IMPORTANT STATEMENT FROM ~Jean — Addressing Legitimate Concerns re: Judge Navin Naidu (aka Dr. Aidun of the Neil Keenan Team) and the alleged ‘king’ Silva

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014

A recent Affidavit[1] released and signed by Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu (aka Dr. Aidun of the Neil Keenan Team) on Tuesday July 22, 2014 attesting to the validity of one alleged Dr. Edmund K. Silva, Jr., the alleged Sovereign Monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai’i has raised several alarm bells among many alternative researchers including myself.

The document which states in capital letters at the top ‘UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, I ATTEST AS FOLLOWS’ contains several inconsistencies and unverifiable and erroneous statements.  For example the opening paragraph attests to the academic qualifications of Silva, purportedly a “Ph.D. Doctorate in Political Science” awarded by “His Majesty’s University of The Royal Borneo Nations, Hong Kong[2].  Firstly, it would be much easier and more transparent to produce a copy of the relevant documentation from this ‘university’ than to produce an affidavit relating to this material.  Secondly, and even more concerning, is that a comprehensive search of the Internet revealed not one reference to this supposed ‘university’ and a comprehensive research at libraries worldwide has not been able to turn up even one mention of this ‘university’.

Another alarming detail that has emerged from investigative research is that this signed affidavit by ‘Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu’ aka Dr. Aidun of the Keenan Team has at the bottom of the document the following accreditations:

Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu

Judge Member # 01798766, American Bar Association

Member #1040751, International Bar Association

Member, National American Indian Court Judges Association

This is troublesome, as a copyrighted document[3] by the American Bar Association and The Bureau of National Affairs dated September 25, 2013 and published by the Bloomberg BNA contains the following paragraphs

“A related example is the case of Navin C. Naidu, a nonlawyer, promised a ‘client’ that in exchange for $5,000 he would order the client’s foreclosure case removed from the Colorado Court of Appeals to the Eccleslastical Court of Justice, a Colorado non-profit corporation that employs Mr Naidu as a “judge”.  The client paid and Mr Naidu filed a notice of removal to the eccleslastical court in the foreclosure case.

Of course, the court of appeals struck Mr. Naidu’s notice of removal.  Mr. Naidu stopped returning the client’s calls.  The client was never able to get a refund of his fee.  The Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel has filed a petition for injunction against Mr. Naidu and ecclesiastical court, and the case is pending (People v. Naidu, No. 12SA271 Colo. Filed Sept 18, 2012).”

A second document[4] which our research has uncovered from the Colorado Supreme Court cites the “following individuals and businesses have been publicly enjoined from engaging in any further acts of unauthorized practice of law, by order of the Colorado Supreme Court, since January 1, 2000.  None of these individuals or businesses is currently licensed to practice law in Colorado.  These individuals and businesses cannot legally represent you in a court proceeding, in a divorce, in immigration services, or in any other instance where the services of a licensed attorney would be required:”


Supreme   Court
Case Number

Decision Date







An Affidavit is a very serious document and if Naidu’s  statements in this document are, as they appear to be, a lie, then it is a very serious issue.

The consequences of lying in an Affidavit are as follows:

An individual who lies about the content within an affidavit may be sued for perjury and can also be subject to the sentence given to others who lie under oath if he or she is convicted of perjury. Any person who is eligible or allowed to take an oath in a court is typically entitled to make an affidavit as well. Doing so means that the affiant is aware of the affidavit contents, the importance of the oath and the consequences for it[5].

Given that Naidu has signed his name as a Judge then this makes lying on an affidavit even more reprehensible and seriously calls into question the reputation and validity of the people he has being lying about, i.e. Silva and himself (and all those associated with him).

I have been contacted, personally, by distraught individuals who were caught up in the ‘scam’ mentioned above in the Bloomberg article and I am appalled that these innocent people have not only been duped in such a way, but have also been subjected to intimidation and threats (I, too, have experienced intimidation and threats from Naidu and others for addressing this issue).

