:) :) :) :) :) :) :) Russia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It! Share

I started reading the info/notes from this radio show, noting what was important, but I simply gave up, because every single word/sentence is important. . . Glenn Canady has done a wonderful service. . . ~J

Source: BeforeItsNews
Glenn Canady

Personal from Glen Canady: 

“Learn the Secret to Eternal Life!”


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The following interview by US Intelligence is the most shocking I have ever heard.  Gordon Duff released bombshell after bombshell in this hour and 38 minutes!   The Russians just released some key information about 9/11, ISIS and much more! Never in history have the names of those involved been released that were involved in the attacks.  It includes a person that became the first head of the Department of Homeland Security, a Former Mayor of New York City during 9/11 and the Police Commissioner of New York City during 9/11!   Most of you are smart enough to either know whose these people are or can Google to see who I’m talking about.  Since Gordon did not actually name them I’m not going to name them either but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

BeforeItsNews is getting a world exclusive on this information because the guys at VeteransToday haven’t even had time yet to get out one of their great articles on what was discussed.  So you’re getting this information first on BIN and I ask ALL of you to share this article and give it the exposure it deserves today!  Share to ALL social media, email lists, Facebook walls, Facebook Groups, Twitter (tell them to RETWEET) and all social networks!  Below this video I have put some bullet point notes of just some of the topics discussed!  There were so many shocking reveals in this one that it’s going to blow your mind!  There’s a grand jury in Houston, Texas on much of the things discussed here.  So if you want to see the world wake up to 9/11 then get this article and video out everywhere!  Only US Intel (VeteransToday.com) is putting out the truth on 9/11.  Their information is being censroed on all mainstream media and fake alternative media (tip of the spear people).

Gordon Duff Reveals Huge Russian and US Intelligence On Who Did 9/11 and Much More!  Listen to the entire interview.  The micro nuke information and 9/11 begins around the 32:00 minute mark but huge information is at the beginning too!   Don’t miss any of it!

The following are some of my notes from this interview.  So much was covered, this is only part of it!

[The explanation of why DailyKos took down the VT story on Lee Wanta.] Gordon covers how Daily Kos is a piece of garbage media operation that is trying to cover up the murder plot by Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist that was broken right here on BIN!  Daily Kos said that US Intelligence made it all up!  Gordon challenges everybody to match the voices for themselves and challenges everybody to get the word out on this HUGE story! All the fakes in alternative media (tip of spear people) have censored it!

Sundquist who was just caught on tape plotting murder said he’s going to head the Republican party!

VeteransToday now has more nuclear weapons designers on staff as writers and technical advisers than the country of Iran!  Gordon reveals he runs the largest worldwide intelligence operation in the world and was in charge of security for Leo Wanta after President H.W. Bush put him in prison and stole the money meant for the American people.  $27 Trillion!  By the way, the tip of the spear person in alternative media still lies and says Lee Wanta is “as real as the Easter Bunny”.  Remember all lies come from satan!  These fakes in alternative media also keep telling eerybody to get thieir information from Drudge when US Intel has already revealed Drudge is an Israeli agent working for the same people that nuked our towers on 9/11!   This word must get out!

The war in Ukraine is now officially a nuclear war!  VT sent photos of the strike on the factory in Donetsk and their initial analysis says it was a Lance missile that is only used by Israel and was designed to carry a micro nuke.  A nuclear weapon might have also been used in Lugansk.

Russians are very upset at what has happened in Ukraine and to retaliate have released a treasure trove of Intel to Gordon Duff and US Intelligence that confirms and puts together more pieces of the puzzle about 9/11, ISIS and more!  They know that micro nukes were used at 9/11, Oklahoma City, Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, Bali and more locations.  Israel stole the micro nukes from the Pentax facility in Texas with the help of officials in the Dept of Energy who told them the exact ones to steal and gave them highly classified data that allowed them to turn them into viable weapons to replenish Israel’s nuclear weapons.  Victor Bout (Lord of War) helped in the stealing of these weapons.

Gordon discusses project “Able Danger” which began after the IEAE put out a report that declared a micro nuke was used to take down the federal building in Oklahoma City.  The fertilizer bomb did nothing!

Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad asset used to blackmail Clinton into stopping the investigation of Oklahoma City and the micronuke used there.

