UPDATE: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man? Please, please help me research this . . . ~J

UPDATE – In case you don’t see what I see here, this article seems to outline the same sovereignty scam as in the Busted Silva article:
 !. Fake kingdon
2. Fake king and ministers
3. Fake 1 trillion dollar economic scam – oil in this case – people buying into it
4. Fake knights, counts, kings, etc., using an order of the Knights of St. John just like Silva used the Knights of Constantine and St. Helen outlined in the Busted Silva article. . . ~J

* * * * * 

Please note that the links to the articles mentioned here that are supposed to be on my site are inactive, because when I dissociated myself from The Keenan Team I methodically took down everything related to Neil Keenan and ‘trashed’ it. . . ~J

Even though I’m still reeling from the latest Neil Keenan hits. . . for the first time, I began to wonder about Count Albert . . . and I’m virtually stunned at what I’ve found. I’m releasing this to you as information, and I leave it up to you to decide  . . . . . . I can’t deal with saying much more than that right now. I’m in total shock, stunned, and now understand how the rest of the world will feel when they wake up to the scams . . . ~J

Source: PassingLIght
eptember5, 2013

Saving the World ~ Not….

Saving the World ~ Not….

Now i know i shouldn’t do this right! because Neil Keenan is the fantastic savior of planet Earth right ? yes that’s true isn’t it !! along with his newly found best friend Count S. C. Chiang, fullford, wilcock and cobra,,,jean haines,,  yes ? right ? Da Crew ….

Well during my little bit of digging around as one doess…. i couldn’t help but notice this comment from alcuin bramerton  under crew keenans latest fantastic article from his ever admiring sidekick jean haines blog



Alcuin Bramerton says:    

September 4, 2013 at 10:49 am    

Thank you, Michael. More good news and progress. People of good will worldwide will be wishing Neil’s team every success in its work in Jakarta and beyond.

Thinking aloud:

(1) If the Keenan Group Global Foundation is to accept its offer of sovereign status and diplomatic immunity, it might be useful for the foundation to have de jure control of a physical territory. This need not be big or populated. It might be a small Asian island, for example. A sovereign physical address would help to enable the legal paperwork.

(2) The sovereign status and immunity of the foundation, if settled properly within United Nations and BRICS procedures, would result in the international gazetting of the organisation, making it quite difficult to conceal at senior Western government levels.

(3) Once established as a sovereign entity, the foundation should be able to secure untrammelled access to the international financial papers of the UN and the World Bank, and have observer status at pertinent meetings.”

End quoted passage

Well hey guess what bramerton mate,,,,,, i’ve found one for you and your best chums fullford and super keen planetary hero keenan and crew…

Here http://www.colonia.asia/government.htm

And they got loads and loads of reserves like oil and gas here..


Actually it’s the island resort kingdom !  to the knights of st john !  and Niels very bestest newest shiny star of a friend Count Albert Chiang S.C works there, not only does he work there he seems to be really high up with lots and lots of influence..

I’ve copied and pasted the info of the page here… http://www.colonia.asia/government.htm


“Kingdom of Colonia St John Information Services Government The Supreme Council of The Kingdom of Colonia St John: 

His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John and Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna is advised on all matters by members of the Supreme Council of State. 

The five permanent Members of the Supreme Council are: 

Head of State and Head of the Supreme Council of State: His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John and Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna   Minister for World Trade Economy and Investment: HE Count Albert Chiang S.C.   Minister for Foreign Trade and Industry: Prince Milan de Montestella de Praevalitana   Chancellor and Minister of Finance: HE Thomas de Lys   Minister for Foreign Affairs: HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien Institutions of The Kingdom:   Institutions of the Kingdom are:   Minister for Foreign Affairs – HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs – HE Mrs Susan M Donnell Special Counsel to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs – HE Professor Virginia A Greiman   Minister for Justice – The King   Minister for Finance – HE Thomas de Lys   Minister for Internal Affairs – The King   Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries – HE Alex Schlesinger   Minister for Foreign Trade and Industry – Prince Milan de Montestella de Praevalitana Minister for Tourism – HE Count Sedat I Palti Postmaster General – HE Peter Jennings   Attorney General – HE Xenios Xenopoulos The Kingdom Secretariat:   The Secretariat comprises of the Chancellor, Sir Thomas de Lys, HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien and HE Count Albert Chiang. The Secretary General is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Council.  

 The Chancellor, Sir Thomas de Lys, makes an annual report at the beginning of March to the Supreme Council on the work of the Institutions and of the Kingdom.   The Judiciary:   The Supreme Court is composed of three members:   Chief Justice The King   and two associate Justices:   HE Count Albert Chiang S.C.   HE Thomas de Lys The Bank of Colonia Board of Governers HE Thomas de Lys Count de Montalbano Count Albert Chiang S.C. Dr Maximilian Aglandjia de Lusignan Copyright | Disclaimer | Site Map!

End quoted passage

See if you go here…..


and scroll down the page you get to neil’s lovely foto of himself and the count..

So if you google the counts name you get this….


and as you scroll down first page there are 2 items of interest..which give us..


and more importantly….

http://www.creopoint.com/profile/COUNT        where it shows…



Profile Information

Website of your Organization (e.g., www.JonesLangLasalle.com)

    Kingdom Colonia St John Website http://www.colonia.asia

City, Country (e.g., Tokyo, Japan)


Profession (or Area of Study)

    Architecture/Design/Engineering, Asset Management, Consulting, Development, Fund Management, Investment, Property/Facility Management

Wants – What Would You Like from Fellow CREOPoint Members

    Ideas, Products, Distressed Assets, Monthly Member News (you can unsubscribe at any time), Market Intelligence

Haves – What You Could Offer the Community

    Ideas, Capital, New Venture, Resources

Best Phone Number Including Country Code (if You Wish to Be Contacted by Other Members)

    by email to my website http://www.colonia.asia

end quote..

and the bit i want from what i just copied and pasted straight off the page   is…..

