JIM WILLIE BOMBSHELL: IT HAS BEGUN- GERMANY TO BREAK FROM US/UK, JOIN RUSSIA/CHINA ALLIANCE! . . . remember where you first heard this — yesterday, actually :) ~J

Yesterday, I announced this HERE for Neil Keenan. . . This article today is such an exciting back-up to Neil’s announcement, don’t you all think? ~J

JULY 18, 2014

BY Thanks to W. 

It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms.

The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East.

The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds.   For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd.   The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level.

Germany has begun to move East in full view.   Only the deaf dumb and blind cannot notice, and they will probably never notice. They are fodder. 
The awaited signals seen by the Jackass have finally arrived.

Berlin is outraged by clear USGovt spying, and in process of conducting a Gold audit among their population. Germany is building motives to split from the Euro Monetary Union (common Euro currency) by forging stronger open ties with Russia & China. The justification is becoming plainly laid out, in four perceived indictment charges.

Germany will break from US/UK and its USDollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues:

By Jim WillieGoldenJackass.com

The grand stage leans East for the European players, with steps taken to the right, the weight having shifted, the messages suddenly more angry, more filled with disgust, more loaded with open confrontation. The commercial forces aligned with Russia are coming to the fore. The departure after a recent re-election by Chancellor Merkel should serve as the final slam of the hammer. She stood in the wrong camp, the banker and politician camp. They do not run Germany.

The marriage is over, the glow gone, the lawyers in the room, the bitterness in the open.   Those exciting Saturday nights with the Germans and French enjoying a good ride with Mustang Sally are over.   The once vivacious peppery exhilarating relationship with steamy back room sessions has turned ugly, old, nasty. She has lost her appeal, and worse, has turned vicious and destructive. Sally has stolen the jewelry, wrecked the credit lines, undermined the day job, and backstabbed the neighbors. As time passes, more joint accounts are seen as drained. Sally must go.   The once thrilling tosses replete with the excitement of a bucking mare have turned into a kick to the head, a broken bed, as the acidic Buck has fallen from grace and burns holes everywhere.   The lascivious flow has turned blood red, hardly a monthly matter.

The only thing holding the relationship and tight liaison together is the heavy narcotics flow through NATO bases and major European banks. Regardless, Sally must go.  Her devious devices, tools, ploys, nasty friends, and antics threaten to wreck the European industry supply lines and heated homes. The nation’s accounts are depleted. Sally must go. Her ride is more like a kicking old hag with warts where a sexy smile once resided. Her trust is nowhere. She is wrecking the European house. Sally must go. When Germany turns away from Sally, and shows her the door, it will be clear in the global country club that Sally is gone.

Then eastern winds will blow some fresh air on the putrid parlors.


Berlin is outraged by clear USGovt spying, and in process of conducting a Gold audit among their population. Germany is building motives to split from the Euro Monetary Union (common Euro currency) by forging stronger open ties with Russia & China. The justification is becoming plainly laid out, in four perceived indictment charges. The Jackass believes Germany will break from US/UK and its USDollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues. The four are major indictments, all extremely serious, all indicative of a decayed system and morally bankrupt leadership. The charges are coming into view, highlighting fundamental commercial, philosophical, and ethical conflicts that distinguish the two nations (considering US/UK a single entity). The issues center on the following key differences:

1)      Good relations with Russia and continued energy supply from Gazprom

2)      Displeasure over planned Draghi Euro Central Bank bond monetization

3)      Disgust over NSA espionage by USGovt, with benefit for US corporations

4)      Damage to German population from gold price suppression.

The damage began with the refusal to repatriation German official gold by the New York Fed. The damage ends with the USGovt NSA espionage. Germany is very angry, sufficiently motivated to part ways with the US/Anglo camp. The plan to make distance from the British & Americans appears to be well along in execution. The critical stake in the ground was the prosecution, investigation, and forced actions during the Deutsche Bank actions. The trained eye and informed view notices the intense activity for the last two years, as closing all the back doors from the gold halls. Some major eruptions can no longer be brushed aside as simple anomalies. The boils, open sores, and deep rashes are visible everywhere. The London Fix is being abandoned, Deutsche Bank forfeiting its seat, regulatory bodies in the deeply corrupted London Centre concluding nothing askew and all is well. The LIBOR scandal has some German ignition points, with no prosecutions anywhere in sight. The FOREX and Gold derivatives are under intense scrutiny, again with a German hand to unwind the corrupted arenas, with massive naked short raids continuing in the last two weeks.


