Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man – Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part One

Bradley’s work is enlightening, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with what he is saying, I think the information it contains is a MUST. It is just one more ‘real’ truth we need to understand in order to bring down this false world in which we are living.  He is developing a Series, and I’ve already had a good look at the next two parts. Please stay tuned for them, because they offer us all some vital information.  . . . ~J

The Great “CON” of man is not found within some secret society, or cleverly hidden inside of a picture, as many would have you believe. Instead, it is the CON that is hidden within just one tiny word – CONSENT

To explains how this works, notice that “Con” means a negative!

Pro is positive and con is negative. Thus the words: pros and cons.

Following this idea a little more deeply, we get words in the English language like: Contrary, Contraband, Control, Condescending, Convoluted, Con-man, and finally Consent, standing just beside its evil twin – Contract.

These words, and many more like them, are all parts of the Great CON of man, which has certainly led to his downfall. Allow me to explain.

Cosmic Law states that all SOULS when originally created were given complete free will by their CREATOR. It also states that no created SOUL has more free will than any other created soul.

PRIME CREATOR, the original CREATOR of SOULS, enforces every one of HIS COSMIC LAWS to the letter! Thusly, those who trespass on HIS Cosmic Laws, get “spanked” by the “universal justice system” — in a very unpleasant way. This fact is very well known by those that work with Cosmic Law.

So then, if this is true, how can life on Planet Earth look the way that it does? Surely it seems that there is NO justice here at all.  Well, to find out, buckle up your seat belts please…, keep your arms and legs inside this page at all times, and don’t quit reading until you get to the very end!

Two of the most misunderstood words that exist in our entire “world” are: contract, and consent. They are misunderstood because they do not mean what we think they mean, and they are used in ways that most could barely fathom.

What if I was to say that these concepts that the words describe, just happen to be the main line “operating system” of the occult world’s two biggest CONS!

Many enlightened people, myself included, do not really like to use contracts if it can be avoided! Now WHY would I ever say that? The truth of the matter is quite simple, really. The reason that enlightened people do not like to use contracts when inter-acting with others is that Contracts are in matter of fact: Magic Spells!

As I pointed out earlier, the word CON, defines a negative. Therefore, a contract, is a negative way to place restrictions and a “limit” on another living human beings options and choices, shrinking down their domain of FREE WILL, and then “supernaturally” BINDING them to that limit, by getting a signature from them, which is the “mark” of their consent to that super natural binding!

Let me repeat that. A signature (signet) is the “Mark” of your consent to a supernatural binding! Your signature is the biblical “mark of the beast”, because it imprisons and enslaves the one who uses it in a way they don’t understand. (See definition below)

signet. [sig-nit]


1. a small seal, as on a finger ring.

2. a small official seal for legal documents, contracts, etc.

3. an impression made by or as if by a signet.

Most magic spells work on levels that are non-physical. Those men and women that are operating behind the scenes on the world stage are in truth Practicing Black Occult Magicians!

Some call them the CABAL, and others call them the Illuminati. Whatever they are called, they are very well trained in such matters and know much about this type of Esoteric knowledge, which was taught in the mystery schools as a form of dark magic!

Most human beings can not see the elemental level, but the Elementals (invisible beings just outside our frequency range) support language, word communication, and do all sorts of things to hold up the fabric of physical reality which (if one were to understand it deeply) is a MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM!

Within this unseen frequency range there are also very negative beings who are “used” by Dark Occultists to magically enforce agreements or contracts, so that those that enter them become quite powerless — and more or less enslaved.

So then, there is a super natural side to every contract! Didn’t know that, did you?

As I’ve said, ALL contracts are magic spells and are serious tools of the dark magic masters! The only real purpose of a contract – the hidden or occult purpose – is to LIMIT and BIND the one who enters into it. Contracts are dark tools because their main purpose besides limiting and binding is to REMOVE FREE WILL, which is a unique and sacred gift of Prime Creator.

