Is Putin Still a Freemason?

Leuren Moret said recently in an email to me:

There is so much negative disinfo and unfounded attacks on Putin right now, but its because the western economy is going down and Putin is taking Russia to the stars (the quality of life – income – of people in Russia went up more than 11% in 2013, he is fiscally improving Russia like never before).  He is very moral, grounded, a very normal person, and he is for real.  

If you look at this CIA Fact Book page on account balances for 193 countries – Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kuwait are the five most solvent nations in the world.  

The five at the bottom are Canada, India, Brazil, UK, and at real rock bottom is the USA – at $360 billion overdrawn.  Here is the link to the webpage, and you should post it on your blog.  The European Union is at #183 with a debt of $34.49 billion.

So from this list it looks like the biggest liars and con-men and those morally in the wrong have the biggest debts.  Now its time to ask the question “Does crime REALLY pay?”  

On a personal note: I likely will be off my blog today. They message after nineteen years of struggle, which included many nights with very little sleep, is to go to bed now – today – and sleep. I can’t do this tomorrow. Until I do, I think my body won’t heal.

There is so much material on my blog for you to investigate, and I hope you will do so. Graham has already left some intriguing stories on the Daily News Page that I hope you will investigate. . . 

March 20, 2014
by Anders

Today, the webmaster of the Blog “Kulissenriss” wrote me that acc. to the Tomlinson-link in my latest article, Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Mason. So I have tried to penetrate somewhat deeper into the matter – and will leave it to my readers to decide for themselves what that man really is.

I have several times referred to Vladimir Putin as a Royal Arch Freemason. This information is derived from an abstract  from Richard Tomlinson´s Book The big Breach from 2001 – which nobody has disputed, and which brought the MI6 into big trouble.

Richard Tomlinson was initiated in  the Royal Arch as were all MI6 members – which was apparently identical with the KGB: Vladimir Putin and the other KGB Royal Arch Freemasons  were educated alongside with Tomlinson. Like with Tomlinson, the MI6 in 1993 wanted to get rid of Putin when it no longer needed him.

The abstract (not written by Tomlinson) concludes: “What is known is that Vladimir Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemasonry member. Can the same be said to be true of Richard Tomlinson?” No explanation given for that statement.putin-masonic-handshake







Left above : Putin greets Tymosheno with Masonic handshake. Right above : Putin shows Masonic “sign of preservation”.

Another Blog “John Scarlett” (about – not by – Tomlinson´s and Putin´s MI6 teacher, John Scarlett)  brings a comment on 9 Febr. 2007 from a person claiming to have been initiated to anoint Vladimir Putin, who in 1979 was chosen to be the Illuminati Antichrist. He was anointed in 1993 – and “left the Royal Arch in 1994″However the anointer claims that after Putin was anointed, his career sped upwards – and that only began in 1994! At that time Putin had been through a severe Royal Arch brainwashing – acc. to Tomlinson.

Henry Makow 11 June 2012: “It appears that “Red Ox” was also recruited by KGB at an early stage. He sees MI-6 & KGB as essentially one and their rivalry as Masonic office politics. He says most members of these agencies are so compartmentalized, they haven’t a clue of the bigger picture, i.e. both agencies serve Rothschilds.”

Did Putin really stop being a Royal Arch mason in 1994, as his career began? He would have lost invaluable information from the MI6/KGB society – and would a “traitor” who had broken his Illuminati oath be able to make career in the Royal Arch dominated KGB – which he did until made President in 1999? Today he is the overall boss of the KGB successor, the FSB (or its subordinate?). Has he really freed himself from the Pharisaic Rothschild /Jesuit  grip?

putin necktieTexe Marrs in his Codex Magica tells in his Flaming Ring of Fire: “Putin wears a Masonic neck tie. The triangles, on Putin´s tie and on the shirt collar, have their point, or spear, downward,toward the realm that is the controlling force of Masonry.

