is really old and is not going to fly. It is just the reason given to move power around and get all these countries, including Cuba!, into the final act for the big climactic global collapse.

    If this was for the future, where are the inventions of safe, non-toxic energy sources being offered from Russia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, or anywhere else? So far, it looks like the same old oil & mineral cartel and bankers, nothing new. Are the world’s currency exchanges backed by anything? Are the commodity trade gambling casinos still intact? Are all these countries still ruled by MARITIME LAW, so that no one has rights just the captain of the “ship”, or the ruler of the country?

    Since Nikola Tesla, anti-gravity has been known. That’s a hundred years ago! Many designs of safe, free energy are known, and many more will come. Why are we being kept back in dirty, old oil and gas trades and alliances? This old appearance of change has been scripted for an “Agenda”. All of these heads of countries are not the answer for us, no matter who shakes hands. They look like actors, pretenders, working the script.

    We can observe their ‘show’ while our real focus is being self-responsible and self-sufficient finding ways to work together locally. If it comes, never take the ID Debit card. It is time to recognize ourselves individually as sovereigns. Being on the land, in Nature, having hard assets is very nice, peaceful, and healthy, too. We have a much better future than their old script. We are creating our own future now. It is our choice! They do not write our script.

    I don’t mean to be discouraging at all! I’m looking at a bigger picture and very encouraged because of the great spirit in people. We do have a choice to evolve and live a much more enlightened life, and we are not alone; we have help.

    Thank you, Jean, for facilitating on your site the study and learning of natural law, the common law of the people who stand on the land. I would rather live simply with an open mind ready for new ideas, concepts and inventions, and be free.

    • Jean says:

      LHay, think for a minute where most of the people on this planet live mentally. A too rapid transition will destroy them. I think we’re going to have to do this in gradual steps . . . one step forward will enable the next step to unfold. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • LHay says:

        Jean, I don’t think people will be destroyed if offered another choice, especially if funds are being used to build infrastructure. If I have an option of putting my car in a shop for an afternoon to install a free-energy device the size of a glove compartment and never need gas again, I would be happy to do it! People are glad to buy electric cars. A machine emits energy that can be recycled and made efficient to run itself that is why any machine shop has to bolt them down. Even a blender in the kitchen creates energy as it runs. I have watched demonstrations of this. It is not a big conversion problem at all. I think people are delighted to be able to choose something clean, cheaper and less enslaving.

        Look what Tesla Motors has done – open sourced all their patents!
        ” At Tesla, however, we felt compelled to create patents out of concern that the big car companies would copy our technology and then use their massive manufacturing, sales and marketing power to overwhelm Tesla. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The unfortunate reality is the opposite: electric car programs (or programs for any vehicle that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons) at the major manufacturers are small to non-existent, constituting an average of far less than 1% of their total vehicle sales.

        “We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform.

        “Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers. We believe that applying the open source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position in this regard.

        “At best, the large automakers are producing electric cars with limited range in limited volume. Some produce no zero emission cars at all.”

        Watching more gas pipelines being installed with real potential dangers to the land, water, oceans, and air is depressing and oppressing. People would be uplifted if offered what has been hidden for over half a century. Revealing new options, choices, and inventions is very exciting for people. It offers hope that we have a better future. I am mentally very ready to convert my car right now, and so is my extended family and everyone I know! 🙂

        • LHay says:

          Here you go! Run a car on H2O. Everyone looks very happy!

          Kommerziell zu leasen ab 2016/17
          Some day water will be the coal of the future

          • Jean says:

            Have you seen the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car? Amazing!!! Hugs, ~Jean

          • LHay says:

            Yes, Jean! I have seen “Who Killed the Electric Car”! And that car had a great battery for ‘storage’, too! New inventions are very exciting!

