Kevin Annett: Report from the Joint Consultation of the Directorate of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and the Common Law Court of Justice Held in Brussels and New York City August 20-24, 2014

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August 25, 2014
Thanks to H.

Issued to all Common Law Court groups and their affiliates, including the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata and the Covenanted Congregationalists

Overview and Synopsis

The Tribunal and Court Directorate, its staff officers and Field Secretaries met in Brussels and New York this past week to review its work and plan the coming year’s actions.

With the successful prosecution of its second litigation against top church and state officials for crimes against humanity ( 19 July, 2014), the Court has established a Permanent Commission of Inquiry into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice that will convene on September 1, 2014. All affiliates are urged to work actively with the Commission to continue the prosecution of culpable individuals and institutions.

The attempted arrests of convicted felons Jorge Bergoglio (aka “Pope Francis”), Adolfo Pachon and Justin Welby, and the successful disruption of their Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual in Montreal, Canada on August 15, has compelled the upcoming resignation or removal of Bergoglio: the second deposing of a pope indicted by our Court since February, 2013.

The August 15 disruption has yielded hard evidence of the Ninth Circle sacrifices and their participants: evidence which is presently being analyzed by our Court and will be published as part of our ongoing Commission into ritual sacrifice. The Montreal cult member who has agreed to work with our Court has already identified the locations and dates of other upcoming rituals, which will be targeted and disrupted by our Direct Action Units, and their participants arrested and held for prosecution.

Since February 2013, and building on these successful convictions and actions, affiliated common law courts and common law education groups have been established now in nine countries: Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, New Zealand and Australia, under the coordination of three Field Secretaries: Kevin Annett (North America), George Dufort (Western Europe) and Cameron Mottus (Asia and Australia-New Zealand). Over 800 people are now active in these local groups.

These courts have commenced the indictment of government, church and corporate officials in their respective countries for human rights violations, mortgage fraud, criminal conspiracy, child trafficking and murder, and betrayal of their oaths of public office. Some of the more successful common law groups, such as in Coventry, England, have gathered hundreds of people in conferences and public actions.

In the USA, where over one third of our volunteers are based in 31 states, five serving county sheriffs and their deputies are active with us in establishing and safeguarding common law courts.

In Canada and England, nation-wide movements have been established under our auspices to depose and replace “crown” law and authority, through the creation of Constitutional Republics that can serve as the lawful basis for common law courts. The Republic of Kanata will be lawfully proclaimed in Winnipeg, Canada on October 31, 2014, after a delegated Convention adopts a new Constitution for the nation. A similar development is expected in England and Australia during 2015.

It has been noted by our Field Secretaries that most of the local groups are absorbed in the details of organizing courts and are missing the broader vision and basis for the courts themselves. In particular, the majority of our local common law groups in Canada, England and Australia-New Zealand have failed to grasp that without such a replacement of so-called “crown” jurisdiction by a Republican constitution and nation, there can be no lawful basis for de jure common law courts in their respective countries.

It is therefore ordered that every common law group in these “commonwealth” countries affiliate and link their work to the Republican movements, and to the practical effort to bring about constitutional Republics to replace the law and authority of the “crown”, including by participating in the constitutional Republican conventions.

In this regard, a brief organizational report from the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata is included, below.

Finally, it is noted and welcomed that alongside the political deposing of the criminal body known as the “Crown of England” has emerged a synonymous movement to spiritually depose the Vatican and corporate Christendom. This movement has coalesced under the general banner of Covenanted Congregationalism, or The Covenanters, which is seeking to rally Christians under a new allegiance separate from the crimes and perversions of the church of Rome and its affiliates. Our Tribunal is working actively with this movement, which is based in the USA, Canada and England. (see the American movement at

New Directions and Procedures

The disappearance and assumed murder of one of our Court’s key investigators on July 3, the harassment and arrest by Belgian authorities of politicians sympathetic to our work such as Belgian M.P. Laurent Louis, and an apparent “kill order” issued against Kevin Annett and other key Court officials by the Ndrangheta criminal syndicate, have compelled new procedures.