This issue needs to be addressed by the Keenan Team and if they have hard factual evidence to dispute the above facts such as the alleged report from the Attorney General’s office validating and clearing Naidu, which a member of the Keenan Team says took place, I think now would be an appropriate time to produce this document.  Producing this document would ensure the Keenan Team has acted professionally in their dealings with Naidu and Silva and would demonstrate to all that they have acted in good faith and that they were covered in their dealings by documentation obtained from the Attorney General’s office.

NOTE:  As documents which I and other alternative researchers cite in relation to this matter may develop the strange habit of disappearing after they are mentioned, please note that I have both electronic and hard copies filed away of all documentation cited here which can be produced for further appraisal if necessary.






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32 Responses to IMPORTANT STATEMENT FROM ~Jean — Addressing Legitimate Concerns re: Judge Navin Naidu (aka Dr. Aidun of the Neil Keenan Team) and the alleged ‘king’ Silva

  1. June says:

    I knew you all were getting played. He used Jean & her readership to con folks out of money. Keenan has been around the block more than once. I’m sorry this happened to all of you. But I’m sure if I had spoken out, it wouldn’t have made any difference & I would have just been deleted. There was nothing I could do.

  2. lovechild says:

    Spending any amount of time perusing Cosmic Voice will lower your vibration, despite the many good intentions of its members. For those seeking to be informed, any information they have is readily available elsewhere—without all the drama and gossip. CV members are encouraged by their leaders to conduct themselves like a vicious pack of wolves and tear apart anyone who questions or disagrees with the “approved” ideology, to borrow Drake’s favourite word. If you are needing to work out angst and feelings of low self-worth, well… maybe it’s a good playground for you. If you are looking for *hope*, save yourself the trouble… this is just a group of self-important men and a few sheep who want to feel they are part of the “in” crowd. Cosmic Voice may have started with good intentions but imo they’ve succumbed to the dark energies of their own insecurities. Delete all of these folks from your consciousness with a big stroke and you’ll feel better instantly, Jean. Thomas means well but he hasn’t found the means to self-love—so law of attraction is beautifully demonstrated when you see what the members tearing each other apart by his example. Neil, Drake? Ego over Love and that’s a fail. Pontificating, chest-puffing… “look at my intel, I’m a somebody”. Ugh, way too childish to waste time on. CV is primarily a gossip site for the truth movement, really! They aren’t where you are, Jean. Put them in your rear-view mirror, girl.

    • Jean says:

      Lovechild, Thank you for your kind advice. Unfortunately, in this case, the relevant information is not readily available anywhere else. I was personally approached and asked for help by people who were conned and duped by Naidu. It is just not my nature to refuse such a request regardless of the consequences to my vibrations or anything else. As to your query asking if I am ‘needing to work out angst and feelings of low self worth’, that caused a big chuckle on my part. On the contrary I have never felt stronger or more in control of my life than I do now. There is a great peace of mind that comes when the truth is finally being revealed and the veil begins to slip. So, again, thank you for your kind concerns, but no need to worry about me. I am full of hope for the future and have never felt better


  3. wolf727 says:

    Hi Jean. Does anyone know if Peter Eyre is still with the Neil Keenan group?

    I have not followed very much this story regarding Neil Keenan and Naidu. This is the first I heard of Naidu. I don’t understand very much what has been going on, but on my first glance on this issue and what I have been reading, I don’t like the sound of it at all.

    I saw Neil’s video response to Jean. Now I have read the information here. To put it bluntly I am really pissed off. I trusted Neil’s integrity and now once again I learn that it appears he is another conman. Jesus! How many people I thought were “good guys” are going to turn out to be another bunch of deceiving lying tricksters who are working for the cabal or for their own profit?

    From now on I am no longer going to surrender my money to people on a whim thinking they are doing good for the planet. I gave up a lot of hard earned savings for Neil’s bitcoin and I got sucked in telling others to do so. And now I learn we have this. First it was with Drake, then Benjamin Fulford, Karen Hudes, now it is Neil. Who’s next? David Wilcock? I no longer trust anyone. Well… okay… Jean I trust you despite our differences regarding 9/11.

    No longer am I going to give a damn if I appear to be too negative just because I am asking hard questions that need to be asked.

