EbolaGate: Jesuits Are Causing Ebola With Vaccines And Plan A “Pandemic” Coup In the US in November – Ebolagate

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November 5, 2014


From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

Nana Kwame wrote:People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth.

One can begin to conceive how the Red Cross could be using vaccines to cause ebola intentionally when one learns that the Jesuits run the Red Cross and where “the red cross” come from.


And it makes sense that the Red Cross run by the Jesuits should be causing ebola, since, after all, the Jesuits are the ones directing the Pandemic Flu  Coup plan in the US.


“The one linking element behind all the groups involved (the UN, the WHO, the CIA, etc.) ….is the Jesuits.  And their own vow speaks of killing by stealth and sickness.

The Jesuits’ Oath

The Jesuits take this oath (only part included) which gives some idea of their INSANITY and EVIL.

“The Council of Trent and the Jesuit Oath continue to be fulfilled as we remember a portion of the Fourth Vow of the Professed Jesuit:

“Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-Regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.”

(The Superior speaks:)

“My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man.

“Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.

“You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.

‘You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death. ….

(Text of the Oath:)

“I do now denounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or State, named Protestant or Liberal, or obedience to any of their laws, magistrates or officers.

“I do further declare the doctrine of the Churches of England and Scotland of the Calvinists, Huguenots, and others of the name of Protestants or Masons to be damnable, and they themselves to be damned who will not forsake the same. I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness’s agents, in any place where I should be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Ireland or America, or in any other kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Protestant or Masonic doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise.

“I do further promise and declare that, notwithstanding, I am dispensed with to assume any religion heretical for the propagation of the Mother Church’s interest; to keep secret and private all her agents’ counsels from time to time, as they entrust me, and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstances whatever; but to execute all that should be proposed, given in charge, or discovered unto me by you, my Ghostly Father, or any of this sacred order.

“I do further promise and declare that I will have no opinion or will of my own or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver(perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ.

“That I will go to any part of the world whithersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions north, jungles of India, to the centres of civilization of Europe, or to the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of America without murmuring or repining, and will be submissive in all things, whatsoever is communicated to me.

“I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex nor condition, and that will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infants’ heads against the walls in order to annihilate their execrable race.

“That when the same cannot be done openly I will secretly use the poisonous cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity or authority of the persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agents of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus.

Jesuits run the Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller, Kissinger, ….), the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Opus Dei, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia.


The United Nations is under Jesuit control as are all UN agencies

This means that the WHO, an agency of the UN that claims to be in charge of all global “health,” is under Jesuit control.  The Bush pre-arranged invasion of the US by UN troops and the WHO under WHO “International Health Regulations” – in the event of a level 6 pandemic emergency” which would be declared, without proof, by the WHO – would be a foreign invasion, to dovetail with the suspension of the Constitution, Congress and Supreme Court, also arranged by Bush in the event of a level 6 pandemic emergency.  Thus, the Jesuits and Vatican have planned a take over of the US.

This makes following ANY pronouncements of WHO or UN about ebola, quarantines, vaccines, or drugs, suicidal for the US and for its people.

The Jesuits control the UN and thus the WHO and UNICEF and their vaccine campaigns that all coincided with the ebola  “outbreaks” in West Africa.


The Jesuits also control the WHO’s announcements about ebola and its calls for quarantines and military to help “control” it. 


The Jesuits also control the CDC through David Rockefeller

The Jesuits are controlling the CDC and thus what the CDC announces and does, including intentional screw ups and confused messages around ebola, as well as its sterilizing and autism-causing and lethal vaccines.


The CDC is a private corporation listed on the NY Stock Exchange, not a government agency. The CDC, therefore, has no more authority than Walmart or Toys R Us.  No one need listen to anything the CDC says nor follow anything the CDC “orders.”  And especially no one should believe the CDC  when it comes to diseases which around which it maximally  promotes fear in order to sell its own corporate product – vaccines – which DO NOT work and CAUSE DISEASES. 

The entire vaccine paradigm is hoax.  


Here is the history of vaccines to go with the UK documents which show the same thing.


 The Jesuit plan to initiate a second Holocaust in the US

The Jesuit plan is glaringly clear from the trappings of concentration camps, gas chambers, boxcars, the Patriot Act that is modeled on Hitler’s Enabling Act, the militarization of DHS, the NDAA (which allows for taking away any American without a warrant, a charge, a lawyer, or any trial, and permanently) , etc.  But what may not be so obvious even to those who see all that has been put in place, is that the Jesuits and Vatican which arranged the assassination of John Kennedy, control so many secret societies and political groups, and US leaders, are the ones who planned the first Holocaust and down to the finest detail.


