The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Nine, by Bradley Loves

As I read here today, this strikes me as being the most important Chapter Bradley has written. It explains how we are all important, and why we all — each and every person on this planet  — count. It is an honor to be chosen to be here at this time, the time of the Shift of the Ages. Please make sure you cast your vote.

Thanks and hugs,

– The LOVE that we have within ourselves is all we need to defeat the dark. Never, Never think that you are powerless-

True Love has always has been the way forward. This is because our REALITY is a collectively created magnetic hologram.

It can be changed through “right action”, and “right thinking”, which is why there is such a dark thing as Mind Control in the first place.

Think logically: Why would the dark NEED to control our thoughts, if they didn’t need us to help them create the dark reality that they dream of.

This is a REAL problem for them. They just can’t take over — they just can’t install what they want on this Earth! At least on some level, they must get our agreement.

Why do they spend billions and trillions of dollars telling us lies on the TV news, trying yet once again to “get our agreement” to go to war ? Or, for any of the other things they want?

It is because on a “supernatural” level they are restricted from creating anything into reality that the masses DONT WANT, or don’t agree to.

So this proves it. They need our agreement, which is another way to say they need our consent!

Just skip over the idea for the moment that they are lying to get it. (Many people are having a very difficult time with that part of the equation.)

Just notice that if MOST of the population is vehemently opposed to something they want, it does NOT happen.

The magicians will tell us if something they want doesn’t get achieved that it wasn’t the right time, or that they changed their mind,. BUNK! They wanted it bad, only they NEED the consent of the masses to get any dark thing to manifest here. That’s the way it works on Earth.

Think of the ENTIRE Earth as if it were a “Wishing Booth” where all you have to do is go in, and make a wish, and your wish comes true.

Only, because there are so many people on the planet, the wish can only comes true when a critical amount of us – let’s just say 20 to 30 percent – all agree on the same thing.

Now you know why it is in the best interest of the Illuminati to OWN all of the media!

If they can sway public opinion in their direction, by repeating over and over again the NEED for something they want, IT REMOVES THE MAGICAL RESTRICTION, against doing something very bad on the planet once they get enough of us to agree (CONSENT).


Because a critical number of us agreed to their plan! That’s ALL they need.

We don’t even have to vote on it, that’s not necessary. The Universe knows our thoughts! Every second of every day, the collective thoughts of the entire planet are recorded and tabulated by the Universe.

If the Cosmic Intelligence sees that half of the USA thinks we need to bomb Syria, then all magical restrictions are removed from stopping the CABAL from doing so. (Since there was collective agreement to do a bad thing).

The sad flip-side to this, however, is that the Karmic lesson for taking such a brutal action gets spread out to all of the souls that agreed to that action, which then made it possible. So those souls take a hit.

Oh Yes! The CABAL knows this. (They are Dark Magicians) They are Satanists. Of course they know this. Do you think they care about any Karmic baggage you will get as a result of believing their lie?

YES, they are lying, fabricating, and misleading us. But the Universe does not care about that. The Earth Reality is like a magical wishing booth, and whatever most of the participants here are wishing for — is EXACTLY what the Earth gets.

Yes, this is a very magical reality. It can do anything. It is a magnetic hologram, which is why the Satanists want it so badly. Their desires and dreams are dark. They want to be a Kings and Queens and rule on high, with nothing but slaves and serfs under them! They want to be able to do anything, without having to ask for, or ever answer for it.

Now how could they ever get there, if they need we the people to agree?

Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie where certain people get so beat down, and so despairing, AND so helpless, that they just accept their fate?

This is HOW it CAN happen. If enough of the living souls on Earth, just roll over and accept what they get, then the Universe will have NO CHOICE but to give them this very hard lesson for their own good.

Still, there is great love for the Earth, AND for those souls who are trapped here! Prime Creator sees everything happening here!

Much to the chagrin of the Dark Magicians, Prime Creator keeps “sending” more and more KIND and loving souls into the mix, which has the effect of stifling and slowing down their progress towards a DARK reality.

NOW can you imagine why the CABAL hates light workers and truth tellers so much? We are standing in their way. We are blocking the path to their New World Order Dream! They can’t “manifest” it unless a critical amount of people on the planet on some level agree to it and ASK for it. They would do this by simply giving up, and giving in!

So, never mind that the CABAL have lied through their teeth, robbed, pillaged and stolen to get us where we now are. As I’ve already said. The Universe does NOT CARE that they are lying to us, it only cares if we “”agree” to what they want.

That’s where the endless mind control, deception, magic, bribes, black mail, murder, and the rest come in. Their idea is to get our agreement through BRUTE FORCE!

So for the masses to be suddenly waking up — and knowing the truth — is their worst nightmare!! They need to SILENCE the truth tellers.

The truth that they are most terrified of is that We can STOP them by removing our CONSENT. It’s the magical key!

We live in a Supernatural reality! They know this! Never mind that they’ve never told us this. YOU know it NOW!

Now is when you can make a new choice! Now is the only time that we have. We must use it to come together in UNITY!

LOVE is the power behind our collective WILL to change our course.

The CABAL wants a dark reality on this planet. What do YOU WANT?

Your vote counts, and is BEING counted as we speak, every moment of every day! The universe sees it, the Cosmic Intelligence knows. Remove your consent to what the CABAL wants for the world. Use the Declaration Jean Provided!

