The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

In response to the last paragraph, to which this Editor also takes exception, I would like to say that on July 29, 2014 I first alerted Neil that there could be a problem, suggesting he check it out so he didn’t hear things when he least wanted to hear them. I felt and still feel that such responsibility belongs to him and to members of the Keenan Team. Instead, I was told it was my responsibility, so because I am now busy with my own efforts I did absolutely nothing — until someone else came to me independently a week ago with even more information. I felt the need to find out the ‘real’ truth, and what I discovered since has indeed been very troubling.

Because I finally did research this subject, every effort has been made to malign me personally, yet not one single legal question has been answered in any satisfactory way by the Keenan Team’s own research. I leave it to you, as always, to decide for yourselves. . . If my research is poor, I ask only for correct, valid information, and I will readily and gladly stand down. The truth is after all the truth, and that is all that I am seeking.

When I asked the Editor if I might repost the article, he responded in a kindly way with the following comment:  You may post whatever you’d like. You were one of my inspirations for starting my own blog, so what’s mine is yours. 🙂 Like you, I also stand for the truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable!

My thanks to him!

AUGUST 25, 2014 ·I

Note from Editor

I’ve been reading along with all the drama between Neil Keenan, Jean Haines and Kauilapele over the past several days. As a result, I’ve decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates on The Event Chronicle. The following comment left for Jean Haines on her blog by the so-called Dr. Aidun (aka “Judge” Navin Naidu) was the final deciding factor for me.

“JEAN HAINES: My Marshals have an Arrest Warrant for you and Ellen Gonzalez.. Dont worry, you will be treated well. BUT, when you cannot prove your stupidity in believing lies, you will regret having known me. This is a good time to make a police report, you wretch. Maybe call the FBI and see for yourself the wrath of truth and justice. Typical retard you are! DARE NOT post my comment, eh !!! Get a life, you ungrateful wretch !!!.” [source]

June, 2014  Jean on her 75th birthday

June, 2014
Jean on her 75th birthday

Lovely. I have zero tolerance for abusive language, especially against women, and I have even less interest in drama (BTW this man has no “marshals” nor the ability to issue arrest warrants). Not only that, but I’ve always felt that name calling shows a lack of intelligence. Neil Keenan et al have done a lot of name calling over the past couple of years and have been involved in even more drama than I care to remember.

I have a lot of respect for both Jean Haines and Kauilapele. They are both intelligent and kind souls. They will work out their differences, or agree to disagree. I’m not worried about them. On the other hand however, in light of this new information regarding Keenan’s gold bill, and new round of name calling, The Event Chronicle will no longer be posting information from Neil Keenan. I’ve had my reservations about this man from the beginning and now I’m simply no longer interested in his shenanigans. It’s purely a personal decision. I cannot support any team that calls a 75 year old woman a “retarded wretch” and passes off a gold dollar bill obtained from the Internet as having any sort of significance.

I agree with everything in the following article except the last paragraph. I do not believe Jean is creating drama to keep us distracted. Jean is a Light Warrior. Jean stands for The Truth, whatever it may be. She is simply doing what she feels is right by exposing inconsistencies and asking us to take a second look. If that creates a little drama to shake things up a bit, so be it. The truth is being exposed now for all to see — whether some people like it or not.

Jean Haines Debunks Neil Keenan’s Gold $100 Bill

Source: Our New World | Via: Starship Earth (Also see original post from Jean)

Back in 2012, David Wilcock introduced us to Drake and Neil Keenan. There was much fanfare about how Neil had placed liens against the G7 banks. Winston Shrout was the Admiralty Law expert that explained much of the legal trickery that is used these days. Later that year, Neil withdrew his liens, stating he would re-file when he had more evidence.

To date, that has not happened. Cobra tells us that Keenan got himself involved with the Black Dragons, who abdicated their role in the this global reset that we’ve been hearing so much about, but the blogosphere kept listening to Keenan, who had an ally in Jean.

I maintain that much of what we see unfolding before us was scripted in the 1960s by the powers that be.

I’ve spent the better part of 2014 focusing on developments in Iraq and international banking. I am fairly confident that the infrastructure and underlying systems for a new banking system are in-place and ready to make the switch. I suppose that is one reason that I found Neil Keenan’s August 24th Update blogworthy.

From what I can tell, the RV was actually “live” for about an hour, last weekend, in Australia. Nobody knew why it was stopped. In the following week, the annual Jackson Hole meeting of central bankers took place, where it is rumoured that the US was told to fall in line or get left behind the rest of the world.

Neil Keenan maintains that he is responsible for one or more of the “collateral accounts,” which is pretty vague, in my opinion. Jean’s latest finding may surprise you…. (I’ve skipped the text where she debunks the King of Hawaii)

“As Edmund Keli’i Silva and Navin Naidu aka Dr. Aidun are prominent members of the Neil Keenan Team, I feel it is important to address a comment I received on my site yesterday. The comment refers to the ‘gold dollars’ which Neil Keenan was portrayed holding in his hand yesterday on his website. The comment points to the fact that the dollars are identical to two novelty gold dollar bills which are available for sale on multiple websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and many more. On close examination the novelty dollars are identical to the ‘gold dollars’ Neil Keenan is holding in the picture displayed on his website.”


eBay’s Novelty Note (front)

Neil Keenan’s Note (back)

eBay’s Novelty Note (back)

“The pictures of the fake notes presented by the Neil Keenan Team on their website make it blatantly obvious to me that Silva is currently involved in perpetrating a similar type fraud/con/scam like that in which the convicted conmen of the Royal Kapuna Exchange and Silva were previously involved . His insistence on the removal of his name from any documentation which associated him with the Royal Kapuna Exchange was an essential step in the preparation to perpetrate this fraud”

So what is really going on here? Personalities aside, it appears that fraud and deception are abundant. So, I ask you, are these people merely putting on a show, designed to distract us from what is really going on? I’m inclined to believe so.

The other thing to consider is that the masterminds of of the grand deception follow the 80-20 rule of distribution. This means that their operatives will present 80% truth and 20% disinformation, in order to cause confusion.

In my opinion, this whole situation is of little consequence. The King of Hawaii has little effect on the price of beans, as does Neil Keenan’s gold notes. So what has Jean achieved? This is nothing but drama to keep us distracted. The real question is “What is it from which we are being distracted.”

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49 Responses to The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

  1. RA Marduk says:

    Neal Keenan looks, sounds, and acts like a con man, but is he? Or, is that just his tough New York or Joisey persona? Keenan trash talked Jean Haines and Karen Hudes quit a lot in several of his videos, but now, lately, he issued an apologetic video expressing sympathy (supposedly) for Haines. Is his remorse sincere, or is it merely the cunning move of a con man after the “alternative conspiracy theory” crowd began ganging up on him for supposedly stealing a sincere older lady’s life savings ($300K)? Neal Keenan is certainly a chameleon, if nothing else. What colors will he show tomorrow? Was he really given $50,000 in gold bars by the Indonesian elders in partial payment for his services? If he really does have Jean Haines’ $300K and now $50K more from the elders, he can live quite well and move to Bangkok with Larry Edelman. The whole thing is quite a soap opera.

    • Don’t forget that he was to go into the bunker before Christmas and he “PAID” in excess of $20,000 to get past security? Doesn’t add up….not one bit. Then the $20K was stolen and he went home for Christmas empty handed? All the while, he claimed that those “few” of his supporters were to receive nice Christmas gifts while at the same time he claims any of the monies are strictly for humanitarian projects and will not go to individuals! Bunk!!!!

  2. Maggi Daly says:

    My gut says Neil knows well the truth, but what better way to feign allegiance than very publicly showing outrage and denouncing a critic.

  3. jenlees4health says:

    I have recently seen interviews from a person named Donald Marshall and his story is so crazy that at first I thought it could not be true. However, it was peppered with some info I have heard over the years and certainly explains all the hoopla about the eye that takes place all over hollywood and other circles. After all, there are many parasites in the world and it’s possible there is one that he speaks of. I’d love to hear others comments after they review his info.

  4. Ines says:

    Jean, have you seen this on Neils website? After reading this article I wanted to see if he had written anything about you: “Jean

    Neil answers Jean’s “Orwellian” accusation with one simple statement: the Bank Records will make everything perfectly clear. With Jean having sole control of the accounts, it would be nice if she would provide everyone with a copy of the Bitcoin Bank Records by posting it on her site.

    If not, do not be disturbed — we will have something up on our site shortly to document the Account History. Neil never received one cent! Let’s find out where the money went — we all would like to know.”

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but he’s saying other things on Cosmic Voice . . . not nice at all. Why won’t he just address the legal questions? He’s trying to make me look like I’ve done something on by asking some questions, questions that I think are totally valid. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Larry Robson says:

    You have done us all a service Jean. We have no need of white dragons or leadership of any sort other then our own conscience. This is a spiritual battle for us all to meet on our own terms in our own way. I do hope that I continue to serve my time in future existences with you. You passed the test by uncovering the truth about those who are confusing their egotism with reality. Mr Anonymous said to Kerry Cassidy on the night that David Wicock’s life was threatened for revealing the filching of gold from the East (White Dragon Society),”All this nonsense about gold; it is far better being used in industry”. Keenan and Fulford kept our spirits up in the dark moments.with a lot of truth. I am sure they will continue to do so in spite of everything.
    Your passion for common law now is the key
    Larry Robson

  6. lorrieloudon says:

    Well its taken a while for the penny to drop re Keenan I I knew it would 🙂 I was blocked by you for taking a stance against Keenan for his heavy handed attitude towards others , I was polite but HONEST and what I got back was not , I was going to be rounded up and put in the camps !! a lovely response from Keenan , to which I suggested I am in Scotland and I am no fool ,please, I was then blocked to be honest I was disappointed in you Jean allowing his gun ho threatening behaviour towards others on your blog , I had a lot of respect for you tbut then we are all human 🙂 I think , anyways I am just happy you are seeing things as they really are with him , kind regards Lorraine.

