The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Six and Seven, by Bradley Loves

Why will ONLY “non consent” work for us any longer? Isn’t there a way to fight the Satanists even at this late point in time?

Over the last fifty years, with the help of the Dark Magicians, and other negatively oriented space beings, the worlds leaders, (the controlling puppets) have developed technologies so advanced that fighting them is impossible.

Anti-gravity drive craft, teleportation, plasma beam weapons, large inter-galactic space ships, as well as colonies on the Moon, Mars, and other places, leave them pretty much in charge of any battle we may wish to wage.

However, the biggest weapon they use against us constantly is called Quantum Access or time travel. They have been gathering information on future events and bringing that information back to the past since the early 1970s.

Far more nefarious than most who work in these black budget programs could ever possibly understand, they (who work in these programs) are helping to enslave the planet with their efforts at collecting and transporting future data.

The reason for this is that the Satanists/Dark Magicians realize that Prime Creator has sent Star Seed Souls into the Earth Plane to liberate it. So much of their quantum activities (even though they profusely DENY it), is aimed at IDENTIFYING these souls almost at birth, and then maliciously and savagely targeting these helpless children and their families by literally declaring WAR on them!

Sadly, those who work in these secret programs are not being told the truth. They are told that these humans (little children) that they are targeting are future terrorists, or communists, or serial killers, and that they are the vanguard of some sort of real version of Tom Cruises “future crime division”, where they target and arrest people before they’ve done anything wrong.

“The LIE is different at every level”, is a phrase I believe was coined by a man named Richard Hoagland. He has put out dozens of videos saying that due to compartmentalizations (a mind control tactic) the lie being told is different at every level for those who work in black projects. Men and women are told only enough truth and just enough lies, to get them to do what they are told.

I would like to add my own phrase here that has not gotten so much attention as Hoaglands “the lie is different at every level”

That phrase is this: IF THEY CAN DO IT, THEY ARE DOING IT!

Many military and government officials who are still on the good side believe, (falsely) that there is a limit beyond which dark projects, and experiments will never pass. They believe that when something hideous and depraved is suggested as a project, and that 95 out of 100 generals refuse to do it, the issues is dropped!

Wrong! The 5 generals who will do it are sequestered, transferred and given access to unlimited money while the cover story for everyone else is that “We are not doing that” because it is too evil.

The thing to remember here for the military, is that just because YOU or 94 other people out of 100 would never think of doing hideous things, there are always 5 who will. (Usually for promise of advancement, position, or money).

Compartmentalizations takes away your ability to know for sure, and thus the Dark Magicians are still able to do things even the military has no knowledge of.

What the military really needs to know is this: If it can be done, it is being done! Right under their noses and they’ve lost control. All due to secrecy!

The most powerful weapon Magician and Satanists use against us as a planet and people is SECRECY. Those average humans who support secrecy, thinking we need it, are unknowingly supporting the basest EVIL known to man.

There are many who have talked about the use of teleportation, and time travel within the military.

No one has come forward (except off the record) to talk about the “Targeting” of loving souls trying to help the planet.

Few, if any realize that the secret military has access to what are called Astral Implants, which are not even physical, and can be literally implanted within a person’s Astral Body.

Just like in the Movie the Matrix, where NEO was implanted with a device he thought was only part of a dream, innocent beings really are being implanted with similar devices which operate on a level that can’t even be seen or accessed physically.

Welcome to the world of the Break-Away Civilization! Where things like Zero Point Energy, Holographic Computers, and Astral Implants are common place.

Deep under ground, there are over a hundred secret military bases called: DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). According to a man named Phil Schneider, (who actually built some of these bases) the technology that they have is far beyond what’s available on the surface. Yet, it is all secret, and more importantly ALL still under the control of the military.

Not knowing about this, does not save the planet from enslavement. It only hastens the day when and if the New World Order can succeed.

The choice however is still up for grabs, but time is growing very short.

You may say what can you do? Please Write Your Own Personal Declaration of Independence and Non Consent. Undo every spell or contract you’ve ever given consent to!