The plan seem obvious for Germany, to exit the USDollar, but first to embrace the Euro as a caretaker currency platform before the Eurasian Trade Zone comes together and offers a gold-backed continental currency with broad shoulders. All of Europe will rally around the Euro flagpole, hunker down during the other financial HAARP-like storm (bearing Weimar nameplate), and ride the storm until the Russian-Chinese hard asset currency arrives. The BRICS have invaded the mainstream Western stage and hold a banner for all to see. The stage has been altered, its weight shifted, leaning to the East. Tremendously important historical events are occurring. The King Dollar is wounded mortally, having fallen off the throne, looking weakened, haggard, and ashen. Sympathy for the US-UK corrupt violent vindictive crew has vanished. Next comes the assaults on the European Commission, that corrupt den.

The path to the Gold Trade Standard is becoming visible, the key break being the divorce between Germany and the US/UK fascists. It complements the divorce between the US and Saudis which has occurred since March. That break has been detailed in public Jackass essays. The German break is the new event, with current episodes absolutely mesmerizing for their importance and shock. Some US press sources are awakening. The United States Govt has treated France and Germany like adversaries, even enemy camps. The BNP Paribas case was atrocious for its devious ploys, giving old line Europeans a kick to the head. The US rats have infiltrated with organized networks of espionage agents. The press prefers to describe them as merely eavesdropping. In reality they are gathering information on Germany strategic planning, on Germany corporate contracts in development, and on German political functions. The consequence is a coordinated indictment taking shape which will result in the final steps coming to pass in the Global Paradigm Shift. The USDollar will be chucked into the dustbin of history, but first, it will be kicked to the used car scrap heap where it awaits finally processing. That processing consists of the conversion of USTreasury Bonds into Gold bullion on a massive scale at numerous offices. The BRICS Banks are ready to do business. They are two, the Development Bank and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA). In time the CRA will be known as the New IMF for its function, while the Development Bank will be known as the Central Bank housing gold.


The attention has gone from Sally to Ally, the relation turned quietly hostile. Not the queer conversion of GMAC into an empty bag lending institution, but rather the key Central European Ally in NATO. In the past Hat Trick Letter essays, items #1 and #2 have been addressed, focus having been on the deteriorated Ukraine situation and the antagonistic Bundesbank position. The US fictional output from destructive fracking and deceptive shale projects has been pledged to Europe, in a massive ruse that is vacant on its face. Huge 95% writedowns of shale oil reserves like by Monterey in California, combined with departures of fracking firms like Medallion in Western Pennsylvania, testify to the fact that the USGovt strategy is a ruse with empty tube. The German central bank has challenged the Draghi EuroCB not to embark on destructive unsterilized bond monetization. In the past, the EuroCB policy disagreements on phony bond patches and bond monetization have been the source of great conflict, even with German high court rulings against the EuroCB. The LTRO (Long Term Refinancing Operation) is but another device from the same Weimar laboratory, a mere banker con game with super seniority rights to favor the elite investors.

In extreme focus in the past month is item #3, the nefarious NSA espionage. Those who call it eavesdropping miss the point. It is not about catching juicy information on politician affairs. It is not to grab a lead on Merkel’s next luncheon for tabloid display. It is to seize information on Russian and Chinese developments and plans, on the commercial front and financial sector respectively. It is to infiltrate the German computer systems and communication systems, probably to plant Trojan Horses for later leverage in blackmail at the state level. The Berlin officials are well aware. The entire NSA espionage chapter appears to be exploding on the scene. In fact, word has come that Russian Intelligence offices tipped off the Berlin officials about the USGovt NSA activity before arrests were made last week. The Snowden files are being used in important ways. The Central European source stated briefly, “The comical part in all this is that Russian intelligence FSB and GRU tipped the German authorities off by providing the leads.” The Germans followed up quickly, so quickly that a divorce is the conclusion. In the meantime, the German-Russian cooperation with trust develops while the German-Anglo trust withers away. The break between the Germans and the Fascists from US-UK-EU may be closer than ever, as history is turned on its head since World War II. The entrenched Fascists on the global financial war front are the Americans and British accomplices, the big corrupt banks being the pillboxes. They will be abandoned, or toppled. At risk is the NATO Alliance. If and when Germany pivots fully eastward, the NATO membership will be rendered empty chair with a speaker phone attached.