The extreme fascist plans and their remarkable similarity to Nazi Germany become the tip off as to the Jesuit/Vatican role in this plan.

Here is the current Jesuit “General.”


Adolfo Nicolás, SJ, the Jesuit Black Pope

“Guilty of conspiring to commit and committing the following high crimes: bio-terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide and conspiracy to commit mass murder.”

Jesuit murderers
 The previous Black Pope and his Jesuit Brothers

The Jesuits (and the Vatican they control) not only arranged WWII and the Holocaust but now want to kill millions of “Protestants and Liberals.

Former Bishop of Guatemala Claims Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order


The Jesuits were responsible for the assassination of 5 US presidents in 25 years.

Pres. Andrew Jackson  (He opposed a central bank),

Wm. H. Harrison  (He spoke openly about his opposition to Divine Right. He was poisoned with arsenic,

Zachary Taylor (He wished to preserve the Union and was assassinated with arsenic),

James Buchanan  (He opposed slavery.  He survived an arsenic poisoning at the National Hotel but 35 others died),

Abraham Lincoln  (He opposed slavery and a central bank.  He was shot in the head)

The Jesuits also assassinated John Kennedy, using their connections to the Bushes, the CIA, the Mafia.


For more information on the crimes of the Jesuits, read here (though Leuren is mistaken that Jews runs the Jesuits – the founder, Ignatius Loyola was Jewish but was a convert to Catholicism and fanatical in that, as many converts are.)

Part I – Leuren Moret: Jesuits (“Society of Jesus”) originated in Babylon; Are Satanic, rebranded Knights Templar seeking One World Government


Part 2-Leuren Moret: Russia protects humanity against Jesuitism, as did Tsar Alexander II (US Civil War) & Putin (Preventing WWIII)


Nothing in Jesuit history or the Jesuit plan for the New World Order is in any way inconsistent with lethally infecting people with ebola vaccines.  Their use of the “poisoned cup” comes to mind.

Jesuit history is beyond even nightmarish imagination.

The Jesuits, Ebola and Beheadings: Trying to Get the New World Order Going – EbolaGate




So it becomes prudent to find out who is working for the Jesuits and what they are planning to do.


Treasonous, Jesuit-controlled, CFR Advisors, 1999 #202

Cyrus R. Vance, former Secretary of State, Shriner
Freemason Henry A. Kissinger, former Secretary of State Shriner

Freemason David Rockefeller, CFR Presider and the Black Pope’s International Banker having replaced J. P. Morgan.

Annual Report: Council on Foreign Relations,

(New York: The Harold Pratt House, 1994, p. 60; 1999, p. 54).

Thus, David Rockefeller, BANKER, who works for the Jesuits, who run the Red Cross, which is intentionally infecting people in Africa with ebola – using vaccines, is in charge of an orchestrated financial meltdown coinciding with a massive ebola drill and a shut down of the internet, communications and power which are a drill for martial law – that is, a coup in the US – leading to forcing potentially lethal ebola vaccines on the US public; that is, mass murder!

Coordinated Drills Expose
Bankers Are Behind Ebola

The following outlines a plan for a coordination of various drills (attacks on the US public) in November – including  financial. 

This exposes absolutely now that ….

ebola is a military operation and the criminal banking elite are involved in ebola.


October 13, 2014
















A two-year pandemic preparedness project by FEMA and the financial industry is to culminate with two full scale pandemic exercises in November.

A FEMA document states the “Federal Executive Boards in New York City and Northern New Jersey in partnership with FEMA Region II, The Department of Health and Human Services Region II, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the Clearing House Association are sponsoring a two year series of pandemic influenza continuity exercises,” which culminate in full scale exercises in November.

The final planning meeting will be in on November 6th and 7th at  26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY Conference Room A/B or Conference Call 800-320-4330; pin 528585#, states the document.

On November 13, 2014 a pandemic influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise and on November 20th, a Pandemic Influenza Wave 2 Full Scale Exercise.




Zerohedge has warned an Ebola outbreak would be advantageous for Globalists seeking to impose martial law during a financial meltdown.


US and UK central bankers are meeting in Washington next week to test a financial crash war game.

“A financial crash to rival the one caused by Lehman Brothers’ collapse will be played out by the world’s most powerful central bankers next week, in a “war game” designed to help end the “too big to fail” problem.

In the first simulation of its kind, Janet Yellen, the head of the US Federal Reserve, and Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, will be joined by Chancellor George Osborne and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who will be tested on their reaction to a major US or UK bank failure.”


The pandemic exercise comes amid a false flag Ebola event on Texas territory as well as warnings by a Former Patrol Border Agent that FEMA is preparing for 200 million deaths.


