Ben Fulford, July 15, 2014

Nazionist Mafia Circles The Wagons As Investigations Zero In On Bush/Netanyahu

The recent brutality by Israel in the Gaza strip, the emergence of the ISIS caliphate in Iraq and the troubles in the Ukraine can now be traced to the same source: the Nazionists.

Let us start with the ISIS campaign. Here is what MI5 and other intelligence agencies have been able to put together recently: ISIS is controlled by the CIA/RAND Corporation from headquarters in the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This supports earlier claims from separate sources that an outfit known as the Jamestown Foundation runs CIA training bases in Turkey. ISIS also has its own nuclear capability outside of any formal government control, the sources say. In addition, it has been determined that the satellite communications used by ISIS are controlled out of Jerusalem. At the same time, the ISIS drones are run out of the US military base of Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

Furthermore, genuine Muslims in Iraq are saying the ISIS fighters “do not look like Muslims and do not act like Muslims.” The locals are also very suspicious of the American SUVs and American equipment they are using, according to Green dragon society sources. So, ISIS is beginning to look suspiciously like a re-branding of the Nazi affiliated Muslim Brotherhood and an attempt to seize Middle Eastern oil the Arab spring failed to seize.

Now let us take a look at the situation in Israel. Here we have a campaign that started with mutual kidnapping and murder (either real or faked) between Palestinians and Israelis. Next we have Mossad’s Hamas subsidiary firing missiles at Israel to reignite the long nurtured paranoia among the brainwashed Jewish population of Israel. Then we have the Israeli army attacking the Gaza strip in much the same way as the Nazis once attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now let us go to the Ukraine. There, as our sources in Russia point out, an English speaking mercenary army kicked out a legitimate government and installed a puppet regime that immediately began provocations against Russia and Russian speakers inside the Ukraine. The mercenaries further threatened to cut off the gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany. They, like ISIS, also claim to have non-government controlled nuclear weapons. This campaign is also being run by the Rand Corporation, according to multiple sources.

It is no surprise then that the German government has ordered the head of the CIA Nazi/Bush faction in Germany out of the country and has begun a purge of CIA assets in Germany. Furthermore, a Russian intelligence source told the WDS they had issued a warning they were going to attack the Crimean capital of Kiev with Nuclear weapons if the puppet regime took over the Russian speaking Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The WDS then informed the Russians there would be no sanctions if they went ahead and annexed the Russian speaking portions of the Ukraine.

In addition to this, the White Dragon Society received e-mails believed also to originate with the same Nazionist Rand Corporation threatening “magnetic pulsing and nuclear false flags South of Beijing and in South East Asia, courtesy of the CIA.”

So, apart from grabbing key energy pressure points, what is the Nazi Rand Corporation trying to accomplish with nuclear threats in the Ukraine, the Middle East and China? Why has Israel begun such a vicious campaign?

We need to go back a few years to the February 2011 when Admiral Thad Allen of the Rand Corporation, together with a large group of Congressmen, visited New Zealand to ask for use of either the South Island or Tasmania as a residence for a group of about 1 million Sabbatean mafia members who wanted to escape from the United States. New Zealand refused and was hit by a massive earthquake just after Allen and the Congressmen left.

Japan was also hit by a massive tsunami and earthquake on March 11, 2011 when they refused to allow these same would be refugees to live in the Northern Island of Hokkaid, according to Japanese military intelligence and other sources.

Now, we have Congressmen, and others creating an unstoppable groundswell demanding a real investigation of the 911 attack. If an official investigation begins, it will lead inevitably to the uncovering of the thorough infiltration and usurping of the US government by this mafia. The end result is that it is they who will end up in the FEMA concentration camps they created for their intended victims.

Remember, Thad Allen was in charge of the hurricane Katrina weather warfare attack on New Orleans that was run as an exercise to see if a natural disaster could be used as a way to get Americans (in this case almost exclusively African Americans) into a concentration camp.