Kevin Annett, a prominent public spokesman for our movement, will be travelling across Europe during September, but according to a new, tightened security protocol. Henceforth Kevin will travel accompanied by a party of trained security personnel, media groups and advisers, and will conduct only by-invitation gatherings with the core organizers in each region and country. His itinerary will include Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy. Invitations and requests for Kevin must be addressed only to and approved by the central ITCCS office at .

The Central Command of our movement will continue to operate anonymously and independently of all of our public sections. Media interviews will not be granted by any member of the Directorate or the Court. Our acting Field Secretaries will have the sole authority to speak publicly on behalf of the entire movement, with the approval of the Directorate.

The key evidence that convicted all of the felons in both of our Common Law trials, and the evidence gathered by our August 15 “take down” of the Montreal sacrificial ritual, will be available in a screened form no later than September 15, 2014. Copies of this evidence can be obtained through the Central Office, with the approval of the Directorate.

Finally, a central operational fund has been established by the Tribunal to pay for the travel and daily costs of our Field Secretaries and the most active local groups. Requests for such funding along with a detailed budget may be submitted to .

In closing, the daily organizational work of every local group must now be systematized under the direction of one local Convenor who is a liaison with the central office or the appropriate Field Secretary. The Convenor must issue a monthly report to us and involve all local members in joint weekly public actions and organizational meetings.

It is the task of the Convenor to ensure that our work to stop crimes by murderous institutions becomes continual and effective in local communities. Only the most dedicated and clear minded man or woman can fulfil this key operational command role in our movement.

May all of our members and activists take their own initiatives and audaciously prosecute criminals of church and state, and their corporate allies, in the months ahead. The world is watching us.

Issued jointly by the ITCCS Directorate and the Common Law Court of Justice
25 August, 2014


Organization Report from the Secretariat of the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata
August 25, 2014, issued by Colin Sullivan, Secretary to the Council (

There are now twenty four local branches of the Republican movement in Canada, embracing nearly two hundred sworn members. (See details below)

To organize our work systematically and prepare for our upcoming Constitutional Convention to found the Republic, it is advised that each branch undertake the following routine:

1. Public actions involving all local members, such as protests, leafletting and recruitment rallies, must occur twice each week, on a weekday and a weekend (say Friday and Saturday).

2. Local branch meetings – to touch base, share resources and experiences, and plan local events – must occur every week, preferably on a weekend to allow maximum participation.

3. Each branch must organize the following committees: a) a Direct Action Unit, to provide enforcement, security and intelligence, and organize a local Republican militia; b) Membership and Education, to recruit new members, train and integrate them into the movement, collect membership dues and conduct regular internal and public education programs; c) Reclamation, to conduct land and property seizures, establish alternative economies and work jointly with the DAU militia; d) Common Law Court, to create and maintain local courts under the jurisdiction of the new Republic, and e) a Local Executive, to coordinate all the work and report to the Provisional Council.

4. The Local Executive shall be chaired by a Convenor, who is the personal liaison with the Council and who retains copies of all of the documents, insignias and resources of the movement.

5. Every member of the movement is required to do the following: a) Take an Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Kanata, b) pay monthly membership dues, and c) work actively under the direction of at least one local committee.

6. Delegates to the October 27, 2014 Convention in Winnipeg must be elected no later than October 1 on the basis of one voting delegate for every five sworn local or at-large members. Other members are encouraged to attend the Convention, where they will have speaking but not voting privileges. At present, our 191 pledged members may elect a total of 38 voting delegates.

