THE JEWS ARE NOT ISRAELITES . . . the hard truth is coming out . . . be prepared as you read this . . . ~J

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The ‘Jews’ are not what they seem.

Dr Eran Elhaik, a Jewish scientist, has demonstrated that most Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women, according to study published (October 8 2013) in Nature Communications.

Evidence from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on exclusively from mother to child, suggests that female ancestors of most modern Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in the north Mediterranean around 2,000 years ago and later in west and central Europe.

Genetic Roots of the Ashkenazi Jews | The Scientist.

The ‘Jews’ have no right to steal the land of the Palestinians. The Palestinians are most likely the original Israelites.

Shlomo Sand, Professor of History at Tel Aviv University, says that the ancestry of most contemporary Jews stems mainly from outside the Land of Israel and that a “nation-race” of Jews with a common origin never existed, and that just as most Christians and Muslims are the progeny of converted people, not of the first Christians and Muslims, Jews are also descended from converts.

According to Sand, Judaism was originally, like its two cousins, a proselytising religion, and mass conversions to Judaism occurred among the Khazars in the Caucasus, Berber tribes in North Africa, and in the Himyarite Kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula.

The Invention of the Jewish People.

The Israelis are mainly gangsters from such places as Russia, the USA, and North Africa.It was the Jews who invented the Wahhabi/Salafi Islamist movement.

It was the Jews who helped set up al Qaeda and ISIS.

It is the Jews who are behind most acts of terrorism, worldwide.


Gaza. The Israelis are child killers.The Jewish religion is based on the ancient Canaanite religion, the ancient Babylonian religion and other ‘pagan’ religions.

The Canaanites, and others, went in for child sacrifice.

One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years.
One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days …

Contrary to what you may have been told, there is Child Sacrifice in The Bible.

King David agreed to seven of Saul’s sons being hanged. (2 Sam. 21:4-6)David picked two of Saul’s sons and five of his grandsons. They were hanged on the mountain before God, at the beginning of the barley harvest. (2 Sam. 21:7-9)

This child was killed by the Israelis (who are mainly gangsters from New York, Eastern Europe and Khazaria), after the false-flag KIDNAPPING OF ISRAELI TEENS.

King Solomon built a place for Molech.

And so he did for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and sacrificed to their gods. (1 Kgs. 11:7-8)

King Ahaz burned his son in an offering.

Many kings of Judah burnt their sons in offerings.

One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.

Ezekiel says God made the Israelites offer their children by fire.

Speaking through Jeremiah, Yahweh threatened to make the Israelites eat the flesh of their sons and daughters.

“And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and every one shall eat the flesh of his neighbour in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them.” (Jer. 19:9)


Apparently, when a new building was erected, a child might be killed and buried in the foundations.

Joshua said:  “At the cost of his first-born shall he lay its foundation, and at the cost of his youngest son shall he set up its gates.” (Josh. 6:26-27)

One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.
One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days …

“Judaism is not a religion because its God is not universal…

“And the Kabala (one important form of Judaism) does not renounce worldly desires, such as lust, greed and power.”

Sacrifice of a Christian child, 1493.

“Is it possible … that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion, which has subverted humanity using Freemasonry as its instrument?”Respected Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem said that Jewish Sabbateanism (a Satanic adaption of the Kabala) is the basis of Hasidism (a branch of Orthodox Judaism), Reform Judaism, and freemasonry.

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult? – Henry Makow

Of course, the Moslems and Christians have a problem, as their religions are based on the Jewish religion.

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  1. Joseph Gray says:

    The Palestinians aren’t Israelites either

  2. I know it's crazy but.... says:

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  3. lolathecur says:

    the last sentence of above article is very important. This would be the difference between TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM and protestants. Not the same GOD. Of course this is not true anymore as the only true christian faith has been subverted by freemasonry/ Jesuit infiltrators. This goes back to an earlier post about Jesuits at this blog several weeks ago. The above information in article is very accurate.

  4. Maurice says:

    All the above quotations and discussion are meaningless in the face of the intentions Isis and Hamas and the rest have of fighting for the Islamisation of the world. They follow the Medieval Koraniic aim of doing just that. The West is sleep walking in failing to recognise this very real danger.

  5. Bob Grant used to say, “a free and open exchange of ideas and opinions.” Obviously such a thought is not for you. Go to,

    then focus your mind and read and LEARN. I’m certain you have the intelligence. What you need is patience and intellectual curiosity. When you read the piece I wrote answering the profanity heading this site, maybe you will delete the lying screed.

    Looking forward to a future of sanity and ZERO subhuman terrorist scum.


  6. Jean says:

    Sorry, but this is far too long to be a comment. I read them all, and I would never read anything else if I read this . . . Hugs, ~Jean


    In recent history, nobody perfected the art of deception, or double-speak, better than the Zionists. How else could you explain the success of the father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, professing that a Jews’ State will be established in 50 years in a faraway land he had never lived in?

    His success, almost solely in Europe at the time, was manifested by convincing colonial powers of the advantages of supporting his colonial project and convincing their people, the Europeans, that this conquest, killing, plunder and destitution of a people world-wide is a “divine will,” a miracle and a victory for Western civilization.

    Nobody had to create so many myths and falsehoods in their endeavors more than the Zionists. The reason is simple: they did not have credible facts to prove their case, so they had to invent dubious alternatives, relying on the readiness of the gullible people and the opportunistic politicians to believe them. Despite a systematic smear campaign still going on to this day, the Zionist Power Configuration has failed miserably in refuting the scholarly volumes because of the meticulous sourcing.

    However, when dividing fact from fiction, truth from lies, and banning zionist-trolls form our lives, we discover that recent mtDNA research settled forever a long-dabated controversy over the origins of Ashkenazim Zionists. DNA studies performed by the University of Huddersfield in England clearly demonstrate that Ashkenazim female line descended from southern and western Europe, not the Near East or Israel. It also dismantles the “lies” of Israel apologists who label people unsupportive of Israel as anti-Semites (see DNA Research Slams Zionist “Lies” Over Their Origins).[1]

    Zionism assaults people in the things that belong to their souls, and labour to deface the heavenly image in our hearts. We thus must resolve by Eri’s grace, the father of all Nri people, not to yield to the devil. Resist him, and he will flee. If we give way, he will get ground. If we distrust either our cause, or armour, or African gods, the original gods of humanity, we give him advantage.

    Spiritual strength and courage are needed for our spiritual warfare and suffering. Those who would prove themselves to have true grace, must aim at all grace; and put on the whole armour of Eri, or any other African god/goddess, which they prepare and bestow. Eri’s armour is made to be worn; and there is no putting off this armour till we have done our warfare, and finished our course. The combat is not against human enemies, nor against our own corrupt nature only; we have to do with an enemy who has a thousand ways of beguiling unstable souls.

    According to the biblical literature, the god of Israel, Yahweh, is a typical ancient Near Eastern warrior god who leads his army against Israel’s enemies; he and Israel are bound by a covenant (a feature unique in ancient Near Eastern religion) under which Yahweh will protect Israel and, in turn, Israel will not worship other gods.

    In the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, Jesus confirms that Yahweh is the devil. And he revealed this being as Enki, the Anunnaki colonizer coming from another world. Enki/Yahweh is the one whom Jesus called: “A Liar and the Father of Lies and a Murderer from the Beginning”. Thus, Yahweh/Enki, and his followers, are the only and true devils.

    These enemies of humanity exterminated millions of indigenous people in the Americas, and are responsible for the torturous, inhuman, and genocidal Transatlantic Slave Trade, as well as many other genocidal campaigns against my African borthers. Thousands years ago, the forefathers of these enemies of humanity have wiped out the wonderful world ot the aboriginal earthlings and cavemen in Igboland, Nigeria.

    The conflict between good and evil is very old. Yoruba Ifa, which antedates biblical literature for more than six millennia, says that the great Igbo battle between Oduduwa (Enki’s name in Yoruba) and Obatala (Igbo Eri) is the great mythical battle between good and evil. Ifa insists that Oduduwa was the leader of the Anunnaki colonists, while Obatala was the leader of the Aboriginal Earthlings, whom Ifa calls “Igbo”.

    Yoruba Ifa also says that “IGBO” is the name of God. Accordingly, the Yoruba name for “Almighty God” is Igbo Olodumare. By Ifa definition and mythology, Igbo defines the concept of the “All Might” and “All Power of God” – the Creator. Always according to Ifa mythology, the greatest of the sixteen sons and daughters of God who came to redeem earth from the evil one is a god called Obatala, whom the Yoruba worship as the ancestor of the Igbos and the greatest of all the Sons of God who have incarnated on earth.