Fortunately for us, it seems that Thad Allen and his like are not the only ones with weather warfare weapons. Last week a “once in decades super-typhoon” was headed for Tokyo when it suddenly vanished. It never hit. Something wiped it out.

Both the alternative and corporate media hyped up this storm enormously before it hit and shut up entirely when it just vanished. This has now happened multiple times.

The WDS and its allies will also stop any attempts by the cabal to use HAARP and other such technology to blow up the Yellowstone super-volcano or cause any other man made “natural disaster” mass casualty vents.

So, now that we are getting a critical mass of Americans who are waking up to what was done to them, and demanding justice, they confront very dangerous and cornered beast but they will find they have many powerful friends around the world who are fighting the very same creature.

Speaking about the rest of the world, here we are seeing more and more good news by the day. This week the BRICS nations will be having their summit and formally launching the BRICS Bank and BRICS financial stabilization fund. They will be also be promoting a “multi-polar” world instead of a fascist, centralized New World Order.

In Indonesia, the most heavily populated nation in the world, Joko Widodo, an honest non-cabal candidate supported by the 177 nation BRICS alliance, won a decisive victory over his cabal opponent.

Meanwhile the Vatican, once a nest of Satanists, is continuing to clean up its house and become genuinely Christian again. The Vatican bank has shut down over 3000 accounts used by the Sabbateans in the past to bribe and control senior politicians around the world. The Vatican P2 Freemason lodge is now saying the final obstacle to the new financial system is the “Bush Khazarians [Sabbateans]. ”

In addition, the pope is admitting, as a precursor to a major purge, things like the fact about 2% of the Catholic clergy are pedophiles. He also hinting the church will end the practice of celibacy.

In England the Sabbatean/Nazionist pedophile and associated blackmail network in the Parliament is also being purged. Also, something seems to be going on with the British Royal Family. News reports are saying that Queen Elizabeth has ordered Prince Charles to divorce Camela Parker Bowles.

Our MI6 sources are saying the next King of England will be neither Charles nor his eldest son William but rather Harold, whose father is not Charles. That would mean England will have a King Harold for the first time since 1066.

Finally, the gnostic illuminati mysteriously promised the WDS last week they were “going to write a new chapter of the bible.”

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34 Responses to Ben Fulford, July 15, 2014

  1. Jean Lindsay says:

    Who is Harold? Prince Harry is Henry not Harold?

  2. Richard Dodson says:

    Looks like the Brits are working triple-time to keep the lid on E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! !

    England’s Dark Secret: GCHQ Internet Platform Practices Dark Arts —>

  3. Jean says:

    Nancy, as I see it, this is pretty inflammatory and there is no need to publish it right now. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Nancy C/Seattle says:

      No problem. I’m not sure how much of it I “buy” anyway but it certainly is a unique view of the situation. I’ve been trying to figure out how representatives of such a tiny slice of humanity, 0.25% of the global population, slightly more than 2% of the US population can be responsible for so much evil for so long. Simpler, less inflammatory explanations might be more accurate, such as materialism & tribalism. I still thought it’s a good-grief-could-this-be-accurate type of explanation and I know Gilad Atzmon has gingerly touched upon this subject.

  4. Ines Radman says:

    Not sure I can trust Ben, after saying there is no radiation in Fukushima, it sent up red alerts. As for these events, yeah and now what? How do we stop this from escalating, the media is not yet started to beat the war drums, but one needs to wonder, where is all this leading to? I’m too close to this mess, the last few days I have seen military jets flying over, don’t know who’s they are, but it’s very unnerving to say the least.