In terms of the secret order or secret society, it symbolizes sacrifice of the individual to the common good of the organization.

The neck tie Putin wears has Illuminist meaning. The X of Osiris is prominent in the design as is the two triangles—one pointing up, the other down—inside a diamond.”

Masons are slaves of their rituals which mostly betray them. Putin staked much on making the Sochi Winter OL games – the most expensive ever – a show of the power of his new Russia – as have former dictators also done.
So, do events at the Sochi games betray Putin as a Mason maybe even with a special role?

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16 Responses to Is Putin Still a Freemason?

  1. There’s a lot of western propaganda designed to get us to believe “we can’t really know who Putin is.”

    In fact, he’s one of the few world leaders who is incredibly transparent.

    For example, in “First Person,” his “autobiography” (actually a series of interviews with him and various people close to him), he states that he was a product of soviet brainwashing. In other words, earlier in his life, he believed things he doesn’t now.

    Anyone who is not in that position (having changed their beliefs as they matured) is much more suspicious than anyone who is.

    So even if that very early picture of him wearing a tie that may or may not be symbolic (triangles pointing downward?! Heaven forbid! He’s EVIL!) and the handshake stuff – give me a break.

    It’s easy to tune into the man psychically. My take is, he is trustworthy, honest, kind, and incredibly patient. Comparing that degree of inner knowing with a photo of a handshake taken years ago is hopefully, obviously ludicrous.

  2. Avimun says:

    There are two states:
    To be.
    Not to be.
    A free Mason is freed from not to be, (de)formed as a Mason. Such a person is not alive and not dead, since he is in a state, where he have lost his will, cut the line to his soul and simply miss to be spiritual. The name The Cabal are quite significant, since Masons doing is a solitaire never solved.
    Putin has visited Masons, KGB and studied the phenomenon, and kept his will and spirituality alive. That makes him able to linguistic through language to recall who he (and we) really are. And you who want to stydy that, have to take the mythology serious. There is a Russian mythology and before that a Nordic mythology. Both more or less surpressed and faked.

    When Putin just said: “Play-time is over”, this simply means, The Cabal is dead. But these words indicate to the worlds people that “Real-time is on”. Or reconnected. Peoples connection are so pure that this true(milleniun known) reality have no place for any kind of fake things.

    Putin image is more ‘a messenger’ than ‘a leader’.

  3. Christina says:

    Why does the Russian t.v. then shows programs on the attempts to form one World Government?
    Why are the interviews with David Wilcock broadcasted?
    Why are programs on extraterrastials shown and did Putin phone Obama and ask him if he was going to tell the world or Putin himself?
    Why did Edgar Cayse say that Russia would become beacons of hope for the world and would bring real freedom?
    Why is it said that Israel and the U.S. have made contracts with the greys and Putin with the tall whites, this is to say benevolent E.T.s, on condition he will not support war?
    It all does not suit whatever mentions above.

  4. maja says:

    Jean, I agree that there is a need for caution, and I personally don’t intend to fully support anyone who is not fully transparent, (I just feel that is a new standard we should all uphold) but I do agree with William that this particular info is rather flaky especially that video with the medal. While the london olympics were blatantly rampant with symbolism all over the place this is really stretching it. Also it is not true that the eastern orthodox church is exactly like the catholic one, the orthodox church has not even recognized the catholic church as christian since the great schism of the christian church (into catholic and orthodox, rome and constantinople.) I’m no expert but an expert once did explain it to me, and basically the orthodox church views the catholic church as having completely abandoned christian principles in favor of being an empire and is therefore considered a “false” church by the orthodox one. I am not saying that the orthodox church is therefore clean as a whistle, i don’t know enough about it, but they are not the same. It would be nice to find more information on the subject, it is amazing how little is available and how little is known about the orthodox church in the rest of the world.