    They call him “The Ancient of days” Vicegerent of the Omnipotent, Mediator between the Almighty and Man. Ifa says he died and resurrected after sixteen days in the grave. And his praise-song says, “Death has no power over Obatala”. His title is Obatala Oshere Igbo – a title, which according to Ifa, inspires immense fear and awe whenever and wherever it is mentioned, the reason being that Igbo is the name of the Almighty in his capacity as the God who dealt an unforgettable defeat upon the forces of evil in the most devastating war ever fought on earth between good and evil.[2]

    Ifa calls that war “The Great Igbo Battle”. This war was the same great battle between good and evil referred to in other great mythologies around the world, not the least of which is the Hebrew Bible, which is the battle we fight every day in modern day.

    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my children and brothers. And you will know who I AM and my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”


    References & sources:
    [1] –
    [2]- Catherine Acholonu “Igbo Language: A Former Global Lingua Franca And The Mother of Semitic Languages”

    • Jean says:

      I’m letting this go through, but it was an awful lot to read . . . It would have been better had you summarized it and linked it . . . Hugs, ~JEan

  8. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    What was truly new to me in this post was the ancient Old Testament references to child sacrifice and the number of Palestinian children killed by Israel.
    “One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years.”

    **Contrary to what you may have been told, there is Child Sacrifice in The Bible.
    King David agreed to seven of Saul’s sons being hanged. (2 Sam. 21:4-6)David picked two of Saul’s sons and five of his grandsons. They were hanged on the mountain before God, at the beginning of the barley harvest. (2 Sam. 21:7-9)**

    **King Solomon built a place for Molech.
    And so he did for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and sacrificed to their gods. (1 Kgs. 11:7-8)
    King Ahaz burned his son in an offering.
    Many kings of Judah burnt their sons in offerings.**

  9. Abdullah says:

    Salaams Jean,
    At the risk of embarassingly informing someone about what they already know – perhaps know better even – I wish to convey to you the fact about Jesus the Messiah and his original teachings amongst the Jews of his time. Fundamentally, Jesus of Nazareth taught no new-fangled doctrine of the Trinity of Godhead, nor ever claimed divinity for himself as Son of God. The master came to revivify the spiritual lives of the Jews, who were suffering under Roman oppression and misled by a deluded priesthood who were servants of the ruling powers-that-be, even if the tyrannical Herod was one of their own race.
    Jesus’ direct disciples are known in Islam as the Hawariyun.

    Literally, the word “Hawariyun” is the plural of “Hawari” and it means “He who whitens clothes”, or “He who has been appointed and purified from all kinds of defects”, or “a companion and a helper”. The exegetes have derived it from the root word Hawr, which possess the following definitions: to whiten, to bleach, to purify, to clean, to change, to transform, to amend and to alter, etc.
    Qatadah (d.117/695) has said that, “It carries the meaning of one who is capable of being a caliph or minister.” Yunus ibn Habib has mentioned that “Hawari” refers to a ‘sincere person’ and Ibn Al-Kalbi has defined it as meaning ‘a friend’.

    We know from modern-day research into the Dead sea Scrolls and the Naq Hammadi texts which were uncovered in the last 50 years that the New Testament Bible was an Roman imperial project, which promulgated the teachings of Paul of Tarsus who was not among the hawariyun disciples of Jesus. Jesus’ teachings in fact were embodied by the “Ebyonim” (“poor ones”), a sect which existed within the fold of the Mosaic Law. It was James the Righteous, the brother of Jesus, who led the Evyonims of the Church of Jerusalem, to propagate the true gnostic gospel of Jesus which counselled this: “The foremost in religion is to know and love your God”, and “Man, know thyself that you may know thy Creator Lord”, and “Serve your fellowmen as you would like to be treated.” They believed that Yahweh is eternal and everlasting, transcendental above creation and beyond the limits of space and time, from Whom all things proceed; Most Wise and Merciful Lord Almighty neither begetting nor begotten, and there is nothing likened unto Him.”

    Thank you for your attention ma’am.

  10. Bilal says:

    Michael Tsarion has done extensive work on this subject showing that Israelites, Hebrews, Judeans, etc are all different groups. The word “Jew” was first coined in 1773, so what groups are being referred to? He makes a very solid case that the Jews of the Exodus were in fact Egyptians posing as Jews as well! Unfortunately many of his videos that outline this have been removed from the internet though I have them saved.

  11. Blue says:

    The statement in this letter is not correct .The Jews under Zionism are not even Jews. They come from the blood lines of Cain and Esau who are not of the line of Jacob renamed Israel. ” I know how my people suffer at the hands of the Jews that are not” Jesus Christ ” Yeshua” Book of Revelation. Rgds Graham

    …… the Truth stands before us. True Jews are not the beneficiaries of Zionism they are the victims. The Palestine Arabs are the seed of Ishmael the half brothers and sisters to the true Jews through the line of Abraham. At this moment of time we are all Palestinians through the Zionist program Agenda 21, to eliminate most of the human population from this planet earth. Esau ( Zionism) sold his birth right to Jacob ( true Jews) now the son of a Bitch is trying to steal it back, AT THE POINT OF A GUN! Kind Rgds Graham

    This came to me from someone I passed on your email to. He’s very interested in the topic.

    Hope this is of help. Kind Regards. Blue

  12. JB says:


    I have been an ardent student of ancient “mythology”, censored archaeology, and comparative religion for over two decades. – It started by necessity, as a way to de-program myself from a serious guilt-inducing mental meme known as religion.

    Ironically, as a child I was given the complete freedom to choose what to believe. My beloved mother was an old soul, very liberal, and full of progressive ideas that were way ahead of her time. My existential angst and thirst for knowledge was firmly fomented after she was stricken with an unrelentingly cruel illness in my early childhood. – I was so pissed off at “God” for making someone with such a pure soul suffer that I needed comfort and answers!

    Eventually my search lead me to what I thought was “the truth” – a group of seemingly sincere, and definitely outside-of-the-box characters who sought to “restore New Testament Christianity”. This group consisted of a genuine cross-section of humanity – from renown NYC artists (a few Metropolitan Opera House performers), to soap opera stars, to real estate moguls, to everyday common folk from every ethnic and economic background. It truly felt like the communal ideal that Christianity was intended to be.

    It was only after I spent time in Brazil as a missionary that I began to see the group for what it was. Namely a cult determined to “multi-level market” God – by befriending strangers with the sole motive of converting them, so that they could then become completely devoted and pressured to put “the kingdom” (aka The Church of Christ) over all other responsibilities or personal interests. In fact, personal interests were all but forbidden – given we were expected to “deny ourselves”. (“Self” being an incorrect translation of “ego” – which obviously makes this supposed statement of Jesus mean something completely different. But I digress.)

    It was actually the warmth and pure spirit of the Brazilian people, in contrast to the manipulative, competitive spirit of the church leaders, that eventually woke me up. The Brasileros reminded me of my mom, which wasn’t surprising since her Latin culture and the Brazilian culture have a similar ethos. One that is very different from the traditional or historical ethos of the European and American conquerors or empire-builders. I’m talking about those in power, btw, not the people at large. (i.e. I am NOT saying that every European or American lacks the kind of warmth and humanity that I am alluding to, or that every member of the Latin culture, or member of a non-European &/or non-American culture, exudes it. I am merely talking about the pattern of historical dominance and competition that has played out over time amongst the global ruling elite, who happen to be largely anglo-saxon and European. Please note that I am half Hispanic, and half European by descent, and I was born and raised in the U.S. – so it’s definitely not my intention to judge or condemn any one group, I am merely making an historical observation. I actually despise stereotypes and prejudice, which is the reason for this disclaimer.)

    Although many leaders and members of “The Church of Christ Movement” were kind souls, this revolutionary spin on an old denomination originated in the the southern states, and swiftly began moving into big eastern cities in the mid-80s, to recruit “atypical” members who would in turn take the message (“gospel”) to the world. This is where the competition that I referred to stemmed from. You see, the original small circle of leaders who branched out from the south to big east coast cities were expected to create “hub churches”, which would in turn send missions to various countries, as their numbers grew. Once I was recruited to be a missionary (after having been a low level leader), I gained access to high level leadership meetings where I observed how they were literally about numbers, not people. – As each of these pioneering leaders eventually sought to outdo the other. (BTW, This should serve as a cautionary tale about how quickly power can corrupt even those with noble initial intentions.)

