Word Magic “Lightly” Decoded for the Beginner, by Bradley Loves

I have now had a look at the next post of Bradley’s new series, and I strongly suggest that you read this article before I post Part Two. ~J

Backwards and forwards, sideways, and mirrored, the mind sees absolutely everything! It is a great holographic computer which when left to operate normally, really does contain both the POWER and the unlimited INFORMATION of the cosmos within it.

However, with “dis”- connected DNA, (thanks to certain ET groups) our ability to “perceive” subtle vibrations and their effects within our multi-dimensional reality has been quite interfered with.

With fully connected DNA, a spoken word will cause a vibration that can literally be SEEN by the human being speaking it. They will see either the harmony, or the discord, within that vibration, as well as a corresponding color to that vibration which will then “tell them” if that vibration will do good things or bad things! They will know whether that vibration is helpful, or harmful to them and the other things around them.

As they watch the vibration propagate, they will also see the affect that the vibration has on other levels, as it is propagated into the ethereal and astral planes from the physical planes. Such is the nature of a totally connected human being with fully operational DNA!

They will also see both the color and texture of the vibration as it is spoken, along with the feeling of the harmony, or the disharmony. They will see all of this as one complete knowing.

A fully connected human is aware on multiple levels. The reason for disconnecting our DNA was very specific in that those who did this did NOT want human beings to be able to see the effects of their words, or the “magic” that those words held. It was done so that they could not see the subtle vibrations and thus protect themselves from the harm that their own word spell-ings would invariably to those around them and other levels.

It was malicious, it was intentional, it was a Cosmic Crime!

It was done to render them defenseless. The plan was always to enslave these poor humans who had been genetically created and genetically manipulated. This will become more clear as you read on.

Word Magic is tremendously vast and complex. To understand only a small fraction of it takes lots of time. So, let’s start really small, and take only one or two sacred sounds out of many hundreds. We will look at what they both indicate and cause.

Each spoken (cast) word or phrase, is a magic spell (spelling) that carries power, color, vibration, will, intent, and is magnetically charged.

If we look at a few word-magic “spells”, or “magic spell-ings” that people cast almost daily, we will first consider them, and then observe what is similar in these 10 words.


Apart from the fact, they all rhyme, (sound the same), due to the “ust” sound, every one of these magical words tend to indicate a “presence of decay”!

Rust is a decay of metal
Lust is a decay of the mind
Musty is a smell associated with decay
Disgust is the decay of reverence for another.

So, if we look closely at the similarity of these words, all of them seem to hold an indication of “decay” within them. If we look at words that are not nearly as obvious, we can only decipher them if we already know what we are looking for. When we look at the word “must”, as in – “you must do this” or, “you must do that”, the word “must” due to the “ust” sound has to indicate decay.

It then is not so difficult to see where the decay is, once you realize that “ust” always means decay! MUST indicates the decay of your spiritual FREEWILL, since no living being, according to Prime Creator, “must” do anything.

By using words with similar sounds, and then grouping them together, we are able to deduce that those magicians who gave us our language are giving us hidden “clues” as to what those words actually mean, (as opposed to what we THINK they mean.)

If someone comes to you and uses the word “Must” in a sentence, (as in – You MUST do this) that very word indicates to you a real time decay of your freedom as the magic spell-ing of the word is being cast at you from the one doing the casting.

Can anyone find fault with this? Let’s look at an example: If you are a kid sitting on the couch watching your favorite television “program”, and your mother comes to say, “Timmy, you MUST, do your homework!” Timmy’s freewill, (in real time) has just experienced DECAY!

The actual experience of Timmy’s loss of freewill, and thus his freedom, will be determined by the tone, the timbre, the will, and the intent of the mother casting the word spell at him!

If Timmy’s personal shields are up, (shields made of pure love), he can deflect the power of the word spell and most likely negotiate his freedom back to a certain extent! If he has no shields of love around him, the word spell will take effect and his freedom is gone!

The commonality of all these words above as said earlier is the ‘ust’ sound!

The “ust” sound, when added to different leading symbols of sacred geometry, (each of which has a special meaning), and then “cast” into the ethers creates REAL vibrational “decay” in various ways due to the nature of the leading geometry and the vibration of the sound being propagated.

