The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Two and Three, by Bradley Loves

For those who have interest in the ‘real’ truth, I think this information is essential. Since there are several more of Bradley’s articles in this series, I want to get the information out to you for you to read at your leisure. Please, I ask that you don’t get caught up in the chaos and pass this by, because it is far more important than the chaotic headlines that now are coming our way.

Thanks and hugs to both Bradley and to you, my readers, for all you are doing to help get the truth out. Daily I wonder if they will take me offline . . . ~Jean

A few hundred thousand years ago, Some Reptilian/Human hybrids, known as the Anunnaki, came to the Earth, and gave certain living human beings a special DNA upgrade!

Sadly, they lied to them. It was actually a downgrade, and a process which began to disconnect their natural connection to the Great Cosmic Intelligence. Far later on, after that Cosmic Connection was mostly lost, they then gave those severely limited humans the: Ancient Law of Contracts. A system that we on Earth still use today.

The real purpose of giving them the Law of Contracts was to create a “safety bypass” to get around Cosmic Law, and make certain they did not take a hit from the Universal Justice System for what they planned to do next to these severely disconnected humans!

Remember, NO ONE can take your FREEWILL from you…, you must give it up willingly, or those players who make the mistake of over-stepping Cosmic Law are in very deep doodoo with Prime Creator.

Thus, a device (the CONTRACT) is necessary to have in place, in order to both record and to facilitate all of the billions and trillions of “limits” and “bindings” that unsuspecting individuals are actually “consenting” to.

Real nice of those Anunnaki, eh?

These Reptilian/Human Hybrids, who were/are Ancient, have been around for millions of years, and they are Masters at MIND CONTROL! They are the “original” Black Magicians, who taught in the mystery schools the art of Dark Magic. As stated, their best magic tool is the “contract”, and it is being used to control all of the people on Earth to this very day.

Getting back to their Master Plan – Why would they absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the contract in place on the Earth? Well, you see, their goal was and is to ENSLAVE human beings for eternity, and to keep them both as slave laborers and pets, and finally, to use them as a food source. (Both physically and energetically).

However this “type” of plan is directly opposed to Cosmic Law. And, opposed to Prime Creator HIMSELF! If done incorrectly, it means PUNISHMENT of a kind that could barely be described. So then, what to do?

A long term plan was set up, ( a very long term plan ) in the thousands of years, that would first “disconnect” a small group of human souls from the Cosmic Intelligence. Then, they would be freely allowed to breed, and then finally, at the appropriate moment,  to either kill off, or buy off, any other humans living on the Earth who still had a sacred connection to the Cosmic Intelligence. The after result would be that ANY newly incarnating souls upon the Planet would HAVE to use the “discombobulated” human body to incarnate into, (because there were no others available). This type of body was both limited in its ability to connect to the higher frequency, and was also VERY susceptible to mind control. (Which the Anunnaki were quite good at).

Again, these guys were real fun to hang out with – I’m sure.

Adam, was actually the first man created who (by genetic Alteration) was able to survive the fully discombobulated human body, as opposed to the partially discombobulated human body, that the Atlantean’s were using.

His creators, the Reptilian/Human Hybrids, were quite fond of Adam and were glad that he had survived the process of disconnecting almost all of the DNA strands that made up the normal Universal Human form. Once his genetic Matrix was established, a mate was made for him using his own DNA and flesh.

Afterward, many hundreds more were made, and they all lived in the care of the Hybrids who, it just so happens, had a “god complex” and were quite looking forward to being worshipped and adored by their new pets.

Sadly, Adam’s mate (after speaking with one of the Genesis Scientists), a Hybrid named Enki, and whose symbol was the serpent, was told that they had been genetically created, and that their so-called gods were not really “gods” at all, (He felt sorry for the humans). She ran immediately to tell this to Adam, and soon the whole group was suddenly not “adoring” their Anunnaki creators any longer. (I mean, would you?)