    The epiphany that I had in Brazil was that we were acting no different than previous generations of conquerors who sought to convert the natives. The whole premise suddenly seemed so arrogant and non-spiritual that it sickened me. Naturally, since I was in leadership, my departure was quite controversial, and many people who I had called “brothers and sisters” let me know in no uncertain terms that I was “worse than a non-believer, since I knew the truth and was abandoning it. Which was like re-crucifying Jesus, and then spitting on him on the cross.” Still others told me that in six months I would “be just like my mother”. – As they misunderstood the nature of her illness, and in their ignorance considered it “a weakness”.

    …By now it should be abundantly clear why I spent the next two decades deprogramming myself and seeking real and unbiased answers about religion, spirituality, and the nature of reality. 🙂

    That being said, I want to encourage readers here to check out a fascinating, enlightening, and ultimately uplifting book called “FROM LIGHT INTO DARKNESS: The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt” because it goes back to the very roots of religion – and the establishment of the Hanuti, or priest class. No surprise that this priest class conveniently set itself up to reap the material benefits of the working class by promising such intangible (aka unverifiable) things as salvation, and a ressurection in an afterlife. …Provided the requisite offerings were routinely bestowed upon these false leaders who cleverly positioned themselves as necessary intermediaries between man and God, of course! – How is that for masterful Machiavelian-level manipulation!?

    (My own aside: The Freemasons’ use of checkered squares is not coincidental – they are blatantly telling us that they plan their chess moves way in advance. This is precisely why Albert Pike has been dead for over a century, yet was somehow able to “prophetically” predict the exact nature of the proposed Third World War – which he indicated would begin amongst the Jews and Arabs, and eventually target Christianity. The goal being to wipe out religion, and usher in the NWO, with the state replacing religion in the hearts and minds of mankind. – Yawn, that’s so 1984! – Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD seems to be the more accurate dystopian vision, as up to now the masses seemed perfectly content to silence themselves via all manner of self-gratifying digital distractions. Yet it’s obvious that Huxley’s covert and gentler version was meant to be the beta test that would usher in Orwell’s darker overt form of Totalitarianism. – Lulling the frogs into compliance and complacency, all while the temperature of the pot slowly progressed to its boiling point. But what they did not forsee was that WE THE PEOPLE would awaken, which is why their nefarious plot is being exposed and thwarted.)

    The book describes our awakening as destiny, since human history is cyclical, not linear. If you’ve read David Wilcock, you will understand the concept. So take heart, these are exciting paradigm-shifting times that we are living in. The darkest hour is indeed always before the dawn.

    I will paste two reviews of this wonderful book below. I truly believe we must understand our past if we hope to unravel this matrix we are currently in, and collectively create the future we actually desire.

    5.0 out of 5 stars True vision of the evolution of modern religions in ancient Egypt
    June 10, 2006 By Volodymyr Krasnoholovets

    “This second book by leading world Egyptologist Stephen Mehler is as fundamental as his first book The Land of Osiris. This one is also based in many aspects on analysis of long discussions Mehler had with Abd’El Hakim Awyan, a keeper of oral tradition of the indigenous people of Egypt. In the book Mehler discloses ways that brought ancient people to different religions known today as ancient Egyptian religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He shows that from the pre-historic period to the beginning of the dynastic one Khemitians (the original name of Egyptians) followed pure spiritual practices when people were looking for fusing of their thoughts and the ascension of their spirit. Then Mehler gives a detailed explanation of the appearance of first churches and priests. He accounts for ways and methods, which those priests used to turn people to new ideas when main aspects of nature and spirit became transformed to notions of gods. A very subtle analysis! Mehler could puzzle out very difficult events that took place in Egypt around 1500 BC, which allowed him to present us persons who decided to resuscitate prehistoric spiritual Khemitian traditions. That dramatic period of ancient Egypt resulted in the migration of 12 tribes of Khemitians to a new land known today as Israel. Mehler uncovers those events to the smallest detail, which so far have been unknown even for researchers.

    The reader will learn names of top scientists who have studied that time and see a long line of historical persons, pictures of their statues and mummies. The reader will learn that the Rosicrucian Order also originated in Egypt at that time. What was its goal? Who were its leaders and members? …This second book by S. Mehler would be of great benefit to those who are interested in archaeology, Egyptology, ancient history and early religions and those who understand that spiritual practice is much more important than more modern religion concepts that lead only to separation of people.”

    5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!
    September 28, 2005
    By Charles Putnam

    “Before I begin a review of this book I’d like to point out that I met both Steve and Hakim in 1992 while on tour in Egypt. Steve has become a lifelong friend as a result of that meeting. Steve and I were on separate tours but we both had the privilege of having Hakim as our guide. Most of you reading my comments have never met Hakim. Not only is he a gentle man but the holder of vast wisdom from his indigenous tradition that stretches back for thousands of years. Many persons have regarded him solely as a kindly and experienced tour guide. But because of his 30 years of personal study attempting learn about ancient Egypt especially the king Ahkenaten, Steve was able to discern that there was much more to Hakim than met the eye. As Steve gained more of Hakim’s trust, he soon became the student and eventually the transmitter to the public of the ancient Khemitian tradition that has been passed down to Hakim. As he did in The Land of Osiris and now in From Light into Darkness, Steve is sharing with us invaluably important material not only on the spirituality of ancient Egypt but the cyclical, not linear, nature of human existence. He accomplishes this task in 200 pages and written in an engagingly conversational style. Steve provides a telling account how an oral tradition contains greater truth than the written one. He deftly points out the historical conflict between personal direct spiritual experience (the mystical tradition) and religious life mediated by the hanuti (priestly) caste. Very importantly Steve clarifies who the neters were. They were not deities as mainstream academic Egyptology would have you believe but were divine principles framed into a quasi animal/human presentation. The king Ahkenaten did not invent monotheism with the glorification of Aten but was attempting to revive the enlightened state of Aten which was being swamped by the rising power of the hanuti class and the spiritual darkness that came with it. But most significant of all, Steve focuses our attention on a message of hope. The Age of Amun, the time of darkness, is coming to an end and the dawn of Kheper is on our doorstep. For some this may seen Pollyanish but the forces representing the Age of Amun only appear to be in control. Their power is slipping and a new generation has the opportunity to bring the Dawn into fruition.”

    Lets all keep up the good fight!

    ~ A fellow warrior of the light

    • Jean says:

      JB, this is an interesting read, and I think it perhaps will appeal to those who are on the de-program path. You certainly offer some thoughtful information from your own experience – as well the book which you found/find so helpful. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • JB says:

        Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate ALL that you consistently and tirelessly do for the sake of truth!

        My goal is to help de-program others from fundamentalism in general, as it seems that this is how the powers that be covertly suppress knowledge and original thinking across all institutions – religion, medicine, and all the sciences.

        To be clear though, I respect others’ religious beliefs when they are an extension of true spirituality, which is always inclusive, but I do have a special disdain for religious fundamentalism, because it really does seem to be at the root of of the worst acts of violence and intolerance throughout history. – Which is such a sad paradox, really.

        I am thinking of making a film about all of this. It’s actually been a project that I’ve worked on over the years, and have had to side-line several times due to time and budget constraints.

        At this point I can only see the obstacles, and there are several biggies! i.e. I would need the rights to use the likeness of John Lennon, and several of his lyrics, as he makes an astral cameo. 🙂 His song IMAGINE just epitomizes this whole discussion. It’s one of my all-time favorites for that reason.

        Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s a link to an old promo page, if you scroll down past the graphic you can read a very brief synopsis.

        P.S. – Although the script did gain some recognition over the years, this is the very first time I am posting any type of information about it. …Which is a bit nerve-wrecking for me.
        But I truly value your insight, intuition, and opinion, so I would love to know if you think it has any real chance of appealing to an audience. In other words, would YOU want to see it? Be honest. I would rather cut my losses now and move on, then continue to dream and pour time into something not likely to be of value to most people.

