The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Eight, by Bradley Loves

– Everything we are seeing in the world today HAS to be seen and understood from the point of view that TIME has been compromised! –

One night, I sat watching a video of a lecture being given in a Washington D.C. hotel. The speaker was Phil Corso Jr., the son of the late Colonel Philip Corso, the Army Intelligence Officer who wrote the Book: The Day After Roswell.

Not only was Colonel Corso a highly decorated officer, but he also worked in the White House under Eisenhower and in the Pentagon under Kennedy. He was the first man, as far as I knew, to claim in print (in his book) that there were bases on the Moon, and also on Mars.

His son was giving a lecture on advanced technology and time travel.

“UFO’s are NOT the big secret” he was saying. “In fact, the Government would have come clean with that years ago if not for one thing….”

I watched the younger Corso pause for effect….

“The one thing that the government cannot ever admit to at ANY cost is that TIME HAS BEEN COMPROMISED…This was the one thing that would get anyone, anywhere, killed instantly a few years ago if they disclosed it…”

“At this point,” he continued, “There are some who are more willing to let this kind of thing out now, and I am always told,” he added, “what I can and cannot say in these lectures. Yes, I’ve sold out, but I’m protecting my family,” he finished, frowning sadly.

In the rest of the lecture Corso said that the reason UFOs were secret is that the technology they used in intergalactic flight was, in fact, a type of time travel, and that almost ALL of the conventional physics taught in regular Universities was total bunk. If they talked about UFOs and where they came from, conventional physics would not support travel from that distance. That type of technology itself BY DEFAULT made UFOs a necessary secret.

Later, I remember watching a rerun of  the older Corso being interviewed by a late night talk show host when his book first came out. (approx 1991). The question was: How can you even be saying all this stuff and get away with it? I mean there is no one out there in the military backing you up. No one!

I watched the elder Corso smile, as he said, “And have you noticed that all they DO ever say [the military] is: We Have No comment On The Book.”

“Why is that?” The host asked.

“Because I am a Retired Colonel from the US Army in good standing, and any military person anywhere who calls me a liar either in print or on television, I could have thrown into the brig for smearing an officer. My rank still stands.” He added.

“My commanding officer passed away recently, and I am the last officer in charge of the particular intelligence that we were keeping secret.” Since I am the last one living, the decision, whether or not to reveal it falls to me. I choose to tell. There isn’t anyone else who can tell me not to, since this intelligence was not theirs to keep — even a General couldn’t, because he was not read into it.”

After watching that interview, I determined to find out everything about Time Travel, the Moon Base, the Mars Base, and the rest. I went to lectures and watched videos. I got a real break in late 2009 when Andy Basaigo did his first Coast to Coast interview with George Noory, and spilled the beans about Teleportation and Project Pegasus.

It was through Andy that I was able to meet, and talk with his friend Brett Stillings. The man was living near Pasadena, California, and I called him and set up a meeting one day just to talk. He was very happy to meet with me.

He was an interesting man, who, like Andy had told me, was very bright, but after working with the CIA for many years had had his mind severely messed with. Still, he was fun and interesting to chat with, and was very forthcoming in a lot of ways.

We were sitting outside a nice coffee shop, having really great coffee.

“Were you really on Mars?” I asked him, getting right to the point.

He simply nodded affirmatively. “I worked a lot for the CIA afterwards,” he said, and he began to tell me about working with the Grays, certain advanced weapons that the government had gotten from the Grays, and about his life and his Dad’s life, working for the company.

Talking about hand held weapons, “They are literally electro pulse guns,” he said. “Three settings — the first one stuns, the second setting kills, and the third setting will vaporize anything.”

“Sounds like Star Gate stuff to me.” I sighed.

“Yea, but these guns really exist!” he said emphatically.

“Have you ever had it done to you?” I asked him.

“Everybody gets it done to them at least once—on the stun setting — just to see what it feels like, unless you have a weak heart; in that case, even the stun setting might kill you,” he added.

“And they got these from . . . ?” I asked.

“The Grays” he repeated.

We talked for several hours and ended up driving to a very nice park.

“I was almost broke and living on the streets many times,” he said sadly. “That’s what they do to you if you don’t like to play their game— their way. They mess your life up.” He added. “I never liked working for these guys, they can be really abusive.”

I simply stared at him.

“One time I was, actually sleeping on the street with no money, and no place to live, and a guy appeared out of nowhere, and gave me money and a job. I think my Dad sent him from the past.”