So, all of the pets (now that they’re totally ruined) get banished by the main Reptile Hybrid named Enlil, and are forced out of what was most likely a very advanced civilization, and out into the cold, hard wilderness, to survive on their own. (Not very nice “gods” are they?)

According to Z. Sitchen, the city that they were banished from was named “E.din” (Sumerian spelling) , and was located at the bottom of current day Iraq.

This final genetic alteration to the current human body form was done AFTER the fall of Atlantis, sometime between 13,000 years ago, and the beginning of the Sumerian Civilization which started about 7,000 years ago. So this final (purely genetic) alteration probably occurred (I’m speculating here) between 9,500 BC to let’s say about 5,000 BC.

There had been many other genetic alterations done to Humans before, (some of they actually helpful), but none so profound, and none so debilitating as the final one.

Back to the MASTER PLAN of the Black Occult Magicians.

So then, IF they are/were truly going to Enslave the human race for eternity, (and manage to get away with it) they needed to do it very carefully, and at EVERY STEP of the process, must get the humans themselves to both ASK FOR, and CONSENT TO, their enslavement. (Thus, Prime Creator, can’t get involved) – (or so they thought).

HMMM, dastardly, I’ll grant you, but that does not sound simple to me.

I mean – who in their “right mind” would would consent to such a thing?

Fast Forward to the present, and look around. The Great CON of man is now in full swing.

If one looks closely, what dark and magical tools, do you see being used by those humans who are currently running the World?

Contract and Consent!

But the use of both contract and consent goes far deeper, and is far more subtle than most of you who are reading this could ever have guessed or even imagined. The level of enslavement (mostly still hidden) is both appalling and breathtaking in its scope. Few, if any, realize how they, themselves, are aiding and abetting in their own eternal enslavement, by helping the Dark Wizards.

To understand just where the enslavement of mankind stands, we first need to look at the Vatican, which is one faction of the New World Order.

I was raised in a Catholic tradition…, so let me tell you about the particular magic spells that little children are subjected to in that Church.


Baptism is a magic spell!  It is a Coven-ant. The word Coven, refers to witches and warlocks. They always group in Covens. A coven-ant therefore is an agreement one makes with a Coven.

This particular agreement [Covenant (contract) ], called Baptism, promises the Body, the Mind, and the Soul of a new born child to the Coven, by way of the “Consenting” agreement of the parents. See the three helpful Definitions below.

COVENANT [kuhv-uh-nuh nt]


1. an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.

2. Law. an incidental clause in such an agreement.

3. Ecclesiastical. a solemn agreement.

4. The “conditional promises” made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture.

5. Law. a formal agreement of legal validity, especially one under seal.

an early English form of action in suits involving sealed contracts.

COVEN [kuhv-uh n, koh-vuh n]


1. an assembly of witches, especially a group of thirteen.


1. a suffix forming adjectives and nouns (pleasant; constant; servant) and productive in English on this model; -ant, has the general sense of being “characterized by, or serving in the capacity of” that named by the stem.

So from the Dictionary Definitions above, the word covenant means:

” that which is characterized, or serving in the capacity of a coven “, and is ” an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons.”

So, then a Covenant, IS by definition of the word Covenant, AND, the words: Coven plus -ant, an agreement with a Coven.


Another magic spell. At 12, the age of speaking for one’s own self, the church must reaffirm its magical hold on your soul, or spirit, by re-gaining “Consent” – you have to ask for it – to their Coven. This must come from you personally, since your parents will soon not be able to speak for you. So, they “re-Confirm” the agreement ( contract) that your parents originally made, but this time, they get YOU to “consent” (contract), to the Coven personally. Thus, the word conformation, or (confirmation).

[What you’ve just done is “agree” to your own enslavement.]

HMMM, maybe it’s more simple than I earlier thought.

Now, for those of you who will rush to defend the “Church”, and may find fault with these definitions and say: “…these things described are ‘sacraments’, they are not ‘covenants’ “.