Gordon released the shocking information about the attack on the pentagon on 9/11.  A US Tomahawk missile was used on the Pentagon and it was done to murder the US Navy investigators (Able Danger) looking into the theft of $2 Trillion from the Pentagon and missing nukes.  They called an emergency meeting of this team and put them into a conference room and then hit that room with the cruise missile killing 35 out of 50 of the investigators!  It was murder!

Lt. Col Anthony Shaeffer who got on Fox News with Judge Napolitano only put a tiny bit of truth about Able Danger on Fox News and has now attached himself to Alex Jones where he is not putting out all the truth about Able Danger only a highly sanitized version!  Shaeffer is involved with a shadowy think tank.

Able Danger investigated terror cells created from the CIA, Israeli Mossad and Saudi Intelligence.  These rogue groups operated terror cells inside the US and called themselves Al-Qaeda!

Able Danger also investigated the theft of US Nuclear weapons perhaps with the aid of the Director of the Dept of Energy, the prime minister of Israel and the prime minister of South Africa!

Reports that Russians sent to US Intelligence show the people that planned 9/11 attack to stop the Able Danger investigations.

ISIS is run by the same group that did 9/11.  This group is run out of Cuba and controls members of Congress with bribes, prostitution, gambling money from Las Vegas and Macau.  They launder their cash through Mitt Romney’s Bain capital and use Cuba as their playground.  US Intelligence has videos of all of them!   They know who they are!;

1st Director of the Department of Homeland Security was the head of Alqaeda now ISIS!  Assisting him was a US Attorney who handled all of the 9/11 investigations.

US Intel has an indication of a present nuclear threat against the US!

The police commissioner of NYC during 9/11 is involved in the 9/11 attack.  He took possession of the Israelis caught trying to bomb one of the tunnels and let them go and they were never seen again!

There were business leaders in Manhattan that were protected on 9/11.  Warren Buffet called select business leaders and CEO’s of key firms in the World Trade Centers to a golf game he put on!   These leaders never went to the golf game though, they went to a secure Air Force base to ride out the attack!

The fertilizer plant that blew up in Texas was one of the locations where the stolen nuclear weapons went through.  They blew up the plant to cover their tracks!

Obama was informed about payoffs to people in US Congress and others over 9/11 by US Intel and has seized those bank accounts shutting off their bribe money!   This is GOOD news!

People now know who controls ISIS and because of US Intel’s work!  Their plan was to seize all of the oil in the middle east, drop the price of the oil to break Russia and then control it all!   That’s not going to be allowed to happen now.

During 9/11 Israeli teams planted jammers in high rises all over NYC.  These jammers stopped the radios from working for the Fire and Police.  Those jammers were recovered and are now in evidence at the grand jury in Houston!

One Israeli group trying to bomb the George Washington bridge was released to an FBI agent.  But the FBI agent was really a Mossad agent that was authorized to carry FBI ID!  He let them go!

Israeli teams were going to blow up the Holland and Lincoln tunnel.  One was caught when they turned around from a police road block.

9/11 was a big pay day ($9 billion) and was done to kill as many enemies as possible.  Then they made sure to put in people so that investigations would never be done!

$20 million bribes were given to hundreds of people to keep them quiet about 9/11.  Obama has now cut these people off from their cash due to US Intel!

US Intel asks all patriots to get this information out because it’s being censored by all mainstream media and all fake alternative media (tip of the spear types).

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44 Responses to :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Russia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It! Share

  1. Will Munny says:

    Paul at Project Avalon did a nice summary of the program for those with bandwidth issues:


    I have prepared some (rough) notes from this show, with timestamps:


    Scotland and its independence referendum (Duff is a Scott)


    The Daily Kos, Leo Wanta, and 27 trillion $US.


    Veterans Today nuclear weapon expertise


    Ukraine accuses Russia of nuking factory near Donetsk, Ukraine. Duff suspects Israel of using Lance tactical missile.


    Russian response to above, Edward Snowden brought the “kingdom” with him to Russia; his highest classified leaks are not made public.


    Duff got first portion of DOE report from Russia on June 4 saying WTC destroyed with nuclear materials stolen from Pentax nuclear facility in Amarillo, Texas, US. A brother of George Herbert Walker Bush (would be Prescott Bush) as well as arms dealer Viktor Bout and Israelie government responsible for theft.


