Max Igan: “Straight from the Terrorist Horses Mouth. A Manifesto for the Planned Ethnic Cleansing Of the Gaza Strip. . . make this post viral

Message from Max Igan – 20th July, 2014 on his Facebook page
Thanks to E.

“Straight from the Terrorist Horses Mouth. A Manifesto for the Planned Ethnic Cleansing Of the Gaza Strip.


There are massive gas field the Israeli terrorists wish to claim and there are 1.8million refugees attempting to hold on to the last bit of their country in the way… Operation “Protective” Edge, and even the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths (whose killers were speaking Hebrew) has been a thoroughly planned and well orchestrated genocide and Ethnic Cleansing right from the very beginning.

This is why Israel destroyed all Hospitals, Ambulances and Water supplies. In Gaza right now there is no water, no food, no hospital, no ambulances, they are driving tanks through buildings and killing everyone they see, and Israel wont be sweeping up after the big going away party they are throwing for the people of Gaza, that way they get to kill the rest off with typhus and cholera after they leave and it wont be part of their official death toll… it will be Hamas fault for “spending billions on rockets” rather than efficient medical services

This is why the claim has been made that Hamas is “mass genociding” their own people. Because it paves the way for a wholesale slaughter – all of which can be blamed on Hamas. This is why Israel created Hamas. It is why Hamas rockets are fired at Israel in their hundreds and why they never hit anything or kill anyone. All has been orchestrated to provide the Israeli government the cover this rogue state required to cleanse Gaza of its people when it needed to.

This incursion into Gaza is everything I said, and much, much more. It is a wholesale ethnic cleansing of the 1.8 million innocent refugees of the Gaza strip. right before our eyes.

its a fire sale and everything must go
most especially, the people.

Make this post viral”
Max Igan

Op-Ed: My Outline for a Solution in Gaza
Clear and concise, the steps towards achieving quiet in Gaza.
Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 11:01 PM
Source: Israeli National News

MK Moshe FeiglinMoshe Feiglin is head of the Manhigut Yehudit [Jewish Leadership] faction…
Ultimatum – One warning from the Prime Minister of Israel to the enemy population, in which he announces that Israel is about to attack military targets in their area and urges those who are not involved and do not wish to be harmed to leave immediately. Sinai is not far from Gaza and they can leave. This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts. Hamas may unconditionally surrender and prevent the attack.

Attack – Attack the entire ‘target bank’ throughout Gaza with the IDF’s maximum force (and not a tiny fraction of it) with all the conventional means at its disposal. All the military and infrastructural targets will be attacked with no consideration for ‘human shields’ or ‘environmental damage’. It is enough that we are hitting exact targets and that we gave them advance warning.

Siege – Parallel to the above, a total siege on Gaza. Nothing will enter the area. Israel, however, will allow exit from Gaza. (Civilians may go to Sinai, fighters may surrender to IDF forces).

Defense – Any place from which Israel or Israel’s forces were attacked will be immediately attacked with full force and no consideration for ‘human shields’ or ‘environmental damage’.

Conquer – After the IDF completes the “softening” of the targets with its fire-power, the IDF will conquer the entire Gaza, using all the means necessary to minimize any harm to our soldiers, with no other considerations.

Elimination- The GSS and IDF will thoroughly eliminate all armed enemies from Gaza. The enemy population that is innocent of wrong-doing and separated itself from the armed terrorists will be treated in accordance with international law and will be allowed to leave. Israel will generously aid those who wish to leave.

Sovereignty – Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. Liberation of parts of our land forever is the only thing that justifies endangering our soldiers in battle to capture land. Subsequent to the elimination of terror from Gaza, it will become part of sovereign Israel and will be populated by Jews. This will also serve to ease the housing crisis in Israel. The coastal train line will be extended, as soon as possible, to reach the entire length of Gaza.

According to polls, most of the Arabs in Gaza wish to leave. Those who were not involved in anti-Israel activity will be offered a generous international emigration package. Those who choose to remain will receive permanent resident status. After a number of years of living in Israel and becoming accustomed to it, contingent on appropriate legislation in the Knesset and the authorization of the Minister of Interior, those who personally accept upon themselves Israel’s rule, substance and way of life of the Jewish State in its Land, will be offered Israeli citizenship.

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8 Responses to Max Igan: “Straight from the Terrorist Horses Mouth. A Manifesto for the Planned Ethnic Cleansing Of the Gaza Strip. . . make this post viral

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  2. Ines Radman says:

    We are all guilty of this genocide, for doing nothing. You don’t like it? Its the truth. We are standing by, writing about it, getting angry about it, but doing NOTHING about it. Until we do, they will kill them all.

    • Dag Reidar Bye says:

      Sorry, but I’m not responsible for all the crimes on this planet simply because I’m not able to stop it.

      • Ines Radman says:

        Then you believe in separation? If we are all ONE, we are ALL responsible. It’s not a negative thing, it’s part of who we are at this time on this planet, but accepting responsibility is the key to moving forward. Sorry that you don’t agree. Until such time that you realize you are me and I am you, you will continue to live in this blame game paradigm, but anywhere you go and read, the message is the same: “WE ARE ALL ONE”.

        • Jean says:

          Separation as opposed to unity is difficult to understand. I’m not sure Dag understands it. In fact, I’m not always sure that I do. The explanation that has always made the most sense to me is the one that describes ducks flying in formation or fish swimming in a school. The move in lock step. Still, they retain their individuality. They do not lose their ‘personhood’ . . . sorry, but that is the word that works for me here.

          As a species, our individuality has been shut down as we are taught to ‘go along to get along’. A small group always seems to take control (of any kind of a group/organization) and then they shut all the others down that don’t agree with their ideas . . At the same time, we do not act together as a group . . . and we should be doing so, particularly now with the Gaza situation. I observed over time that the ones who sit and listen and don’t contribute are often the deepest thinkers, and THESE are often the people with the best ideas . . .

          This idea of separation and unity – at the same time – is often not easy to understand, and I’m not even sure I’ve begun to share my own thinking very clearly. Hugs, ~Jean

          PS Let me say that I think there is a lot more to it than just what hurts someone else hurts me and vice versa 🙂 although that is a part of it, too . . .

  3. schauminator says:

    We just can’t know what we haven’t known until we know it. Yes, carefully sort out our information carefully.

  4. Jean says:

    I can’t begin to imagine that NATO is working with Russia . . . Please check this sort of thing carefully . . confusion is not something I’m peddling here 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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