Kevin Annett: Impending ​Irish ​Arrest and Extradition of Kevin Annett on verge of Tuam Killing​s​ Inquiry:

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August 28, 2014
Thanks to H.

An Urgent Bulletin from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its Direct Action Unit in Ireland

August 28, 2014

The Irish government has agreed to extradite Kevin Annett to England to face imprisonment when he arrives in Ireland this weekend, according to information obtained through our sources in Ireland’s national police, the Garda​i.​

The same sources indicate that Kevin’s arrest and transportation to a “special administrative prison” in London has been ordered in response to the plan by him and our Brussels-based Common Law Court to open an independent inquiry into the apparent sacrificial murder of children at Tuam, Ireland, commencing on Monday, September 1. These killings have been linked to the catholic-run Ninth Circle cult that includes popes, cardinals and members of the British royal family and Church of England.

In response to this new attack, Kevin Annett has agreed to reschedule his September travel itinerary to temporarily avoid Ireland and any country under so-called “crown of England” jurisdiction, and to accept additional security protection. However, the independent inquiry into the Tuam mass graves and ritual murders in Ireland will proceed ​as scheduled ​under the auspices of the Common Law court being established in Galway, as part of the September 1 commencement of our Permanent Inquiry into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice.

For more information on the Inquiry and the Galway common law court case into the Tuam killings, contact .

And stay tuned for a personal you tube message from Kevin Annett, to be issued tomorrow, Friday, August 29, and posted at .

Issued by the Directorate, ITCCS Central
28 August, 2014

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13 Responses to Kevin Annett: Impending ​Irish ​Arrest and Extradition of Kevin Annett on verge of Tuam Killing​s​ Inquiry:

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  3. Hegelian says:

    Kevin has made the big time. Corporations and government officials have clay feet and they are showing.

  4. judynz says:

    Well no Trex I have not, I have been too busy placing protection around all those who take brave steps to actually doing something positive for humanity.
    I wont give any of my energy or my imagination to those who work against us.

    Jean posted a marvelous video, TED Talks with Dr Joe Dispenza, Thanks for that Jean. and I would like to suggest we all do some serious listening to this, to solve our world problems and to protect those who place themselves in precarious positions.
    We say we want to do something, please see the value of your energy changing the energy we all dont want in our lives.
    As we reap of the thought seeds we sow, just know that, as you wish for others this will benefit you, building your inner strength & growth.

    • Jean says:

      Joe is a very special human being. I’m so glad that video helped you, and thank you for all your efforts! They are so very important! Hugs, ~Jean

  5. John Stevens says:

    GRRRRRRrs TY Jean Cheers & hugs

  6. Trex says:

    Well… I hate to say this but I think we all saw this coming. As an individual, I’ve been surprised Kevin has gotten as far as he has before something like this came down. He might have 200 trained helpers, but when you go against an entity who has the whole Mafia behind them, who own the media, who own the government and courts, who have unlimited resources in police, military and personnel, then even 200 people simply aren’t enough. He will need an army of thousands, as he’s fighting another rabid octopus with tentacles everywhere. If Kevin had the entire BRICS behind him, things might look different. However, I don’t know what it will take to convince staunch followers of the Vatican to see the difference between their actual religion and what their “leadership” is doing behind their backs. Same with the British. Will the British people ever really see and revolt against the actual crimes their crown has been involved in, or is the crown viewed as so untouchable that they can do whatever they want, to whom they want, and when they want forever? A severely limiting factor here is the lack of truthful media coverage, to inform the populace of things swept under the rug for centuries. Thats a tough act to follow as people are completely entrenched in disinformation. As we expect, most main stream media coverage has been one sided, if at all, and there truly is no real education of the sheeple going on.

    Kevin’s approach to attack strictly from the legal side is understandable; thats the only choice he has right now. As truth leaks out to more people, his support will grow and hopefully become a movement with more physical strength to go against the establishment’s forces and demand change. Without a big herd of “pitchforks” backing Kevin up, he will be swept aside like so many authors and activists who in the past have tried to counter highly sensitive politically incorrect topics. These brave people usually wind up martyrs as they pay for their activities with prosecution of all kinds, long unjust incarceration including torture – all of which eats tremendous amounts of funding for defense attorneys, bankruptcy, travel bans, disruption of public appearances, media slander, and not excluding attempts at assassination. At this stage, most succumb and vanish from the public scene – as planned. However, if they can manage to plant seeds that will keep the movement growing, then they have accomplished much towards their goal even if its not fully accomplished in their lifetime. I see Kevin in this position. He is literally trying to move mountains in terms of public awareness; he is facing an extremely difficult uphill battle almost fighting by himself.

    One huge battle I see upcoming is simply establishing superiority between the crown’s jurisdiction versus common law and its jurisdiction. To date, these entities have seemingly worked in parallel and have not truly challenged each others authority or superiority. However, Kevin’s work seems to be heading in this direction. Once this issue arrises, it will be another watershed event in the downfall of western hegemony as the crown is forced to abide by common law. Offhand, this may sound completely disrelated to Kevin’s work, but its not. Today, everything is related, which is partly the reason its so difficult to accomplish change. I predict such a case will become enormously expensive as no holds will be barred in trying to maintain the crown’s authority (read: the west’s authority). Such a case can result in widespread international implications. Of course, this will quickly grow beyond Kevin’s financial means and require the help of deeper pockets.

    Lets wish Kevin all the best, including the intellectual strength to endure challenges he has yet to face.

  7. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    I pray that the Gardai wake up to how they are being used to cause Kevin to be abused by the very elites that are to be exposed during the court. Kevin, you are a true hero and gladiator for truth. Bless you for your courage to take up the cause for the children who cannot speak. Your saga will continue with the readers here. Please be careful.

    • With respect it was Gardai insiders working with Kevin who gave him the heads up. The Irish government it seems have been pressured into accepting this agenda. I think it is a case of all news is good news even this set back clearly shows the concerns of the guilty to further hide there crimes and accept that common law is the ultimate law of the land and always will be. Why can they not at least grant the babies bodies a decent burial and closure for the families. In my opinion the truth would be best coming from the crown and vatican as they would be unlikely to face imprisonment anyway and we can all start to work together as one to create a peaceful respectful world for everyone.

    • awakened says:

      sadly di your unaware of the power structure in ireland,,,,,it goes,,,from the top down,,Maynooth -(head of irish catholic church jesuit scumbag child killing satanists) ,,,to Kildare Street-(irish parliment)…to Montrose / rte -(national broadcaster)..( theres no point in mentioning the iriah central bank, sure we even have a named rothschild on the board of management,brought in from france special to pillage our people like every where else on this ghetto planet)..and as for the gardai siochana,,hahaha,,,if you follow the muck infested irish media even an idiot can see the corruption headlines every few weeks concering the so called gardi who are just security tugs for the cabal,,been used as house clearers by the banks and water and utilities companie’s putting people in jail and on the street for money.the gardai are the worst filt on this island ,there like mind controlled alter boys for gods sake, ,( 200 sergants retired early few years ago after telling management they would not use riot weapons or live rounds on the people..but you wont see that in your irish or what tripe you may come across or where ever your getting your news about this infected sod…. kevin i hope stays well clear of this dark infested and controlled island,,,,i feared for his saftly on his last visit here,,,so i hope he stays away,,if you truely know the cabal then you will know they completely control and dominate ireland for a very specific reason.we have more dark hats here than most places,,and there all doing some very very dark juju,,,and thats putting it mildly,,,

      heres to the victory of light

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