Okay then, for those people, kindly see this definition below. Skipping all of the purely “religious” and Dogmatic meanings of the word, and getting down to the basic meaning of it originally, we end up at the 6th level down definition which is:

sacrament [sak-ruh-muh nt]


1. Skipped

2. Skipped

3. Skipped

4. Skipped

5. Skipped

6. an oath; solemn pledge, or agreement.

Further more, if one gets into the origin of the word, one finds this.

1150-1200; Middle English < Medieval Latin: sacrāmentum – obligation, oath, Late Latin: mystery, rite, equivalent to Latin sacrā (re) to devote + -mentum -men

So, in this case, the word sacrament, originally meant: obligation (debt) or oath around the 1100’s AD, and only LATER changed to reflect the idea it was a mysterious, or religious rite!

Just to be perfectly clear, whether the operative device is a Sacrament, or a Covenant, these things are still “agreements” which are: CONTRACTS! And “why” would anyone NEED to make a contract with Prime Creator?

In Baptism (baph-o-met-ism)

The parents are the ones who promise the child’s soul over to the Church. Thus, they are promising the child’s eternal soul to a black magic Coven…(unknowingly) of course, which is why those “archon infected” reptiles and humans, (Annunaki and their minions), who are currently operating the worlds governmental systems, (and are skilled black magicians) can LEGALLY claim us as their property!

In this way, free will has not been thwarted, and Prime Creator (Source) can not get involved. WHY? You gave your consent to being enslaved through CONTRACT.

Now, I’m going to repeat this again. Maybe it will make more sense to you as we go along. These dastardly beings must…, they literally must, have your consent on record in order to DO ANYTHING to you. Period.

If you refuse to consent, (by using your FREEWILL) they are dead in the water, and they KNOW that!

If you’ve ever happened across any of the writings of Judge Dale, a retired Federal Court Judge, he states quite emphatically that ALL Judges get their Authority from the Vatican, not the USA Corporate Government.

Here is a link to his e-book, The Great American Adventure.

Judge Dale also states that the Vatican, through a treaty with Britain somewhere in the distant past, acquired all of Britons assets, and future holdings forever, which is why the USA Corporation, falls directly under Vatican control. This control, is naturally not overt, but quite secret and covert! Thus, the Vatican claims to own the whole Earth, and all the people living on it, which includes your bodies and minds, (things they see as tangible)

The only sticky part in their Master Plan of Human Enslavement, is how to get you to give over to them your SOUL. Which, without your agreement, they can’t get.

At the very top level, according to Judge Dale, all judges know that their power is magical, and that IF they overstep the boundary line even just a little bit, and do anything to you without your consent, Prime Creator would immediately have their neck in a sling.

Thus, Judge Dale says in his writings that no one EVER goes to jail without their consent obtained first. How that consent is gotten from you, is the both the dastardly trick and the spell!


Many of the “top level” elites controlling world affairs on our planet, have also been infected with the same mind parasites that the Reptilian/Human Hybrids/Anunnaki were, and still ARE infected with. These “soulless” parasites are very careful in their dealings with other humans.

A) Because they don’t wish to be discovered

B) They know that there is a limit to what they can and can’t do before taking a huge hit from Prime Creator.

How, and why do these “mind parasites” who we can’t even see, and who don’t really even have [human] bodies, know that overstepping the boundary might get them obliterated?

They know it, because they’ve tried it before on other planets. This is the biggest problem for them in using their human hosts to gain control of the Earth. They know for a fact that they can’t just take it, or The REAL GOD, Prime Creator would destroy them instantly. They can only get it “if” the SOULS that Prime Creator made, Give it to them freely.

HMMM, very sneaky.

So how does THAT happen? Easier than you think.

Certain individuals will just stupidly sell their soul (in contract), signed in blood, to the reptilian and human controllers of the world, (who use Satanism as their magical cover) for silly things like…, uh, money and fame and power! (Enslavement achieved!)

