Alfred Webre – another UPDATE . . . October 27, 2014 (evening) . . . The law obviously means nothing anymore. Are they so afraid? ~J

UPDATE 😉 Hi All!  I am back on Facebook again as my real name Alfred Lambremont Webre, using a profile I had de-activated on July 28, 2012 because I had maxed out at 4,457 friends. My new Facebook profile that I activated after my first Facebook profile was terminated on 10.10.14 was terminated by Facebook today 10.28.14 on grounds Alfred Lambremont Webre was not my real name, though I had sent my passport and driver’s license under that name.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

[Instead of asking for my friendship once again, please join my friend’s groups:

1. Alfred Lambremont Webre group at:

2. Let Alfred Lambremont Webre III back into Face Book !

And to Facebook Cointelpro – Yes, I was present at the birth of the Internet with Col. Jim Channon and the First Earth Battalion – So I KNOW that the Internet is a PUBLIC domain and that FACEBOOK belongs to its users in EQUITY.

So we are all here in our own Sovereign Right

I have presented you twice will proper identification of my lawful name Alfred Lambremont Webre

Each time you have terminated my account without cause

Cease and Desist from your unlawful attempts to usurp my rightful name.

In Light, Alfred Lambremont Webre 😉

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Vancouver, B.C. V6L1T9 CANADA

Tel: 604-733-8134

Skype: peaceinspace



EXOPOLITICS.COM: “Relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse” “Continuing education in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics”

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4 Responses to Alfred Webre – another UPDATE . . . October 27, 2014 (evening) . . . The law obviously means nothing anymore. Are they so afraid? ~J

  1. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    I am also surprised. I do not do Facebook or text. Alfred is a lawyer and he knows how Facebook is compromised. My advice: DON’T DO FACEBOOK.

    • Jean says:

      It isn’t quite that easy, Di. I wish it were . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Graham says:

        I believe it as easy as simply closing down such accounts and redirecting followers to his main website prior to doing so. Certain elements of the Jewish elite are renowned for learning things through monitoring other people’s data. Just cut the snake off at the head until they learn to tell the truth.

  2. Graham says:

    I’m surprised Alfred sent his passport and drivers details to a company where the CEO has an inverted pentagram stitched into the interior lining of his “hoody’s”, as was uncovered during a TV interview when he was challenged to take the hoody off.

    I also find it interesting how Facebook now requires its users to provide proof of identity. Maybe a good thing, although it’s more likely they now want to know who is actually who by forcing an identity policy. How far to go for the RFID chip rollout en masse?

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