“Your Dad?” I asked.

“It must have been time travel” he said, “because the guy who was helping me said they had found out that I was being punished for talking too much, and he was going to save me.”

“Really,” I said intrigued. “Who were you talking to when you said too much?” I asked.

“I don’t know. All I know is that they said I was seen sitting in a park near JPL at a picnic table talking to some guy.”

(We were at a picnic table in a park.)

“Which park were you in?” I asked. “This one,” he said.

Well, what table were you at?” The one we are sitting at,” he smiled.

“What???” I blurted.

He laughed. “I don’t know if you’re the guy or not—maybe not, but even if you are, I’ve already paid for it, so don’t worry.”

Later he showed me his Google Earth page littered with hundreds of dropped pins on every Monument, Military Base, and other locations, as well — with lines of distance, and angles of degrees, written in, making a crazy spiderweb pattern on the globe that appeared on his computer screen.

He said, “these guys are wacko into Magic! There isn’t a Base, a Metropolitan area, a monument, or a church, that isn’t an exact number of distance in miles, or special degree of angle from the next important thing. The whole planet is set up like some wacked out Satanic chess board.” He added. “It’s all magic!”

I left him, thinking that this magic thing needed to be looked into far more deeply.

It was a few months later, after making many contacts on Social Networking Sites that I was contacted by a man I didn’t know. He claimed to also know about Mars, and a few people who had been there.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but the Humans from Earth aren’t the only people there.” he wrote.

“Who else lives there?” I wrote back.

“Native Martian humans, and other native Martians, some Grays, but there is also a colony of Anunnaki,” he wrote.

“As I understand it, the Anunnaki are gone!” I shot back him.

“Well that’s not true,” he wrote. “They are still very much around. In fact they think they own the Earth.”

“From what I was told, they abdicated the Earth in the Early 1990s.”

“Nope, still here, at least as far as I know—and on Mars, as of 2004, which came from one of the guys I know who was there.”

“Well, I did happen to see a video of Kerry Cassidy interviewing Bob Dean who sort of ‘halfway’ alluded to the idea that the Anunnaki were still around.”

“They are!” The man said. “In fact, MARDUK, spends a lot of his time in Vegas.”

“THEE Marduk? The jerk who tried to take over the Earth from his family, and enslave everyone living here? That guy is an absolute BRAT!” I wrote back.

There was a very long pause.

“I’ve never heard anyone talk about him like that. Most people are scared of him. You’ve got some cahones saying that in print.” He wrote finally.

“Well, IF he exists, he must be what? 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 years old?”
I wrote.

“He looks about 40,” the man wrote, “Very good looking, and likes to sit at gambling tables all by himself.”

“Well they DONT OWN the Earth!” I wrote angrily. “And they don’t own me!” I added.

“You’re sure brave,” he wrote finally.

“Listen,” I wrote to him, “I am an immortal soul, infinite and eternal. I have Prime Creator backing me up! Only HE is the creator of souls. No other being deserves my respect or awe. I don’t care HOW OLD Marduk is, he will die eventually, and he will pay for any misdeeds like every other soul.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” the guy wrote, “I agree with you, it’s just that the US Military seems to be working with these guys, so we have to be careful.”

“Well that figures .” I wrote back.

“Every time a new alien race comes along, the Military believes everything they say.”

“When will these Military-types turn spiritual, and realize that we are ALL equal souls in the eyes of Prime Creator, AND that no other races out there are more special than the others,—just more advanced.” I said.

The guy then thanked me and left the site that we were on.

That was weird I thought, which finally set me thinking back on my entire life. I spent days going over each year of my life, and my memories of it, and suddenly concluded that very strangely, most of the people I knew, or did work for, or seemed to just pop into my life, were ALL MILITARY!

Some worked for the Navy, Some for the Marines, while others were former assets for the CIA, and other agencies.

Since I’m in construction, and build things for a living, I don’t know how many jobs I was called to do for countless ‘military types.’ It was then that I began to wonder if I, too, was being tracked through time!

Part Nine to be published soon. 

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20 Responses to The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Eight, by Bradley Loves

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  2. mary josephine riddle says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have cried at several places throughout your writings and know that it is my witness. I am a “truth teller” and currently given an assignment that your material has helped validate the need for. Blessings my friend in the Light.