    Jesus! Do we have anyone one on our side fighting the cabal who is not going to turn out to be a rotten apple? I just learned a few days ago that Brian Gerrish could well be controlled opposition for the cabal because his brother was working for Rothschilds. And now this thing with Neil. God, give me a break!

    It’s enough to make me want to throw in the towel and join the sheeple!

    Seriously though, what is the point of me spreading information to people if I find behind my back the people giving me the information are false and up to no good? This really kills my enthusiasm to pass on information to the sheeple. Jesus!

    Does that mean the whole issue of getting the global collateral accounts into rightful ownership is a complete farce? Does this mean Neil Keenan is pulling our leg? I give up and I no longer care.

    Returning to the above question, I seriously would like to know from anyone if Peter Eyre is still with the Neil Keenan team? Or has he left? Is he too another “deceiver”? Because if he sticks with Neil Keenan group, then I am sorry, I lose all trust in anyone with the team.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m just really pissed off with what I am discovering here.

  4. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean……..

    Short and sweet today……..If your waiting for anyone from the Neil Keenan camp to validate this clown or provide any official documentation to support their position with him…..DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH and if they do produce any I’ll bet money it’s fake. Can I say it again? “CLOWN POSSE”. Protect yourself at all times and remember we are here if you need us…just ask. I think it’s overwhelmingly obvious now who and what the Keenan Team is all about.

    Lots of hugs…………Frank R

  5. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I know you have had some problems with Mr. Duff.

    Read this:

    “The majority of Christians in America are “born again” or Christian evangelists. Many are also considered “Christian Zionists.” This group blindly supports Israel, has supported wars to give Israel more land, more power, more nuclear weapons and endeavor to maintain a world based on political tensions built only around Israeli expansionism.

    They don’t like Jews and don’t really like Israel. Most live in areas where, in the past, Jews were prohibited from living and few, if any, Jews live there today.

    The issue is this, based on obscure religious beliefs, only when “greater Israel” is established, “from the Nile to the Euphrates,” will the ”end times” begin. Jews will either convert to Christianity or die, the “rapture” will come and the chosen will rise to the side of Jesus while those “left behind” will suffer and die in a post-apocalyptic hell.

    Thus, those who support Israel do so based on their desire to see Israel destroy itself and the end of all Jews, the end of Israel and with it, the end of most humanity as well.

    These are crazy people. We have tons of them here, welcome to “America.””

    Dearest Jean, that was a statement of dispensationalist Christian Zionism in a few paragraphs and demonstrates Mr. Duff’s command of many disciplines and he simply understands the material.

    That is an extraordinary theological exegesis in a couple of paragraphs.

    The article:

    I live in this world of friends and dear family and so when one wakes up from such nonsense and has to make decisions based upon reality it does cause some conflict…..

    Mr. Duff and to a greater extant Jim Dean are providing leadership to our current serving Military and intelligence people and constantly reminding them that they swore an oath… defend that constitution from enemy’s both foreign and domestic and our dear America has both…..

    Much lov and carry on….


  6. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    Keenan is a clown and that is just my honest assessment of this character of a man.

    Our dear American Government is bifurcated and fractured and in a literal civil war behind the scenes and how that will play out only God himself knows and so I really really see the site Veterans Today as the go to site for any relevant information concerning most of these matters….

    No offense dear Jean but bloggers and as the saying goes on the billion dollar loading dock I helped to run everyone has an opinion like every one has an ass hole….crude to be sure….but truth that….

    That statement I made above is the truth.

    I have remained totally silent upon this issue upon your fine site dear Jean but that has been my opinion of the man from the first that I ever heard of him…..

    What agency did he work for? And so what knowledge could he possibly bring to the table? And to most of the bloggers out there my list is very short….

    You are on my short list and so I would advise you to put your research talents to use in another area for sure….

    Our dearest “New Age” is not at all different from the dispensationalist Christianity that I left with their similar views on the concept of Armageddon its all simply bullshit.

    I would advise your readers to check out a fine young author called Jonas Alexis over on VT and his work is well foot noted and well researched on a number of subjects but it is in a Christian context.

    My personal opine on Christianity is that it was a political invention of the Romans and the Flavian family in particular for means of control….but that is a tabu subject….