Recapping old territory here: The spoken word has both vibration and color. The color of the ‘ust’ sound is not pretty to look at.

So again, when we look at the word “must” – There has to be “decay” somewhere in this word, because the whole purpose of the “ust” sound is to indicate a presence of decay.

Following along with this line of thinking, if a sacred sound “indicates decay”, then also by natural law, it will also have to “create” that decay in real time, if it is used or CAST as a spelling at someone.

This happens (because in the higher realms or frequencies), there is no difference between “intent” and what that intent will actually “create”.

There is no time lag between “thought”and “manifestation of thought” in the higher frequencies. They are one and the same. Intent is “creation’s engine.”

Thus, if one repeats this “spell” or “spell-ing” enough times by speaking it, it actually creates the vibration of decay whereever you are casting it.

THAT is why our enslavers gave us language in the first place. They taught us as little children both the sacred geometry — and the sounds that go with that geometry, so that when we cast these spell-ings out into the ethers through our speech, we would then by using them constantly be creating for ourselves our own entrapment and enslavement!

They knew that what you “repeat often enough in your speech”, you would “create” without knowing it by having it eventually manifest into the world around you!

Remember this from scripture – when the “word” goes forth, creation begins!

The words that we are using  actually create what we use them for.

So WE, (as very powerful beings), have been forced by our vicious enslavers, to use our own UNLIMITED POWER of creative force to assist THEM in keeping us enslaved.

So, knowing what you know now, consider the next word: Trust!

People think “trust” is a very good word, but is it really?

It has the “ust” sound which indicates decay. Interestingly, “Trust” (also a Banking Term) can mean a place that the magicians use to hide value.

Which is why ALL BANKS tell us to place our TRUST in them.

If we place our “trust” in another human being, or some institution like Government for instance, or the Police or the Courts, or Judges, for instance, to always do what’s right, without first learning all we need to learn about them, then “trust” becomes a decay of ones own Wisdom!

So here is where the decay can be found in this word: Too much trust is the decay of personal power, personal growth, and the knowledge that comes from learning things for one’s own self!

If we “trust” all of our politicians to do what’s right, without watching them closely that is not wise. “Trust” then finally, indicates a decay in our ability to know what we are getting into — if we do not do our homework.

As I also mentioned, a “Trust” is a kind of financial haven for many people with money. People put their money into “Trusts”, but when that money is in a Trust, it is not doing anything useful for the planet, so then its creative possibility for POSITIVE USE is “decaying” in real time while it sits there doing nothing.

Now that you are getting the hang of it —

Consider the words “just” and “justice”, realizing these words were given to us to use by our enslavers.

These words also indicate decay, because of the “ust” sound being cast.

Justice (in our world) is the decay of our freedom, simply because “to bring someone to Justice”, usually ends in incarceration. We don’t need Justice/Incarceration, we need BALANCE.

So we can see that we have lots of “Justice” going on in America; however, we also have less and less people who are free. Maybe we should be casting a different “spelling” into the ether to achieve a better result.

Remember, that our language was given to literally entrap us by those who think they own us.

Isn’t it interesting that the head of the Supreme Court in America, is called the “Chief Justice”, or more correctly, the chief reason for all the decay happening in America.

So to repeat then — what we really want to do is not bring people into Justice, but instead bring them into oneness, or into unity, or into love. If we cast these “spellings” all the time, then we as a group will create far better results for both ourselves and our world.

Now consider these words:


These words indicate something missing or lacking

Frost is the lack of warmth
Lost is the lack of direction
Cost is the lack of knowledge (as in: not knowing the truth really cost him dearly)

So the “ost” sound indicates lack.

For comparison, We have these words which look similar but sound different.


But notice that these words, even though “spelled” the same, don’t sound the same as frost and lost, why not? Who decided that “host” and “lost” should not rhyme, or have the same sacred sound? This is not accidental. There are no accidents.

Here you have two magic “spellings” that have similar geometry, “ost”, but they sound differently. So it stands to reason that in certain magic spell-ings, it was determined by the enslavers that you need to place a slightly different sound onto the very same geometry, to get a different desired effect in the creative vibration that it would then manifest by the person using that spelling.