  3. bewareofserco says:

    This is an interesting discussion because I too felt slightly uncomfortable with the propagation of material concerning the Anunnaki, time travel and Mars bases. However I am willing to maintain an open (but slightly sceptical) mind – only because I know that we are being kept in the dark about almost everything, so who knows where the real truth lies?!

    Truth, surely, is dependant upon what the individual can verify to his/her own satisfaction through his/her own personal experience and observation. “Truth” then, MUST be slightly different for each of us. To someone who has experienced living on Mars for example, that is HIS/HER own personal reality and when that person communicates his/her experience to others (on Earth) who were not even aware that it was possible to travel to Mars, let alone live there, it is the truth only to the person that has had the experience and only hearsay to his/her audience.

    For me, part of the reason the planet is in its current unhappy situation, is because for too long, too many people have been too willing to accept without proof or evidence, the words and claims of others. Typically, “national security” or “commercial confidentiality” is used as an excuse for a lack of transparency by corporations and governments, so without access to the real transparent truth, we are always at a disadvantage, allowing those same corporations and governments to impose their unlawful authority on us for the purpose of exploitation, which then develops into a vicious downward spiral for a severely subjugated humanity.

    So, in conveying information about the Anunnaki, Mars, time-travel etc, is Bradley not emulating what the controllers of this planet have been doing for centuries? That is, expecting us to “believe” stuff that we as individuals have no possible way of verifying for ourselves. For many, that is one huge leap of faith! Fair enough, he is not using the feeble excuses that corporations and governments would use to “deprive” us of truth, but nevertheless, when you are looking for someone’s “belief” in something that can’t be easily proved, isn’t that what organised religion does? Personally, I have no respect for religion and see it as a con and the polar opposite to spirituality and as such, I find it slightly troubling that what started out in earlier articles, as an exploration of aspects of spirituality has now started to encompass aspects of religion, ie “belief” (which I consider to be an outsourcing of responsibility and therefore, detrimental to the positive evolution of humanity).

    Talking to people who “claim” to have done this or that, no matter how convincing, is not proof of anything and unless what is claimed can be experienced or observed, the claim is little more than hearsay, protected from any form of scrutiny by the convenient “black ops” or “top secret” label. For example, how can we be certain that what Kerry Cassidy does, is not just a great big, elaborate psyop? It wouldn’t exactly break the “black budget” would it? It would also be a great way to distract attention away from the many provable state and corporate crimes that we know are real, both past and present.

    What afflicts humanity today is a plan of the utmost criminal genius and as Albert Einstein said; “To solve a problem, it takes a greater level of consciousness than that which it took to create it” (or something like that). If he’s right, we’ve got a long wait, I think!!!

    • Bradley says:

      I love these thoughts. Yet they are flawed.
      “Radiation” is a reality. It comes as a by product nuclear fission. It can not be seen, tasted, smelled, heard, or touched.
      That pretty much covers ALL of our available five senses.
      Yet if you stand in a room filled with radiation for several days with no protection, YOU WILL die as a result. You do not need any anecdotal stories to tell you about radiations reality at that point.
      And, even though you never saw it, you never heard it, you never smelled it, you never tasted it, and you never touched it, it STILL killed you.
      Death from radiation poisoning is not a matter of faith, it is not a matter of belief, it is not a matter spiritual possibility, it is a scientific fact. Because a man has never been in room filled with dangerous radiation, does not mean a room with radiation does not exist.

      Seeing or experiencing a phenomenon does NOT make it real or unreal.

      The Only real truth of your statement is that grown adults can, and usually do believe anything they want.
      For instance, one could believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
      Who am I to tell that person differently?

      I have my own criteria, and my own way of vetting the truth. Usually, my process is highly, highly accurate.

      No amount of writing will ever convince everyone, just as NO amount of proof of certain things will ever convince everyone.

      We all are Free to choose. Choose wisely is all I say.

      • bewareofserco says:

        With all due respect, this is a very feeble response. You have stated that my thoughts are flawed without giving any actual reason why they are flawed!!!

        “If you stand in a room filled with radiation for several days with no protection, YOU WILL die as a result. You do not need any anecdotal stories to tell you about radiations reality at that point:”
        Radiation’s effects can be “experienced” and/or measured with technology so its reality CANNOT be denied. The same can be said for viruses, radio-waves, gravity, bacteria and some gases etc.