Free will is a powerful and mystical STRENGTH. It is like the power of Hercules. It is a healing salve for any obstacle you bump into and an immediate cure for any misfortune.

Those who HATE Prime Creator, hate his gift of free will. In the Synagogues of SATAN, FREE WILL is the main target of all of their ritualistic machinations.

However, under Cosmic Law, because it was given to YOU, it can NEVER be taken from you — except IF you willing give it away!

Enter now both CONTRACT, and CONSENT. Two evil twins which make up the dark CON of man!

How could the dark forces ever defeat such a formidable “super being” known as the Infinite and Immortal SOUL, endowed with the HERCULEAN super power of FREE WILL which is actually a both a shield of protection, and a direct line to the Creator Himself?

This one problem must have kept the Dark Magicians up for many sleepless nights! However, for anyone who wishes to BIND and TIE UP all of the completely beautiful and loving soul creations – GODS own children, they must first Defeat and subdue the greatest power there is, FREEWILL.

Fast-forward to where we are today: many mindless and robotic humans are running to sell, sign away, or give away both their freedoms and FREEWILL, somehow thinking they don’t “need” them. The Dark Wizards are literally giddy with delight. Think, for instance, about all of the men and women lining up to enter the Military today, where they “contract” by signet, and freely “consent” to give up the right to make any decisions for themselves. With FREEWILL seemingly gone, then other people can “order” that soul into battle and even to its physical death. Wow! — that soul just lost everything, including what was a most precious gift – life itself.

So then, those human beings who do sign contracts, enter into a dark and binding magic spell of their own free will. Thus, Prime Creator, who oversees Cosmic Justice, canNOT punish those who have cast the spell, or save you from the spell itself, because YOUR free will was not actually taken from you. YOU GAVE IT AWAY by choice. (It may have been tricked from you, but that is another issue to discuss a little later.) The main thing to know right now is that by signing any contract, you give consent to being magically bound in a way you never imagined!

Let’s investigate how this works.

In all contracts, (on the elemental level), which is actually a real frequency or vibratory level, there is WORD MAGIC taking place. There are vibrations and symbols used that actually hinder beings from going against what they agreed to when they entered into the spell/contract.

How many of us realize the sacred geometry of our alphabet? How many of us understand that placing certain words and phrases in a specific order causes sacred geometry to occur? Hands please?

Well you see, you’d need to be a Black Occult Magician to understand this wouldn’t you? But certainly those elites at the very top of the World’s Control Structure would never use such tricks on the entire population — or would they?

There are many ways to describe this phenom, but those who use it, call it “word magic”, or “babble” (babel from the ancient Babylon) and the Lawyers who support the “super natural” dark magic of contracts by working with them, simply call it: Legalese.

It is very doubtful that ANY lawyer can claim that “deep down” they don’t know what’s happening here. They may write contracts, and they likely negotiate contracts daily.

They KNOW the specific words to use because they’ve been taught how to write contracts and make them “iron clad” and legally impossible to get out of. They KNOW which special words carry double and even triple meanings, and that the arrangement of the words can be both deceptive and confusing to the reader, which is why they use them.

Now, IF the intent of the contract was NOT to bind, limit, and reduce the signer into having no other choices, why would the words, “I’ve got an Iron clad contract with him” exist? Think about it.

Most Lawyers know in their hearts that certain people will be harmed by entering into a contract they’ve designed, and they even talk amongst themselves about legalese, but sadly, because they think this is all normal (they’ve been told that its normal in Law School), they don’t stop to think that perhaps they are participating in DARK MAGIC, and helping Wizards to perform magic spells that bind others’ FREEWILL.

Since most Lawyers are many steps removed from the World’s Top Magicians, they don’t really understand that these tools are for a much darker purpose than they realize. Still, they must feel in their gut that what they are doing to others with certain contracts is, at times, harmful. Yet, they simply ignore their conscience when it talks to them, because the money they get paid to assist in performing MAGIC SPELLS is very tempting. (NOW you understand why Lawyers get paid so well).

