!!!!! Kevin Annett: Ottawa False Flag Killings covered “huge scandal”: ITCCS Breaking News, November 4

Source: ITCCS.org
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November 4, 2014

Senior Canadian cabinet minister exposed as participant in Ninth Circle sacrificial cult along with mafia-tied catholic Cardinal – Both men named at February 22 cult ritual in Rome


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s senior cabinet minister for Quebec and the head of the powerful Privy Council, Denis Lebel, was present at the cult ritual killing of a child in Rome on February 22 of this year, according to evidence given to ITCCS officials last week by an eyewitness.

Lebel was in Rome at the head of an official Canadian delegation to the inauguration of Quebec Archbishop Gerald Lacroix, who was ordained a Cardinal by Jesuit Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, earlier that same day of February 22, 2014. (http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2014/02/21a.aspx?lang=eng)

Cardinal Lacroix was also present at the Ninth Circle ritual attended by Denis Lebel, according to an eyewitness.

The witness claims that the incident involved the serial anal rape and killing of “a little boy about five or six” and took place at midnight in basement chambers of the Jesuit-run International Youth Centre within the Church San Lorenzo Piscibus in Rome, less than a mile from the Vatican.

Cardinal Lacroix is also believed to have been scheduled to participate in the Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual in Westmount, Quebec on August 15 that was disrupted by an ITCCS special action unit. (see www.itccs.org, August 20, 2014)

“That isn’t the first child sacrifice at San Lorenzo” claims the eyewitness. “It’s right next door to the (Jesuit) Superior General’s (Adolfo Pachon’s) office. It happens especially in that month since February 21 and 22 are the ancient Roman festivals of Feralia and Terminalia, when animals and children were sacrificed in memory of the dead.”

The same Cardinal Gerald Lacroix is a member of the notorious St. Pius X Society (SSPX) an extreme right wing catholic cult closely tied to the Ndrangheta crime syndicate and neo Nazis connected to rogue catholic Archbishop Bernard Fellay. The present Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, is in negotiations with Fellay to have his SSPX cult readmitted into the roman catholic church.


According to ITCCS North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett, this latest exposure of Minister Lebel’s ties to the Ninth Circle and Cardinal Lacroix was likely behind the October 22 staged shooting of a soldier in Canada’s capital, and the murder of an Ottawa police investigator by the Ndrangheta three weeks before.

“I’ve learned that ITCCS Directors received the evidence of the February 22 ritual involving Lebel and Lacroix on Monday, October 20. The staged killing of Ottawa soldier Nathan Cirillo occurred two days later. The government’s talk of new police powers and the media hysteria that followed Cirillo’s shooting were an obvious distraction from this news of Lebel and Lacroix, that could easily topple the Harper government. Denis Lebel is crucial right now in Harper’s upcoming election hopes to win Quebec for his party.

“Ultimately this is all about covering for the big money, which means the Ndrangheta syndicate, that provides the children for the Ninth Circle rituals and who killed Ottawa police inspector Kal Ghadban on September 28 after he’d helped stop the Westmount ritual in August. Apparently, Ghadban knew of Denis Lebel’s and Gerald Lacroix’s invovlement in the Ninth Circle ritual and he planned to bring charges against both men.” (see www.itccs.org, October 1, 2014)

      “Big money” includes as well Minister Lebel’s ties to those global resource companies affected by his decisions as federal  Transport and Infrastructure minister: companies like Power Corporation, Cargill, Sinclair Oil and others whose officers have been named as participants in child trafficking and Ninth Circle sacrificial rites.? (see www.itccs.org , September 28, 2014)

        The ITCCS and its Canadian affiliates plan to establish an ongoing inquiry into the Lebel – Lacroix connection, the murder of Officer Kal Ghadban, and the role of Ndrangheta and the Vatican in the Harper government’s false flag operations.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels

4 November, 2014

​A Youtube interview with Kevin Annett on this story is attached:

Sources for this story include journalists in Rome and members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Interpol operatives, European Parliament members, a member of the Jesuits, and officers of the Ottawa police department.​

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7 Responses to !!!!! Kevin Annett: Ottawa False Flag Killings covered “huge scandal”: ITCCS Breaking News, November 4

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  2. qbulb willis says:

    You say you are going to get to the bottom of this ..and I hope you do. However, you seem to be using a lot of time trying to smear the Harper government when Lebel did not attend the Ninth Circle on behalf of the Harper government. These sacrifices of children is happening within all political parties in Canada and the USA …and has for years! Some judges, many policemen, politicians at all levels, university professors and others are Satanists or Illuminati or Free Masons who are also involved in child sacrifices in Canada and the USA. Who do you think they are sacrificing to….?? I think it is shameful of you trying to make this a political thing when is a Satanic thing that all sorts of people are involved, irregardless of political affiliation. As a matter of fact, the more liberal a person is the more likely he/she will be involved in these atrocities. Yet it seems you are trying to put forth your political agenda while at the same time wanting justice for the children. I am with you that you are wanting to stop these horrific events from happening. If Stephen Harper is into this activity of sacrificing children, I want to know about it. But if he is not, I don’t want some Liberal or NDPer making it sound like he is somehow involved.

    • Jean says:

      I simply don’t know how to answer this comment of yours. I have let it sit here as I wondered what I would say. I think you aren’t very realistic at all. Harper is in power. He has control. Why not go after anyone who is in that position who makes himself vulnerable? We are not dealing here! with a deck of cards. It is not possible, not realistic to try to bring down the entire house of cards in one moment. What would you suggest? “Satanic” is totally trying to control us politically! Don’t you get that yet? Do a little reading and find out what Harper, who is in the pocket of the USA corporation has in mind for you, via Agenda 21. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. John says:

    Hi Jean,
    I’m aware that you are not a fan of Ben Fulford. It’s not about him, but as you know he mentions ‘the Red Dragon Family’ in many occasions. Now, I just recently found out that they seem to have an ‘Ambassador’. A guy called Dave Schmidt seem to have contact with this man, which is to be kept annonymous for obvious reasons. He even has intereviews with him which are to say the least ‘enlightning’ ! Here’s a link to the DoubleWideNetwork programm where you can listen to the interviews. Especially N°2 is most educative and elaborated. Must listen too ! http://www.doublewidenetwork.com/index.php/Audio/the_sedona_connection_with_dave_schmidt

    • Jean says:

      Not gonnapublish this. It’s all a con, IMO, and a waste of our good time. Also, this is old news here. Sorry, but we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

  4. John Stevens says:

    So, why haven’t the guilty been arrested yet? TY Cheers

  5. procomptor says:

    Thanks Kevin for clarifying the false Flag in Canada. While I was watching this unfold I was telling folks it was a false Flag and they simply didn’t believe me so it is very important that this information comes out.

    Always remember that these evil powers have been in play for many years and they are quite good at lying! Question everything always. The time for taking things on faith is long gone!

    Blessings and great love through divine light…..mike

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