        • Jean says:

          There are a couple people who read here who I know are dealing with fundamentalism . . . hope they have read these comments of your . . Hugs, ~Jaan

        • Anna elcombe says:

          I also am very interested in your article and words of wisdom, and have passed them on to a good friend of mine . Please be inspired to carry on your good work to help and encourage others to find their path and light. I will be reading the books mentioned above and good luck on our journeys . Anna

    • Jo Savas says:

      JB, if I may be so familiar, I feel I must firstly apologise as I seem to have channeled an entity that provided me with all the right words. When I (we) were done I pushed the reply button but had neglected to fill in my name and email and alas, the words vanished. I would like to say that I am inspired by your words and the eloquence in which you imparted them. It is clear that you are an educated person of distinction. I read your words with utter delight and look forward to reading the two books that you have mentioned here. These two books, I am certain, would create a greater understanding not only for those who are de-progamming but also those whose heads and hearts are open to the truth and wisdom there in. I for one am keen to see your works made into a movie. I followed the link and I trust that given the right direction, production and marketing, it would appeal to many, even those who have not yet begun their journey on the path of truth. Kindest regards and Thanks JoS

      • JB says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement Jo, and your very thoughtful reply. (Sorry about the snafu, I am so glad you persisted!)

        Sometimes it’s hard to know if people will understand or appreciate something that they themselves have not lived through – because personal experience seems so often to be the only way we learn hard lessons. I do think it’s wise to try and learn from other peoples’ experiences though, and doing so can definitely create more empathy and understanding in the world.

        Anyway, your words of support meant more than you can possibly ever know, and they literally lifted my spirits this morning. ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Gene Lo says:

    (Jean, the Video and the commentary might be good enough to deserve a post here. What do you think? It compares the Moral Courage needed to rethink US support for Israel’s War in Gaza, with the moral courage RFK showed in turning against the War in Vietnam. Is history repeating now? Link to Video, and transcript of some comments follows):

    GAZA Needs “A Robert Kennedy” (in Israel, or in America) to Stop in insane War

    Robert Kennedy and the Moral Courage we Need in Gaza

    I don’t know if others are having the same reaction as me, but I am feeling deja vu. The images and stories that are emerging from Gaza are horrific. They remind me of the Vietnam War

    Not only the images, but the morally bankrupt actions of an arrogant government are also like that of Uncle Sam of the 1960’s in Vietnam. And like in the Vietnam era, we are witnessing a fast-growing protest movement. More and More people are taking to the streets, carrying signs, and sending letters of protest to their Congressmen and Senators.

    The main message is: “Enough is enough! This war, and the war crimes have got to stop.”

    We seem to be stuck in a time warp like about 1967, when a majority of political active American people were against the War. NOW they are against Israel’s aggressive actions – aggressive actions against an almost defenseless group of Palestinians trapped in Gaza. The world is talking about war crimes, as hospitals and schools are bombed. 50% of the death toll, now exceeding 1,000, are children. The main power plant and water treatment facility has been destroyed in violation of international laws. Some people are even saying, like in Vietnam, the event that triggered this latest conflict was a false flag.

    In the midst of the growing public outrage, politicians in both Israel and the US are mostly ignoring the people and speaking in half-baked justifications about how “Israel has a right to defend itself”, while ignoring the larger context of history, where Israel has already taken over most of the land of the former Palestine, and pushed its birthed citizens into ghettos and tiny strips of land cutoff from the outside world.

    What is missing now is the emergence of a major figure from the inside of Washington, who will speak out against the war of genocide. We saw that in 1967 – a period of indecision. The Tide was Turning as far as the people were concerned, but no major politician of stature was willing to take on Lyndon Baines Johnson, who had taken over a small war from JFK, and escalated it into an unfair contest between the huge might of imperial America and the peasants in a country of jungles and backward cities.

    What we need now is a major figure, like Robert F Kennedy, to step foward, and run against this war effort.

    It will not be easy, to find someone in the psychopathic zombies who are our politicians, someone who has the right courage and moral sensitivity to take on this Heroic task. It is interesting to look back at the challenges that RFK faced in making the decision to oppose LBJ and his war.

    So now, I will share with you, a fascinating 5 minute Excerpt from a documentary about the Life of Robert Kennedy …
    I will have a few more words to offer at the end.

    ( VIDEO EXCERPT ) : 5 minutes from : Robert Kennedy, the Full Documentary (112 mins.)

    RFK’s decision to oppose the war was a measure of his personal Courage. It was easy in some ways for him to oppose Johnson, whom he hated. But it was also a rejection of his brother’s judgment in entering Vietnam in the first place. In getting to the decision, he had to be willing to question the basic assumptions of the war.

    And so today, we need someone willing to question the big picture. Should the US be supporting Israel at all? They are the largest recipient, taking over half of the US foreign aid budget. As well as many favors and subsidies, counted and uncounted. If the US cuts off and refuses any more AID until Israel complies with UN resolutions, it stop Israel in its tracks, shorten the conflict, and move Israel towards a genuine truce. An end to conflict would safe lives on both sides. The relationship and the so-called friendship that the US has with Israel has been so one-sided, it cannot be described as a true friendship at all. It is an abusive relationship. And it is Time to End it.

    But standing up to Israel and its financial power will not be easy. An increasingly corrupted legal and political process in America, as moved things to a point where big donors can buy politicians all over our country, without limit – because the US Supreme Court passed a bizarre law saying Money was Free Speech, and Corporations were “people” too, with the right of Free Speech. If corporations are people, let they wait until they are 18 years old to exercise the right of free speech, and also subject them to directly to the full force of government interference, to drafts, to loss of their future when war hits, to high taxes… and to the inevitability of retirement if they last long enough. Else, they have advantages which will make them far too powerful for ordinary people to oppose. This is where we are today. The corporations, and the power of their money is destroying true democracy in America. The crazy campaign financing laws need to be rolled back. And the power of donors, like AIPAC and weathy foreigners who are interested in buying politicians, needs to be sharply curtailed. What is also needed is an END to the one-sided votes and stolen power of US/Israeli dual citizens. We need political leaders who have no doubts or conflicts in their thinking. Our leaders need to who know where their loyalties lie. America First. The interests of War criminal nations need to come Last … or Not be felt at all.

    One line in this documentary really resonated for me, …and here it is:
    “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”
    – RFK said that, and he was quoting from Dante’s Inferno.

    With wisdom and courage, and after a long deliberation, Robert Kennedy turned on the War, and said it was Time to get out. Now is the Time for ALL Americans of conscience to recognize Israel’s transgressions against Palestinians. Now is the TIME for US to back ONLY those politicians, who have the wisdom to refuse AIPACs campaign funding. And have the courage to demand that the US stop providing any financial support for a country now engaged in war crimes, and genocide…

    Put an end to it. Stop the War in Gaza.

  14. sharen brewer says:

    I wish our President had to look at these pictures for awhile. I wonder if it would even matter to him.

  15. P says:

    Dear Jean,
    I commend you on your bravery to put all sides of the truth out there (here). I was able to find that John Lash vid on youtube and listen to it. He’s another brave person. I admire both Him and David Wilcock for their astute type of ‘research’ that digs deep; goes to the beginning of things (as we know the ‘beginning’ to be) and then present it to us in a clear and understandable fashion. I wish I had the time and resources to delve into this topic of just who the “Israelites” are let alone who the “Jews” are.

    I explored some old (ancient) maps. Both Biblical and Secular and tried to go back to the beginning. So much came up for me. So many questions and chuckles…(sardonic ones).
    Religions can easily travel the globe. You can be a Hindu in Ohio, you can practice Zen in Georgia, you can be a Christian in Egypt ( a little unsafe, but you still ‘can be’).

    What’s blatant to me; and this is my own personal opinion (no hate/judgement; just observation) is that these people suffer a Soul deep “Nationality Crisis”. Something most of the rest of us don’t suffer. In my mind the word “Nation/Nationality” is synonymous with the word “LAND”. The land on which your ancestors were born and came from; and the land on which you yourself were born is your “national identity”…then comes what religious persuasion you are (I’m not getting into color here, just nationality and religion). These people are in a mass Trauma/Hysterical Nationality Crisis…that’s soul deep. Any Jew (my ex-in-laws included) I’ve ever asked..”what are you” (Nationality being implied/inferred)….they answer “Jewish”. They have a ‘religion’ with no National (nationality) Roots.
    So I went back to Abram (this is another topic. Birth names have numerlogical power. Notice how no one can mention or know the Jewish god’s name and notice how their god changed Abram’s name and numerology (Abraham); along with his son’s Jacob into Israel; but that’s another discussion)… So Abram. Some Scholars are in a debate over whether he was an original Canaanite or not; but most seem to agree that he came from the ancient City/State of ‘Ur’.