    • Jean says:

      Lorraine, these last days have been very painful . . . because I absolutely know he has been chosen to open these Accounts . . ? ? ? although I guess they could always change their minds. I think humanity is tired of these sorts of people running the show. Is this what we really want? You know, I could tell there was something not right about Aidun, even before people came to me with facts, and I tried to tell Neil – he is divider, not a uniter, he doesn’t sound like he will build a coalition, and so on. . . and Neil brushed me off, but this time it was far too serious for me to sit back and say nothing. Then when I spoke briefly with Aidun, and he told me some of his plans, I told Neil that his ideas might be good – I still wanted to believe – but they are rife with possibilities for fraud. I have that audio and those skype messages. . . among many others . . . Neil knows I don’t bluff . . . So, I simply ask him to release the research of his own Team, since mine is no good – yes, he’s said that – so that we can compare notes. I would like very much to be wrong and for this entire situation to be corrected in a proper way. . . through a discussion of the legal issues. Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Keith says:

    Neil Keenan’s silence on this is deafening. I am eagerly awaiting his explanation on the gold note, and would love to know how much he paid on E-Bay for it. Much love Jean. You may have just saved a lot of people a lot of money.

    • Jean says:

      Keith, I’m beginning to feel he is beginning to hope he can distract us with Nelu, and then he will simply disappear the issue. I think he’s knows my research is correct . . . but he is still saying elsewhere that I am a liar and that I can’t research anything, and that makes me very angry. This is grown-up behavior? Or is it the behavior of school yard bullies? People who are reading this are saying I’m guilty of drama and lies, and they’re tired of it.

      Have I created this situation?

      I don’t think so. I have asked for a scholarly answer, and what I get from Neil Keenan, himself, is lies and drama. . .


  8. Judi says:

    Happy birthday…although a bit late.
    What a beautiful picture.,you sure do not look 75!!
    Sorry you had to go through these issues with Neill.
    They say it makes us stronger!

    • Jean says:

      Judi, thanks for your good wishes, and yes, I’m feeling incredibly strong. . . with no need to stoop to a lower level . . . I’m happy and feeling pretty darned good now. . . just tired from all my work of last weekend . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  9. Megan says:

    Jean, thank you so much for alerting us to the sad truth about Neil Keenan and his so called team. I believe cutting out all association with him is very probably the best course of action. I am appalled at the way you have been treated and for the great disrespect that has been shown to you by these very deceitful people, it’s true that old saying “by their deeds you shall know them” actions do in deed speak louder than words. All the things that Neil and his team claimed they were doing what has changed? where are the results? THERE ARE NONE! Was poor Nelu used as a stooge? At least I’m glad he has been released and reunited with his family, best thing he can do now is put as much distance between him and Neil et all as he can!

    Thanks for all the long hours of work you put into this blog Jean, you have dedicated yourself to bring the truth to light, look how that light has shone on all that has been hidden over the past years and all the wonderful people that have formed a close and caring family here on this blog. Yes, there have been a few ghouls who have tried to deceive and confuse us and there will probably be more who will try, but they will not succeed!

    Much love and hugs,

    • Jean says:

      No, I think Nelu is very real . . . and is now home after two years . . . there is a long story there . . . but the time for it is not now 🙂 I’m appalled that Neil, instead of answering my legal questions continues to threaten me and accuse me of creating lies and drama. People have sent me screen shots. They are very angry. “We will open her doors for all to see”. I don’t think this ever will happen, because I have kept records, and at that time I will release them . . . and Neil will clearly be the loser. . . He has to know that . . .

      Instead of playing that game, Neil, I’m asking for an honest answer to my questions. . . not these cheap, cheap shots at me . . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

  10. John Stevens says:

    Happy belated 75th BD, Jean. Cheers & hugs

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  12. James says:

    I appreciate the note and decision from The Event Chronicle to stop posting Neil Keenan’s updates, but that last article quoted from Our New World is absolutely crazy. That author really believes that this disagreement between Neil and Jean was planned back in the 1960s? That is really crazy!!! And to also think that Jean is presenting this information just for drama and a hidden agenda to keep us all distracted? WHAT!! I’m sorry, but that is really dumb. Anyone with a brain can see that Jean, even though it causes her great personal pain and stress, is revealing to the lightworker community the truth about two obvious con-men. Silva Jr. and his “Judge” are proven con-men, and Neil Keenan is guilty by association (plus the fake, gold dollar photo doesn’t help his case much). This is important to present because they are deceiving people!! It isn’t just “drama” and it isn’t just a “distraction”. Jean is doing a valuable service for all of mankind.

  13. Muse says:

    The real question is “What is it from which we are being distracted?” A good question indeed. I think the Cabal is so desperate at this point, they are trying to distract we light workers away from why we came here. We came here to awaken the “sheeple”, plain and simple. We also came here to be the arch-enemies of the Cabal. People such as Neil Keenan and Drake are clearly Cabal flunkies. We know this by how they TRY and deceive us with their mix of truth and disinformation. I have not listened to or paid any attention to Drake or Neil Keenan for quite a while now. One thing that you may want to notice about David Wilcock is that he has been distancing himself from both Neil and Drake for quite some time. I think he understands the error that he made when he introduced those two to us. At this point in time, the Cabal has lost and is VERY desperate. They are throwing everything they can think of at ANYONE who is of the light (i.e. lightworkers, starseeds, etc…) to TRY and distract us from doing our jobs. WE CAN’T LET THE CABAL DO THAT. Given, a lot of us have been duped by these two reprobates. How dare Neil Keenan (or whomever else on his team) call Jean a “retarded, ungrateful wretch.” HOWEVER, we must remember that these are exactly the kind of stumbling blocks that the Cabal hopes will trip us up. THEY WANT US TO GET DISILLUSIONED. THEY WANT US TO GET TIRED AND WORN OUT. THEY WANT US TO LOSE. AGAIN, WE CAN’T LET THE CABAL DO THAT. We have to remember why we are here. We are here to guide this planet to the next level of consciousness. Are we going to allow these evil, degenerate individuals to stop us from our noble and heroic goals? NO, WE ARE NOT. We can’t…too much rides on our success. We need to distance ourselves from these vile people and continue on with our mission. That is the ONLY way to ensure the downfall of the Cabal.

  14. lozzafun says:

    THIS ‘IS’ a nice follow up to peters article….Dr. Sam Chachoua makes a serum from every cancer patients own blood, to KILL the particular cancer they have….
    Mount Sanai tested his serums for AIDS…HIV…Heart Disease…Cancer and MORE and validated that his serums CURE disease…He has the letters to prove it…As his reward, he has been ostracized and there have been attempts on his life….

    I have watched this video at least 5 times, you will learn SOOO much truth in this video….

    I do believe that Dr. Sam’s cures are based on Livingstons research….
    Dr. Sam Chachoua – Shattering The Myth of Incurable Disease (Full Length)

    Dr. Sam Chachoua (pronounced ‘Cha-choo-wa’), is a doctor and medical researcher who has made great strides in discovering potential cures for cancer, AIDS and heart disease.

    Dr. Sam Chachoua’s remarkable findings are virtually unknown to this day. One reason has to do with his “outsider” status in the medical community, and the second is a series of misfortunes that have befallen him as a result of the rampant greed and opportunism that accompany any major new discovery. “Medical research is not a profession that yields financial comfort for any but a few leaders who are well placed both politically and within the university institutes,” explains Chachoua.

    “The systems exist within boundaries; researchers must be part of a major institute before their work can be readily published. Have you ever heard of a cancer breakthrough or other medical advancement that did not come from a university or a hospital’s PR machine?”

    Chachoua doesn’t fit any of the standard molds. He has developed his methods independently and has funded himself throughout the process. He didn’t beg or compete for financial grants, and this independence has allowed thought to mature to practical applications in dramatic fashion. Most research focuses on a minutia that never sees practical application, such as interesting laboratory findings or rare enzyme and gene configurations. By contrast, Chachoua’s work has made the gigantic leap through the lab and animal studies and right into successful human applications — all without the help of a university, hospital or pharmaceutical company.

    However, his freedom and independence came with a price tag attached. Without institute backing, publication in major journals was difficult. His young age and the enormous implications of his work further complicated the situation. ……. Dr. Sam Chachoua chose to combat this untenable situation by lecturing at medical conferences and public gatherings worldwide, not only presenting his findings to a larger audience, but even proposing to fund research and revalidation of his technology. Over the years, he has offered up to $500,000 in grants, an unprecedented offer for a researcher to pay for others to prove or disprove his work.

    A Victory for Life and Truth – Dr. Sam Chachoua:
    The Story of Dr. Sam Chachoua:


  15. wolf727 says:

    I do not fully understand the fine details in the argument between you and Neil Keenan but I no longer trust nor do I follow Neil anymore.

    You informed Neil that you had serious concerns with a member of his team. I was suspicious in the way Neil handled that. Instead of telling you he would look into the matter, he just deflected it back to you refusing to deal with it.

    That sent alarms bells ringing with me. If someone informs me they have cause to believe that the person on my team is an imposter, then I would look into it. I would not ignore it and throw it back to the person who told me, saying it was his/her responsibility unless I already knew he was a fraud and I am a part of the fraud. That is what it looked like – a cover up.

    I was suspicious by Neil’s response that he was too quick not to check it out. That told me Neil was perhpas hiding something and knew the person to be a fraud.