An orchestrated, simulated Ebola outbreak — water? — would provide the excuse for imposing martial law in the USA as a first step to medical tyranny around the globe.

  Red cross 3

And Rockefeller the bankers and Wall Street have prepared in advance by leaving NYC – just as they knew in advance that airline stocks would drop on 9/11, and made 40 billion on their insider information.

Wall Street Has Moved Out of NYC Prepare for Major False Flag Attack, Perhaps Ebola – EbolaGate


Helicopters nyc


Get Ready!!!!

“Helicopters have been jamming the Wifi Systems between Stamford and Manhattan.  Do not be startled if communications have been disrupted for you seeing that the banking system is making a move which more than likely tells us that Manhattan has become a designated false-flag target once again.

“When you see such activity it sounds like it’s time to get out of Dodge or do something about it before things get real messy.  It’s time to wake up.”


““Wall Street” is in the process of moving out of New York City to Stamford Connecticut, closer to home for the Gordon Gekko rats of the world. Maybe they’re privy to the news Neil discloses in this post about the Obama plan to impose martial law, shut down the banks and to unleash on the American public a variety of deadly diseases? The Wall Street shove-off from the island of Manhattan makes a lot sense then if all hell is about to be let loose!”


“You will understand once you take a good look that Manhattan and Stamford, CT are joined at the hip, or at least it seems that way.  Are they planning another major event in the city that never sleeps?  We hope not, but look and come to your own conclusions.

The HAARP facilities are revving up their activity, which is costly and not done without a very good reason.   This indicates that something is going to happen soon, so be aware and be prepared.
“You cannot sleep when reading such news.  It keeps on coming and it can’t help but give us the “willie jillies” knowing their plans for us. ….
“It has to end.  It MUST end or we will not be living in five years, and the change will see the globalists in complete control of what’s left of the planet.  It is in our hands.”‘ ….

The largest bio attack drill in New York City’s history occurred in early August. 
“Why does that matter?  If one knows that 9/11 had a drill that same day about planes flying into skyscrapers, the Boston Marathon bombing has a drill that same day on bombings at a marathon, Sandy Hook had a drill on an attack on children in a school on that same, the attack on TSA agents at LAX had a drill associated with it, and many more, one can use government drills as tip offs for possible false flag attacks.”“What Are the Odds: NYC Tests Patient for Ebola just Days after Largest Bio Attack Drill in City History


The Jesuits’ Red Cross ebola-conferring vaccines and the Jesuits plan for a US coup to mass murder millions here in a Holocaust II, makes one wonder about Huffington Post and their promoting the creepily-well-named “Ebola vaccine”

Ebola Vaccine, Experts Say, May Be Necessary To Stop Ebola In …

… As West Africa’s Ebola outbreak continues to rage, some experts are coming to the conclusion that it may take large amounts of vaccines and maybe even drugs — all still experimental and in short supply …. ”  (Ah, right there Huffington Post is the hawking of fear and of shortages so people will rush to be first in line for a lethal vaccine).

Meanwhile, there is a treatment and it is effective, available and cheap and it works whether ebola is a bioweapon or a wild virus.

The inexpensive and effective treatment exposes the  drills for what they are – a military attack.  Because with this treament people can prevent ebola or if sick, get well, and keep living.


In another astonishing development, a rogue doctor with extensive experience treating Ebola victims, anonymously released what he calls a simple treatment for Ebola – massive amounts of Vitamin C.  Similar but far more extreme than scurvy, the Ebola virus essentially drains the body of all Vitamin C, thus depriving oxygenated blood that bursts capillaries and triggers internal hemorrhaging that in effect causes victims to bleed to death. This Ebola specialist maintains that there is no need for a vaccine and warns against them, adding his opinion that the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was actually caused by that biowarfare research team. The doctor recommends a high dosage treatment of 500,000 mg of Vitamin C per day, emphasizing that it is not a cure but will boost the immune system giving it the strength to kill off the Ebola virus in the body.”

The only problem is that the Red Cross/Jesuits, and the bankers working for the Jesuits, can’t reap the fortunes they have planned from vaccines nor can they use those vaccines to drastically reduce – MASS MURDER – the US population.

The Red Cross IS the Jesuits, and they have been murdering people and destroying governments for centuries.

It’s time to face who they are and stop them.

Redcross 4

The Jesuits are raping and torturing and sacrificing children.

The following is breaking news from November 4, 2014, while massive Jesuit drills are planned in the US for mid and late November that threaten the existence of the US. 



“The witness claims that the incident involved the serial anal rape and killing of “a little boy about five or six” and took place at midnight in basement chambers of the Jesuit-run International Youth Centre within the Church San Lorenzo Piscibus in Rome, less than a mile from the Vatican.