Kingdom Colonia St John Website http://www.colonia.asia

because that link takes us to here…Kingdom of Colonia St John Information Services

Where apparently our friend the  COUNT ALBERT CHIANG is very big cog…

Kingdom Colonia St John Website http://www.colonia.asia

and guess who’s head of knights of st john ??

Nah i ain’t telling you :-))  oh all right then i’ll give you a link….not that you need it !

Venerable Order of Saint John – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


For the original Order of St. John, see Knights Hospitaller. … Royal Cypher of Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth.svg …. office of Prior, and in the hope of Reviving the Charter of Queen Mary dealing with the English branch of the Order, …”

another link here… http://amazingdiscoveries.org/S-deception-Pope_Malta_Queen

Yep, looks totally like lizzie and crew to me 🙂

So unless crew keenan have done a smart imitation of the working practices of the illuminati and counter infiltrated this obviously very elitist band of very knighted souls then,,,to me they don’t look quite so goodly inclined after all..

Hey wait i know, bet it’s all just in the name,, suppose there are lots of strains and different factions of these knights…..yes that’s it,, i’m getting the names all mixed up !!

King Arthur will be so pleased to think these brave knights have just saved the world for us,, or for the queen !

Oh my i can’t wait ,, the planet really is going to be saved by a band of real knights on horses !

So in the hope of expediting alcuin bramertons amazing observation in the comment i quoted above and in the even greater expediency of saving the planet even quicker than we hoped,,, please note dear brave knights , i have found one for you and we don’t have to go to cou-r-t to get it,, just see yer cou-n-t mate neil and you can start your base of operation from there,, and there is even space for all your other friends to come along like OPPT and that guy chaiquake kodeedu the head of the karate dudes,,, and co

See heaven always supplies when asked 🙂

Hey alcion put us a deck chair out will ya,,i would do it myself but i just wet myself laughing..

And before ya do that and i go, erm there is just one more little thing i’d like to say about this island of paradise , who’s enigmatic ruler is…

His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John and Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna,, who in reality is…..one,,  Philippine citizen Thomas Cloma, lawyer and owner of a fish fleet….Who turns out to be a chancer who blagged his way into building a very big island illusion for himself…

But not for long as it turns out……

And by the way for those other supporters of keenans crew of swindlers,, including fullford who i have demonstared as a liar here…



, and cobra and co who just love the OPPT  and all the rest of you big time scammers,,i say time is up for guys your “event” has just happened…………….


Quote :

In 1947, Cloma, a Filipino adventurer and a fishing magnate, found several unoccupied groups of islands in the South China Sea. This forms part of the justification of territorial claims by the Philippines of the Spratly islands (along with doctrines from the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea).[3]

Cloma, owner of a fishing fleet and a private maritime training institute, the PMI Colleges (formerly known as Philippine Maritime Institute), aspired to open a cannery and develop guano deposits in the Spratlys. It was principally for economic reasons, therefore, that he “discovered” and claimed islands in the Spratlys.[4]

On May 11, 1956, together with 40 men, Cloma took formal possession of the islands, lying some 380 miles (612 km) west of the southern end of Palawan and named them Freedomland. Four days later, on May 15, 1956, Cloma issued and posted copies of his “Notice to the Whole World” on each of the islands as a manifestation of unwavering claims over the territory. On May 31, 1956, Cloma declared the establishment of the Free Territory of Freedomland, ten days after he sent his second representation to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs informing the latter that the territory claimed was named Freedomland. On July 6, 1956, Cloma declared to the whole world his claim and the establishment of a separate government with its capital on Flat Island (also known as Patag Island). Cloma introduced a distinction between his Freedomland and the Spratlys further west. This distinction later became part of the Philippines’ foreign policy. This distinction was never fully clarified. It seems that Freedomland encompasses most of what others call the Spratly Islands, but not Spratly Island itself, nor the banks and reefs lying to the west of it.[5]

Cloma’s declaration was met with hostile reactions from several neighboring countries, especially the Republic of China, or Taiwan. On September 24, 1956 the ROC reoccupied nearby Itu Aba Island (also known as Taiping Island), which it had abandoned in 1950, and intercepted Cloma’s men and vessels found within its immediate waters. The People’s Republic of China, or Mainland China, also restated its own claim.[5]

In the 1970s, after being jailed by Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos for being popularly called “Admiral,”[1] Cloma “ceded” his claim to the Philippine government for one peso.[6]

According to a website set up by the “Kingdom of Colonia St John”, Freedomland apparently became known as The Kingdom of Colonia St John under “His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John” and “Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna” to whom the succession passed from Admiral Tomas Cloma.[7][better source needed]

The Free Territory of Freedomland should not be confused with the Principality of Freedomland or the Republic of Koneuwe which was set up by a French swindler also in the Spratlys but not on the same islands.[2]”

end quoted passage

More at this link..


Bit more here…


In the 1970s, after being jailed by President Ferdinand Marcos for being popularly called “Admiral,” Cloma ceded his claim to the Philippine government for one peso.

According to a website set up by the “Kingdom of Colonia St John”, Freedomland apparently became known as The Kingdom of Colonia St John under “His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John” and “Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna” to whom the succession passed from “Admiral” Tomas Cloma.”

end quoted passage

Guess what else i found,,, not even the knightly order is real either,, it a self styled order,,

see here..http://www.chivalricorders.org/orders/self-styled/selfsty2.htm

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102 Responses to UPDATE: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man? Please, please help me research this . . . ~J

  1. wooddragon says:

    The only thing I can say is: Why did people fall for this scam in the first place? They are all hoaxters, Neil, Heather Tucci Jarraf, Ben Fulford, … Anyone who is telling you there might be a savior, is a fraudster. No savior coming! Either humanity gets its act together and removes the cabal and especially the entities on the spiritual realm behind it, or we are lost. End of story.