The Dark Magicians need our consent in order not to take a very hard hit and be punished by Prime Creator. Stealing a planet and enslaving the people living on it is AGAINST COSMIC LAW! It brings huge punishment with it. This is why they must get us to want this of our own free will.

Secrecy is the only way they’ve been able to move forward. Stop allowing this secrecy! Stop believing that we need this secrecy! Stop thinking that its good to have secret bases, and secret weapons! These things do not benefit us, because all too soon, they will be used against the very people they were developed to protect and save.

As stated before, Quantum access is being used to target good people in ways most can’t imagine. There are agents being sent back in time, who will actually interact with, and then try to corrupt loving beings in any way possible.

A lovely lady by the name of Laura Magdelane Eisenhower, (President Dwight Eisenhower’s own great granddaughter), is just one such person, who has come forward telling her own story, where her boyfriend tuned out to be a CIA agent who was actually “assigned to her” and supposed to get her to move to Mars, and join the Mars Colony Project.

She was told that she had been identified through the use of “quantum access”, and that a certain group of people were desperate to get her to “join up with an alternative agenda”.

Don’t you wonder what that alternative agenda was, and more importantly WHAT she had done in the future (a future they had already seen, by using quantum access), and were desperately now trying to change.

What she was not told was that (most likely), those who were directing the CIA agent that was working with her, were in fact themselves coming from other parts of time and space.

I highly recommend everyone seeking out her story on YouTube and in other places, since it proves my point in just one case. [Alfred Webre has done two long interviews with Laura that you can view HERE. and HERE ~J]

So why will simply removing “consent” by declaration work then?

Remember that these beings KNOW, they KNOW, they must have your consent on record because not getting it, is breaking your free will. The punishment for that is truly severe. What stops most people from thinking something that simple has teeth, is that they don’t understand the supernatural side to this.

When I wrote my Formal Declaration of Independence and spoke it out loud, nullifying and voiding every contract I’d ever signed. I could not sleep that night because several invisible Energy Beings were in my room begging me to “sign a new contract” immediately.

Over and over again they asked for my “consent”, and signature, which I refused to give. Even though I was talking to blank space, I was not imagining it, and could easily hear these things speaking. Each time I refused, they got angrier and angrier. Finally I started to laugh at them. What is so damn important about having my signature on Cosmic Record I asked, and then they finally left!

The next day, (per my Declaration) other beings, (I could not see them, only hear them) began showing up and begging for forgiveness for what they had done to me all my life.

There was a certain clause within the 25 pages, where I wrote that if any being who had severely harmed me, came to ask for forgiveness, I would not ask Prime Creator to punish them.

Boy did they come! Finally I stopped because I was totally unsure of what these beings had done, or who they were. I finally resolved to take care of this in my Ascended State, in order to more clearly understand what was happening, who these beings were, and what they had done.

What I learned however, is that Every Being living on Earth, from the time they are born, is fooled into consenting to contracts which bind them.

If not by religion, then by government. If not by government, then in some other way. Even the Buddhists, and the Hindus are not immune to contracts in their religions.

Guru’s only take on students by Consent and by verbal contract!

The Catholic Church has always claimed that Baptism was a magical and mysterious rite! An agreement with their god.

It’s magical alright!

You see, even there they did not lie, they tell you that you are entering into a soul agreement with the Church, which (wink, wink, nod, nod) you want, don’t you?

Without that contract in place, far less torment can come to you from the magical realms.

Read what Kevin Annett has written about the last several Popes! Does this institution resemble anything spiritual? Who IS the god of this church anyway?

Here’s another thought. Many who enjoy Christianity, believe that their church has nothing to do with the Vatican. Well that’s blatantly WRONG!

Here’s the proof you can’t ignore! Each year Easter Sunday is celebrated on a different day. It can be anywhere from late February, to middle April. Why the huge distance between possible days?

The Vatican has huge Astronomy Telescopes (a few of them) allowing them to watch the movement of the heavens, which they claim is necessary to calculate the correct date each year.

However, if this were true, the date would only vary by a day or so each way, not by a month. Time does work by skipping back and forth several weeks each year.

What they are looking for, is a certain alignment of planets and planetary bodies which will allow for the most beneficial casting of dark spells for that year.