“Cardinal Lacroix is also believed to have been scheduled to participate in the Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual in Westmount, Quebec on August 15 that was disrupted by an ITCCS special action unit. (see www.itccs.org, August 20, 2014)

“That isn’t the first child sacrifice at San Lorenzo” claims the eyewitness. “It’s right next door to the (Jesuit) Superior General’s (Adolfo Pachon’s) office. It happens especially in that month since February 21 and 22 are the ancient Roman festivals of Feralia and Terminalia, when animals and children were sacrificed in memory of the dead.”

!!!!! Kevin Annett: Ottawa False Flag Killings covered “huge scandal”: ITCCS Breaking News, November 4


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  1. lolathecur says:

    By the way, I have converted. I forgot to mention that. Deep study has shown me truth.

  2. lolathecur says:


    jean, no offense here. Please, hear me out on this. My original post was very long and sourced. It was in regard to your information of who the Jesuits were. Yes, the Vatican is filled with satanic/ luciferians and has been for a long time. I have followed ICCTS for some time now. I have gone to its sister site and gotten information to get training in my area in south Florida. This is an international grassroots movement to put a stop to these atrocious injustices. Much of the info given in your oriiginal post on this was good and from this group. I was addressing the content on the “Jesuits.” It first off was not taken in its entirety from the source it came from. If you understood what I posted in my comment, as well as posted the entire segment from which you took the ” oath” from, it may have actually made since to you. Maybe, too much which is why you deleted it. Here is just one of the types of nonsense that you will find on the disinformation site that you used to create your original post. Do you believe this as well? It seems you have an agenda my friend. So, I will once more provide a link to our sedevacantist movement with documented church encyclicals, missals, rare texts from the church that are long out of publication because of freemasonic/” protest “ant Jesuits who long ago took over the Vatican. If you go here and start studying, you may not have time for anything g else for about 2 years to come. You will however get a thorough understanding of this subject from documented history all scanned from original documents. If you do this and your readers do this you will help to end this conspiracy to destroy the christian faith. One problem, once you all understand it you will likely convert as you will now understand what the protestant/ Freemason/Jesuit movement is. You are part of it.Knowingy or unknowingly, it does not matter. You must understand “WHY” you protestants have only 60% of the texts given you by the above mentioned groups. Here again is the link: “fatimamovent.com”. Below as stated is the type of nonsense that is on the site you used for your original post on this subject……truly heretical and comical. Peace and hugs, let us stop this diabolical nonsense. Only one sin stands in your way, your protestant pride.
    by Noel Huntley
    February, 2005
    from NoelHuntley Website
    Spanish version
    Many of the concepts and understandings involved in this extraordinary event of the birth of ’Jesus Christ’ will be found too astounding to believe by most.
    On the basis of our limiting and suppressive educational system this is unfortunately not surprising. What is not realized, though considered normal, is that modern man now has a mind structured quantitatively on objective knowledge (knowledge separate from self), forming a context-dependent mind, deficient in intuition and direct knowingness, which is experiential through the mind and spirit and is of the nature of beingness.
    The more emphasis there is on objectivity and left-brain consciousness, the more separated are the elements of experience and thought (hence the emphasis on (3D) logic), requiring intellectual understanding only, and based on concrete external 3D-world phenomena only. Under these objective conditions experience actually becomes more unconscious as perceptive and mental data become representational (objective).
    The spectrum of perception reduces to the lower end and paranormal experiences no longer form a natural part of everyday life.
    Energy patterns of perception and understanding relating to qualities and higher perception are being filtered off and diverted, bringing about a programmed mind with fixed thinking and subject to thought control. An objective mind without the subjective link being recognized will simulate more a machine or robot.
    A civilization operating on objective understanding only, will consider itself advanced, in particular, since nearly all its knowledge is at the objectively-provable level and anything outside this spectrum is not perceived and is considered nonexistent. Any knowledge outside this establishment territory is ignored or ridiculed. The inner-workings of life and true knowledge can be experiential with an expanded and balanced consciousness.

    This dumbing down of qualitative perceptions, which are direct, and involve resonance and expansion of consciousness, prevents us today from detecting phenomena outside the objectively enforced band of frequencies, and common knowledge (from periods of ancient history), such as Earth portals, are not recognized today.
    The Earth apparently has countless such electromagnetic or etheric gateways which lead to Inner Earth. This is not hollow Earth, but a frequency modulation zone between our Earth and its anti-universe pair, referred to as parallel Earth or antiparticle Earth, forming a separate ’Inner’ Earth.