  2. Amin says:

    Everything that Keenan touches turned into fool’s gold. Check out the details. Could have done a much better job if you ask me. Keenan must have been paying peanuts to have such shoddy con-artist jobs done.
    Was he playing “tiny balls” and not paying attention to details?


  3. Amin says:

    Those who still believe in Neil Keenan saving the global collateral accounts, needs to see this.

    Wonder if it’s really Gramy’s “666” birthday? 1:02am
    Meanwhile, check Keenan’s facebook page…. https://www.facebook.com/neil.keenan.79?
    In particular, check his recent activity….he reached Level 4 in Bouncing Balls! (Congrats on
    that accomplishment Mr. Keenan!)

    Moreover, he liked and made several comments on yet another porn page!

    Sooo….we need to be thankful that the man who is freeing the world from financial tyranny
    is looking at porn and playing with his tiny balls! OMG world…..wake up!!!!!!!!


  4. Jean says:

    I appreciate your kindness to me, but I would prefer not to publish this . . . and to simply let the entire issue die — on my blog: my life was threatened. I also will remove the offending comment. . . Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jane says:

    Well written Bet. You raise good points. and I can see you use your brain! The main problem is this, we truly do not have decades for the masses to wake up, if it takes that long it really will be too late, because the dark controllers know that they have to steam ahead with their evil plans.
    Having said that, I do think there are more people starting to become aware, but we do need a much larger number to take action , like you suggest reading a blog and replying is not always enough. The main thing is always question, be discerning, do not accept something is fact, and truth just because they say it is. With the topic of Ascension there are so many different opinions, again, given as if fact, and there is the danger we think we will be saved, but I do not believe any outside group of being either ET’s or in another dimension have any degree of influence to change our future, we have to do it!!

  6. Jean says:

    Bet, I have had to think a bit about your comment, and while there is a lot that I consider to be negative, there is a lot that is good in it. Hopefully, in the future you can present your ideas in a practical way without including the negative. We are all going to need all the help we can get . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Wysiwyg says:

    Con Te Partiro: Brightman & Bocelli. Enjoy! 😉 Namaste

  8. Sheba says:

    Bill! Honey! How can you possibly ignore (Aug 30th) the fact that NK has slagged off Jean and Jean would not hear anyone slagging him off , but rather implored everyone to wait until she had further info on what had happened from him???!!! And how can you possibly ignore also that he has not answered any of the questions that she raised in the pursuit of truth but has merely contented himself with mud-slinging at Jean?

    You talk of Jean being ‘vindictive’ and of her ‘animosity’ – where are these?!!! You are not looking at the facts Bill and you seem deluded. Be careful!

    Observer (also Aug 30th) is so right – where are the dignified responses to the questions Jean raised?!

    I am disappointed in Neil and the ugly behaviour he has exhibited recently, and am heartened by Jean’s integrity and heart.


  9. Jean says:

    JDR, I’m aware of this, but for the moment I’m not publishing it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  10. Amin says:

    It is clear that Keenan was working with the Fed thru Gen. Keith Alexander, Gen. Myers, and Bill Clinton in 2009 – 2010, before filing the 11.22.2011 lawsuit. Is the Dragon Family a real legal entity, a collective term for the rich Asian ruling elites or something they made up, like Al Qaeda or ISIS?

    You Mr Fulford, have confirmed a statement made by Mr Neil Keenan, whereby you state, quote “Apparently the Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan”, whereas Neil Keenan states, quote “The Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan”, the difference being the word “Apparently”.

    Neil Keenan, in communications we have on record, confirms he is negotiating with the Federal Reserve in conjunction with Gen. Keith Alexander, Gen. Myers, and Bill Clinton, for the very same reason as stated by both you and Neil Keenan, being, so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan.

    So Mr. Fulford, both you and Neil Keenan are actively involved in an International Felony, being the unlawful intent to subvert the payment of a debt by one country to another country via the unlawful use / utilization assets legally and lawfully owned by a Third Party under International Treaties.


  11. Wysiwyg says:

    Indonesia doesn’t have an extradition treaty with US.

    If there’s 40 boxes of those gold notes why do they still need donations?


    • Galaxion says:

      40 boxes? Take that:

      The gold note came from a documented “baby box” which is part of the “mother box,” and there are 40,000 boxes or more of these in existence.

      (neilkeenan.com on 08/27/2014)

      40,000 (or more!) miraculous boxes, that were packed and sealed in the 1930s, and contain gilded plastic replica dollar notes with a design introduced in 1996, available on Ebay … 😉

  12. Amin says:

    EssKumar, why don’t you think Neil Keenan as a mole, a Kabal sponsored Distractor (Pipe Piper) leading us over the cliff? Comparing him to Paul Revere may be too much of a stretch.

    • Jean says:

      Amin, I don’t necessarily think he is cabal . . . I think he like a lot of other scammers, just wanting money . . . You must prove to me he is with the cabal . . . and maybe he is . . . but I don’t really know that for sure . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Galaxion says:

    I found this short reference to Chiang (taking place in 1997) in the “Autobillography” of a Dr. Bill Robinson:

    Also, in Indonesia [my friend Anton] met with the Raja Muda of Perlis, and then with the spiritual guardians of a vast treasure entrusted to them by King Solomon that would be released to the world in 1998. The treasure was overseen by a 400 year old saint and kept under a spiritual cloak so that no one could find it. In Singapore, Count Albert Chiang of the Kingdom of Colonia St. John told of his travels to Tibet and the sacred hidden city. Count considered himself an incarnation of a Chinese emperor whose many lifetimes of spiritual practice allowed him to see and handle the sacred treasure.