On item #4, a national audit seems underway inside Germany, as part of a criminal investigation. The purpose is not made clear, but the agenda seems obvious to the Jackass. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has asked German banks and investment intermediaries to formally hand over data about clients investment in precious metals until mid-July. All the depots will respond. The state wants to determine the extent of private sector German investment in Gold & Silver. The BaFin has requested copious information about client investments in precious metals from German banks and asset managers. But the requested information is only about derivatives. A national audit seems the path, to determine damages to institutions and citizens alike. They seek certain precious metals or groups of precious metals as reference value, as well as shares in precious metals. They cite the Securities Trading Act and the Capital Investment Act, much like an attorney would before the court. Explicitly mentioned are Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Commodities & Certificates, which involve gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. BaFin has requested information from 2013, such as details on volumes and order size, in addition to methods recommended. The national audit is underway, even if not stated in public in clear terms. The entire gold issue began as a major sore spot when the New York Fed refused to repatriate 330 tons of gold from the German official account. Since that event, it has been like pulling a thread in a sweater.

The full purpose has not been revealed, but a multi-sector national audit for precious metals market losses due to corruption seems the ultimate motive. To be sure, BaFin has been making formal inquisitions on alleged gold price manipulation for more than a year now, especially at Deutsche Bank. The bank has many vice presidents actively squirming, as they reveal key data on London frauds, cutting immunity deals for themselves. Thus the London mid-level banker murders with ties to Germany. Many believe the investigation of German gold investments could possibly be related to extensions of the FOREX and Gold market investigation underway at D-Bank. The suspicion from the German front is to identify the extent of potential damage caused to investors by gold price manipulation. BaFin told Gold Reporter in a written statement that the inquiry was routine and that the probe does not relate to investigations on alleged gold price manipulation by Deutsche Bank. Conclude therefore that a bigger purpose is at work, to take account of national damages to German financial firms and German citizens. Furthermore, and not incidentally, many German citizens have large accounts in the major Swiss bullion banks, where corruption is rife, the secured gold illicitly sold. Ongoing class action lawsuits are in progress, kept well under wraps.


Click Here to continue reading.


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50 Responses to JIM WILLIE BOMBSHELL: IT HAS BEGUN- GERMANY TO BREAK FROM US/UK, JOIN RUSSIA/CHINA ALLIANCE! . . . remember where you first heard this — yesterday, actually :) ~J

  1. I’m not sure why but this site is loading very slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  2. Muse says:

    I found this article on Spiegel International, and this is obviously a reason why Germany would want to switch to the BRICS. The title is: “The Boomerang Effect: Sanctions on Russia Hit German Economy Hard”. The link is: http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/german-economy-hit-by-us-eu-sanctions-on-russia-a-982075.html. This might be interesting.

  3. Emilia Surendra says:

    Thanks for open my aye , long time coming…..

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  8. Ani says:

    I remember this Doug! I was young and living in Paris at the time, anti Americanism has always been strong in France, but I remember when I saw all the headlines being read in the metro I cringed thinking how dare they endanger us! My French was fluent so I used to lie when I could saying I was Canadian or Irish. Anything to avoid the flack that eventually shoved me into that oh so famous rabbit hole!
    With all the great news out there, I am feeling like I have taken a huge breath and have been just holding it for the last couple of days…can it all be true? dare I allow myself to exhale? what’s next?…stunned and paralyzed, I think I will watch and wait just a little longer:) thanks Jean for all your hard work, I love the collective learning experience you offer here.xoxoxoxani

  9. Di, Cerrillos, NM,USA says:

    I’m raising a toast to Germany. Whatever the outcome, they have decided to take a road that benefits Germany. One can kick a dog just so long before it decides to bite back. They have proven themselves to be resilient. But all cycles come to an end and new cycles begin. It will be interesting to see how the new cycle plays out in Germany.

    • Jean says:

      When dogs have nothing more to lose, then they are far more willing to bite back . . . I think we’re just about at that time 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  10. cryingreeman says:

    I hate the EU as a concept as much as anyone and likewise despise what the Anglo-US have been doing in the world, not least of which is the spying exposed by Snowden. But one thing you all need to grasp is this: Russia has been seducing western continental Europe since the end of the USSR – that is, since they staged the collapse of Russian communism. Their prime objective in Europe in the buildup to WW3 is to de-Atlanticise the continent and Findlandise / pro-Russify it. Expect France to be sucked into a Finlandised neutrality too.

    At the same time, NATO has been trying to woo Ireland and Sweden into membership, as recently as 2013. The thing is, after the nukes are fired, it has to go conventional; it won’t be “nuclear winter”, MAD or any other Cold War era propaganda version of Armageddon. Most people will survive, although it will be chaos for a long time. Then again, that’s the idea. It makes what they have planned as the follow-up all the more tolerable.