    The following is a brief and simplified account of the true birth of ’Jesus’, transmitted from the Guardians by Ashayana Deane.
    The correct name for Jesus was ’Jesheua’, though religious historians will refer to ’Yesheua’ (or similar spelling). Apparently several letters of the Hebrew alphabet were changed, in particular, ’J’ was changed to ’Y’. Thus the original name of the spiritual avatar that we recognize by the name, Jesus, was ’Jesheua’.

    Jesheua’s parents weren’t Joseph and Mary, as depicted in the Biblical version. This is apparently not a natural confusion but a deliberate fabrication to present a different story. Another priest by the similar sounding name ’Jeshewua’ but slightly different spelling, was born to Joseph and Mary, and furthermore this spiritual leader married Mary Magdeline, hence the rumor that it was Jesus.
    These spiritual figures are distinguished thus:
    The numbers signify their qualification in relationship to dimensions and DNA.

    [Jeshewua-9 was of the Hyksos Illuminati lineage and was on a bio-regenesis rehabilitation contract under the supervision of the Guardians.]

    Now any planned birth will be fulfilled through a complex program involving many beings.
    This would be even more pronounced in the case of the birthing of an avatar and, in particular, on an important mission. On this occasion a group of six significant incarnations were arranged, including Jesheua-12, from higher realms.
    These were called Eckars, three pairs of spiritual twins, denoting their ascended level of origin.
    John the Baptist and his twin were the first to arrive. John in 46 BC and his twin Merigedra in 34 BC.
    The second pair of Eckars were Immanuelle, 23 BC, and Ashridari, 14 BC.
    Finally Jesheua-12 in 12 BC, and his twin Marahari (later changed to ’Mary’) earlier in 13 BC.
    All were Indigos – probably all type-1 Indigo, who were dedicated to the Christos Re-alignment Mission.

    Our calendar time system was not started at Jesheua’s birth but when he was 12 years old. This relates to the highly technical process by which an avatar soul incarnates into this density. This entity came from the 4th (frequency) density level of this sector of the galaxy, referred to as the Avatar level or Christos consciousness, and could not with safety (to the body’s physical structure) fully ’walk-in’ until the age of 12 years, whence the advanced DNA (fully intact requirement) was activated and integrated.

    All six Eckars were carrying required codes (frequency patterns) in their DNA and blueprint, with the purpose of anchoring them into Earth’s blueprint and field system to align Earth’s energies in preparation for the next ascension cycle (Stellar Activation cycles) between the years 2000 and 2017. These three pairs of twins were known as the Eckatic Trinity and were related to the incarnated 144,000 Indigos during the Christ period.
    The mere presence of these Indigos, down-stepped the Eckars’ frequencies for DNA compatibility of the human race.

    On November 22, 12 BC, Jesheua-12 was born of natural conception to parents Jeudi and Joehius, Essene priests, in the home of Ben-Yumen (Benjamin in the Bible) on the outskirts of Bethlehem, where Jesheua and his mother Jeudi remained in hiding from Herod. Then on December 20 they took their child to their home in Bethlehem.

    The three kings (three wise men) also played a significant role in the preparation of the avatar infant for a proper integration between DNA and consciousness. As stated, a complex procedure with specific developments was necessary, and it wasn’t until the age of 12 that the full 4th density being could enter the body.

    The three kings, whose attendance at Jesheua’s birth was prophesized, were informed of their role and their assistance requested by an Inner-Earth being. The kings were from India, Tibet, and Egypt respectively. How did they travel such great distances? One of the major and hidden, guarded secrets in our modern society is the existence of many inner-space portals on Earth, which would reveal the presence of other civilizations and lead to universal Inner-Earth portals.
    This is why explorers’ – such as Admiral Byrd – accounts have been suppressed.

    The Inner-Earth visitor provided the kings with portal security access codes (frequency patterns, which either are inherent or are embedded in the DNA, or meditated upon visually or by oral sound, in the form of symbols resonant to the frequency patterns). This meant they could enter portals in their own country and exit a portal in Bethlehem a short time later.
    This Inner-Earth being became known as ’The Way-Shower’, and the ’Shepherd of the Light’, and also ’Father Christmas’ from which the legends were built.

    Unexpectedly the kings entrance into Bethlehem through the portal was spotted by Herod’s guards. This, combined with knowledge of the prophecy, endangered still further Jesheua’s whereabouts being found out by Herod. The three kings brought with them herbs, minerals and sacred preparations described in the biblical version as frankincense, myrrh and gold.
    The ’gold’ was in fact a transmutation of the hard metal gold into gold powder, known as ’stardust blue’ or ’blue-powder gold’. This was a dried form of a powerful chemical called celestalline; a liquid secreted through the skin either during so-called ’stargate’ passage (major portals in Inner Earth requiring body transmutation to the dimensional frequency beyond) or at death of the body when of sufficient ascension status.