    (“Autobillography” p. 184)

    The lyrics seem to change over time, but the tune stays the same.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I agree . . . Thanks for this, and many hugs, ~Jean

      • Karen says:

        Dear Jean.
        The way you’ve been spoken to is unacceptable. It may bring you some peace to go to utube and read the checklist for narcissism. If this is the case with Neil, you must distance yourself from him EVEN MORE. Putting attention on a person with this affliction gives them the satisfaction of engagement and leaves you open to further abuse. Close the book on this whole scenario and give it no more of your energy. Let it go. Your energy is needed for the other things and people you are involved with. Keep doing good things.

        • Jean says:

          I have closed this book, Karen. . . .completely. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Karen says:

            Beautiful. Good work. Many positives coming down the turnpike now and we need to be free to enjoy them. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to have some fun! Enough with the yokes of responsibility placed on us by others. I want to just be responsible for my own creations in this NOW moment. I’ve paid the piper many times over.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Amin says:

      Neil Keenan is a fraud as exposed by this story, written by MH Dunn on Aug 6 2013. To generate global interest in the failing Keenan youtube-drama series, Keenan had to recycle old claims to present as new (reminiscent of Aladdin’s New Lamps for old ones story). The Introduction of Count Albert Chiang of the Dragon Family and his Dragon Family support in July 2013. Fantastic Feel Good (FFG) news right?

      But wait a minute. Didn’t NFK (Keenan) file a 111-page federal complaint in Nov 23, 2011 (1 day after the 48th anniversary of JFK assassination), representing the Dragon Family? This is another internal inconsistency we have uncovered. NFK was entrusted by the Dragon Family as far back as 2009.

      So how could Count S. C. Chiang, a senior leader in the Dragon Family, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, who had worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control? The Count claimed that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity only in July 2013? Isn’t this an over stretch? Or did they forgot their original scripts in 2009?


    • Amin says:

      Denise Rednour & Jean Haines – You’re vindicated. The light and the force of the people are with you.


      • Jean says:

        Oh, thank you, I just shared this with Lozza . . . It’s been terrible. . . going through what I’ve been through, but I’m glad I didn’t hide. I knew the truth had to come out, and I suspect there is more 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Amin says:

          The truth will take a bit longer to come out. So sorry you and others have to suffer for trying to help humanity. Drake has always claimed to have an almighty seeing eye, sensing ability of bad & good guys, ETs’ assistance and remote sensing should have been able to see thru Keenan’s hoax. If he had been duped like all of us, then he is equally bad or worse. If he knew and didn’t tell, that makes him a dis-informer, a dark worker.

          They exploited our good human nature to help. Being duped is not a crime. Being duped repeatedly is. The real test is how we recover after we knew. So glad you and Denise came thru. There is hope for humanity.

        • Amin says:

          As you can see, making up the script & plot in the Keenan Hoax production “the never-ending U-Turns drama series of The Global Collateral Accounts” in real time is never a good idea. Too many twists and turns. Even the most seasoned crisis actors aka liars get into some difficult knots sometimes. In this episode of “Hang Em High” by Drake posted on Sept 6, 2012 he spoke of the Cease & Desist (C&D) issued by Dr. Edy Seno aka Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto of the Soekarno Trust (Drake’s version) aka Soekarno Family Heritage aka Soekarno Papers aka Amanah Assets.

          A major blooper as the C&D issued to Keenan was dated 7 Oct 2012. Drake jumped the gun in dismissing this particular C&D on 6 Sept 2012, almost 1 month earlier. Remember Drake specifically mentioned the C&D was issued to Neil Keenan and no one could see him as he was in the hospital.

          In trying to create a sensational cliff-hanger episode to explain away why Keenan had to withdraw his lawsuit filed on 23 Nov 2011, they got their “knickers” all botched up.

          Stay tuned as we compile more inconsistencies and outright bloopers, as the “stomach turns”.


  14. Keith says:

    Hi Jean. Thomas over at COMIC Voice just implored the members to stop digging for info on what has been transpiring lately. Sounds to me like he is afraid his groupies will find some damning info if they start doing their own research rather than just swallow the Kool-Aid. He states, and I quote; “Our members handled the Jean Haines issues very well and I am hoping we do the same with this.
    We are at a very important juncture in all of this, and the last thing we need is people digging for information in certain areas of operation, that will unintentionally jeopardise this mission, not only for the accounts but just as important for the lives of Neil Keenan, Rob Miller, Jo, Richard and Nelu.” Seems to me they are in damage control…Big Time. I have a feeling things are gonna unravel very fast and very soon for that bunch. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Keith, I’ve already heard this and more . . . apparently, the in-fighting is showing. . . I can’t imagine they’ve really let some of the stuff out there that I’m hearing about, because up until now this would never happen. They ran the site with an iron grip . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Gene Lo says:

      If that description does not sound like a scam, then I have lost all discernment.
      You’d have to be among the most gullible to buy that crock. Maybe he could quote directly from Hilton’s LOST HORIZON to attract more dupes.

  15. Borg Ranta says:

    Sherry Shriner may be able to answer many of your questions. She has a lot of information on many subjects.

  16. Borg Ranta says:

    Check out Sherry Shriner.

    • Jean says:

      Where, Who ? ? ?