    Able Danger was an investigation began after IEAE cited Murrah Bldg (Oklahoma) bombing as event where small nuke was used. Similar nuke bombing at Khobar Towers. Russians just sent doc to Duff. Able Danger started by Clinton admin to investigate that bombing.


    Monica Lewinski was a Mossad agent put into Whitehouse to blackmail Clinton, to stop Abel Danger investigation.

    (My addition: Matt Drudge, who made his fame by breaking the Lewinski story, was perhaps also an Israeli asset. — Paul.)

    Investigation run by John O’Neill (FBI) and Roland Carnaby. Both of them are now dead, under suspicious circumstances. Investigation had office in Pentagon – the office that was hit on 9/11 (by a Tomahawk, not a Granite), killing half the investigators, who had been called for a meeting there, the day after Rumsfeld had announced the $2.3 Trillion Pentagon missing money they were investigating.


    The real Abel Danger was called to investigate a group which called themselves al-Qaeda, formed from elements of (1) the CIA, (2) the Israelie intelligence and (3) the Saudi intelligence.


    Investigation of Abel Danger investigated theft of nuclear materials, using critical information from a high ranking member of DOE, an Israelie agent, Victor Bunt, a brother of Bush, the Prime Minister of Israel and the Prime Minister of South Africa, directly involved in nuclear theft.


    The report they “sent me” (Duff). Lists those who planned the WTC destruction also to stop Abel Danger. DOE supplying key info on nuclear pitts going to Pantax, as to which could be remanufactured, and which not.


    350 pits were taken, to rebuild Israelie nuclear arsenal


    after Israelie Dimona nuclear reactor crashed, sometime between 1988 and 1994.


    Only way Israel could choose pitts was with help of high level DOE mole to tell them which to take.


    Group controls Congressman, runs blackmail org out of Cuba, prostitution, money laundering, … Director of DHS (head of the “real” al-Qaeda), US attorney assisting him, …


    ISIS creation of exact same US/Israel group we’re talking about, al-Qaeda, run by same people.

    John asks: US Public not reacting to beheadings sufficiently; are we being setup?


    We have indication there is nuclear threat against US


    Ukraine war went nuclear, Kiev says it did. Mistake when US started to call them ISIS, not al-Qaeda. DHS head, attorney, mayor of New York City, police commissioner of New York City, prime ministers of South Africa and Israel. (Not listed in doc of 9/11 planners: Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld).


    Office of Pentagon contained small Abel Danger group investigating theft of nuclear material. 35 out of 50 killed, when called in for emergency general staff meeting, along with John O’Neil. Also General Meyer, Chief of Staff.


    Some CEO’s that worked in the WTC towers were protected on 9/11 by being invited to private golf outing sponsored by Warren Buffet. (actually they were kept on a plane, not on golf course.)


    Grand Jury in Houston Texas still seated has piles of witness testimony on theft of nuclear weapons, in witness protection.


    Obama blocking money laundering of the payoffs of these 9/11 people and theft of Wanta money (most dangerous thing Obama has done.)


    Israelie teams around NYC on 9/11 being watched by FBI. Some being investigated for smuggling nukes into US. Explosives planted on NYC bridges and tunnels.


    Electronic jammers of 9/11 police/fire emergency radios planted by Israelies; two jammers were recovered, now in Houston Texas.


    Israelie teams that tried to take GW bridge arrested, then released.


    Thanks Snowden and various Russian Intel agencies. Much we found out confirmed what we learned over these years


    9/11 big big payday, killing off and blackmailing as many enemies as possible plus $7 billion pay day, insurance fraud, plus control of any follow up investigations. Put in place key planners of 9/11 to control all the key follow up organizations handling the investigations of 9/11. Many gov and congress people got $20 million payoffs sitting in Cayman island, just cut off by Obama.