The most important thing you can know from all of this however, is that sound and vibration, projected into the ethers, are creative in different ways. So be careful of the words that you use, because each word “spell” casts a very different vibration! What you need to know is that sound and vibration are all part of the magical creation of our planetary “reality”.

The work of the now very Famous Japanese Scientist who recently passed away – Masaru Emoto, was invaluable in showing us the truth that word vibration actually affecting living things and living tissue. He took pictures of frozen water crystals “after talking to them” and found that those tiny molecules of water that were spoken to lovingly were beautiful, and those water molecules which were hated, were totally ugly and dis formed!

Here is a link to his website, complete with pictures!


Finally, this should truly help you to understand that reality IS ALWAYS CHANGEABLE! Right in front of us, the words we are casting, as proved by Emoto’s scientific research, are actually CREATING CHANGES IN REALITY!

By the very words we speak daily, we cast vibrational changes into the fabric of the magnetic hologram, which will then reflect changes in the REALITY that we are seeing.

Casting “spellings” are actually using magic powers! Which is why the spoken word is always used in occult magic spells in the first place.

Now let’s go back to “ust” . What about “bust”?

If you “bust” something, it’s broken. Then it can decay. But lately, a women’s breasts have also come to be labeled “her bust.” Do you think this was accidental?

If the NWO intends to get rid of the divine feminine as a part of their over-all agenda, then her breasts (as a sacred symbol) would need to get “busted”, to get rid of the symbol of femininity, so these days, breasts have suddenly became known as busts!

In this way, magically, the symbol of her femininity gets broken, by casting a spell of DECAY at them.

So the magicians cast a dark “spelling” on all females by putting a new slang word into our vocabulary, so that we are using that word for her breasts. “Bust” both indicates and creates “decay” due to the “ust” sound.

How many women especially in the US (where this word is very prevalent) are now experiencing breast cancer?

And, probably many of them refer to their breasts as busts.

(They should simply say breast instead.)

Now, before I get ANY protests about how this could happen, (inserting a new slang word into our vocabulary) just know that these master magicians have huge amounts of the population under mind control. Doing something like this is easier than you think. Adding a new slang term into the mass consciousness for them is actually quite easy. It’s as easy as a corny TV show in prime time. Or, a popular radio show, or a large road side advertising sign to change how we think.

Also notice that those who call themselves the elites always use different words than the ones the commoners use.

They pride themselves on their far more expanded vocabulary. But is it just pride, OR, are they avoiding using certain words that they know are only for the commoners to use?

Finally, let’s stay with “ust” and look at one more word – dust.

Here again, “ust” is used to indicate decay. Dust is “decayed matter” in micro-particles.

In the Catholic Church, during their long holiday called “lent”, which in and of itself is a totally interesting word, they have a day called Ash Wednesday.

So, let’s look at what happens on the day they call “ash” Wednesday.

Everyone goes up to the front of the church and listens to a certain phrase, and then gets ashes placed on their forehead in the form of a cross.

But what does it all mean?

The phrase is this: Remember man that you ARE DUST, and into DUST, you shall return.

This is a magic spell! It is both a spell, and a curse!

What this “spelling” being cast at you indicates, and then creates – (because of “ust”) – is decay! The quick decay of your body, due to the use of the word DUST.

What is being said by the practitioner, is a magic spell, and being “cast” directly AT YOU. You are DUST! You are Decay! Is what he is saying to you and thus creating.

As this spell is being cast at you, it is magically “creating” that outcome through vibration, by use of both sacred geometry and sound.

The priest places a cross of ashes — (again indicating decay, due to the use of ashes) — not on your forehead, but on the area associated with Cosmic “site”, or a personal connection to the higher frequencies of the divine — otherwise known as the Third-Eye by Eastern Religions!

The cross that he makes is a hex, or a block, to CLOSE that area, so as to deprive you of your own connection to the cosmos.

So he is both casting a spell of death and decay at you, while at the very same time, cursing your infinite and immortal cosmic connection by placing a “symbol” of decay at that very spot.

And people are lining up like sheep in every church on the planet to get this done! Now, If you think that those who go to church are not sheep, then WHY do priests call their parishioners their “flock”?

They are are not talking about a flock of geese here, of that I’m quite sure. They literally are calling them a flock of sheep.

Maybe it’s time to re-examine the word “trust”.