    I just want to say I think you did well, Jean – you are a person of high integrity. Thank you for that. It can be a lonley place up there. I am glad for you that the editor is giving you his support by deciding not to post any of Neil Keenan’s work.

    In this Jean versus Neil debate, I side with you.

    P.S. If Peter Eyre is no longer working with Neil, I was wondering if Peter too had decided that he did not like the company he was now with.

    • Jean says:

      Wolf, let me say, I never meant this for to be a Jean vs. Neil situation because I was only trying to be helpful. That’s all I ever wanted to be. I did not create this situation. It saddens me that Neil has chosen to see it that way. As far as Peter Eyre is concerned I do not think he is working for Neil anymore. It is a sad time, indeed, for me. . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • justme says:

        Hip Hip Hooray Jean, good for you…..

      • Ines says:

        Jean, I’m sure it must be hard for you right now perhaps also feeling betrayed and you were so loyal to him, but look at it this way. It’s better you found this out now otherwise you could have sunk with the ship, you bailed out, your instincts were true to you and you were true to them, you followed your higher guidance and acted on it, you won. It could have ended up a lot worse, but Jean people like you can’t sink, they are full of Light.

  16. Amen! Beautiful picture of you Jean. The TRUTH hurts when it’s not in one’s favor. We will rise above and come out on top 🙂

    • wolf727 says:

      I totally agree with you. I used to listen to your radio show when Drake was on. I got disillusioned with Drake’s false promises.
      I was sad for you on how you were treated. Now it seems that Jean is being treated in a similar fashion.
      You are two lovely women. Peace to you boh.

      • Thank you Wolf….it’s not really about how I was treated…it’s about honesty and truth. Without them, there will be no freedom. 🙂

        • Dee says:

          Yes, Denise it is about Honesty and Truth but it is also about Respect. The way that you and Grammy were treated…the way Jean has been treated (and more than just this one time)…is deplorable. It speaks VOLUMES. Actions always speak louder than words. Those blowhards are always running their mouth but they’ve got nothing to say, in my opinion. And, their actions against the good people that helped them, supported them, assisted them in any way possible…shows them for who they truly are. Arrogant, ego minded and blatantly misogynistic. What their true agenda is…remains to be seen. But, at least there are no longer good people throwing their pearls before swine.

          • Jean says:

            Dee and All, there has been an announcement that Nelu has been released from prison – after just about two long years. I sat with Neil and worked earnestly with him throughout his efforts to bring this about, and I want to wish Nelu all the best. Two years is a long time from his life, and I hope he will give himself time to recover and heal and to join once again with his family.

            Still, however, the questions I have asked remain. How wonderful it would have been if they had been answered so there would be no cloud over this celebration. . .


      • Ines says:

        I was suspicious of Drake from the start. It was something about the way he drawls into oblivion and I could barely understand him, he also talked behind people’s backs, he insulted and laughed at them and thought most everyone was stupid and he was the only smart one. It’s people like that you need to run away from really fast. As an empath I felt his uglyness that he tried really hard to cover up but that man has so much darkness in him. He is pure evil.

  17. Ken says:

    Hello Jean, you hang in there you are doing great! Your light shines brightly and all anyone can ask for is the truth. I’m so proud of you for standing up for the only thing that really matters in these stressful defining moments we are in, the truth. My love, support and light goes out to you. Keep up your great and loyal service to the truth and the light! Thank you for all you do!

  18. Shelia says:

    Thank you for all you do Jean. I’m very grateful for the truth, even though it’s painful. Love & blessings to you.

  19. lozzafun says:

    Hi Dear Jean….Everything that is being presented, points to the Keenan Team as ‘deceivers’??..How discouraging as I believed that Neils part in the ‘Grand Plan’ was real….If this turns out to be TRUTH, then you, me and a WHOLE HOST of people have been DUPED….

    Yet, as I write this, there is STILL this feeling that pops us and says “things ARE NOT, entirely, how they look”…Which I suppose would confirm the 80/20 scenario spoken of in the article…

    Sooooo, it makes one want to go back to SLEEP and discontinue the search for TRUTH….

    • lozzafun says:

      that is ‘pops up’ (not pops us)….