Thus, you have Hollywood, and many of the movie Stars, and many of the Music Artists who get tremendous amounts of money and fame very quickly, just for signing the Contract, and promising their souls to the parasitical entities.

These entities (which are discarnate spirits) can and sometimes do actually enter into and take control of the physical bodies of those who have given their consent.

However, eventually the debt must be paid, and thus we get all of the suspicious Hollywood and Musical deaths and suicides that are far too common in those industries. Now, we are even seeing Bankers “suicided” by the dozens, and one must wonder if “they too” are paying up the “contract” they made with demonic forces.

For those who are less shallow, and can not be so easily bought with trinkets, money, or fame, there are other tricks, and RELIGION is the biggest.

Ever since Babylon, Religion has been using Coven-ants to Bind people’s SOULS from leaving the Earth after physical death.., and forcing them into endlessly re-incarnating here, to serve those parasitical beings who feed off of human feelings and human emotions.

Why would a loving GOD, Prime Creator ever allow such a thing to occur?

He does NOT allow it, those that are enslaved using FREEWILL to CHOOSE it.

FREE WILL is a very tricky proposition, and the Human hosts of these parasites know every little in and out about which rules they can exploit BEFORE taking a huge hit from GOD, the REAL GOD.

For instance, (getting back to the writings of Judge Dale), When you go into a Court Room, you are entering into a Magic Show. The Judge, (who wears Black on purpose) does so to show you that he or she practices Black Magic. It is the symbol required by Cosmic Law, or they would be in deep doodoo!

Priests also wear black to show you they practice black magic…it is required. And so, even under their colorful robes at mass, they are wearing black underneath.

Judges (according) to Judge Dale, are in fact High Priests. They obtain MAGICAL AUTHORITY from both contracts and spells. If you don’t know exactly…, word for word, what to say to them, you will place yourself under their authority by your own consent, by inadvertently “contracting” for something you don’t want.

That you don’t know this, or have never been told this, is by design.

You are not supposed to know what to say in court, so that they can trick you into giving them your consent to their authority (which really does not exist).

The whole court appearance is nothing more than a dog and pony show designed to get ONE THING from you while you are there. Your Signature (Signet), and your CONSENT.

Yes, and certainly they will use intimidation, but many who end up there spent their lives watching sporting events on TV, and not in educating themselves about what is going on, so by their choices to not read anything, they are now in trouble!

Back to the Master Plan,

Remember, those mind parasites who are living inside those “human hosts” that run the world have one goal…, to get your SOUL, and to steal the Earth from the humans who live here.

And again, recapping old territory, how exactly they can get our consent to the whole “program” without giving it all away, is their biggest problem.

Humans may be stupid.., but we’re not THAT stupid. If the ENTIRE plan were laid out in plain sight, where everyone could see it, most would immediately stop consenting.

HMMM, even more dastardly tactics are needed.

Thus, very cleverly, they created a legal fiction, that represents You, and could consent for you, if you did not. This legal fiction is called: the Strawman, or the Legal Name, or the ALL CAPS name, or what I like to call: the fake name.

Now follow me on this since it’s VERY important. Because the Strawman is a “governmentally created fictional entity”- your actual name written in all capital letters – then the government legally OWNS that entity that they created!

YOU don’t own it or control it…, it’s NOT yours, and Never will be, BECAUSE IT ISN’T YOU!

Cosmic Law states that whatever you create is yours! The Black Occult Magicians running things, know this. The magic trick, or the spell, they are casting, is to get you to believe that the fake name that they created, and that they own, is YOU!

This is an Ancient CON, called bait and switch.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Powers that Be, have placed the fake name (ALL CAPS) into every part of your life, and baited you into using it, (by your consent).

The magic here is very subtle, but here’s how it works. Since you are using the fake name all the time, then you must be “agreeing” (super exaggerated – Dr. Evil – Air Quotes added here for emphasis ) that the fake name is actually you. But wait, I’ve told you that the government owns that fake name! So then, by their logic, and your consent, the government must OWN YOU TOO!