And, when they decide what day that is – (get ready for it) – Every other Christian Religion takes the day that the Catholics decide on, and then Celebrate it as Easter Sunday as well!

Why don’t they pick their own day?

All the other Christian denominations just do as their told!

Even the Mormon Church celebrates Easter on the very day the Vatican specifies. So, as I’ve said, the Vatican is trying to run the world, and no matter what religion you say is yours, at the top, they take orders from the Vatican.

What am I missing here? It it just me who notices this stuff?

Part Seven

The fact of the matter is, I could keep writing until the cows come home, since there is now enough evidence everywhere to prove what I’m saying is the truth.

Sure, it’s not all in one place yet, and, yes, we do have to look for it. Just because the information gathering process is NOT EASY, however, does not excuse us as a group from having to do that kind of work. This is why we are here! Those who are supportive of the Satanic New World Order have made it very difficult to figure things out and HIDDEN almost all of the truthful and correct information, while at the same time spreading like proverbial “wildfire” countless untruthful, false, article of “dis”- information.

(Do you think they are terrified that their plans will be exposed?).

The payrolls for internet trolls, fake writers, hacks, and NWO computer geeks has swelled to the extent that it probably rivals the GDP of small countries at this point. THEY are not backing down; nor should we!

Congress passed an emergency law last year giving the CIA permission to LIE in print without having to fear personal prosecution for spreading constant lies. This is just another law we needed for our security??

Let’s expose one of the biggest secrets of our day. The NWO is always talking about terrorists. They were talking about the need to get the terrorists back at 9/11 for the fake Trade Center fiasco, when they passed the Patriot Act to help get those terrorists.

If you look, however, at who they are targeting with these laws, you’ll find that the ones they are the most afraid of ARE TRUTH-TELLERS!

You’ll also remember they’ve been using “time travel” to gather future data, and bring all that information back in time. So naturally, long about 1995 or so, they would have seen the exposure of all of their dastardly plans coming about after 2012.


They needed to immediately pass laws to eavesdrop on everyone in the whole world to get those Terrorists. But in 1995, even the Congress could not see a need for such dastardly laws.

(They weren’t privy to the same time traveled information and data, to which the select few who wanted these laws passed were privy.)

So the real Terrorists, who were “terrifying” them the most, were truth tellers who were going to expose them. Yikes!!! So all of these “world leaders” were actually not lying to us when they told us on television that they were terrified, they just skipped over telling us that what they really were terrified of was the truth coming out!

Now you know why they told all of us that terrorists were everywhere. All of these so called AL Qaida, or ISIS, or any other “fake group” that they are fighting (ones who they claim are terrorists), are in fact their own selves in disguise (CIA dressed in costumes) so that they can JUSTIFY all those very dastardly laws that they passed (Patriot Act) to get to the real terrorists — the truth tellers!

Again BAIT and SWITCH, the ancient CON, used once more because it always works so well.

Thus, you have Edward Snowden, a terrorist, and Julian Assange, a terrorist, because those men don’t like secrecy and exposed the truth. Many internet journalists are now being shut down, hacked, spied upon, and some are even arrested. Some have even been murdered.

Yet the Patriot Act gives the Government the right to kill them because they are telling the truth and they are terrorists.

Now getting back to their “counter the terrorists plan”. We’ve seen it developing over the last 10 years or so. It has been the complete infiltration and hijacking of not only the “Internet Truth Movement”, but the “New AGE Spiritual Movement”, and the “Channeled Message Movement” so that they have dis-info agents, plants and hacks everywhere trying to control and contain, and redirect the message.

How can they possibly do this and get it right? Isn’t it all too big?

– TIME TRAVEL -Quantum Access –

They have been bringing back future data for 50 years. They know the message, who’s presenting it, and who to look for. They also have formulated a way to co-opt the message, redirect it and use it to try to stay in power. The Satanists are using every dirty trick in the book to win!