    Very interesting since Ur is on the other side of the Arabian Desert from Canaan. When you think ‘Ur’ you have to think, Mesopotamia; the Sumerians; the Chaldeans and Babylon. Ur is in the South Eastern portion of IRAQ about 140 miles or so from Baghdad. So. If his ancestors before him were born in that region? They’re Sumerians/Chaldeans/Babylonian/Iraqi by decent…and that’s then probably their ‘Land’ of origin and original “nationality’. That is until he got the ‘call’ from his god; to go to this ‘promised land’ on the other side of his known world…called Canaan.

    I found a map that traced his journey to Canaan ( he didn’t go through the desert) which opened up more questions. Taking the ‘religious’ component out of the equasion, I read it like a normal
    ‘travel log’. How did he do that journey? By foot? Camel? Covered Wagon? I mean how long would it take to walk from Ur to Canaan (just look at one ancient map) and supposedly he made some 17 stops along the way? How long did he stay at these alleged ‘stops’. Was he about 500 years old when he actually got to Canaan? lol I could go on and on on… but I want to turn to…..the “Voice or Voices he was hearing.

    How old was this man? What ‘physical’ condition was he in? Was he suffering from dehydration?
    Malnutrition? Physical exhaustion? Which all could cause a psychotic break from reality and possibly cause you to hear ‘voices’.

    Ok so he was a “spiritual’ man. How many people today profess to be ‘spiritual’ and ‘channel’.
    How many of these ‘channels’ do we read and trust anymore. ??? If an entity came through to you in a channel telling you to pull up stakes and go to another country would you listen to it?
    Now maybe we can ad the “ET” factor in. Something was contacting him via ‘mental telepathy and telling him things about Canaan ( I don’t think he had a map in his possession); and how this god (et) was going to make him the “father of nations” (and all the other usual things you can read in that bible that he was allegedly told by this “Entity”. ) This is where the works of people like John Lash come in. Was that an “Archon” talking to him? Remote viewing him? Impulsing him? Was it some “Annunaki” talking to him?…and he would have known about them because “Ur” was a part of “Sumeria”.

    And if you read the bible; and if you believe this story?
    This is how it all began folks.
    A Channel? A voice in a head other than their own? A promise of ‘glory’ ; ‘conquest’ and
    ‘power’ ???? … from an unknown and unseen “Entity”?.. that tells you to leave the place
    of your own origin to go live in and take over someone else’s land? Canaan was not an
    empty wasteland; wilderness. ( and please; don’t pull out the “those people were wicked and god wanted Abram’s tribe to wipe them out” card. ) Look at the above pictures and tell me that is not the epitome of modern day ‘wickedness’.

    This is how and where it all began… allegedly.

    Scroll back up and just look at those horrific pictures on this blog; in modern times, in the here and now reality of our present moment……
    and think about the fact that this all began, thousands of years ago with a ‘voice’ in someone’s head…….or perhaps a real outside of his head “Entity” talking to him. Does it really matter?
    Just look at the end result.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must dash off. The voice I heard this morning… told me to begin
    a trek from New York to South America, where there is a City of GOLD…..and all I have to do is
    walk there with a few followers and commit some ordinary ethnic genocide along the way;
    and I can rule this City and become the Mother of a new and great nation……….

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my Pat, this is worth every minute it took for me to read. It’s so logical – and even humourous – and it gets us back to reality, feet-on-the-ground reality pretty darned quick.

      I hope others take the time to read what you have shared here . . . It makes a little sense of all that we are hearing!

      Thanks and hugs,

      • P says:

        Thank you Jean. For the record; my above little rant was concerning the original Israelites or should I say…..PRE-Israelites. Remember before Abram even got there; that swath of land was populated and Named !!!! Let me give you a few of the City/States that were “pre-existing” before Abram got there:
        circa: 2000-586 BCE
        (north to south along the Mediterranean coast and a little inland)
        SYRIA, Ugarit, Ebla, Byblos, Tyre , Levant , Canaan (southern portion where Abram brought in his usurpers)…. and lo and behold……..”PALESTINE” ! yes it existed pre-Israelites and pre-Islam. It wasn’t until the “Entity” YHWH changed Abrams name to
        Abraham; and his son’s name Jacob to Israel that any Israelite city or state ever existed anywhere. The land they conquered was then renamed Israel and divided in half.
        The northern portion was known as Israel and the southern portion was known as Judah.
        I’d love your readers to really “get this”.
        These are the Ancient Jews, called Israelites.
        This is how they came to be.
        Voices in Abrams head telling him to leave Ur and go conquer Canaan and Palestine and the surrounding existing City/States…make them follow me as their god and call this land Israel and Judah.
        Now we have more ancient Wars Egypt and the Hittites get into the mix
        and that’s now when Moses supposedly starts hearing voices (the whole “let my people go” scenario takes place) and allegedly YHWH (an Archon? ) gives him the 10 commandments and the alleged Arch of the Covenant makes it’s debut. I’m really condensing it here to get to the point that back to Canaan/Palestine they go after 40 years and set up shop again until ……Nebuchadnezza of Babylon comes marching in and destroys the 1st. Temple and deports all of them into Babylon (this is called “Diaspora” or the Jewish dispersion). BTW? What ever happened to that “Arch”. I would think ole Nebba would have used it to destroy and take over places like the Egyptian and Hittite Empires himself….or if he tried to use it and wasn’t authorized to? Why didn’t it destroy him and Babylon? Did it ever really even exist? While in exile in Babylon, the Jews sit down and write the Old Testament Bible. There were Israelites who escaped deportation to Babylon and set up small camps and settlements around Palestine.

        Now we have Persia (modern day Iran) enter the picture and conquer Babylon (modern day Iraq)…. The King of Persia lets the captive Jews go back to Israel where they set up the 2nd. Temple (minus the Arch) until the Romans come in and conqure them and that temple is then destroyed; upon which time Islam is on the rise and takes over by building the rock of the Dome on the old site of the old (2nd.) Jewish Temple.
        This is basically it for the Ancient Israelites.
        No more Arch, no more kingdom as they knew it, no more temple, no more prophets, great leaders, Kings or voices in anybody’s heads anymore. What they did to others,
        was done to them. Again they found themselves in small settlements without a Nation, real land and national identity.
        Here is where everything changes into “modern times” and new distinctions are made.
        I hope your readers really begin to understand this because it leads up to where we are now.
        There are Jews who stay in the Middle East. Meaning they settle in Palestine, Iraq, and Iran (called Persian Jews in modern times). The others disperse into Russia, and Europe.
        Such places as Spain and Portugal (they were known as the Sephardic Jews and in 1492 they were expelled and went to the Balkans and North Africa and some went into Western Europe).
        Their traditions ; customs; liturgy (Sephardic) are very different than the Ashkenazi Jews.
        The Ashkenazi Jews originate out of Europe. Not Russia, Not the Middle East and not
        from the Khazar Kingdom……DNA studies have been recently done that suggest that while Ashkenazi Jews had original Middle East DNA on their Fathers side; these men married non-jewish women and therefore had no jewish/middle eastern mitochondrial DNA.
        Meaning their mothers were European non-jews. Now, technically/religiously/culturally if your mother is not Jewish, you are not considered a Jew in the Jewish Religion. If a Jewish woman marries out of her faith? All the children she carries and bears are automatically considered Jewish. On that religious technicality alone, the majority of Ashkenazi European Jews can be considered Non Jews. No wonder these people are confused and in trauma. You ask what we normally term an “Ashkenazi” Jew from Germany or Poland, just to mention just 2 countries, what they are and they’ll say…. not that they are German or Polish, they’ll say “I’m a Jew”….not even realizing that their forefathers who migrated out of the middle east married non jewish woman when they got to Europe. John Lash goes into depth about all the reasons why they “inter-marry” to keep the Jewish blood pure and how they don’t want ‘converts’.
        Almost Lastly we have the 3rd. component to all this….
        the Khazar Jews. No they are not originally Jewish or Israeli. Neither their mothers nor their fathers were of Jewish Religious descent nor were they descended from any of the 12 tribes of Israel so they aren’t Israeli Jews, or Persian Jews. They converted.
        The Khazar Kingdom is a Medieval Kingdom (not ancient) They were a bunch of Steppe nomads (tribes) known as the Turkic Groups who got together . At one point in time;
        they thought it in their best interest to convert to Judaism politically and foremost for Financial reasons. It paid off. From this Siberian/Turick/Mongol Mix/ and Indian came the Khazar Empire that converted to the Jewish Religion. I don’t know for sure if the Rothschilds are Khazar or not. That is certainly the story all over the internet these days. Next time I see one of them, I’ll be sure to whip out my trusty DNA kit and swab the inside of their mouth !
        Finally, we have the 4th. and last component to all of this.
        The Zionist. To the best of my knowledge, a Zionist is anyone who believes that modern day Israel has the right to exist as a Country/State. I would think that anyone, even a non-jew would fall into the Zionist category just as long as they believe that Israel has the right to exist.
        I truly feel for these people on one level. From the moment Abram stepped foot out of Ur, the known world has been asking itself what it should do about these people…that seem to come out of no where and belong no where. But as John Lash and others have pointed out; it’s hard to cozy up to someone who believes they have been “chosen Over you” and refuses to assimilate even just a little. Of course if you read the Bible; every time they did try to mix in and assimilate, their God punished them. Which goes back to my original question…….just what and .who is their god?….I don’t hate the Jewish people but I do question anyone who trusts voices in their head; and bombs hospitals and children. I’m not singling the Jews out either because I certainly have issues with the other side as well…….like strapping bombs to children and telling them to go be a ‘martyr’ for the religious cause…..and sexually mutilating woman and veiling them up.
        Nor do I look the other way or try and justify burning women (anyone) at the stake; or destroying entire cultures in the name of so called Christian Salvation.
        I want the truth to come out …. yes.
        But I surely don’t want this to all turn into another ‘witch hunt’ or dragging people out of their houses in the middle of the night….I think we need to be cool headed and FACTUAL about all this and realize that there are “psychopaths” running this world of every religious persuasion !!!!!!
        We can’t just go accusing and pointing fingers without ‘facts’ and the psycho’s at the top give us plenty of FACTS to point fingers at them…..Bibi needs a straight jacket……Obama needs some shock therapy….and this ISIS group? Who has just declared that every woman of child bearing age in Iraq needs to be sexually mutilated?
        Needs to be castrated themselves. The IMF and FED need to come down…..and we need to start coming up with Solutions to these problems and to implement new ways of doing business and running things and not let just one group take over (like the banking system for example…..somebody escort the Rothschilds out ! Who cares if they’re Jews or what they are….they’re psychos who are destroying the world).
        We need to start listening to our own Voice……and heart.
        Not “channels”, politicians, banksters, or ET anything !
        We need to educate ourselves with the facts and do some critical thinking here.
        How long will we tolerate a Foreign Country who’s suffering and in trauma over it’s own
        Nationality Identiy dictate how we run our Country and Lobby us into oblivion for their cause?…….we need to stand up and demand spread sheets showing us just exactly where our Tax Dollars are going….like to whom,and to what causes.
        I decided not to heed the seductive voice in my head this morning and march to the City of Gold. I decided to write this rant and to my Congress persons…….and to think about what I would do, if I had any power to do anything in my own Country… how to be part of the solution and not the problem……or just sit back accuse and complain.
        I think I’d sit down and revamp and rethink this entire EARTH RELIGION thing for starters.
        Maybe we could live without it.
        Cause we’re sure dieing with it……….