Is this too simple an example? Let’s try another.

Remember, This is dark magic!

By “agreeing” (super exaggerated Air quotes) to use a fictional name that the government created (a name that is not yours) although it is similar (ALL CAPITALIZED), you are then agreeing to BE that name.  But wait…, that name is a fiction. So…, then – you must be agreeing (by using that name) to BE A FICTION by your consent.

Admiralty courts are corporate courts (basically every court in the entire world). They only deal with corporations and fictions. How is it possible then, that they can even have you (a living and breathing real actual human) in the court room legally?

They can’t. But…, Oh wait…, that’s right, you agreed to be a fiction.

So their claim, even before you say a word, is that you are NOT REAL!

Now we are really getting into the world of weird and weirder. These people who run the world are not THIS crazy…, are they?

If you’ve watched the television lately, and listened to what any of these world leaders say, can you agree that they’re INSANE?

So naturally, in their psychopathic, insane, and parasitically infested mind, YOU are only a fiction, and are not really there!

They’re killing real people with their wars, they are killing fictions!

“Unless” (air quotes) you tell them that you are NOT the fake name, AND you tell them that you are a real living being, and that they don’t have any authority over you…, which they don’t.

However, know that before you speak, they are both “assuming”, and “presuming” you are not real. When you do speak up, Don’t be surprised if they use every means of intimidation to get you to back down.

These Judges (many who are in the know) are not in this business to just let you go free. Sadly, here again, for the money, they’ve sold out, and are consenting to the agenda of Global Enslavement.

So, now you know the rest of the story. It’s all dark magic! And YOU are consenting to it daily.


Every time you sign something, you consent.

Every time you use a credit or debit card you consent.

Every time you use a Drivers License you consent.

Every time you use a Passport, you consent.

Every time you fill in paperwork using your Social Security number, you consent. All forms, and paperwork, rentals, and leases, insurances are both contracts and consents to BE the fake name.

The only thing you can do, is to “deny” that your name all capitalized is you! Period, end of story, or you are in dire trouble.

If you even breath a possibility that your name all capitalized is you (which it isn’t) then you will be held accountable for every legal statute, state, city and federal law ever written.

Most people don’t know that these laws ONLY APPLY to the very fictional names, that the government created.

So…….., get ready for more Dark Magic………..

What they are doing here, is not limiting us as living beings, OR, even taking away our free will – which they are NOT allowed to do (by Cosmic Law)

Instead – (drum roll for this one) – they are limiting and making laws ONLY for the fake names, which they themselves created and that they legally own, which they can and are allowed to do (without having lightning bolts cast at them), by Cosmic Law.

Truly sick isn’t it?

The TRICK, or the MAGIC SPELL, perpetrated upon the entire population of the planet, is to get every living being to “claim” (of their own free will) to BE that fake name that is owned by the Corporate Governments.

If you do, they can punish you, — by your consent!

Tadaa! And the Magician takes a bow!

Again, the fake name, is the one in ALL CAPS.

Now, very few people know how to deny their fake name.

Here is a website specifically designed for learning how to deny it.

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32 Responses to The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Two and Three, by Bradley Loves

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  2. “YOU don’t own it or control it…, it’s NOT yours, and Never will be, BECAUSE IT ISN’T YOU!”
    But you can trademark it, and become ‘secured party creditor’, which means you can issue credit like a bank (as I have read so far)… and since this ALL CAPS NAME sounds like yours, and is attached to you, and since you cannot be a slave, and could not have consented to anything before reaching ‘legal age’…
    Then only YOU can really take ownership of this ALL CAPS NAME created by the govt., with your ‘Birth Certificate’. At least that is how I understand it so far (I WILL continue finding all the actual facts, origins, court precedents, etc., to prove and remedy all of this).