There are those so called “New Agers” or “Light Workers” who have sat (doing nothing) and listening to Channeled Messages for 30 years or more, not realizing that the Satanists knew very well (from time traveled data) that these messages were problematic. Thus, they devised a very high tech work around, by placing a network of Secret Towers all across the World that were broadcasting VLF and ULF waves to obstruct legitimate channeling and to insert their OWN messages into the channeled stream!

Enter the GWEN TOWERS!

Here is a link to a description PLEASE STOP and read this.

I was told by a former CIA asset personally, face to face, that THIS was the biggest threat the world faces.

Please read the “second sentence” just below the map! This is so very important that I’ll write it here:

– They are also used to send synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound to those victims of US government mind-control implants. –

Due to the chem-trailing, and the nano-particles in the air, and the food we buy, most humans now have workable implants in them.

Most Channelers, (not all, but most) are receiving synthetic telepathy disguised as infra-sound meaning their so called Spiritual messages are now compromised. This technology is part of the break-away civilizations tool box, along with zero point energy, holographic computers, and Astral Implants

I will not list the many, many channelers that I no longer trust, but I will name one for your benefit, that I think is still on target, and that one is Veronica Keen! The proof that her message is on target, is how blatantly the satanists are attacking her.

The channels that claim that the NWO is gone, is already defeated, that there are no bad ET’s out there, only good ones — are all “compromised” channels. The worst part of that is, they are taking many lighted souls out of service and out action, which of course the Satanists want.

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50 Responses to The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Six and Seven, by Bradley Loves

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  2. Will Munny says:

    Speaking of channelers… here is one turning in her radar, stating she believes she’s been fed false hope messages. Interesting timing in light of this.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’ve been told of this situation. Interesting, isnt it. . . Just when we are reading that this has been going on! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. John says:

    I would also like to see a text of his revocations so I can do it too if I choose. Thank you.

  4. Tracy says:

    Jean & Bradley,
    As a follow-up question would Bradley care to offer a credible source for the “Cosmic Laws”?
    As stated in part 3&4 I found “said souces” but I’m not sure how to discern which is “authentic”?
    Thanks kindly, ❤

    • Bradley says:


      I am capable of deep personal meditation, as well as Astral Travel. I have definite memories of my last incarnation, which was in Atlantis! There, I was a Master Healer, and worked with very advanced technology. Almost anyone who came to me was healed, and I even designed much of my own very advanced technologies there.
      Their use of crystals, as you probably know is legendary, but there is much power in the mind that was necessary as well.

      Even in this life, anyone who spends enough time around me gets healed. Just by being with me. This is a gift from Prime Creator the infinite number of people I healed there.

      My knowledge of Cosmic Law is from My own “memories” of the time before the fall. Also from my own soul level which is always speaking to me.
      This information was left on Earth, and most likely HAS been found by the ruling elites.

      Ask yourself, why would they share any information they’ve gotten from the past with us?
      The secret Archives of the Vatican are full of documents from Atlantis, which they stole from the library at Alexandria as it burned. (It was early Christians who set the fire).

      If you want real access to Cosmic Law, GO WITHIN!!
      You’ll find it there.


    • bewareofserco says:

      Tracy, My take on cosmic law is that we already “know it” instinctively. It is a part of who and what we are and therefore, as Bradley says;
      “If you want real access to Cosmic Law, GO WITHIN!! You’ll find it there.”

      You don’t need a team of lawyers to explain cosmic law to you. Even as children, most of us “know” without being told, that it is wrong to cause harm to others. However, as children are immature to begin with, there is often a desire to “push the boundaries” and find out first-hand that there are consequences to our actions and we learn from these experiences and mature into responsible adults.

      Unfortunately, some people don’t learn anything from their early life experiences, have become divorced from their conscience and are psychopathic in nature. They look like adults but have the mentality of an immature child who learns nothing from crossing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour and those are the ones who are causing problems in the world today.

      Basically, if I cause no loss or do no harm to people or property AND I am honourable in my dealings with others, then I know that I am committing no crime and anyone who tries or succeeds in incriminating me using “rules” or “procedures” that I did not consent to, is committing a crime against me.