        • Jean says:

          P, there is a video by Nassim Haramein about the Arch of the Covenant . . . . . .Might be worth your time. I really liked it . . . but then I like everything Haramein . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Nancy C/Seattle says:

            Here are my notes on Nassim’s Arch of the Covenant video. Nassim says the Arch is currently in Ethiopia being guarded by the Ethiopian army. Nassim also says the word “god” is related to “gravity” which comes from the sacred geometry of the “tetragrammaton”. David Wilcock says the same thing – that the Universe creates via “gravity” (which is push/pull) and geometry.

            Eve figured out the “apple” was technology and shared it with Adam. This was the founding of the advanced technology of Atlantis & Lemuria but they didn’t know how to handle the power. The Sun God could have stopped the meteorite that destroyed Atlantis. We then had a 5,000 year period to learn about destruction so we could now handle the power of the Arc with maturity.
            – Nassim believes we are now approaching the time when the Arc will come back
            – All of our evolution has been learning to handle this power to regain our place in the galaxy and to re-enter contact with advanced civilizations.
            – The Arc in the old testament is technology. In the New testament Emmanuel (Jesus) is the living
            – 1st century AD philistines took over Jerusalem – Edgar Cayce talked about the Essenes that had written scrolls in the 30’s. Took the Arc out of the Temple of Solomon and took it to the Essenes. 3,000 scrolls were found; only 100 have been released to the public. One of these is written on copper – purest copper ever found on Earth. 64 lines describe the components of the Arc. Tell you what you need (oils, cover the eyes, etc,) to protect yourself when you enter the Arc. Elizabeth Hides/Hisch? Book Initiation is accurate. Describes smelling negative ions in the air.
            – At the same exact time the Arc goes from the Temple of Solomon (because of the Philistines take over of Jerusalem) the living Emmanuel (Jesus) appears on the scene.

            Europeans built cathedrals after returning from the Crusades with advanced technology
            – The first cathedral they built was Chartres
            – Engineers say that Chartres is not reproducible with known technology today

            After the resurrection, Jesus/Emanuel left Jerusalem, moved to India and then settled in the middle of France. Jesus’s children were Cathors, Jews who then founded the Knights Templars.
            The Knights Templars were Jewish and they organized the crusades to go to Jerusalem looking for the Arc which they disguised by calling it the Holy Grail. At the time there had been a revolution and the Ethiopian King was in exile in Jerusalem. The King cut a deal with the Europeans to show them the arc if the Europeans would help him get his country back. The arc is still in Ethiopia heavily guarded by the Ethiopian Army.
            – The Ethiopian King founded the Rastofarian religion.

            The Arc of the Covenant (God) – is outer technology and inner technology. Cannot be used for negative purposes because the feedback loop toward impure or negative persons kills them –
            – Tumors found on bodies of pharos that tried to do so because they were irradiated and died.
            – Have to be pure of heart to activate the Arc of the Covenant

            Graham Hancock is the only person who has been able to interview the priest currently protecting the Arc in Ethiopia. Wrote the book – The Sign & the Seal

            The origins of the word “God” is Structure of a tetrahedron generating a gravity effect. tetragrammaton – geometry – Gravity comes from the word grammaton
            – 72 is half the code (male) adding 72 for the female half = 144 which is the number of ascension.

            The universe is a fractal – Off worlders still come today to get human sperm & eggs for their civilizations. – what happens here benefits all

            The King of France, Ethiopian delegation met at the Vatican with the pope. In the year 1213, Friday the 13th the Knights Templars were declared illegal by the pope. Inquisition struck at the largest temples of the Knights Templars.
            – Free Masons and Knights Templars knowledge came from ancient Egypt
            – Highest number of initiation in both systems in 32nd level – add together you get 64.

          • Jean says:

            Nancy, I don’t know what to say about this effort of yours except that is is terrific and so very important. Can you give us the link to Nassim’s video? I believe there is more than one . . . 🙂 and it all has made sense to me for quite a while . . . WOWOWOWOWOW. . . thanks and hugs, ~JEan

          • Jean says:

            Will publish! Thanks and hugs, ~JEan

          • Nancy C/Seattle says:

            If your time is limited on Nassim Haramein’s Ark of the Covenant video, start with Part 7. There might also be some discussion at the end of Part 6. You’ll probably get hooked and want to view the entire utterly fascinating, easy to understand the physics bit video.

          • Jean says:

            Thanks, Nancy! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Jean says:

            Nancy, this is part of the playlist, and the link doesn’t work quite that way . . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Nancy C/Seattle says:

            Actually I think this is the link to Part 7. The embedded link above is Part 1.

        • Wysiwyg says:

          P – this reader got it! Thanks for your informative post! 😉

        • lolathecur says:

          Just out of curiosity here. If jewishness is determined by mother being jewish, who is the first jewish woman and how did she become jewish? Never could figure that one out and neither could any so called non practicing jew I have asked who claimed that they were jewish. Certainly made them ask themselves a few questions there.

          • Jean says:

            ? ? ? 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Wysiwyg says:

            Good question lolathecur! 🙂
            If, as scientist are now telling us, we are all descended from the ‘Universal Eve’ mitDNA, then we are all related to everyone else anyway and ultimately there’s no division. We are all tenants of Mother earth so no need for national divisions either. Now if we could all just stop trying to annihilate each other and co-operate instead of compete we could all live happily ever after. The End.


        • exmatelot2014 says:

          Truly amazing amount of information in this piece, and lucidly written. Thank you for posting this.