            Sometimes, it seems that Obama, Putin, et al, are doing what they are told (contracted) to do. Obama’s assignment could be to bring down the US. Putin is very smart, trained to keep his cool, and comes out looking smarter in these circumstances. But my gut feeling is that it is all according to plan. Why don’t the banks and oil companies jump on the new inventions and get out ahead of the field? They know petro is toxic, dirty, and on its last hurrah. The real chess game could be how to manipulate the whole world economy to bring it under singular global control along with control of people. UN documents and personal writings going back 100 years speak of this. I see it being played out. And the further it goes, the more people see it and wake up. They will not succeed.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          I don’t disagree with you on this . . . I think somehow I must have missed your point. . . sorry 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Watcher says:

      Everything… here and in all the countries that Southstream will service, run(s) on gas and oil…. when you reference “where are the safe, non-toxic, FREE, alternative energy sources”… it seems to me that you are trying to make a quantum jump over reality…

      The nations that are now, and will be, served by the Southstream gas transport lines can develop their individual “alternative energy sources” and maybe even FREE in an idealistic world that we all wish would emerge…. all in good time, (hopefully they will not think of creativity in energy production as something nuclear) and they will have the latitude to do so in a stable environment.. IE:”warmed by Southstream gas”…

      You say “same old thing, nothing new”… I disagree. – The oil and gas resources are the same, but the intent with regard to supply and distribution has changed…. building infrastructure, instead of blatant exploiting humanity based on the need to stay warm. to the detriment of the people so exploited.

    • jeff says:

      Thank you L.Hay, I too have the fiercest urge to see the things of which you speak come to fruition.I am amazed at the seekers of a different better world amongst the younger people even though they are brain trained they are aware something is very wrong.Thanks for the uplifting reply,I was sure I was on my own!

      • LHay says:

        Hi Jeff, you are not alone! I live amongst friends who all think this way, and know of so many inventions. If you have an hour, listen to this interview of Rob Simone interviewing Ramtha Part 2.
        I think Part 2 is also on this page:
        I’m pretty sure that in Part 2, closer to the end, is where Ramtha speaks of new technology that will be released by the end of 2014. He says this new technology will be given to the world. It will change everything and cannot be held back. We do have a better world before us. It’s coming, a real future for everyone!

        • Jean says:

          Unfortunately, I won’t have time to listen . . . but I’m well aware of this fact, and I believe it to be a ‘fact’ . . . true 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  8. Trex says:

    Nothing “gradual” about the dollar losing buying power. Its in a state of free fall now. The only question remaining is how big the splat will be once the dollar comes to that sudden stop on the ground. Its like dropping a water balloon off a tall building. Its not the fall that breaks it; its “just” the sudden stop that splatters it like a bug on the windshield. Its quite evident that the BRICS efforts are rapidly gaining momentum like the first couple seconds of an avalanche. If I may parallel Lada, my “prediction” is to look for increasing American isolation economically as our industry can’t even build a sewing machine anymore and our population is overly dependent on government handouts. Militarily we will diminish as we lose a means of paying for it once the dollar splatters and our empire implodes. Theres no doubt this is already resulting in disintegration of global trade “partners” who are a bit worn out from looking down American barrels. And last but not least – this period of disarray could also result in America breaking up which has been predicted for decades. It will take a while to fully realize all the effects of the re-balance of global power and re-gained freedoms with ensuing release of human ingenuity. Free energy in various forms are on the near horizon, tho not broad scale as yet. This should significantly reduce the focus on carbon-based energy as well as nuclear energy, as energy production becomes increasingly decentralized. If everyone can generate even just 5kw, the need for large power plants and transmission lines goes away. I can already see impressive development of non-carbon based energy in transportation. Just wait until we put levitation to common everyday use! The biggest need for the US as we know it will be to become SELF SUFFICIENT again in all ways. Free energy is likely the biggest driver of self sufficiency in the world, so this will become a big part of the balance of power (no pun intended).

  9. Pingback: MUST READ!!! Lada Ray: New Predictions! Putin Goes to Latin America: US Creates Wars – Russia Extends a Hand of Cooperation . . . full of much needed positive news!!! ~J - ONews.US - Latest Breaking News | ONews.US - Latest Breaking News

  10. OldMan says:

    The USA is the bully in the global sandbox. And NO ONE wants to play with us anymore.

    Putin and other global experts are patiently playing a masterful game of chess. And tptb know that America is about to be check-mated. Our political culture is based upon one tenet: “Failure is not an option”. Ergo, expect the US of A to ultimately declare the game “void” because WE OWN THE CHESSBOARD.

    To prevent the impending nuclear temper tantrum the banksters will unleash, I pray that soldiers worldwide will come to their senses and choose humanity instead of assimilation.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      Imagine Pindar’s surprise at his doctor’s suggestion that perhaps any of the following might help his condition: Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra, or Viagra. 

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