    • Jean says:

      You need to realize there isn’t going to be a nuclear war . . . this is all posturing to keep us in fear . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • cryingreeman says:

        Jean, I appreciate the sentiments, but you’re very, very wrong. Read Ron Rosenbaum’s “How The End Begins” (2011) to see the rationale the lunatics in power are using to justify nuclear war. Or better still, read the Russian defector literature.

        • Jean says:

          It is not sentiment, but I can only suggest you do some reading. In brief, while nukes have been and are being used, the ETs will not permit a war for the reason that if this planet were to be destroyed – and it seems we are close to that point – the energetic backlash throughout our Universe would be far too damaging. Hugs, ~Jean

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  13. Jean says:

    Thanks, KP! In actuality I do not believe, however, when push comes to shove, that I’ve said anything different from you . . . I believe, however, that Neil Keenan is way ahead of Jim Willie. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  14. esskumar says:

    While taking an independent stand on the financial front, Germany and France need not quit NATO. Rather, they can do what Hungary does: remain a maverick within NATO. The recently re-elected Government of Victor Orban too has rubbed the cabal the wrong way (http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/hungary-exclusive-breaking-is-the-ecus-axis-about-to-try-and-destabilise-the-dissenting-government-of-viktor-orban/, http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2012/01/11/hungary-under-fire-from-the-financial-international.html) while hanging on to its EU membership causing headaches all around (http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2013/03/13/analysis-eu-sweats-over-how-to-bring-hungary-into-line.html. ) It would be poetic justice if Germany and France, the founding members of NATO, were to work towards de-linking of NATO from the cabal.

  15. Tertiusgaudens says:

    I just performed a study tonight going through all possible German web pages , papers, reports and news: either I have missed something or my mental constitution has turned towards zero – I really didn´t find anything pointing in Keenan´s direction. The “Walking pantsuit” and state mom Merkel is as ugly and stupid as usual, and so are those itchy rats called politicians from the Bundestag I heard today. One of the, the vice jackass from the ruling party CDU (christian democrats), a certain Dr. Andreas Schockenhoff, demanded publicly UN troops including Germans getting moved to the Ukraine, which made me responding to him:

    Dr. Schockenhoff,

    Greeings from Saxony! Sir, have you really taken leave of your senses? Why are you pushing hard to get recognized as VIP in a game which needs reluctance and humility we know from the gospel? Have you not been reaised in a christian family where they tought you basics from the gospel? Sir, have you forgotten that pushing aggression and war propaganda as you did today publicly is something you should not do ?

    Imagine Germany would find her way to a close relationship with BRICS and furthermore break off her ties with NATO – just imagine: where would you stand in such case taken a possiblity that some subject may collect your silly sentences for later times in order to challenge you? Are you that stupid, Sir? I ask you to step back a bit and have a mindful consideration coming from your christian heritage I´m sure your parents would be proud of. Pax tecum….

    I wanted to let you know. Greetings from Germany!

    Here is the German article:


    • Muse says:


      Just as a friendly reminder, it may be a good thing, when you post articles on this site, that either they are in English, or have some sort of translate feature to them. That would be helpful for those of us who don’t normally speak another language outside of English. Thank you! 🙂

      • Muse says:


        I made a bit of a grammatical error. What I meant to say in that last sentence was “That would be helpful for those of us who don’t normally speak German as a second language along with English.” Again, Thank you!

      • Jean says:

        Please, if you can, try to make the transition to English. It is not an impossibility! Tertius does an amazing job, and I hate to see us asking more of him 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Tertiusgaudens says:

          Here is an English article basicly saying what is in the German paper:

          “…The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), provides further sanctions against Russia in Vista. He fears further economic sanctions allow themselves no longer avoid Röttgen to the newspaper world on Sunday. At the same time he criticized opportunities had been failed, Russian President Wladimir Putin to lead the seriousness of the situation and the determination of the European Union in mind. The Union is proposing a UN peacekeeping mission for the region. We need an internationally monitored ceasefire, so Union Bundestag Group Deputy Chairman Andreas Schockenhoff compared to the Rheinische post now as soon as possible. We are now in a phase where we need to think about a peacekeeping mission under the umbrella of the United Nations with an appropriate mandate. The CDU external expert does not exclude a participation of the Bundeswehr in the Ukraine. If such a mission should come about, also Germany would be in demand…”


          I hope that helps a bit….