      • Jean says:
        THIS DO NOT WNAT THIS OUT THERE . . . !!! LET ME TRY IT THIS WAY. . . IF THIS GOES THROUGH COPY IT QUICKLY SO YOU CAN READ IT . . . HUGS, ~JEAN PS SORRY NO PICTURES 🙂 🙂 🙂 Reformatted, thanks to Amin 🙂 and now another reader who chooses to remain anonymous has stepped into help 🙂 !!!! Have I got great people here on my blog – or what! 🙂 You’ve made my day!!! Mnay, many thanks and hugs to you both . . . This aritcle is soooo important. . . that is why they are ‘messing’ with it 🙂 ~J Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You The Hidden Truth Behind The News -Peter Eyre – 25/8/2014 Middle East Consultant – Political Analyst – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster (article extracted from Jeans’ blog , For those of you who find it hard to read single-word lines, here’s the full article text minus the graphics. For the original complete post, goto The New World Order/World Health Organisation Scam & What they want you to believe!! can-of-worms How to open a New World Oder “Can of Worms” hornets Or a World Health Organisation “Hornets Nest” So what have these New World Order “Imbeciles & Morons” introduced to the world since their inception? HIV/AIDS – Various “False Flag Flue Vaccines – Autism via MMR vaccines – HPV Vaccine(unsafe/unproven) that can create infertility or even death – Anthrax – Ebola and their total misguided analysis of Cancer. new_world_order_by_a781 What do they hope to achieve and what do they gain from their genocidal plans? 1 – Agenda 21 and a massive reduction in the worlds population by whatever means. 2 – Incredible wealth for their own pharmaceutical empire. Their deadly illegal trade/use of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Chemical & Biological & Chemical Warfare How do they do it? Create a “False Flag Fear” such as Swine Flu or Ebola then call it an pandemic and create a vaccine to tackle the alleged outbreak, Introduce a toxic adjuvant into the vaccine or unhealthy ingredient or germ, by-pass normal pharmaceutical protocol by rushing them onto the market (especially when it has not been tested on humans or has not followed normal safety protocol) and then reap in the billions of dollars in sales!!! What would happen if someone independently challenged the war lords of the pharmaceutical industry and fed you more concrete information that they are deceiving you and causing our children harm? Before moving forward on this topic we must also understand that our respective governments and Departments of Defence are contaminating our entire planet with millions upon millions of radioactive nana particles in breach of the Geneva Convention in their constant use of WMD’s Almost every weapon used on the battle field since the mid 70’s contain depleted uranium (DU) that has a half life of 4.5 billion years, cannot be cleaned up and contaminates innocent civilians (both on and off the battlefield), our own troops and the world beyond as demonstrated in my own distribution chart. contamination-suffering-poverty What if it could be proven that “Cancer Research” is a scam or that MMR vaccines does cause autism etc? Lets first look at cancer and what some good genuine experts have done in order to close the door on cancer once and for all. Here is one such article with some pretty convincing evidence: Thoughts On Breast Cancer Awareness Month by LAWRENCE BROXMEYER M.D. 10-05-2009 Hodgkin’s cancer under attack Dr. Virginia Livingston Momentum builds Recognition US studies take hold Focus on breast cancer The single most convincing study of how bacteria causes cancer The politics of cancer Parallels with plant cancer Seibert rules out contaminants in the cancer germ Experimental medicine for the masses White Knight BCG Livingston’s legacy Conclusion [INTRODUCTION BY ALAN CANTWELL, M.D.: Lawrence Broxmeyer MD presents a landmark article on BACTERIA as causative (and suppressed) agents in cancer! A colleague of mine (an Internist) has written an excellent HISTORY (along with dirty medical politics) concerning the cancer microbe work…….that is, the evidence showing BACTERIA as being heavily implicated in the cause of cancer. This continuing research, now dating back a century, has been SUPPRESSED by the medical establishment for many decades, presumably because the discovery of bacteria in cancer would threaten the multi-trillion dollar worldwide cancer INDUSTRY. As you probably know, the cancer microbe, and its implications in human health and disease, has also been my life’s work. Dr. Broxmeyer’s report is a bit long, but I think anyone who has more than a passing interest in the cause of cancer, will find this article informative. By the way, the late Virginia Livingston MD was my mentor in this cancer research.] (10-7-09) The word ‘cancer’ is of Latin derivation and means “crab”. Today cancer “cure” is a vast industry. But by the turn of the 20th Century organized medicine had come to the conclusion that it was not a matter of whether infectious disease caused cancer, but which one. For over two hundred years a cancer germ had been discovered and rediscovered, named and renamed, each scientist adding to the knowledge, but to no avail. Then, in 1910, certain American medical powers did a 180-degree rotation, deciding that cancer was not caused by a microbe, and that anyone who thought otherwise was a heretic, a charlatan or a quack. But Dr. Virginia Livingston and her network were none of the above, their meticulous peer-reviewed research and publications, done at the height of US post World War II technology. And Dean Burk, Head of Cell Chemistry at the NCI went so far as to say that Livingston’s cancer germ was as real and certain as anything known about cancer. Researcher, MD Alan Cantwell Jr. grew up thinking that all germs responsible for the important diseases were supposed to have already been discovered. But much to his dismay, he found one that was left out: the cancer germ. Cantwell already knew that for finding this, Livingston had already been branded by traditional medicine, leaving what he thought to be perhaps the major discovery of the 20th century largely discredited. The striking analogy between cancer and tuberculosis was noticed long before the tubercle bacillus was discovered. In 1877, Sir John Simon clearly pointed out the similarity and in fact argued very strongly in favor of a microbial origin for cancer. But Simon’s vindication would have to wait for Livingston’s germ, which although tuberculosis-like, was not tuberculosis but an atypical form of this mycobacterium, melded from the mycobacterium and other related Actinomycetales. Had medical science, and the powers that be, spent as much time in investigating and destroying Livingston’s germ as they did in attacking her and those around her, cancer might be curable today. Hodgkin’s cancer under attack When Virginia Livingston was a student at Bellevue Medical College her pathology teacher mentioned, rather disparagingly, that there was a woman pathologist at Cornell who thought Hodgkin’s disease (a form of glandular cancer) was caused by avian tuberculosis [1]. This lady had published, but no one had confirmed her findings. Afterwards, Livingston compared slides of both. In Hodgkin’s, the large multinucleated giant cells were called Reed-Sternberg cells. They were similar to the giant cells of tuberculosis, which formed to engulf the tubercle bacilli. Livingston stored away in her memory that this lady pathologist was probably right but she would have a difficult time in gaining acceptance. By 1931, Pathologist Elsie L’Esperance was seeing ‘acid fast’ tuberculosis-like bacteria riddling her Hodgkin’s cancer tissue samples. And that germ, once injected into guinea pigs, caused them to come down with Hodgkin’s too, fulfilling Koch’s postulates. L’Esperance brought her stained slides to former teacher and prominent Cornell cancer pathologist James Ewing. Ewing initially confirmed that her tissue slides were indeed Hodgkin’s. But when he found out that her slides came through guinea pig inoculation of the avian (fowl) tuberculosis she had found in humans with Hodgkin’s, Ewing, visibly upset, said that the slides then could not be cancer. It betrayed his checkered history of high-placed medical politician. In 1907, you could have approached Dr. James Ewing about a cancer germ, and he would have embraced you over it. At that time, both for he and the rest of the nations medical authorities, it was not a question of whether cancer was caused by a germ, but which one. Was not it Ewing, at one time, who had proclaimed that tuberculosis followed Hodgkin’s cancer “like a shadow”? But shortly after, James Ewing, “the Father of Oncology”, sent a sword thru the heart of an infectious cause of cancer with “Neoplastic Diseases” [2], becoming an ambitious zealot for radiation therapy with the directorship of what would one day be called Sloan Kettering squarely on his mind. His entry lay in prominent philanthropist James Douglas. A vote for Ewing, Douglas knew, was a vote for continued radiation and James Douglas began sizeable uranium extraction operations from Colorado mines through his company, Phelps Dodge, Inc. [34]. Soon Sloan became known as a radium hospital and went from an institution with a census of less than 15% cancer patients, separated by partition, lest their disease spread to others, to a veritable cancer center. But the very history of radiation revealed its flaws, and by the early 1900s nearly 100 cases of leukemia were documented in radium recipients and not long thereafter it was determined that approximately 100 radiologists had contracted that cancer in the same way [3]. Still, Ewing, by now an Honorary Member of the American Radium Society, persisted. Elise L’Esperance was anything but alone in linking Hodgkin’s to a germ called Avium or fowl tuberculosis. Historically Sternberg himself, discoverer of Hodgkin’s trade-mark Reed Sternberg cell, believed Hodgkin’s was caused by tuberculosis. Both Fraenkel and Much [35] held, as L’Esperance, that it was caused by a peculiar form of tuberculosis, such as Avium or Fowl tuberculosis, and of all the cancers, debate over the infectious cause of Hodgkin’s waxed the hottest. Into this arena L’Esperance stepped in 1931, with few listening. She would publish Studies in Hodgkin’s Diseases [4] in an issue of Annals of Surgery. It proved to be the one legacy that no one, not even Ewing, who would soon die from a self-diagnosed cancer, could take away. Dr. Virginia Livingston “Our (cancer) cultures were scrutinized over and over again. Strains were sent to many laboratories for identification. None could really classify them. They were something unknown. They had many forms but they always grew up again to be the same thing no matter how they were cultured. They resembled the mycobacteria more than anything else. The tubercle bacillus is a mycobacterium or fungoid bacillus.” – Virginia Livingston, 1972 Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe Livingston was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania and went on to obtain impeccable credentials. Graduating from Vassar, she received her M.D. from N.Y.U. The first female medical resident ever in New York City, with time Livingston became a Newark school physician where one day a staff nurse asked medical assistance. Already diagnosed with Reynaud’s syndrome, the tips of this nurses fingers were ulcerated and bled intermittently. Livingston diagnosed Scleroderma. But upon further examination there was a hole in the nasal septa, something that Livingston had previous seen in the mycobacterial diseases TB and Leprosy. So Livingston approached dermatologist Eva Brodkin and a pathologist for confirmation, all the while convinced that mycobacterial infection was causing the Scleroderma. She then preformed cultures from a sterile nasal swab mycobacteria appeared, everywhere [1]. Injected into experimental chicks and guinea pigs, all but a couple died. Upon autopsy, the guinea pigs had indeed developed the hardened skin patches of Scleroderma. . . some of which were cancerous. Momentum builds Livingston, now possessed, solicited fresh sterile specimens of cancer from any operating room that would give them to her. All cancer tissues yielded the same acid-fast mycobacteria. New Jersey Pathologist Roy Allen confirmed her findings. Livingston and Allen then found that they could actually differentiate malignant from benign tissue by their mycobacterial content [5]. But still the explanation for why the cancer germ showed so many different forms was elusive. Try as she might, part of Virginia Livingston’s