        If I am in your “radiation filled room” and my health is deteriorating from the time I entered, or my dosimeter indicates an unsafe level of exposure, “common-sense” tells me that I need to get out! I don’t even need to know what radiation is, for “common-sense” to prevail. I have thus proved to myself that the radiation in your room is potentially harmful as that is my personal experience and MY truth. When I tell others of MY experience, I don’t expect them to believe me, but because they also have the ability to use “common-sense” they will probably give me the benefit of any doubt for the benefit of their own self-preservation – but they can never really “know” that what I have told them is the truth.

        The “radiation” scenario you are describing totally removes the application of “common-sense”, the ability to formulate an opinion based on the balance of probability and the value of experience, so is completely unrealistic and therefore meaningless.

        “Seeing or experiencing a phenomenon does NOT make it real or unreal.”
        My comment was not about “phenomenon” it was about what constitutes “truth” and questioning the appropriateness of propagating what for most people is unbelievable “knowledge” that is difficult to support with hard evidence or proof. You appear to have “misconstrued” my comment to avoid addressing the issues raised which admittedly, I have not expressed in a very articulate manner, so I’ll put it a different way:

        On numerous occasions, I have encountered people who were tentatively receptive to the idea that we are being sold a false reality and that all is not as it seems. Unfortunately, when these people discover that the “Truth movement” supports the notion that Queen Elizabeth II is really a shape-shifting reptile who drinks human blood or that humans are living side by side with aliens on Mars, for them, this is a leap too far and the credibility of the “Truth movement” is then blown out of the water. I am not trying to say that there won’t be a time and place to disseminate this kind of information but at the present time, from personal experience, I suspect that it does more harm than good at a time when it is vital that a critical-mass wakes up to the reality that our systems of government are specifically designed to do us harm. “Numbers” is what counts and we really need to avoid topics that alienate people, is basically what I am saying here.

        “I have my own criteria, and my own way of vetting the truth. Usually, my process is highly, highly accurate:”
        OK, so could you give an insight as to how your highly, highly accurate vetting process leads you to conclude that the notion that occasionally; “Marduk likes to visit Vegas casinos” is the “truth”. The fact that you have used the word “usually” suggests that you acknowledge that your process doesn’t deliver confirmation of the “truth” at all, but an “opinion” that on the balance of probabilities, satisfies you personally. This begs the question; if you have an opinion and only an opinion, what are you attempting to achieve by reporting it, as if it is fact?

        “No amount of writing will ever convince everyone, just as NO amount of proof of certain things will ever convince everyone:”
        You’re right, but we don’t need to convince EVERYONE. What we need is a “critical mass” of people armed with sufficient “provable” knowledge to prevent the plans of the self-proclaimed elite from coming to fruition. Alienating masses of people by subjecting them to seemingly fantastical notions that are difficult to substantiate, does not help – in my opinion. That’s all I am saying.

        • Bradley says:

          These are all very good points! Well said.

          However, please be aware that all through your comment about what I wrote, what SEEMS to be the biggest issue for you is that lack of hard proof.

          I applaud your genuine feelings for the masses. You seem to want to help them.

          Don’t you think I do as well? Are you certain that I am not helping and only you are?

          Your other issue that’s quite blatant, (I too have common sense) is about “HOW”, I am helping those who may have read this. Be honest, isn’t this it?

          (These are really the only two issues I could see after reading your comment twice).

          Perhaps it’s a button with you. I did not mean to push it, however the real issue is that no one can really say HOW another living being should proceed with a given task. Otherwise that person becomes someone who needs to control others.

          If I brush my teeth inefficiently, is that a point for convention?
          They’re my teeth after all – just as this is “MY” article. Surely you can see the common sense in that.

          If picking apart “HOW” I am addressing the masses, and also “what” information I choose to deliver to them without substantial evidence, is so important to you, because you think the public is not ready for it, please write your OWN article!

          Dear brother, the masses are “our” family, NOT just your family. You do not own them, nor control how they should learn, nor grow, Nor live. Nor do you control how I as a sacred soul deliver a speech in public, or the content of that speech.

          I have not missed your point here, and I’ll address it specifically! Sadly, because you can not independently verify the countless conversations that I’ve had with people in certain projects, you feel that this information should not be handed out, without a picture or a paper or document. Fine, thank you for that. I politely decline. I handed out the information the way I did, because it was important for people to hear.

          In addition, Kerry Cassidy was told several years ago by several very high level agents in black projects, that she was SAFE doing her video interviews, as long as she only handed out information, and avoided “hard proof” like pictures and documents, WHICH could get her killed! With information only, there is plausible deniability for those who are in those programs. Surely you can see common sense in THAT my friend.