    (Celestalline – Stardust Blue – White Powder Gold)
    from Educate-Yourself Website
    A natural transient (very short life) element. The ancient Egyptians try to find them in the substance called white gold powder, and also tried to manufacture it. The substance only appears during the process of natural biological Star Gate passage Ascension when the body transmutes temporarily into light and rides in the Celesteline wave and then it re-manifest on the other side. When the process of natural biological Star Gate passage happens the body leaves a powder (pale blue) residue – Celesteline – that was eagerly tried to collect in the ancient days in Egypt and also tried to chemically create it as a white or gold powder.

    By the way, white powder gold and other type of mono-atomic substance that some are playing with these days and putting on the market as supplements they advance and accelerate the process of Molecular Compaction, so you know. What it does is that it radically stimulates the introduction of higher dimensional currents, but out of order and if your templates are damaged, without the D-12 Sub-harmonic carrier wave, you get a rush and feel better for a while your templates are eroding right underneath you.

    It also creates a dependency of the body and in the long run your body gets sicker faster. You don’t need to take artificial white powder gold, it is a trickery, since you have the ability to use your mind to run your body in a way that before long you will be able to manufacture your own Celesteline form inside out. Celesteline actually pops out in the DNA. It comes out in the Hydrogen bonds that link together the DNA spirals.

    Those hydrogen molecules change in the process of cellular transmutation. That is the place where the element Celesteline that only activates for the purpose of bodily transmutation as part of the natural chemical process. (Phoenix 8-2002 Lectures. DVD 2 – Track 2. 29:00 Min ) Upon contact with oxygen, liquid Celestalline secretions dry to a fine powder, which rapidly breaks down into inert elemental units.

    Celestalline powder is a natural bio-chemical by-product secreted by the body during Star Gate passage, or upon death of the physical body if the consciousness is able to achieve Star Gate ascension out of Density-1. Pure Celestalline powder can be collected in minute amounts gently dusting the skin after one has passed through a Star Gate and re-manifest on the other side. If it is rapidly collected and specially stored, pure Celestalline powder is a powerful healing agent as it can trigger temporary burst of 12-Strand DNA Template activation for anchoring and individual’s D-12 Divine Blueprint.

    In ancient Egypt impure Celestalline powder or its aged residue was harvested from corpses of mummies whenever discovered. Impure Celestalline powder, known as “White Powder Celestalline” or “White Powder Gold” was used by illuminati Pharaohs to trigger psychic powers by unnatural activation of higher strands of DNA Template; this process led to permanent disability of the lower DNA strands, physical addiction to the substance and eventually insanity.
    Celestalline dries on contact with oxygen and eventually degenerates into white-powder gold.

    Note that this white powder gold has apparently been rediscovered more recently and has been sold as a stimulant for the enhancement of consciousness. Unfortunately the ’high’ created by this white powder eventually results in mental and spiritual impairment and ultimately insanity, as the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Anunnaki ETs eventually found out after the latter created the Neanderthal-man race (see article on Neanderthal Man and the Illuminati) to mine for gold and infuse the white powder product into their atmosphere.

    On rare and sacred occasions the ’stardust blue’ can be used safely and to advantage. A small quantity of the blue-powder gold was given to the infant and ingested to trigger a temporary burst of the 12-strand DNA for anchoring the Divine blue print. After Jesheua’s Regent Ordination, as it was called, there was still the imminent threat from Herod discovering the whereabouts of the baby, the three kings, and the Indigos.

    The ’Way-Shower’ with the help of Ben-Yumen made preparations for the safe passage of the return of the kings to their homelands by camel and donkey from the house of Joehius in Bethlehem. Eleven-year old Immanuelle was given a drum and two drum-beat codes: ’safe passage’ and ’guard warning’ and positioned himself on watch by the stables.
    When the grounds were clear of guards the ’safe passage’ signal enabled the kings to escape and with instructions from the Inner-Earth visitor to follow the ’brightest star’, which was a spacecraft, into the desert and await to be escorted to the Bethlehem portal.

    The Inner-Earth being then returned to collect Immanuelle to safely return him to Ben-Yumen’s house. Further danger arose as the soldiers again appeared on the scene. Immanuelle drummed the ’guard warning’ to alert the returning Inner-Earth being, who in turn saw that the young boy was in danger of being found by the soldiers.
    Immanuelle was vital to the mission; it was also essential none of the Indigos were located. In attempting to save Immanuelle the two of them found themselves in the stable surrounded by Herod’s men who set fire to the stables. In an attempt to protect the boy the Inner-Earth being placed him in a trough of water and lay down on top. Nevertheless the roof caved in and they both left their bodies.
    A new plan had to be initiated for their reincarnation. In particular, Immanuelle had to reincarnate as soon as possible to fulfill his role in the mission. Meanwhile the three kings waited in the desert for their escort.