  2. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    I haven’t reviewed this video except 3.25mins from 32mark forward, but the information in this article is so “serious” (or I should say beyond earth shattering) esp. for those who do not have a clue.
    Am I the only one who is wondering why if there is a Grand Jury – in Houston about many topics discussed in video? Why isn’t this Grand-Jury being telecast so that the American Peoples can see this unfold for themselves with real time transparency? And why Houston of all places, lots of cronies live there???
    Why if there is so much detailed “Intel” about all of these crimes, who did what, when, where, etc. not only about 9-11 but “Intel” going back to Oklahoma City — Q. What the HECK, where are our “White-Hats” these “persons guilty of ALL Crimes against the U.S. & Humanity” need to be arrested NOW, and the American & Global Public needs to be made aware of this “evil filth” NOW. Why give the criminals time to slink away…surely they read V.T. or have someone do it for them.

    If much of what is revealed here is true why are we hearing about it in drips & drabs? But yet the CRIME is continuing because the general public doesn’t know about its existence due to the Corporate Media Criminals. Q. How much more suffering do the peoples have to withstand before they are made aware of this “tremendous evil”??? I don’t want to wait for another VT or BIN post to get the “facts” about this never ending hell on earth that we are all experiencing.
    This is B.S. Mr. Duff & Friends (i.e. Intel Community, to include Mr. Snowden as he was mentioned to have the Keys to the Kingdom) need to ALL come together working in concert with the “Good-guys” behind the scenes to EXPOSE ALL this Truth NOW!!!!! (Because we know they must have the ability to override the satellites and BROADCAST this to the public, esp. since Mr. President is said to be a good-guy & he’s got executive privileges.) Arrest these criminals, televise this “horrendous evil” let’s get this out into the light of day. What are we waiting for????
    Sorry Jean & Friends, I prayed for patience today but boy this article hit my “irrational button”.
    Searching for Serenity now in Peace,

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, I think you must listen . . . the notes don’t put anything into context. As far as the Jury in Houston, do you really think it is legit? Do you think we’re supposed to hear about it? There is a lot there that we don’t know and that they can’t say, but I do think most of it is very ‘real’ . . . IMO . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Maggie says:

      I just found that much of this information has been out for a long time. I was unaware of the Houston and Cuba topics…… and the amount of money people are being offered for their silence. I cannot take this conversation seriously at this point without some type of proof. Give us some evidence, Duff, in what you are saying. Back it up.

  3. GeneLo says:

    Or maybe we can defeat the Bad Guys, by sending them our Love
    >see: http://tinyurl.com/Acore-Love

  4. Jean says:

    Thanks, and I agree about Houston! Hugs,~Jean

  5. ksense says:

    Before It’s News….. religious fanaticism at its best.

  6. WJ says:

    With respect this ‘us intel’ reeks of ‘false flag’ or is as naive as it presents itself.
    Just imagine Obama seazing the bank accounts of those who were bribed??? but fails to prosecute same or publicly reveal their evil deeds. Not likely, unless of course they just used the opportunity to reclaim those bribes for themselves, or for use to bribe others? The report above whilst making a lot of noise reveals little that was not already generally known. And Obama is certainly not one of your ‘good’ guys.

  7. Nine says:


    Plausible denieability comes from folks who post on the internet from the folks that are the source and that is Mr. Duff and Veterans today.
    This man clokes his disclousiers in Christian fundimentalism and of course I can see how the fundies have screwed america…

    Is this bad? Not at all but beware these fundies will corrupt every thing if allowed….

    If I were you dearest Jean If one wants to read VT just post VT articles not filtered through a fundie nut case….just saying…

    Yes this is positive and so I can post the same with out the “christian fundie” BS….

    Before its news is a disinfo site IMO and what do I know….

    There are few sites on the net that report any truth….and your site?

    I quite reading many sites for disinformation and of course what do I know….

    You report much but censor much also as is your right and I am about done with most of the so called “truth” web sites out there and just ready to go it alone.

    And so alone I came into this world and so alone I will go out of it….as it were and hopefully not….


  8. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    This is the extant of the occupation of America. It is brutal and sad and so many do not care what so ever as long as “business” is good.

    Take a look at the chambers of congress all over America and that is under full Israel occupation.

    They steal the best from our brightest and send it all to Israel and then tell us that if you even say a peep about it you are an anti Semite….

    I was at my local cycling ride this past week and the subject of Lance Armstrong came up and so did the subject of 9/11 and our pack of traitors that run this country….

    I was called a conspiracy nut yet I pointed out how all of my dear cycling pals got hosed by Lance and his bunch and of course none would dare call that a conspiracy and my response to them was simply just shut the fuck up…..just shut the fuck up and it was a moment….