problems in an American validation of her multi-shaped cancer germ lay firmly entrenched in the history of medicine, especially in the constantly changing field of microbiology. Louis Pasteur could handle being quickly rushed off a Paris Academy of Sciences podium to escape harsh reaction to his suggestion that children’s milk be boiled first, but he could not tolerate his rival Pierre Bechamp’s statement that a single bacteria could assume many, many forms. On his deathbed, Pasteur was said to have changed his mind when he said: “The terrain is everything”, meaning the culture or milieu that bacteria grew on or in could change their shape or characteristics. But it was too late and even today, most conventional microbiologists deny the existence of such form changing (or pleomorphic) germs. Robert Koch, Father of Bacteriology and discoverer of tuberculosis, could have helped. When he first worked with the bacteria anthrax, he noticed that anthrax’s classical rod shape became thread-like inside the blood of laboratory mice. And then, after multiplying, they changed again, into the same assumed spore-like forms he later documented in tuberculosis as well. Aware of what she faced, yet undismayed Livingston methodically went about proving cancers true cause. First in her line of attack were the long suspected and well-publicized tumor agents of Rous, Bittner and Shope. By photomicrographs, Livingston and her group demonstrated acid-fast mycobacterial forms in each of these so-called “viral” cancers. This included the famed Rous chicken sarcoma. Early on, Virginia Livingston had decided that she needed help in validating her cancer germ and nobody knew the shapes and staining capacities of mycobacterial-related germs better than Dr. Eleanor Alexander-Jackson of Cornell. As far back as 1928, Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, bacteriologist, had discovered unusual and to that point unrecognized forms of the TB bacillus, including its filterable forms. By 1951, Alexander-Jackson was considered the expert TB microbiologist at Cornell. In the same year, another American, H.C. Sweany proposed that both the granular and other forms of tuberculosis that passed thru a filter caused Hodgkin’s cancer [6]. This was subsequently supported by studies by Mellon, Beinhauser and Fisher [7,8]. Mellon prophetically warned that tuberculosis could assume both its characteristic red acid-fast forms as well as blue nonacid-fast forms indistinguishable from common germs such as Staphylococci, fungi and the Corynebacteria and that this would surely perplex modern microbiologists. When organized medicine choose to ignore these studies, Jackson warned that a so-called cure for TB could be as short-lived as it took classical TB rods, for the moment gone underground as a nonacid-fast form, to resurface one day and spring back towards destruction. Although American medicine had no serious time for Alexander-Jackson or her discoveries, it would not disturb her for as long as she focused on tuberculosis and its cousin, leprosy. But when her focus shifted towards Livingston’s cancer germ, it would move to destroy her. She simply posed too great a threat. Recognition By December of 1950 Livingston, who would go on to write over 17 peer reviewed articles by the end of her career, wrote, together with Jackson and four other prominent researchers, what still stands as a milestone on the infectious nature of cancer [9]. At the AMA’s 1953 New York exhibit, participants interest was particularly riveted towards an exhibit of Livingston’s cancer germ, live. The press, muzzled by Sloan Kettering’s head, Cornelius Rhodes, was not allowed to interview or report on this exhibit. Above, the cancer germs seemed indestructible, surviving a five-day experience of intolerable heat from closed-circuit microscopy [1]. As Livingston and Jackson’s work on the cancer germ became more and more convincing, her opponents surfaced and became more and more vocal. Also with recognition, came visitors. One a pathologist from Scranton, Dr. George Clark, told Livingston he had cultured Dr. Thomas Glover’s famed cancer germ from human cancer and developed metastasizing tumors in animals from it. Clark assured Livingston that Glover was on to the same bacterial pathogen that she was. For more than two hundred years, the same organism had been discovered and rediscovered, named and renamed, each discoverer adding to what was known about the cancer germ, but thus far to no avail. US studies take hold Clark knew Glover as part of an investigative team of the US Public Heath Service headed by George W. McCoy in 1929. Glover had just become too well known to be ignored. His cancer serum was working. Much was at stake. The Country was already committed to the idea that cancer could not possibly be an infectious disease, and Glover was saying that he had already isolated the cancer germ. Actually, he had not, but few would believe that it was really his young, tobacco-chewing assistant, Thomas Deaken who had isolated it. Deaken worked his way up New York’s health and hospital system from the most menial positions to laboratory assistant. With neither formal medical or scientific training, this laboratory assistant nevertheless learned laboratory protocol [10]. Incredibly Deaken engineered a geranium based culture medium, managing to grow out acid-fast, tubercular bacteria. Then he inoculated mice and dogs, producing cancer with metastatic spread in every case [10]. Sometime between 1917 and 1918 Thomas Daeken, laboratory assistant, produced a specific anti-cancer sera by injecting horses with the human cancer germ. Moreover, the sera worked whether in prevention or cure of his cancerous laboratory animals. But Glover had come to the point where he needed someone to lend credibility to his work, and that someone, came in the form of Dr. Thomas J. Glover of Toronto. It will always be to Glover’s credit that he saw the importance and application of Deaken’s work from day one. A contract was quickly drawn up and executed. Glover rushed back to open a Canadian cancer clinic in Toronto. The serum worked in many but not all cases; but as Glover’s reputation grew, so to did the interest in him of Canada’s organized medicine. A subpoena giving him 21 days to submit a full presentation of his treatment was issued. But Glover was not cooperating. Glover was in trouble and would soon be chased out of Canada [10]. By 1926, and now in the US, Glover published Progress in Cancer Research, presenting over 50 cases, most of which went into remission with Glover’s Serum [11]. It sparked additional notoriety, both here and abroad. In 1929, Livingston’s friend Dr. George Clark joined Dr. George McCoy, then head of the Hygienic Lab of the US Public Health Service. Their intended destination: Glover’s laboratory, now at New York’s Murdock Foundation. Glover was under investigation and McCoy wanted him to repeat his work, this time under Health Service surveillance and in Washington. Glover complied, and he and his team went to the nations capital to prove their case at what was to one day become the National Institute of Health. McCoy, the investigator, impressed by Glover’s work, rather than come down on Glover, instead issued a 1937 letter to Surgeon General Parran, which spoke in glowing terms of the great importance and significance of Glover’s cancer findings. Soon thereafter, McCoy was abruptly and mysteriously replaced by Dr. R.H. Thompson. Parran, a product of organized medicine, had a definite agenda. The question before him was whether to publish Glover’s now finished Washington report or not and Parran, despite continued committee approval, was not about to, sending Glover into a cold rage which ended with him walking away from Washington to publish independently.Meanwhile, Glover’s serum, which had helped and saved so many was subjected to cursory animal studies and a review without clinical trials before being condemned by Government agencies. Glover would eventually return to Canada, but he would never again answer questions as to just what had happened in America. Focus on breast cancer Virginia Livingston now went specifically after breast cancer. Thirty sterile cancerous breasts were transported from operating room to lab. Cancers were isolated from each breast and when axillary tissue from under the arm was supplied, the cancerous portion was cut from this too. Livingston and Jackson found the cancer germ everywhere, and in the case of underarm glands, even when the pathology report was negative, the cancer microorganism surfaced [1]. Champion of toxic chemotherapy, Cornelius Rhoads replaced Ewing at Sloan. Rhoads, head of chemical warfare during the Korean war, was deeply committed to chemotherapy and the huge grants it brought from the pharmaceutical industry. It is poorly recognized that the chemotherapy or “chemo” used against cancer began as a weapon of mass destruction par excellence [12]. When the Axis folded, nitrogen mustard, declassified, first came under real medical scrutiny for cancer. Initially evaluated for lymphosarcoma in mice, human studies soon followed as more and more variants of nitrogen mustard were concocted and tried [12]. Other related classes of chemotherapeutic agents followed and so did their repercussions. Most had the potential to cause a second entirely different cancer [13]. Even tamoxifen for breast cancer was associated with a two to three-fold increased risk of cancers of the lining of the uterus (endometrial), some of which were high grade with a poor forecast [14]. Nevertheless, Cornelius Rhoads remained committed to the treatment, and at the same time prepared a series of major roadblocks to stop Livingston. In 1950, he barred her from presenting her paper on the cancer germ at the New York Academy of Sciences by discrediting Irene Diller, the symposiums sponsor, chief-editor of the respected journal Growth, and a prominent cancer researcher. Diller, like many, had accepted a gift from a pharmaceutical house at one point. Livingston came across Diller in a Life Magazine article which talked about a Philadelphia cancer researcher who was observing strange fungus-like filaments protruding from cancer cells. Livingston and Alexander-Jackson convinced her that her fungal forms (the prefix myco in mycobacteria denotes a germ with fungal properties) were part and parcel of the cancer microbe, and that crucial to its identification was acid-fast staining. Dr. Eleanor Alexander-Jackson’s elation over the groups infectious breast cancer findings came to an abrupt halt when she was informed by her private physician Frank Adair that she too had it. A radical mastectomy was done at Sloan on Adair’s advice. While anxiously waiting for the outcome, Dr. Virginia Livingston heard her name paged on Sloan’s overhead. Rhoads wanted to speak to her regarding Jackson’s ongoing surgery. It was urgent. Alexander-Jackson was still in the operating room and the radical mastectomy had been done. In Rhoads office, the two adversaries faced off. incredibly, Rhoads was after permission to go after a cancerous lymph node deep in the middle of Eleanor’s chest. Livingston bristled. “We have been looking for a tumor such as she has.” said Rhoads. Apparently a radical was not enough. He was seeking permission to try a new surgical technique which went after the deep chest node. Livingston had had enough. Just the thought of the cruel, disfiguring procedure made her sick. “Not on your life.” She shot back, as she left [1]. The single most convincing study of how bacteria causes cancer By 1965, Edith Mankiewicz, Director of labs at Montreal’s Royal Edward Chest Hospital and assistant professor of bacteriology at McGill, by examining human cancer tissue, established mycobacteria-like germs inside cancer [15]. In the bibliography of one of her landmark papers is reference to a personal communication with Dr. Eleanor Alexander-Jackson. One of the cancers under Mankiewicz’s trained eye was lung cancer. Lung cancer,or bronchogenic cancer, was first reported in the nineteenth century at a time when it was practically unknown-while mycobacterial disease of the lung, primarily tuberculosis, was so rampant as to be called ‘white plague’ or in certain circles: ‘captain of the men of death.’ By the middle of the seventeenth century, one in five deaths was due to tuberculosis and at the end of the nineteenth century, there was fear that it would destroy the very civilization of Europe. So difficult was it to differentiate tuberculosis from the newly discovered bronchogenic cancer that it was only after cases first mistakenly diagnosed as lung cancer were operated on that the benefits of surgical resection of tuberculosis were recognized [16]. Mankiewicz not only showed the cancer germ in malignant tissue but significantly demonstrated how it probably evolved from tuberculosis and related microorganisms when some of the viral phages that lived in them jumped germs, bringing genetic materials which altered the target germs virulence and made them drug resistant. In fact beneath her microscope lay a pictorial of how the cancer germ emerged from TB-like bacilli to create pre-malignant change in mammalian tissue [15]. By 1970, Sakai Inoue, a PhD from Maebashi, Japan and Marcus Singer, a doctor at Case Western’s Developmental biology, completed the single most convincing study of how bacteria cause cancer altogether, with TB-like mycobacteria. Supported by grants from the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health, their study used cold-blooded animals, namely the newt or salamander and the frog. But similar studies showed its applicability to mice [17] and humans [18,19]. Inoue: “An organism similar to the mycobacterium Described here has been isolated and cultured from tumors and blood of tumerous mammals, including man, and when injected into mice and guinea pigs, has been reported to yield a chronic granulomatous disease, neoplasm (cancer), or some intergrade.” – Inoue and Singer, 1970 Back in the spring of 1953, Sakai Inoue noticed an adult salamander with a hard mass on its stomach. He removed the mass, which turned out to be malignant. Then he injected tissue from the mass into healthy animals. Again, cancer developed. In the work that followed, Inoue and Singer, from electron micrographs, knew that bacteria were involved, bacteria which stained acid-fast…mycobacteria [20]. Inoue inoculated three other types of mycobacteria, into healthy animals. All came down with cancer, something that did not happen when other germs such as staphylococcus or streptococcus were used. Amazingly Inoue and Singer even noted regressions in some of the cancers, especially if very dilute solutions of the germs were used to initiate them. Furthermore, since cancers stemming from ‘carcinogens’ were structurally identical to mycobacterial induced cancers, the investigators results suggested that such ‘carcinogens’ might merely be factors that activate preexisting infection. The phages inside mycobacteria are viruses known to be activated by carcinogens such as UV light and chemicals [21]. Mankiewicz, five years previously, had shown that these phages, once activated, could cause pre-malignant changes in mammalian tissue [15]. Sakai Inoue and Marcus Singer’s study should have once and for all convinced Virginia Livingston’s opponents of the veracity of her results, and that she was not mistaking common contaminants such as staph. or strept. for the cancer germ. . .but it did not. The politics of cancer It was public knowledge in early 1951 that the Black-Stevenson Cancer Foundation intended to award two huge Black grants of $750,000 towards cancer research and that the first would go to Livingston’s group at Newark’s Presbyterian; with an equivalent amount to go to The Memorial Center for Cancer (now Sloan-Kettering), which Rhoads headed. The trustees having already decided this, the actual allocation was left in the hands of Newark lawyer Charles R. Hardin, but fate intervened. Livingston: “Hardin, the lawyer in charge of allocation, soon would lie dying of cancer at Memorial and while still alive was prevailed upon by design of Rhoads to sign a paper giving Rhoads power over how Presbyterian’s grant was to be spent. And that wasn’t going to include further research towards an infectious cause for cancer.” — Livingston, 1972 Still Rhoads was not finished. Livingston, already world-recognized, took her cancer microbe and a guest named George Clark to Rome’s Sixth International Congress for Microbiology, a trip paid for by her husband’s firm as a consultant to British industry. In Rome, Livingston met Emy Klieneberger-Nobel at the Lister institute. Klieneberger-Nobel was a pioneer uncovering bacteria without cell walls which led them to assume many forms [32]. She called them ‘L-forms’ in deference to the Institute at which she worked. Her exploration also covered bacteria with cell-wall breeches. In either case, the resulting germs, called ‘cell-wall-deficient’ assumed many forms (pleomorphic). Livingston immediately saw Klieneberger’s work as clearing a large part of the confusion over her many-formed cancer germ. Livingston’s trip to Rome’s Congress of Microbiology was punctuated by a stop to visit von Brehmer in Frankfort. Von Brehmer’s vaccination techniques, long respected throughout Europe, were now licensed by the German government. During the war, Wilhelm von Brehmer’s scrimmage with the Nazi medical establishment went right to the top. Severely criticized for saying that cancer was an infectious disease, the struggle eventually found its way to Hitler himself, who, puzzled, yet interested, ordered an inquiry on the matter at the 1936 Nuremberg Party Conference. Subsequently, the committee formed came down hard on von Brehmer’s views. Nevertheless, unperturbed, he somehow persisted into the legendary status he now maintained. Big names began to join the conference, including Nobel Laureates Fleming and Waksman. By the time Virginia Livingston returned to the States, the Rome conference had been highlighted by several news services. Beginning with the New York Times and The Washington Post, other papers quickly followed suite: the cancer germ had been found. Reaction quickly followed. At The New York Academy of Medicine, spokesman Iago Gladston, fresh from executive session, held his own sort of news conference: This is an old story and it has not stood up under investigation. Microorganisms found in malignant tumors have been found to be secondary invaders and not the primary cause of malignancy. Livingston, 1972 Livingston returned to Newark. Her Chief, James Allison, contacted her with the bad news. Since they had lost Black-Stevenson funding, he wanted her to close up Presbyterian’s research and move back to Rutgers’s home campus in distant New Brunswick. And in still another cost-cutting gesture, she was informed that her close friend and associate Eleanor Alexander-Jackson would have to go. Shocked, Livingston made arrangements to leave Rutgers altogether. Barely unpacked from Europe, Livingston’s husband would now be hounded by the IRS regarding where they got the funds for the European trip. Someone had implied the money came from his wife’s grants. This did not bear out and the couple demanded to know who had instigated the inquiry. “Someone high up in New York in cancer.” The IRS agent replied [1]. Parallels with plant cancer By 1925 Mayo’s Charles Mayo became interested in Erwin Smith’s discovery of cancer in plants, called crown gall. Livingston and Jackson, sensing a possible link between Smith’s work and their own, went to the Bronx Botanical Garden to request cultures of Bacterium tumefaciens, the plant cancer germ he had discovered. No mere accident led Virginia Livingston towards Smith’s work. Smith stained his plant cancer germ with Fuchsin, long used to spot tuberculosis. And Smith’s bacteria, like Livingston’s, had many shapes. He had stumbled across B. tumefaciens in 1904, when he received some New Jersey daisies with overgrowths superficially resembling olive tuberculosis, a known disease of plants, but which proved to be plant cancer. Smith had long suspected a bacterial cause for human cancer and criticized pathologists for drawing: “Too sharp a demarcation between malignant tumors, on the one hand, where the cells of the animal or human host, acting under some unknown stimulus are responsible for the tumerous growth and granulomata (benign tumors) on the other hand, such as tuberculosis and actinomycosis, where a visible microbe is responsible for the primary tumor, and the direct migration of this microbe for any secondary tumors that may appear.” -Rogers, 1952 Smith’s conclusion: “At the bottom, I think the distinction between such a disease, for example as tuberculosis or leprosy and malignant tumors is not as sharp as some histologists have been inclined to believe”. -Rogers, 1952 It could be said that at one time the entire medical and scientific community was set on fire by Erwin Frink Smith’s discovery of the bacteria that caused plant cancer. Twice honorably mentioned in The Journal of the American Medical Association, their Editorial “Is Cancer of Infectious Nature?” mentions how Smith’s work made “a very strong case in favor of his view of the infectious cause of cancer in general.” (JAMA, 1912) By 1921, Margaret Lewis, of the Livingston Network, approached Frink Smith regarding her planned chicken inoculations with B. tumefaciens. Lewis would go on to elicit the cancer sarcoma from chick embryos using B. tumefaciens. On January 31, 1925, an English abstract in the authoritative German Kinische Wochenschrift, written by Ferdinand Blumenthal, trapped Smith’s attention. Blumenthal, with assistants Meyer and Auler had shown that human cancer bore a microorganism closely resembling tumefaciens which in turn caused malignant tumors in plants as well as animals, complete with spread or metastasis. Paula Meyer had worked with Friedlander on the human cancer germ since 1923. Her particular discovery was of a bacteria inside breast cancer which she called PM for Paula Meyers. She had also discovered closely related strains from 15 other human cancers. Smith examined stained slides of Meyer’s cancer germ from human breasts. It looked much like B. tumefaciens. Meyer’s germs were short rods, single or paired, and they stained with the same Fuchsin that he had used [22]. Moreover, when Blumenthal and Meyer inoculated their human cancer germ PM into plants, the tumors looked exactly like crown gall. That PM could produce plant cancer was now for Erwin Frink Smith beyond a shadow of a doubt. But it could not be B. tumefaciens itself, because no strains that he had tested grew at body temperature in warmblooded animals. His conclusion: that human cancer was probably due to some other microbe, possibly a mycobacteria, that had similar chemical activities to B. tumefaciens. Seibert rules out contaminants in the cancer germ The only time that Dr. Florence Siebert, long part of established medicine, ran into resistance and suppression, was when she decided to have a closer look at Livingston’s cancer germ. One of America’s finest Ph.D. ¬ Biochemist’s, while still at Yale she resolved the mystery of the many fevers coming from distilled water for injection and thought to be caused by fever-producing ‘pyrogens’, quickly proving that these were in fact bacterial contaminants. Having solved the mystery of pyrogens, Siebert was asked by Dr. Esmond Long to stay on at the University of Chicago to develop the Tuberculin skin test. Long suggested a European trip to learn techniques practiced on the continent [23]. At the Pasteur Institute of Paris, Seibert exchanged ideas with Boquet, Calmete and Guerin: the three investigators who presented to the world its only recognized vaccine for tuberculosis, called BCG [23]. Seibert returned to the US and when Long left Chicago to head laboratory operations at the Henry Phipps Institute in Philadelphia, she accompanied him. By 1903, Henry Phipps, wealthy partner of Andrew Carnegie, sought a charitable outlet for his wealth. He then joined Lawrence F. Flick, a doctor with a vision to open a center solely dedicated to the study, treatment and prevention of Tuberculosis. Still working off grants from the National Tuberculosis Association, Seibert was asked at Phipps to continue her work for a skin test using Koch’s original Old Tuberculin (OT). Seibert refined and purified the protein in her TB skin test. She named it PPD-S, both because it was a purified protein derivative and was intended to serve as a standard (S) for the US Government, which it eventually became. Then, after 30 years in tuberculosis research, Seibert turned towards cancer. In 1948, Margaret Lewis of Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute asked Seibert to do a nucleic acid analysis on Wistar rat tumor extracts, which Seibert agreed. Next, Irene Diller, who networked extensively with Livingston, asked Seibert to look at her slides of the cancer microbe. Seibert relates what she saw: “I saw tiny, round, coccoid organisms, many of which were magenta in color. The slides had been stained with Ziehl-Neelsen reagent, which we regularly used to stain our tubercle