    • lolathecur says:

      The fact that one listened to this voice that told him to sacrifice his son proves that either abe is crazy or this voice is not GOD!!!!! YEAH, that entity” runnin around rantin and a ravin” about being the only god telling these innocent folks to murder and steal everybody elses shit(because we know that israel , including the jews then or now could ever do any wrong), sacrifice thier children and every other living thing in site and smear the blood all over yourselves so his bloodlust is satiated by the pleasing odour of human flesh, that entity that deceives them, and throws them under the bus in the end,yeah ,that is some god I tell you. Give me two of them, I am polytheist hehehe.

  16. Di, Cerrillos, NM,USA says:

    Wow, hornets nest alert!!! Get a grip folks, religion is the problem. These criminals that control our beloved earth are from way back and have been creating division forever. People who are invested in their belief systems will be offended by the truth, it is their choice to be offended. Rise above and see the last cycle as a whole,warts and all. History has been fed to us in lies and distortion. It takes a strong person to find the nugget ot truth that one can compare news and opinions to. Much must be discarded. Very cleansing in the long term. What emerged for me was LOVE. Love for Creator(not god,too interpreted) and love for earth dwellers all. The criminals are easy to spot and I don’t care what they call ‘holy’, it is a word to hide behind, not a reason to commit their mischief. The sorting is beginning. Jean is reporting on the info that is finally being revealed. Bless her for her courage. I personally find truthful info exhilarating and look for the next piece to the puzzle that is presenting itself.
    If one didn’t create one’s belief system, someone else did and you just found it something that resonated with you. Ask yourself, without prejudice, why you found it agreeable. You may be surprised to find that it was thrust upon you by culture,society,tribe or family. It is not easy to go it alone spiritually but it must be done. This is the time that we are all being called on to be impeccable in our beliefs. Jean is a beacon for us to realize that we do not have to go it alone. We are bloodied and sore but incredibly alive for our willingness to go it alone. The critics will go elsewhere, Jean, but those of us who understand your role as truth bringer will stay. I say, press on, the next nugget of truth is being revealed as I write.

    • Jean says:

      You know, Di, I remember Drunvalo saying that until we remember who we are, we will continue to destroy the planet. He said this when teaching about the Fibonacci Curve, the means by which life understands where it has been and where to go next. This relationship is represented over and over in nature and in our bodies. Because we don’t remember where we have been (our history), we don’t know where to go next.

      I think we are now remembering!!!

      We are here to care for this planet, and we have been separated from it in every way possible, so the cabal could take control of it.

      The indigenous people who have not been corrupted by the West understand this. They are in absolute sync with it . . . we need to learn from them. . . That is why I keep suggesting reading what the indigenous people say about life and living. . . it is without formal religion and is rich in connection to life itself.


  17. Jimmy says:

    Jean, I read the comments here & I agree w/ you. The problem is still people identifying themselves w/ any of these labels. We are human beings 1st, & just because those around us are a part of a cult, whether knowingly or not, does not make the rest of us like them. The same way as if those around us are criminals or war criminals, does not make the rest of us like them. The 1st step in understanding anything, is to being honest w/ yourself & your past. Honestly accept those things that happened w/o being attached to them. See the truth 1st,… then we can begin understand.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Jimmy, for sharing your wisdom here . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Di, Cerrillos, NM,USA says:

      Jimmy, some of us on earth are HU-mans but most are hybrids descended from Adam/Eve ,slaves created by the Annunaki. These folks are soulless and easily manipulated, they have slave minds. They must be told what to do, they don’t ask if it is right to do. If you are honest in your assessment of history, the criminals will be easy to spot. They are to be avoided not aided/supported with money and weapons to do mischief. You are right about the truth and our attachments to ideas. Even slaves are waking to the truth and un-attaching themselves to the groups and cults that have fed them in the past with beliefs. If the belief isn’t based in love then un-attach,IMHO.

  18. lolathecur says:

    Great article. The analysis is clear to me as well. I have been showing these importat facts to christians for over 12 years now.. The most important one being that satanic cult of death that fronts itself as a religion. Today, I would say that most who claim christianity are in fact part of this cult. Reason for it would be the misunderstanding of the texts known as “bible” Christianity originally was rejection of the old testemant lord god and his ways. The old testemant is another religion and christians mistakenly quote, teach and actually worship the lord god that has nothing to do wth Christ or The Father. Very confused to put it kindly. The religion of christianity has been stolen from them unknowingly from within the church itself. They should all worship together in homes and leave churches. Study origins and fundamental basis of the faith they claim. Otherwise they are in reality, just jews with window dressing.

  19. Wysiwyg says:

    TRUTH about Libya and Qaddafi


  20. 1drew says:

    Thank you, Jean, for posting The TRUTH!

  21. Jeff says:

    You’d have to show the Bushes, the Cheney, the Rumsfelds, Obama, the Harrimans, the Clintons, the Blairs, Pol Pot, Mao, the Mongols, Sherman, etc. are Jewish to make the blanket statements made here about Jews. The list of non-Jiewish people above who are war criminals, contradict the article. Unless that rather immense contradiction is explained away reasonably then you are posting things that are patently ridiculous but also dangerous in terms of the hatred that could arouse. One doesn’t need to use the term anti-semitic to say, this is ugly stuff and anyone with any sense of history could find endless examples of non-Jews who were infamous killers. Was Truman Jewish? He dropped the first nuclear weapon. Were the Dulleses? Was J. Edgar Hoover?

    This is as poor an article as the video was, about the Jesuits being Jews. The only “evidence” was an assertion that Loyola was a Marrano Jew. But then, since Jews were forced to convert, and since converts are often obsessive about their new religion, the fact that Loyola “may have been” (it wasn’t shown) Jewish before a conversion, or had parents would converted means nothing whatever. He became a Catholic zealot. That doesn’t make him a secretly Jewish Catholic zealot. It doesn’t make him Jewish at all. And there was NOTHING introduced to show he still was, only hiding it. After the leap from Loyola as a Marrano (unproven) to the claim that he was still Jewish but hiding it, came the assertion in the audio that there is no difference between Judaism and the Catholic Church and then followed some pretty typical and intense and boring Protestant proselytizing.

    That video was so poor it made me wonder about Veronica Keene if she were the source of it because only someone incredibly naive would have listened to it and felt there was any evidence in it at all. It was just assertions and even those were garbled and Texe Marrs, not great light to logic, and the guy who had converted from Catholicism to some Protestant sect, spent their time agreeing heartily with each other over a series of ugly stereotypes Frankly, it was weird.

    I hope you hadn’t listened before you posted it because it was based on nothing. And it included delusional ideas that Judaism and Catholicism are really the same thing. What?

    Well, yes, if belief in a trinity and the use of endless icons is the same as a belief in only one god and the forbidding of all graven images. Is so, yes, identical. And yes if the Vatican hasn’t intricately planned the Holocaust. Maybe they were just killing themselves?

    Or were “ordinary Jews” instead being killed by a Nazi regime funded by the Rothschilds and others who has zero connection to Judaism or Jewish people other than as chess pieces in their (and others, including Christians) aim for global power?

    You’d also posted some articles from Veterans Today that were as absent of distinction between some Jews and ordinary people who are Jewish, like ordinary Christians who are not responsible for the Bushes’ slaughter of millions. No distinction is what is the essence of bigotry – blaming all people associated with a few by color or religion or ethnicity – for the actions of a few. All Muslims are …, All Blacks are ….

    That’s what you have here and you’ve posted like that 4 times now. The real problem is that with good articles on this, it would be something Jews would learn from for most don’t even know what the Rothschilds did to them or that the irradiation of North African Jews in Israel came out of the UN which is related to the Vatican which orchestrated much of the Holocaust. So, the articles on this, being so poor, can’t be sent to Jewish friends who would want to learn because the articles are sloppy and ignorant even before they are bigotry.

    • Jean says:

      I think you make some serious mistakes here. First of all, neither was Truman a Jew nor was JFK (or Sukarno, in Indonesia, with whom he worked) a Jew, but they were all controlled by the Jewish mafie (if you will accept that term).