    We have as Americans been humiliated and subjected to the worst occupation in World History and not a shot was fired on our streets and so I would ask where is our dear Military?

    Do you not see our homelands humiliation?

    The kicker of all of this is that it was paid for by the American people. I paid for this humiliation by a foreign power.

    There is hope. Lance Armstrong went down and the Bush clan threw him under the bus.
    My cycling pals have little to say about this and business comes before shame I suppose in America.

    Just be quiet and make some money….fock that….

    Listen to American cycling hero Greg Lemond and I know this man and he is the real deal….

    Lance Armstrong is a symbol of a crime conspiracy that got outed big time and the symbol of a man that will face the full prosecution of the law by the department of justice….

    I have hope for my country as this case progresses….

    I apologize for my rant but I think that you might understand….

    And if you have time watch this….

    Greg Lemond winning the ’89 tour by 8 seconds and some call this the greatest come back of all time in sports…

    Thanks dear Jean for this post…


  9. OldMan says:

    Fear Porn with allusions to “the ‘real’ truth”. “Lewinsky was a Mossad asset” did it for me. Sheesh. Clinton, like all Presidents after Kennedy, would not have needed any “incentive” to NOT tell the truth. The NWO agenda has been business as usual for over 50 years. Face facts. It is a well thought-out plan. To counter it, we need “the ‘real’ truth”, not more allusions.

    • Gene Lo says:

      Yes. Here’s the NWO from 50 years ago, for those who may have missed it:

      The entire NWO Agenda was recorded… back in 1969.
      Dr Lawrence Dunegan attended a Talk by illuminati doctor, Richard Day, where he told (very accurately!) what the other doctors in the room should expect in the social and medical agenda for the decades to come. The message was chilling to Dunegan, and he later made notes, about what he heard. This video is based on those notes, which were converted to an audio recording 20 years later.
      This was read from an article carried here:

  10. Ilex says:

    Hmmmm Lot’s of disclosure and lots of disinfo these days… I am not even going to guess what is what above.

  11. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    Two excerpts that caught my eye:

    **Obama was informed about payoffs to people in US Congress and others over 9/11 by US Intel and has seized those bank accounts shutting off their bribe money! This is GOOD news!**

    **9/11 was a big pay day ($9 billion) and was done to kill as many enemies as possible. Then they made sure to put in people so that investigations would never be done!

    $20 million bribes were given to hundreds of people to keep them quiet about 9/11. Obama has now cut these people off from their cash due to US Intel!**

    There’s so much going on it’s really getting hard to sort out the “good” vs ‘bad guys”. Some sources are saying the current Syrian air strikes are the positive military against the rogue (ISIS) military.

    I’m finding the best way to surf these waters now is (1) Stay out of fear and (2) So you can then detach emotionally and go into observer mode. This, of course, is not the same as being a passive victim.

  12. esskumar says:

    Certainly a great story which deserves to be shared widely. The problem is: the believers will believe it any way and skeptics will dismiss it as just talk. The smoking gun has to have a tangible feel to it: like Snowden’s documents complete with NSA logo, date and time and other self-authenticating features. What Gordon says -and has been saying for quite some time- has a self-consistent feel to it and has sufficient technical detail for any one to examine its merit for himself. What it could do with is AUTHORITY: a stamp and seal on a document printed on an official letterhead like Snowden provided.
    This is necessary for persuasion and it has to do with how we, as human beings, are constructed. Robert Cialdini has written an extremely readable and well-researched book: “Influence: The psychology of persuasion”
    He discusses 6 principles that govern how human beings take decisions in practice: such as whether to believe Gordon Duff’s story: (see http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/six-principles-influence.htm). Authority is one of these six principles:
    ” Authority
    We feel a sense of duty or obligation to people in positions of authority. This is why advertisers of pharmaceutical products employ doctors to front their campaigns, and why most of us will do most things that our manager requests.
    Job titles, uniforms, and even accessories like cars or gadgets can lend an air of authority, and can persuade us to accept what these people say.”
    The problem is not whether what Gordon Duff is telling is TRUTH – I am persuaded that he is telling the truth! The problem is what most people would be persuaded to accept as TRUTH. The cabal has EXPERTS who get their pay for getting people to accept their story as the truth – they have studied Robert Cialdini’s book by heart! Incidentally, a pdf version of that book is available on the net somewhere. Freedom lovers would do well to read this book and learn what they are not doing properly to get their views accepted.