  5. Bradley, I am so grateful to you for taking the time to share with all of us your insights into what is actually happening in our world. I live in London, you would be most welcome, I would so love to share information with you. I have been attacked many times for daring to tell the truth. Those who refuse to see the truth are sleepwalking into disaster and are trying to drag the rest of us with them. I appreciate your kind words about Monty and I, thank you. Please Bradley, keep up the good work, you are needed today more than ever. Jean, you are doing a remarkable job, thank you.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:


      You are so very Brave to do the work you do. Those who really love and care for humanity have taken so much torment for the benefit of the rest.
      The Dark is very clever and slick. With quantum access they saw the new age, channeling and the alternative media as a potential threat.
      Only those who are truly “the aware of the aware”, are side stepping their counter attack by placing thousands of dis info plants into the channeling/new age/alternative media.
      The trouble with so many good souls is the are UNwilling to examine a spiritual source once it has been been proven incorrect for too long a period.
      Bless you Richly.



  6. Jean,
    I found this post by Tom Kenyon, whom I respect, very enlightening.

  7. …Thus, they devised a very high tech work around, by placing a network of Secret Towers all across the World that were broadcasting VLF and ULF waves to obstruct legitimate channeling and to insert their OWN messages into the channeled stream!

    Enter the GWEN TOWERS! …


    Gwen Towers? Really? So just what are we to about this? Can we build some Towers of our own? And if ‘they’ have been time traveling into the future and into the past, targeting the Star Seeds and Light Workers, I say we need some BIG HELP here, and I don’t just mean relying on the boots on the ground to solve this mess, but some serious Galactic help, or is that a secret too, because I don’t see it happening.

    I have always felt that this was an unfair game (life on earth) and now it’s completely gone off the charts with all of the secret technology advances. Is it really just up to us to right these wrongs when we’ve been CONNED so well for so long that we don’t even know we’ve been conned to these insane levels? OK, so we revoke contracts. Is that enough? I don’t buy it. We’re on the New Earth Timeline/Fourth Dimension so what can we do to blast the parasites out of here?

    I’m open to suggestions.

    • Bradley says:


      I agree we need outside help. However, re-read the fist installment of the series.
      Prime Creator really does enforce Cosmic Law.
      When I did my declaration, I knew I was suddenly very protected.
      The trouble is that like many out there, when I was quite young, I was very lazy, and just trusted what I was told. I entered in many spells and contracts in my young life.

      The only difference between me and others is that My connection to Prime Creator is very advanced for a human living on Earth. He would not let me quit searching until I found all the right information. If I relaxed, I felt very disturbed until I started the search for truth again. This went on day and night for 30 years.
      I now see that we all have our free will to either use our time wisely or not.
      The Darkies/satanists have never taken our FREEWILL. We do have a choice!
      They have very cleverly hidden that choice very deeply under a pile of interesting distractions the size of Mt. Everest. I simply was never interested in any of their distractions.
      This world was not meant to be this way. But no one said we had to agree with it either.
      Read the sample declaration Jean provided.
      Meditate on it and see if maybe you’ve consented over the years to all of these things.
      If you have, then why should Prime Creator send the Galactics?
      The Dark is doing bad things and we are/were consenting.
      He will only send the Galactics when NO ONE consents and the dark Still does these things.
      See how fast the Sheriff comes to town then!!!
      We are all in this together, we are a collective.
      Help your brother and sister know this stuff. Send links to everyone.

      Much love,

  8. Rev. Joe says:

    Dear Source of ALL ! You are the reality of LOVE , LIFE AND BEINGNESS . I AND YOU ARE ONE ! I now speak as CREATIVE FORCE > ” My life contract is to know this truth . I hereby , declare that all other life contracts made by me , or for me are now null and void . My only reality is a perfect life for all , on Gaia .
    I forgive all evil forces that seek control . They are now swept away in Divine Love and ALL is WELL ” Amen .

    • Jean says:

      Rev. Joe, I wish it weren’t that simple. I read my declaration out loud and it took well over an hour. Mine is different because as a contract it exacts a cosmic cost if they violate it. It stops them. . . The costs are huge. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dennis says:

        I thank you and Bradley from the bottom of my heart. I was thrilled this morning to see your declaration on your post. I, like probably you and Bradley, have been being coaxed by my highier self to keep searching for the truth for over 40 years.I can attest that if one keeps an open mind and doesn’t give up truth will reveal itself as you are able to allow it.. The universe is slanted toward the benign, meaning love is real the rest is illution.