          Finally there is a movie with Tom Cruise called: A Few Good Men.
          When he asked his own assistant attorney if he’d put Colonel Jessup on the stand, his assistant replied very honestly, saying – No I would not, nor would your Dad, but THAT does Not matter. The only thing that matters is WHAT WOULD “YOU” DO.

          I have shown everyone who read this series what I would do. That was my choice, I stand totally by every word written in it. You may have done it differently, hurray for you.
          Thank you for your input, but now “This” conversation IS OVER.
          You may answer if you wish, but we are done here.

          Much Love.

  4. Magic IS the “Old Religion” which was the only religion (truthful and powerful) for many millenium before the Dark decided to wipe it off the face of the Earth through death penalties (such as burning at the stake, etc).
    Magic was our completion until the dark ages. We are all “incomplete” because they stole our inherent human fulfillment and guarantee of happiness through magic.
    Perhaps this is the way to defeat them. Re-learn the true religion and fight them at their own game.
    Blessings to all. 🙂

  5. vivikerich says:

    Judy, what was required of humanity is to meditate and get into the higher freqeuncies so that we can match the frequency of Earth and it makes it much better for earth to raise her vibration for the transition into the higher dimensional frequencies. This is the human conscious awakening.
    …”For the moment, let yourself take a gentle breath in and out, and remember that there is a vast presence within you — your infinite divine self. Let yourself know, and deeply feel, the reality of your vast inner soul, and let your attention settle into your deep presence. This lets you feel a renewed sense of inspiration, confidence and delight — because your soul is an individualized expression of the divine universe itself. ”
    Posted comments in the video Elizabeth Eva Young

    • vivikerich says:

      you see, in the UK it is 12:47 am
      “The word “theosophy” comes from the Greek words theos (god) and Sophia (wisdom). Literally, theosophy means “divine wisdom.” The roots of this philosophy can be traced back to ancient Gnosticism, with borrowings from Greek philosophy and medieval mysticism.”

    • Jean says:

      Thank you for sharing such beautiful ways of helping not only Judy, but all of us. As I read these words, I could feel myself settling in and down. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. I am finding that the more I “KNOW.” the less I “learn”. I’ve spent 6 years awakening to myself. It is not always a warm fuzzy but well worth the strength of soul I’ve gained and the friends along the way. Information that is coming out into view is wrapping up things for me with a nice tied bow! I thank you Jean for your time sifting through all the blogs and news out there and providing us the chance to feel our way thru this changing reality. All is well

  7. Graham says:

    It would appear to me that the one’s who are living in the NOW and just getting on with LIVING in present day REALITY are doing very well. Funnily enough, so are most animals that are hotwired to nature. I can just imagine the reaction if claims like this were put in front of such people.

    This material could easily have been written by a sociopath, narcissist, psychopath, or mind controlled zombie, many of whom are known to be very active online, imparting such nonsense from their severely warped minds. Thankfully the “channellers” are falling by the wayside.

    This is also the type of material that is having a counterproductive effect on sane people’s minds who have been brought to the belief that the alternate media speaks the absolute truth. I think aspects of it are certainly the underlying cause of so much neurosis and psychosis we see going on around us everyday. Big Pharma is of course well geared up to deal with the “side effects”.

    The material is also highly dangerous to get overly involved with. The analytical brain will question what good is it doing humanity if all of the claims are true. Seems like yet another agenda whose true purpose is not yet clearly known, but Von Braun warned about on his deathbed [apparently].

    Researchers will certainly know what it COULD be leading to. Wishful thinkers, especially those with emotionally damaged backgrounds will likely take to it like a duck to water without any further questioning. The latter usually believe anything then “fall to the truth” at some point later.

    Let’s deal with the REAL and widely RECOGNISED problems on planet earth prior to going “ballistic” in order to mind explore what lies beyond. Perhaps the “chosen ones” can be sent on a one way trip to Mars where they may feel more at home with its apparent occupants, one of whom seems to be a regular at a casino table in Vegas, according to this narrative.

    The only TIME we should be concerned with is the TIME that regulates nature. Humans are a part of nature, although material like this serves well to completely disconnect them, just like multiple other agenda’s such as fluoride, GMO, chemtrails and the whole nine yards.