      • GeneLo says:

        Someone, who like Mr Henderson, speaks to The Ambassador, I am told. Ron Van Dyke posted this today: ” I want to say that I have talked personally with Dr. Henderson and Shelley. I have made it clear to them that I do not appreciate their racial profiling using DNA samples to eliminate being by ET race rather than looking at each individual as a sovereign worthy of love and forgiveness as required. The family also is aware of him and his efforts to help and bless people. As far as I know, they have no stated objections to what he is doing.”

        • Jean says:

          GeneLo, I’m really not interested at the moment in pursuing the issue of the Ambassador and that situation at all here on my blog. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Gene Lo says:

            I fully understand. My own attitude is “wait and see”, since I like some of what he is saying. But his message has stayed rather vague so far.

  17. Jane says:

    Keenan will fade into the wood work, and be the first IRISH WOODWORM from Asia:) Sorry I cannot take him seriously — and I believe he is just froth on an IRISH COFFEE.

    • Jean says:

      Jane, Emily, who is Irish, has just pointed out in a comment that Keenan is NOT Irish, but Irish-AMERICAN. . . sad to say . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jane says:

        The Irish woodworm, was a light hearted joke, so please anyone who is IRISH do not take it seriously, and yes, I get your points, he is not pure IRISH ……but watered down IRISH, anyway, anything that is not of the truth will not survive in coming times, and all who are fake will be outed, don’t these twats, get it?? The Ego is soooo stubborn.

  18. Jean says:

    Have you listened to Neil’s videos? Have you heard his ugly, ugly words? Please listen. . . the shock will be great, or at least it was for me. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Wysiwyg says:

      I find this from ‘Esskumar’ very interesting in the light of recent events

      ” It is very much possible that there is a team working at the Rand corporation, doing a psychological profile on you (and perhaps every body who comments on this blog, including me!) and others in the freedom movement. They would know, perhaps better than you know yourself, how to make you say or do things that benefits them.”

      I think you were chosen Jean, because of your past remarks about Drunvalo and how you 100% believed him to be the real deal because he’d performed ‘ceremony’. Someone somewhere must’ve picked up on that and added it to Keenan’s ‘profile’ imho.


      • Jean says:

        My lesson was a tough one: I simply could not believe someone didn’t believe in LOVE and ascension, or that they wouldn’t come to understand it. I was well and truly set up big time, and it was all very evil 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  19. Gene Lo says:

    Keena has been spouting nonsense, and failing to answer questions all along. Some of us tried to warn her, but our posts got deleted or ignored. It now feels like a big switch as been turned, because she is finally us in a search for truth on his phony claims. There are some genuine Truth seekers around this movement, and we need a chance and space to ask the Tough Questions. (Every heard of Henry Oleary, and what happened to him, when he tried to ask questions of the OPPT? The truth would have come out sooner, if people paid more attention to those questions, collected here: http://www.tinyurl.com/Hard-Qs )

  20. Amin says:

    The kingdom of Colonia is a fake, Alice in wonderland story. We have had several members working with exploration companies in the area claimed by “Count Albert” as the Kingdom of Colonia. In all the exploration contracts, there were mentions of China (PRC), Philippines and Vietnam through their respective state oil companies. Kingdom of Colonia was never once mentioned because it never existed.Oil companies would never risk billions of dollars, getting their exploration rights from the wrong govt. Just ask any oil workers.


    Never heard of Count Albert until now. Guilty by association. Reminds us of Bre-X fraudulent gold mine in Indonesia back in 1993-1997. Keenan can only fool so many people for so long as the miles of lies don’t run out. Make sense for Keenan to attack anyone pointing out the Emperor wore no clothes.

    Bre-X was a group of companies in Canada. A major part of the group, Bre-X Minerals Ltd. based in Calgary, was involved in a major gold mining scandal when it reported it was sitting on an enormous gold deposit at Busang, Indonesia (on Borneo). Bre-X bought the Busang site in March 1993 and in October 1995 announced significant amounts of gold had been discovered, sending its stock price soaring. Originally a penny stock, its stock price reached a peak at CAD $286.50 (split adjusted) in May 1996 on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), with a total capitalization of over CAD $6 billion. Bre-X Minerals collapsed in 1997 after the gold samples were found to be a fraud.


  21. Amin says:

    Just found this:

    AnonymousAugust 12, 2013 at 11:59 PM
    Can someone please explain how Keenan is going to release all this money. Then when you are done in explaining that, please explain what good it will do when we are all billionaires and nobody works, that is apart from a loaf of bread costing $1000. This whole thing of how Keenan is going to free the world is totally idiotic. Here is a clown that knows nothing of economics, even less about the global accounts and what they are and what they do, and he is going to free us all from the clutches of the dreaded cabal. Why not simply fix the underlying cause of the problem? Clean up banking and make it operate as it should. Keenan is a nut case and just as silly as those who listen to him.


    • Lorri says:

      Clean up banking and then create a society without money! Glad everyone is waking up tio Neil Keenan’s true colors….I felt this from the beginning……

    • Gene Lo says:

      $93 Quadrillion in Collateral Accounts?
      No way. These guys are crazy, that number is way beyond impossible. We can COUNT the tangible wealth on the planet, and it is less than $300 Trillion. (Do you want me to show you the categories? I have done the research.)

      I am counting here Tangible Wealth, not imaginary wealth. You can write me a $1 Trillion IOU, but I will never collect on it, unless your IOU is backed by real tangible wealth: homes. offices, factories, gold bars, etc. These items can be counted and measured.

      Let’s stop the fantasy, and come back to reality. Ditching Keenan was a good idea, he was full of Irish dreams of pots of gold, and could never answer the obvious detailed questions, than anyone seeking the truth would want to know.

  22. Observer says:

    If Neil is who you think he is Esskumar, wouldn’t it make more sense to defend himself with a quiet dignified response to Jean’s questions? It has been my experience people with nothing to hide do not go on a public smear campaign against those asking reasonable questions. The truth requires few words, and certainly does not require threats or juvenile dramatics. A question requires an answer, not a full blown effort to ruin and hurt the questioner. Sometimes we look too deep when the answer is right in front of us.