    Once you own the all caps name, I understand that you can write checks on the account, and ‘discharge’ your debts, BECAUSE, there is no ‘gold and silver coin’, the only legal ‘money’/’tender’ to ‘pay’ a ‘debt’, in Art. 1 of the U.S. Const.. We the People gave the international banks all our gold to pay off 1 or more original loans, and now they give us more ‘credit’ to use in the mean time, which according to my math, increases the natl. debt to the intl. bankers (See James Traficant speech 1993).

    But ‘consent’ cannot be forced upon one by others. So we dont legitimately ‘consent’ to ANY of this! All our ‘implied consent’ is obtained via deception and other dishonest methods, making all o it null and void of ‘law’. NOT enforceable, under our ‘supreme Law of the Land’.

  3. My friends and I have worked years to figure this stuff out (about law)…
    Here is what I intend to say in court next time I am defending…
    WHEN THEY CALL MY NAME: “I am the beneficiary of that account. I reserve all rights without prejudice, I do not consent to these actions/proceedings against me, and I challenge this court to prove it has lawful jurisdiction” … then I go on to point out the judges oath, get him/her to agree to obey it, to explain the source of their jurisdiction (which section of US and/or state constitution, which law: Common, Equity, Maritime, Admiralty/military/martial (only ones allowed by constitution)…
    And most important of all, that they are obeying the purpose of ‘the supreme Law’ (In preamble to US Constitution), and state govt. (Art. 2, Sec. 2 of Az. const.)… ‘to…provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty…’ and ‘to protect and maintain individual rights.’

    Without a victim, there can be no ‘crime’, as you cannot face your accuser, they cannot testify under oath, or be punished for perjury (lying under oath). The ‘state’ (A ‘legal fiction’) cannot be a ‘victim’ for those reasons (those are requirements in the Constitution).

    There must either be an actual victim, or a legitimate contract in dispute, for there to be any ‘jurisdiction’ over you.

    Consent requires… A] full disclosure of all terms and conditions, B] knowing, intentional, voluntary agreement, C] equal consideration {Both sides feel they get a fair deal}, D] at least two ‘wet ink’ signatures to prove a ‘meeting of minds’, E] legal age, F] sound mind, etc….

    So after all that, I demand the case be ‘dismissed with prejudice’ (meaning it cannot be brought back up, but is final. You reserve rights without prejudice though so as to not bias one right over another).

  4. c says:

    Just connecting dots here that are obvious to me.

    The first quote is from the above article:
    “According to Z. Sitchen, the city that they were banished from was named “E.din” (Sumerian spelling) , and was located at the bottom of current day Iraq.”

    At the bottom of the above article is a link for In this article the little girl is asked if she knows who she is…. she replies “I am Phoenician, I am not of your world of words and spell, I am Phoenician, we are of sound truth and love”.

    So then i looked up Phoenician. This is what wikipedia states:
    “Phoenicia (UK /fɨˈnɪʃə/ or US /fəˈniːʃə/;[2] from the Greek: Φοινίκη, Phoiníkē; Arabic: فينيقية‎, Finiqyah) was an ancient Semitic civilization situated on the western, coastal part of the Fertile Crescent and centered on the coastline of modern Lebanon and Tartus Governorate in Syria.”

    I find it no coincidence that Iraq & Syria are mentioned, and we happen to be invading these two places.

    here is a video i found incredibly eyeopening

    keep raising awareness and vibrations ❤


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  7. Tracy says:

    Jean & Bradley,
    Wondering if there’s another installment to this series? I don’t know if you are aware or have seen this (snarky) posting about “kateofgaia” being a fraud – ~, the You-tube video is by a gent’ by the name of: Steve Bates who I have seen older videos from him before he decided to go-away, but he doesn’t have a website/blog that I know about get more information. ** I did find this newer video but haven’t yet reviewed it (I’d like to know more about him, what’s his backup for being in the know – while saying others aren’t?)
    The reason I’m mentioning all of this is I’m still looking for information to assist how “ONE” negates any known/ or unknown consent given for casting-ballots, updating “software”, withdrawal from your bank account, et. al.
    *** Specifically I’m looking to determine if when one signs their name with notation U.C.C. 1-308 without prejudice (and without recourse) if this will negate/ void any- consent one has given?? I’m still looking around Judge Dales and Kate of Gaia for “a defined answer”. It is hard to discern and “KNOW” what the truth is.
    *** I need some direction here, I would like to cast-my-vote in particular about certain amendments to our state constitution but do not desire to give my “con-sent” to seal my SOUL or my Divine Essence of BEING.
    Help please 🙂 🙂
    With gratitude,