bacilli red. When I learned that she had isolated them from a rat tumor and could do so regularly from tumors in general, as well as from blood of leukemic patients, I asked, “Could you find them in the rat sarcoma tumor I am studying?” -Seibert, 1968 Diller agreed to try. Lewis allowed Seibert to forward the tissue sections. The results came back. The same cancer germ appeared. Seibert immediately saw the implications: “This looked terribly important to me, and I was thenceforth willing to do whatever I could to help in this promising field. We did help by studying the immunological relationship to our tubercle bacilli, as well as to the “atypical” bacteria closely related to our tubercle bacilli.” – Seibert, 1968 Seibert was even more impressed with how Diller, following the footsteps of Livingston and Jackson, proved, thru Koch’s postulates, that her germ was the cancer germ: “It is based on her (Diller’s) work that I am willing to say I believe she has found the cause of cancer, which I think no one can refute, and this work should be welcomed and confirmed by other cancer researchers, and not be ignored, even in view of the great stir at present about viruses.” -Seibert, 1968 Florence Seibert joined Livingston’s crusade in earnest in the 1960s, turning her cancer organism over to Frank Dunbar, chief of laboratories at the Southwest Tuberculosis Hospital in Tampa. Dunbar’s conclusion: her multi-formed germ did not belong to his groups of known “atypical” mycobacteria, even though they did have some of the properties of the mycobacteria [23]. Experimental medicine for the masses Eventually Virginia Livingston gained university affiliations in San Diego working out of the University of San Diego with Dr. Gerhard Wolter of nearby San Diego State. In 1970, Wolter and Livingston discovered actinomycin-like compounds produced by the cancer germ, one of which, Actinomycin D or Dactinomycin, depite its toxicity, was being used in cancer. Livingston was aghast that her own discovery was being used this way. She cautioned that not only did actinomycins arrest the maturation of cells and inhibit the immune response but that they also inhibited enzymes and decreased hormone levels, stimulating the body to increase its hormone production [1]. She was puzzled as to why anyone would want to use a devastating substance like Actinomycin D for the subsequent treatment of cancer. Yet it was being done. Even more disturbing was the way in which organized medicine was responding to the hormonal disruption in the body caused by her cancer germ. By 1966, Charles Huggins of the University of Chicago went to Stockholm and received a Nobel Prize for determining the effects of sex hormones on cancer that had spread. Following this, the practice of castrating cancer victims came into vogue. Consequently, someone came to the conclusion that if castration helped initially, any recurrence would better be treated by cutting out the adrenal glands, housed on top of each kidney. And since this never produced earth-shaking results, a new procedure was devised to cut through the nose and remove the pituitary-the master gland of the body, lodged near the brain. Virginia Livingston had established that abnormal hormonal stimulation was coming from the toxic materials and hormonal derangers manufactured by her germ. In response America was chopping out the glands of its cancer patients. White Knight In The Cancer Microbe, Alan Cantwell acknowledged the invaluable help of four women who pioneered the early microbiology of cancer: Virginia Livingston, M.D.; Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, PhD; Florence Siebert PhD and Dr. Irene Diller [24]. Cantwell grew up reading that all germs responsible for the important diseases were supposed to have been already discovered. But much to his dismay, once a physician-researcher, he encountered the one left out: Livingston’s cancer germ. And although he knew that the many-shaped germ had long been considered a mere contaminant or secondary invader or even non-existent, Cantwell, like Seibert, knew better. Cantwell first contacted Virginia Livingston thru the suggestion of a colleague who had heard her on radio and immediately sensed their common ground, which was, by then, the acid-fast bacteria found in Scleroderma and cancer. Despite her meticulous research, Cantwell knew that Livingstone had already been branded by traditional medicine as a charlatan, leaving what he thought to be perhaps the major discovery of the 20th century largely discredited [24]. By 1971, Cantwell had published on Scleroderma in the highly respected Archives of Dermatology and had no further intention of pursuing Livingston’s germ. Livingston, Jackson, Diller and Seibert had each drawn considerable fire from the medical establishment and despite Livingston’s persistent overtures towards him, there was no way he wanted in. By 1974, Lida Mattman’s Cell Wall Deficient Forms [25], reconfirmed for Cantwell as well as others that many bacteria, but especially tuberculosis and the mycobacteria existed naturally in many forms a cycle of growth which involved “cell-wall-deficient forms” ranging from viral look-a-likes to bacterial forms to granules and then on to larger globoid shapes. But most physicians and laboratory scientists were being taught little about cell-wall deficient bacteria. Cantwell’s silence threshold was exceeded forever when he again saw the cancer germ in the skin of the chest wall of a young woman who had lost both her breasts to metastatic cancer. Removing this patients skin lumps, Cantwell and colleague Dan Kelso at first cultured Staph. epidermiditis, a common contaminant. But as their cultures aged, the seeming Staph cocci became large globoids, rods and yeast-like forms with acid-fast TB-like granules everywhere [25]. Tracking down specimens of the woman’s original cancer, removed a year earlier, Cantwell not only isolated the variable acid-fast cancer germ in the tumor itself, but in surrounding specimens taken from the woman and thought by pathologists to be normal. This in effect established that the germ existed in the victims tissues before it became cancerous. In a series of peer-reviewed, penetrating articles, Cantwell found the cancer microbe in three other cancers: Hodgkin’s, Kaposi’s cancer of the skin and a rarer skin cancer called mycosis fungoides. It became obvious to Dr. Alan Cantwell after twenty years of microbe hunting that the old tenets of microbiology were not much use when it came to showing an infectious cause of cancer. In man as well as in nature, bacteria were constantly changing forms and evolving in their lifetime. The cancer microbe, unstable by nature, was no exception [25]. But 25 years after removing the metastatic breast nodules from the skin of a young mother and finding them variably acid-fast, there remained no cure for a germ which though tuberculosis-like, seemed indestructible. And a germ without a cure, as shown by the mixed reception to Koch’s discovery of tuberculosis, even decades later, fostered it’s own resentment and disbelief, a resentment and disbelief which Virginia Livingston never stopped facing. BCG It seems to me that it is entirely rational to state that the reason the BCG vaccine is effective not only against tuberculosis, but leprosy as well as cancer is because of the fact that the cancer germ is closely related to the BCG since it is in the same family, the Actinomycetales. -Livingston, 1972 When Florence Seibert met Boquet, Calmete and Guerin in Paris to discuss their BCG, the only recognized vaccine for tuberculosis in the world, made from cow or bovine tuberculosis, none of them had any idea that it would one day be used against cancer. But in fact, currently, this diluted vaccination of Mycobacterium bovis or cow tuberculosis is the most effective treatment for transitional cell carcinoma, a cancer of the urinary bladder. Moreover, BCG is the most successful therapy of its kind, called ‘immunotherapy’ [26]. Within ‘immunotherapy’, it soon became fashionable to suppose that BCG or cow tuberculosis somehow ‘bolstered’ the immune system, but noted immunologist Steven Rosenberg held that the immune system was highly specific. One immune stimulant such as BCG should not stimulate a response from another immune stimulant, cancer [27]. The precise mechanism as seen by a 1993 University of Illinois study was that initially cancer cells seemed to eat (or phagocytize) and kill the Mycobacteria bovis in BCG. But then, suddenly, the cancer cells too died. Although investigators in the study admitted the relationship wasn’t clear, a strong ‘tumoricidal agent’, inside the Mycobacteria was pointed to [28]. Livingston felt that investigators were probably unwittingly looking at was a common phenomena in nature known as ‘lysogeny’. Lysogeny is what happens when one colony of a similar bacteria kills another by hurling viral phage weaponry towards it, without itself being harmed. By the late 1970s Virginia Livingston could no longer ignore Chisato Maruyama of Japan and sent John Majnarich of Seattle’s BioMed Laboratories to Japan to have a closer look. In 1935, Maruyama, of the Nippon Medical School began to develop a vaccination against tuberculosis which turned out to be good against cancer. The Maruyama vaccine was similar to BCG, but instead of using cow tuberculosis as its base, the Japanese version used human tuberculosis. Chisato Maruyama had long noted that patients with either the Mycobacteria tuberculosis or leprosy seldom had cancer [33]. By the 1970s Maruyama’s vaccine was proving quite successful in that he claimed that half of the 8000 cancer patients he had treated had benefited [29]. Livingston’s legacy By the early 1970s Virginia Livingston, badly beaten by the medical establishment, was ready to launch a counterattack in the form of a fascinating study which showed that her cancer microbe secreted humanchoriogonadotropic hormone (HCG) a growth hormone long associated with cancer. Initially, despite laboratory evidence to the contrary, her contention that a bacteria could produce a human hormone was not believed. But then reports from traditional bastions such as Allegheny General, Princeton and Rockefeller University confirmed her findings. Livingston believed that this growth hormone, secreted by her cancer germ built up uncontrollably to stimulate tumor growth, turning normal cells into malignant ones when either the body’s immune system was weak or essential nutrients were deficient. Dr. Hernan Acevedo of Allegheny, in fact, showed that all cancer cells had the hormone [30]. Livingston’s discovery, a medical milestone, gave further impetus to a microbial theory of cancer with well over a century of research behind it. Yet despite this, the premise behind an infectious cause was stubbornly refused by orthodox medicine. Virginia Livingston was past 80 when she died on June 30th, 1990. Just months before, a subpoena was issued to her prohibiting her vaccinations, made from the patient’s own cancer germ (autogenous), with which she had had great success. Following this, her vaccine was stigmatized as an “unproven method” in the March April 1990 issue of CA The Journal of the American Cancer Society[31] with references to her mistaking several different type of bacteria, rare and common for a unique microbe. This despite droves of research papers establishing mycobacteria as either coming before or coexisting with cancer. Ironically, Acevedo, who could not stop lauded her discovery that the cancer germ could manufacture human growth hormone was instrumental and key to the society’s damaging conclusion. Yet when questioned by this author approximately a decade later, Acevedo admitted that he had ignored acid-fast forms which were indeed present in the cancer preparations Livingston sent to him. He felt these irrelevant, and mentioned that besides, the technology was not available at the time to pursue these acid-fast forms further. On such fuzzy logic, it seemed that perhaps the most important scientific cancer lead in this or any other century was buried. Conclusion The striking analogy between cancer and tuberculosis was noticed long before the tubercle bacillus was discovered. In 1877, Sir John Simon clearly pointed out this analogy and in fact argued very strongly in favor of a microbial origin of cancer. But by 1910, certain American medical powers did an 180 degree rotation, deciding that cancer was not caused by a microbe and that anyone who thought otherwise was a heretic, a charlatan or a quack. But Virginia Livingston was none of these. Rather she was a symbol of painstaking research and dedication at the height of post World War II American medical technology. Opponents of Livingston said that she saw “contaminants” of a group of commonly encountered germs. But Florence Siebert, an expert on contaminants who standardized the present day tuberculin skin test for the US government, saw no contaminants present and Dean Burk, then Head of Cell Chemistry at the NCI went so far to say that Livingston’s cancer germ was as real and certain as anything known about cancer [29]. Yet in the subsequent suppression of Livingston and her many colleagues by the medical establishment a picture emerges, and it is not a very pleasant one. Virginia Livingston gained international status when she discovered that her cancer germ produced human growth hormone, long associated with malignancy. However, at first even this was not believed. Had she gained the same stature regarding identifying the cancer germ itself, by today there probably would be no cancer. At this time there is admittedly no cure for Livingston’s cancer germ. Suppression led to its own disinterest in cure and each year a multitude must suffer and die as a result. References [1] Livingston, Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe, Cancer: a new breakthrough, Los Angeles: Nash Publishing; 1972. [2] Ewing J. Neoplastic diseases. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; 1919. [3] Hunter D. The diseases of occupation. 6th ed. Boston: Little Brown and Company; 1978. [4] L’Esperance E. Studies in Hodgkin’s disease. Annal Surg 1931;93:162 8. [5] Livingston V, Allen RM. Presence of consistently recurring invasive mycobacterial forms in tumor cells. Microscop Soc Bull 1948;2:5 18. 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Phagocytosis of Mycobacterium bovis BCG organisms by murine S180 sarcoma cells. Cytobios 1993;74(296):49 58. [29] Martin W. Medical heroes and heretics. Old Greenwich, CT: The Devin Adair Company; 1977. [30] Acevedo H. Human choriogonadotropin like material in bacteria of different species: electron microscopy and immunocytochemical studies with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. J Gen Microbiol 1987;133:783 91. [31] Congress of the United States Office of Technology Assesment. Unconventional Cancer Treatments US Govt Printing Office, Washington, D.C; 1990. [32] Klieneberger-Nobel E. Origin, development and significance of L-forms in bacterial cultures. J Gen Microbiol 1949;3: 434 42. [33] Moss RW. Cancer therapy. the independent consumer’s guide to non-toxic treatment and prevention. New York: Equinox Press; 1997. [34] Rusch HP. The beginnings of cancer research centers in the United States. J National Cancer Inst 1985;74(2):391 403. [35] Fraenkel E, Much H. Uber die Hrodgkinsche Krankheit (Lymphomatosis granulomatosa), insbesondere deren Atiologie. Z Hyg 1910;67:159 200. End of article As you can see this is very good evidence that cancer is germ related and can thus be cured so why isn’t anyone stopping all this bullshit “Help stop Cancer Campaign” to reap in billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry and cancer charities etc? What about how the US planted HIV/AIDS into the World More Evidence HIV Was Made At Ft. Detrick From Alan Cantwell MD 6-2-7 I am a physician and AIDS researcher who has authored two books on the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS (“AIDS & THE DOCTORS OF DEATH: AN INQUIRY INTO THE ORIGIN OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC” and “QUEER BLOOD: THE SECRET AIDS GENOCIDE PLOT.”). On the eve of the Blue Moon of May 31, 2007, I was sent the most explosive email I have ever received concerning possible insider evidence pertaining to the man-made epidemic of AIDS. The communication was sent by Sue Arrigo, M.D., who claimed she was a physician licensed in California (G50197). Because her email (attached below) was so mind-blowing, I immediately googled Arrigo and found several entries including a note on one website in which Arrigo claimed to have been kidnapped, raped and threatened with death in 2004 (this was NOT mentioned in her email to me). In addition, I checked online and verified that she was indeed a licensed CA physician, although her license expired in December, 2006, and her current residence is in Canada. In her email Dr. Arrigo asked if I would help her get the word out to interested persons. I would ask that anyone who receives this communication to do all they can to spread the word regarding her accusations that AIDS is a man-made disease. Over the past two decades there have been only a handful of other physicians and health professionals who have had the courage to alert the public to evidence that AIDS is man-made (namely Robert Strecker MD, William Campbell Douglass MD, Eva Snead MD, and Leonard G Horowitz DDS) . In general, their research (books, videos, internet communications) have been ignored by the CDC, the NIH, the AIDS establishment, the major media, etc. — and merely passed over as “conspiracy theory” and “paranoia.” Dr. Arrigo has a long association with the CIA as an expert on biological warfare, and also has apparent ties to the highest powers (and presidents) in the U.S. government. Thus, her insider status makes her an extremely valuable witness to the truth about AIDS and its man-made origin. Please do all you can to confirm or deny the truth of Dr. Arrigo’s accusations — and to publicize her plight — and to air her plea on behalf of the abominations of secret biological warfare experimentation and use against human beings. I have attached the google references to “sue arrigo”, her email to me in it’s entirety, proof of her CA medical credentials, and a website note of her rape and torture. In truth and justice, Alan Cantwell M.D. On May 31, 2007, at 8:32 PM, Sue Arrigo wrote: Dear Dr. Cantwell, Thank you for your courage and integrity in speaking the truth. As an ex- CIA physician with high level access, I wrote a report for DCI Webster in about 1991 arguing for closure of all the US Bio-Warfare Labs. I did that after reviewing the Ft. Detrick and the CIA’s Langley Bio-Warfare Labs’s research, looking at their own documents. That review was authorized because Bush, Sr. had sold dangerous Bio-Warfare agents to Hussein, which I ended up having to recover from Iraq. Webster, as a former judge, willing to evaluate the evidence, allowed me to research the field and write a report for him of close to 100 pages and 1000 pages of supporting documents. Although the focus of my report was why the Bio-Warfare Labs should be closed, the issue of the HIV virus developed by the Ft. Detrick lab formed about 18 pages of my report. At the time I wrote that report, the vaccine for HIV that had been developed in 6 months of work, had already been used by the Cabal since 1983. It was a crime against humanity that the virus was unleashed on the world, and it continues to be a crime that the vaccine has been kept secret and for private use only. Meanwhile, the outer research to get to a vaccine is an exercise in how not to arrive at a solution before millions more die. The initial “hopes” for HIV per its designers was to be able to walk into Africa and take the resources from a ghost continent. They had hyped it as killing everyone there within a year, in their pre-release reports. The research at the Labs addressed the fastest way to make vaccines to Bio-warfare agents, both in labs, at a front, and impromptu on a battlefield. That was a pressing concern and one that was researched using millions and millions of dollars. Briefly, the consensus at the time was that 1) Any agent from a sick soldier left in a Waring Blender for 8 hours would be broken down well enough to not be infective in small doses ( ie. less than a 100 germs). The Labs had made an IgM set of antibodies to sediment out the human HLA antigens by centrifuging it. That allowed the supernatant to be used as a vaccine with little serum sickness problems. A physician in a war zone equipped with a Waring Blender, a blood specimen centrifuge, and a vial of the IgM could make a fast “fresh” vaccine and start inoculating soldiers. The labs tested that using a variety of agents and common cold agents. It was only if one wanted to store the vaccine in vials that one got into the problem of denaturing the proteins of the agent due to heat, chemicals,etc. That was where most of the problems of loss of effectiveness crop up. 2) The Labs found that causing a 1cm by 1cm abrasion until one got lymph and applying a drop of the “fresh vaccine” and a band aid, worked almost as well as an injection. The abrasion could be caused by three fast firm strokes of very fine sand paper over a template with a square of skin bulging through it. This method had much less serum sickness problem. The major problem was occasion keloid and scar formation and superficial infections. 3) The Labs also showed that it was possible to make a crude live vaccine as an emergency directly on the battlefield. The principle was that infection occurs when the body’s defenses are overwhelmed but that the body can usually fend off 10 to 50 organisms even of Bio-warfare agents. It was a simple dilution to get the agent into the right ballpark, starting with a secretion of a sick person. Then a drop of that dilute live agent would be placed on an abrasion. That was also tested during war games with colds etc. The diluted material can’t be stored for longer than an hour due to the risk of multiplying the agent. It was assumed that in the field it would not be known whether the agent was a virus or a bacteria. A bacteria that divided every 20 minutes could be 8 fold in quantity after an hour and risk causing the infection one was attempting to prevent. Of course, such a live agent could be extremely dangerous and except in an extreme emergency would not be used. 4) The issue of how to quickly sterilize a make-shift vaccine was also addressed in the research. The best method was to dry the agent, if time permitted. Second best was to preserve the agent in Vodka (40%), not gin, etc., and then to dilute it down to less than 2% alcohol before applying it to the abrasion. That means that a simple vaccine for HIV can be made by virtually anyone in the world in a short period of time, though it would likely need to be repeated periodically to get and keep the titers up. But repeating it is a good idea anyway as that helps address the mutation problem. So, suppose one took 1 cc of secretions from each of 10 HIV patients in an area (without fungal infections preferably) and mixed them together to have a range of HIV agents. Then one could add 250 cc of Vodka and let it sit a week. Then one could remove a cc of that and add 20 cc of clean water to get a less than 2% alcohol solution. A drop of that could be applied to an abrasion. That, I believe, would give you about 60% protection. Repeating that at intervals of about 2 weeks to a month for 6 months and using new HIV secretions every 6 to 12 months, I think would give one fairly good protection in a person with a normal immune sys
    • Jean says:

      The Universe works in mysterious ways, Lozza, and it ain’t finished with any of us yet . . . I haven’t any idea where this will go, but I do know that the truth, finally, has set me free . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • wolf727 says:

      Yep, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel like giving up – especially when we keep getting deceived by people we felt were honest and sincere. So far I haven’t yet completely stopped.
      I was involved in a heated argument with a banker who in the end shouted at me and charged out of the premises. The shouting didn’t bother me – I’m used to debating with people. He refused to believe that Al Qaeda is being supplied and funded by Washington. I was trying to give him information, to wake him up. I lost my cool – I’m getting a bit tired with it all. 🙂
      People like Drake and Neil make me feel like giving up. But when I meet fact to face with people like that banker who follows the lies of Washington, then i find it hard not to step in and tell them the truth.
      I have given up on Neil and Drake – I don’t like their “style”.

  20. Bill says:

    Happy belated B’day Jean! I think if I were to have candles on mine now they would set off the sprinkler system!

  21. Jan says:

    Thanks for your great investigative work, Jean. I no longer support, respect, or want to hear another peep from Neil Keenan. Thank you for letting us know the truth, Jean. I too have to question anyone who name calls like he does.

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