      I can accept that you do not yet understand this, but please do your ‘deeper’ homework so that you get the picture a bit better . . .The original jesuits were Jews, who changed their names, and so on.. . . there is much beneath the surface . . . Of course thsis article may not be entirely correct, but I believe it is basically right on target . . . you just need to study a bit more . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • I agree I think articles like this are sending the wrong message, there is no way I could share this information to my family if it’s presented in this way. the positive way to see this is that ordinary Jews have been brainwashed by the same evil people who have have brainwashed other religions and cultures. And now we as species are going to awakened and take bald our freedom. Also the article paints a negative light of Kabbala which is unfortunate . Kabbalah is a spiritual tool that can be used for light and darkness it comes from ancient Egypt , and has its roots it Hermeticism,

    • tony fitz says:


  22. tony fitz says:

    Hi Jean, the truth of these “imposters” who claim to be “israel” will be exposed..DAVID DUKES, is the person, who at present, is about to release the “PROTOCOLS OF ZION”..Some of us here in oz were distributing copies of this book in the mid 70 s, when we were closed down by the ADL..
    This “evil jewish” plan, has been in progress since the destruction of jerusalem, in 70 ad..
    The book that covers this in great detail is THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by DOUGLAS REED..
    Avaliable at AMAZON IN BOOK OR KINDLE FORM.. Douglas was not able to have this book published for app 30 years, until done over here in oz by veritas publishing…

    WHAT PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND IS, that these jews, who claim to be “ISRAEL” are not..

    And for those “Christians” who think that THESE ZIONIST JEWS are god’s chosen people, well for you folk,
    Read revelation 2=9: and 3=9:..where JESUS said that there will be in the church’s, “them that say they are jews but are not, but are the synagogue of “satan” rev 2=9:..
    The book of Revelation was written 20 years after the destruction of jerusalem…

    These “so called “jews” are imposters, and their plan to take over the world, is to infiltrate, every organisation, on the face of the earth..THEY ARE CALLED CRYPTO JEWS…

    Please do your own research.. on these “subjects”..Back to the protocols of zion, I believe that

    Dr David Dukes, is about to release the “protocols of zion” only when we received our book’s in the 70’s, they were what they planned to do, where now David covers plans realised.. I have purchaseda copy of the protocols in kindle from amazon…Final note to christians, who have supported the zionist movement, in good faith, please read the above texts in revelation, ZIONISM IS NOT ISRAEL …JESUS CHRIST IS ISRAEL..see hosea 11=1:.Please do your own research…

  23. How do you go from saying justifiably at the Jewish people are genetically related to the Israelites. To stating that Judaism is a satanic cult . And then connecting that to the massacre of the Palestinian people . Since you clearly associate and recommend this article I’m going to include you in this critic Jean. This is going for the legitimate debate on the origins of Thr Ashkanzi Jewish people to a straight up hateful idiolisitic rhetoric against the Jewish people. Who must of them have no fault in the evil actions of the Likud Israeli government. I am sick of reading this day after day, we are on the precious of the end of the 13 thousand year rule of the cabal. And I find it shameful and a insult to humanity to keep focusing on propaganda to which you are promoting continuously on a daily basis. To be set the record straight I am Jewish , a light worker a warrior . And I have accepted the darkness of my people . But all you are doing now with this site is feeding another darkness and effectively delaying the final moment of the destruction of the cabal. Have a good weekend … namaste

    • Jean says:

      Paul, let me say the truth is coming out and many people are having to deal with some pretty ugly things. The German people are not what we were led to believe. Catholics must fact a horrible truth about their religion. Italians have the Mafia, but I sense they are used to it. There was a time, though, when it wasn’t funny at all. Japanese in this country have what was done to them in WWII internment camps. We Americans will now have to face what we have allowed to happen here in this country – even though it has largely not been our fault – and just as it has not been your fault as good Jews, we still ALL will have the burden of this to deal with . . .

      I feel compelled to put the truth out there so we are prepared for what is to come. . . and if you think this is bad, you probably ain’t seen nothin’ yet when the American sheeple wake up . . . It is going to be a very, very difficult time I am afraid. Is forewarned forearmed? I hope so . . . and I’m terribly sorry if I offend you. That is not my intention. . . Right now, the truth is an ugly thing for all of us to face . . . but face it we must if we are going to make it through this together . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • I know how bad it gets , when I had my awakening , I research every aspect of this vast conspiracy . I dealt with that evil metaphysically , I have had astral dreams where I have taken down archonic entities . And I was under MK Ultra control by Grey ET ‘s. I was shown in a dream how they take children and put them in cages and experiment on them altering their DNA and creating hybrids also they use dark sex majik to create slaves . And I agree that all people will have a very difficult and unpleasant time when finally all this information is relished to the public. I’m relived to hear that you are not selectively targeting Judaism. The cabal has hijacked humanity and Terra. By taking our holy symbols and teachings and twisting them . To make them benefit the Darkness. I believe that the Khazars and many people from that region have their own spiritual history and teachings that I hope we will discover soon enough . We have been planted with a religion that is not ours. I believe that the true nation of Israel is all of Humanity. We all carry the royal blood of kings and queens. We all are acceded masters and his is why our accession is so important . Thank you for your response the signs are clear the apocalypse is here. All of the truth will be revealed the cabal will be a prisoner of the hell they created for us. Bless you Jean and all the light workers and white hats

        • Jean says:

          Paul, I’m glad you could keep your feet on the ground with this. So many Jews have left my blog, when I think they more than others need to be here. Who is going to hold the fort for all the good Jews who are going to get hit with this? So many of us are innocents, Paul, just good people . . . Jews, Cathoics, Christians, Muslims, and so on. We have been set up for this, and it makes me sick at heart . . .

          I understand your awakening experiences. They like mine have been I think to make you strong . . . to give you foreknowledge and insight. . . Hold tight. At least we are near the financial collapse. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • I think when you post articles as this one, just post a message explaining what you told me. It’s very easy to get emotionally angry when a article like this is posted . A lot of people who already have hatred against the Jewish people will use articles like this justify their hate. This is why I make the point that if we are not the decedents of the Israelites then we as a people must discover our true origins . Why did we get chosen to take this false collective identity . I honestly don’t mind not being related to a religion that has caused so much violence and division on all of humanity. What if our origins as a species are far more sacred and holy than what we have been led to believe. I believe Atlantis was Zion and when it fell we all got divided. I embrace this path and this challenge , I choose not to indulge In a victim mentality. We knew what we where facing when we incarnated on this time. I have embraced darkness and have made it my Allie I don’t fear death. I fear a life of ignorance .This is why I do not fear the cabal , or the truth. You can take away my religious identity I don’t care we all come from the stars . It is a Universal law that when you take something that is very negative and you transfuse it to light , it has the capacity to become a strong beckon of light. This is what is going to happen in Israel.

          • Jean says:

            Paul, thank you for your suggestion. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Hopefully, there are not too many more to come like this. Perhaps if you were to share this, you might write your own explanation. You seem to be able to express yourself very well . . . Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  24. huggie1950 says:

    All my reach has broken out about time.

  25. huggie1950 says:

    It hurts to do this but it hurts the World not to. So it must be done share to all. We must be strong. The only way sometimes Love hurts this is that time for some. Jean is one GOD BLISS HER HUG. love Huggie

  26. Spud says:

    Israel’s continued murder of Palestinians and takeover of Palestine lands will bring onto them the wars of the Muslims. Unfortunately, the bozo Senate and House supporting them financially has made US an equal target, above what the Bush Klan has already done. Until arrests of US officals are made, and the removal of Israeli infiltration in this government commences, little will likely change.

  27. demetrius13 says:

    It takes guts to print this. Thanks for that! Some people aren’t going to like it, then again, spade don’t like it when you call a spade a spade! 🙂

  28. DavidG says:

    This video I came across a few years ago and gives a great insight.

    • Liesbeth Karsters says:

      Thank you for this … made a lot clear, gonna have to listen at least one more time. Empty spaces are being filled in, the jig saw gets its shape ..

  29. Bill says:

    Jean – I’m impressed that this is coming out! However, be very cautious – you’ll be tagged as a Nazi by the yarmalukies for divulging the truth!

    • Jean says:

      🙂 There are worse things. . . I’m all for freedom, and somebody has to advance the ‘truth’ . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Bill says:

        One glaring erroneous statement is :”Of course, the Moslems and Christians have a problem, as their religions are based on the Jewish religion” That is NOT true! Neither
        Abraham, Isaac or Jacob were Jews!.The “split’ happened at the Esau (Edom – Edom means red – is that a clue or not?)/Jacob time and has been segregated ever since! The term “Judeo-Christian is a profound oxxymorin!

    • I’d didn’t call her a nazi, i believe Jean is a great person. Clearly her intensions are to help humanity , but this far from the truth. You are appalling for the ancient game of duality . Zionism is simply one aspect of the same beast.

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