    • Jean says:

      Maja, I’ve bolded your words above that really struck me! WHY do you think we know little about the Russian Orthodox Church? Could that history also have been hidden from us? Leuren Moret has also shared with me that this is the reason Putin took Russia back to the Orthodox Church! Hugs, ~Jean

      • maja says:

        Well the fact that awareness of it among the rest of the world has been kept so low is encouraging, it makes me lean towards thinking that it just might be generally ok. I live in an Orthodox Christian country and culture (Serbia), although I have never been religious. So I can only speak from what I see around me which is that the Orthodox Church does not at all propagate the devil or scare people into submission by threatening eternal damnation and all that stuff… All that negative scary stuff is just not there. For me that is the most glaring difference.

        I was also surprised when my expert friend told me that the Catholic Church is not even officially recognized as Christian by the Orthodox Church. Unfortunately I will not have the opportunity to speak with him in more detail until next summer although I have been very anxious to ask him many questions. I do think that understanding the real history of the Orthodox Church and it’s current status (meaning whether or not it has been infiltrated in any way) is key to understanding where Russia really stands and should be an important topic for researchers to look into. It is a vast subject though, and the history is immense. I am not a researcher myself and could not do the subject proper justice, but I will try to look into it in my spare time (which I have very little of.) If I come across anything I will be sure to share with you.

        And thank you for tackling this subject, I feel it is of most importance. And thank you for everything you do, your and Alfred’s blogs are to me to greatest beacons of truth-seeking with integrity and transparency that I’ve come across on this world wide web. Hugs!

        • Jean says:

          Maya, I thought I responded to this. . . I asked a very important question: Why don’t we know more about the Eastern Orthodox Church? Could it be the cabal doesn’t want us to know? Also I understand from Leuren that Putin has returned the country to this church . . . important info, I think . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Anthony says:

    Ken at ‘RediscoveringGod’ wrote an article on Putin a while back that used some of the same sources referenced in this article, but he has many additional insights. Link:

    Personally, knowing that Putin fully endorsed the IMF’s loans to the Ukraine early this year indicates to me that he is just another actor in this tragic play, and is complicit at the highest levels. And why not? He and the other BRICS leaders are going to come out of this smelling like roses.

    Don’t pay attention to the marionettes on the stage. Follow the strings to their source: The BIS. The IMF, the FED, and the BRICS are all just pawns in this game, and will be sacrificed/exalted/made to change their colors etc. in whatever manner results in the greatest financial control for the NWO. Follow the money!

    – Anthony

    • Jean says:

      Anthony, Putin is playing politics on a very big stage, and sometimes neither he nor anyone can make changes all at once. Things must be gradually put in place . . . we must begin somehow to understand this. I myself think it is far too soon to make a judgment on Putin. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Furthermore, if you will refer to the partial minutes of the latest Bilderberg meeting posted by Jean, it contains all the information one needs to see what’s coming. It wouldn’t matter if it came from the Masons or the Boy Skoutz of Amerika. We must not waste time deciding how to parse the source of the assault, we only need address the assault itself. All of this mysterious occult BS is just part of the fog they like to spray over the battlefield.

  7. This is really flaky intel. These hand signs and signals and handshakes are not Masonic at all. They are simply normal rhetorical postures that anybody is wont to display from time to time. A Masonic handshake with a lady? Women can’t be Masons, so how does this work? I’m not saying this is a disinfo article, just poorly researched and jumped to some far-out unfounded conclusions.

    • Jean says:

      William, I’m looking for answers in a serious way, and I thank you for your input. Your response is logical and itneresting . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Graham says:

        “I’m looking for answers in a serious way”

        Checkout the links I posted a few days ago as to the claims Putin is a “Royal Arch” freemason. The data surfaced when a dismissed MI6 agent went public a number of years ago. Makow ran with the story thereafter.

  8. megan reid says:

    On reading some of the comments to this article one of the commenters stated that women cannot give secret handshakes because women can’t be freemasons. Women can indeed be free masons. There are a few female versions of this I believe, one is the order of the garter and another is the eastern star.

    Love and hugs

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