The movement is presently organized into five districts consisting of the following branches:

District One: West Coast
1. Nanaimo-Vancouver Island
2. Vancouver- Lower Mainland
3. Abbotsford-Hope
4. Kamloops-Central Interior

District Two: Prairies
1. Calgary-southern Alberta
2. Edmonton-northern Alberta
3. Brandon-western Manitoba
4. Winnipeg

District Three: Ontario
1. Thunder Bay
2. Sault St. Marie-Sudbury
3. North Bay
4. Toronto
5. Kingston
6. Hamilton
7. London
8. Picton-KIngston
9. Ottawa

District Four: Quebec
1. Montreal
2. Quebec city and eastern townships

District Five: Maritimes
1. Halifax
2. Cape Breton
3. New Brunswick
4. PEI
5. Newfoundland

A website ( and a facebook site are presently under construction. A monthly Membership Bulletin is also being prepared.

Finally, a special Indigenous Advisory Council consisting of elders from the Mohawk-Six Nations, Miq Maq, Algonquin, Anishinabe, Cree, Metis, Nuu-chah-nulth and Squamish Nations is now working with the Provisional Council to draft our Constitution and lay the basis for a truly federated Republic of equal nations. These elders are recruiting indigenous members for the Republic.

We look forward to a Convention that will issue a shot heard around the world!

In service to the Republic,
Colin Sullivan, for the Provisional Council

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13 Responses to Kevin Annett: Report from the Joint Consultation of the Directorate of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and the Common Law Court of Justice Held in Brussels and New York City August 20-24, 2014

  1. procomptor says:

    ITCCS sounds like they are getting fed up with the system. I hope they have the ability to get the help they need in security for both on line and off concerning their personnel! They have earned themselves a name and peoples trust but you know that also buys noticeability by every corrupt entity out there.

    I have a lot of respect and love for everyone on their team but I also worry about them staying safe so I send them a prayer of protection, love and bright light via the Lord……I know he sees what goes on here and stands with all of you! mike

  2. John Stevens says:

    Lordy, I sure hope this passes successfully! Fingers crossed. Cheers

  3. wonders4life says:

    Hi All,

    I have followed Kevin’s and the ITCCS’s work for years and have been impressed with it all, up until I read this posting. To be honest, the tone of the article stuck me very hard as an awfully dictatorial bit of writing and filled with what I believe are inaccuracies. I do not believe a Republic is the solution or that a “dejure” government is any better that a “defacto” government, and I completely believe that the only constitution I will adhere to as a woman, is MY OWN constitution, which is governed by my conscience which was formed in me by having been taught right from wrong from my mom as a wee child.

    I believe every man and woman needs to know that we are the ones who must hold our own courts in dealing with the abject corruption and for all things in general. If we rely on a “dejure” government by thinking, “oh great, there is now a good dejure government at the helm, we will now all be saved and to live in peace,” I think we are out of our minds and suffering from a high degree of delusion. I say, and loudly so, rely on you and your fellow man, and not on ANY group or organization, no matter how well-intended it may seem, for sadly, I think, ALL organizations at this time are HIGHLY infiltrated – yes there are MANY well-meaning and amazing people in organizations, but I have seen it time and again, the bigger a group gets, the more it is taken apart from the inside; “they” are trained in this and have been doing this for THOUSANDS of years.

    Please re-read the article and see if you may pick up some of the tone that came screaming out to my inner “ears”. I know I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    With love and respect,

    ~ Suzanne

  4. Hildegard says:

    Greetings Jean. This comment is unrelated to this article but I don’t know how to send you a general email. There is one website I’d like to share with you and your blog followers but it comes with a big WARNING. Visiting this website may be highly detrimental to your computer if you don’t have the proper safeguards against attack. Today Adobe stopped numerous almost continual attempts to infect my computer.while visiting it. The website is At this time I’m unable to even copy and paste the address from the site itself as there is ‘something’ preventing it. THE site itself is under continual attack by the Cabal. Don’t let the light hearted feel of the site fool you. This information represents a MAJOR threat to the puppet masters. Thank you for your continual commitment to the truth.

