Origins Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

I believe this video is available for just a few days ‘free’ on the internet 🙂 ~J

Published on Nov 13, 2014
Thanks to D. 

Watch the exclusive worldwide premiere of the Origins film from November 13th – November 22nd. Get Details:

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2 Responses to Origins Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

  1. lecox says:

    OK. Good data on nutrition in here. Gotta handle that body wisely or all heck can break loose.
    A little data on some other beneficial practices. But people deciding to meditate and go organic is going to change the course of a whole planet?
    I see this as a sort of low-level introduction to what we might term “New Age” concepts, and the holistic approach to living that the ecology movement tried to revive. But I don’t see this level of awareness as sufficient to save a planet.
    We do have to have good body awareness. And that extends out around us. But then we have to move forward from that and become aware of what’s really going on, all the way up to the level of the spirit.
    We didn’t evolve on this planet. I now take that as simple fact. This particular version of the “human” body has been on this planet for a long time. But not long enough to change very much. You can only go so far in your awareness if you believe that biological life simply evolved, and that this happened solely on earth; that’s just not the way it is.
    And what about this whole self-destructive compulsion that the film kept skirting around, never really confronting head on? Can education alone free enough people of this compulsion to make a difference?
    According to Wikipedia, refined sugar began to attain the status of a bulk commodity around the year 1500. This was due to the explosion of sugar plantations in the New World. By 1600 these were largely manned by African slaves. What the article on the history of sugar doesn’t cover is who funded these activities and what were their motives. Was it merely profit? Or were the grand financiers of Europe, even then, looking for something to get the general public addicted to? The rise of coffee, tea, and opium use in Europe dates back to approximately the same time period, and the rise of banking in Europe precedes that by about 100 years.
    This impulse to “modernize,” create the “good life” and disconnect from the harsh (but relatively peaceful) life of the primitive comes from somewhere. And one place it comes from is our own past. If we cannot become aware of that, understand it, and remember it, we will never be able to control the compulsions associated with it.
    The loss of Earth, as terrible as it might be, will not end life – not even biological life. And while we have ample reason to marvel at biology on earth and think of it as beautiful (like a finely crafted painting), it is another thing to live trapped in it, unable to ever get out. There are enough people who actually want a better sense of what we ourselves are, apart from our bodies, that they comprise a considerable minority that will never be content with an Earth that simply survives. This planet is going space opera because too many see it as the next logical step. As so many have also noticed, that push to somehow, some way leave earth could be a very messy process unless more people can achieve a similar level of this desired awareness, or freedom, by some more peaceful means.

  2. christopher hardt says:

    Thanks Jean for this beautiful, inspirational, and motivating film. Let’s be the generation that changed everything!

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