Kevin Annett Update: ICLCJ common law court site attacked, under reconstruction

The site was down yesterday, but it is functioning today. . . ~J

ITCCS Notice 2 October, 2014

The main website for the Information Agency of The International Common Law Court of Justice – – was attacked and destroyed several days ago, and efforts are now under way to reconstruct and safeguard it. Our information suggests that this attack came out of a hacker operation funded out of the Vatican City.
Please stand by for further updates.

ITCCS Central Office Communique

Kevin Annett

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8 Responses to Kevin Annett Update: ICLCJ common law court site attacked, under reconstruction

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  2. Candace says:

    I have no problem with CT sites trying to give forth truth. The one issue I have with Kevin Arnett is that his websites have no power and I have rarely found anything with proof. I have no doubt there are dark things going on and such as what happened in Canada is true… but he has no “legal power” and a lot of people think he does…

    • Jean says:

      Candace, you are right. . . he has no power to enforce the verdicts, but that time is rapidly coming. Without his work, it is very likely that we would have no idea of the atrocities that have been and are being committed. . . We must begin somewhere, and he has made an incredible beginning. . . everything is now in place, and the ability to enforce these verdicts will soon be here . . . when enough people awaken 🙂 . . . and more and more are doing so every day 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  4. Hegelian says:

    Run, Spot, Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, Spot, Run!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no where to run Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 22:03 GMT UK time account for main court in Brusells was suspended. This may well be the start of David Cameron’s plan to shut down truth websites as being extremist and linked to terrorism! let’s hope it was the vatican doing and it will be back up and running soon.

  6. procomptor says:

    Like a wounded animal striking out the Catholic church continues to lie, distort reality and behave like the criminals they truly are. It is no longer a case of muscle being needed by the guilty but rather diplomacy yet they cling to the same ignorance and arrogance that landed them in the place they sit today!

    It has always struck me as puzzling that the guilty always give away their hand out of shear ignorance due to mostly anger. Instead of trying a different path they seem locked into a perpetual loop of evil decay and this ignorance is their final undoing! Evil relies on mite out of lies not intelligence out of cunning as it was in more ancient times. I have to believe they have simply become complacent over the years from lack of being questioned about their affairs!

    Love and blessings from divine light that has obviously blinded whats left of evil…..mike

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