All my love to my brothers and sisters! This ends this short lesson, and I will only teach more IF this information is used wisely! This information is ONLY GIVEN to stimulate your thinking! Please use this information to help free others from their enslavement. Under my own Authority, I DO NOT CONSENT that this information will be used to further enslave any human being, anywhere, OR to be taken back in time, without consequences for that being or entity doing that act. PEACE


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32 Responses to Word Magic “Lightly” Decoded for the Beginner, by Bradley Loves


  2. Elvetwelve says:

    dear jean ( wish you weel) and Bradley thank you so much for all you have taught ME.
    i did the declaration. made a powerpoint and uploaded it.[ you know why at this date]
    Hope many people may read it. Not for me but for themselves!!! thank you for letting me use your declaration. Here and there i individualised it somewhat but it is largely the same.
    Thank you thank you thank you

    Happy mid winter season

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  4. nadia says:

    So you have a holy ghost that brings you to dust!!!SO sad !!!In my language is different !!Holy spirit as great spirit and busto is like gusto which means enjoy,like.and taste too, like coming from the mother milk….but we have similarity in destruction and instruction which is our education in fact people is joking about the Ministero of public destruction for schooling people.Words are important just partially as is the mind which creates through words.Sometimes they try to confuse our tongues but our minds and hearts are the most important thing.Bradley when you are reconnected you spontaneously know what to do and just do it, the must stuff is gone with the ego!!!What is left is just lovewisdon in action.everything vibrates and so our hearts and minds and actions.Words are important too but intention too.Oneness is good but not everybody accept to come back to it many fear it and are making stupid things about like war to us .What we do with these beings?I was speaking about volunteering for them but some do not like it is as it is a must……in my language justice is rhymed with many positive things and negative things too so we have not problems with justice itself as sound and meaning but big problem in manifesting it!!!For example it is said it is the same for everybody but only with much money you have chances to get it… ah!. what about money and honey?

  5. Tina says:

    This is completely fascinating. I, too, have always been interested in words. I totally get this! I read once that the statement, “In the beginning was the Word…”, was really speaking about energy….In the beginning was the Energy/Vibration/Frequency! This really takes it a step further and connects several more dots for me! My question would be, is “the spell” also true in other languages?

    Also, starting with Laurel Airica’s short video about the secret spellings of the English language, I have posted that and every part of Bradley’s series “The Great CON….” on my facebook wall over several days, and NOT ONE person has commented on them! Plus I posted a link to Judge Dale’s e-book in several places, and NOT ONE person has even attempted to comment or create a discussion on that! Nor has anyone paid any attention to Tom Clearwater’s “note to Alfred” on how we humans mirror Tesla’s coil! So let me add to the “ust” list…..FRUSTRATED!….a decay in my effort to spread the truth! But hinder me not, I shall persevere! Keep em’ coming Bradley!

    And Hey Jean! I’m still here. Your blog still remains my favorite after all these years! Love you!

    • Jean says:

      Tina, I do understand your frustration, and I’m so glad to know you are ‘out there’! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      In all honesty, this is NOT surprising me. This is very Esoteric Information and so foreign to anything that we have ever been taught that it just does not have a place in people’s mental construct’s yet. In the next “installment” of my “second” series called QUIET WARS…, I basically address that by bringing up the cause which is that ever since 1954, it has been POLICY to dumb down, the entire population so much that there is BARELY any real knowledge out there! It’s right in the manual, I think on page 7…., as to how far they desire to REMOVE any real learning or intelligence from the masses. My only logical conclusion is that most adults have the capacity of a 8 or 9 year olds worth of real learning, and THAT may even be generous! My case is different in that after I got out of the University in the early 1980’s…, I started to do RESEARCH on one subject…, and one subject only and that was – what is REALLY HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET!

      Here, 30 years later, and after exhaustive and relentless, study – the kind of study that a person going for a PHD may spend only 3 years on…, Ive got the ability to look past the lies, the cover-ups, the distractions and get closer to the truth. Even then, its only scratching the surface of whats really out there, since SO MUCH is hidden by intention.

      People are not interested because they are so dumbed down they have no concept of reality that’s different from what they’ve been taught. These are literally…, “the world is FLAT people” who have not moved on from old teachings that do not work and still BELIEVE things that are obviously not true.

