Leuren Moret — URGENT PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.


The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.  The Mossad, mercenaries, 10 international war criminals have been caught with govt troops, and they are now using mini-nukes, ballistic missiles, heavy artillery destroying all of the infrastructure in villages and towns as well has hundreds of citizens every day.  At least 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers (Kiev Nazis) have been killed because they had no training and many did not have weapons, and at least 20,000 eastern Ukrainian citizens are dead killed by the Ukrainian bombing and shelling houses.  There are elderly people dying because they can’t leave their bomb shelters to get food and water.  Some have no gas to cook with.  This is a blatant and complete genocide and a harbinger of what is coming to many places targeted by the NWO order all over the world.  This is the Jesuit template – either you do what we want or we annihilate you.  They have been doing that since the 1500’s.

Here in Berkeley I am watching the University literally fortify and militarize the town, putting up antennas of every kind everywhere – mililtary specs, and the University has cell houses on every block where they are training students how to overthrow their own countries.  The town is under complete mind control – the whole Bay Area actually.  The news reported that they turned on the vomit frequency in a San Francisco restaurant this week and made everyone in the restaurant throw up.  The students are being trained to gangstalk anyone who comes near the campus or even walks up and down the sidewalk in the city.  I can hear student voices through my window when they are having parties – talking with glee about how they are going to overthrow the US govt.  Occupy.

This is the Jesuit template.

Repeated country after country, century after century…

HERE IS THE link to the YouTube INTERVIEW WITH A YOUNG MOTHER AND PHOTOS ATTACHED OF HER TORTURED HUSBAND.  They just had a new baby and he was driving her back to their home after she had her baby in Minsk so they would be safe.

“I stood before them on my knees with a baby in my arms, and asked them to return my husband to me. They said they killed him… Mankind [police], who are supposedly for the common people and indivisible country…”

Donetsk today Nov. 17, 2014. Sasha, a 36-year civil worker. Died because of Ukraine’s SBU (Ukraine interior intelligence) tortured him for no reason on Friday in the raisins. It’s just awful. His young wife, Yana, is interviewed here.  Subtitles in English.

3 images of husband


G20:  Obama, Cameron, Tony Abbott PM of AU  –   listening to Putin’s speech

Obama Cameron AU  G20 meeting

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12 Responses to Leuren Moret — URGENT PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.

  1. Jean says:

    Doreen, I think you already know I have no interest in posting this.? ? ? Hugs, ~Jean

    • I respect your decision, and would like to suggest that Putin will not allow himself to be goaded into war.

      • We agree, Putin is far too mature an individual to allow Russia to be goaded into a war that would erode his base of support and undo his programs to realign Russia for BRICS. We’re glad to find you here, have you seen our latest article, “Nuclear Attack on Donetsk”? It’s been posted on LeurenMoret.Info along with a variety of new videos from earlier this year. We’re deeply appreciative of your interest, Laurens Battis / Leuren Moret

        • Jean says:

          Yes, I’ve seen her very long article and also her video interview with Alfred. We are all needed, and I have the deepest respect for Leuren’s work . . . I’m simply taking a bit of a different tack . . . Thanks for sharing . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Alannah says:

    In my life experience staying in my heart and watching with blessings in my mind focusing on words of unconditional love from my soul is the best and safest place to be.

  3. Edie says:

    We all have power to affect this towards a positive outcome. Some are using that power, some are not. I implore each to join in meditations, see wwww.theeventchronicle.com. Those who do nothing, expecting God to do this for us, instead could be helping. Keep your own vibrations up, assist others and try the meditations.

  4. The G-20 gang who are they really for !!??? we all know WAR’s are apart of human dysfunctionality and payed for by tax dollars and big banks , been that way for 125 years right back to the 1889 Bore War………. a picture is like a thousand words just look at this shot of the UK Cameron and Obama ??? do you really trust what comes out of there mouth ; remember Obama saying with in a year all there arm forces will be coming home that ‘s in the bank ,my my 6 years later and 40 days left in 2014 there helping people ramp up more war’s Syria now Ukraine and Mr Harper is now dragging Canada into the mix with some of our F-18 fighter jets shelling and doing the biding of the G-20 gang ………………….
    What can we the little people do as the last days of 2014 unfold……Well seeing our thoughts and intentions are a powerful force , we could get the word out to all nations worldwide to say NO MORE WAR’S WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR INTENTIONS…….if we come together in the billions I mean billions of people a shift in consciousness identity physical life change will happen . WE all know there role in there human evolution and WE know ours will be backed up from most high when enough of us Humanity come together seeking a world fit for all cultures ………
    The G-20 gang are accelerating there plan of a ONE WORLD ORDER and war’s are in there game plan HELL it’s all over Obama’s face in this G-20 gathering of the past week , What type of world Do YOU want to unfold as we all enter 2105 let your thoughts go viral worldwide , God Bless us all to help change human evolution……

  5. mjday47362 says:

    This is just another NWO war. These idiots want war and they want us to DISTRIBUTE WIDELY and that is what I am not going to do. I do my best to ignore the bastards. THEY are not getting ANY reaction out of me.

    Jesus or ANY God is not going to stop this insanity. Only men of honor can stop such events. These wars are wars of power, money and aggression.

    NO MAN is completely evil or dark where he can not change his ways. This is how mankind learns. If YOU see how vial this is, YOU will never do what these men do here, now. YOU have learned, even if they have not.

    Those who are dying will come back again. We are eternal beings. We are Souls who have a body. Learn your lessons about war and don’t come back to this frequency the next life.

    This war is only the beginning! It will get much worse!

    • Lura says:

      Wow that was beautifully said……. We need to shift the collective consciousness to stop the suffering….walk away, opt out of their scheme….. Just say no more…. But the banks/financial/illuminati/Vatican etc cartel is behind all this, how to reach them…..I’ve heard talk about the white hats or something like that
      through Fostor Gamble of Thrive… Not sure what it all means?

  6. Ethyl says:

    Is there any proof of any of this information? The vomit and the Berkeley things to me sound rather suspicious. And who is kiiling these Ukrainian Nazi soldiers with no weapons and no training?

  7. hoolii says:

    Beloved on behalf of All of Innocent Mankind, I Mean YOU! I’m Begging PLEASE Intervene Beloved Creator I beg this is Jesus name……namaste…as always Unconditional, Undying, Eternal and Unending Love to Us all…

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