From a Reader, M. . . my thanks and hugs, ~Jean

The cartoon below seems to fit with the article I published today called
Why External Programming Mimics Reality.
I wonder if you agree 🙂 ~J


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4 Responses to From a Reader, M. . . my thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  1. These images and “Why External Programming Mimics Reality” remind me of the following from the book “The Devine Matrix” by Gregg Bradon:

    “If we want something to change, we have to break the cycle and give the Matrix something different to reflect. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It may be deceptively simple, since changing the way we see ourselves is probably the most difficult practice that we’ll ever be faced with in our lives. Because of our inner beliefs, we experience in our outer world the grand battle that’s playing out within the hearts and minds of every person alive – the struggle that defines who we believe we are. In the presence of all the reasons not to trust, we’re asked to find a way out of the prison that our fears locks us into.”

    Jean, thanks for helping to wake us up.
    😉 Mike

  2. John says:

    That is a profound Truth

  3. procomptor says:

    Holy cow! This is just perfect and works with your article! But isn’t this exactly the way people are today? They will not wake up to the truth but prefer to go on sleeping with a comfortable lie. Kind of like putting off doing those dirty floors. Well shoot they are only going to be dirty again in a few days so I will do it then!

    The US people (me included) have been living large compared to most places on the planet and simply don’t want to believe it’s time to pay our dues and let others have a peace of the pie. I read Barbara Streisand’s response when asked about Obama where she said “I think he’s doing a good job”. It was as if she hadn’t a clue to what was going on world wide. It is this separation between those with way to much and those without enough that needs to stop. Our system needs to be tore down and rebuilt in all fairness and if anything it is children that should have more than enough ALL children everywhere! Thanks reader M……Love and Blessings…..mike

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