        When you first started running Bradley’s posts a few days ago my heart swelled with anticipation because I sensed someone was finally able to verbalize a pulling together of many of the peices I had begun to see but was unable to put together coherrently. He has not disappointed me as his most recent post was then followed by the declartion you published. This is so clearly the most enlightened approach to giving us our power back in regard to dealing with the dark. I hope others can begin to see what a massive blow this is to the cabal. I think if enough people will make this declaration it will truly become a daggar in the heart of their greatest weapon which is tricking us into thinking there is nothing much we can do. And yet, realizing they must have our consent to avoid cosmic consequences for their crimes, the importance of this declaration is monumental.

        Shelly thinks it is not enough. I disagree. My wife and I have been studying the document today and we both feel, just from reading it, that we have been given our power back. Once we have declared our non-consent in the terms offered the cabal will have received the beginning of their end. Their power has been in their lies and in their secrecy. Both of these have now been exposed and removed. Every person who will take the time to consciously make this declaration or one like it will be causing a significant loss of the dark’s power, as every revocation of consent uncovers many of the dark minions, who will now buckle at the thought of having their cover removed and having to face the relization they are now in line for direct divine consequences. This act alone is what exposed them to the divine intervention Shelly is looking for.

        This answers so much. As Bradley points out, the dark is too sophisticated and weaponized to be taken out directly, but spiritually they are vulnerable. They made a miscalculation – that we wouldn’t figure out their weakness and respond. The universe is full of surprises and this is one of them. I now believe we are not victims, if we don’t want to be. Yes, they tricked us, but as the declaration points out we are free, at any point, to take our power back and withdraw our consent and then they have had their best weapon destroyed. Wow, this is grand and I really feel empowered and I have been around long enough to know the truth when it hits my heart!

        • Jean says:

          Yes, I think you and your wife have it right. A certain level of trust is necessary, I think, to understand and ‘know’ the validity of this. . . It resonates with me, too. . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  9. Doodlebug says:


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  11. anonymous says:

    Andrew Bartzis has published a set of soulcontract revocations at
    But I don’t know if the revocations might have some sting in the tail because Monty Keen has said this guy actually works for the dark side
    I’ve listened to that Wolf Spirit Radio show. In there, Bartzis says that the Galactic Federation of Light are the good guys. That is not true because they are a bunch of reptilians. Please note that the Galactic Federation of Light in NOT the Galactic Federation of Planets (who are working to liberate this planet)

    • Jean says:

      I suggest that people not use these. There is no cosmic price asked of them for what they do. . . so they continue to act like we have said nothing. Hugs, ~Jean

  12. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    This is SUCH an important article and is the reason I keep mentioning the value of creating your own filters through energetic protection and through rejecting what’s “offered.”

    A few comments here, though: not every single Christian Church follows the Vatican’s lead on the date of Easter; Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Eastern) Churches have different ways of calculating Easter Sunday. Sometimes it happens to coincide, but other times, the dates can be way off for the different denominations. I don’t claim to know how either faction determines the date. I was always told it was by the Moon; however, one would think the Moon is the same for Greeks and Russians as it is for the Vatican, so it makes sense there would be something else at work, especially with all those telescopes, including the Vatican’s L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope. Look it up. That’s a fact.

    What Bradley mentions about contracts is right on in that if you remove consent, the nasties really can’t attack you. Sometimes removing consent is more complicated, depending on when or how you gave your consent. Vows taken in past lives, for example, which included the phrase “forever and ever” often were intended by the vow taker to mean until the end of this one life, because reincarnation wasn’t taught. People do all kinds of brutal things to themselves when they feel guilty, and sometimes breaking a vow — even an unfair and deceptive, imprisoning vow — results in guilt. Overcoming the guilt for revoking your consent is VERY important to the process, because feeling guilty can lead to reopening the CONtract.