All right. Where could the magic of contracts, and the giving away of consent, which suddenly seems so dastardly, have come from?

It goes way back in history to a time no one remembers. A time when human beings lived freely before the fall and the great CON of man took hold of the Earth. The truth is, though, that there has always been a dark force of malevolent beings who feed like vampires off of others. Where these beings actually come from is only speculation; however, they live in frequencies WE DO NOT SEE with our own eyes.

Others, who are more attuned, CAN see them, and those who desire their support and service (DARK MAGICIANS) even make deals with them!

These beings are a parasite of the mind, or a mind “infection”, that first infected reptiles, and used them as hosts or servants in order to create havoc and disharmony, which the parasites then feed off of. These lower emotions are what they use as food.

Next, they began to infect humans, because humans had a far greater range of potential emotions for their use. Those humans who actively worship Satan are deeply infected with this parasite of the mind. Some call the parasite the Archons, or the Shadow Beings, some call them Demons or Flyers, and others Djinn!

(See part TWO – coming soon)

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42 Responses to Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man – Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part One

  1. Contracts do not remove free will because… They must be created by voluntary agreement (see requirements below, which come from Common law and possibly in UCC), you can revoke your consent to any commercial agreement within 72 hours of signing (Still got to look up the source of that, which is likely UCC), and in any situation where harm (Injury, loss, detriment. Blacks Law and is caused to one against their will, there MUST be ‘remedy’, or a contract/agreement without remedy becomes void (dishonored: See UCC 3-501 to 505, and note that UCC/Uniform Commercial Code is the Global code for contracts/commercial agreements, which most or all states adopt into their statutes… and statutes are not ‘law’, because they are made by the will of legislature and do not treat all humans equally as ‘laws’ must do.

    This however seems very true: “In the Synagogues of SATAN, FREE WILL is the main target of all of their ritualistic machinations.”

    The way in which this is done is ‘tacit consent’, ‘Acquiescence’, ‘implied consent’, ‘presumptions’, ‘inferred consent’, all of which dont meet the requirements for ‘consent’, as stated below. When you ‘accept’ a ‘benefit’ you also ‘assume’ the ‘liability’ or ‘obligation’, so that when you accept a ‘federal benefit’ you then become ‘subject’ to federal laws/codes, etc…. BUT, as a ‘sovereign’ (opposite of ‘subject’ or ‘subordinate’, one who is not subordinate to any other), you dont need to ‘obey’ anyone but only to prevent yourself from infringing on the equal rights of others. When we sign documents with the ALL CAPS NAME we consent to become surety/collateral for a portion of the national debt (I get much more into this on my facebook pages, below). That is why you must put ‘all rights reserved’ when signing such things, and maybe ‘under duress’ or ‘under protest’ if that is allowable (like not for plea agreements, but yes for those things forced upon you), so that you dont waive any rights except in writing explicitly.

    Without contracts (i.e. oaths), We the People would not have the only real remedy (check and balance) that exists for us to ‘administrate’ our public servants…
    I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said: “Bind them to their oaths”…
    ALL public servants are bound by oath to support and defend the US, and state constitution for state servants. Contract law overrides all others because of the nature of valid ‘consent’, and waivers of rights. (Note: ‘Rights’ are derived from reason and logic, created/granted by God/our creator, and secured by the unwritten laws [Common law=Court rulings not based on written laws, but reason and logic only. Equity law=Fairness, equality], as well as the written laws [Constitution, US Codes, State Statutes, etc.].
    When the constitutionality of an amendment is challenged, common and equity law will be used to decide the matter, so the order of laws is:
    1) Contract law (CONSENT, requires: A] full disclosure of all terms and conditions, B] knowing, intentional, voluntary agreement, C] equal consideration {Both sides feel they get a fair deal}, D] at least two ‘wet ink’ signatures to prove a ‘meeting of minds’, E] legal age, F] sound mind, etc….)…
    2) Equity Law (Will be used in court rulings to decide what is fair and logical)…
    3) Common law (Court rulings not based on written law, but only logic and reason, cause and effect, what is harmful or beneficial)…
    4) Constitutional law (‘the supreme Law of the Land’ in America),
    5) US Codes…
    6) State Constitution(s)…
    7) State statutes…
    8) City codes/ordinances…
    9) Traditions (what people normally do, not written law).