    And I have another observation…..why would any so called elite let the 70 million zio christo rable rule this nation? Think upon that one….

    There can be no representative government with such a dumbed down population and until that conscientiousness expands it will remain the same but I am of the firm belief that where there is life there is always hope….



  7. Tan soo Kiat says:

    I read Neil a little, and lately, Dr. Naidu or whatever, but surely the name H.M.U. of the Royal Borneo Nations, Hong Kong is definitely a joke or cartoon in character. Borneo was never Royal, unless you refer to Q.E. of Great Britain. Borneo is now Sabah, part of Malaysia, after given independence to Tengku Adbul Rahman, together with Sarawak, Peninsula Malaya (eleven states) and Singapore. The Tengku inturn gave independence to Singapore 49 years ago. Borneo is one piece by itself, so the word “Nations” just don’t fit in. And lastly for such a named university to be set up in Hong Kong, unthinkable, if not impossible.

  8. lozzafun says:

    Hi again Jean…I was so BLOWN AWAY by Neils statement about his not benefiting from our donations, that I forgot to include that your article is nicely compiled and your research supports provides, direct evidence of what you speak….Thank you for the time you invested in this project…After all, it is truth we are looking for…NOT one persons outlook on self importance (and I am NOT referring to Neil)… 🙂 …At this point, there is no ‘evidence based’ info provided by the flip side of this dilemma…

    As dismal as this situation sounds, ALL things are in in a constant state of change, due to the positive flow of the Universe….If it were not for that positive flow, I would be TOTALLY DEVASTATED by some of the statements….

    As one of his loyal followers and financial contributors, there were a couple of times that I felt ‘personally attacked’ by what he was saying….

    In the overall, those statements do not make a dent in the BIG PICTURE….Therefore I forgive him as he has always been rough around the edges….(not that it matters to him whether I forgive or not, it matters to me)…

    I believe that things are sometimes NOT HOW THEY LOOK….I am praying this is one of those times…..Thanks again for all your hard work….

    • Jean says:

      Lozza, I think what you heard is exactly how they meant it to be, full of hurtful lies but lacking in substance . . . and I’m not going away . . . They didn’t answer a single legal question concerning our posts, and I’m sorry, business and friendship MUST remain separate – unlike what Neil said in his video – and I want to actually see a legitimate document from the DOJ!!! Does Neil think I’m stupid?

      I can also tell you that we didn’t speak in the conversation mentioned in his video, so it didn’t matter if Robert was there or not. We messaged, and I have everything on record. If the planet is at stake, I will release that conversation, and people can see exactly what was going on, and that it in no way was like what Neil suggested. Friendship is separate from business, and this is very much BUSINESS, and not a game. It is the PEOPLE’s BUSINESS, and I regard it as a sacred trust. I only wish Neil did, but obviously he does not . . . I can’t imagine what the Dragon Family thinks of all this. . .

      Sorry, but I’m very angry . . . and I’ve had just about enough of these men. Do they possess any of the qualities of ‘real’ statesmen? I’m still looking and wondering, because I don’t see it. They remind me of a gang of high school boys who are used to bullying the local population and getting away with it. . . . Neil doesn’t take any prisoners? Who is he kidding? When people listened to his video about me, they commented privately that he sounded menacing and like the Mafia . . . He had no reason to feel this way. None. Is that how the man who is going to release the Accounts for humanitarian purposes is supposed to act? I don’t think so . . .

      Here is a quote from a member of his team that follows that video: A personal response to Jean from a member of the Team: “Be gone before someone drops a house on you!” What kind of people has he got working for him, and where is his own leadership that he permits them to speak that way? LAF was permitted to put out that trash about me that went all over the internet, and there is another whole side to that story that maybe I’d better get ready to publish, as well. I can tell you that I never approached Neil Keenan! Every single time Neil Keenan came back and approached me. What about the ‘Beloved Jean’ that he refused to take down — until I threatened him with revealing some rather sordid stuff? Right after he ‘dumped’ me, he was emailing me – and I have the records – saying when I got it right – I guess that meant when I figured out how he ruled the roost – I could come back because he missed our conversations. I told him, sorry, Neil, but my integrity is not for sale.