      Keep it up! Every bit of your help and service is greatly appreciated!


  6. DELO says:

    Thanks for the word magic topic

    Within Babylons Moon cult Monetairy system, the Moon 7 days chain of command will never get even, change one bit to change all the bits to get even: 8

    The numerological foundation of Babylon Monatairy system is based upon (artificial) symbols that symbolizes and functioning as programming software for Babylonians Kingdom of con-fusion.
    The Fu(s)ion to divide and conquer all what matters in time and space and keep the human mind compartmentalized and limited to the 1% of it’s potential

  7. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    How does intent change the color and effect of words?
    We have been counselled to practice meditation and love unconditionally in order to achieve
    a higher, more refined frequency for ascension. Doesn’t that sound like something that we ‘MUST’ do?
    I woke up this morning thinking about rust as an art medium. Making a rust design using cans, bolts, wire and other shapes by rusting them first and then applying them to cloth. How would that affect a person wearing a design, say on a denim jacket? Would it have a similar effect as a dyed fabric?

    • Bradley says:

      These are all good questions! Welcome to the world of words – “whirreds” which means to spin very fast or to twist. “Intention” is everything…, and how fast you “spin” the whirreds – will definitely have an affect on everything! That’s why we humans live on a “whirled” (world) which spins around very fast on an axis. Because just as the planet which is “whirled” around is totally MAG-net-IC (magic) so are your whirreds totally MAG-net-IC (magic)!
      What do YOU think those whirreds mean when you spin them?

      This is all a bit of fun! Its a challenge…, see if you can guess.

      • Jean says:

        I will never forget the day, Bradley, when one of Drunvalo’s teachers, a good friend now, Ron LaPlace, told me that our intention is more powerful than anything the cabal has to use against us. I begin to understand this fact now in very practical terms! Thanks for all you are doing! Hugs, ~Jean

  8. kibitzer3 says:

    Fascinating stuff. Reminds me of when I came across a video on how the Hebrew alphabet is made up of the forms that twisting light beams make. (I don’t know how they decided to put which sound to which form.) Also, of how scientists are now understanding that the universe is crystalline in nature. (David Wilcock is getting into that subject in his Wisdom Teachings series on gaiam tv.)

    Good stuff coming out, as we awaken, out of our long slumber. And ascend, because of that awakening. (Or ‘just’ because it’s time to???)

  9. DaneDad says:

    Very interesting. What are the positive root sounds to look for?

    • Bradley says:

      You could watch one of the videos Jean posted called the “GOLDEN WEB”! Each one is quite long, but will give you an idea of what you are dealing with! This is NOT easy stuff.

  10. Tracy says:

    As synchronicity would have it I’ve been trying to review the following videos today on this very subject and how this relates to our current programmed construct. (it’s a 3 part series) and I’m still working through them. 🙂
    1] http://youtu.be/5PgX8l9AgzE (2:18:02)
    2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eifUePBmJOg (2:52:42)
    3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46XrEeEg5CQ (2:18:54)
    *** This is very interesting what I’ve listened to so far.
    In Peace,

  11. Bradley says:

    With all my Heart and Love, Thank you my friends! I really labored over writing and posting this particular piece! IT IS VERY ESOTERIC information, and therefore probably not too many people’s cup of tea.
    Your POSITIVE posts here are very important in that they help others to understand that this information while seemingly quite removed from “daily life”, is important information none the less.

    I am so extremely GRATEFUL to have been of service to each of you!


  12. JDR says:

    Thank you Jean for posting this.

    Jordan Maxwell and, more recently, Laura Airica reveal the hidden and multiple meanings of words. Masaru Emoto’s work shows the effects that words and sounds have on the structures formed by water molecules. Their YouTube videos provide strong evidence that we humans are confounded by the words we use in ways most of us have never understood. If raising one’s consciousness is desired then, taking instruction from these people’s work is essential.

    As Laura Airica says, words are the software of our conscious reality.