    Of course US Supreme courts can define the US Constitution, but are bound by it, making them almost equal to it… and State Supreme Courts define the state constitution and what violates it, so they likewise are almost equal to their state constitutions, which they are also bound by.

    SO, the only way that we have to defeat the corruption in our law and govt. is to hold our public servants to their oaths, to know how to reserve our rights (to avoid implied consent), withdrawal our consent (previous implied consent, agreements done under duress, protest, or coercion, etc.), how to claim our Birth Certificate/Treasury Direct Account/Strawman (Trademark the ALL CAPS NAME), how to claim ourselves as the ‘beneficiary’ of the account when our name is called in court… how to use the Notary Dishonor process to have public servants removed from office for oath violations and have a lien placed on ones assets when they harmed us against our will (The only true crime)… using ‘administrative remedies’ like ‘Presumptive Letters’… etc….

    That, and we have to know and look up the actual meanings of words used in contracts, courts, etc., as ‘legalese’ CERTAINLY IS ‘word magic’, without any doubt. Black magic is using deception to gain in a way that harms others against their will… whereas white magic is using the unseen to benefit people (this is a recent conclusion of mine).

    I am learning all this, and sharing all I learn for free here..

  2. Aron says:

    This Is a List of all the definitions of words in maritime admirality law

  3. We says:

    Great stuff Bradley – the words (etymology) blasts my hair back

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  5. yvonjana says:

    This is so true, we are all bind with contracts without understand what we do actually with all those contracts.

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  9. ed says:

    Dear Jean and Bradley Loves,
    I am thankful and grateful to you both for these powerful series which are very important for us to become aware of the insidious games played on us. Your Declaration as well as these series should be distributed widely.

    You are my “shining star” and you are awakening some many people. Thank you

    I send you lots of love and hugs.

    • Jean says:

      Ed, thank you for these words. I/we are trying our best, as are all my readers who contribute here . . . Lots of hugs back to you 🙂 ~Jean

    • Jimmy Satva says:

      Well Done Team, we all need to raise our vibration, revoke contracts. The Galactic Historian has revocation contracts and statements, several types.

      It is suggested that we jumped the timeline as the Crono Viewers and remote viewers had Wash DC under 100 feet of water in 2013. DID NOT HAPPEN… in 2012 Dec they tried to FIRE UP the HALDON Collider in Suiss it FAILED to start up.

      Have Faith, keep awakening We are Winning as they can’t get any traction anymore.

      Stay up to date with Alfred Webre, and his youtube channel

      Surround your property and home with ORGONITE or ORGON if you have not heard of it look it up.

      The lowest cost stuff is here:

      You can make your own orgonite just google
      make your own orgonite

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  11. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    Powerful ‘wise-up’ series by Bradley Loves: The Great ‘CON’ of man is the ‘CON’ hidden in just one word – CONsent

  12. This article was written by retired U.S. Judge Dale for the purpose of exposing the fraudulent and illegal system. It shows us how to out of courts as a defendant.