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  17. Lada Ray says:

    Hi Jean, I actually predicted this on October 6, 2013 on FuturisTrendcast in “Prediction: New Economic Axis of Power and The Grand Chessboard”: http://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/282/.
    Lada Ray

  18. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean, this is the most wonderful news for all of us. I really see the house of cards coming down now. Wishing you a nice Saturday. Sending you lots of love! Veraiconica

    • Jean says:

      🙂 and back to you, dear friend:) Hugs, ~Jean

    • GeneLo1967@gmail.com says:

      Wonderful News !?
      Maybe in some respects. But not in other respects.
      Remember: a drop in the US Dollar is going to have a big NEGATIVE impact on American living standards, as food and oil prices soar.
      Maybe THAT is what will finally wake people up.(?)
      But I do not welcome the suffering that is coming – How can we?

      • Jean says:

        I think we’re going to be surprised – if all goes as planned – at how relatively pain-free the transition might be . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • veraiconica says:

        Yes, it will have a great impact here in the US. I am not looking forward to that either, but there is no way around it. For things to change, this has to happen. I will not mind living through this, if at the end it means a better and peaceful world for all of us. V.

        • Jean says:

          I’m thinking that if things go well, the transition, which I assume will still be difficult, could be easier than many think. There are lots of good people working behind the scenes, but that is where they must stay until the exact right – and may I say, safe – moment arrives. Hugs, ~Jean

          • veraiconica says:

            Dear Jean, thank you for your input. I think we all need to trust the universe, that we will make it through this transition safely and not allow any fear
            and live from the heart at all times. Being out in nature every day helps, to stay grounded.
            Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Keep that viewpoint, Veraiconica, and you’ll be fine 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  19. Ken says:

    Hello Jean, we have waited a very long time for the light at the end of the tunnel and Jim spells it out succinctly. Edward Snowden in my opinion will be elevated to Paul Revere status as he not only sounded the warning bell but provided the proof where the major players on the global chessboard could finally connect all the dots. It is too early to start the parade because we know how devious the cabal is, they are mortally wounded and will be even more dangerous in the short term but the path forward is being laid out. This is the time for the light workers to double our work efforts and put an end to this nightmare. Jim has stated in previous articles that in the waning days, the US cabal will create a US dollar separate from the US dollars used internationally and claim it is backed by gold, un mined US gold projections like the derivatives illusion so we need to be careful.
    I truly believe we can hang our hat on what Jim has conveyed but our mission is far from complete. We can definitely see the end game but there will be a lot of awakened people who will need to be brought up to speed. Hoooraaaay!

    • Jean says:

      Kevin, you said: “Jim has stated in previous articles that in the waning days, the US cabal will create a US dollar separate from the US dollars used internationally and claim it is backed by gold, un mined US gold projections like the derivatives illusion so we need to be careful.” This would not surprise me, but I do believe we have good people looking out for us . . .

      Neil’s announcement yesterday was so right on, and I’m delighted for him, because he has taken a lot of flack . . . and I can tell you from personal experience his life much of the time has been a total hell, but he never gave up, he just kept on learning and coming back for more. His efforts in this are key — as I believe we shall all soon see 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • I mentioned Kevin Annett who fearlessly never wavered despite losing his family and taking the brunt of threats and danger, but we also have another man who has NEVER wavered despite all the dangers, even walking past the cabal agents at an airport in disguise. You gotta love’im…and that man is Neil Keenan. G-d bless him for his steady nerve and great sense of humor and cheer! Hang in there guys. It may not be much longer now…

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Han, I hope people will visit this site to see this new kind of clean power . . . it’s coming, now, and it’s coming fast . . . I’m trying, however, to continue to take it easy today . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  20. wolf727 says:

    Thank you Jean, you made my day!

    • Jean says:

      Okay, Wolf, from here on in, don’t respond if it can’t be positive 🙂 Okay! I don’t need to read it when I’m struggling so hard to get good info to you 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS I pulled your ‘doubting Thomas’ response yesterday 🙂

      • wolf727 says:

        Yep. I did notice. I got the message – no ‘doubting Thomas’ response. In other words, agree with the party line or else. In that case, no point me resonding any further.

        • Jean says:

          That is NOT what I meant, Wolf, but you have a choice as to how to see it. I guess you have chosen to be silent – your choice. Hugs, ~Jean

  21. gear13 i says:

    Expect more banker executions and this is why snowden is considered a HERO, the TRUTH continues to be disolving this matrix befote the new paradigm of love, compassion, and trust continues to permeate the energetic realms of this world

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