    • Jean says:

      I agree. This has also been my experience. How can we move forward into the Golden Age with leaders such as these? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Esskuman, I think you are wrong here. . . sadly, I think you are wrong, just like I was. I was so totally duped . . . this is a master con game. . . and it totally sickens me . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  23. Ilex says:

    It almost seems like a bunch of Venture Capitalists (millionaires and billionaires) got together and planned the entire takeover. It appears they have their own version of the UN, it deals with land, water and air. Then some how they thought they needed Kings, Queens and more. The only thing missing is/are the Jokers. I think we may have found them? 🙂

  24. William says:

    Wake up Bill my friend ,he lied about everything ! Everything !!

  25. Wysiwyg says:

    In no particular order here are some links to info discovered after a non google search.
    http://www.spratlys.org/collection/claims/philippines/ Back history to ‘Freedomland’

    http://www.defence.gov.au/Medals/_Master/docs/DHAM/48B.pdf list of self styled orders of St John – don’t know how up-to-date it is but the link from passiglight doesn’t appear to be working.

    http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/document-security/docs/list_of_known_fantasy_and_camouflage_passports_en.pdf See page 4 ‘Kindom of Colonia’ is mentioned.

    As far as I can tell so far China still lays claim to this plot of land but I could be missing something.


  26. Ines says:

    If you read some of my blog posts and exposes, you will read that I have exposed Wilcock, Fulford and many others. It doesn’t require to just do a background check, intuition and the fact they talk for years and get nothing accomplished. Enough said. The light is getting brighter folks, we ARE the light, they are the false light being exposed very quickly now in these times. I’m not one to spend detailing out connections, but the very simple fact that these names mentioned have been giving humanity bullshit news that never come true. That’s enough to know they are keeping us distracted from what is really going on. What is going on? We are finally opening our eyes like Adam and Eve when eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Our genetic structure and DNA is aligning itself with higher energies, we are getting more intuitive and connecting to higher self.

    • Gene Lo says:

      Well said! Thanks, Ines

      • Jean says:

        Gene Lo, I’m not sure I can agree that David Wilcock is in on this . . . I don’t think so. I think he, too, may have been conned, but then as a victim, I’m not sure how truly I can speak of this. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Ines says:

          He’s not on this, but he’s like the rest…his predictions can be done by you and I Jean, there is nothing specific and his intel sources are always telling him something but he’s always sure they are correct and NOTHING happens the way he dreams or predicts. He will predict an angel shaped cloud showing up and when it doesn’t he will say it’s there but you have to stand on your head to see it the right way. You and I have a 50/50 chance of making predictions come true so does David and all these gurus who claim to have intel sources. Go back to his 2000 when he predicted Ascension…when that didn’t happen he shut down his then website and started a new crusade. It’s all there if you care to do research. I think that those who claim to help humanity should give humanity an estimated time frame. If they can’t fulfill it, fuck them. I don’t buy this crap that unexpected things happen, if they really had the intel and contacts they claim then things would go as planned or should be. Nobody knows when the changes will come, NOBODY Jean, we decide how we will move forward, the future is not written into the akash, we are creating it.

          • Jean says:

            Ines, at this moment in time, I’m simply going to release your statement with a brief comment. We are all involved in a process, and clearly we are in a battle for humanity. Wars/battles seldom go quite as predicted. I have watched David over the years, and clearly he is growing, but is anyone ever there? I doubt it. We have all seen his ego at work, but does that mean he’s in on this scam? If that is what you mean, I don’t agree. I think it just means he’s still got ego issues . . . and haven’t we all?

            I agree, nobody knows when these changes will occur. The only one who knows about the actual Shift itself is Mother Earth, and she isn’t talking. I gave up listening to channelers a long time ago. I agree that humanity is now creating this shift. If people will read Chapter 14, they will see when and how it was given back into our hands. . . . or should I say our consciousness, and clearly our consciousness hasn’t risen high enough yet for anything to happen. It is not possible to force a rise in consciousness. It is what it is. . . Hugs, ~Jean


          • Jane says:

            I wish I had not been so silly as to believe at one time in channelled messages, I now do not bother with most, and sometimes allow myself a read, just to get a boost, even though I know its probably pie in the sky , spirit is so far removed from this dimension, oh yes we get told we in 4, upper 4, 5, it is so ridiculous! and DEAR ONES, that really annoys me! you fluffy ones have no clue as to how difficult it is in the physical , and being told we love you does not make any difference either.

          • Jean says:

            Jane, I used to hang on those channeled messages, but I moved on. . . and it looks like you are, too. It’s all a part of the process of learning to discern. If we hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have been able to walk away. . . and you are right, that lovey-dovey business doesn’t really work, because it’s all about us learning to love ourselves. . . that’s probably the toughest one I encountered. . . you’re getting there, like all of us, bit-by-bit . . . Many hugs, ~Jean

          • Jane says:

            Thank you Jean, I think self love, should read self acceptance, because loving the self confuses a lot of people, and we never love ourselves in the way we love say a husband, wife, friend , sibling, parent, so not sure where this self love thing started, I think accepting ourselves is easier to take on board:)

          • Jean says:

            Jane, what I’ve discovered is that, indeed, we should love ourselves the way we love others, but the cabal has made that a very foreign idea to all of us through our religious teachings. Accepting that we are worthy of the love that we so readily give others is a tough, tough walk . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • judynz says:

            Ines I become irritated by sanctimonious comments like yours. You admit you have fallen for words of others & been disappointed…BUT YOU LEARNED didn’t you. A process of peeling away the wishful thinking to the realization that while you are on your own there are many learning their own lessons at their own rate of growth. When you came to this site I doubt you met with holier than thou attitudes toward you. While there can be merit in learning a single shot clarity that HEY its all up to me there is for most more merit in a slower peeling to soften the blow.
            Jean whether she realizes this or not is steering us through a process we need. You seem to miss the point about her being very ready to admit to mistakes & rectify these to the best info at a time. She hasn’t even jumped on Neil before it became necessary
            We have experience much togetherness & understanding of our weaknesses on this that encourages learning knowing we are growing together & wont shoot each other down for being wrong. OK so you were right about a couple of things…so are many of us here. If any of us were ever so clever we would have ALL the answers & wouldn’t need to to come to this site perhaps.
            I like an attitude of trust until all avenues are closed because everyone can change. Over centuries we have been divided to be conquered so there hasn’t been much love & trust to go around.
            It is sad that you and others feel the need to be self righteous.

        • Gene Lo says:

          I agree that Wilcock is not likely to be participating in a scam with Keenan. Nor do I think that Ben Fulford is, I think he showed a split some months ago, when he wrote something saying he was beginning to doubt all those exaggerate claims about millions of tonnes of Gold – and he wanted more proof. Keenan does not like to serve up answers, or more evidence when asked. He prefers to give more “Irish wind.” (Apologies to those in Ireland. It is just a figure of speech.)

          • Jane says:

            When you go to reply to another posting, sadly it does not now appear directly above, so I am just chiming in, to the lady who said that KEENAN AND the my words, pseudo irish wind, well he could blow up a hot air balloon the amount of waffle that goes on in a typical video, and one is hard pushed at the end to know what he has said that is informative……. he is a wind bag and nothing else.

  27. Zooey says:

    I said I was going to move on from Keenan’s nonsense once and for all, but I had to say this one more time before the ship left port:

    Jean, you have bigger balls than most men I know.

    You go, Grrl! 😀

  28. GeneLo says:

    Perhaps we are misjudging Neil Keenan and Count Albert. They are NOT in it for the money. No, they are not… They are in it FOR THE OIL – Haha! : “Potential oil and gas, believed to be lying under The Kingdom of Colonia St John, underpins the economic motivation for near future exploration and drilling in this potentially lucrative Kingdom, although the actual quantity available and the technical viability of extracting it are uncertain. China is by far the most optimistic. The Chinese Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry was cited as having found 17.7 billion tons of oil and natural deposits in The Kingdom of Colonia St John compared to the 13 billion tons in Kuwait. If proven, this figure ranks The Kingdom.” source: http://www.colonia.asia/economy.htm

    • Ines says:

      Perhaps they had good intentions and really believed in their effort until they realized they could make more money by doing nothing. Sorry, but many of them started that way, the resistance was too much, the years of fighting was too much, the years of looking over their shoulder was too much and then they get offered a few billion for not having to think anymore. It happens to the best of us. Just a thought. Only Neil knows the truth and we may never know what it was or what it is. I think we are focused too much on “who done it”, I think we lightworkers and truth seekers need to ask ourselves one question: “Is what I am doing going to bring peace?” That is our ultimate goal and unraveling these folks is really distracting us from what we should be doing. Without peace nothing will change, without peace our Cosmic family cannot land, without peace we won’t get help from higher dimensional beings. We need PEACE first, once we have PEACE we can then arrest these buggers and send them off where they belong.

  29. Bill says:

    Impossible to accept what is going on here. You have flipped from deep belief in someone and certainty of their value to tearing at everyone they know. But you were right about Keenan’s immense value. And given Keenan’s undeniable work in helping BRICS get started and in setting up the No Fly Accords, it’s easy to see his direct hits to the Cabal and what he has done speaks volumes of his understanding of the problem and his courage in facing it. You were right before. Something has gone terribly wrong recently and even if you are angry at him or have doubts, it seems only wildly vindictive to keep doing what you are doing now. Your animosity is so apparent and so entirely disconnected from the previous you who has proved so right to have supported him. It’s almost as though that Jean got drugged and is locked in a closet and others are writing this ugly stuff and then responding to it enthusiastically. That’s frankly a more positive view than that someone who one valued him (and was right) should be doing all possible to convince your readers that he is now the devil incarnate. There is nothing spiritual or psychologically healthy in any of this. It’s hatred cloaked in seeming “proof.” Meanwhile, he is doing his work, putting out important warnings about NYC and informing us of things we need to know. I hope you will go back to posting news and help move things forward again.

    • Jean says:

      Where are the No-Fly Accords, Bill? I”m beginning to think we won’t hear another word about them. How did Neil help the BRICS get started? I bet the whole thing quietly disappears. I”m not trying to convince anyone, Bill. Where do you get that idea? Just follow the logic here, which by the way isn’t mine, and don’t lose your head!

      Why would Neil Keenan threaten my life and yet not answer my legal questions? Why would he run a brutal, ugly internet smear campaign on me? I think you need to get very serious about this . . . nothing fits anymore. Nothing!!! EXCEPT THIS!!!

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Amin says:

        As a test, some of the worst criminal political leaders (crime against humanity) in the Asia region, were sent to Neil Keenan. None of them, NONE appeared in the list.

        Those that appeared were admittedly crooks but several levels below these criminal political leaders. The most extensive list are from the US and UK. But then we still see them flying everywhere freely.

        An example of internal inconsistency. George Soros & the Clintons were in the list. Yet Keenan claimed recently, they were in Indonesia in a last ditch effort to snatch the gold.

        Isn’t Indonesia one of the signatory nations in the NO FLY Accord? This one doesn’t seem to fly at all.

        Posted on behalf of the FASEI group.