  13. Paul Graham says:

    OMG! This is utterly incredible! Bradley, do u have a website? Ru planning to write a book explaining this in greater detail? This has blown me away. Ur last reply where u give us a sneak preview of Chapter 4 and we are taught the sacred geometric alphabet and “spelling” and “casting”. This is mind blowing! Maybe that’s what we need especially me. A deconstruction of everything I was ever told in regards to the English language. I really would love to understand this in far greater detail with regards to the alphabet and what it is that we’ve unconsciously been locked into, so that I can get myself out of it and be freed. It seems to me that what ur saying is that we have all been put under a great black magicians spell and the magician does not have our goodness at heart one bit. Wait to u hear this. I am a CONtracts Manager in the CONstruction Industry. I definitely need ur help mate to get me deCONstructed and back to the point of taking back my own free will. Absolutely loved ur essay. Long may they keep coming and please please, if u have website or books, please let us know the details. I would very much like to read and understand all about this language spell we have been put under. It’s incredible! Scottish Paul.

    • Jean says:

      Be sure to read all Eleven Chapters . . .I’ve just published Eleven today! Yes, it is mind-blowing! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Paul Graham says:

        Jean, don’t worry I will. I’ve even copied all the links into one email to make it easy to read then move onto next one sequentially so to speak. Plus I enjoy reading the comments. U can get some great websites from other peoples comments. Keep up the good work Jean. Loads of hugs. Scottish Paul.

    • Bradley says:

      Unlocking the magic of language is both a blessing and a curse.
      I can give you the secret to it all, but how will you use it? Do you understand why the illuminati tells this stuff to no one? Understanding this stuff will grant the knower tremendous power. Are you ready to use it only for good? It is the gateway into the magical realms.
      Do you desire to become helpful in setting others free, or a magician that writes better contracts?
      With great knowledge comes responsibility.

      • Paul Graham says:

        Hi Bradley,
        I’m not interested in to coin a phrase from Star Wars “join the Dark side of the force”. I only want to learn about it and use for good and desire to learn about it and help others aswell as myself become free. Ur last line reminds me of Yoda in Star Wars.



      • Paul Graham says:

        Hi Bradley,
        I’ve re-read my post this morning now that its posted and which I did around midnight last night my time here in the Middle East. I apologise because it does not come over as intended.
        U asked do I desire to become helpful in settign others free or a magician that writes better contracts? I just want to tell u that my only desire is for me and others reading ur essays to join together and try to set the whole World free. I was hoping with ur guidance and knowledge of this subject that myself and others who are keen to learn can make a positive difference in time for this wonderful planet and the 99% who I believe are humans of good intent. I include myself as one out of the billions who are of the 99% good intent. 🙂 🙂
        Please disregard my previous reply.


        • Bradley says:


          I am laboring over your request.

          Knowledge in the wrong hands can be harmful. I am not necessarily speaking about you.
          Too much of the advanced knowledge being revealed during these end times is being gathered and collected by agents who come from the 1970’s, and 80’s.

          Try to think back to that time and consider the careless way in which agents simply just grabbed what they could for their bosses to get a bigger paycheck, without stopping to think that perhaps handing over powerful intel might someday really harm humanity.

          According to Andy Basaigo, countless truckloads of Intel was being ferried backward in time. When he was a kid.
          It is actually easy to see now why the breakaway civilization is 10,000 years ahead of the rest of us.
          A credible source told Kerry Cassidy that for every year that goes by one, the breakaway civilization leaps forward 1,000 years.
          I wrote a book in 2005 PDF only, that I am sure was taken back in time and caused much suffering to humanity because it explained very advanced scientific concepts.

          So the real question is, does publishing even a portion of this information help humanity to move forward, or would it help only a few persons, but give lots of negative brings a chance to do bad things.