  5. Christina says:

    When we hear Ben Fulford and Kevin Annett talking about Pope Franciscus, it’s like they are talking abut two different persons.
    I highly respect both Ben and Kevin and the difference is that Ben judges his recent actions and decisions as being the Pope, while Kevin mostly judges his past actions before becoming the Pope.
    Was Pope Franciscus a different person in the past?
    According to Andrew Bartzis this might be the truth; this is to say that their souls are different.
    In his interview with Lance White he talks in the third video (out of four) from minute 8 about walk-ins. In Spring 2013 the Council of twelve (?) decided to send walk-ins to Earth. Highly evolved souls would take the place of souls of highly ranked persons who worked within the corrupted system of domination control. They would have the hardest job of ending this system and free Earth of domination control. They would have agreed upon this change before birth of the first soul. Elsewhere in his video he mentions the Pope as a possible candidate, as well as highly ranked bankers and politicians.
    I think we should keep this in mind if we see that certain important persons change.

    • Jean says:

      Agreed! I can’t believe this is a ‘good’ Pope. I think he’s been brought in to keep the Vatican alive in some way to ‘live another day.’ This is my opinion only . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  6. chris says:

    I don’t doubt any of this, but for me it is a distraction. What can I do to these evil people and agencies? Absolutely zero! Clean up your own back yard folks. That is where our power is. Today’s Keiser Report on RT pretty much sums it up. Americans are being seen by the rest of the world, as “wussy’s”. (my words) A good watch.

  7. Charles Magus says:

    Iam still not sure about all the information here. Some of it isn’t right! The pope himself was involved in Ritual Sacrifice and Paedophilia, so how could you have a cleaning up of the Vatican when one of its members was deeply involved in Ritual Murder? Besides, All religions are Fake! There is a Prime Creator Source, but it cannot Interveen in the Physical Universe, the universe is too low for Source to come down into without harming itself and Destroying our Physical Universe! That is why the Devils run amuck Here posing as God.

  8. Country Lass says:

    No mention of this news about the Royal Family here in UK. The Queen appears to have accepted Camilla into the fold in that she has her riding beside her in her carriage on more than one public occasion. Harry continues to live a less stable lifestyle than William, so the idea of him being King does not have the ring of truth, somehow, even if she decided to sideline Charles. It all has the ring of the rumour mill gone mad, but I guess only time will tell!

  9. hamfib says:


  10. fedup says:

    Looking like the Bush is dead rumor is right?

    Here is an e-mail that Ben just sent me and asked me to post:

    Hi XXX,

    Could you please post this for the readers:

    “Bush Sr passed away on Friday apparently from food poisoning, I hear bad fish. This has been confirmed via his personal security. It should hit the news sometime this week.”

    The source works for a major charitable foundation and has been reliable in the past but I have yet to confirm this independently.

    Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

    Comment by patricia on July 15, 2014 @ 10:23 am

    • Jean says:

      Have done 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Gene Lo says:

      There’s been no confirmation yet (are they fighting behind the scenes?)
      So perhaps it has not happened
      Or maybe they will keep the body on ice, awaiting an astrologically significant date for a funeral – as with Mandela. A “blood moon” perhaps?
      Or maybe there’s a new clone, and they are still teaching him how to wear colored socks, (something that doesn’t happen easily with clones):

      Listen carefully to his exact tone of voice, and the hollowness of the emotion.
      I found it slightly creepy:
      “Is Beaver’s a sock man? … I never heard his music… I don’t like it.”
      “Yes you do,”

  11. says:

    There’s plenty of “news” this week.
    But let me focus on a few clips:

    + The German government has ordered the head of the CIA Nazi/Bush faction in Germany out of the country and has begun a purge of CIA assets in Germany

    + The Vatican P2 Freemason lodge is now saying the final obstacle to the new financial system is the “Bush Khazarians [Sabbateans].

    Okay, now my point.
    Rumors are flying that GHW Bush passed away this weekend. (For him, I will not offer the usual: R*P, he deserves his kharma, I think.) But what will this mean for the world? Without his “guiding” influence will the cabal fall apart? Ben’s report suggest the Cabal has desperately search for a place to relocate 1 million cabal members. Perhaps a cold island near the Antarctic would do, or they can join GHWB in a much warmer place.