  13. My goodness that’s a lot of exclamation points. Still, it’s nice to see a summary of what we all know. What is a tip of the spear type of person? The first thing that came to mind was someone’s head on a pike. Oddly-placed phrases there in the writeup… Probably nothing though.

  14. Maggie says:

    I want to see the videos from Cuba.

  15. Sheila says:

    “Obama has now cut these people off from their cash due US Intel.” One question, does this mean he has broken free of the puppeteers pulling his strings? If that really were the case, seems like the 1st thing he would do would be to stop the airstrikes

    • pat says:

      totally agree–something stinks about the way this story characterizes Obama as a White Knight-i DO KNOW FOR A FACT that he HATES Bush senior–but at the same time–that might be because he is “house boy” to Poppy Bush.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yeah,… something smells fishy about this story. Yes,… there might be real facts & real intel in there,… but other stuff, like the O thing doesn’t add up. I still don’t believe that anyone would do bad (or evil) things masquerading as a good guy. I don’t believe in giving anyone immunity for committing crimes in order to catch any bad guy, or to even infiltrate a bunch of them. This very same mentality & ideology gives our law enforcement agencies the ability to literally commit crimes & get away w/ them – all the way to the bank. This is very powerful. This gives them the ability to operate & get away w/ murder (& everything else) w/o ever being caught or scrutinized by anyone. If no one is watching those that are watching,… this is what opens the gates to “corruption”. This is why all gov’s & their law enforcing agencies around the world are so corrupt today. So, by “all” of their actions, the apparently “bad” guys are still working on their own. Representation in this supposed Republic hasn’t been for a very long time. It is time to “audit” the “watchers”,… & fix things “right”.

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      It has been more than a dozen years since 911, so is he confiscating all the money that the perps have received since then or is he cutting off ‘any more money’?
      There is a lot to be questioned. News folks,I have noticed, imbed lies they believe that we have already accepted into their ‘new’ intel. Do these go unnoticed? Not to me, they stand out and irritate me and then I can’t accept the rest of the report.

  16. Will Munny says:

    Great stuff. I have sensed Gordon Duff was building up to something big lately. VT has been dropping huge bombs of intel the last couple months, raising the bar incrementally. This is a big increment!

    Keep the pressure on the bad guys. Keeping spreading this info, folks!

  17. Todd says:

    So finally some of the ‘possible’ details are coming out. Unless this path is continued, we may never know the whole truth. Now is the time for justice, mercy, and forgiveness. Why you may ask? Because if we seek vengeance, we are no better than the perpetrators. We need to ‘BE’ of the higher vibrations. Bringing this into the full light of Love is the only way to heal. Those responsible will feel the wrath of their own guilt, and that will be more punishment than we can dole out.

    Hugs, Todd.

    • pat says:

      Todd-get a grip on reality–these people of the dark side service to self are psychopaths–they HAVE NO CONSCIENCE…no guilt…and they WILL keep going until someone(s) stop them. How do you think they managed to win all the world wars–and WWII?-they just moved to the usa,inc. and kept rolling–project paperclip indeed. They do NEED to be dealt with and not in a way that reduces the rest of us to their level–but don’t count on guilt stopping them–that is absurd…and love does not conquer all on this level—the more you love a psychopath, the more they think they have won. I divorced a psychopath who told me flat out “you can’t divorce me–you LOVE me–you HAVE to put up with my abuse”….and he had a triumphant evil gotcha look on his face as he said it. See they think “love” equates to “stupid”. I just responded that some people for one’s own safety, you just have to love from a distance–a BIG distance…and that IMO is what is needed here. A trip to the Central Sun for re-processing is what is called for for these guys, they are NOT ABLE to be rehabilitated.

  18. Bill says:

    Some time back – 3 or 4 years, someone posted a comparison pair of vids of WT 7 and a similar building that was a planned demolition – the two were identical! That video didn’t last 2 days on the web and I can’t find any trace of it using any search engine. At least 3 US government agencies are acutely aware of who, what and why of 9/11 and the managing directors of those that have lied to us for 13 years should all pay the ultimate price!

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