          You may not know this, but the biggest supporters of global secrecy are the spies and agents. Do you know why? Because intelligence is MONEY to them. One secret is worth a pail of gold. That’s why they love secrecy so much. They, buy, sell, and trade in intelligence secrets, with each other.
          Many, many have become double and triple agents, because they no longer care about humanity…, or the country they live in, just about how much money a certain piece of Intel is worth if they can sell it.
          Now add this to the idea that these same guys are traveling in time and gathering intelligence, and bringing it back FOR SALE. It boggles the mind.
          I talked to Jean, and asked her advice about sharing more on this, and she felt more information at this time may be too much.
          So I’m wondering.
          You seem to be the only reader who was interested in learning the basics of word magic.
          Perhaps it is exactly because you write contracts that you understand how powerful this stuff is.
          The stuff that I know, is the kind of stuff Hitler would have given his left arm for.

          • Paul Graham says:

            Hi Bradley,
            I’m genuinely interested in this. It sounds a fascinating subject. If I may, can I ask that we speak privately? My personal email is
            Jean, could u be kind enough to give my email to Bradley and not post this reply to ur blog, but, ask Bradley if he and I can email in private. He can send me an email and that way we can chat.
            Bradley, ru from UK? I’m Scottish, but, working in Middle East for over 15 years now. I’m coming back for 2 weeks rotational leave and then head back. If ur amiable to my idea and assuming u live in England, we could have a chat over Skype and then leave u to make ur mind up about me. Regards, Paul.

  14. Chewybees says:

    I really like this, and it totally jibes with much of the patterns of reading, writing and thinking I have been engaged in of late.

    One thing I am certain of, is that there is no valid contract that can exist between a living being and a corporate fiction, for example a man and government. This is because “government” is a made up thing written down on paper by men that only want to convince others that “government” is not only real, it is necessary. The reasoning behind this is to steal labor value from the living.

    A valid contract with a corporate fiction can no longer exist in reality than a contract between any of us, and lets say our driveway, for example. Sure, any of us can go ahead and hold contract with our driveway, but if we walked away and never spoke of it again, what could the corpus driveway do about it? The only reason that the corporate fiction (corpus, meaning dead) known as government is capable of keeping such a scam in play is that it expends huge sums of the labor value of its citizenry to advertise its own necessity, it conjures up fear factors that coerce the citizenry to believe it is necessary, and it is fully willing to engage the citizenry with force if any number of them decide to balk at the universal (divine) dictate of government. These conditions exist because the actors called governors and officers can only maintain their authority and mastery if a majority of the people profess (with force of their own) that indeed they do.

    My point regarding contracts is that despite the perpetual presumption from government that we all are indentured based on signing a tax return or having a social security number or registering to vote etc., is a complete fallacy. Contract cannot exist between the living and the dead unless the living give it life. Therefore all of their presumed contracts they thrust upon us as if they owned us are total bull, and they know it.

    The number one fraud: con-stitution. How many people actually believe that social contract conjured up by men long dead is a divine right for a governmental apparatus to place ownership over everything?

    I’ll stop here, but before I do let me make one thing clear to those reading this and those who are not, for and of the record: I am not your property.

  15. Kieron says:

    Much gratitude. I’m devouring all this with relish because it ties so many loose threads together for me. And did anyone notice that the name of one of the first forms of money, the shekel, resembles the English word shackle? Can’t be a coincidence.

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  18. bewareofserco says:

    I can only echo the praise given to this writer by others. Bradley clearly has done his research and has gained a great understanding of the “real” truth. Bravo.

    Unfortunately, despite reading Bradley’s wisdom, the length and breadth of the CON perpetrated against humanity is so incredible, extensive and all encompassing that many will still choose the false comfort of denial and fall for all the cabal/corporate mind-control cons regardless.

    Sadly, I think it would take an entire library to spell out ‘exactly’ what has been done to us, so four articles is never going to do this subject matter justice. Four articles will not even register as a tiny scratch on the tip of the iceberg, but it will be an excellent introduction for those who are ready to receive, I’m sure.