    • Bradley says:

      I already posted my answer to Marthe,
      Jean did not yet post it. It basically calls out the guy who made the vid as a liar.

      Please read Judge Dales e-book Chapter Five. (He confirms Kate)

      Peace and love.

      • Tracy says:

        Thanks Bradley, >>> So sorry Jean I didn’t mean to “nag” I apologize and hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ll send you some extra energy to help. Blessing & Hugs to ALL, 🙂 …..T

  8. Susanna says:

    I checked my passport (Holland Eu) and it is in Caps , what i know is that the IRS when they send you a letter your name is all in caps , this seems to be from the romans times when you where a slave your name was written in caps ( so i read) and you can
    become sovereign to avoid being in the system but then you can not get a job ( your social secrurity number needs to be given and you don’t have one when your soveriegn) and that is only one area , it is used here when aplying for medicine , aid from the gouverment for about anything , sort said you need it to aply for about everything , so am wondering how to get around this with out being outcasted from society ?

    • Bradley says:

      Sue, this is all explained in part 4, which Jean has. She is not well, and is helping with editing. Give her a little time. There is a part 5, which she also has, and a part 6 which I have not yet sent her, so as not to over whelm her. She is really in a lot of pain with a leg injury.

      • Jean says:

        Bradley, pls check your emails! I keep telling you that for whatever reason, I don’t have part four. I’m ready to go, though, with part five !!! Hugd, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          No, leave it as a comment here . . . I will pick it up 🙂

          • Jean says:

            Continue to send them this way. I edited part five, but I suspect you didn’t see it either. I hope you approve :). . . Nothing actually did come through to me. . . nothing . . . on part four. . . I will erase this shortly . . . ~J

        • Jean says:

          Yes, I think so . . . I’ve left a message above . . . ~J

        • Susanna says:

          I see the next parts are on the blog , thx for that Jean , my Q wasn’t asked impatiently 🙂 But in wonder how to go about this. Very interesting articles .
          Didn’t know it was an injury Jean , hope you get relief of the pain soon, hugsssss.

          Susanna .

          • Jean says:

            These articles are so important that they seem to be blocking Bradley’s emails to me with the updates . . . and, yes, I hope so, too. Some wonderful friends have stepped in and relieved me of many of the painful responsibilities that require me standing on my feet and walking, a problem that was only aggravating the siutation . . . a tough situation, but I feel like a ton of weight has now been lifted from my shoulders . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Marthe says:

    Very interessting info in this vid. about Kate of Gaia…wouldn’t want to have mist that one…Crumble crumble Yaldi 🙂

    • Bradley says:

      Dear Marthe,

      Who ever MADE this video is lying. I suspect it has been done by CIA dis info junkies.
      Please go read what Judge Dale has written in his Ebook the great American adventure.

      Everything I’ve said is backed up there. Please don’t get side tracked by only one debunking video which are spun out by the intelligence circles so fast these days that they needed to get congress to pass a special law giving them permission to LIE in print, and not get prosecuted.

      Remember it is the CIA who controls all of the North American Drug trade. How do I know? A Former CIA asset told me personally.

      Remember, these people are at war with us. The CIA will not sleep until no one knows the truth.

  10. Sue says:

    Thanks for posting this Jean. He explains it all so well. By the way, the name on our birth certificates (UK) is in lower case not capitals.