      Neil has made a big, big mistake, and one of the things I ‘really’ know about him is that he can’t admit a mistake. Well, this is a HUGE mistake, and he really needs to admit it before this goes too far. Now, I’ve vented a little – much needed by me; after all I am human and I’ve put up with his sh*t for far too long – and I can prove all that I say – and a lot more — like the very brutal letter he wrote to Denise Rednour, when she’d done nothing wrong – nothing!, but shortly I will have a much more scholarly response.

      Neil has tried and tried to brutalize me verbally – and I can prove that, too . . . in order to get his own way, and I don’t buy into it. he has blamed me for his emotions, his responses to me! How in the world can I be responsible for someone else’s emotional outbursts? He is used to getting his way by bullying, and I’m very, very tired of it. It’s time he started using his intellect, which is probably a bit rusty, but still working I think and learn to talk out differences with people . . . We were fine when I was still in my healing process – which by the way I’ve just completed, but as I got stronger and began to tell Neil things to be helpful, I think he saw me as a threat. I don’t want to do what he does. I never did. I only wanted to help him do what he did/does better, but suddenly I’ve become his number one enemy.

      I’ve tried and tried to hang in there because I know the integrity of those Global Accounts is at stake, but when I saw what was going on with Dr. Aidun, I simply said that I’ve had enough. . . It was Neil Keenan’s values that angered me – and he is responsible for the rest of his team, some of whom also tried to strong arm me. Not interested. I realize Neil is no different from the rest of us and he has issues. . . We all have issues; the cabal didn’t skip anyone, but Neil has bluntly said he doesn’t want to change one iota, and he doesn’t want to ascend. I had real trouble believing that, but finally I am forced to look at the truth of this fact. He is now seemingly involved in things I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, and the rising vibrations on the planet aren’t being kind to him.

      If his ‘gang’ comes after me for saying this — I’ve been told he has a vendetta for me, they’d better be careful, because I will release everything that I kept as an historical record . . . and now I realize it was really for my own safety. Ask Neil, boys, and I think he will tell you that he has learned that I don’t bluff . . . learned that one very early on! Did Neil honestly think I would never say anything and continue to allow him to malign me in such a cruel fashion? Does he do this because I am a woman – and he thinks he can? Well, maybe he needs to learn the lesson that he most certainly cannot!!!!! The records I have are no surprise to him. . . he’s known about them for a long time.

      Tomorrow, we will do the legal/scholarly bit . . .


      PS I can hear Thomas pontificating at the end of the show that he hoped they’d put this to rest. Who are they kidding? We are talking about the well-being of the planet and her people, and that matters to me . . . What happens has to be honest and above board, and I didn’t see anyone behaving that way tonight . . it was smears, smears, and smears, but they didn’t answer a single question that was posed. Not one! These boys need to get ‘real’ 🙂

      • esskumar says:

        Jean, every word of your reply has the ring of truth and I am with you.

        • Jean says:

          Thank you do much! It is absolutely true, and if they think I’m going away after the ‘show’ they put on last night, they live in a dream world based on blind arrogance:) I am so angry that they think they can play with the people of the planet like this. The ends never, ever, ever justify the means! I told Neil to be patient because the right situation would show up – and it did, not 24 hours later! It came to me!

          Again, thanks and hugs, ~Jean

          • Dee says:

            Jean, I refused to even listen to Neil’s latest video. I’ve been tired of his pontificating for awhile now and the fact that he is back to maligning you tells me my instinct to avoid his latest diatribe were right on. You have a ‘nose’ for truth and he is a deceiver…plain and simple. He’s upset that he couldn’t continue to con you. Hang in there…I support you and I’m certain most of us here do as well. Love, xoxo Dee

          • Jean says:

            Thank you, Dee. I’m not going to comment on your words, although I could say much . . . Let me just say the energies are rising and people’s stuff is showing up big time. . . and we all have stuff. Every single one of us 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ani says:

        Again, my dear Jean I am seeing this all as a divine plan, had you not been open and loving to Neil in the beginning he would not be exposing himself and his true nature. I would be hurt and angry too knowing someone intentionally sought me out to use me. He used your readership too.. INTENTIONALLY and PREMEDITATED. His “beloved Jean” banner was an obvious ploy to try and tap into your natural resources. HOW CABALISH!!! Hey, now that K Hudes is off his radar maybe his team will assign some gooney cartoon character in your name. The I Ching talks about the RECEPTIVE as being the feminine, allowing things to take place (be born) thru us. I will be praying that you get past the anger and on with your work as we all watch the demise of the unawaken and unloving souls who have lost their way. These men seem to have no home and no mothers. and no conscience.