    He’s a useful example. Take the words “drive” and “driver.” We use these words in our common every day language to describe what we do and who we are when we get into our cars and trucks and go somewhere. However when a police officer pulls you over and says, “Do you know how fast you were driving?”, drive has a completely separate legalistic meaning. He relies on the fact that most will say, “I dunno. How fast was I driving?” Here you’ve just admitted to driving when most likely you weren’t. You are only a driver if someone hired you to transport goods or passengers or, to provide a service like circulate advertising or collect data. When he pulls you over he’s not speaking the same common English that you speak. He’s speaking legalese, but you don’t know that. He relies of the fact that you don’t know the legal definition of a driver. If instead you tell him you’re not driving at all and that you are traveling for personal reasons and are not for hire and not trafficking in goods or services, then he has no authority over you. You not operating a vehicle in commerce on a public road (driving.) It’s simply his mistake. If, in addition, you have caused no damage, injury or harm to anyone or anything, then he has no cause to hold you, fine you or arrest you. Then if he attempts any of those things, he’s outside of his authority. If he continues to interfere with your travel, he’s operating as a private individual under color of law and is violating Title 18 Section 242. Then he can be fined and put in jail …., if you can enforce it. Police, patrol officers and judges rely on the fact that most don’t understand the occult usage of common words. CAUTION: Before you try this, do your own research and, if stopped, be respectful. These kinds of occult meanings permeate and control our lives in very mundane ways.

    The information offered by Bradly is important on a more fundamental level. It is essential information for rebuilding a more healthy version of one’s self. Jean, I hope you continue to publish his work.

    • Bradley says:


      Thank you for that! I really appreciate your input on this. Yes, those of us who are interested in words, and vibrations, and their affects/effects will realize how powerful this is.
      They say that you can read a book many times and get a deeper level of understanding each and every time.
      This is how it was with me and words…, until one day the LIGHT came on, and I suddenly realized HOW POWERFUL this information truly is. I was concerned about even placing this information into the public, because I felt that if I understood how powerful it was, then someone else might as well and use it for dark purposes! I expect that most who read this will not even begin to comprehend what is here. I only ask that those who do, use it wisely.

  13. Secretariat says:

    Greetings Breathren Lady Jean of the family Haines & Good Neighbors,

    Our eternal Creative Word provides further evinces why it is necessary to obtain total fine point of metes & bounds for expressing our creative Words. As we have and continue to do via variation by agreement germane to our Wisdom of Divine Law.

    Thereby, erasing any precept otherwise, which may pursue less honorable signs to control our sovereign tongue otherwise, than we honorably chose in action and purposes to express meaningfully in good will via our eternal Golden Rule upon which Honor is eternally arising in glorious support thereof.

    We don’t recall breathren Lady Jean’s previous site posting, which further unveils how our Words are designed to weaken (or “weekend”) our sovereign nature, if we lose or chose to allow any meaning other than we provide either physically or spiritually thereby.

    While we perceive this natural law to be the only divine power necessary for the better ordering of all walks of life as stated above, we also, only believe the only divine power to enforce divine natural law is HONOR created via variation by agreement in Unanimity thereby. One at a time, which creatively empowers all walk of life to both administer their agency’s of either religions or governments as they deem prudently each to their own reasonable & rational dictates via divine natural law respectfully.

    All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

    Until then, I AM…

    Your friend In law!

    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
    Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

    Link: http://www.seagov.net/.
    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

    P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

    P.S.S. Shall our breathren share amongst their associated or delete our exhortations reflecting whatever moderation otherwise predisposed? Humbly we strive only in honorable unanimity what you may justly will as good neighbors via the Wisdom of Divine Law. Or as each may reveal as you freely choose & serve otherwise. Shall our breathren once again find us peacefully amongst them in good will as good neighbors by the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law or Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason equally similarly situated honorable eternally thereby? Time will tell all breathren, time will tell all!!!!!!! For time serves all equally and honorably in accord with the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law and Nature’s (Creator/Creative Science of Right Reason all walks of life seeking good will as good neighbors similarly situated honorably thereby!

  14. Kieron says:

    How about “bust” as in a marble bust of someone’s head and shoulders? In looking up the word, I find its etymology dating to 1685-95; < French buste < Italian busto, probably < Latin būstum grave mound, tomb, literally, "funeral pyre, ashes; presumably by association with the busts erected over graves." How telling! Bradley Loves, you and Laurel Airica (www.laurelairica.com) are my inspirations, for I love words and have always done, since age 4. Both of you have opened my eyes to the spellcasting going on all around me and for this I'll be eternally grateful.

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