    John the Baptist and Merigedra were next informed by further Inner-Earth beings that they would be ideal to serve as parents for Immanuelle. Unfortunately Merigedra was infertile. Both Merigedra and her twin, then her husband, dedicated to the mission, agreed that she must physically die and reincarnate in another body. Unfortunate as this was, it was carried through.

    Several spiritual visitations were made by Immanuelle and the Inner Earth being, informing them of the new plan, which included Immanuelle’s rebirth, and further that the baby Jesheua would have to be taken to Inner Earth for safety until the age of 12. Also the three kings received a spiritual visitation in the desert from the Inner-Earth being who directed them to disguise themselves as beggars, and guided them to the Bethlehem portal, enabling them to return to their respective homelands.
    Furthermore, Merigedra was given a cluster of golden-sage twigs by Immanuelle; a healing plant from Inner Earth and told to make a wreath like a golden crown.

    On December 22, 12 BC the Indigo Eckars and family group met at Ben-Yumen’s for a celebration. This involved a fourth visitation from Immanuelle and the ’Way-shower’ It was on this occasion that the golden wreath was placed around the baby Jesheua’s head, and the ’Way-shower’, by placing his hand on the wreath, transmitted the access security codes of the Arc of the Covenant portal passage at Giza into the DNA of Jesheua.
    This enabled Jesheua, when an adult, to conduct ascensions through the Arc of the Covenant in the Great Pyramid.

    Six years after Merigedra left her body she was reborn to Jeudi, who had now married Ben-Yumen, Joehius having passed away and also Ben-Yumen’s wife. Merigedra returned in 5 BC as ’Miriam’ and in 10 AD was again married to John the Baptist. A year later Immanuelle was born, with the name Jeremiah-Immanuelle. The first part of the mission could now be completed.

    This first objective, already mentioned, was to transmit the respective codes of the six Eckars into the Earth’s grid. Unfortunately this is a completely unfamiliar area to scientists and humans in general on this planet. Our current knowledge is inadequate to handle these technical procedures.
    Also humans have to get used to new concepts; this is in addition to lack of understanding. Even 2000 years ago ’Jesus’ would have understood these mechanics and also the nature of the universe better than any scientist today, but not through equations or graphs, etc.); rewriting of history has been so thorough.

    This transfer of codes into the Earth’s grid was achieved through the process of each individual, on separate occasions, being brought into the Arc of the Covenant – a portal bridge in the Great Pyramid. Thus by this means the codes within the Eckars’ DNAs were transmitted through the passage of the Arc of the Covenant into the Earth (see article on Arc of the Covenant).

    The second part of the Eckars’ mission did not succeed. The aim was to cancel the program which activated the Nibiru Diodic Crystal under Stonehenge from Wormwood – a planet and relay station on the opposite orbit point of its controlling Anunnaki planet Nibiru, now approximately at is furthest point from us in the Pleiades system, with orbital period 3,600 years around our Sun.
    To disconnect Wormwood required the team of Indigos to utilize special portal access tools and artifacts. Anunnaki, temporarily having defected to the Guardians, failed to carry out their promise of returning one of these (stolen by Thoth), referred to as CDT holographic plate 11, which was necessary for the task.

    Stonehenge was apparently built over the Nibiru Diodic Crystal to block its energies, when the circle of stones were intact. This Anunnaki global implant system has partially been deactivated more recently.

    Who was Jeshewua-9? He had ET ancestry which the Elohim didn’t want revealed to the human race and thus fabricated the ’Immaculate Conception’ story. Both parents of Jeshewua-9, Mary and Joseph, were Nephilims. Joseph’s father was part of the Jehovah entity, which was involved in the creation of an Anunnaki species and worked with the Elohim. (See the role Jeshewua played in the crucifixion of Christ in the article, Who was Jesus?)

    It is interesting to note that the parents of Jesheua-12, Jeudi and Joehius, had different ancestral lineages. Joehius was descended from King Solomon, son of King David of the Hyksos Illuminati line and Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, of the Indigo Grail line.
    Thus the Indigo line was carried into the Hyksos Illuminati through Solomon for bio-regenesis of the fallen Hyksos lineage – deliberately planned by the overseeing Founders.
    Return to Noel Huntley
    Return to The Real History of The Nazarenes and The Bible

    • Jean says:

      I’ve taken no offense at all, lolathecur! But I am not a specialist on this topic, and so I have directed your information to someone else why may or may not find it of value. I publish the best info I can get, and I don’t pretend to get it all correct. How can I? I’m not a walking encyclopedia 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to respond yet again. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • lolathecur says:

        of course you are not an encyclopedia my dear. This is a very deep subject though. One that I study at least 6 hours a day for over 8 years now. I come from a long line of southern baptists. I have been involved in an exorcism instructed by three of the worlds well known deliverance ministers This was a family member. This is a very close to home subject for me. Do some research on these folks who instructed me. John Ellenberg, head of theology at Nyack , NY., Neill K. Foster , Canada and Gerald Mc Graw Florida. It has been about six years since last contact with these men and I hope I still remember to spell the names correctly as I owe them a debt that can never be repaid. Peace , keep up the good fight honey.