        • Jean says:

          Please, what is the FASEI group?

          I haven’t heard a word recently about the no-fly zone. Wonder why? Has the idea now been trashed? Isn’t that more important than all the other so-called news we were inundated with in the last ‘update’?


    • judynz says:

      Sorry Bill where you see vindictive I see a willingness to let go what we might like to believe, a keeping up with the new information coming out. We must be able to accept the possibility that there are many with resources to easily us fool us. Without considering ALL that comes our way how can we know & protect ourself from being sucked in once again!
      Looking at & questioning what we come across shouldn’t create a fight among the true searchers, they would welcome the chance to evaluate the information for themselves. Those providing information can have a number of biases & even misguided wishful thinking behind their offerings. The buck stops with each of us it is our responsibility to stop being dependant on others to tell us how to believe & to grow stronger within ourself.

      Constantly I read Jeans words, as a reminder to look at what she has found & to make up our own minds. I wanted to believe in Drake, I felt sure that with what appeared to be his good level of Natural Law knowledge he wouldn’t let us down….& more importantly he would know the consequences of letting himself down. I was wrong. Even when I quit trusting him I continued to listen to him hoping I would be wrong. Those who have proved to have clay feet have served to make stronger & learn touch ALL information lightly & as just that, information. I do not invest my soul, so they cannot crush me. First there was Ben but he lets himself down also. Its certainly looking bad for him. Not because of words jean posts here but because of what they add up to.
      Jean far from claims she has all the answers but the way hosts this site I will guarantee many here have learned to be nicer people from having been here under her influence. The type of person she attracts to her site (generally) is but a reflection of her well intentioned efforts. We are growing together.
      If you cant see what has gone wrong Bill perhaps you are on the wrong site. Others might feed you what you need elsewhere.

  30. Jean says:

    Nifty so, dd. check the photos carefully. 🙂 hugs, ~Jean

    • BeWise says:

      Jean, you finally have realized what I have been trying to say for a long time. Neil was never the answer and the global accounts are not either. It is us humanity, each individual who will bring the solutions our Mother Earth needs.

      It will take compassion, humility, coordination, and unity to get ourselves out of this mess. These are all traits neil lack. I want to thank you for staying steadfast and providing this information to all. It must have been very difficult for you since you so whole heartedly believed in Neil. Now you finally figured out that all you needed to do was believe in yourself. Great work Jean. But the work is far from over.

      • Jean says:

        Yes, it’s been very tough. . . how clever, you can’t imagine. . . but the work IS far from over, I agree. . . it will be lots easier now, though, and hugs, ~Jean

  31. William says:

    This is pretty unbelievable,you basically exposed, disclosed and now disposed of Team Keenan and his illuminati flu lies. You turned off their financial spigot and they are freaking out.All they can do is kick and scream and call names,I never thought they would be reduced to this.Truth is difficult to hide In the cyber age. Bye Neil,crawl back in your hole. Great Work Jean !!

  32. Ilex says:

    1 [ 2 ] Next


    H.E. Mr. Johan S. Syahperi. LLM, Executive Director of EEDC for the Asian Pacific Rim.
    Mr. Syahperi was in charge for the Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1998-2000), In 1973 joint the Ministry of Foreign Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and after completing his basic diplomatic training between 1974-1975, he serves the Ministry as a diplomat since then, He served in his diplomatic assignments to the Indonesian Embassy in Bonn (1978-1983), Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles (1988-1990), Indonesian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva (1990-1992), Indonesian Mission to the European Union in Brussels as the Deputy Chief of Mission/Deputy Ambassador (1995-1997) and served as the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore (2000-2002), He played an active role in number of negotiations under the United Nations aegis in Geneva, London and Rome for subjects on International commodity agreements and International economic cooperation
    H.E. Ambassador of Indonesia F.X. Lopez da Cruz, President of EEDC for the Asian Pacific Rim
    Count Albert S.C.Chiang, Executive Vice-President for the Asian Pacific Rim
    Mr. Thelma Velasco, President of EEDC for Philippines
    Mr. Darwin K.W. Chung, Adviser for EEDC for the Asian Pacific Rim
    Mr. Jun Alblan, Special Adviser of EEDC for Philippines
    Dr. IR. Vincent Radja, Msc, Councillor and Special Adviser of EEDC for Indonesia and the Pacific Rim
    Mr. Alex Aixinjueluo Yuhao, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC for Asia.
    Mr. Jackson Fucha Keqiang, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC for Asia.
    Mr.George Michael McClowry, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC for Pakistan
    Mr. Tran Hung Tan, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC for the Republic of Vietnam
    Ms. Ekaterina Alexeevna Satarina, Trustee and Special Representative EEDC on global basis
    Ms. Gloria Elsa Castro Escobedo, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Javier Lopez Wence, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Mamdouh Radwan, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Mohamed Abou El Ata, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Tamer El Ata, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Ali Al-Maslamani, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC
    Mr. Abdelsalam Abdalla E Salim, Trustee and Special Representative of EEDC


    Captain Sabittoni,Special Airline and Transport Adviser of EEDC
    Mr. Orlando Fernandez, Special Airline and Transport Adviser of EEDC
    Mr. Jaime Mesia Figueroa, Special Airline and Transport Adviser of EEDC
    Mr. Arnold Leonora, Special Airline and Transport Adviser of EEDC
    Mr. Colonel Juan C. Ibañez M., Special Adviser and Trustee of EEDC
    Mr. Vyacheslau Nikolaevich kim, Adviser for Aviation and Air Transport

    Back | 1 [ 2 ] 3 Next

  33. Pingback: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man? | OUT OF THIS WORLDX

  34. Ilex says:

    So, the “new” NWO has already been formed under our noses?

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