  19. Tracy says:

    Question: Since it’s election time, and if we would like to “cast-our-vote” to negate bad juju; would you offer a suggestion how one might “negate” any request for signature. I have read that if one were to use “U.C.C. 1-308, without prejudice” after your name this will negate any “known or unknown” contract that one may be entering. What are your thoughts. Question #2 would you kindly offer a credible resource for “Cosmic Laws”; I searched this tonight and there are many references…..where to start with the truth??
    Thank you, I enjoyed this article and your thoughts and I look forward to further installments.
    P.S. Rev, I’m going to look into the Oxford English Dictionary as a resource for the “written/spoken” word usage. 🙂

    • Bradley says:

      I do have a response to your questions, however, can only answer them after you read Part Four. This will help your understanding. Jean, bless her, has been having some trouble getting the other installments posted due to a difference in our computer fonts, but has Parts 2, 3, and 4 ready to go. Hopefully they will be posted soon. Jean has also been going through a lot of physical issues and needs to rest a lot.

  20. Well. BEAUTIFUL! Now there is NO excuse for the Rest of the World to “Just Not Know”.

    FWIW this utterly masterful exposition on the Use of Language, as presented thus far, is PRECISELY the grade and depth of material that was lovingly provided to YT by a certain semi-retired Naval Intelligence man as “Old Wolf” (“The Cabbie Rabbi” to a few others), back about Gulf War One/Bush the First’s day. In the dead of night with our mortal enemies circling our urban post-industrial basement stronghold in the dead of night, no less. In that aeon, all this was a True Craft Secret – severe group-based social and spiritual penalties for any “revealing”, back then – but the Aeon is changed anew and all prior “secrets” are swarming out of their boxen, too many too fast to keep up with… All in the Great Plan per Lawful Cause-and-Effect’s immutable workings.

    First-encounterers: From here on out, access to the Oxford English Dictionary in any form available will provide full depth to the comprehension of ANY Key Word as-presented here. It is really a Book of Language History, you see. (Free advice; take it for what it’s worth; costs one NOTHING – exactly unlike the OED unless someone gifts one with the books or finds an ISO on the P2P networks… SOMEONE Out There just MIGHT have DONE that(!). Stranger things have “happened” in this world, so DO keep them lovin’ ole Spiritual Arms open to Receive, if that Needed Book is Desired per True Will…)

    Jean, given only that the prime tenets of this installment are not abrogated in the parts that are forthcoming, this Old Turtle expects that those who “EAT the Little Book” thus presented (“Internalization”, I think it’s called these days) shall reliably come into their full-functional and -operational own right here on Earth – and move several steps farther toward re-establishing actual Heaven on Earth – right accurate and plenty quick. This is the Hearty Meal from Heaven! Only to note Exactly Once that the concept, “bitter in the belly though sweet on the tongue” applies throughout. The Revelation Man of Patmos (if that be who it really was) ain’t kiddin’ on that point.

    SO glad to see THIS one taken-up by another! Takes a great load off my own heart and mind… YT was slow-composing similar text – had been for about a year, while the basic elements of Common Law emerged to this forum – but “losing” the Cosmic Publishing Race to Friend Loves is no loss in any sense. The timing is right and here it is! Rejoicing is. 😉

    Thanks again and again for all you have done for this top-down language-crippled “Engwish”-speaking+thinking culture, Ma’am. This material is the best of the best – clearly from one of the BEST through the blog of ANOTHER such. Sheer transparently brilliant NON-Faulty Intelligence, all up and down the Line! It is already field-proved to sustain life when meticulously and diligently applied.

    So yes, the as-presented degree of precision in English-language thinking and speech IS the Right Stuff. For my own part, I have honed this very skill-set for thirty-odd years; best get crackin’ to catch up, Beloveds… {teehee} 😉 Let us therefore forthwith just all take up, turn to and so apply. 🙂

    Just might make It to the Next Level with these tools, hm. Maybe even beyond…! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

    • Bradley says:

      Blessed are truth tellers in this age!
      No matter WHAT the cost, the rewards are soon to be seen.