        • Jean says:

          Well, my general feeling is that I disagree with you . . . but we will have to agree to disagree. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • lolathecur says:

            you can disagree jean, but I beg of you to study it. Understand, I am sedevacantist. The Vatican has excommunicated itself by its own laws.Just as our government has. Question is : “who will hold them accountable”. That is where ICCTS comes in. Please study the information. You will not be sorry, just very busy. Here is another good source for you. AHLC( ancient Hebrew learning center). DR. Shemuel Asher( rabbi).You will learn much from him regarding Torah.PEACE TO THE WORLD OR WE ALL GO DOWN.The cat is out of the bag my friend, just a matter of time.Understand. there is no second coming of Drum Jesum Christum. All prophecy has been fulfilled.To believe otherwise puts you on the Judaic side, not christian. I know you do not understand this because you have not read all the texts. Good luck. Jeff

          • Jean says:

            I will relay your info. I am so busy right now, I can’t do that kind of research. I must rely on others and divine guidance that I am doing right now exactly what I am supposed to be doing. . . please understand. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. mazz says:

    Thankyou for posting this in going to be reposting thus Harvard wide blessing to ye Jen….

  4. HeliTramp says:

    Reblogged this on helitramp's Blog and commented:
    This has come though and is quite a read. On the surface it is confronting and could seen controversial your education has been courtesy of the main stream press. I have reposted this urgently without checking on is veracity because of the messages it brings and the need to help Jean get this out in many forums for education and action. Please, please; before you judge the content, clear your mind of what you think you know and consider chasing down links to the subjects provided here and wonder if you all collectively may have been provided false information that furthers the intention of those already in real power and money. The Jesuit nation in particular will possibly be a shock many: don’t shoot the messenger, do some real homework as if your life will depend on it! Australia can be up to ten years behind in some things and not so far on others of what America does, but one thing I am convinced of that we will fall in on parade with that once great nation and March lockstep towards a destdestiny that we as ordinary people well have no control. So read on, research and use your intelligence before you might wish to contribute. Look at the recent revelations of the CDC and the confession of the scientist who conducted the research in vaccines. Read also of the legislation in place specifically allowing this private company not being required to accept responsibility for vaccines that cause irreversible damage to our children. That’s just for starters…….

  5. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Does anyone know of the rationale for the Jesuits fanatacism? It goes way beyond evangelism.
    And killing people? This is not a spiritual or holy attitude.
    Adolfo Pachon resigned last spring, who has replaced him?
    It will not be an easy task to root out this scum.

    • Rosie says:

      A VERY simplistic explanation was put forward in the FOL workshop and has always resonated with me. VERY loosely (!!!!!) the planet rotates in 2.500 cycles of ‘sleep’ and ‘awake’ states of consciousness. We are now entering a 2.500 cycle of ‘awake’. Elements of the population require dark negative energy to survive and the ‘sleep’ masculine state has promoted this. These elements have been aware that the ‘awake’ feminine state we are now entering will spell disaster for them. They have systematically taken over every major institution, organised religion/science/medicine/education, to control every situation to maximise dark/negative energy. They might well consider those of us who are promoting light/love and positive energy evil because it will spell the end for them.

    • Jean says:

      NO, I will not leave this posted. It is uninformed. . . Where are your links and your proof? Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Pingback: Jesuits are causing Ebola with Vaccines and planning a “Pandemic” Coup in the US in November | I am a Malaysian

  7. Rebecca says:

    I found out about the Jesuits many years ago. Evil is all I can say!
    Our current Prime Minister is Jesuit trained and his wife once worked for the Rothchilds
    Nowhere to hide!

    • Jean says:

      Doreen, I’ve already published this and other articles you have mentioned elsewhere earlier. Thanks, though, and hugs for helping those who may have missed them. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Again I would like to point out this link: http://www.vrijewereld.org/pdf-bibliotheek/#De_Jezueten_orde_Vaticaan_Romanisme 100+ books exposing the Jesuits (free in pdf format). The information in these books is of utmost importance!

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