    • Wysiwyg says:

      “Without his (GHWB) “guiding” influence will the cabal fall apart?”
      Depends on whether he was at the head of it or whether as is speculated that there’s a level above him. There’s bound to be a battle between these folks for ascendency now that this figurehead has shuffled off this mortal coil.

      Other stuff from the scuttlebut – Charlie and Camilla haven’t lived together since around 2008. The marriage was short-lived allegedly. Also, fwiw, in the summer of 1997 a few weeks before Diana was killed, Camilla’s brakes failed and the car she was driving lost control. The car was a ‘Palace’ car. (Well documented in the press at the time). It is rumored that Camilla was not the only ‘other woman’ allegedly.

      Charlie can’t become King and be married to a divorcee especially while the divorcee’s partner is still alive unless someone changes the rules. The UK monarch is also Supreme Govenor of the Church of England. The CofE has relaxed the rules about divorcees remarrying somewhat but whether the UK establishment is willing to change, rewrite or tear up the constitution to indulge Charlie is doubtful imo. It would mean disestablising the Church.
      Charlie and his consort are not the most popular twosome even though their PR folks have worked hard to change that. Can anybody see a situation where the stuffed shirts of the establishment allow a King and his consort, the consort’s ex-husband and the King’s step-children round for Xmas lunch at Buckingham Palace? I think the palace flunkies would call a strike! 😉


    • olgarussia says:

      Very likely the Cabal are going to relocate 1 million cabal members into Ukraine…

  12. Muse says:

    I have a question about this. Was there something particularly interesting about this article that compelled Jean to put it on the site? Because, I believe at a time not too long ago, Jean said that she would not be posting any more of Ben Fulford’s postings. I am kind of curious about that.

    • Jean says:

      I posted Ben’s article last week, as well, and I did so because I thought it was of interest. If Ben stays out of controversy and reports, I will leave it up to the discretion of others as to the value of what he says. I just don’t want to deal in ‘craziness’. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Bill says:

    We missed a stunning chance to solve most of the problems of the G7 group at the end of the Saddam Husein skirmish in the early nineties – we had the troops and equipment in place and could have mustered up and gone south with our victorious force and have occupied Saudi Arabia in about 36 hours! Then by installing our own “management” crew in the oil fields, we could have had oil at about $15/bbl and the princes would have still been wealthy enough to have 14 Bentleys and 6 Gulfstream jets. Th western world would have been better off and we’d have had $1/gallon gas!
    The only other activity we’ve “blown” was not nuking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv some 20 years ago!
    Maybe next time!

  14. Captain says:

    This also seems to relate to what BF is saying: “Israeli Satellite Downed Over Australia After CIA Nuke Discovered On Plane” –

  15. Jeremy says:

    King Harold?? Does he mean Prince Henry? (commonly known as Harry). Makes me wonder about the accuracy of the rest of the article.

  16. Captain says:
    Maybe if Chuck does not follow the queen’s dictum, then that may be the reason he might be cut out of inheriting the throne as BF mentions. I’m looking forward to Prince Harry as King. The real royal blood-line through Diana’s House (the reason Chuck married her) would again become the rightful King.

    • Di, Cerrillos, NM,USA says:

      Rightful king? Kings were established by conquest, bloodlines only mattered if no one else conquered them by the time the old king died. Diana’s family had their wealth and position bestowed on them by Victoria for service. The way the royals cavorted through history making bastards is pretty amusing, making bloodlines silly affectation. The queen should stop trying to control Charles. The heart knows what it wants, and we don’t always understand some pairings. The idea of kings came from the Annunaki who are very hierarchical and very 3D, and on the way out. People want to elect their leaders, not have them thrust onto them without clear merit.

  17. schauminator says:

    This article is very similar to what my contacts in the ME say. It is about Oil with ISIS and Saudi is the ultimate prize for holding Europe hostage to regain control of the old Omani Empire. But that would be Turkey’s responsibility should a Caliphate happen.

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