We can defeat them magically, we can defeat them supernaturally! We can defeat them by playing the same game they are.

They are playing chess, we cannot play checkers and beat them at chess. We have to play chess as well.

(Part Ten follows soon.)

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16 Responses to The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Nine, by Bradley Loves

  1. yvonjana; ftf ilsen says:

    Dear Jean, Is there a Dutch translation from the Declaration you’ve given us?

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  3. Ronnie says:

    I remember as a small child of about 2 moving my head back and forth on my crib sheet. I was distraught at being incarnated at this time. I fretted and fretted. Each time I felt a presence and I would hear a reassuring and loving voice telepathically telling me not to worry because everything would be alright. I know that this would seem hard to believe, but it is true. I knew this was a loving being always present and I was also aware this was not my mother or father. I had too many other unusual experiences in my life. I have to trust what I was told.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Ronnie, it’s time we trust those experiences. The invisible is as valid – if not more so – than the visible. When at the age of 56 I had what appeared to be a thought that said to me, “Jean, you life is almost over, and you haven’t lived yet,” I listened to it. Suddenly, it was like an energetic maelstrom that picked me up and within months moved me physically out of my life and put me on a healing journey. It was maybe a year later that I realized a voice had spoken to me: It addressed me in the third person as “Jean.” Life for me has been filled with miracle after miracle . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. rthunderws says:


  5. JT says:

    I think the statement is appealing to the Prime Creator as a legalistic being who needs to be appealed to in the method as these annunaki types. It does not ring true for me to appeal in this way. Too much of the statement twisted back and forth, and quite notably granted consent in its naïveté.
    I suggest one only need to keep the thought and will of not being tricked, not consenting, not consenting to compete on a like minded basis. We cannot compete in legalese. We do not need to.
    By the way, and I really hate to say it. When we vote, we consent to the system that enslaves us. It is an illusion to vote. I am talking state and national levels. Two systems exist, one is dormant. The constitution is dormant. The paid tribute system is in force. A paid tribute to all congressmen, for purposes of their campaign chests renders them obligated to those contributors. That nullifies the constitution and every one of the first ten amendments. Reason is, the ten amendments are about individual liberty, and it is not for sale to the higher bidder. Thus, rendered obsolete. I don’t vote. I don’t consent. We will win. They will not be happy soon.

    • Bradley says:

      Welcome and thank you for your insight. All true truth seekers are part of the Unity.
      None are excluded if their goal is to BE a part of the change.


  6. nadia says:

    Is true,we cocreate as much as them this is why they want to force us to create what they say and want. So misleading our creative force has beeen very important.Eucation and entertainment is all about it.Notice also that creative force is connected to sex and how distorted this field has been because of churches and sex sellers and why women has been enslaved.Everything is inside and so our inner creative powers.THey are awakening in us all but we miss the wisdom to use them properly, as we have been misleaded in our growth, so acting for the benefit of all beings is a good indicator of the way,being the me in the all beings of course and respect too is a good indicator. But what is missing in the equation is that the more we are connected to Oneness the more powerful is our creative ability.THe more we are in truth the more effective our wishes.God is not absent in the game it she it plays through us if we allow this presence act in us as naturally would do so in natural systems and this is why all educational systems create and nourish separation from god, our real essence and being.And our real identity at the end.Again God is in all beings and be aligned to the best good for all beings in full respect makes our expression of divine power and divine creation even more powerful as it is oneness with the God real wish.This is also why they hate starsouls as starsouls know this very deeply.Cabal has not this power and will never have.They will have to surrender and rectify their actions. I do not think we really need gold as retribution for their abuses as divine abundance is our anyway and gold is not divine abundance, is a metal and can be replicated…As i wrote in my comment to the declaration I think the best way they will have to recreate balance is through first, taking back full personal responsability in what they have done and I ask for divine justice to intervene on this now on.Then they can face their full karma back through personal sufference or through positive restoring happiness service.
    This is my intent.
    I think service would be really the best option as allows them to integrate changes too, deeply , service is love and opens hearths.Anyway,the choice of their destiny is their right.ALL and full responsability goes back to them and then they choose their way…
    .God is love and wisdom ….. and is all ……so love and wisdom to all and through all would be the best option ….Thanks for the interesting articles

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, Nadia! It has done my heart good to read your words. Thank you so much . . . And hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you Dear Heart for these comments. You are exactly correct – through TV and movies they are “training us how to think, and thus help them create THEIR reality.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I can see them Cabal members (all of the names we already know), in their prison stripped suits,… wearing handcuffs & shackles,… being guided into the examination room,… to take their 1st shower,…

  8. Bradley says:


    I watched a box on the wall that told me how to think. I laughed at what it said.
    I watched a box on the wall that told me what to want. I laughed at what it said.
    I watched a box on the wall that told me what to buy. Finally, I began to wonder…

    How did this box get to be so smart that it could know all these things about about what I should think, want, and buy? It seemed to know so much for being just a box.

    Then I found out the box was lying to me.

    I forgave the BOX,

    and stopped watching.

  9. gary says:

    Thanks, as I have really enjoyed these posts, as much of what he states rings true to me, especially the part that says that we Always get to Decide; we alone control our destiny with our thoughts and that Love rules and overcomes all the negativity… once one knows who they are, Divine expressions of All That Is.

  10. Please use your highest discretion…

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