    • Jean says:

      It seems to me the cabal definitely wants to keep us away from this site. If anyone has the time or courage to go there, please let us know . . . right now, I’m on my way out the door . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • chris says:

      Consider using something called Noscript, which is an add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox browser. You choose to allow what Javascript is allowed to run on a page. It’s a pain in the neck to get used to, and will definitely slow down your web browsing (due to having to click on permissions quite a bit) but it will prevent pop-ups and will warn you about malicious code. That, coupled with a good antivirus from companies like Eset and Kaspersky are pretty essential to me.

      That said, if your hard drive is not backed up, and you don’t have the patience or know-how to wipe your drive and reinstall windows, the programs you use, and your other items, it never makes sense to visit a site that is either under attack or has malicious code, no matter how pertinent the information is.

      Now I’m going to go outside too! Have a great afternoon everyone.

      • procomptor says:

        Great advise Chris! I am a thermal dynamics engineer with 14 years experience with viruses, malware, rootkits, popups and scripting code. My brother works professionally with HTML, Java, Adobe and c+ programming. Together we can pretty much fix and keep anybody or any site up and running so trust me when I tell you Hildegard what you say about Adobe makes no sense! It is not an anti-malware or anti-virus program or company. Adobe is for PDF, video and live feeding of video and audio.

        Adobe also has premier, after dark etc etc. Adobe is all about photo, video and publishing art work or design. However it is and has never been an ant-virus or security tool. Steering people to a website with bad information about security programs is dangerous at best.

        If the publisher for this website cannot protect his interests or visitors than I doubt the information there is substantiated, verified or worth the effort! The first and most important thing about a website is getting it verified and protected for the safety of your visitors or contributors. Chris gave you some good advice in recommending Kaspersky as it is one of the best security programs out there. GFI’s Vipre Bit Defender are also good security programs. You also need to be familiar with system services under Administrative tools and how to use folder attributes. Knowing about hidden folders and files is mandatory in virus cleanup/protection as well. Nice recommendation once again Chris! Love and Bright light to show us the path always…..mike

        • Hildegard says:

          Thank you all for contributing your valuable time in trying to help a fellow blogger with her computer problems! This is the message I get:
          “Adobe® Flash® Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer or network:
          is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:
          An excerpt from ….
          ‘Flash Player security for local content restricts network communication for certain kinds of content that is stored on your local computer, unless you give permission. This security measure protects you from potentially harmful content that could be used to send sensitive information stored on your computer or local network to locations on the Internet.”

          l looked up Eset and Kaspersky and it appears they are P/C only and I use a Mac. I know that switching to Firefox from Safari would be a huge improvement and I will look into Noscript.

          Yes, birtherreport site has had some major problems. They’re a huge threat and they don’t have the funds to properly manage and protect their site. Here in an excellent video in HD on Youtube that I think you will all find very interesting…on the subject of Obama’s identity.

          I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this with the Jean Haines team!

          • procomptor says:

            Hi Hildegard, you have a flash player folder in the control panel that allows you to make changes to the updater, the way it stores data on your computer and more. Adobe added this after acrobat reader 9 and flash player 10 were hacked in order for the Chinese to steal Pentagon drawings info that is always stored as PDF files.

            Anytime you deal with government affiliated programs you take risks as they are good ways for bad guys to get into their systems and yours. Another dangerous government subsidized company is Java! I used to do tons of virus cleanup, data restoration and IT backup for banks which meant dealing directly with the CIA and Secret Service. I remember once while I was getting stripped search as was required to enter a federal building upper closed floors once and looked across the hall where a big poster sat looming the words “Java remains an intimate threat so not allowed on any computer unless authorized by IT management”.

            Adobe now posts all versions with release notes and followups at their website. I would check there with their technical crew if you suspect you may ave a bad version. It is a good idea to learn about folder attributes, administrator tools and hidden files located in each user account. FREE ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS SIMPLY AREN’T ENOUGH PROTECTION ANYMORE so stay away from AVG, Adaware and others. Hope this helps you understand a bit better. Love Light and warm blessings…..mike

  5. Debbie says:

    The money and controllers behind ISIS

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