        • Jean says:

          Yes, I see it as a divine plan, too, but the fact is that I am human with all the feelings of a human being – and I appreciate that you are able to recognize this. I’m not angry anymore, just very, very sad! We create our lives by the choices we make . . . and now, while I’m not going away, it’s time to address the legalities of what is going on, something that was never addressed once last evening. If they think they can smear ‘the girls’ and the actual facts of the law will go away ? ? ? Orwellian, to my mind . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  9. lozzafun says:

    Jean…I cannot believe my ears ….Neil is claiming that his mission has NOT benefited at all from our donations????….He says it is still sitting in Bit Coin and he didn’t receive it??….What is he talking about??…He also stated ‘I know Jean and though she is not like that, I never benefited’….

  10. esskumar says:

    Well, Jean, Neil said in his video that it was your job to investigate his “friends” and you have done it! Good work as usual!! Neil has previously trusted Dal Boscoe, Keith Scott, Karen Hudes .. these two merely add to that list. I hope Neil gets over his fascination of these individuals and gets back to the freeing of Global Accounts.

  11. Deb says:

    Folks might want to listen to the b.s. lies the ‘team’ is pumping out on Big Beak and friends Blogtalk program this evening! Libelous to the max! We can PROVE what we’re saying. I guess they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘libel’.


    n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or BROADCAST THROUGH RADIO, television or FILM, an UNTRUTH about another WHICH WILL do HARM to that person or his/HER REPUTATION, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation.

  12. Will Munny says:

    Oh snap! If you step to Jean, you better bring some Truth!

    Did the Hawaiian “Monarch” major in secret service at “His Majesty’s University of The Royal Borneo Nations, Hong Kong?” LOL. Suddenly the Keenan Team is in danger of looking kinda Courtney Brown-ish…

    Word of the Day:

    noun: charlatan; plural noun: charlatans

    a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.
    synonyms: quack, sham, fraud, fake, impostor, hoaxer, cheat, deceiver, double-dealer, swindler, fraudster, mountebank;

    • Anisha Yurcich Dunne says:

      they forgot to include ‘Scoundrel’! I really favor a word that says so many things in ‘one’ word…. lol ;o

  13. After I listened to the you tube conversation between Keenan, the King of Hawaii, and this Naidu, I contacted Naidu as I also work on indigenous/native projects here in US and New Zealand. Naidu quickly asked for a $2.5 million retainer. My favorite button on my computer is the one which says DELETE … I use it often.

  14. Jean says:

    Thanks, Emily, I hope to get a positive response . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  15. Anisha Yurcich Dunne says:

    Nice sleuthing Jean! The two women I know have yet to receive their $$$ returned. If he would return it, he might just regain some honor. Until that time arrives, he is in dishonor, a scoundrel and ought to be shunned publicly and privately until he changes his ways and comes to the light!

    Absent lawful Grand Juries, this IS the common law in motion. His threats of ‘suits of slander/libel’ will of course come back on him many times over b/c witnesses will indeed be provided and they will want their Federal Reserve Notes returned!

  16. Cladon Stenson says:

    Pandora’s box is about to blow. *jj*

  17. Shelly says:

    Jean after researching this upsetting information I went to Facebook and asked Cosmic Voice why they nevered answered the question asked? I asked why they assumed it was ‘Kirk’ but more importantly why did that matter if Ellen had documentation to ask the hard questions. I told them they were back peddling the whole time. They never answered the question and instead chose to threaten Ellen. I also told them that they were Not pillars of truth or community. I guess they didn’t like that as they removed my comment within minutes. They kicked me out if their little group. Obviously the question now is “What is Neil’s position on all this”.
    Peace to you,

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