    The tell tail signs of a story being bullshit is usually embedded in the data being disseminated. In this case, the casino claim being the obvious one. I have seen a lot worse, but few catch on as the bigger picture is what usually captivates the mind. No wonder the population have largely become incapable if invoking any change. They are far too passive.

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you for a most enlightened response. I would ask you though “Dear Heart”, if you truly believe that so much that this “material is dangerous” why react to it at all?

      And, If written by a psychopath, why not just laugh it off?

      Could it be that you too have a love for humanity? Perhaps you want them to KNOW the truth, and wish to save them from things that are misleading. But if you want that, can you not see that in someone else?

      The trouble with your response is this. Do YOU personally know all of the facts about everything, so you can claim to know what is truth or not? And thus wave the flag to others in order to help them.
      How many of those men and women who have actually participated in top secret projects have you visited with personally?
      Like Kerry Cassidy, I’ve talked with dozens. They paint a different picture than you’re claiming.

      Everything I have written thus far is very well vetted. I may not have listed countless sources for your benefit. That is just not practical.

      With the scope of material covered here, it would take a book the size of David Ickes (1000 pages plus) to list all the sources and footnotes. It’s just not possible to do quickly.

  8. Judy says:

    I am trying hard to understand all of the info being thrown at us…
    My friends we are experiencing a strange time indeed.
    The world is not right, the stars are not stars, the earth seems in a wrong location, and seems to not spin…what a mess…anyone have something great to tell me?
    Trust in our instincts and nner connection…and absolutely nothing else..
    Stand together, and love each other..fasten your seat belts.
    I Could use some good input about now…

    • Jean says:

      Judy, be gentle with yourself. Our reality is truly falling away! Give your brain a chance to cope with this. It used to take me about two weeks to deal with a single event . . . and that was some 8-10 years ago. I’m doing better now – no shock to my system anymore – but it takes time to integrate these thoughts and ideas into your reality. The changes are huge to you mentally, spiritually, and even physically! Give it a bit of time. Try to find someone with whom you can talk about what you are learning. I didn’t have anyone, but I found myself babbling to people who just weren’t capable of understanding . . . maybe to preserve my own sanity 🙂 Time alone, just time is necessary . . . so gently give yourself that gift! Hugs, ~Jean

      • vivikerich says:

        Jean, this is for you, because you are a great teacher and people appreciate you.

        “Waldorf does not teach religion as such. Each grade learns about one spiritual tradition through the lens of history; the time and place where it originated, and the people who were living at that time. So, by the time a child reaches high school, they will have a deep appreciation for all the major religions, but not necessarily adopt any one as their own. That would not be the role of the school, but of you, the parent; if you wished to raise your children in a particular spiritual tradition. Waldorf school are non-denominational, but honor all paths which lead to an awareness of the Universal human.”

        • Jean says:

          Vivikerich, I’m acquainted with the Waldorf Schule and it is a wonderful way for children to connect with their own inner guidance system. In the future, I believe we will have to totally ‘reverse’ our education system to one that is inner directed with the teacher becoming a facilitator. This is the way most of us have come to our understanding of our present world. We have educated ourselves by following our intuition as we were ‘led’ to select this or that book, read a certain article – but not another, and so on.

          Thanks and hugs,

    • Bradley says:


      The reason this seems hard right now is that after many decades of lies, we are finally finding out the truth. Sadly, MOST of what you have been taught or told was a lie. That is difficult to grapple with at first. WE as a group placed our trust in others. We trusted religion and government to deal with life for us so we could play cards and watch TV.

      THAT WAS A MISTAKE. One should never hand over the responsibility for one’s life to another. Cosmically, that is incorrect, AND will bring undesired results to those who do so.

      Think of what a person who’s been in a Coma for 60 years might think about the way the world is now to the way he remembers it. That’s what each of us have to go through.
      We were lazy. We did not QUESTION our leaders. We did not question our priests, we did not challange what they said.
      When they said, just trust me, that should have been a red flag.
      Every soul according to Cosmic Law MUST do its own work in its personal growth.
      That work can not be “jobbed out” to others to make it easier. We are now learning that the price of simply letting others lead us around is pretty high.
      Put down the TV, and Card games forever, and watch video lectures and read alternative articles instead.
      Also, at this point please remove all consent to any contracts that you may have entered with the ruling elite, who are magicians. Use the Declaration.
      Finally, the good news is that most people think they were just average and powerless.
      The truth is that each and every soul is incredibly loved by the Creator. He gave us FREEWILL. Use it wisely.

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