Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: “The US is Training and Funding Us”

By Federico Pieraccini
Global Research
November 12, 2014

171st NATO Chiefs of Defence meetings-- Military Committee in Chiefs of Staff Session (MC/CS) with Ukraine

A commander of one of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions, the Donbass,Semyon Semyonchenko, has just returned from the US, where he met with senior senators from both parties, and received commitments of material support.

He posted a comment on Facebook in which he gives a detailed explanation of this assistance.

He was also received by IRI (International Republican Institute) and NDI (National Democratic Institute), the international branches of the two main American political parties, and met with democratic Senator Robert Menendez and republican senator Robert Corker.

“Menendez and Corker are the two senators who have sponsored the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, a bill that will allocate money to provide assistance to Ukraine, including the supply of weapons. Radar, anti-tank weapons, drones, communications systems and many other useful things for our army. “

One of the main goals of his trip was to get training and much more from the US military.  Judging by his FB post, it seems he has accomplished this.

“Yesterday I signed a contract to organize training courses for the fighters and officers of the battalion Donbass by mobile groups of instructors from the United States, held by military that are not currently in service.

They will work under the traditional training system used by the Navy Seals and Delta Force. Standards have been developed for each department (reconnaissance, special forces, security, etc.) and for each non-commissioned officer.

Particular attention will be paid to the individual training and teamwork. We will use the maximum number of practical exercises.

Another important point is the training of sergeants (NCOs) to allow it to act independently and managing a team.

The instructors will also be used to prepare the internal security forces, and that training is one of the forms of indirect assistance that Ukraine is receiving.

After his meeting with NDI and IRI he also added:

“They were very useful talks. We explained to them the situation in Ukraine as objectively as possible. We are confident that everything will go according to plan as we hoped. “

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8 Responses to Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: “The US is Training and Funding Us”

  1. patricia says:

    Oh boy!
    Will there be another Palestinian-like massacre of non jewish Ukrainians?

  2. HeliTramp says:

    Reblogged this on helitramp's Blog and commented:
    There are so many in Australia who do not have a clue or don’t care what is happening in the Ukraine. The newspapers all say that Russia is the bad guy so we go along with that. Why spend any time thinking about it when the press and government here can do the thinking for us! That’t why Abbott was going to shirtfront the Russian President. Because his advisors told him he was going to. So here we have admissions from the Ukraine backed neo-nazi forces that they employed saying that the US is going to keep training them! Where is Julie Bishop??

  3. I do not consent to what is being done here.

    Jai Gurudev,

  4. Anisha says:

    THis is NOT going to go according to ‘Plans’ b/c the consciousness of the people world wide are countering this deliberate act to destabilize Ukraine and block Russia from defending Crimea. The ones backing this are nothing more than Existentialist/Nihilst/Psychopaths desiring war to justify more debt and continued printing of more and more fiat currency. Most ‘thinking’ people are totally ‘SICK’ of this bs and want this to end.

    • Jean says:

      The Zionists are also wanting now to leave Israel and return to Ukraine, which they evidently consider to be ‘home’ . . . what a switch! Hugs, ~Jena

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