    • Jean says:

      Interesting, I thank you, and I’m sure Bradley will, as well. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Bradley says:

        Sue, there are two documents here in question.
        I’m sure your confused, most most people usually are. Allow me to explain.
        The document you get from a hospital is called: a Certificate of Live Birth
        This is not a Birth Certificate! The two are totally different. Even though almost everyone calls the hospital document a “birth certificate” they are mistaken.
        A Birth Certificate is “created” by the local government after the hospital records are already recorded. It is Created on legal banking paper, because it is a BOND.
        If the document you have is NOT printed on banking paper (it should say something to that effect as a water color Mark all across the paper) then you do not have a Birth Certificate, but instead a Certificate of Live Birth.

        The Banking Paper Document MUST have the all caps name on it legally because the Birth Certificate itself creates a “bond” as in a financial bond.

        • Bradley says:

          I’ve taken the time to get an example. In this country, it was Big deal for others to see Obamas “birth certificate”. This is the document the government provided.
          Even though everyone and their poodle calls it a birth certificate…, look closely at the title at the top.

          What is called? Certificate of live Birth. This is NOT a birth Certificate. Very few people if any would have a copy of their actual Birth Certificate because they are not supposed to.
          IT IS A BANKING DOCUMENT which “hypothecates” the child’s fake name, so that a Bond can can be taken out on it by the government. In this way, the government truly does own an asset – a financial asset- with your name all capitalized.
          It claims this asset as it’s property. It has that right. But you are not an asset of the government, you are not a bond or a trust.
          This the trick Sue. It very dark and very secret. Please start trying to get that, then pass it on.

          • Sue says:

            Hi Bradley
            Sorry I’ve only just seen your message. Right, I’ve thoroughly checked mine, my partner’s, my children’s and grand children’s and I’ll describe them the best I can.

            They were definitely issued at the Registry Office when the births were registered by the parents. This should be done within 6 weeks of birth.

            Mine, my children’s and grand-children’s are titled CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH and the watermark says COPY. The surname only is is capitals, not the christian/forenames.

            My partner’s is more interesting. He’s a few years older than me and his birth certificate is more detailed. It’s titled CERTIFIED COPY of ENTRY OF BIRTH and has a watermark saying CERTIFIED COPY G.R.O. It also states “I hereby certify that it is true copy of the Entry No. xxx in the Register Book of Births for the said Sub- District and that such Register Book is now legally in my custody “. None of the names are capitalized.

            So, I admit I’m confused.

          • bewareofserco says:

            If only the surname is capitalised, it is still referring to the legal fiction. In addition, a title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, etc) combined with a name that is NOT capitalised, also refers to the legal fiction. Hope that helps.

            Be in no doubt, you have a legal fiction identity whether you like it or not!

          • Bradley says:


            I do not have a copy of my own actual Birth Certificate, how ever my brother (out of curiosity) ordered a copy of his own from the state to look at it. The document that he received said in bold print all across the top of it.


            It was a highly embossed and multi – colored single page instrument that resembled a BANKING NOTE or A BOND. It was clearly on Banking Paper… The type that your personal checks are made out of, and had water color marks saying: legal bank instrument, legal tender, underneath the printing.

            The writing was legally formal, and not the scribbles you get on a hospital form.

            His all caps name only appeared on the document. As well as his date of birth, age, sex, and where he was born.

            All legally identifying information. It was signed by the Someone in the state government.

            My advise is to contact your local government and ask specifically for this document.
            Not the one from the hospital. My brother had to pay to get his.

  11. bewareofserco says:

    This short animation giving a brief introduction to the “strawman” was posted on a previous article by Bradley but it seems appropriate to re-post it here;

  12. I wish everyone on Earth could read and understand this, WE ARE BEING CONNED EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, WE HAVE TO WAKE UP TO THIS FACT. UNTIL WE DO THE CABAL BECOME MORE POWERFUL AND THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER WILL TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL. The people of Atlantis learned this lesson the hard way. You are given every opportunity to wake-up and prevent the distruction of the Human Race. Together we can do it. Jean you are doing a wonderful job, Thank You.

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