    Lastly, there are many tools, which we can also reclaim. Yes, the black ops has all kinds of technology, but they have nothing that humans themselves cannot accomplish on the spiritual level. We need to not kid ourselves and pretend we have these skills and abilities if we have not yet developed them, but time travel, for example, can be used for good, and it does not need to be physical in order to work. We can send healing energy to our formerly traumatized young or past life selves, and that energy promotes great healing. We can send protection to ourselves — current, past and future — and that protection really *can* surround us.

    We do not need to be afraid, and we would do well to be wise. As the saying goes, “Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” This is possible, and extremely powerful.

    • Jean says:

      I hope Bradley will comment on your words here, Laura, about removing consent. I’ve done so, through Bradley’s efforts, but I’ve learned that we must make them pay a cosmic price for overstepping their bounds, and this is part of my declaration of freedom from them. Without this, there act anyway, thinking they will get away with it. Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Pete says:

    I would like to know more about the declaration. Is there an outline or template to follow? Please feel free to email me information if you prefer.
    Thanking you in advance, (for all that you do).

  14. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I suggest you watch a show called Continuum which is playing on Netflix….

    This script is on that show….and so some say they must tell in advance what their plans truly are…..

    Every thing down to our day today is based upon energy and politics that control such things is what the “news” deals with on a daily basis….

    All energy issues are sidelined for other issues….hmmm…

    And so as I age I discovered that I know absolutely nothing that is for sure……


    excellent work as usual….


  15. bewareofserco says:

    “The thing to remember here for the military, is that just because YOU or 94 other people out of 100 would never think of doing hideous things, there are always 5 who will.”

    Actually, the “Milgram experiment” has scientifically proven, with great consistency, that 2 out of 3 human beings (67%) would be willing to perform an action that would result in the death of another, PROVIDED that there was a “perception” that they would not be held responsible! There is no doubt in my mind that the cabal were well aware of this shocking fact even before it was proved by Stanley Milgram. The cabal makes full use of “order-following robots”.

    The Nuremberg trials after WWII set the precedent in law that you cannot “outsource” your responsibility.

    The Milgram experiment video (for those who haven’t seen it);

    “What I learned however, is that Every Being living on Earth, from the time they are born, is fooled into consenting to contracts which bind them.”

    For any contract to be valid there needs to be “full disclosure”. So a contract/consent that is obtained by deception is null and void anyways. So Satan can “put that in his pipe and smoke it,” as far as I am concerned!

    Note to Jean: I don’t want to sound paranoid here but, after three of my comments have now “disappeared” while awaiting moderation, it would seem as if I am being targeted by someone who doesn’t like some of the things I say. I say “targeted” because I don’t see anyone else complaining that their comments have disappeared and for three of my comments to disappear in just the last few days has got to be more than just an innocent glitch I think.

    • Jean says:

      What is being said here is soooo important. They are doing this. My emails are now being blocked, but I’m saying publicly right here that each time an email is blocked they are exacting a huge cosmic price. Some weeks ago, I put my own declaration in place, so they now stand warned of the cosmic price they are paying for breaking creator’s cosmic laws! Hugs, ~Jean

      • anonymous says:

        Jean, they mess with me too and block me from seeing some web pages etc. I found that cursing them helps. Sometimes, I visualise myself slamming a gigantic mallet down on the heads of a bunch of dark figures sitting in front of their computer screens. If you ever play computer games, you can try visualising yourself as a mage/sorceress in the computer room where these government hackers work. Call forth a massive charge of magic and fry all these guys in their seats or rain down thunderbolts and magical firestorms on them. Alternatively, ask Source or higher dimensional beings to present all those miscreants with their karmic bills for full and immediate settlement.

        Have fun!

    • Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      I printed out 17 pages of Soul Contract Revocations. I just checked and it doesn’t say what source the doc is. It includes masc and fem, hence the 17 pages.
      The hybrids(descendants of Adam/Eve) are slaves and it is easy to get a contract from them. It is not easy to get a contract from Hu-mans, that is why Hu-mans are targeted.
      I realised that as early as the mid-70s I was being targeted. I have fought them ever since. It is easy to know when the thought is something one would never choose on one’s own. It is easier to get a contract when the target becomes fearful.
      If I were to guess,I would go to the Andrew Bartzis website, the revocation document may be there. I will try to track it down.

      • Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

        Google Andrew Bartzis and the revocation documents are right there. Don’t delay.

        • Jean says:

          I”m advising people to hold up on them, Di. I don’t think they will hold water as a contract. There is no cosmic penalty. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean says:

        Di, there is zero cosmic price exacted. If I understand correctly, this means they mean nothing. I’m checking with Bradley now, and he can better speak to these that you suggest Hugs, ~Jean

    • Tracy says:

      Bradley, Jean, BewareofSerco & Friends,
      Great article Bradley I will be working on my “hard-copy” revocations although I update them within my spirit every day. Last evening I was doing some heavy reading of Judge Dale’s resources and others to assist “revoking my consent” when conducting business within this “slave-system”. I found the following link that compliments the Judges pdf; Titled Lawfully Yours (found on ~ [1]

      And I found this quick video for clarification (If anyone feels this is not true please comment as to why) ~ [2] = UCC 1-308 Contract Law 101
      I have to go back and re-read a section of the Judges about “trustee-or judge, and trust-or B.Certificate/Straw man, and Administrator-or Clerk of said Cesta Que Trust who authorizes the Judge as Trustee; as I need to better understand when to use “with-prejudice, and without-prejudice”. I need this to be clearer when “doing my business”. That’s why I signed my “ballot” last evening with my name: “all rights reserved/U.C.C. 1-308” to negate any “consent” by casting my election choices. I believe this is correct.

      BewareofSerco – you are not alone I too back at the end of July beginning of Aug. noticed my posts to Jean were “disappearing”, in fact I use to have a purple quilt but now it’s blue because I had to change my ID to post. (It just happened, I did nothing different than the usual when posting my comments….just poof gone).
      So know that you are indeed “pushing truths” that TPTB don’t want the masses to know about to assist in their enlightenment to secure their “reserved-rights” of sovereign creation. I do feel you’re correct in your thinking that any “consent” given under deception is null-and void”, but for those who don’t think so continue your revocations.

      Thanks to everyone for their important viewpoints – at this point this is all we can do is share to educate, in hopes to be the catalyst for “positive change” we all desire to experience. Remember when you are out in this Earthly realm you are co-mingling your GOD Essence with other GOD Essence Divine BEINGS, which translates as best you’re able: “Caution Handle With Care” ❤
      Blessing of Peace to ALL, 🙂

      • Jean says:

        Tracy, please save yourself time and take a look at the sample Declaration I have just posted. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • topherbyb says:

          I am new to this site and got the link from a poster at Fulford’s. He specifically cited a reference to this page. I think he was quoting his own experience with his declaration– but am not sure whether it was yours or his. I woke this morning and prayed my own and asked for notification of all entities involved, though I was not fairly given the same, as I believed. I left the “teeth” or consequences in the hands of my Creator until I can be more specific. Crazy day today- cars pulling out in front of me, crazy stuff, but also kindred spirits smiling with me too. In short, something has been stirred up and I can really feel the good in it. I want to make a formal declaration, written and spoken, like you. I have known about this “requirement” that they believe they fulfill through a blurb in a movie or such, but have never known what to do about it. Bless you for your work and your words. In short I am writing to ask you if, in fact, you have a declaration or sample posted somewhere, to help me to be thorough, but also to put teeth in it with consequences, indemnity or something else that I may be missing. I read from your comments here that this is the case, I think. It may just be that the poster on the blog, where I read about it, just gave this link as a general source. I am grateful for what you have written anyway, but would be delighted to see this only if you have already posted it somewhere. Otherwise, I will take what I have read from you and do the best I can. I am delighted with the concept and think it huge. Many thanks,


          • Jean says:

            Chris, I’m not on my computer, but you can easily find my Declaration by doing a SEARCH for it on my blog, using the word Declaration:) hugs, ~Jean

  16. Wendy says:

    This is an outstanding article you posted! Thank you SO much, Jean! It is truly real to me!

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