      • As one senior Santerian friend and occasional mentor, 25 years later, would often put it: “Some things are worth more than any money – even any gold.” No words more true, imvho, have ever been spoken. AFAIAC, any perceived “cost” is always best reviewed in the Light of that core concept.

        Veering off-topic now: Advanced thinking? Mere commonplace common sense for many billions; only maybe 200 or so (mostly hereditary, white and blonde, dd to note; not Semitic in any sense) who pose as being “In Charge” in this world and being of a certain “double-minded” (ie possessed) persuasion just do flat refuse to Get It and behave accordingly. These odd-parsed humanoid creatures seem to think that they can pick-and-choose discrete elements of the Babylonian/Talmudic ethos to suit their own greed (oh yes and lust too; hence the child-trafficking, Satanic ritual murders, secret interconnected Funny Handshake affiliations etc) with NO regard for ANYONE else’s well-being.

        So the children are systematically robbed, every generation a little less well-off than the prior… Emphatically as the result of an ongoing inhuman Business Plan and NOT by any stretch any “Ridiculous Pernicious Conspiracy Theory”. Merely business-as-aberrantly-usual, is all…

        Evidence? The centuries-long and consistently violence-enforced utter ABSENCE of the very thing that kept the ancient (and much-reviled in the day, then as even now) Babylonian Imperial Economy ticking along like a masterfully engineered and perfectly-crafted timepiece: The Economic JUBILEE, wherein all debts were forgiven and no such credit-contracts executed for a full yea with said Debt Relief Holiday taking place by cultural Tradition. Babylonian Jubilee was evidently semi-regular albeit generally at the whim of the King; Jubilee per Torah, apparently derived therefrom with certain actual improvements, was Scripturally mandated to take place every fiftieth years. Then someone Forgot Something… Then forgot Something More… And started ENFORCING it.

        But what of that? Rothschild wants the MONEY… Always been that way with that pseudo-Semitic ‘n’Stand clear of the Toppling Towers! ‘WAY too blonde little clique. Gold-blind… Sad, really. Won’t last much longer; that mammon-mad ‘n’ murderous Money Club is by now quite overdue for a disbanding and subsequent long nap, more and more now agree every day.

        The Day approaches. Stand clear of the Toppling Towers! Prepare to occupy Abandoned Spaces. Keep an eye on the Language Usage; adjust relations accordingly. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

      • Light I AM says:

        Brilliant, Succinct and YES, I AM Seeing the Writing on the Wall…The Cosmos does indeed, Reward Thinking!

  21. translimits says:

    Jean, I think this man’s works are a “Must read” for they reveal “The Matrix” machinations in a very real way. I can hardly wait for his next installments. As a student of Linguistics myself, he is spot on in his etimology. I’d like to see what he has to say about the word “Con-cept”, which he does use without tagging that one word. I could take a stab but would welcome his thought on it…

    Thanks, Jean, for always presenting ‘the best of the best’ in making us think “Beyond The Con Game!”…

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you for your vindication! And from a linguist ! For your pleasure, here is a small preview of the beginning of Part 4 of the series.

      The Great CON of Man

      Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Four

      By: Bradley Loves

      Think about this.

      When human children first go to school, they are taught the alphabet,
      (letters of sacred geometry), and then taught how to “SPELL”, using that geometry. Can this be accidental?

      They are taught the correct “spelling” of certain words (to make sure that the geometry of the letters is arranged for the most beneficial effect), and then taught to “CAST” that spelling into sentences, phrases, and ideas which will later entrap their minds, by using those spellings.

      Is this too simple to understand? “Word Magic”, is taught to everyone, and only the higher adepts learn how to defend themselves from its constant use.

      Advanced races, those NOT enslaved, use telepathy for communication. They telepathically “project” ideas into your mind, not words. Word Magic, “speech” is reserved for races who are enslaved to other beings, since the the use of sound vibration, and sacred geometry, used incorrectly could most certainly entrap them….

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